A method and apparatus for filling multi-cell or honeycomb cored panels wih fibrous insulation is described. Bales of insulation are reduced to particulate composition and evenly distributed within honeycomb panels. Insulation reduced to particulate composition is temporarily stored in an insulation feeder. Located within the feeder is a reciprocating grating that disperses the stored insulation at a controlled rate. Below the grating is an insulation conveyor belt that receives the dispersed insulation and transfers it to a point of discharge into a panel to be filled. The panel is conveyed over a vibrator to evenly distribute the insulation contained therein. The panel is also conveyed under reciprocating and rotary brushes that extend into the panel interior for uniformly packing the insulation to achieve an even predetermined insulation density. Flexible scrapers are located between the rotary brushes to scrape the surfaces of the panels clear of any insulation remaining on such surfaces.

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