A pamphlet (10) constructed in accordance with the principles of a preferred embodiment of the present invention and configured for receiving and storing a card (12) is disclosed. The illustrated pamphlet (10) broadly includes a single printable blank (14), printed with indicia (16), and folded to form an envelope section (18)—for receiving and securely storing the card (12)—and an adjacent panel section (20) that overlies the card-laden envelope section (18). The card (12) is preferably a key card, such as a hotel or motel room key. The blank (14) is preferably generally rectangular in configuration. The printed indicia (16) preferably includes a map (30) of the city in which the hotel or motel is located. The envelope section (18) is formed without the need for adhesives and is normally closed on three margins (18a, 18b, and 18d) and the fourth margin (18c) is closed by folding the panel section (20) into the closed position.

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