A method and apparatus for improvement of computer-related products by an independent developer may solve problems in hardware or software inadvertently, negligently, or intentionally left in products marketed by a vendor. An independent developer may procure access to a product, develop a testing regimen for functionality of the product, and perform evaluations to identify sources of any operational defects found. Accordingly, the developer may then provide a generalized testing regimen to test instances of product provided by a vendor, identify those containing the flaw, and may optionally provide a solution to the flaw, where practicable. The independent developer may obtain intellectual property rights in the testing, solution or both for the product. Thus, by notifying a vendor, an independent developer may become a supplier of testing or solution systems, motivating a supplier by one of several mechanisms. The developer may obtain a legal status with respect to the vendor by becoming a customer or user, in order to provide motivation to a recalcitrant vendor not designed to take responsibility for defects known and continued in marketed products.

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