Quinolone carboxylic acid derivatives of formula (I) and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof have potent antibacterial activity: ##STR1##


    • R1 is a C1-4 alkyl group, or phenyl or C3-6 cycloalkyl group optionally substituted with one or more halogens;
    • R2 is H, amino or C1-4 alkyl group;
    • R3 is H, C1-4 alkyl group, or amino, aminomethyl or aminoethyl group optionally substituted with one C1-4 alkyl radical;
    • W is N, CH or CY (Y is halogen, or C1-4 alkyl or C1-4 alkoxy group optionally substituted with one or more halogens); and
    • Pyr represents 2-, 3- or 4-pyridyl group,
    • provided that when W is C, W and R1 are fused together to form COCH2CH(CH3), CCH2CH2CH(CH3), or CSCH2CH(CH3).
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