An indexing system with a label display configured for connection to a stack holder for placement adjacent a stack of sheets held in the stack holder. The display has a label portion disposed in a viewing position beyond the stack and is configured for displaying label indicia thereon for identifying a section of the stack. A divider is configured for dividing the section of the stack from other sections and for mounting in the stack holder within the stack. A tab connected to the divider and positionable extending beyond the stack and over the label portion is configured to permit viewing of the indicia therethrough with the divider held in the stack holder. An indexing system package and a system for displaying indexing system packages is also disclosed.


< Printed pamphlet with folded pocket for key card

< Peel-off coupon redemption card

> Antifalsification paper provided with applied coding consisting of luminescent mottled fibers

> Optically variable surface pattern

~ 00226