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Method for efficient handling of asynchronous events in a dynamic translation system
Karaoke apparatus providing customized medley play by connecting plural music pieces
Music library system
Song identification and synchronization
Lost article detector unit with adaptive actuation signal recognition and visual and/or audible loca...
Instrument support
Karaoke apparatus with concurrent start of audio and video upon request
Accurate, rapid, reliable position sensing using multiple sensing technologies
Monitoring, identification, and selection of audio signal poles with characteristic behaviors, for s...
Training apparatus for singing
Method and device for reproducing a starlit sky
Sporting implement protection and sound-producing device
Electronic music instrument system with musical keyboard
Method and apparatus for surveying music listener opinion about songs
Compact portable audio-display electronic apparatus with interactive inquirable and inquisitorial in...
Compact portable audio/display electronic apparatus with interactive inquirable and inquisitorial in...
Reduced-memory reverberation simulator in a sound synthesizer
System and method for automated remote previewing and purchasing of music, video, software, and othe...
Combination table, desk and digital piano
Computer network debit disk used for prepayment to transfer information from a central computer
Multimedia conferencing using parallel networks
User invocation of services in public switched telephone network via parallel data networks
Image compression with serial tree networks
Selective retransmission for efficient and reliable streaming of multimedia packets in a computer ne...
Collaborative internet data mining systems
Method of transcoding documents in a network environment using a proxy server
Multiprocessor computer having configurable hardware system domains
Profiler driven data prefetching optimization where code generation not performed for loops
Board Level Decapsulator
System for managing the caching of data of a mass storage within a portion of a system memory
Graphic system for masking multiple non-contiguous bytes having decode logic to selectively activate...
Method and apparatus for field testing cellular telephones
Accessing multiple independent microkernels existing in a globally shared memory system
Instruction unit having a partitioned cache
Flip-flop with logic function incorporated therein with minimal time penalty
System for creating a multimedia presentation by integrating local program materials with remotely a...
Software agent for comparing locally accessible keywords with meta-information and having pointers a...
System, method and article of manufacture for a gateway system architecture with system administrati...
Overload protection for on-demand access to the internet that redirects calls from overloaded intern...
Multiple server dynamic page link retargeting
Increased control for reduced delay in internet data transfers based on limitations established in a...
Dynamic link page retargeting using page headers
System and method for delivering customized advertisements within interactive communication systems
System and method for delivering financial services
Automatic access of electronic information through secure machine-readable codes on printed document...
Noise suppression method and circuits for sensitive circuits
Virtual dial-up protocol for network communication
Distributed electronic performance support systems
System and method for finding product and service related information on the internet
DSS/DVD picture in picture with internet
Telecommunications network
Hypertext markup language based telephone apparatus
System and method for retrieving internet data files using a screen-display telephone terminal
Computerized prompting systems
Programmed music on demand from the internet
Method for reducing the delay between the time a data page is requested and the time the data page i...
Method and apparatus for searching a database of records
Client/server system with methods for prefetching and managing semantic objects based on object-base...
Internet access device
Method and system for monitoring the use of rented software
Method and apparatus for automated differential GPS processing
Integration of dynamic universal resource locators with television presentations
ADSI web browser for retrieving internet data files
System for starting transmission assuming one file format, automatically detecting whether proper fo...
Method and system for remote user controlled manufacturing
System and method for fashion shopping
Method of charging for pay-per-access information over a network
Distributed genetic programming
Shared-data environment in which each file has independent security properties
Weather effects generator for simulation systems
Method and apparatus for viewing and managing a configuration of a computer network
Preemptive telecommunication interface for computer systems
Service interface repository code generation data
Method and apparatus for mitigating the effects of interference in a wireless communication system
System and process for guaranteeing signatures on securities
Method and system for displaying related information from a database
Two-tier query methodology for a database
Universal schema system
Document extraction and comparison method with applications to automatic personalized database searc...
Database Synchronizer
Relational database implementation of a multi-dimensional database
Map database apparatus
Method and apparatus for dynamically constructing a graphic user interface from a DVD data stream
System, method and computer program for automated speed dialing
Generation of encryption key
Internet organizer for accessing geographically and topically based information
Electronic mail management system for operation on a host computer system
Monitoring and control system using graphical representations with prelinked parameters for devices ...
Method for matching a colour formulation
Arrangement and method for detecting sequential processing effects in manufacturing using predetermi...
Mobile terminal apparatus including net radio service in a mobile satellite service communication sy...
Dynamically controlled routing of calls in intelligent networks
Graphical user interface-based, client-server system and method for decision making applications
Address retrieval system
System and method for automatically screening and directing incoming calls
Fan tray guide and isolation mount and method
System and method for producing a three dimensional relief
Lighting unit for a three-dimensional graphics accelerator with improved handling of incoming color ...
Channel server functionality
System, method and article of manufacture for creating hierarchical folder components for use in a j...
System and method for retrieving and updating configuration parameter values for application program...
Emergency locator device transmitting location data by wireless telephone communications
Method and system for converting images in computer systems
Network browsing system and method
Method and apparatus for referencing nodes using links
Icon for a computer screen
Icon for a computer screen
Plum tree named `315-80-67`
Coaxial waveguide applicator for an electromagnetic wave-activated sorption system
Edge-triggered staticized dynamic flip-flop with conditional shut-off mechanism
Apparatus for reducing a computational result to the range boundaries of a signed 16-bit integer in ...
Method and circuit for eliminating hold time violations in synchronous circuits
Armless wicker chair
Apparatus and method for dynamically generating information with server-side software objects
Computer telephone system
Apparatus for reducing instruction issue stage stalls through use of a staging register
Establishing an expanded group call in a mobile communication system
Nonrecovery coke oven door
Camera/lens calibration apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for encoding multiple character sets
Method and system for data migration from network database to relational database
Interactive television system and method having on-demand web-like navigational capabilities for dis...
Apparatus and method for generating automatic customized event requests
Method and apparatus for an improved code optimizer for pipelined computers
Reference based software installation
Apparatus and method for fast filtering read and write barrier operations in garbage collection syst...
Sales and marketing support system using a customer information database
Computerized resource accounting methods and systems, computerized utility management methods and sy...
Web based system and method to automate storage of power plant data and calculation of battery reser...
Semantic and cognition based image retrieval
Method for detecting and optimizing queries with encoding/decoding tables
Method and apparatus for providing shared data to a requesting client
Method for retrieving related word information, information processing apparatus, method for control...
Disambiguation of themes in a document classification system
System and method for discovering similar time sequences in databases
Computerized blood analyzer system for storing and retrieving blood sample test results from symmetr...
Performance optimization in a heterogeneous, distributed database environment
Database repository with deferred transactions
Method for preventing stale addresses in an IBIP open metering system
Database creating method using image information
Execution of user defined ADT function implemented by embedded module in a database management metho...
Method for performing in-line bank conflict detection and resolution in a multi-ported non-blocking ...
Method and system for performing range max/min queries on a data cube
Database system index selection using cost evaluation of a workload for multiple candidate index con...
Microprocessor having a cache memory system using multi-level cache set prediction
Method for decoupling pipeline stages
Source synchronization data transfers without resynchronization penalty
Single-phase edge-triggered dual-rail dynamic flip-flop
Time-to-charge converter circuit
System and process for efficiently determining absolute memory addresses for an intermediate code mo...
Routing in a multi-layer distributed network element
Performing exact garbage collection using bitmaps that identify pointer values within objects
Cataloging apparatus for facilitating the re-use of distributed objects in a distributed object syst...
Apparatus and method for write miss processing in a copy-back data cache with an allocating load buf...
Method for using DHCP and marking to override learned IP addesseses in a network
Method and apparatus for controlling a device on a network
Method for scan test of SRAM for microprocessors having full scan capability
Split-SMP computer system configured to operate in a protected mode having repeater which inhibits t...
Historical asset information data storage schema
System, method and apparatus of directly executing an architecture-independent binary program
Method and apparatus for generating executable code from object-oriented source code
Acquisition and operation of remotely loaded software using applet modification of browser software
Method for forming MOS devices with retrograde pocket regions and counter dopant regions at the subs...
Method and apparatus for managing a linked-list data structure
Armless wicker chair
Method and apparatus for obtaining and displaying network server information
Processor for executing instruction sets received from a network or from a local memory
Embedded flow information for binary manipulation
Hybrid NUMA COMA caching system and methods for selecting between the caching modes