A device for sectioning baked products, such as bagels or donuts, so that those baked products are partitioned into bite size pieces which remain partially attached to each other so that the baked product substantially maintains its original pre-sectioned shape. The device includes a housing with a wall and a plunger-activated blade that travels within the housing interiorly of said wall. The blade slides through a slotted plate disposed inwardly of a lower edge of the housing. When the plunger is pushed toward the housing, the blade slides through the slotted plate and cuts into the baked product. The sectioning device includes a limiting mechanism which prevents the cutting edge of the blade from cutting entirely through the baked product. When the plunger is released, the slotted plate causes the sectioned baked product to release from the blade as it is withdrawn through the slot. A plurality of blades and corresponding slots in the slotted plate, may be provided to section the baked product into a plurality of segments.

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