Disposable liquid absorbent mats are described. The mats generally include at least a liquid absorbent layer and a liquid impervious layer. The liquid absorbent layer may be made from a tissue web, a hydroentangled web, an airlaid web, a coform web, and the like. The liquid impervious layer, on the other hand, may comprise a meltspun web, a film, a hydroentangled web, or even a tissue web that has been treated with a sizing agent that renders the web resistant to fluid flow. In one embodiment, the mats can be made so as to have a relatively low caliper so that the mats can be spirally wound into a roll. In other embodiments, however, the mats may be packaged in a stacked arrangement. The mats have various uses and applications. For instance, the mats are well suited for use during food preparation. The mats are well suited to absorbing fluids while preventing the fluids from striking through the product. In some embodiments, the mats are also well suited to serve as an absorbent and cut resistant surface. An added benefit is the addition of a layer of polymer to the bottom side of the film to achieve non-slip feature to an absorbent and cut resistant food prep mat.

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