The Institution of Electrical Engineers (The IEE) and Patent Alert entered into an agreement by which Patent Alert allows the IEE to distribute Patent Alert postings, The Patent Alerts. The IEE now publishes Patent Alerts on its Professional Networks Web Site (site).

About IEE

Founded in 1871, the IEE is the largest professional engineering society in Europe and has a worldwide membership of just under 130,000.

About IEE Professional Networks

The IEE has always played a part in bringing engineers together to benefit from shared knowledge. The rapid growth of the internet and of electronic communications allows us to do this in a much more open, inclusive and effective way. Professional Networks provide the means for the IEE to communicate with, serve and encourage active participation amongst its membership to an extent that has not been possible before. Web based Networks, accessible world wide, are truly global communities. In addition, Professional Networks better reflect new and changing ways of working, allowing members to become involved without the need to attend time-consuming meetings.

We are very pleased. Thank you, IEE!