To refine an electrical or electronic component having at least one discrete or integrated device formed from a wafer, in plate or disk form, of semiconductive or insulating material, the front face of which device has at least one protruding electrode and is encapsulated by at least one front-face encapsulant, the side faces of which device are at least partly encapsulated by at least one side-face encapsulant, and the rear face of which device is encapsulated by at least one rear-face encapsulant, and to refine a method of producing the same, in such a way that, with the aim of widening the possible uses and applications, electrical contact is made not solely with the front face of the device that is to be housed in the plastics package of very small dimensions, it is proposed that both the side-face encapsulant and the rear-face encapsulant be formed at least partly of layers, but with the layers connected, of electrically conductive material.


> RFID tags and processes for producing RFID tags

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