A magnetoresistive element has a ferromagnetic double tunnel junction having a stacked structure of a first antiferromagnetic layer/a first ferromagnetic layer/a first dielectric layer/a second ferromagnetic layer/a second dielectric layer/a third ferromagnetic layer/a second antiferromagnetic layer. The second ferromagnetic layer that is a free layer consists of a Co-based alloy or a three-layered film of a Co-based alloy/a Ni—Fe alloy/a Co-based alloy. A tunnel current is flowed between the first ferromagnetic layer and the third ferromagnetic layer.

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< Apparatus having a hard bias seedlayer structure for providing improved properties of a hard bias layer

< Magnetoresistance effect element having a nonmagnetic intermediate layer having a two-dimensional fluctuation of resistance

> Data synchronization detection device, information recording device, information reproduction device, information recording format, signal processing device, information recording and reproducing device, and information recording medium

> Apparatus for tracking and recording vital signs and task-related information of a vehicle to identify operating patterns

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