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Power efficient channel scheduling in a wireless network
Radio equipment
Radio communication system with high security level, and communication unit and portable terminal us...
Authentication of mobile devices via proxy device
Unmanned lighter-than-air safe termination and recovery methods
Optimizing radio communication efficiency and methods thereof
Base station transmission power control system, mobile station and base station
Mobile communication systems, mobile communication methods, base stations, mobile stations, and sign...
Control of transmit power of a radio frequency integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for interfacing among mobile terminal, base station and core network in mobile ...
Implementation method of pilot signal
Beam wobbling for increased downlink coverage and capacity
Wireless control of helmet-mounted communications equipment
Transmission of compressed information with real time requirement in a packet oriented information n...
Mobile communication device and method
Vehicle game lift
Book of wishes game
Poker game with secondary bet opportunity
Method and apparatus for simulating games of chance with the use of a set of cards, including a wild...
Data delivery system, data delivery server and video game device
Video gaming device and communications system
Device to improve putting
Game system and method with angled wall units
Game apparatus
Architecture for manufacturing authenticatable gaming systems
IC card
Virtual telecommunication messaging service system and method
Subject segmentation and tracking using 3D sensing technology for video compression in multimedia ap...
Soft combining apparatus and method in a CDMA mobile communication system providing MBMS service
Method for sending multi-media messages with customized audio
Instantly indexed databases for multimedia content analysis and retrieval
System and method for receiving multi-media messages
Program clock synchronization in multimedia networks
Method for operating a real-time multimedia terminal in a QoS manner
System and method for the secure enrollment of devices with a clearinghouse server for internet tele...
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisco Deepsalm`
Euphorbia milii plant named `Katie's Crown`
Calibrachoa plant named `Sunbelflam`
Hibiscus plant named `Cajun Wind`
Miniature rose plant named `BENdiez`
Hibiscus plant named `Reggae Breeze`
Nemesia plant named `Balarwite`
Osteospermum plant named `Balserdalav`
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis plant named `ENLIGHTENMENT`
Peach tree named "P.F. 19-007"
Nectarine tree named `Nectarmagie`
Nectarine tree named `Nectalady`
Nectarine tree named `Nectagala`
Nectarine tree name `Nectaroyal`
Nectarine tree named `Nectaprima`
Nectarine tree named `Nectapink`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisco Swered`
Polynucleotides encoding a human cell surface protein with immunoglobulin folds, BGS-19
Bovine immunodeficiency virus (BIV) based vectors
Indinavir derivatives useful in immunoassay
Indications of mannan-binding lectin (MBL) in the treatment of immunocompromised individuals
Nucleoside compounds for treating viral infections
Multifunctional molecular complexes for gene transfer to cells
Aspirin formulation for cardiovascular health
Tetracycline compounds for treatment of cryptosporidium parvum related disorders
Antibacterial compounds: process for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing th...
.alpha.- and .beta.-amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfamic acid derivatives useful as retroviral prot...
Benzoic acid or benzoate substituted 1,2,4-oxadiazole compounds and their use for the treatment of d...
Malonamic acids and derivatives thereof as thyroid receptor ligands
Methods for preparing internally constrained peptides and peptidomimetics
Antibodies to ELF-3 protein
Intrinsically fluorescent, self-multimerizing MHC fusion proteins and complexes thereof
Thienopyridine and furopyridine kinase inhibitors
Method and system for prioritizing network services
Simulated radar system and methods
Vehicle surroundings image providing system and method
Method for improving language learning in a mobile phone
Lifestyle coach behavior modification system
Methods for teaching and integrating athletics with academics
Walker behavior detection apparatus
Sports practice video training system and method
Interactive healthcare e-learning tool
Teaching amusement attraction
Audio-enabled marketing and memorabilia device
Transaction consistency and problematic states
Program, method and apparatus for generating fill-in-the-blank test questions
Virtual oral recitation examination apparatus, system and method
Shooting range simulator system and method
Flight training system
Driving game steering wheel simulation method and apparatus
CBM progress monitoring software
Life-like anatomic feature for testing injection of soft tissue fillers
Desulfurization and novel compositions for same
Fullerene derivatives and their metal complexes
Flash-pyrolysis in a cyclone
Process for production of cumene
Process for inhibiting polymerization of an aromatic vinyl compound
Therapeutic delivery compositions and methods of use thereof
Hydrogelation agents
Use of hyaluronic acid derivatives in the preparation of biomaterials with a physical haemostatic an...
.beta.-Cyclodextrin compositions, and use to prevent transmission of sexually transmitted diseases
Alprazolam inclusion complexes and pharmaceutical compositions thereof
Tsg101-GAGp6 interaction and use thereof
No-modified hemoglobins and uses therefor
C-glycoside derivatives and salts thereof
Alteration of immune response using pan DR-binding peptides
Tumor and senescence marker
Nucleic acids encoding .beta.1,3-galactosyltransferases from C. jejuni
Hepatitis B virus surface antigen mutant and methods of detection thereof
DNA sequence regulating plant fruit-specific expression
Fructose-bisphosphate aldolase regulatory sequences for gene expression in oleaginous yeast
Antisense modulation of acyl CoA cholesterol acyltransferase-2 expression
Methods for producing ligand arrays
Rad3 orthologues and uses therof
Chalcone synthase
Chalcone isomerase
High lysine derivatives of .alpha.-hordothionin
Production of CPD glycosylases
Corynebacterium glutamicum genes encoding proteins involved in carbon metabolism and energy producti...
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Recombinant production of mixtures of antibodies
Genes encoding genetic stability, gene expression and folding proteins
Organic compounds
N4-Acylcytosine Nucleosides for Treatment of Viral Infections
Anti-hypercholesterolemic compounds
Methods of detecting poly(adp-ribose) polymerase and other nad+ utilizing enzymes
Process for selectively extracting procyanidins
Carbon Electrode for use in aqueous electrochemical devices and method of preparation
Use of d4 and 5-ht2a antagonists, inverse agonists or partial agonists
4-Phenylpiperidine derivatives as renin inhibitors
MCH receptor antagonists
Antidiabetic compounds comprising benzofuran and benzothiophene derivatives
Use of a fibrate and orlistat for the treatment of obesity
Use of a beta-3-agonist for the treatment of patients with spinal cord injury and suffering from ren...
Amino alcohol derivatives, medicinal composition containing the same, and use of these
Novel therapeutic agents for the treatment of cancer, metabolic diseases and skin disorders
Stomach belt for weight loss
Method and apparatus for sealing a gastric opening
Iontophoretic delivery of active agents conjugated to nanoparticles
Functionalized microneedles transdermal drug delivery systems, devices, and methods
Tissue augmentation methods using a medical injection apparatus
Transplantable cell growth niche and related compositions and methods
Modulation of cell intrinsic strain to control matrix synthesis, secretion, organization and remodel...
Biochemical marker for diagnosing a leukodystrophy
Enhanced Ocular Neuroprotection and Neurostimulation
Method for effecting changes in the central nervous system by administration of IGF-I or IGF-II
NF-kB oligonucleotide decoy molecules
Method of preventing, treating and diagnosing disorders of protein aggregation
Methods for the treatment of a traumatic central nervous system injury
Phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitors
MET kinase inhibitors
Treatment of tuberous sclerosis associated neoplasms
Agents for treating neurodegenerative diseases
Indazoles, benzothiazoles, benzoisothiazoles, benzisoxazoles, pyrazolopyridines, isothiazolopyridine...
Novel crystalline forms of {2-[1-(3,5-bis-trifluoromethyl-benzyl)-5-pyridin-4-yl-1h-[1,2,3] triazol-...
Tetrafluorobenzyl derivatives and pharmaceutical composition for preventing and treating acute and c...
Uses of human Zven proteins and polynucleotides
Synthetic Methods and Intermediates for Stereoisomeric Compounds Useful for the Treatment of Gastroi...
Electromagnetic fields for systemic effect in therapy
Inexpensive computer-aided learning methods and apparatus for learners
Work mounting device
Layered models for context awareness
System and method of facilitating and evaluating user thinking about an arbitrary problem using an a...
Systems and methods for efficient ambiguous meaning assembly
Detector tree of boosted classifiers for real-time object detection and tracking
Method of scheduling hosts for software updates in a distributed computer network
Supplying notifications related to supply and consumption of user context data
Behavioral analysis for message-passing application programs
Training apparatus
Transmitter for radio control
Method and apparatus for reducing risk that a thrown toy will injure an animal
Systems, methods, and apparatus for simultaneous viewing of differing video program sources
Pinball trough repair sleeve and method
Robot control apparatus and method with echo back prosody
Method and article of manufacture for collectible game
System and method for home network content protection and copy management
Casino card games with one or more community cards
Target system
Book with spinning globe
Rear entertainment system
Method and apparatus for mounting rear seat entertainment device
Race track game system
Method and apparatus for video poker
Device that automatically tracks the position of the sun
Radiation image conversion panel and preparation method thereof
Semiconductor structure with metal migration semiconductor barrier layers and method of forming the ...
System and method for electrical energy switching and control in a vehicle
Controlled lighting methods and apparatus
Voltage mode, high accuracy battery charger
Piston velocity detector
Method and system for detecting objects external to a vehicle
Flame detection system
System and a method for detecting, locating and discerning an approach towards a linear installation
Active laser protection system
Object identification using quantum dots fluorescence allocated on Fraunhofer solar spectral lines
Binocular spectrometer
Electrochromic polymeric solid films, manufacturing electrochromic devices using such solid films, a...
Capsules, materials for use therein and electrophoretic media and displays containing such capsules
Machine tool control methods and designs for fabricating mesoscopic surface structures on substrates
Self-sustaining environmental control unit
Moisture sensor timer
Method and apparatus for secure configuration of a field programmable gate array
Method for computing sense data and device for computing sense data
Snare assembly with graduated tonal effect
System and method for teaching drummers
Tone material editing apparatus and tone material editing program
Methods and electronic systems for fingering assignments
Musical instrument automatically performing music passage through hybrid feedback control loop conta...
Electrical assemblies using molecular-scale electrically conductive and mechanically flexible beams ...
Apparatus and method for transverse characterization of materials
Architecture and methods for computing with reconfigurable resistor crossbars
Cruise missile recovery system
Production of recombinant protein pap 31 for the diagnosis and prevention of Bartonella bacilliformi...
Method for detection of an object using correlation filters with score reaffirmation post processing
Enhancing two-dimensional contrast and range images rendered from three-dimensional streak tube imag...
Optical amplifier and optical amplifier control method
Optical amplifier
Electronic binoculars
Self-contained manual lifting screen
Optical retarders and related devices and systems
Polarizer, polarizing plate, liquid crystal display, and image display, and a method for producing t...
Reflective Ag alloy film for reflectors and reflector provided with the same
Directed reflection light collecting device with planar reflectors
Real image configuration for a high efficiency heads-up display (HUD) using a polarizing mirror and ...
Chucking and focusing device for a telescope eyepiece and its production process
Projection exposure machine comprising a projection lens
Very high-aperture projection objective
Catadioptric projection objective
Lens device, imaging device using the same and cell-phone with camera using the same
Optical pickup actuator capable of performing focusing, tracking and tilting operations
Miniature movable device
Sunken electrode configuration for MEMs micromirror
Optical subassembly of optical transceiver
Method and apparatus for controlling a deformable mirror
Method and relative quantum gate for running a Grover's or a Deutsch-Jozsa's quantum algorithm
Electrical connector latch
Controlled mode conversion connector for reduced alien crosstalk
Gaming device having a game with decreasing probabilities of success
Gaming machine maintenance system and method
Method and apparatus for software authentication
Cleaning system, device and method
High gain steerable phased-array antenna
Method, system, and article for placing a telephone call to a previously-called party
Encryption in a secure computerized gaming system
Stand-alone gaming machine apparatus
Financial cabinet apparatus for a gaming machine
Apparatus for determining wear in the frictional components of an alternator
Power factor improving circuit
DC-to-DC converter
Switching Regulator Capable of Raising System Stability by Virtual Ripple
High efficiency DC-to-DC synchronous buck converter
DC--DC converting method and apparatus
Regulated power supply unit
Control interface with droop compensation
Power supply circuit
Fully integrated DC-to-DC regulator utilizing on-chip inductors with high frequency magnetic materia...
High frequency switch circuit
Controller for DC to DC converter
System and method for providing digital pulse width modulation
Motor driving apparatus incorporating switch device driving apparatus
High efficiency power converter
Diode stack high voltage regulator
Constant voltage circuit and constant current source, amplifier, and power supply circuit using the ...
Current sensing structure for integrated power switches
Technique for determining a load current
Switching controller having frequency hopping for power supplies
Hard disk unit system used as external storage having conversion unit which is attachable and detach...
Coupling component for oxidative hair dyes
Stabilization of UV-sensitive active ingredients
Compositions of plant carbohydrates as dietary supplements
Flame retardant and smoke suppressant composite high performance support-separators and conduit tube...
Micro-mechanically strained semiconductor film
Systems and methods for fine grained access control of data stored in relational databases
Serving content-targeted ADS in e-mail, such as e-mail newsletters
Image forming apparatus and printing method thereof
Printing apparatus having broadcast receiver and operating method thereof
Clipping dock for network video cameras
Video monitoring device
Lens device
Nanocomposites with activated interfaces prepared by mechanical grinding of magnesium hydrides and u...
Catalytic growth of single-and double-wall carbon nanotubes from metal particles
Nanosized silver oxide powder
Systems and methods for electrical contacts to arrays of vertically aligned nanorods
Mass spectrometric analysis using nanoparticles
Anisotropic nanoparticle amplification of magnetic resonance signals
Wire reinforced thermoplastic coating
Portable fan removably and adjustably mountable in a hatch
Boat hulls with planing sections
Filled shell devices and methods of manufacturing
Apparatus and a method for use in handling a load
Portable bow thruster for small boats
Mooring system
Stowage and retrieval system
Golf club head having a rust-resistant coating for reinforcing a surface thereof
Formulations for transdermal or transmucosal application
Method and apparatus for acne treatment
Oral compositions for the treatment of scalp disorders
Detection and treatment of cancers of the lung
Methods for treatment of obesity and effective fat loss promotion
Use of 13-HODE as a regulator of vascular biocompatibility and an inhibitor of cell hyperplasia
4-fluoro-N-indan-2-yl benzamide and its use as a pharmaceutical
Cyclic dipeptides and azetidinone compounds and their use in treating CNS injury and neurodegenerati...
PRO300 polypeptides
Polypeptide encoded by a nucleic acid overexpressed in kidney tumor and underexpressed in lung tumor
Polypeptide encoded by a nucleic acid overexpressed in esophageal tumor, normal stomach and melanoma
PRO731 polypeptides
PRO 1384 antibodies
Quality control in disease management services
Method for reserving pages of database
Electroluminescence device
Technique for perfecting the active regions of wide bandgap semiconductor nitride devices
Reconfigurable optoelectronic circuit
Method for detecting end-point of chemical mechanical polishing process
Convertible fluid feed system with comformable reservoir and methods
Tablet obtained by direct compression comprising 4-amino-1-hydroxybutylidene-1,1-bisphosphonic acid ...
Biosensor apparatus and method with sample type and volume detection
Shrub rose plant named `AUStango`
Control approach for use with dual mode oxygen sensor
Architecture for distributed computing system and automated design, deployment, and management of di...
Profile-extruded poly(vinyl chloride) articles and method of making same
Propylene polymer and composition containing the same, molded object and laminate comprising these, ...
Network data packet classification and demultiplexing
Optical element and optical add-drop module
User interface for an electronic trading system for a computer screen
Integrated cleaning apparatus
Transmit diversity method and system
Digital video recording/playback system with entry point processing function
Processing for eliminating sulfur-containing compounds and nitrogen-containing compounds from hydroc...
Process for the preparation of polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
Image forming apparatus having different dots per unit area densities
Modulation of abscisic acid signal transduction in plants
Forming ad hoc RSI networks among transceivers sharing common designation
Electronic ballast
Providing a surface layer or structure on a substrate
Silicon-based fuel cell electrode structures
Methods of forming pluralities of capacitors
Pattern forming method, device, method of manufacture thereof, electro-optical apparatus, and electr...
Antisense modulation of kinesin-like 1 expression
Expandable material
Compliant thermal interface for electronic equipment
Optical disc assemblies for performing assays
Mobile communication apparatus and global positioning system (GPS) antenna thereof
Sterilization container
Aqueous ifosfamide compositions for parenteral administration and a process for their preparations
Sulfonamide and sulfamide substituted imidazoquinolines
Primer composition and bonded structure
Dispersions containing perfluorovinyl ether homopolymers and use thereof
Water- and oil-repellent fluoroacrylates
Radiation shielding container that encloses a vial of one or more radioactive seeds
Dual display
LED endoscope illuminator and methods of mounting within an endoscope
Process for finish-abrading optical-fiber-connector end-surface
Wafer planarization composition and method of use
Endoscope apparatus
Channel equalizing and carrier recovery system for home phoneline networking alliance receiver and m...
Method of searching similar document, system for performing the same and program for processing the ...
Automated generator of input-validation filters
Data set comparison and net change processing
Electronic document processor
Method and system for selecting documents by measuring document quality
Information delivery system and information delivery method
Wireless communication network measurement data collection using infrastructure overlay-based handse...
Wireless station protocol apparatus
System and method for handover execution in a wireless environment
Ciphering configuration procedure in an unlicensed wireless communication system
Method for handing off streaming media sessions between wireless base stations in a mobile streaming...
Information storage to support wireless communication in non-exclusive spectrum
Multiple reuse patterns for channels of wireless networks
Client-aiding with cellphones in a 150-KM radius area
Method for clocking speed using wireless terminal and system implementing the same
Transmitting and receiving messages through a customizable communication channel and programming mod...
Docking station for a wireless mouse with control of a computer
Metal complex compounds
Mortierella alpina diacylglycerol acyltransferase for alteration of polyunsaturated fatty acids and ...
Morphological mutants of filamentous fungi
Acetylcholine receptor subunits
Human chemokine .beta.-9 viral vectors
LPAAT-.beta. inhibitors and uses thereof
Human COX-1 alternatively spliced variants and methods of using same
Product and process for liquefaction of mucus or sputum
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Methods for purifying authentic IGF from yeast hosts
Devices and methods for targeting interior cancers with ionizing radiation
Methods and systems for modeling objects and object image data using medial atoms
Localized two-dimensional shift correlated MR spectroscopy of human brain
Method of depositing low dielectric constant silicon carbide layers
Apparent dip angle calculation and image compression based on region of interest
Method and apparatus for chromatographic data processing
Inverse fourier transform method, phase characterization method of optical components from transmiss...
System for processing electronic mail messages with specially encoded addresses
Management method for parameter sets for a data technologically parameterizable device
Method and apparatus for endpointing mechanical and chemical-mechanical polishing of substrates
Slider for a user interface for an image processing machine
Golf club head
Lever faucet handle
Air conditioner and air cleaner combo
Outsole for a shoe
Hair brush
Hair brush
Detachably mounted head restraint
Mixer stand
Combined chopstick and spoon
Handle for hand-operated tool
Bottle for dispensing cosmetics
Open star jewelry item
Automobile grille
Universal low voltage box bracket
T-shaped raceway base
L-shaped raceway cover
Raceway assembly
Recirculating target and method for producing radionuclide
Non-rigid image registration using distance functions
Device and method for augmenting cellular telephone audio signals
Energy delivery devices and methods
Variable expiration of passwords
Method and device for optimising, under performance constraint, the size of blocks of coded data
Pet carrier sweatshirt
Pet hair cleaner
Multi-layer sheet and liquid crystal display device
Heat stable photocurable resin composition for dry film resist
Radiation image storage panel
Radiation image conversion panel
Inductively-driven light source for lithography
Active matrix of thin-film transistors (TFT) for an optical sensors or display screen
Alignment stage apparatus
Apparatus for testing processing electronics
Flat panel detector based slot scanning configuration
Linear accelerator with x-ray imaging elements mounted on rotating support
Motility analysis within a gastrointestinal tract
Radiographic imaging systems and methods for designing same
Method and apparatus for electronic delivery of electronic model images
Anti-CD26 monoclonal antibodies as therapy for diseases associated with cells expressing CD26.
Method and apparatus for data acquisition
Cyclic amine derivatives and methods of use
Proton and heavy ion SEU resistant SRAM
Color space transformations for use in identifying objects of interest in biological specimens
Apparatus and method for controlling device operation in computer
E-mail printer and e-mail printing method having authentication procedure
Interleaving apparatus and method for symbol mapping in an HSDPA mobile communication system
Apparatus for generating codes in communication system
Electronic oven
Projection television
DVD player
Complex image player
Portable telephone
Portable telephone
Enhanced wireless telephone handset
Key buttons for a handset
MP3 player
Air conditioner
Air conditioner
Methods and apparatuses for recovering compressed motion picture
Identification and cloning of a novel human gene, RET16, involved in the intracellular signaling cas...
Antibodies that bind TNF-.alpha. converting enzyme
Data shuffling procedure for masking data
Dynamic searching method of provisioning instance identifiers
Method and device avatar system for providing an electronic service for an electronic device
Data base access method and system in management information base of network management protocol
System and method for registering a client device
Distributed network storage system with virtualization
Live connection enhancement for data source interface
Cooling compositions
Fresh cheese products containing biogenerated flavor components and methods for producing
Process for producing protein hydrolysate and protein hydrolysate
Processes for coating an animal feed to obtain coated animal feed products
Process for preparing microwavable vegetables
Mechanical deboning of meat from animals
Process for the preparation of instant soup mix from indian dill (anethum sowa)
Device and method for cooking food on a grill
Process for manufacturing a polysaccharide sweetener compound
Use of polyol esters of fatty acids in aerated frozen confection with improved nutritional attribute...
High moisture, low fat cream cheese with maintained product quality and method for making same
Method for making reduced fat potato chips
High-protein soy-wheat crisps
Thermoplastic Elastomer Films
Compositions and structures having tailored oxygen transmission
Overweight control apparatuses for insertion into the stomach
Method and apparatus for controlling motility of gastrointestinal organs for the treatment of obesit...
Output copy protection
Discharge gate for a food peeler
Pet feeder
Device for actuating double seat valves
Method and system for removing harmful gases from wines and other beverages
Compositions for the preservation of fruits and vegetables
Method for preparation of a confectionery product
Method for screening PTPzeta activity promoter or inhibitor
Animal model for schizophrenia
Methods and compositions for providing tolerance to multiple herbicides
Proteins imparting boron-tolerance and genes thereof
Homogentisate prenyl transferase ("HPT") nucleic acids and polypeptides, and uses thereof
Transgenic plant seed with increased lysine
Isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding the Br2 P-glycoprotein of maize and methods of modifying gr...
Expression of desirable proteins in plant roots and cell cultures
Control of floral induction
Inbred Corn Line PHCK5
Food flours with specific technological characteristics and low allegenicity
Strawberry plant named 'Driscoll Ojai'
Strawberry plant named 'Driscoll Bonaire'
Astilbe plant named 'Key West'
Method of making a structured abrasive article
Insulating wall assembly, and structure including the same
Fluid permeability measurement system and method
Dense mortar based on binary ettringite binder, comprising at least one poly(alkylene oxide) comb po...
Method of making solar cell/module with porous silica antireflective coating
Composite product
Scavenger materials in fuel cartridge
Method for the detection of a cannabinoid, detection kit, and developing solvent
Invert drilling fluids and methods of drilling boreholes
Invert drilling fluids and methods of drilling boreholes
Invert drilling fluids and methods of drilling boreholes
Demountable and reusable wall and ceiling system
Solid pigment preparations containing pigment derivatives and surface-active additives
Pigment granules
Method of photochemically removing ammonia from gas streams
Process for making larvicidal evaporation suppressant powder
Method of producing multilayer color and/or effect paint systems utilizing self-crosslinking graft c...
Settable spotting compositions comprising cement kiln dust
Chemical supply system
Process for pre-treating and desalinating sea water
System for producing micro-cluster liquids
Microarraying head and microarrayer
Method and apparatus for thermally upgrading carbonaceous materials
Image forming process, ink set, image by ink-jet recording, recorded article, surface-treated articl...
Method for separating substances using dielectrophoretic forces
DNA diagnostics based on mass spectrometry
Installation for the removal and the deactivation of organisms in the ballast water
Enzymatic production of glycolic acid
Anoxic biological reduction system
Method for growth of bacteria, minimising the release of endotoxins from the bacteria into the surro...
Methods for extending the freshness of cut flowers, ornamental trees, and plant cuttings
Elastomeric compounds incorporating silicon-treated carbon blacks
Filtration media for liquid filtration
CMP Slurry, Preparation Method Thereof and Method of Polishing Substrate Using the Same
Semiconductor ultrafine particles, fluorescent material, and light-emitting device
Projection optical system inspecting method and inspection apparatus, and a projection optical syste...
Stem cell expansion and uses
Surrogate markers
Process of concentrating tea and/or herbal aroma and beverages or flavors using the resulting concen...
Fluorescent cosmetic composition
Finely particulate composite containing carbon compound encapsulated therein
Hydrophobic carrier modified implants for beneficial agent delivery
Hole transport material, layer formed from the hole transport material, organic electroluminescent d...
Methods for stabilizing ophthalmic compositions
Fuel cell
Silver halide color photosensitive material
Concentration techniques in chromatographic separation
Method for evaluating quality of beef such as taste and texture on the basis of genotype of stearoyl...
Poly(organosiloxane) materials and methods for hybrid organic-inorganic dielectrics for integrated c...
Microbicidal composition
Methods for providing oxidatively stable ophthalmic compositions
Sustained Release Small Molecule Drug Formulation
Biocompatible polymeric matrix and preparation thereof
Apatite particle, method of producing the same, apatite particle-gene complex, and method of gene tr...
Banded controlled release nanoparticle active agent formulation dosage forms and methods
Methods of reducing the production of reactive oxygen species and methods of screening or identifyin...
Silver- and zinc- containing body care agent
Toleration iron supplement compositions
Powder mix of potassium calcium citrate for the treatment of kidney stones and osteoporosis
Child discipline composition and method
Compositions and methods for treating and preventing virus infections
Olive kernel composition containing absorption promoters, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory agents
Process for producing cocoa polyphenol concentrate
Alpha enolase-directed diagnostics and therapeutics for cancer and chemotherapeutic drug resistance
Regulation of tgf-beta signaling by tomoregulin
Controllable drug releasing gradient coatings for medical devices
Disk drive self-servo writing using fundamental and higher harmonics of a printed reference pattern
Disk drive with AC exciter for head/disk interface
Adaptive voltage-mode controller for a voice coil motor
Data pattern detection using adaptive search windows
System and method of rewriting data tracks
Servowriter ramp detection
Servowriter contact torque control
Plasma discharge method and plasma display using the same
Polymer memory device with variable period of retention time
Liquid composition for removal of odors and contaminants from textiles
RRAM memory timing learning tool
Supplied air helmet having face seal with differentiated permeability
Concatenated multi-dimensional associative search engines
Sustained release oral preparations
Surface corrugation on internal reflection infrared waveguide for enhanced detection sensitivity and...
Barrier layer structure
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisco Cher`
Systems and methods for messaging in a multi-frame Web application
Secondary air supplying structure of internal combustion engine
System and method for generating a data structure representative of a fault tree
Kallikrein gene
Non-invasive localization of a light-emitting conjugate in a mammal
System method structure in network processor that indicates last data buffer of frame packet by last...
Reproducing errors via inhibit switches
Lifting and transporting device
Frequency spectrum capture and compare technique for valid bark detection
Method for the production of homo-, co- and block copolymers
Binderless storage phosphor screen
Counterweight for hydraulic shovel
Electron-emitting device, electron source, image-forming apparatus, and method for producing electro...
Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
Polyformals and copolyformals with reduced water absorption, production and use thereof
Doubled-ended inverter drive system topology for a hybrid vehicle
Polymeric separator plates
Alkaline storage battery
Polymerization catalyst for polyesters, polyesters produced with the same and process for producing ...
Measuring temperature change in an electronic biomedical implant
Parts, and part supplying methods
Hepatitis C virus peptides and uses thereof
Control circuit for maintaining constant power in power factor corrected electronic ballasts and pow...
Method and system for protecting frame relay traffic over SONET rings
Optical waveguide modulator with output light monitor
Optical fiber inclinometer
Monolithic photonic integrated circuit (PIC) CHIP
Device using a virtually-imaged phased array (VIPA) with an improved transmission wave characteristi...
Lensed fibers and methods of making lensed fibers
Multimode optical fiber coupler and fabrication method
Electro-optical cable for use in transmission of high voltage and optical signals under extremes of ...
Optical fiber cable with a central reinforcing element mechanically coupled directly to the optical ...
Single polarization and polarization maintaining optical fibers and system utilizing same
Optical fiber
Optical waveguide device
Dynamic fiber slack management for telecom racks
Systems and methods for optical fiber distribution and management
System for transmitting digital signals in a space vehicle
Direct-sequence spread-spectrum optical-frequency-shift-keying code-division-multiple-access communi...
Method for steering smart antenna beams for a WLAN using MAC layer functions
Method and device for detecting a fiber lap as well as a fiber cutting machine
Encrypted e-mail message retrieval system
Data sharing
Distributed image storage architecture
Systems and methods for distributed network protection
System and method for supporting multiple certificate authorities on a mobile communication device
Repeatable timing error correction system for use in a servo writer
Disk drive adjusting seek profile for variable seek times to reduce power dissipation
Disk drive and method for data transfer initiated by optional disk-drive commands on a serial interf...
Balancing a rotatable body in multiple planes using invertible balancing plugs
Narrow write head pole tip fabricated by sidewall processing
Perpendicular magnetic recording head with trailing shield throat height less than shaping layer dis...
Read/write head with reduced pole tip protrusion
Magnetic head for perpendicular recording with hard bias structure for write pole tip
Reel lock mechanism of tape cassette and tape cassette
Magnetic recording disk having a transition zone
Method and apparatus for connecting a micro-actuator to driver arm suspension
Head gimbal assembly using slider and gimbal features
High reliability-parallel data transfer hard disk drive
Eliminating ESD exposure for read/write head with heating element
Magnetoresistive device utilizing a magnetoresistance effect for reading magnetic information
Current-perpendicular-to-plane magnetoresistive sensor with free layer stabilized by in-stack orthog...
Magnetic sensor, magnetic head, magnetic encoder and hard disk device
Magnetoresistive sensor with decoupled hard bias multilayers
ESD shorting block system and method for compression connector-type cables
Magneto-resistive memory cell structures with improved selectivity
Method of splitting a signal and signal processing circuitry and apparatus utilizing the same
Tape storage emulator
Imaging media including interference layer for generating human-readable marking on optical media
Protective layer transfer sheet and print
Drugs for chronic pains
Monocyclic and bicyclic lactams as factor Xa inhibitors
TNF-.alpha. production inhibitor comprising kavalactone as an active ingredient
Amidated glucagon-like peptide-1
Human semaphorin homologs and polynucleotides encoding the same
Chemical compounds
Piperidine compounds useful as PPAR activators
Resolution of .alpha.-(phenoxy)phenylacetic acid derivatives
Device for enhanced delivery of biologically active substances and compounds in an organism
Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator for appetite control
Method of modulating the basal metabolic rate of a dieting mammal by administration of a metabolic m...
Phenyl-substituted imidazopyridines
Antiinflammation agents
Substituted alkyl amido piperidines
Vinyl phenyl derivatives as GLK activators
Bra construction
Edge side components and application programming environment for building and delivering highly dist...
Multi-device support for mobile applications using XML
Device communication and control in a home network connected to an external network
Method and system for automating creation of multiple stylesheet formats using an integrated visual ...
Microprocessor having main processor and co-processor
Graphics stack system and method
System for ensuring data privacy and user differentiation in a distributed file system
Method and data structures for use in providing on-demand computer diagnostics
System and method for automatically generating a graphical program in response to a state diagram
Data distribution system
Method and apparatus for providing automation to an internet navigation application
System and process for object rendering on thin client platforms
System and method for defect detection by inducing acoustic chaos
Synthetic compounds and compositions with enhanced cell binding
Growth differentiation factor-5
Methods of surface modification of a flexible substrate to enhance cell adhesion
Method and apparatus for determining components of a channel impulse response for use in a SAIC equa...
LINC power transmitter
Power amplifier having enhanced swing cascode architecture
Reduction of dynamic DC offsets in a wireless receiver
Antenna detection and diagnostic system and related method
Radio receiver system
System for split transmission for enhanced spectrum utilization
Method and system for determining availability of a radio network
Operator forced inter-system handover
Method and system for providing channel assignment information used to support uplink and downlink c...
Detachable wireless transceiver for mobile marine communications apparatus
On-board communication terminal and information service center communicating with on-board communica...
Portable telephone
Detection of lightning
Reverse transmission apparatus and method in a mobile communication system supporting HARQ
Method and system for automatically determining the server-side technology underlying a dynamic web ...
Processor, data processing system and method for synchronizing access to data in shared memory
Cache memory for a scalable information distribution system
Prefetch control in a data processing system
System and method for efficiently performing memory intensive computations including a bidirectional...
Verification of memory operations by multiple processors to a shared memory
Access to a bank of registers of a device control register interface using a single address
Two dimensional data access in a processor
Storage remote copy system
Method and apparatus for reducing network traffic during mass storage synchronization phase of synch...
Remote storage disk control device with function to transfer commands to remote storage devices
Electronic apparatus and program for controlling computer
Subsystem replacement method
Method of operating a memory at high speed using a cycle ready status output signal
Memory leak detection
Method and apparatus of adding grant information to a memory
Virtual memory translator for real-time operating systems
Operating-system-transparent distributed memory
Relocation batch processing for disk drives
Error checking and correcting for content addressable memories (CAMs)
Separator tool for a modular prosthesis
Anatomical spacer and method to deploy
Method and apparatus for pain management
Graft prosthetic composite for proximal humerus
Bicompartmental Implants and Method of Use
Cannulated hemi-implant and methods of use thereof
Joint prosthesis with positionable head
Traceable nanocrystals and preparation thereof
Aluminum oxide coated implants and components
Particulate Acellular Tissue Matrix
Lower limb prosthesis
Method and apparatus for manufacturing objects having optimized response characteristics
Molecular docking technique for screening of combinatorial libraries
Generation of flow cytometry data files with a potentially infinite number of dimensions derived fro...
System and method for performing a computer assisted orthopaedic surgical procedure
Novel information retrieval systems and methods
Methods and systems for using data processing systems in order to authenticate parties
Human hookworm model and method for maintaining human hookworm in a non-human primate
Hyperlipemia/hyperalbuminemia model animal
Human G protein-coupled receptors and modulators thereof for the treatment of metabolic-related diso...
Linearized and balanced mixer apparatus and signal mixing method
Caller information providing apparatus and transmitting method in mobile communication network
Method for implementing macro-diversity management by using intelligent vbs
Dynamic reuse partitioning and subchannel allocation scheme in multicell OFDMA downlink systems
Method for detecting a signal propagation time between a mobile radio terminal and a base station
Providing overload control in relatively high-speed wireless data networks
Non-circular paging areas
Apparatus, method and computer program product providing HS-DSCH power estimate
Diagnostic system using endoscope
Medical telemetry system
Circuit for use in multifunction handheld device having a radio receiver
Method and system for suppressing receiver audio regeneration
Digital Transactions for the Delivery of Media Files
Using speech recognition to determine advertisements relevant to audio content and/or audio content ...
Advertising with audio content
Modularly constructing a software defined radio
Method of operating a disc drive and a host device
Hybrid tem/birdcage coil for mri
KVM video & OSD switch
System and method for supplementing a radio playlist with local content
Ontology-driven information system
System and method for automatic population of instant messenger lists
System for providing multi-phased, multi-modal access to content through voice and data devices
Cold cathode fluorescent lamp and backlight unit
Wind turbine blade
Method and transceiving device for retransmitting erroneous information units in radio links
Light-emitting semiconductor device
System, method and software for static and dynamic programming and configuration of an adaptive comp...
Memory unit and semiconductor device
Memory structure for reduced floating body effect
Current limiting device and a PDA utilizing the current limiting device
Polyimide matrix electrolyte
Sterling silver alloy compositions of exceptional and reversible hardness, and enhanced tarnish resi...
Applicator for dispensing bioactive compositions and methods for using the same
Sequential tester for longest prefix search engines
Crude drug composition for preventing and treating gastrointestinal dyskinetic diseases
Method for transferring search results using a printer
Euphorbia plant named `Inneuphhel`
Slot driven video story
Mobile to 802.11 voice multi-network roaming utilizing SIP signaling with SIP proxy or redirect serv...
Method and apparatus for controlling a surgical robot to mimic, harmonize and enhance the natural ne...
Providing force feedback to a user of an interface device based on interactions of a user-controlled...
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
System and method for image-based surface detail transfer
Method and system for communication control in a computing environment
Receiver and method for mitigating temporary logic transitions
Multi heating zone apparatus and process for making core/clad glass fibers
Universal hospital bed designed for nursing the immobile patients with additional bathing equipment
System for determining overall heating and cooling system efficienies
Process for the production of grain oriented electrical steel
Catalyst component for polymerization of olefins, catalyst containing the component and use of the s...
Nucleic acids encoding duramycin
Overexpression of aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases for efficient production of engineered proteins contain...
Radio reception system that inhibits transmission of acknowledgment or negative acknowledgment signa...
Method and apparatus for enhancing cardiac pacing
Method to refine lubricant for a magnetic recording medium
Memory including a transfer gate and a storage element
Lost animal retrieving method
Camera boom device
Method for separating hemicelluloses from a biomass containing hemicelluloses and biomass and hemice...
Use of treosulfan for patient conditioning before bone marrow or blood stem cell transplantation
Organopolysiloxane-modified polysaccharide and process for producing the same
Article carrying apparatus
Combination toothbrush-dental floss dispenser
Base station device achieving effective use of frequencies by changing structures of antennas
Electromagnetic interference shielding structures for computer hard-drive enclosures
Whitening tip for dental flossing device
(Meth)acrylic esters of polyalkoxylated trimethylolpropane
Positive resist composition
Multiplex detection compositions, methods, and kits
System and method for removing an electrolyte from an energy storage and/or conversion device using ...
Methods and apparatus for synthesizing labeled combinatorial chemistry libraries
High capacity and high rate batteries
Method of predicting the on-set of formation solid production in high-rate perforated and open hole ...
Image forming apparatus with intermediate transfer member
Binding domains between presenilins and their substrates as targets for drug screening
Identifier generating method, identity determining method, identifier transmitting method, identifie...
Digital output MEMS pressure sensor and method
Method and apparatus for diagnosing failure of an atmospheric pressure sensor in an engine control s...
Apparatus for measuring velocity and flow rate of a fluid having a non-negligible axial mach number ...
System and method for monitoring and/or controlling attributes of multiple chemical mixtures with a ...
Digital control unit for projector automation systems
Encapsulation of a TCPA trusted platform module functionality within a server management coprocessor...
Minimizing the effect of 1/f noise with a MEMS flux concentrator
Hall switch arrangement
Position sensor system and vehicle seat provided with the position sensor system
Lamp containing phase-control power controller with analog RMS load voltage regulation
Method for manufacturing a medical implant
Air suspension system with supply air restriction valve
Electronic control of vehicle air suspension
Trailing arm suspension and height control system with motorized valve therefor
Ink cartridges
Alignment apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Fluid-filled active damping apparatus
Tandem gauge wheel assembly for planting unit
Mobile thick matter pump comprising a support construction and a pneumatic air-cushioned wheel axle
Steer axle suspension
Trolling motor mount
Information recording medium, information reproducing method, and information reproducing apparatus
Combination air and spring mattress for a sofa sleeper
Device and method for digitizing gamma ray energy and characterizing peak time and decay time consta...
Successive approximation A/D converter provided with a sample-hold amplifier
Method, system, and apparatus for a mobile station to sense and select a wireless local area network...
Interpolation of channel search results
X-ray fluorescence measuring system and methods for trace elements
Spectral mixture process conditioned by spatially-smooth partitioning
Sweep-type fingerprint sensor module
Signal generation and mixing electronics for frequency-domain lifetime and spectral fluorometry
Communication device having a scent release feature and method thereof
Control of arbitrary waveforms for constant delivered energy
Implantable cardiac stimulator with electrode-tissue interface characterization
Catheter leads for the intrathecal space and method of use
Automated container storage and delivery system
Apparatus for estimating quantity of intake air for internal combustion engine
Field device electronics fed by an external electrical energy supply
Method for rapid formation of a stochastic model representative of a heterogeneous underground reser...
Method for producing a plurality of curved extruded profiles
Integrated capacitor on packaging substrate
Direct write holographic printer
Handheld laser distance measuring device with extreme value measuring process
Anti-interference speed detection methods and detectors thereof
Method and system for high speed measuring of microscopic targets
System and method for sensing position of a vehicle
Thin thickness measurement method and apparatus
Curved support for mirror in optical scanning device
Tunable multimode wavelength division multiplex Raman pump and amplifier, and a system, method, and ...
Apparatus and method for spectral-beam combining of high-power fiber lasers
Plate welding structure and head suspension
Tilt angle detection device and method utilizing pattern identification
Disk reproducing device reproducing information recorded on recording medium by multiple recording d...
Parallel recording and reading of diffractive memory using multiple object beams
Objective lens for high-density optical focusing and an optical disk in an optical pickup
Method and apparatus for temperature stabilization of a wavelength of a laser
Laser beam source with a laser element containing a thin crystal disk as a laser-active medium
Side-pumped solid-state disk laser for high-average power
Variable lightwave functional circuit and variable lightwave functional apparatus
Light-transmitting module capable of heating the light-emitting module and the substrate included th...
Method and apparatus for laser line-width compensation
Vehicle seat assembly
Safety device for vehicle seats
Method of making an integrated door inner panel and an article made thereby
Headlamp for vehicle
Divider plate for an inlet port, sand core for forming an inlet port, and cylinder head
Intake device of internal combustion engine
Hybrid vehicle mode shift control device
Connector for automotive interior trim
Door module for vehicle door
Flexible vehicle display screen
Mechanical shut-off valve for gas-assist injection molding
Cell assembly
Vehicle seat component side air bag module having air bag guide including flexible inner and outer p...
Abraded nonwoven composite fabrics
Deployment system for an endoluminal device
Method for forming compact chemical reactors with reactor frames
Process to make boxer shorts having a contracted crotch region
Multi-conductive ferromagnetic core, variable permeability field sensor and method
Ceramic tile insulation for gas turbine component
Optical detection device
High-performance anode plate for a directly cooled rotary piston x-ray tube
Methods of making Al.sub.2O.sub.3-SiO.sub.2 ceramics
Junction-isolated depletion mode ferroelectric memory devices and systems
Choke coil and electronic device using the same
Movable subframe for semi-trailers
Variable stator vane arrangement for a compressor
High temperature erosion resistant coating and material containing compacted hollow geometric shapes
Corrosion resistant abrasive article and method of making
Attachment assembly for absorbent article
Method for improving the magnitude of compressive stress developed in the surface of a part
Fuel cut off valve
GaN based semiconductor light emitting device and method of making the same
Electrode for p-type Group III nitride compound semiconductor layer and method for producing the sam...
Side airbag
Door weather strip
Filler pipe
Air bag for steering wheel
Active camouflage using real-time spectral matching
Device for the training of scent discriminating detector dogs
Information distribution service system based on predicted changes in location of mobile information...
Putter with integral ball retriever
Golf ball
Method of operating a safety system for airports and airfields