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Declarative specification of model visualizations
Image processing apparatus and method
Braille display assembly
Shift point strategy for hybrid electric vehicle transmission
Vehicle control apparatus and vehicle control method
Robot control apparatus
Child restraint system with child seat monitoring system and method for monitoring a child seat
Method and system for recognizing driver impairment
Apparatus, system, and method for back up control of a towed vehicle
Selectable preload vehicle security system
Recreational motor vehicle
Electric bicycle with jackshaft assembly
Vehicle, wheel suspension device and method of assembling vehicle
Tire protecting apparatus
Activation control apparatus for occupant protection apparatus
Track-mounted drilling machine with active suspension system
Power unit supporting structure of scooter type vehicle
Superconducting crawler system for a production line
Electric steering and drive system for a vehicle with wheel side steering system
Powertrain including a rotary IC engine and a continuously variable planetary gear unit
Method and apparatus for synchronizing audio and video in encrypted videoconferences
Audio-on demand communication system
Image-processing device, its method, its program and recording medium storing the program
Low overhead context intializations for arithmetic video codecs
Image encoder, image encoding method, image decoder, and image decoding method
De-warping of scanned images
Radiometric calibration from a single image
Method for correcting motion vector errors caused by camera panning
Adaptive probabilistic visual tracking with incremental subspace update
FLIR-to-missile boresight correlation and non-uniformity compensation of the missile seeker
Device and method for symbol clock recovery in digital television
Method and apparatus for performing high quality fast predictive motion search
Optical system
Remote controller and transmitter-receiver using the same
Method and system for including non-graphic data in an analog video output signal of a set-top box
Simplified process simulator
Method and apparatus for producing photocatalyst
Methods for reversibly storing hydrogen
Micro-domain graphitic materials and method for producing the same
Method for producing basic metal nitrate
Method for production of trichlorosilane and silicon for use in the production of trichlorosilane
Method and device for reducing the NO.sub.X and N.sub.2O of gases
Metallic foam trap for poisons: aircraft ozone
Boron-alumina catalyst support
Recovery of titanium dioxide from titanium oxide bearing materials like steelmaking slags
Method for purifying hydrocyanic acid
System and method for decomposing ammonia from fly ash
Pigment and coating composition capable of inhibiting corrosion of substrates
Reactor for performing a steam reforming reaction and a process to prepare synthesis gas
Reformer mixing chamber and method for operating same
Systems and methods for immersive advertising
System, method and computer program product for analyzing data from network-based structured message...
Method for performing an inexact query transformation in a heterogeneous environment
User interface design and evaluation system and hand interaction based user interface design and eva...
Quality correlation testing
Physical-virtual interpolation
RFID system and method for tracking environmental data
Method of making a catalyst
High strength, high toughness, high carbon steel wire rod and method of production of same
Silver/aluminum/copper/titanium/nickel brazing alloys for brazing WC-Co to titanium alloys
Copper-based brazing alloy and brazing process
Sound data processing apparatus for simulating acoustic space
Method of synthesizing sound
Music composition system and method
No drill snare drum strainer adapter
Hoop body apparatus
Protective headstock cover
Guitar pick
Stringed musical instrument tension balancer
Programming interface for a componentized and extensible workflow model
Content utilizing method
Method for providing information apparatus together with setups transfer service
Point management server and point management system
Management and publication of ideas for inventions accumulated in a computer database
Metatag-based datamining
System and method for influencing a position on a search result list generated by a computer network...
System and method for purchase benefits at a point of sale
System and method for generating new licenses
Method and system for multi-currency escrow service for web-based transactions
Method for managing customer financial accounts
System and method for monitoring trades outside of a no-bust range in an electronic trading system
Providing customs information
Buyer-driven purchasing loyalty system and method using an electronic network
Portfolio accounting and risk management system
Connecting business-to-business buyers and sellers
Method and system for facilitating consumer purchases
Product ordering device
System, method, and program storage medium for managing printing apparatuses
Method of processing customer's orders and a customer's order processing apparatus
Dispatch and service support system
Method for repairing, waterproofing, insulating, reinforcing, restoring of wall systems
Battered column tension leg platform
Flow measurement and control
Coastal erosion mitigation solution (CEMS)
Highly stable surface plasmon resonance plates, microarrays, and methods
Plants and seeds of corn variety I281798
Plants and seeds of corn variety I285295
Plants and seeds of corn variety I760899
Potato cultivar FL 2086
Brittle stalk 2 gene family and related methods and uses
Methods for the transformation of vegetal plastids
Determination of nucleic acid using electrocatalytic intercalators
Method for the determination of a nucleic acid using a control
Temperature regulated promoters from Schizosaccharomyces pombe for expression of proteins
Nucleic acids encoding a recombinant 250 kDa antigen from sporozoites/merozoites of Eimeria maxima a...
Tumor marker and its use
Non-denaturing process to purify recombinant proteins from plants
Canine RANKL and methods for preparing and using the same
BoNT/A peptides and methods of predicting and reducing immunoresistance to botulinum toxin therapy
Methods for antibody engineering
Insect chymotrypsin and inhibitors thereof
Variants of the Gamma Chain of AMPX, DNA sequences encoding the same, and uses thereof
PRO1477 polypeptides
Hydrazine-based and carbonyl-based bifunctional crosslinking reagents
Anti-scarring ribozymes and methods
Method for operating an aircraft
Constant vertical state maintaining cueing system
Cabin pressure control system and method that accommodates aircraft take-off with and without a cabi...
Aerofoil arrangement
Method for using a steerable tall fin to reduce the vibration generated on the fuselage of a helicop...
In orbit space transportation and recovery system
Cargo parachute release apparatus, system and method
Internal arrangement of the walls of the fuselage of an aircraft
Suspension system for a rotary wing aircraft engine
Dual action inlet door and method for use thereof
Air input device for a turboprop engine
Rotorcraft control system with stepped mixing linkage
VTOL personal aircraft
Device for supporting an aircraft battery
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method
MRI phantom and MRI system
NMR Probe
Materials for freezing light
(2S,4S)-4-fluoro-1-[4-fluoro-beta-(4-fluorophenyl)-L-phenylalanyl]-2-pyrro- lidinecarbonitrile p-tol...
Imidazotriazine compounds
Pyridine inhibitors of ERK2 and uses thereof
Non nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Methods for treating cancer-related fatigue
Human smooth muscle myosin heavy chain
Lithographic printing plate precursor and lithographic printing method using the same
Drug delivery particle
Microencapsulation and sustained release of biologically active polypeptides
Dispenser for a tablet, and methods of use
Chelate exchanger
Method for producing flanged molding
Narrow opening electroacoustical transducing
Method of generating directional low frequency acoustic signals and reflected signal detection enhan...
Apparatus and method for carrying out seismic surveys
Resonator performance by local reduction of component thickness
Loudspeaker enclosure incorporating a leak to compensate for the effect of acoustic modes on loudspe...
Exhaust gas cooler
Medical item storage cabinet and method
Quality control system, quality control method, and method of lot-to-lot wafer processing
Intelligent customer care support using network CAMEL subscription information
Method and system for supporting residual energy awareness in an ad hoc wireless communications netw...
UI aware method invocation transferring to java event dispatch thread
System and method for using a graphical debugging tool in a modeling and execution environment
Method and system for designing customizable applications and user-interfaces based on user-defined ...
Monitoring method with trusted corrective actions
Storage subsystem and information processing system
Method for self-timed data ordering for multi-data rate memories
Method and apparatus for determining compatibility between devices
Data processing system having a data transfer unit for converting an integer into a floating-point n...
Managing analysis of a degraded service in a grid environment
Parsing navigation information to identify occurrences of events of interest
Property management mechanisms for properties in an on-demand property system
Managing data integrity using a filter condition
Method and apparatus for information mining and filtering
Electric power quality indicator device and method
Liquid class predictor for liquid handling of complex mixtures
Portion of a shoe midsole
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Heel for footwear
Optical resonator gyro with integrated external cavity beam generator
Bone-growth stimulator
Snowshoe binding
Plasmon-enhanced marking of fragile materials and other applications thereof
DNA intercalating agents and methods of use
Welding process and geosynthetic products thereof
Low temperature storage cabinet
Transpiration cooling for passive cooled ultra mobile personal computer
Circuit board housing and circuit board assembly
Heatsink apparatus
Enhanced thermal conducting formulations
Vertical multitubular heat exchanger and distillation column system including the same
Air-guiding system for a ventilation system of a vehicle
Optimally shaped spreader plate for electronics cooling assembly
Thermal cycling resistant tube to header joint for heat exchangers
Heat transfer device
Heat exchanger
Heat dissipating device
Heat exchanger
Coated heat exchanger
Method for making a heat dissipating device
System and method for the distribution of advertising and associated coupons via mobile media platfo...
Training filters for detecting spasm based on IP addresses and text-related features
Open messaging gateway
Methods for establishing an instant message conference
Methods and systems for processing playlists
Timing system and device and method for making the same
Wide dynamic range chemical array reader
Semiconductor component comprising flip chip contacts with polymer cores and method of producing the...
Skin-friendly single-use product
Absorbent article comprising edge barriers comprising a liquid absorbent thermoplastic composition
Thermoplastic copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and perfluoromethyl vinyl ether and medical devices e...
Method for producing aqueous polymer dispersions
Bronchodilating beta-agonist compositions and methods
Immunosuppressant compounds and compositions
Compositions and methods for promoting angiogenesis
Delivery system for uniform deposition of fabric care actives in a non-aqueous fabric treatment syst...
Contact structure formed using supercritical cleaning fluid and ALCVD
Method of detachable direct bonding at low temperatures
Methods and compositions for use in diagnosing and characterizing chronic immune disease
Method for laser desorption mass spectrometry using porous polymeric substrates with particle filler...
Amorphous cell delivery vehicle treated with physical/physicochemical stimuli
Porous biodegradable polymeric materials for cell transplantation
Compositions for modifying nucleic acids
Chemical arrays
Presensitized lithographic plate comprising support and hydrophilic image-recording layer
Process for thermorming a three-dimensionally curved panel
Water-base black ink composition and colored product
GERD treatment apparatus and method
Devices, systems and methods for treating disorders of the ear, nose and throat
Device for packaging and distributing at least two different components, assembly including such a d...
Bearing isolator with porous seal
Pump dispensers
Gasket for horizontal venting and related method
In situ recovery from a hydrocarbon containing formation
Casting process and articles for performing same
Hair clip with friction member
Cooling system
Microscopic batteries for MEMS systems
Self-inflating article
Non-woven textile microwave antennas and components
Integrated lumbar combined variable angular distraction structure
Method and system for accessing a single port memory
Co-injection nozzle assembly
Digital-to-analog converter with secondary resistor string
Highly efficient switching power converter using a charge pump to power the drive circuit
Method and system for fibre channel arbitrated loop acceleration
Method and system for dynamically adjusting data transfer rates in PCI-express devices
Supplementary header for multifabric and high port count switch support in a fibre channel network
Processing data packets at a storage service module of a switch
Load balancing method for exchanging data between multiple hosts and storage entities, in IP based s...
Piezoelectric cantilever sensors
Phase based feedback oscillation prevention in hearing aids
Radio frequency shielding for receivers within hearing aids and listening devices
Directional microphone array system
Cleaning device
Manufacturing method of active matrix substrate, active matrix substrate and liquid crystal display ...
Methods for designing, evaluating and manufacturing semiconductor devices
Semiconductor assembly for improved device warpage and solder ball coplanarity
Die pillar structures and a method of their formation
Power grid layout techniques on integrated circuits
Pattern film forming method and pattern film forming apparatus
Leadframe comprising tin plating or an intermetallic layer formed therefrom
Semiconductor device provided with temperature detection function
Integrated circuit device, method of manufacturing the same and method of forming vanadium oxide fil...
Microelectromechanical component and method for the production thereof
Pressure sensor having gold-silicon eutectic crystal layer interposed between contact layer and sili...
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device, semiconductor device and method of manufacturing nonvolatil...
Methods for fabricating semiconductor devices and contacts to semiconductor devices
Nonvolatile memory
Field effect transistor
Semiconductor memory device having local etch stopper and method of manufacturing the same
Light emitting device and electronic device
Entropy filter, and area extracting method using the filter
Method for recording and evaluating image data with the aid of a tomography machine
Systems and methods for measuring one or more characteristics of patterned features on a specimen
Plasmon tomography
Nondestructive optical technique for simultaneously measuring optical constants and thickness of thi...
Sensing systems and methods for differentiating between different cellular blood species during extr...
Inspection method and apparatus, lithographic apparatus, lithographic processing cell and device man...
Pass-line and tilt insensitive sensor
Deviation angle self compensating substantially achromatic retarder
Measuring device for the optical analysis of a test strip
Optical measurement apparatus for living body
System and method for evaluating impaired glucose tolerance and diabetes mellitus within a patient u...
Toilet seat hinge
Absorbent structure and method for producing the same
Stabilizers for titanium diboride-containing cathode structures
Method of forming a container
Self-locking stackable tapered container with partial top structure
Compositions enriched in anthocyanins
Anti-viral compositions and methods of making and using the anti-viral compositions
Polymorphs of sodium 4-[(4-chloro-2-hydroxybenzoyl) amino]butanoate
Anticholinergic powder formulations for inhalation
Branched ester composition
Silicone spider esters in personal care applications
Agent for gene transfer
Anti-CD26 antibodies and methods of use thereof
Compositions for affecting weight loss
Therapy-enhancing glucan
Preparation of stable formulations of lipid-nucleic acid complexes for efficient in vivo delivery
Compositions and methods for polynucleotide delivery
Methods and compositions for diagnosis and monitoring of prostate cancer progression by detection of...
Repellant/deterrence system for animals and method of use
Process to convert linear alkanes into alpha olefins
Catalyst and process for selective hydrogenation
Continuous method for separating a C.sub.4 cut
Fuel composition
Process for manufacturing a cellulosic paper product exhibiting reduced malodor
Paper towel with superior wiping properties
Method for producing wet-pressed, molded tissue products
Apparatus and method for dewatering a fabric
System and process for controlling the deceleration and acceleration rates of a sheet material in fo...
System and method for checkless cash advance settlement
Very thin profile filter with large filter media area
Concrete pump with pivotable hopper asssembly
Implantable centrifugal blood pump with hybrid magnetic bearings
Air compressor having stable configuration
Method for driving a bidirectional motor to rotate a fluid circulation pump
Fish pump
Retention of ball bearing cartridge for turbomachinery
Method and apparatus for alignment of components
Driving apparatus of motor
Apparatus for controlling operation of reciprocating compressor and method thereof
Apparatus and method for reducing gas lock in downhole pumps
Oil well pumping unit and method therefor
Compressor with lubrication structure
Suitcase style air compressor assembly
Method and apparatus for improved pumping medium for electro-osmotic pumps
Computer monitoring system for pumps
Radiation fan driving apparatus
Spring actuated check valve
Supercharger lubrication structure
Fuel supply system with a cooling plate
Brace bar for sound board of a guitar
Shoulder rest for hand held string instruments
Shoulder rest for hand held string instruments
Method and system for performing bulk operations on transactional items
Tracking multiple dependent instructions with instruction queue pointer mapping table linked to a mu...
Method and apparatus for modeling multiple concurrently dispatched instruction streams in super scal...
Methods and apparatus for process control using catalyst state estimation
Process for conversion of hydrocarbons to saturated LPG and high octane gasoline
Gas-solids separation device and method
Catalyst for acid-catalyzed by hydrocarbon conversions
Method and apparatus for establishing ad hoc communications pathways between source and destination ...
Music interface for media-rich interactive program guide
Viewing limit controls
Computer-implemented method, system and program product for analyzing messages associated with compu...
Creating a method from a block of code
Customizable service provider user interface
Canceling window close commands
Multimedia communication method using virtual world interface in mobile personal computers
Information terminal device
Algebraic geometric code adapted to error bursts
Hybrid approach for data transmission using a combination of single-user and multi-user packets
CAM expected address search testmode
Coding system and decoding system using a synchronization code
Coding system and decoding system
System and method for testing software using data-driven test variations
Secure method and system for handling and distributing digital media
Customizable instant messaging private tags
System and method for secure transmission of RTP packets
Cheap signatures for synchronous broadcast communication
Methods for iteratively deriving security keys for communications sessions
Method, system and program product for associating event categorization and routing with security au...
Method for the treatment of inflammatory disorders
Method and apparatus for a paddle board probe card
Continuously variable transmission
Communications headset
Method for determining a tilt angle of a vehicle
Versatile adaptor device and manufacturing process for connecting a client device to various host de...
Tables for determining the signal strength of a received signal in a fibre optics transceiver
Mechanism for enabling load balancing to be achieved in a loop-free switching path, reverse path lea...
Writeable shift register lookup table in FPGA with SRAM memory cells in lookup table reprogrammed by...
High efficiency NLTL comb generator using time domain waveform synthesis technique
Methods for determining placement of an implantable cardiac stimulus device
Waveguide and optical motion sensor using optical power modulation
Digital signal processor-based detection system, method, and apparatus for optical tomography
NMR probe component with a gradient chip with a slot for insertion of a sample chip
Devices, methods, and systems involving cast collimators
Compositions comprising non-identical recombination sites
Genes encoding plant protease-resistant pesticidal proteins and method of their use
Animal with gene hypoexpression
Genes responsible for vernalization regulation in temperate grasses and uses thereof
C-terminally truncated non-cytotoxic PAP mutants
Self-adaptive system for the automatic detection of discomfort and the automatic generation of SCS t...
System and method for asynchronous logic synthesis from high-level synchronous descriptions
Common interface framework for developing field programmable device based applications independent o...
Image processing apparatus, and method for controlling the image processing apparatus to process dis...
Decoding LDPC (low density parity check) code and graphs using multiplication (or addition in log-do...
Programmable logic devices with skewed clocking signals
System and method for dynamic sizing of cache sequential list
Hybrid solid state disk drive with controller
System and method for verifying the consistency of mirrored data sets
Serial-write, random-access read, memory
Storage system including storage adapters, a monitoring computer and external storage
Application server blade for embedded storage appliance
Device operating according to a communication protocol
Application server blade for embedded storage appliance
Method for caching lookups based upon TCP traffic flow characteristics
Stalling CPU pipeline to prevent corruption in trace while maintaining coherency with asynchronous e...
Message queuing in an industrial environment
Automatic signal amplitude measurement system in the setting of abnormal rhythms
Plug-in network appliance
Systems and methods for creating and viewing three dimensional virtual slides
System and method for performing on-chip synchronization of system signals utilizing off-chip harmon...
Lead retention means
Intermediate transfer belt and image forming apparatus
Developing apparatus, processing cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Particle supply apparatus, imaging apparatus, and monitoring system
Charging device having a first and second pressure with a cleaning member, and process cartridge and...
Tri axis high frequency fiber optic acoustic sensor
Optical articles from curable compositions
Method for recording information into rewritable thermal label of the non-contact type
Liquid crystal panel and display apparatus having a negative biaxial element of 110 to 250 nm thickn...
Acoustic wave touch actuated switch with feedback
Spectral filter system for infrared imaging of substrates through coatings
Electrical cables with stranded wire strength members
Disconnection box for a robot system
Stacked filamentary coated superconductors
Waterways lime spreader
Multi-stage gas separator
Gas separator agitator assembly
Streaming content receiving apparatus and playback apparatus with stopping of reception of second st...
Process cartridge that spaces a developing roller and photosensitive drum from each other and image ...
Information processing apparatus, image edit apparatus, and control methods thereof, and computer pr...
Image forming apparatus including a toner waste container near-end condition detection feature and a...
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium storing computer...
Monitoring apparatus, processing method, program for implementing the processing method, and managem...
Recording and reproducing apparatus
Recording apparatus
Method for fabricating three-dimensional photonic crystal
Data encoding with an amplitude model and path between the data and corresponding decoding
Data process apparatus and method therefor
Semiconductor device
Optical apparatus
Image pickup apparatus
Wide converter lens and image pickup apparatus equipped with the wide converter lens
Preparation of transparent, multilayered articles containing polyesters comprising a cyclobutanediol...
Method for recycling pet bottle
Flat rheology drilling fluids
Elastic long-fiber non-woven fabric, and fabric product using the same
Process and device for the extraction of substances from silane-modified fillers
Mixer and method of mixing
Internet website traffic flow analysis
Storage network management system and method
Demographic information acquisition system
Network centric application failover architecture
Electrical power metering system
Texturing method and apparatus
System and method for caller confirmation of call center agent notes
Telephone line use enablement of lottery or fund participation
System and method for notification of internet users about faults detected on an IP network
Method and apparatus to facilitate provision of an IPv6 prefix
Method for establishing a MIP and performing handoff by a mobile node
Providing a static internet protocol address pointer to a computer having a dynamic internet protoco...
Secure mobile office wireless local-area network application integration package running from CD-ROM
Network host isolation tool
Wireless CPU GPS application
Method and apparatus for remote blood alcohol monitoring
System and device for monitoring and assisting human gross motor skills
In situ or one-pot hydrogenation and reductive amination process
Thiazole and oxazole VDAC regulator
Statin derivatives
I/Q mismatch calibration of direct conversion transceivers using the OFDM short training sequence
Solid-state image pick-up device and image pick-up apparatus capable of distinguishing a photographi...
Method of making a stick resistant multi-layer ceramic coating
Methods for identifying agents that increase the p44 function of microtubule assembly or resistance ...
Optical information recording medium, and recording and reproducing apparatus of the same
Chemiluminescent acridinium compounds and analogues thereof as substrates of hydrolytic enzymes
Method and apparatus for precise transfer and manipulation of fluids by centrifugal and/or capillary...
Systems methods for applying a selected treatment agent into contact with tissue to treat sphincter ...
Image forming method and image forming apparatus
Image forming method for the photothermographic material
Circuit and method for analyzing a patient's heart function using overlapping analysis windows
Toner for printer
Method enabling a standard CMOS fab to produce an IC to sense three-dimensional information using au...
Apparatus and method for processing and/or for providing healthcare information and/or healthcare-re...
Dynamically balanced cutting tool system
Magnetic sensing system and method
Rapid MR visualization of interventional devices
Cardiac diagnostics using wall motion and perfusion cardiac MRI imaging and systems for cardiac diag...
Optical channel monitor
Density nodule detection in-3-D digital images
Patterned media for a high density data storage device
High density data storage medium
AC-DC power converter
Control device, storage device, storage medium, servo data demodulation method, repeatable velocity ...
Method and apparatus for ultrasonic laser testing
Antenna, and radio-controlled timepiece, keyless entry system and RFID system
Integrated circuit package including miniature antenna
Compressive sampling and signal inference
Low profile packaging assembly for loose fill insulation material
Telephone with dynamically programmable push buttons for access to advanced applications
Real-time interconnect billing system and method of use
Image forming apparatus with superimposed dark and light toner images
Thermal drift compensation system and method for optical networks
Transponder assembly for use with parallel optics modules in fiber optic communications systems
Method and apparatus for diffusion based cell placement migration
Microprocessor systems and bus address translation methods
Linking order entry process to realtime network inventories and capacities
Secure initialization of intrusion detection system
Disaster recovery with bounded data loss
System and method for forcing a query execution plan
Computerized method and system for obtaining, storing and accessing medical records
Visibly distinguishing portions of compound words
Waveform recorder apparatus and method
Intelligent assisted control of living bodies
Flat panel image to film transfer method and apparatus
Methods for deploying conformed structures in body lumens
Side-firing laser
Superconductivity rotor having torque tube
Control system for engine starting
Electro-optical device and manufacturing method thereof
Collimator fabrication
Diepoxide derivatives of N,N*-disubstituted disulfonamides
Primer coating of PTFE for metal substrates
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Electro-optical device and semiconductor circuit
Method for manufacturing an electro-optical device
Glyphosate N-acetyltransferase (GAT) genes
Integrated system for diversity generation and screening
Apparatus, method, and computer program product for checking hypertext
Image forming apparatus including static pre-eliminator
Optical waveguide, optical device, and manufacturing method of the optical waveguide
Cancer treatments including administering IL-2 fusion proteins with modulated selectivity
Beta interferon for the treatment of chronic spinal cord injury
Reference electrode
Identification of activated receptors and ion channels
Instrumentation, articles of manufacture, and analysis methods
Anti-cancer combinations
Apparatus for providing high quality power
Process for preparing polyalcohols from formaldehyde having a low formic acid content
Methods for transferring a layer onto a substrate
Electro-optic sensor
N-(pyridin-2-yl)-sulfonamide derivatives
Piezoelectric resonator with an efficient all-dielectric Bragg reflector
Method for extraction of hydrocarbon fuels or contaminants using electrical energy and critical flui...
Microresonator, band-pass filter, semiconductor device, and communication apparatus
Midget gas turbine
Catalyst powder, catalyst electrode, and electrochemical device
Flow field plate arrangement for a fuel cell
Method of operating a fuel cell system
Subcutaneous glucose electrode
Method for producing a membrane from a crosslinked polymer blend, and corresponding fuel cell
Planar micro fuel processor
Micro-machined fuel cells
Conductive compositions used in the manufacture of semiconductor device
Water dispersible polyanilines made with polymeric acid colloids for electronics applications
Two part "L"-shaped phakic IOL
Intraocular ring assembly and artificial lens kit
Devices and methods for storing, loading, and delivering an intraocular lens
Reducing Computational Complexity in Determining an Illuminant of a Scene
Nemesia plant named `Balarlilabi`
Fuchsia plant named `Sanifpirave`
Begonia plant named `Metallic Mist`
Osteospermum plant named `Saksiscopye`
Hosta plant named `Singing in the Rain`
Ornamental flowering plum tree named `Cripoizam`
Interspecific tree named `Coral-Cot`
Quince plant named `Eline`
Abies fraseri plant named `Frosty`
Petunia plant named `Sunsurfpaspimi`
Helleborus plant named `Snow Love`
Phlox plant named `Sunphlotori`
Hypericum plant named `Seigre`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `JACormag`
Almond tree named `Folsom`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `JACtorob`
Petunia plant named `Kumiyama 4`
Pear tree named `Lowry Red`
Floribunda rose plant named `JACorbet`
Blue spruce tree named `Blue Diamond`
Aglaonema plant named `TWYAG0060`
Method for the controlled radical polymerisation of acrylic acid and the salts thereof, polymers thu...
Programmable processor and system for partitioned floating-point multiply-add operation
Continuously variable planetary gear set
Warped chain ring gear used in a bicycle chain transfer
Eyewear with inner and outer frame lens
Bicycle hub sealing structure
Splicing apparatus and method
Dual-lever hydraulic brake assembly and method of using the same
Systems, methods, and programs for determining whether a vehicle is on-road or off-road
Method and device for modulating light
Aza-quinolinol phosphonate integrase inhibitor compounds
Water-based coating mixture, process for the application of an anticorrosion layer with this mixture...
Apparatus and method for a C-plate used in a cable guided fishing assembly
Method and apparatus for serially applying an adhesive onto members of one or more wood stacks
Device comprising a combination of a chamber and a piston
Actuation device for a control cable for a bicycle gearshift
Display grip for sports equipment
Electric double layer capacitor
Device, EUV lithographic device and method for preventing and cleaning contamination on optical elem...
Parylene variants and methods of synthesis and use
Electrically conductive compositions and method of manufacture thereof
Solid oxide fuel cell
Magnetic recording medium and magnetic storage apparatus
Device and method for health monitoring of an area of a structural element, and structure adapted fo...
Array of shaped activated carbon articles for tank venting systems and motor vehicles
Aluminum melting method using analysis of fumes coming from the furnace
Rate-adaptive multiple input/multiple output (MIMO) systems
Nucleic acid encoding KCNB potassium channel
Method and devices for automatically supplying material to a processing machine
Method for operating a printing press
Device for imaging a printing form having an optical correction element
Apparatus for imaging on a recording medium
Magnet structure
NMR spectrometer and method of NMR measurement
MRI apparatus and RF coil assembly utilized therein
HIFU-compatible reception coil for MRI RF signals and signal receiving method
Gradient coil cooling device and method and gradient coil embodying same
Device for installing a cylindrical gradient coil in a cylindrical magnet of a magnetic resonance sy...
Magnetic field generating apparatus and MRI apparatus
Passive shimming for MR spectroscopy at high magnetic fields
Electromagnetic valve
Osteoclastogenesis inhibitors and uses thereof
Broadspectrum substituted benzisoxazole sulfonamide HIV protease inhibitors
Pyrrolo-triazine aniline compounds useful as kinase inhibitors
Antimicrobial theta defensins, analogs thereof, and methods of use
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising mannose binding lectin
Modified erythrocytes and uses thereof
p27 and p21 in gene therapies
Cytokine protein family
Preparation and use of .alpha.-keto phosphonates
Compounds and methods for treatment and diagnosis of chlamydial infection
Method and system for optimizing minigenes and peptides encoded thereby
Ameliorant for chemical treatment of cancer
Aqueous paint composition, particularly a lacquer or a varnish and an aqueous colloidal dispersion o...
Lawning applicator for a microbiological cultures
Shield for a vibrator device
Dental device
Human dental model
Dental clasp
Fundus camera
Extension cable separator
Positive airway pressure apparatus
Dental capsule applicator
Medical instrument
Hemorrhoid treatment device
Oval tapering blunt cannula proximal portion
Absorbent padding for absorbing body fluid excretions
Bedside urinal
Molded flange for use with a filter respirator
Mask for respirator
Mask for respirator
Metered dose inhaler
Machine spindle
Graphical user interface for a portion of a display screen
Milking claw for goats and sheep
Encoding and sensing of syringe information
Fixing device with peeling member for an image forming apparatus
Display board
Media device cradle
Receptacle-mounted cover plate
C6-and C9-substituted chromeno[4,3-c]isoxazoline derivatives and their use as anti-depressants
Phosphoramidate compounds and methods of use
Methods for mounting a tibial condylar implant
Baby and toddler bib
Forklift truck
High molecular weight, low methoxyl pectins, and their production and uses
Electromagnetic emissions stimulation and detection system
Device for holding a dispensing nozzle
Logical separation of code and content
Attack defending system and attack defending method
Peptide-like compounds that inhibit coronaviral 3CL and flaviviridae viral proteases
2-butenal, trans-2-pentenal and related enal compounds for controlling plant pests and weeds in soil
Reduced volume electrochemical sensor
Modular, micro-scale, optical array and biodetection system
System and method for allowing multiple sub-clusters to survive a cluster partition
Method for analyzing the quality of telecommunications switch command tables
Portable inhaler with temperature control
Copy protection for optical discs
Flat panel display and a method of driving the same
Shopping list generator
Use of food colours to dye enzyme solutions
Storage system and method for handling bad storage device data therefor
Coherent light source and optical device
Patterned magnetic layer on-chip inductor
Digital object delivery and management system with dynamically created temporary FTP access codes
Protection against flooding of a server
Build of material production system
Print Control Device, Printing System and Computer-Readable Recording Medium Storing Printing Progra...
Image Processing System Including Image Processing Device and Information Processing Device Which Co...
Image Forming System and Print Job Renewal Management Method
Methods, systems, and products for providing communications services amongst multiple providers
Wireless communications methods and systems using a remote, self-contained communications antenna un...
Method for dynamic multi-level pricing for wireless communications according to quality of service
Electrical connector with elongated ground contacts
Gaming system for individual control of access to many devices with few wires
Serving terminal illuminator
Simplified bidet assembly for use with a conventional toilet
Nucleotide oligomer, nucleotide polymer, method for determining structure of functional substance an...
Methods of administering diclofenac compositions for treating photodamaged skin, rosacea and/or acne
System and Method for Administration and Documentation of Health Care Services
Single infusion port apparatus and method for phacoemulsification
Inhibitors of Ccr9 Activity
Novel Thiophene Derivatives
Pyrazolo [1,5-a] pyrimidine compounds and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Amide Derivatives as Ion-Channel Ligands and Pharmaceutical Compositions and Methods of Using the Sa...
Pharmaceutically Active Diazepanes
Obesity treatment systems
Chemical Process for the Preparation of an Amido-Phenoxybenzoic Acid Compound
Glucagon Receptor Antagonists, Preparation and Therapeutic Uses
Novel Compounds
System and method of delivering video content
Use of effectors of glutaminyl and glutamate cyclases
Corticotropin releasing factor 2 receptor agonists
Electronic driving circuit for directing an audio signal selectively to one of two speakers
Display window cover assemblies and electronic devices and methods using the same
Interference cancellation equipment
Flexible data outlet
Apparatus and method for dual mode phone
Word processing with artificial language validation
Data driven configuration of call management applications
Slide mechanism of portable device and portable telephone
Private branch exchange
Flip-flop mobile phone
Caller ID messaging device
Communication device
Remotely selecting an economical communications transmission medium
Method, device, and database for providing communication addresses for communication devices
Message data in mobile communication systems
System and method for updating data in remote devices
Audio caller identification
Input/output control method and apparatus of multimedia file
Method for smoothing the transmission of a multimedia file having clock recovery restraints
Location-relevant real-time multimedia delivery and control and editing systems and methods
Method for providing multimedia files and terminal therefor
System and method for conditional access key encryption
Launching a web browser in response to a message relating to communications sessions
Method for preventing loading and execution of rogue operating systems in a logical partitioned data...
Secure web access via an original CD
Distributed environment controlled access facility
Queuing methods for mitigation of packet spoofing
Manufacturing trusted devices
Systems and methods of providing content protection for digital video products
Switching device, switching method and computer system capable of preventing error in data transmiss...
Automatic data encryption and access control based on bluetooth device proximity
Method and system providing improved security for the transfer of root keys
Encoding and decoding methods for secure scalable streaming and related systems
Wall of a jack for a vehicle
Adjustable saddle floor jack
Convertible wheelbarrow
Electric steam iron
Mop head
Abrasive wipe
Pool cleaner component
Exercise equipment for pets
Wine glass hummingbird feeder
Champagne glass hummingbird feeder
Birdcage attachment
Pet bed
Pet kennel cupboard
Pair of sports gloves
Protective pad for sportswear
Protective helmet
Nail file having a handle
Hair cutting device
Providing secure input to a system with a high-assurance execution environment
Context-free document portions with alternate formats
Declarative mechanism for defining a hierarchy of objects
Method and system for packing and unpacking web pages
System and method for automated recovery after an error in a batch processing system caused by malfo...
Method and apparatus for arbitrarily initializing a portion of memory
Packet buffer management apparatus and method
Mirror queue in a shared queue environment
Method for autonomic data caching and copying on a storage area network aware file system using copy...
Method for automatically extracting by-line information
Image extraction apparatus comprising a GPS receiver and image processing method for the same
Car navigation system, traffic information providing apparatus, car navigation device, and traffic i...
Golf putting aid
Method and apparatus for facilitating physiological coherence and autonomic balance
Confidence putter
Golf swing practice simulator
Tennis training apparatus and method of use thereof
Manufacturing method of ink jet recording head and ink jet recording head manufactured by manufactur...
Additives for special effect appearances in plastic parts
Mouse prostate stem cell antigen and uses thereof
Portable bulk product melt system
Sugar juice clarifier apparatus
Process for the production of crystalline fructose of high purity utilizing fructose syrup having a ...
Continuous pan crystallizer
Method and plant for the production of refined sugar from a sugared juice
Method for Optimizing Reconfiguration Processes in Mobile Radio Network Having Reconfigurable Termin...
Customizable Media Player with Online/Offline Capabilities
Mobile certificate distribution in a PKI
Broadcasting data purchasing system and method thereof
Methods and Kits for the Prediction of Therapeutic Success, Recurrence Free and Overall Survival in ...
Allocating Radio Resources in Mobile Communications System
Control of Communication Signal Transmission Based on Transceiver Proximity Estimation
Method for performing inter-technology handovers utilizing tunnels
Mobile Communication Terminal and Radio Communication System
Method for Configuring a Mobile Terminal, Configurable Mobile Terminal and Mobile Radio Network Ther...
Portable information terminal, security method, and program storage medium
Validating User Identity by Cooperation Between Core Network and Access Controller
Communication System, Mobile Station, Switch Apparatus, and Communication Method
Mixer Circuit
Circuit arrangement including a self-diagnosis system for triggering and monitoring a load in a brid...
Superconducting acyclic homopolar electromechanical power converter
Monopolar DC to bipolar DC to AC converter
Apparatus for isolated switching power supply with coupled output inductors
Method and apparatus for sensing brushless DC motor average current from overcurrent protection circ...
Dynamic voltage and frequency management in integrated circuits
Light emitting device and current mirror thereof
Level-shift circuit utilizing a single level-shift switch
Secondary battery
High impedance current mirror with feedback
Regulated current mirror
Bandgap reference circuits with isolated trim elements
Switching regulator with analog or digital control
Multipoint switch
Hybrid battery module with a voltage balancing unit and its charging and discharging method
Power supply apparatus with transistor control for constant current between series-connected battery...
Battery pack housing and packaging
Sill plate
Devices and methods for flangeless installations
Method and Apparatus for Protecting Internet Privacy
Trailer mounted boat hull shield
Twin lifting machinery for two 40 feet container shore crane
Dual hull kayak
Floating pontoon berthing facility for ferries and ships
Towline guide clip
Apparatus for control of pivoting wing-type sail
Transonic hull and hydrofield II
Apparatus for attaching a pontoon to a watercraft
Apparatuses and methods for monitoring stress in steel catenary risers
Data controls architecture
Method for inter-object communication
Content update proxy method
Method for flattening hierarchically structured flows
System and method for error checking of failed I/O open calls
Methods and systems of testing software, and methods and systems of modeling user behavior
System and method for customizing extensible web part menus
Method of responding to a truncated secure session attack
Graphic user interface for a portion of a display screen
Portion of an electronic mouse
Remote controller
Alterable application specific integrated circuit (ASIC)
Plasma display panel having a layer including carbon
Semiconductor device having first and second separation trenches
Dual-gate device and method
Conductive resin molded product having insulating skin and method for forming the same
Partial vacuum environment imprinting
Artificial lumbar interbody spinal implant having an asymmetrical leading end
Compressible corpectomy device
Method of stabilizing metal pigments against gassing
Plasma display panel provided with dummy address electrodes protruding into a non-display region and...
Methods for making printed fuse devices
Lithium ion secondary battery
Multiple material golf club head
Cable plug for a coaxial cable and method for mounting a cable plug of this type
Bearings, races and components thereof having diamond and other superhard surfaces
Exciter bracket for audio speakers
Turning motion control for vehicle
Motor cooling device and cooling method
Electrode with a phase-separated binder that includes a vinylidene fluoride binder polymer and a pol...
Rolling element and a process for producing the rolling element
Recliner mechanism
Adjustable seat cushion bolster mechanism
Magnetorheologic clutch
Semiconductor laser diode and integrated semiconductor optical waveguide device
System, method and print cartridge for signaling user replacement of fuser wiper
Methods of generating and transporting short wavelength radiation and apparati used therein
Chiral fiber grating device and method of fabrication thereof
Solid-state laser and multi-pass resonator
Gain media edge treatment to suppress amplified spontaneous emission in a high power laser
Laser with hybrid-unstable ring resonator
Can-type optical transmitting module utilizing a laser diode with impedance matching resistors
Semiconductor laser diode
Laser and method for generating pulsed laser radiation
Intracavity frequency-tripled CW laser
Optical element, optical pickup, and optical information recording/reproducing apparatus
Deficiency detecting apparatus for optical disk
Optical disk apparatus
Multi-band hybrid SOA-raman amplifier for CWDM
Naphthalene compounds
Tricyclic compounds protein kinase inhibitors for enhancing the efficacy of anti-neoplastic agents a...
Therapeutic agents
Indol-6yl sulfonamide derivatives, their preparation and their use as 5-HT-6 as modulators
Method for the preparation of N-piperidino-1, 5-diphenylpyrazole-3-carboxamide derivatives
Thiophene-2-carboxamide derivatives, preparation and therapeutic application thereof
Preventives/remedies for urinary disturbance
Purinone derivatives as HM74a agonists
Use of substituted 2-pyridinyl-6,7,8,9-tetrahydropyrimido[1,2-a] pyrimidin-4-one and 7-pyridinyl-2,3...
Labeling with thermally conductive pads
Powered surgical apparatus, method of manufacturing powered surgical apparatus, and method of using ...
Data reproducing apparatus and data reproducing method
Bracket structure
Self-pinned read sensor design with enhanced lead stabilizing mechanism
Magnetoresistive-effect device with a multi-layer magnetoresistive-effect film
CPP giant magnetoresistive element with particular bulk scattering coefficient
Magnetoresistive effect element, magnetic head and magnetic reproducing apparatus
Magnetoresistive head having first and second shield layers between first and second lead layers
Micro-actuator for hard drive utilizing insulating portions to separate biasing regions from adjacen...
Head arm assembly, head stack assembly and disk drive unit using the same
Flying head slider and magnetic disk apparatus, having a pair of side pads with each side pad having...
Data storage cartridge with pin reception slot
Thin film magnetic head
Magnetic head for perpendicular magnetic recording, head gimbal assembly, head arm assembly and magn...
Thin film magnetic head having upper and lower poles and a gap film within a trench
Magnetic thin film sensor based on the extraordinary Hall effect
Two-plane balance for spindle motors
Method of controlling track seek in HDD and a recording medium therefor
Head position detector with optical slit pattern
Reduced hardware control circuit device, with current loop for broad band hard disk drive applicatio...
Impedance-matched write driver circuit and system using same
Method for using a passive element memory array incorporating reversible polarity word line and bit ...
Memory array incorporating two data busses for memory array block selection
Comprehensive erase verification for non-volatile memory
Systems for programming non-volatile memory with reduced program disturb by using different pre-char...
Temperature compensation of select gates in non-volatile memory
Non-volatile storage with boosting using channel isolation switching
Method for non-volatile memory with managed execution of cached data
Flash memories with adaptive reference voltages
Package for a portable USB storage device
Pipelined parallel programming operation in a non-volatile memory system
Temperature compensation of voltages of unselected word lines in non-volatile memory based on word l...
Alternate sensing techniques for non-volatile memories
Boosting for non-volatile storage using channel isolation switching
Flash EEprom system
Media device
Method for phased garbage collection with state indicators
Device and method for configuring a flash memory controller
Screwdriver comprising a slider having an attached screw bit and a position detector for position fe...
Systems and methods for providing a RF transaction device operable to store multiple distinct callin...
Devices, systems and methods for selecting the appearance of a viewer displaying digital content
Methods and apparatus for controlling a gain state of a wireless receiver operating in an idle mode
Integrated communication terminal for next generation mobile telecommunications
Floating boat trailer
Integral arm axle/suspension system
Aluminum hanger and hanger assembly
Bolt for pneumatic paintball gun
Derailment protection apparatus
Hydraulic arrangement for a lifting arm pivotably mounted on a vehicle
Vehicle axle apparatus
Vibration reduction apparatus for power tool and power tool incorporating such apparatus
Mesovalve modulator
Drop cable with fiber optic connector and methods for fabricating same
Optical fiber amplifier
Optical frequency converter for non-polarized light
Method and apparatus for article inspection including speckle reduction
Optical fiber birefringence measurement method and measurement device, and optical fiber polarizatio...
Modular optical transmitter for WWDM transceivers
Cable management panel with sliding drawer
High numerical aperture optical fiber
Method and apparatus for steering radio frequency beams utilizing photonic crystal structures
Acousto-optic device
Method of operating a lamp with a power controller having current limited RMS regulated output
Compressive sampling and signal inference
Position sensor system with magnetically anisotropic flux guide
Crimping tool with quick-change crimp head for sealing and electrically crimping electrical contacts...