A method of directing extruded synthetic fibers toward at least one surface of a mineral fiber insulation batt, and corresponding apparatus and resulting product. In certain embodiments, a row of extrusion heads is provided for directing extruded synthetic fibers (e.g. fibers including ethyl vinyl acetate or EVA) toward a surface(s) of the batt(s) to be impregnated with same. optionally, extrusion heads may be provided all around the batts so as to impregnate substantially all surfaces thereof with the extruded synthetic fibers. As the fibers exit the heads, they are hit with pressurized heated air streams which cause them to go into an insipid spin which increases directional tensile strength of the resulting batt in all directions. In certain embodiments, every other batt of a plurality of batts passes over an elongated member which extends over top of the conveyor in order to more efficiently impregnate edge surfaces of the batts.

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