A conducting thin-film nanoprobe card fabrication method includes the steps of: (a) arranging nanotubes on a substrate in vertical; (b) covering the nanotubes with a liquid polymeric resin and then hardening the polymeric resin to form a conducting nanomembrane; (c) removing a part of the polymeric resin from the conducting nanomembrane to expose one end of each nanotube to outside; (d) removing the substrate and preparing a ceramic substrate having contacts at one side and metal bumps at the other side and plated through holes electrically respectively connected with the contacts and the metal bumps; (e) mounting the nanomembrane on the ceramic substrate to hold the nanotubes in contact with the contacts of the ceramic substrate, and (f) forming recessed holes in the nanomembrane by etching and inserting a metal rod in each recessed hole to form a respective probe.

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