Provided are a method, system, and program for generating executable objects implementing methods for an information model. A file including code defining a class implementing at least one method in an information model is received. The file is translated to produce an object oriented implementation of the class and the at least one method in an object oriented programming (OOP) language file. Protocol statements of the information model are added to the OOP file to enable a client application to invoke the at least one method on a server. The OOP file is compiled to produce an executable object capable of being invoked by a call to a method invocation statement, wherein the client application calling the method invocation statement causes execution of the protocol statements and the at least one method in the executable object to invoke the at least one method on the server.


< Method for improved synthesis of binary decision diagrams with inverted edges and quantifiable as well as nonquantifiable variables

< Method for verifying and correcting post-OPC pattern layout

> Systems and methods for providing and installing software

> Mechanism for scheduling execution of threads for fair resource allocation in a multi-threaded and/or multi-core processing system

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