The present invention is embodied in high performance p-type thermoelectric materials having enhanced thermoelectric properties and the methods of preparing such materials. In one aspect of the invention, p-type semiconductors of formula Zn4-xAxSb3-yBy wherein 0x4, A is a transition metal, B is a pnicogen, and 0y3 are formed for use in manufacturing thermoelectric devices with substantially enhanced operating characteristics and improved efficiency. Two methods of preparing p-type Zn4Sb3 and related alloys of the present invention include a crystal growth method and a powder metallurgy method.


< Electronic and optical materials

< Solid support stabilized Mn(III) and Mn(VII) and method of preparation

> Process and apparatus for abatement of by products generated from deposition processes and cleaning of deposition chambers

> Method for processing perfluorocompounds exhaust

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