The present invention leverages search query result page thumbnails and/or search query result link content evaluations to provide user-dependent enhanced search query results. This provides a simplified means to inform a user of the relevancy of search query results based on the user's preferences, environment, and/or profile, etc. The present invention allows a user to more adequately determine the value of the search query result via search query result indicators within the thumbnail and/or in the proximity of a displayed result link. In one instance of the present invention, a thumbnail of a query result link is automatically displayed when the link is selected. This provides a means to view an entire search result page, eliminating the necessity of scrolling through each page to find relevant search terms. In another instance of the present invention, indicators are utilized to inform a user of the content of a search result link.


< Retrieving a product via a coded surface

< Geographic coding for location search queries

> Determining advertising activity

> Methods and systems for information capture and retrieval

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