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Codoped Al-Yb waveguide and method of manufacturing same
Optical fiber for amplification or for laser emission
Fiber-optic cable attenuator device
High density fiber optic distribution frame
Waveguide for thermo optic device
Chromatic dispersion compensation optical fiber
Highly nonlinear optical fiber and highly nonlinear optical fiber module
Communication cable having a soft housing
Pre-connectorized fiber optic distribution cable
Fiber array ferrule having precisely located pin slots and retention member slots
Integrated optical splitter system
Planar light wave circuit and optical performance monitoring module using the same
Loss-less etendue-preserving light guides
Optical waveguide Y-branch splitter
Light source device
Headlamp bulb
Motorized lamp adjuster
Automatic headlamp control
Drop-light apparatus
Sequential color display device including light shading means
Display structure
Planar light source device and liquid-crystal display device
Light emitting panel assemblies
LED light apparatus and methodology
Controlled fluid energy delivery burst cartridge
System for dispensing projectiles and submunitions
Projectile ramming device
Ammunition feeder
High speed imaging assembly for radiography
Imaging members
Blended thermoformable RF sealable plastic
Espresso machine
Electron beam curing resin for magnetic recording medium, method for manufacturing the same, and mag...
Refilling system for a fuel cell and method of refilling a fuel cell
Solid-oxide fuel cell system having means for controlling tail gas combustion temperature
Cosmetic compositions
Artificial skin and method for evaluating UV screening agent by use of the same
Photosensitive polymeric material for worm optical data storage with two-photon fluorescent readout
Cable retraction mechanism for trigger shifters
Eyewear lenses and methods of manufacturing
Methods for therapeutic vaccination
Mixed-cell gene therapy
Pyropheophorbides conjugates and their use in photodynamic therapy
Fabric color care method
Organometal catalyst compositions
Composition for antistat layer
Method for directly cooling fine-particle solid substances
High temperature splash plate for temperature reduction by optical reflection and process for manufa...
Modification of the pore structure of metal oxide and mixed metal oxide supports for catalysts synth...
Aluminum titanate-based ceramic article
Laser thermal annealing methods for flash memory devices
Composition for providing an abrasion resistant coating on a substrate with a matched refractive ind...
Direct CsI scintillator coating for improved digital X-ray detector assembly longevity
Accelerator free latex formulations, methods of making same and articles made from same
Boron-containing polishing system and method
Heat-sealable polyolefins and articles made therefrom
Transformed microorganisms and genes useful in the production of glycerol and 1,3-propanediol
Spin annealed poly(trimethylene terephthalate) yarn
High resistance poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)/poly(styrene sulfonate) for use in high efficiency ...
Method of manufacturing cured ethylene acrylic and polyacrylate elastomers
Polymeric pipes and liners and fuel lines made from blends of fluoroppolymers and polyamides
Method and apparatus for integrated network management and systems management in communications netw...
Remote maintenance method of an information processing apparatus
Apparatus for processing communications
Devices containing logic circuits to generate random signals
Real time design, development and delivery collaborative apparel solution digital platform
Dynamic bearing device, producing method thereof, and motor using the same
Wheel-support rolling bearing unit
Machine housing
Lubricated ball bearings
Fluid dynamic bearing asymmetry pressure feedback
Rolling element retainer
Electrically powered brake system
Engine shaft pump
Die cushion apparatus for hot stretch-forming
Running board storage box with gusset attachment
Transport cage with enclosed case
Device with selectable units that are fired or launched
Add/drop module using two full-ball lenses
Three-dimensional optical amplifier structure
Multi-stage filtered optical amplifier
Optical switching devices
Bistable liquid crystal devices
Chromeless phase shift mask
Tapered piezoelectric in-plane bimorph and method of fabricating
Light-emitting device, method for driving light-emitting device and element board
Synthesis of organometallic cyclometallated transition metal complexes
Light source and display using the same
Organic light-emitting devices
Environmentally controlled sports equipment bag
Multi-process system
Non-toxic mutants of pathogenic gram-negative bacteria
Storage backup system for backing up data written to a primary storage device to multiple virtual mi...
Storage backup system that creates mountable representations of past contents of storage volumes
Vapor deposition of solid oligomers
Methods for detecting nucleic acids encoding human telomerase reverse transcriptase
RC terminator and production method therefor
Desiccant entrained polymer
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst compound, catalyst comprising said compound and method for preparing ...
Aqueous dispersion for chemical mechanical polishing, chemical mechanical polishing process, product...
Positive type radiosensitive composition and method for forming pattern
Security articles having diffractive surfaces and color shifting backgrounds
Heat insulating container and manufacture method therefor
Insulator electrode devices
Liquid crystal display device
Display device and driving method thereof
Sampling level converter circuit, 2-phase and multiphase expanding circuit, and display device
Driving circuit of display
Impact-resistant film for flat display panel, and flat display panel
Electro-optic device, method to manufacture the same and electronic apparatus
Transflective type liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
Cellular telephone
Signal drive circuit, display device, electro-optical device, and signal drive method
Portable electronic apparatus and a display control method
Method for the determination of glycated hemoglobin
Optical switch and beam direction module
System for controlling access to and generation of localized application values
Data write circuit in memory system and data write method
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and its manufacturing method
Method of fabricating stacked semiconductor chips
Internal combustion engine intake pressure detecting device
Building foundation with unique slab and wall assembly, external sump, and void retention dam
Stretcher with gear mechanism for adjustable height
Receptacle, in particular for single-use cosmetic products
Method and apparatus for processing subject name included in personal certificate
Watermarked image generator and method of embedding watermarks into an input image
Image processing apparatus
Image rendering method and system using negative signals
Method and apparatus for creating personal autonomous avatars
Fluid exchange system for displays
Conditioning toner in cartridge during auger filling
Display system
Message log for wireline, voice mail, email, fax, pager, instant messages and chat
Autonomous, ambulatory analyte monitor or drug delivery device
Data structure and method for pipeline heap-sorting
Assortment decisions
Diagnostic method for high sensitivity detection of component concentrations in human gas emissions
Can end
Disposable dispenser with fragrance delivery system
Facemask having an aromatic capsule
Candle or scented-wax book or card
Coffee roaster drum rocker arm roller bearing system
Fastening device
Surfactant-free cleaning compositions and processes for the use thereof
Hair dye composition
High speed multi-port serial-to-PCI bus interface
Wireless communication system with interference compensation
Mobile to mobile digital wireless connection having enhanced voice quality
Automatic detection and configuration of OSPF virtual links
Method and apparatus for providing efficient circuit switch-to-switch communication
Methodology of reducing areas with multiple dominant pilots by installing simulcasting elements or o...
Method for interleaving of half rate channels suitable for half duplex operation and statistical mul...
Dynamic rate control methods and apparatus for scheduling data transmissions in a communication netw...
Downlink and uplink channel structures for downlink shared channel system
Location based routing for mobile ad-hoc networks
System and method for measuring network round trip time by monitoring fast-response operations
Interferometric method and apparatus for the characterization of optical pulses
Liquid electrical microswitch
Defect management database for managing manufacturing quality information
Gas delivery, evacuation and respiratory monitoring system and method
Fuel cell assembly for portable electronic device and interface, control, and regulator circuit for ...
Magnetic memory, and method for writing the same
Magnetic memory device and method of reading information
Methods for array preparation using substrate rotation
Group III nitride based semiconductor luminescent element
Multi-functional microencapsulated additives for polymeric compositions
Process for the enzymatic modification of pectin
Photoresist formulation for high aspect ratio plating
Distributed operating system management
Measuring method of spatially resolved frequency selective images
Method for producing an array for detecting constituents from a biological sample
Electrochromic mirrors and devices
Method and apparatus for the zonal transmission of data using building lighting fixtures
Apparatus and method for detecting soft breakdown of a dielectric layer of a semiconductor wafer
Highly reflective substrates for the digital processing of photopolymer printing plates
Ionically conductive additive for zinc-based anode in alkaline electrochemical cells
Vibration absorber assembly
Communication apparatus
Intelligent currency validation network
Method for block-based digital image watermarking
Lossless embedding of data in digital objects
Kiosk for vending ice cream
Kiosk with lettering for vending ice cream
Self-service kiosk
Middleware for business transactions
System and method for proximity searching position information using a proximity parameter
Representation for data used in query optimization
Category searching
Vector index preparing method, similar vector searching method, and apparatuses for the methods
Fast computation of spatial queries in location-based services
Process for searching for files when drive configurations of processing apparatuses are changed
Method for representing the vertical component of road geometry and computing grade or slope
Image search system and image search method thereof
Camshaft adjuster for an internal combustion engine having hydraulic medium guides
Camshaft adjusting device for vehicles, especially motor vehicles
Control apparatus for device having dead band, and variable valve system
Actuator having drive cam and valve lift controller using the actuator
Camshaft structure
Valve train system of internal combustion engine and control method thereof
Valve strategy for operating a controlled auto-ignition four-stroke internal combustion engine
Image forming apparatus for printing two original documents on both sides of a paper
Test circuit capable of testing embedded memory with reliability
Combination structure of electronic equipment
Rear-view display system for vehicle with obstructed rear view
Driving aiding system
Floating support structure for CD changer
Recording system for vehicles with CPS
Portable memory automobile ignition system
Method of programming a telematics unit using voice recognition
Safe use of electronic devices in an automobile
System and method for automatic creation of device specific high definition material
Output processing apparatus, output processing method and program therefor
Systems, methods and computer program products for labeled forms processing
Data processing method for information processing system, information processing system, storage med...
Network arrangement for smart card applications
Remote power control system
Method and system for providing enhanced caller identification information including total call cont...
Method and system for termination blocking of message delivery service
Floor plan for scalable multiple level tab oriented interconnect architecture
Method and apparatus for imaging using continuous non-raster patterns
Process for passivating sulfidic iron-containing rock
Method and system for issuing and using gaming machine receipts
Gaming machine with receipt generation capabilities
Multi-game machine and method for simultaneous play
Connector receptacle having a short beam and long wipe dual beam contact
Carbody to crawler connection
Dynamically distributing power of a light beam for use in light therapy
Application of specific neuromodulation waveforms to reduce symptoms of neurological disorders
Artificial sphincter
Materials and methods for the treatment of diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypercholesterolemia, and ather...
Cytokine inhibitors
Orthomolecular medical use of L-citrulline for capillary endothelial protection and adjacent cell pr...
Differential expression of molecules associated with acute stroke
Purified Arabinogalactan-Protein (AGP) composition useful in the treatment psoriasis and other disor...
4-phenylbutyric acid controlled-release formulations for therapeutic use
Ready-made supplementary feed for horses
Topical compositions comprising benfotiamine and pyridoxamine
Aminoglycoside treatment for lysosomal storage diseases
Regeneration method for treating heart diseases and vascular system diseases using medicament
Method for determination of anabolic activity
Methods for screening polypeptides
Human telomerase catalytic subunit
81588 methods and compositions of human proteins and uses thereof
Oligonucleotide sizing using cleavable primers
Gastrointestinal stimulation lead
Endoscopic tissue apposition device and method of use
Body composition meter having function of determining boby compositions of children
Sigma receptor inhibitors
Novel phosphorus-containing thyromimetics
Azabicyclic amine histamine-3 receptor antagonists
Novel compounds that inhibit dipeptidyl peptidase (DPP-IV) and neprilysin (NEP) and/or angiotensin c...
N-acyl modified polysaccharides and pharmaceutical compositions comprising same
Antibacterial compositions for drug administration
Prodrugs containing novel bio-cleavable linkers
Absorption enhancers for drug administration
Novel leptin antagonist
Liquid-filled chewing gum composition
Composition containing herbal medicine component for promoting absorption and production method ther...
Dried fruit composition with laxative effects and method for administration thereof
Controlled-release formulations containing tryptophan or its metabolites
Genome-based diet design
Blind signal separation system and method, blind signal separation program and recording medium ther...
Software engine for multiple, parallel processing with neural networks
Apparatus and method for combining random set of video features in a non-linear scheme to best descr...
Computer program and related data processing methods for use in knowledge enhanced electronic logic
System, method and computer program product for generating a shader program
Use of molecular sieves for the conversion of oxygenates to olefins
Selective hydrogenation catalyst and processes therefor and therewith
Ferrocenyl ligands and the use thereof in catalysis
Alkylbenzene detergents with high 2-isomer content
Hydrate-based desalination/purification using permeable support member
Processes for producing coke, artificial graphite and carbon material for negative electrode of non-...
Method for inhibiting hydrate formation
Reproduction device stopping reproduction of encrypted content data having encrypted region shorter ...
Binding digital content to a portable storage device or the like in a digital rights management (DRM...
Dynamic downloading of keyboard keycode data to a networked client
System for dynamically encrypting information for secure internet commerce and providing embedded fu...
Cryptographic methods for remote authentication
ABDS system utilizing security information in authenticating entity access
Transmission apparatus, reception apparatus, transmission method, reception method and recording med...
Method and apparatus for storing scrambled digital programs by filtering product identifier
On-line subscription method
Cryptographic communication method, file access system and recording medium
Method for synchronizing a plurality of chaotic systems and method for multichannel communication us...
Method for tracing traitor receivers in a broadcast encryption system
Location dependent key for decrypting copy protected material on a recording medium
Invisible graphics context identifying system and fabrication method thereof
Method and apparatus for selecting an encryption integrated circuit operating mode
Golf ball comprising microporous materials and methods for improving printability and interlayer adh...
Bracket with interchangeable ornamental cross brace
Inverse shoe cleat assembly and method of installation
System for and method of golf performance recordation and analysis
All-in-one golf tool assembly
Catching training apparatus
Emergency response vehicle
Battery-powered walk-behind greensmower
Control system providing perspective flight guidance
Propulsion system
Retractable panel interface cable device and method
Flight control actuation system
Shock and vibration isolation system
Variable flow restricting devices
In-flight refueling system, damping device and method for preventing oscillations in in-flight refue...
Methods and systems for controlling flammability control systems in aircraft and other vehicles
Insulating baffle for a floor shear truss
Retractable landing gear for aircraft
Turbojet designed to be fixed onto the AFT part of the fuselage of an aircraft, in upper position
Flexible airfoils and method
Inertial position target measuring systems and methods
Process for producing crystalline 1,2-polybutadiene
Perforating vein massage device
Article of footwear having a flexible insole
Article of footwear having a regional cleat configuration
Dance tight stocking
Portion of a midsole of a shoe
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe
Toe cap for athletic footwear equipment
Strap for footwear
Semiconductor module and semiconductor device
Tetrafluoroethylene copolymer
Methods of improving extrusion properties in an extrudate
Extrusion head for expanded plastic tubes
Method and plant for manufacturing a belt structure, a belt package, and a crown structure for a veh...
Dumpling maker
Apparatus for making multicomponent meltblown fibers and webs
Rotating extrusion die with spray nozzle
Low flow valve improvement
Water-based colorant preparations
Aqueous, colloidal gas black suspension
Wire form heat sink retention module
Heat sink clip with pressing post
Three dimensional packaging and cooling of mixed signal, mixed power density electronic modules
Removable fan module
Heat sink for semiconductor components or similar devices, method for producing the same and tool fo...
Compact vehicle heating apparatus and method
Extended engine off passenger climate control system and method
Heat exchanger
Housing-less plate heat exchanger
Indirect water heater and method of manufacturing same
Structural support apparatus with active or passive heat transfer system
Circulative cooling apparatus
Core structure of heat exchanger
Mount for fan shroud on heat exchanger
Header tank with integral mounting flange
Method and system for pre-heating water
Conformal heat spreader
Adjustable flow heat recovery ventilator and method
Refrigeration system utilizing incomplete evaporation of refrigerant in evaporator
Portable food storage container
Variable accuracy pipeline ADC for WLAN communications devices
Apparatus for detecting A/D converter abnormality
Porous hydroxy apatite containing silicon and magnesium, and a preparation method thereof
Nanoscale molecular arrayer
Wall-flow redistributor for packed columns
Multichannel electrode and methods of using same
Benzofurans as suppressors of neurodegeneration
Method for monitoring objects with transponders
System, apparatus, and method for controlling lamp operation when subject to thermal cycling
HCV/BVDV chimeric genomes and uses thereof
Extending the range of lithographic simulation integrals
Heterocyclic compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by α4 integrins
Method and transport apparatus for pre-fusing toner on a print material
Reciprocating engine cylinder contribution tester and method
Portable air compressor enclosure
Method and apparatus for delivering secured telephony service in a hybrid coaxial cable network
Method for producing 1, 2-dichloroethane by direct chlorination
Bone fixation system
Thermoplastic norbornene resin based optical film
Aqueous dispersion type pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet, ...
Method of monitoring operation of an automated tool and associated apparatus
High efficiency multi-color electro-phosphorescent OLEDs
Aqueous colloidal dispersion of a compound of cerium and at least one other element chosen from amon...
Method of manufacturing a magnetic strip magnet speed ring
Machine spindle having a gas spring-operated tool-clamping mechanism
Method and system for waveform compression and expansion with time axis
Personal shopping system
Modular method and device for the tracing of a multimedia message through a telecommunications netwo...
Generalized system for automatically hyperlinking multimedia product documents
System and method for managing multimedia messaging platforms
Method of information display and communication system using the method
Automated multimedia data processing network
Digital recording of IP based distributed switching platform
Digital recording of IP based distributed switching platform
Pre-biller capability in enhanced charging collection function (CCF) applications
Multimedia emergency services
Broadband network with enterprise wireless communication method for residential and business environ...
Multimedia keys for a keyboard or similar article
Pressure control apparatus
Fish gelatin compositions containing a hydrocolloid setting system
Operating system hang detection and methods for handling hang conditions
Printhead assembly with support shell for pagewidth printhead
No rub latch for an electronic device cradle
Production of synthesis gas and synthesis gas derived products
Use of thio derivatives as perfuming and flavoring ingredients
Examination of subjects using photon migration with high directionality techniques
Method to treat collagenous connective tissue for implant remodeled by host cells into living tissue
Method of inhibiting restenosis using bisphosphonates
Surface planarization processes for the fabrication of magnetic heads and semiconductor devices
Method for managing interaction between information appliances and appliance services
Quinolines and uses thereof
Method for calculating parameters in road design of S-type clothoid, complex clothoid and egg type c...
Trim for light fixture
Exhaust tip
Method and apparatus for a data first optical network
Off-line remote system for lotteries and games of skill
Computer gambling game
Electronic game board assembly
Multiway poker game method and apparatus
Educational board game
Game ball bag system
Media playing system and process
Game device, method of processing and recording medium for the same
Gaming device video display system
Image processing device, electronic playing device, and storage medium for tv game machine
Method for production of extruded, polystyrene-based resin foam plate and extruded foam plate obtain...
Lens barrel incorporating the rotation transfer mechanism
Low stress and warpage laminate flip chip BGA package
Biosensors having enhanced environmental sensitivity
Locking and memory allocation in file system cache
Method and system for controlling robots
Bioactive agent release coating
Hypericum plant named 'Versalcla'
Thermoplastic resin composition
System and method for the controlled progressive disclosure of information
Method, system and user interface for inputting and manipulating tokenized strings
Aerosol cement and valve for dispensing
Delivery of stimulants through an inhalation route
High strength titanium alloy
Interactive automatic-test GUI for testing devices and equipment using shell-level, CLI, and SNMP co...
Composite polymer electrolytes for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
System and method for converting radio control transmitter and joystick controller signals into univ...
System and method for network virus protection
System for guiding a vehicle to a position
Method and system for determining the acceptability of signal data collected from a prothrombin time...
Rack for microwave ovens, and microwave oven set equipped with the same
Universal remote control system
Patient conditional diagnosis assessment and symptom tracking system
Dynamically defined context sensitive jump menu
Information input-output device, information input-output system, mobile communication terminal, and...
Explosive assisted expanding fastener
Gas dischargeable panel
System and method for compacting a computer system heap
Computer program capable of changing a sales item to another sales item with simple operation
Method for measuring tension state of a material and uses thereof
Twisted necklace/bracelet
Necklaces and bracelets with keepers
Object-proximity monitoring and alarm system
Occupant weight detecting device
Reconfigurable vehicle accessory control panel
System and method of optical data communication with multiple simultaneous emitters and receivers
Drive system incorporating a hybrid fuel cell
Steering booster process and steering booster system in a motor vehicle
Seatbelt lock casing with an integrated force-sensing device
Foldable child riding vehicle
Fail-safe steering system for a vehicle
Work vehicle having overridable automatic engine stop circuit
Battery retainer assembly for children's ride-on vehicles
Fuel cell vehicle
Method for driving a wheeled carriage
Control system for interactive driveline and vehicle control
Hydrostatic transmission
Catalyst warming control-apparatus
Programmable pattern match engine
Systems and methods providing interactions between multiple servers and an end use device
Apparatus, method and system for providing a default mode for authentication failures in mobile tele...
Method of correcting artifacts in an image signal
Determining the age of a human subject in a digital image
Methods for generating control points for cubic bezier curves
Selecting adjustment for OLED drive voltage
Emission display
Fabrication of nano-scale temperature sensors and heaters
Carbon nano-tube field emission display having strip shaped gate
Wheatstone bridge scheme for sensor
Low-forward-voltage molecular rectifier
Organic-inorganic hybrid compositions with high dielectric constant and high thermal stability, and ...
Method of fabricating probe for SPM having FET channel structure utilizing self-aligned fabrication
Method and device for prediction of a zero-crossing alternating current
Electrical appliance energy consumption control methods and electrical energy consumption systems
Adjustable current consumption power supply apparatus
Switched-mode power supply arrangement
DC-DC converter circuits and method for reducing DC bus capacitor current
Semiconductor device having on-chip reference voltage generator
Method and apparatus for increasing the linearity and bandwidth of an amplifier
Circuit arrangement for controlling and detecting the load current through a load
Low resistance bandgap reference circuit with resistive T-network
Switched capacitor bandgap reference circuit
Adaptive multi-mode system and method
DC/DC converter
Pulse forming converter
Advanced monitoring algorithm for regulated power systems with single output flag
Voltage booster circuit having back-up circuit and battery voltage boosting method
Step-up/down switching regulator control circuit and step-up/down switching regulator
Voltage regulator for controlling output voltage of automotive alternator
Systems and methods for control of vehicle electrical generator
Selector circuit for power management in multiple battery systems
Optimized battery life in multiple battery applications
Standalone implantable medical power module
Copy server for collaboration and electronic commerce
System for controlling transmission of information on the internet
Method and system for enabling training of field service personnel and field service of machines
Method and apparatus for a web application server to create an empty data set in a repository with a...
High-performance server architecture, methods, and software for spatial data
Method of wirelessly accessing network
Internet conference call bridge management system
Methods for providing prepaid telephony service via an internet protocol network system
System and method for facilitating TV channel programming
Method and apparatus for launching computer applications
Architecture for virtual private networks
Methods and apparatus for reducing frame overhead on local area networks
System and method for remotely accessing a home server while preserving end-to-end security
System using environmental sensor and intelligent management and control transceiver for monitoring ...
System and method for secure transactions over a network
Computer system with removable data storage device and method
Utilization by a vehicle of wireless data from intelligent street signs
PC-programmed irrigation control system
Clock radio with computer-based remote control facilitator
Folding portable radio communication device
System and method for battery conservation with assistance from the network and radio resource manag...
Wireless communications system, wireless microphone transmission apparatus, and wireless receiving a...
Radio communication apparatus
Method for assigning values of service attributes to transmissions, radio access networks and networ...
Method and apparatus for mobility in WLAN systems
Method and apparatus for detecting the presence of a wireless network
System and method of determining short range distance between RF equipped devices
Radio frequency integrated circuit electro-static discharge circuit
Radio system with cordless remote PTT module
Double-port multi-through RF switch
Circuits and methods for reducing interference from switched mode circuits
System and method for detecting the connections of two antennae to a radio receiver
System and method for distributing music and data
Address sharing
Voice book device and method of formation
Intelligent toy with internet connection capability
Method for producing a modeling system for vessel deformations
Firefighter's training simulator
Energy attenuation apparatus for a conduit conveying liquid under pressure, system incorporating sam...
Dental or endoscopic camera
Lens-fitted photo film unit and cassette for photo film
Stereo image measuring device
Zoom lens mechanism partly foldable and retractable
Method and apparatus for detecting the presence of artificial illumination in a scene
System and method of using multiple representations per object in computer graphics
Method and device for processing substrate
Image forming device having a brush type processing member
Competitive buying and selling system and its control method
Traffic reduction in networked data collection
System and method for keeping consumable items in an image forming apparatus
Data reception system capable of replacing recording medium
Scheme, system and equipment for inter-equipment authentication and key delivery
Method for enabling a file
System and method for conducting adaptive search using a peer-to-peer network
Transfer instrument
Method and system for conducting electronic auctions with net present value bidding
Variance reduction technique for large scale risk management
System and method for funding an account and consolidating financial relationships
System providing funds to electronic tax filers prior to receipt of refund
Centralized process for addressing request for resource in a large organization
Method of selecting one or more bids in a combinatorial auction
Noise compensation methods and systems for increasing the clarity of voice communications
Multi-frequency tone detector
Method of programming telephone numbers and identifiers in a telephone
System and method for predictive contacts
SS7 signaling server with integrated advanced signaling services
Automatic conversion of dates and times for messaging
Radiotelephone terminal with dual-sided keypad apparatus
Wireless headset with automatic power control
Wireless communication device with latch
Portable radiotelephone for automatically dialing a central voice-activated dialing system
Mobile telephone set and data communication adaptor
Communications method and system to convert messages into television signals
Method and system for automatic testing of network elements
Method for providing communication information of a communication unit, and associated devices
Mobile telephone and method for its manufacture
Method for adjusting a ringing signal current in a subscriber line and circuit arrangement
Echo canceller with reduced requirement for processing power
Work-piece treatment system having load lock and buffer
Servo control system and its control method
Tool holder arrangement
Method and apparatus for desalinating and concentrating sea water, desalinated deep water and concen...
Ram-type tensioner assembly having integral hydraulic fluid accumulator
Buoyant leg structure with added tubular members for supporting a deep water platform
Oil boom and use thereof
Adjustable top mount
Boat seat deck base
Watercraft and viewing system kit
Material receiving and retaining bib and quick attachable/detachable frame assembly
Amphibious robot devices
Location and movement of remote operated vehicles
Transportable and configurable camel and ship separator system
Retrieval and connection system for a disconnectable mooring yoke
Adjustable boat fenders system
Braking system for a personal watercraft
Modular ships for transporting and installing precast modular intermodal concrete shapes
Underwater net protection system
Training device
Toy vehicle, in particular tractor, with at least two steerable wheels
Adjustable turkey pan call holder
Toy with openable container from which one or more objects spring out
Bubble generating assemblies
Method for real time display of maintenance device location in an internal space
Event management system
Mobile communication apparatus with function for automatically removing strobe and method thereof
Image acquiring method, image processing method, and image transforming method
Backlight scene judging method
Method and apparatus for three-dimensional scene modeling and reconstruction
Method for scheduling videoconferences
Global brightness change compensation system and method
Apparatus and method of transcoding image data in digital TV
VSB transmission system for processing supplemental transmission data
Descriptor for a video sequence and image retrieval system using said descriptor
Image print system
Three-dimensional measurement device and three-dimensional measurement method
Electronic circuit and method for enhancing an image
Video signal detecting circuit for adjusting sync signals with a mean difference of the number of pi...
Device and method for automatically discriminating between formats of video signals
System and method for establishing TV settings
Methods for the electronic annotation, retrieval, and use of electronic images
Method and system for displaying site-specific bookmarks on a computer
Error evaluator for inversionless Berlekamp-Massey algorithm in Reed-Solomon decoders
Stuck-at fault scan chain diagnostic method
Pre-loading content to caches for information appliances
Bootstrap processor election mechanism on multiple cluster bus systems
Method and apparatus for controlling network connections based on destination locations
Transport system
System and method for maintaining a user's state within a database table
Personal product locator on store-owned shopping aid
Controlling a weighting filter based on the spectral content of a speech signal
Systems and methods for operating a measurement and testing instrument
Method and system for improved single-ended loop make-up identification
Construction machine management system, and construction machine
Robotic data storage library comprising a virtual port
Converter substrate verification
Contaminant removal from natural resources
Sediment control
Modified angled silt fence
Re-enforced composite sheet piling segments
Collapsible buoyancy device for risers on offshore structures
Faceted end cap for leaching chamber
Cover for a drainage arrangement and a method of producing such an arrangement
Device for fastening poles, posts, masts or the like in the ground, and method for manufacturing a f...
Method and system for directing fluid flow
Tone generating apparatus and method for controlling tone generating apparatus
Performance instruction apparatus and performance instruction program used in the performance instru...
Drum counterhoop
Water activated chiming device
Guitar strap
Tremolo unit and electric guitar having the same
Keyboard musical instrument with laterally adjustable built-in music rack and music rack used therei...
Polymer-gel lithium ion battery
Secondary battery electrode active materials and methods for making the same
Hydrogen-storing carbonaceous material and method for producing the same, hydrogen-stored carbonaceo...
Metal non-oxide coated substrates
Precipitated silicas
Porous crystalline material (ITQ-21) and the method of obtaining the same in the absence of fluoride...
Microporous crystalline zeolite material (ITQ-20) and production method thereof
AEI-Type zeolite, its synthesis and its use in the conversion of oxygenates to olefins
Method for producing hydrogen gas utilizing mechano-corrosive reaction
Li-Co-Mn oxide as cathode material for lithium batteries and method of synthesis of the same
Process for preparing hydrogen peroxide from the elements
Method for manufacturing high quality carbon nanotubes
Method for cutting nanotubes
Process and apparatus for quantitatively converting urea to ammonia on demand
Beneficiation of titaniferous ore with sulfuric acid
Materials and methods for the separation of copper ions and ferric iron in liquid solutions
Oligo phosphate-based electrode active materials and methods of making same
Polymer-wrapped single wall carbon nanotubes
All-optical regenerator for retiming, reshaping and retransmitting an optical signal
Method of forming laser induced grating pattern
Method and apparatus for coupling radiation from a stack of diode-laser bars into a single-core opti...
Mode transition-discrimination photonic logic device
Assembly with tapered, threaded ferrule housing for improved alignment of fiber with laser
Broadband cascade light emitters
Distributed bragg reflector laser and a method of making same
Light source apparatus and its control method
Minimizing high power laser thermal blooming in the atmosphere
Optical information recording medium, method of recording and reproducing, and optical recording and...
Optical scanning device with two-wavelength laser for HD and LD scanning
Circuit for measuring parameter of time-base error of pulse train, and optical disk recording appara...
Optical pickup apparatus employing a grating and a hologram that generate multiple beams detected by...
Optical pickup device
Arrangement for separating excitation light and emission light in a microscope
Micro-mirror and a method for fabricating the same
Holographic printer
Image forming apparatus
System for monitoring optical output/wavelength
Optical position measuring system using an interference pattern
Active control of two orthogonal polarizations for heterodyne beam delivery
Method and system for fabricating free-standing nanostructures
Supercritical fluid extraction process for tissue preparation
Method for preparing indan-1,3-dicarboxylic acid
2-oxo-benzimidazolyl substituted ethanolamine derivatives and their use as β3 agoni...
Blockade of voltage dependent sodium channels
4-(2-pyridyl) piperazines having 5HT7 receptor agonist activity
Bicyclic cyanoheterocycles, process for their preparation and their use as medicaments
Antidepressant azaheterocyclylmethyl derivatives of 2,3-dihydro-1,4-Dioxino[2,3-f]quinoxaline
Melanocortin 1 receptor selective compounds
VGF fusion polypeptides
Biopolymer marker indicative of disease state having a molecular weight of 1077 daltons
Bardet-Biedl susceptibility gene and uses thereof
Chimeric DNA-binding proteins
Feedstuff composition for replacing antibiotics
Oil/fat composition
Plant derived or derivable material with appetite suppressing activity
2,3,5-substituted biphenyls useful in the treatment of insulin resistance and hyperglycemia
Message gates using a shared transport in a distributed computing environment
Oil desalting and dewatering
Processor for removing contaminants from a compressor in a methanol to olefin separation system
Method for treating fibrous web materials
Method and apparatus for transporting a sheet from a dryer to a reel
Vacuum device for paper web making apparatus
Cutting method and apparatus having an affixed knife
Apparatus and form for making an air formed fibrous web
System and process for loading containers with formed product
Disposable garment and related manufacturing equipment and methods
Controlled loft and density nonwoven webs and method for producing same
Multi-segmented embossing apparatus and method
Wide wale papermaking fabrics
System for measuring and controlling cut length of discrete components in a high-speed process
Surgical gown incorporating a skin wellness agent
Non-impact printing method for applying compositions to webs and products produced therefrom
One-step necked-bonded laminate process and apparatus
Dispenser for sheet material
Dispenser for sheet material
Electromagnetic interference immune tissue invasive system
Method of fixing toner on recording medium
Toner agitating device and toner conveying device for an image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus, drum unit, image forming module, and method of insertion and removal of a d...
Color image forming apparatus
Intravenous fluid warming cassette with stiffening member, fluid container and key mechanism
Coated optical fiber and optical fiber coating system including a fast-gelling primary coating
Imaging optical system and imaging apparatus using the same
Controlled inductance device and method
Magnetic resonance apparatus with a gradient coil system structured for reduced noise emission
Low cost digital pocket dosemeter
Plasma protein matrices and methods for their preparation
Sulfide-containing polythiols
Methods and systems for predicting events associated with renderable media content samples
Multiple channel ballast and networkable topology and system including power line carrier applicatio...
Method and system for full text search of purchasable books that make the full text inaccessible to ...
High heat transfer fuser roller
Method for designing a circuit for programmable microcontrollers
Photosensitive resin composition and use of the same
Disc cartridge having annular shaped mating projections
EL phosphor powder and EL device
Local regional chemotherapy and radiotherapy using in situ hydrogel
Regulation of apoptosis in aquatic organisms by aquabirnavirus
Coating liquid for an intermediate layer of electrophotographic photoconductor, manufacturing method...
Method and system for split-compiling a hybrid language program
Bituminous composition
Crosslinkable composition
Water-dispersed powder slurry coating
Amine, amide, sulphonamide and carbamate derivatives of benzalmalonic salts and photoprotective cosm...
Sapogenin-based treatment
Lipochroman-6 as NO-synthase inhibitor and uses
Methods of use and of making a mascara comprising at least one coloring agent and at least one polya...
Disinfecting article and cleaning composition with extended stability
Branch instruction conversion to multi-threaded parallel instructions
Method and system for providing a user profile
Methods, systems, and associated implantable devices for dynamic monitoring of physiological and bio...
Method and apparatus for assay for multiple analytes
Olefin polymerization process
High refractive index aromatic-based siloxane difunctional macromonomers
Parallel design processes for integrated circuits
Method and system for vehicle authentication of a component
Avoiding deadlock between storage assignments by devices in a network
Integrated circuit routing resource optimization algorithm for random port ordering
Methods and apparatus for optimizing lists of waveforms
Noise measurement system and method
Method and apparatus for assigning a remote unit a channel within a communication system
Communication system with controlled talk around mode
Three-dimensional x-ray imaging system
System implementing closed loop transmit diversity and method thereof
Fast acquisition procedure for TDD W-CDMA
Multicast IP zones for fast spanning tree convergence in wide-area packet network systems
Methods for managing bandwidth in a packet-based communication system incorporating a reservation pr...
Direct combination of fiber optic light beams
System and method for removing the relative phase uncertainty in device characterizations performed ...
Adapter method and apparatus for interfacing a tester with a device under test
Electrode alignment device for automated welding machines
Providing an exclusive view of a shared resource
Independent net task identification for efficient partition and distribution
System for computing the optimal static schedule using the stored task execution costs with recent s...
Predictive arithmetic overflow detection
Eliminating cold register store/restores within hot function prolog/epilogs
Method and apparatus for deployment of high integrity software using reduced dynamic memory allocati...
Methods and apparatus for managing debugging I/O
Method, apparatus, and program for a state machine framework
Transmission line bounding models
Method of optimizing and analyzing selected portions of a digital integrated circuit
Virtual desktop manager
Method, program product, and processing system for performing object editing through implicit object...
Combinational circuit, and encoder, decoder and semiconductor device using this combinational circui...
Method for microprocessor test insertion reduction
Parametric testing for high pin count ASIC
Scalable, space efficient, high density automated library
Methods and apparatus providing remote operation of an application programming interface
Method for implementing multiple type hierarchies
Method and system for software modularization and automatic code generation for embedded systems
Parser, code generator, and data calculation and transformation engine for spreadsheet calculations
Method for graphical collaboration with unstructured data
Method and apparatus for saving data used in error analysis
Systems and methods for creating a code inspection system
Secure data storage and retrieval in a client-server environment
Efficient handling of a large register file for context switching and function calls and returns
Methods and apparatus for memory map generation on a programmable chip
Frozen dessert with very high protein and very low calorie content, and method for preparing the sam...
Inert gas-filled cooking system
Apparatus and method for providing treatment to a continuous supply of food product by impingement
Method and apparatus for cooking meat
Process for making a baked cup shaped food product
Gelled nutritional composition and process
Method of deamidation of milk protein and method of denaturation of milk protein
Method for production of a flavorless malt base
Micro-organisms with glycosylation modulating action of intestinal cell surface
Film structures and packages therefrom useful for packaging respiring food products
Method of inhibiting overactivity of phagocytes or lymphocytes in an individual
Non-brittle dried fruits and vegetables
Method for improving the carcass quality of an animal
Producing method and producing apparatus of rice with germinated germs
Process and system for continuously extracting oil from solid or liquid oil bearing material
Apparatus and method for displaying subsurface anomalies and surface features
Horizontal bore cryogenic drilling method
Apparatus and method for processing pipelined data
Method and apparatus for decompressing relative addresses
Methods and systems for re-ordering commands to access memory
Fetch branch architecture for reducing branch penalty without branch prediction
Data storage device, command queue re-ordering method, and data processing method and program
Method and apparatus for avoiding cache pollution due to speculative memory load operations in a mic...
Controller based hardware device and method for setting the same
Method for automatically implementing special forms in an e-mail system
Universal serializer/deserializer
Bandwidth management system with multiple processing engines
Modified HIV-1gag p17 peptide and immunogenic composition
Direct water vaporization for fuel processor startup and transients
Rotatable article engaging assembly
Waste bin
Soleplate without pattern for an electronic steam iron
Clothes iron
Bucket for wringing out mops
Handle for a portable cleaning machine
Vacuum cleaner
Steam cleaner
Dishwasher door
Utility shelf for a dishwasher
Animal leash
Animal collar
Protective knitted glove
Safety helmet
Safety helmet
Fingernail protector
Method and apparatus for providing forwarding on ring-no-answer for remote telephone extensions usin...
Self-heating meal package and tray
Frame detector for use in graphics systems
Radio frequency motion tracking system and method
Image generation method and program
Cyanine dyes as labeling reagents for detection of biological and other materials by luminescence me...
Lily plant named 'Tiny Dino'
Paper sheet
Surface pattern of a paper product
Embossed paper product
Apparatus and method for producing a numeric display corresponding to the volume of a selected segme...
E. coli extract for protein synthesis
Hypericum plant named 'Verivocla'
Stackable buoy with rope nesting grooves
Search engine request method, product, and apparatus
Advanced aerosol cleaning system
Delivery of anti-migraine compounds through an inhalation route
Non-aqueous electrolyte for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery comprising same
Method for effecting computer implemented decision-support in the selection of the drug therapy of p...
Advertising materials and method for cooperative promotions
IC card and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor storage device, display device and portable electronic equipment
In-floor, adjustable, multiple-configuration track assembly for sliding panels with built-in weep sy...
Method for driving plasma display panel
Methods and systems for a telephone e-mail interface
Delegation of metadata management in a storage system by leasing of free file system blocks and i-no...
Region calculation method, spatial data mining apparatus, geographical information display apparatus...
Facility creation process for clustered servers
Software vault
Public key validation service
Management method and a management system for volume
System and method for caching a network connection
Dynamic generation of context-sensitive data and instructions for troubleshooting problem events in ...
Method and apparatus for exchanging data in a platform independent manner
Method of controlling a computer using an embedded unique code in the content of DVD media
System for handling electronic mail
Video on demand system with parameter-controlled bandwidth deallocation
Batch-based method and tool for graphical manipulation of workflows
Method and system for tracking software components
Method and apparatus for error data recovery
Method and apparatus of generating a quality indicator
Proximity sensor enhanced power management
Bus power-supply device and node
Cancerous disease modifying antibodies
Hypericum plant named 'Vermelcla'
Calibrachoa plant named 'USCALI67'
Hydrangea plant named '1701'
Helenium plant named 'Chelsey'
Hydrangea plant named '200724077'
Canna plant named 'RobToyRed'
Petunia plant named 'Sunmilk'
Aster plant named 'Yoballad'
Miniature Rose plant named 'Poulhi019'
Limonium plant named 'Danlisadablue'
Geranium plant named 'Genvada'
Neirembergia plant named 'Blue Eye'
Scaevola plant named 'Cajun Blue'
Veronica plant named 'Pink Panther'
Artichoke plant named 'BCS 7-12'
Interspecific Cornus hybrid designated KN30-8
Agastache plant named 'Kiegador'
Data scanning network security technique
Radio frequency modulator
Apparatus and method for providing alert outputs
Radio Communication Terminal
Device service provider interface
Method for rating an advertisement
Method and apparatus for testing circuit boards
Electronic programmable speed limiter
System and method for in vivo detection of h. pylori
Apparatus and method for OFDM data communications
Radio network controller (rnc) and method for optimising decision regarding operational states for a...
Method and system for determining the speed and position of a mobile unit
Direction finding cell phones
Communication network, radio base station, radio network controller and resource management method t...
Mobile radio communication apparatus for selecting a high priority system at the time of turning pow...
Software-defined radio apparatus
Apparatus for and method of operating a mobile communication device sensor
Tunable compensation device and method for received signals
Sample rate adaption in signal processing
Wide-band modulation pll, timing error correction system of wide-band modulation pll, modulation tim...
Transmit diversity fo base stations
Group codes for use by radio proximity applications
Tissue specific expression of exogenous proteins in transgenic chickens
Cranial and vertebral defects associated with loss-of-function of Nell
Modification of sugar metabolic processes in transgenic cells, tissues and animals
Full-length human cdnas encoding potentially secreted proteins
Caterpiller gene family
Wired/wireless broadcasting distribution apparatus having a home broadcasting distribution function ...
Healthcare personnel management system
Method of monitoring the production history of consumable animal primal cuts
Electronic drink coaster
Methods and compositions for cancer treatment relating to BRCA1 BRCT domain recognition of phosphory...
Method of identifying drugs, targeting moieties or diagnostics