Apparatuses and methods for dispensing magnetic stripe cards, smart cards, other cards, and/or other items from kiosks and other structures are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a card dispensing apparatus includes at least a first card hopper and a card transport assembly. The first card hopper is configured to hold a stack of cards that includes at least a first card stacked on a second card. The card transport assembly includes a card carrier moveable between a first position proximate to the first card hopper and a second position spaced apart from the first card hopper. The card carrier is configured to lift the first card off the second card when the card carrier is in the first position. The card carrier is further configured to release the first card toward an outlet when the card carrier is in the second position. In one embodiment, the card carrier can move the first card past a card reader/writer for reading information from, and/or writing information to, the card as it carries the card from the first position to the second position.


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