An optical sight system is used in conjunction with such a weapon simulation system to immerse a user in the interactive simulation by employing an actual weapon sight with a simulated weapon, such that the view through the weapon sight is a clear view of an image on a primary image display. The system includes a secondary image display electrically connected to an image generator to receive the target corresponding to a magnified version of the scenario displayed on the primary image display. To view the image on the secondary image display with the weapon sight, the optical sight system includes an optical lens to correct the long focal distance of the scope and enable it to focus on the secondary image display. Through the use of a laser on the simulated weapon, the system is able to generate the desired magnified view on the secondary image display. Using a system of interpolation and extrapolation, the optical sight system is able to further create a clear magnified view of the primary image display. The system further provides a method for correcting the angle displayed on the secondary image display to compensate for rotation of the weapon simulator as handled by the user.


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