This invention relates to an improvement in systems, methods and apparati for handling and processing information, energy and matter by making use of potentials of new technologies, science and industrial art, principally in cymatics, quantum field theory and psychoenergetic science. It comprises a system of methods and apparati for handling information, energy and material using multimodal cymatic (standing wave patterning, whether stationary or moving) generation, and manipulation, principally of material and energy in vorticoid including concatenated and grouped vorticoid forms, to concentrate, cleanse, separate, transform, produce etc., materials and energy, including without limitation the production of clean water and manufactures materials, the production of net usable energy by effects such as Schauberger and vacuum potential-related, the collection, processing and communication of information by nonlocal quantum coherence (entrainment) of dynamic systems, initially cymatic, viz., vorticoid, the similar transport of lower-dimensionality material patterns, i.e., materials, also to facilitate transport of living organisms, and the tuning of higher-dimensional energy forms, i.e., formative fields, for applications such as healing; a means of fine-tune controlling such systems directly by means of psychoenergetic operator interaction and indirectly by means of conditioned space technologies and vibratory enhancing technologies such as "scalar" treated materials and systems; and by other means described as "gauge-symmetry"-level raising, here, e.g., Bearden; and their combination; and a means of facilitating learning to generate Tiller-effect spacial conditioning (higher gauge symmetry) enhancement using motivated feedback in utilising these systems with spacial conditioning technology assist.


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