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System and method for identifying test kit types
Plasma sprayed porous coating for medical implants
Modular joint replacement implant with hydrogel surface
Knee prosthesis with ceramic tibial component
Prostheses for spine discs having fusion capability
Implant for surgical use in humans or vertebrates
Intervertebral disk prosthesis or artificial vertebra
Methods and apparatus to prevent movement through artificial disc replacements
Server reservation method, reservation control apparatus and program storage medium
File conversion method, file converter, and file display system
Information processing device information processing method, and recording medium
Complementary division condition determining method and program and complementary division method
Data recording and reproducing apparatus having a data transfer device selectively transferring data...
Device and method for compressing images
Coding apparatus, coding method and recording medium having coded program recorded therein, and deco...
Spread spectrum receiver
Ferroelectric-type nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Magnetic reproducing head having a structure to inhibit electrostatic discharge damage to a recordin...
Recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Magnetic recording and reproducing device
Controller selectable hyperlinks
File system journal management
External storage device capable of selectively storing data in a semiconductor memory or a hard disk
Configurable address generator and circuit using same
Method and system for dividing a plurality of existing volumes of storage into a plurality of virtua...
Dynamic data structures for tracking file system free space in a flash memory device
Efficient service management in home gateways
Method for setting up disk-array device, computer-readable storage medium, and information processin...
Transceiver with latency alignment circuitry
Method and apparatus for memory management
Method for supporting multi-level striping of non-homogeneous memory to maximize concurrency
System and method for using removable storage for computer troubleshooting
Multiple data management method, computer and storage device therefor
System, method and apparatus for use in monitoring or controlling internet access
Bioluminescent novelty items
Method and system for providing dietary information
Polyarylethersulfone compositions exhibiting reduced yellowness and high light transmittance propert...
Process for purifying difructose dianhydride III
Novel carbohydrate compositions and a process of preparing same
Biodegradable paper-based cup or package and production method
Weighted placemat
High protein snack product
Protein beverage mixing container
Food component and processes for the preparation thereof
Protein and lipid sources for use in aquafeeds and animal feeds and a process for their preparation
Low and no trans fat confections
Processed meats comprising emulsified liquid shortening compositions comprising dietary fiber gel, w...
Pigment dispersion system
Margarine-like food composition with reduced fat content
Body taste improver comprising long-chain highly unsaturated fatty acid and/or ester thereof and veg...
Foam-holding agent and utilization thereof
Batter coated food pieces
Pre-portioned dough unit intermediates
Sweetener composition
Homogeneous solid granules containing carotenoids
Non-infectious, non-replicating, immunogenic human immunodeficiency virus-like particles
Method of enhancing the biological activity of ligands
Biocompatible crosslinked polymers
PHELIX: a testis-specific protein expressed in cancer
Porphyrins and metalloporphyrins for inhibiting heme iron uptake
Practical serological assay for the clinical diagnosis of leishmaniasis
Hyaluronic acid in soft gel form
Compounds for immunodiagnosis of prostate cancer and methods for their use
H-Y antigen
Heat-induced formation of co-crystalline composition containing titanyl phthalocyanine and titanyl f...
Materials and methods relating to endothelial cell growth inhibitors
Aromatic substituted nonionic surfactants in soil prevention, reduction or removal in treatment zone...
Liposome-entrapped DNA oral vaccines
Method and composition for an early vaccine to protect against both common infectious diseases and c...
Microorganism producing L-lysine and processes for producing L-lysine using the same
Shoe or athletic shoe
Conferencing network resource management for call connectivity
Method and apparatus for word synchronization with large coding distance and fault tolerance for PRM...
Channel delay spread adaptive equalization and decoding
Receiver circuit and method of processing a received signal
Equalization of transmit diversity space-time coded signals
System and method for user defined data object hierarchy
Thermosensitive recording material and use thereof
Emulsion for thermal recording material and thermal recording materials made by using the same
Dyes and use thereof in imaging members and methods
Silver salt-toner co-precipitates and imaging materials
Subcutaneous port catheter system and associated method
AMR Sensor with a soft adjacent layer having high magnetization, high resistivity, low intrinsic ani...
Disk drive with spring provided in groove of voice coil holder to electrically connect voice coil wi...
Ferromagnetic tunnel junction element exhibiting high magnetoresistivity at finite voltage and tunne...
Disc drive suspension in which track-direction swing in the low-frequency band is restrained
Disk drive comprising depletion mode MOSFETs for protecting a head from electrostatic discharge
Apparatus and method of configuring the air bearing surfaces of sliders in disk drives for producing...
Magnetic transducer for perpendicular magnetic recording with single pole write head with trailing s...
Thin-film magnetic recording head having a timing-based gap pattern for writing a servo track on mag...
Clamp retention apparatus for rotational disk drive components
Stepped enclosure for minimizing airflow excitation in a data storage device
Thin film magnetic head having improved thermal characteristics, and method of manufacturing
Methods and systems for improved deceleration control for a disk drive
Rotary magnetic head device and method of producing a rotary magnetic head device
Accurate tracking of coil resistance
Digital magnetic recording/reproducing device for recording/reproducing plural types of audio data, ...
Head support mechanism and magnetic disk device
Detection of track misregistration within user data channel
Compositions for the treatment of acquired immunodeficiency disease
Apparatus and method for tissue resection
Methods and compositions for impairing multiplication of HIV-1
2-substituted 5-oxazolyl indole compounds useful as IMPDH inhibitors and pharmaceutical compositions...
Th2 differentiation inhibitors
Fused pyrimidyl pyrazole compounds useful as protein kinase inhibitors
CCR5 antagonists useful for treating AIDS
1-(Pyrrolidin-1-ylmethyl)-3-(pyrrol-2-ylmethylidene)-2-indolinone derivatives
Blood coagulation factor XIII for treating platelet disorders
Driving an EL panel without DC bias
Universal capacitive adapter for engine diagnostics
Manufacturing method of polarizing film, polarizing film, optical film, and visual display
Treatment of acne
Performance predictor for fabricated parts
Preparation of stimulable phosphor sheet
Image forming apparatus that controls a fixing device to fix a toner image onto paper with improved ...
Clamping apparatus
Measurement site dependent data preprocessing method for robust calibration and prediction
Gift card assembly and method
Adhesive label resealable package and label web
Hand sanitizing packet and methods
Diascia plant named 'Sumdia 03'
Catalysts which are based on organic-inorganic hybrid materials containing noble metals and titanium...
System and method for test data reporting using a status signal
Training device assembly for group exercises, games and team contests
Rope swing handle bar apparatus and system
Random path flume ride
Controllably rotatable seat
Adjustable storage seat for recreation and utility vehicles
Vertical telescopic stage accessories device
Aerosol product dispenser
Method and system of sensing airflow and delivering therapeutic gas to a patient
Method and apparatus for providing a software agent at a destination host
Solid electrolyte battery
Process for manufacturing integrated chemical microreactors of semiconductor material
Emissive display device and electroluminescence display device with uniform luminance
Mechanism for implementing Voice Over IP telephony behind network firewalls
System and method for redirecting access to a remote mirrored snapshot
System and method for evaluating and/or monitoring effectiveness of on-line advertising
Fluorocopolymer, process for producing fluorocopolymer, fluorocopolymer curable composition, and cur...
Nanoporous membrane reactor for miniaturized reactions and enhanced reaction kinetics
Assessment of cardiovascular risk
Method for determining the amount of the maleimidyl groups of a particle
Process for producing fermented drink
Silver dihydrogen citrate compositions
Process for concentration of antibodies and therapeutic products thereof
Decontamination system
Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and device manufacturing method
Electroluminescent device
System and method for providing a reserve supply of gas in a pressurized container
Treated ion exchange resins, method of making, assemblies and heat transfer systems containing the s...
Method of disinfection in water treatment
Method and arrangement in maing of mechanical pulp
Segregated flow, continuous flow deionization
Ionic polymer membranes
Membrane for tangential filtration and production method thereof
Sealer holding member for membrane element and membrane element using the same
Fluid delivery valve system and method
Water base ink set for ink-jet recording
Semiconductor device, method for manufacturing the same, and plating solution
Vapor barrier for use in the thermal insulation of buildings
Methods and cement compositions for cementing in subterranean zones
Using aqueous binders in producing abrasive materials
Ceramic setter plate and manufacturing method thereof
Slurry mixer constrictor valve
Elastomeric admixtures for improving cement elasticity
Snap-in-place building block
Aqueous delivery systems for water soluble agricultural actives using polymeric dispersants
Hardenable orthopaedic support (free edge)
Set retarder compositions, cement compositions, and associated methods
Use of polymeric reaction product
Table top and process of making the same
Additive for oil-based drilling fluids
Hand-held carpenters tool
Uv-curable epoxy acrylates
Bitumen composition
Non-cellular adhesive for composite roof structure
Water-resistant additives for gypsum wood fiber products
Polyisocyanate-based adhesive formulation for use in sandwich panels
Double replacement cation neutralization of high alkalinity waste materials
Apparatus for treatment cos for gas produced by gasification and method for treating cos
Speaker isolation system
Roller mill, particularly air-swept roller mill, and method for grinding materials with magnetizable...
Acoustical and firewall barrier assembly
Electrical connection system
Screwdriving power tool with an axially operated percussion mechanism
Solar augmented geothermal energy
Apparatus for making abrasive article
Joint coating composition for construction elements and method for producing a structure
Methods, cement compositions and oil suspensions of powder
Process for reducing creep in a gypsum plaster-based element, gypsum plaster-based composition and m...
Resilient brace
Abrasive product
Shoe having an inflatable bladder
Article of footwear having an upper with a structured intermediate layer
Cantilevered shoe construction
Shoe system with a resilient shoe insert
Method for producing shoes and a shoe obtained by this method
Modifiable footwear
Breathable workshoes and methods for manufacturing such
Lantana plant named 'RIVRRED'
Genetically modified plants comprising SARS-CoV viral nucleotide sequences and methods of use thereo...
Systems and methods for protein production
Plant cyclopropane fatty acid synthase genes, proteins, and uses thereof
Method for detecting Nipah virus and method for providing immunoprotection against Henipa viruses
Method for expanding corn ear tips to increase seed yield through recessive genetic determinants
An invertebrate animal model with neurodegenerative phenotype for screening and testing substances
Transgenic plants incorporating traits of Zostera marina
Germ-responsive promoter
Cotton Cultivar 05X494BR
Data structure for policy-based remediation selection
Policy-based selection of remediation
Disk drive provided with tray
Authentication of handheld devices for access to applications
Plastic composition
High resolution resists for next generation lithographies
Manganese doped upconversion luminescence nanoparticles
Shrub rose plant named 'Poulcot004'
System using a series of event processors for processing network events to reduce number of events t...
Printing by active tiling
Liquid crystal reflective displays
Anti-inflammatory and healing medicine based on laminarin sulphate
Method and system for testing data sources and database oriented software applications
Power dissipation reduction in wireless transceivers
Wireless repeater with wireless telephone adapter
Wireless node multiple handset cordless telephone system
Method and apparatus for compensating an oscillator in a location-enabled wireless device
Cell planning methods and apparatus, and networks configured based on same
Wireless router system and method
Method and system for intersystem wireless communications session hand-off
Data storage system having separate data transfer section and message network having bus arbitration
Mobile HVAC cavity test device, method, and computer product
Methods and systems for reporting automotive traffic conditions in response to user-specific request...
Remote controlled system with computer-based remote control facilitator
System and method for fast code phase and carrier frequency acquisition in GPS receiver
Systems and methods for providing GPS time and assistance in a communications network
Interference rejection GPS antenna system
GPS-based positioning system for mobile GPS terminals
GPS receiver
Single overdrive six-speed transmission with low internal speeds
Seven-speed transmission
Method and apparatus for authenticating an open system application to a portable IC device
Method and apparatus for encoding and storing session data
Result set formatting and processing
Validating multiple execution plans for database queries
Compressing messages on a per semantic component basis while maintaining a degree of human readabili...
Scalability test and analysis
System and methods for providing histogram computation in a high precision rasterization data pipeli...
Test services provider
Satellite receiving system with transmodulating outdoor unit
System and process for generating high dynamic range video
Preprocessing of multi-line rotated electronic ink
Channel access scheme for use in network communications
Multiple channel light guide for optically tracking pointing and input devices
Restocking system using a carousel
Omnidirectional sonde and line locator
Slot machining
Method and apparatus for compressing a video image
Cash dispensing machine
Slot machine latch
In-situ nitride/oxynitride processing with reduced deposition surface pattern sensitivity
Thin-layer-covered golf ball with improved velocity
Method for direct conversion of gaseous hydrocarbons to liquids
Carbon nanotube-containing catalysts, methods of making, and reactions catalyzed over nanotube catal...
Hardenable mixture of substances, production method and use thereof
Use of nanodispersions in cosmetic end formulations
Method and apparatus for treating vulnerable plaque
Fluorescent lamp having meandering discharge path and manufacturing method of the same
Method and apparatus for constructing finite-state networks modeling non-concatenative processes
Image heating apparatus having recording medium conveying nip nonuniform in pressure distribution
Method for attaching stackable components
Method and circuit for error correction in CAM cells
Plastic hollow body made of high density polyolefins produced by means of a fluoro modified chrome c...
Range selectable address decoder and frame memory device for processing graphic data at high speed u...
Wildlife guard for arrester brackets
Developing roller and method of producing the same
Compositions comprising at least one heteropolymer and fibers, and methods of using the same
Method for manufacturing a potted bundle of hollow fibers
Mobile clinical workstation
Diaphragm pump and pump for double-breast pumping
Multifunctional optical assembly
Roll paper feed device for printing machine
Pathlength-independent methods for optically determining material composition
Method of measurement of nucleated red blood cells
Open-ring copolymer, hydrogenated open-ring copolymer, process for production of both, and compositi...
Vector-controlled dual inverter system and method for induction motor
Geranium plant named 'Sabani Blue'
Aerogel powder therapeutic agents
Patterned structures of high refractive index materials
Methods and systems for control of microfluidic devices
Cancer treatment composition and method using natural plant essential oils with signal transduction ...
Method and system for capturing, managing and disseminating manufacturing knowledge
Apparatus and method for humidification of inspired gases
Hybrid maize plant and seed 33V15
Surface plasmon devices
Integrated circuit with power monitoring/control and device incorporating same
Transferring semiconductor crystal from a substrate to a resin
Flat panel display device having planar field emission source
Method and apparatus for monitoring and measuring oil spills
Optimizing command execution in database systems that provide support for updatable scrollable curso...
Supplier performance reporting
Front-end protocol for server protection
System, method and computer program product for control of a service request
Worldwide television tuning system with country code based tuning
Optical storage media with embedded security device
Providing predictable scheduling of programs using repeating precomputed schedules on discretely sch...
Self-optimizable code
Method and system for modifying installation software
Update at shutdown
Generating sequence diagrams using call trees
Method, apparatus, and computer-readable medium for key press determination
Integrated method for creating a refreshable web query
Method and apparatus for critical section prediction for intelligent lock elision
Dynamic frequency scaling sequence for multi-gigahertz microprocessors
Method, system, and apparatus for providing alert synthesis in a data protection system
Systems and methods for analyzing bus data
Virtual logging system and method
Method, system, and apparatus for creating an architectural model for generating robust and easy to ...
Method, system, and apparatus for creating saved searches and auto discovery groups for a data prote...
Method, system, and apparatus for translating logical information representative of physical data in...
Peer-to-peer communications
Restricted software and hardware usage on a computer
Interface apparatus for mediating sending and receiving signals between devices connected by a signa...
Apparatus, system and method for controlling access to facilities based on usage classes
Multi-hit transparent armor system
Medical equipment controller
Glycine as a diet supplement for the treatment of a wide range of health problems that result from u...
Regulation of human P2Y1-like G protein-coupled receptor
Variable field of view optical system
Electrode configuration for piano MEMs micromirror
System and method for multi-channel mitigation of PMD/PDL/PDG
Differential drive semiconductor optical modulator
Optical device, system and method
Method of making a rotational optical arrangement, and the optical arrangement made by the method
Portable image display
Adjustable mount for cylindrical lens
Microscope and locking device for a lens mounting
Imaging optical system and electronic apparatus using the same
Pickup lens
Zoom lens and apparatus using the same
Macro lens
Imaging optical system, image display apparatus and imaging optical apparatus
Compact projection lenses for use with large format pixelized panels
Optical transmission systems including optical amplifiers and methods
Projection optical system and projection apparatus using the same
Hybrid lidar-radar for medical diagnostics
Tapered slot antenna
TM microstrip antenna
Method of estimating target signals by a dynamical fluxgate sensor
Method for utilizing a MEMS safe arm device for microdetonation
Telescoping and locking lever arm
Digital preemphasizer for transmission of PCM codes
Methods for modifying the surface area of nanomaterials
Method and relevant device for revealing objects
Intelligent environmental sensor for irrigation systems
Apparatus and method of CTCM encoding and decoding for a digital communication system
Dual input DC-DC power converter integrating high/low voltage sources
Microlens array, a method for making a transfer master pattern for microlens array, a concave and co...
Optimal elements (such as vari focal lens component, vari-focal diffractive optical element and vari...
Apparatus and methods for modulating refractive index
Active remote sensing using lock-in amplifiers and beam steering
Electro-optical glazing structures having scattering and transparent modes of operation and methods ...
Color reproduction system for carrying out color correction by changing over color correction parame...
Electronic lock system and method for its use
Apparatus for converting vibration energy into electric power
Light emitting devices with improved light extraction efficiency
Apparatus and method for OSL-based, remote radiation monitoring and spectrometry
Active remote sensing using a simultaneous spectral sampling technique
Light switch assembly
Non-toxic hydrophobic elastomeric polymer chemistry system for wood preservation
Semiconductor substrate assemblies and methods for preparing and dicing the same
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Production of suspensions of hydrophobic oxide particles
Polypeptides having cellobiohydrolase II activity and polynucleotides encoding same
CASB618 polynucleotides and polypeptides and their use
Vaccines for suppressing ige-mediated allergic disease and methods for using the same
Methods and materials relating to carcinoembryonic antigen-like (cea-like) polypeptides and polynucl...
Human-derived bradeion proteins, DNA coding for the proteins, and uses thereof
Aldonic acid esters, methods for producing the same, and methods for producing pharmaceutical active...
N-Acyl and quaternary ammonium modified polysaccharide fibers
Polysaccharide and composition from Antrodia camphorata and use thereof
Chondroitin synthetase and dna encoding the enzyme
N-pyrazole A2A receptor agonists
2-Substituted-6-trifluoromethyl purine derivatives with adenosine-A3 antagonistic activity
Partial and full agonists of A1 adenosine receptors
Nucleic acid and corresponding protein entitled 98P4B6 useful in treatment and detection of cancer
Tyrosinase activity cntrolling agent, process for producing the same and external preparations conta...
Ceramide derivatives as modulators of immunity and autoimmunity
Diagnostic and therapeutic means for pathologies associated with alpha 2 subunit of the na, k pump
Low-substituted hydroxypropyl cellulose and agent serving both as binder and disintegrant for dry di...
Transformation systems for flavinogenic yeast
Plus end-directed microtubule motor required for chromosome congression
Methods of using a Mycobacterium tuberculosis coding sequence to facilitate stable and high y...
Oligonucleotides for nucleic acid amplification and for the detection of Mycobacterium tuberculos...
Process for prophylaxis and therapy of thrombotic processes employing heparin having particular aver...
Non-ionic surfactants based upon alkyl polyglucoside
Gene encoding chondroitinase ABC and uses therefor
Breast cancer specific gene 1
Multiplex amplification of short tandem repeat loci
Method for the controlled implementation of complex PCR amplifications
Method for detecting radiation exposure
Nucleic acid sequence analysis
PCA3, PCA3 genes, and methods of use
Optimization of cells for endogenous gene activation
Modified alginic acid of alginic acid derivatives and thermosetting anti-reflective compositions the...
Isothermal strand displacement nucleic acid amplification
Receiving apparatus, receiving method, and transmitting receiving apparatus
Optical element and manufacturing method therefor
Active matrix type display apparatus
Display apparatus and display method
Active matrix type electroluminescence display device
Organic EL display device and method of manufacturing the same
Automated fault diagnosis device and method
Bone conducting headset apparatus
Collimator assembly having multi-piece components
Actively-supported multi-degree of freedom steerable mirror apparatus and method
Charge amount measurement method, shift value measurement method of charged beam, charge amount meas...
Micro-field emitter device for flat panel display
Welding system having welding gun with self-contained locking trigger
Coating composition for multiple hydrophilic applications
Powder coating composition for electrostatic coating of pharmaceutical substrates
Electrolytic cell for surface and point of use disinfection
Method and apparatus for producing wearing article
Method and apparatus for depositing a homogeneous pyrolytic coating on substrates
System, method and apparatus for printing oversized print media
Folding knife light tool
High pressure traverse flow adjustable gas regulator
Agile network protocol for secure communications with assured system availability
DNS server, DHCP server, terminal and communication system
Internet content delivery service with third party cache interface support
Management system, management method and apparatus, and management apparatus control method
Gigabit switch supporting improved layer 3 switching
Magnetic memory device structure
Single ku-band multi-polarization gallium arsenide transmit chip
Method and apparatus for using a person digital assistant to interface with a communication station
Method and airbag inflation apparatus employing magnetic fluid
Microfluidic devices and methods
Self-assembled electrical networks
Evaluation of reflected time-energy profile for evaluation of osseointegration and density
Self-tapping implant
Self-drilling implant
Implant, in particular a dental implant
Polymer fibers, fabrics and equipment with a modified near infrared reflectance signature
Cardiac implant and methods
Seat exercise device
IL-8 receptor antagonists
Composition and method for reducing adverse interactions between phenothiazine derivatives and plasm...
Compositions and methods for effecting the levels of high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol and ...
Compositions for achieving a therapeutic effect in an anatomical structure and methods of using the ...
Thermally pliable and carbon fiber stents
Selective adherence of stent-graft coverings
System and method for delivering hemostasis promoting material to a blood vessel puncture site by fl...
Circulation set for temperature-controlled catheter and method of using the same
Embolic basket
Device for removal of thrombus through physiological adhesion
Communication management using a token action log
Knowledge-based data mining system
Arrangement for monitoring the power delivery of a photon channeling element
Cartridge system for a probing head for an electrical test probe
Turbine engine nozzle
Wrist cuff
Recovery of liquids from absorbent packaging materials
Oil, water and gas separator for swaying service
Synergistic biocidal mixtures
Use of chlorine dioxide and ozone for control of disinfection by-products in water supplies
Method for mixed mode adsorption
Disposable chromatographic columns
Ultrasonically cleaned membrane filtration system
Submerged ammonia removal system and method
Single vessel multi-zone wastewater bio-treatment system
Microporous filter media, filtration systems containing same, and methods of making and using
Apparatus for oxygenating wastewater
Material for chromatography
Macrocyclic antibiotics as separation agents
Chromatographic device having an elongate rod and method of forming and chromatographic device
Treatment of circulating water systems
Water softener
Direct data routing system
System and method for testing ball grid arrays
Inbred maize line PH183
Transgenic corn plants having seeds with modified cornstarch characteristics and method of making th...
Cotton cultivar DP 560 BGII
Plants and feed baits for controlling damage from feeding insects
Genes encoding sterol delta-14 reductase in plants
Methods of modulating auxin production in plants
Compositions and methods for altering the disulfide status of proteins
Reverse-turn mimetics and methods relating thereto
Analytical test element with a capillary channel
Assay sonication apparatus and methodology
Hearing aid
Resonant response matching circuit for hearing aid
Hearing aid, a method of controlling a hearing aid, and a noise reduction system for a hearing aid
Method for automatic amplification adjustment in a hearing aid device, as well as a hearing aid devi...
Automatic magnetic detection in hearing aids
Plasma electron-emitting source
Silicon carbide-supported catalysts for partial oxidation of natural gas to synthesis gas
Power tool
Dynamic creation and modification of wafer test maps during wafer testing
Method and system for improving process control for semiconductor manufacturing operations
Versatile system for controlling semiconductor topography
Method for controlling semiconductor processing apparatus
System and method for one-time programmed memory through direct-tunneling oxide breakdown
Indirect switching and sensing of phase change memory cells
Back lit cholesteric liquid crystal display
Methods and apparatus for improving high frequency input/output performance
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, circuit board, together with electronic i...
Methods and apparatus for integrated circuit ball bonding using stacked ball bumps
Micromachine package and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor chip assembly with embedded metal particle
Small volume process chamber with hot inner surfaces
Method for making high density nonvolatile memory
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating same
Method of building a CMOS structure on thin SOI with source/drain electrodes formed by in situ doped...
Method for detecting and representing one or more objects, for example teeth
Method and system of fusion of two digital radiographic images
Calibration and correction in a fingerprint scanner
Method and apparatus for matching at least one visualized medical measured result with at least one ...
Measuring chip
Muffin tray
Muffin tray
Muffin tray
Sterilisable composite film for packaging purposes
Produce carrying trays and method of cooling produce in a five-down configuration
Packaging container for moist cloths or moist cosmetic pads
Apparatus and method for stretch-wrapping articles
MEMS mirror with drive rotation amplification of mirror rotation angle
Output buffer with controlled slew rate for driving a range of capacitive loads
Controlling multiple pumps operating in parallel or series
Cam operated pump having lost motion shuttle
Debris evacuation apparatus and method for an oil pump
Electrically motorized pump having a submersible sleeve bearing
Compressor spring locator
Micropump assembly for a microgas chromatograph and the like
Axial-flow fan and projector provided with the same
Fuel pump having single sided impeller
Chemical metering pump
Apparatus for extracting oil or other fluids from a well
Mechanism for removably coupling a shaft of a utilitarian device to an internal combustion engine
Charge pump for a hydrostatic transmission
Dual chamber pump and method
Stringed musical instrument headstock
Headstock for a stringed musical instrument
Guitar body
Stringed musical instrument
Apparatus for dynamically adjusting CPU power consumption
Data processor with enhanced instruction execution and method
Situ formed anionic clay-containing bodies
Resid cracking apparatus with catalyst and adsorbent regenerators and a process thereof
Process for catalytic cracking two integrated cracking zones of different degrees of severity follow...
Process for preparing tert-butanol from isobutene-containing hydrocarbon mixtures
Method for the production of isobutene polymers
Reference signal generator for an integrated sensing system
Method and system for vehicle data upload
Vehicle anti-theft entry system
Vehicle load weighing system and load cells for such systems
Mirror mounting structure with offset increasing angular adjustment
Secure cargo transportation system
Liquid detergent compositions with low-density particles
Medical energy irradiation apparatus
Method of tagging calibration results with temperature, time and/or voltage
Hard disk drive tagging calibration results with temperature, time and/or voltage
License plate frame including a handle
Process for sending a notification in a data processing network with distributed applications
Method and apparatus for skin absorption enhancement and transdermal drug delivery
Peptide inhibiting platelet derived growth factor (PDGF-BB) and fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) acti...
System and method for online analytical processing
Insertion of repeaters without timing constraints
Method and system for supporting network system troubleshooting
Internal bus system for DFPS and units with two- or multi-dimensional programmable cell architecture...
Status register to improve initialization of a synchronous memory
System having a spread-spectrum clock for further suppression of electromagnetic emissions in networ...
Programmable agent workstation system and method
Method for training a communication link between ports to correct for errors
Binary search engine and method
Child and adult transporting stroller system
Solid electrolytic capacitor, transmission-line device, method of producing the same, and composite ...
Full frame thermal pump probe technique for detecting subsurface defects
Massively parallel interface for electronic circuit
Semiconductor device
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive device made of piezoelectric/electrostrictive film and manufacturing ...
Production process for semiconductor device
Semiconductor package device that includes an insulative housing with a protruding peripheral portio...
Package type semiconductor device
Fluxless die-to-heat spreader bonding using thermal interface material
Thin leadless plastic chip carrier
Nonexposed heat sink for semiconductor package
Out of the box vertical transistor for eDRAM on SOI
Barrier stack with improved barrier properties
Memory device and method of production and method of use of same and semiconductor device and method...
Organic EL device and method for manufacturing the same
Ultraviolet detector and manufacture method thereof
Wiring substrate, method of producing the same, and electronic device using the same
Selective capping of copper wiring
Method for forming copper bump antioxidation surface
Separation process
Imaging forming apparatus
Developing apparatus featuring first and second developing members provided in first and second tone...
Developer supplying cartridge, developer receiving cartridge, process cartridge, and image forming a...
Image forming apparatus with residual toner replenishing feature based on two detection results
Radiographic image composition and use
Photodetecting means, X-ray sensing method, X-ray sensing apparatus, and photoelectric conversion el...
Speech processing system
Optical component and method of manufacturing same
Electrophoretic display device
Polygon mirror and method of manufacturing the same, optical scanner and electrophotograph
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and recording medium
Method and apparatus for forming color transform lookup table, and image processing method
Exposure method
Exposure apparatus and exposure method
Exposure apparatus
Exposure apparatus and method, and device fabricating method using the same
Automatic determination of image storage location
Single lead system for high voltage CHF device
Image forming apparatus
Apparatus and method for cleaning a donor roll
Coated optical fiber and optical fiber coating system including a hydrophilic primary coating
Composite structural components containing thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer reinforcements fo...
Optical coupling device and method for fabricating the same, and master used in fabricating optical ...
Fiber optic grating with tunable polarization dependent loss
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Method for manufacturing high-brightness planar lamp
Robot interference prevention control device
Medical cockpit system
Security system and moving robot
Structure for treating torch cable for arc welding robot
Apparatus and method for fabricating bonded substrate
Parts mounting device and method
Robotic machining with a flexible manipulator
Method for displaying gene experiment data
Position control apparatus and position control method for cargo carrying apparatus in industrial ve...
Method and apparatus for displaying image by producing polarization inversion in ferroelectric membe...
CPR chest compression device
Electric bending endoscope
Patient thermal support device
Electronically controlled throttle device
Method of making a plurality of interconnected vials
Fixing device having a heating member and image forming apparatus including the same
Methods and apparatus for effectuating a lasting change in a neural-function of a patient
Endplate detection in digital radiography by dynamic programming using both local and global constra...
Rectangular panel-form loudspeaker and its radiating panel
Speaker device
Apparatus for determining a coordinate transformation
Multi-slice CT multi-layer flexible signal transmission detector circuit
Tomography imaging system with an acquisition unit and a patient positioning table with a horizontal...
Method for marker-free automatic fusion of 2-D fluoroscopic C-arm images with preoperative 3D images...
Inverter transformer and inverter circuit
Power unit having self-oscillating series resonance converter
Method and apparatus for micro-actuator stroke sensitivity calibration in a hard disk drive
Method and apparatus of dual stage servo control for track following in a hard disk drive
Resonant scanning mirror with inertially coupled activation
Apparatus and method of sensing fluid flow using sensing means coupled to an axial coil spring
Electric utility storm outage management
Method of wide wire identification
System and method for testing the upstream channel of a cable network
Method and apparatus for managing network resources for externally authenticated users
Method and apparatus for a parallel correlator and applications thereof
Method and mechanism for dependency tracking at low granularity levels
Irrigation controller with embedded web server
Process for the polymerization olefins
Optical element and spectroscopic device using the same
Image pickup apparatus
Capacitance detection type sensor and manufacturing method thereof
Method and apparatus for testing flat display apparatus
Light emitting diode having an adhesive layer and a reflective layer and manufacturing method thereo...
Supported catalyst for producing syndiotactic styrenic polymer
System and method of high-speed transmission and appropriate transmission apparatus
Optical waveguide device and method of manufacture thereof
Dynamically activated memory controller data termination
Voltage swing detection circuit for hot plug event or device detection via a differential link
Tetrapeptide derivative TZT-1027 crystal
Integrated circuit with reverse engineering protection
Light emitting diode having an adhesive layer and a reflective layer and manufacturing method thereo...
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Microorganism genomics, compositions and methods related thereto
End modified thermal responsive hydrogels
Transcutaneous electrical nerve locator
Protective garment and glove construction and method for making same
Method of fabricating a bipolar plate assembly
Methods of forming superabsorbent polymer products for use in agriculture
Production method of printed circuit board
Method of forming a patterned film of surface-modified carbon nanotubes
Fuel cell assembly
Diaphragm pump and anode stream recirculation system using such pump for a fuel cell
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Split cell type fuel cell stack
System and method for early detection of contaminants in a fuel processing system
Catalytic reactor
Cleanable high efficiency filter media structure and applications for use
Boil-off gas processing system using electric heater
Method of making glass compositions for ceramic electrolyte electrochemical conversion assemblies an...
High refractive index aromatic-based siloxane difunctional macromonomers
Refractive intraocular implant lens and method
Intraocular implant for retinal diseases
Ophthalmic device and method of manufacture and use
Fabric care composition
Reflector for a light of higher power with an outer safety jacket
Conveyor unit for conveying flat objects
Method and device for synchronizing drive combinations
Method of producing from a first image data set, a second image data set matched to a real process, ...
Type font
Type font
Type font
Cutting segment for a false drum and method of supporting material overlying a slot
Vertical field type MRI apparatus with a conical cavity situated in the main magnet
Portable magnetic resonance surface coil unit with an access opening for manual gripping
Medical composition for protuberance of epithelium
Serum free cultivation of primate embryonic stem cells
Methods and systems of routing utterances based on confidence estimates
Safety flashlight for dogs
Method and apparatus for connecting various implantable medical treatment system component devices
Device for locating magnetic implant by source field
Device for in-vivo imaging
pDJA1, a cardiac specific gene, corresponding proteins, and uses thereof
Use of weak opioids and mixed opioid agonists/antagonists for treatment of urinary incontinence
Liposome containing hydrophobic iodine compound and X-ray contrast medium for radiograph comprising ...
Thermally integrated fuel cell power system
Advanced wafer refining
Method of detecting hematopoietic progenitor cells
Data storage system having no-operation command
Low temperature adaptor for evaporative light detection
Agents for intravitreal administration to treat or prevent disorders of the eye
Radio frequency antenna for a tire and method for same
RFID system and method including tag ID compression
Product dispensing controlled by RFID tags
RFID communication system and the search method thereof
Frequency-hopping RFID system
Method and system for optimizing an interrogation of a tag population
System and method to identify multiple RFID tags
High pressure lamination of electronic cards
Media holder having communication capabilities
Computer with security function and method therefor
Systems and methods for tracking tobacco packages
Metal compound, and catalyst component and catalyst for addition polymerization, and process for pro...
Method for forming image on object surface including circuit substrate
Chiral copper complex and production processes thereof and using the same
Air bag sealer silicone rubber composition
Quinoline derivatives as caspase-3 inhibitor, preparation for producing the same and pharmaceutical ...
Highly heat-resistant label
Composition for optical material
Amorphous coke for special carbon material and production process for the same
Method for producing a liquid crystalline polyester and the liquid crystalline polyester
Device having a liquid flowpath
Method of performing approximate substring indexing
Character recognition system and method using spatial and structural feature extraction
Line drivers that use minimal metal layers
Method for supporting a boating accessory
Fishing reel
Fishing line guide mechanism for spinning reel
Method and apparatus for separating a protein membrane and shell material in waste egg shells
Cat litter pods
Automated livestock trough
Feeding apparatus for livestock
Milking parlor stall shoulder bumper
Tangle free fishing pole
Multicomponent thermoset structures
Method for producing tertiary C4-C8-alkyl esters of (meth)acrylic acid
Method and apparatus for detecting and transmitting electrical and related audio signals from a sing...
System and method for processing bone marrow
Portable device for collecting information about living body
Foot orthotic
Method and system for extended volume imaging using MRI with parallel reception
Surgical instruments and techniques for treating gastro-esophageal reflux disease
Method and apparatus for monitoring blood condition and cardiopulmonary function
Sensor controlled analysis and therapeutic delivery system
Border eliminating device, border eliminating method, and authoring device
Method and apparatus for slope to threshold conversion for process state monitoring and endpoint det...
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and computer-readable medium on which image proc...
Portability of digital images
Imaging system for automatic resolution adjustment
Video coder employing pixel transposition
Image quality processing of a compressed image
Image coding device and method
Multi-point predictive foveation for bandwidth reduction of moving images
Apparatus for prediction coding or decoding image signal and method therefor
Method of geometric linear discriminant analysis pattern recognition
Image segmentation
Method and system for all-optical signal regeneration
Fiber optical attenuator
Entry and internal fiber clips for a fiber management system
CMOS process silicon waveguides
Optical waveguide device, and method for fabricating the optical waveguide device
Optical transmission fiber with thermal management for high-power applications
Optical fiber manufacturing method and optical fiber
Light-beam switching/adjusting apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
Birefringence trimming of integrated optical devices by elevated heating
Integrateable band filter using waveguide grating routers
Adjustable optical signal collimator
Optical fiber array block embedding optical device therein
Electrochromic rearview mirror incorporating a third surface partially transmissive reflector
Multi-angle viewable indicator apparatus
Mirror arrangement for motor vehicles
Display unit and its manufacturing method
Stamped ball socket
Light source device
Vehicle headlamp assembly with lampshade and lighting circuit separately mounted to reflector
Illumination device for simulating neon or fluorescent lighting including a waveguide and a scatteri...
Colored headlamp
LED lamp with insertable axial wireways and method of making the lamp
Vehicle light with movable reflector portion and shutter portion for selectively switching an illumi...
Headlamp for vehicle
Vehicular headlamp with lens holder having upper opening portion
Electromagnetic radiation assembly
Vehicle mirror system with light conduiting member
Exterior rear view mirror having a chin strap and a repeater
Lighting and safety unit for trailer hitch
Sabot for a bullet
Flechette packing assembly
Eyewear for ballistic and light protection
Methods and apparatus for conducting high g-force testing
Architectural laminate panel with embedded compressible objects and methods for making the same
Propane diol-based polyester resin and shrink film
Regular array of microscopic structures on a substrate and devices incorporating same
Cell growth substrates with tethered cell growth effector molecules
Osmotic device containing venlafaxine and an anti-psychotic agent
Light-curable resin composition having antistatic property
Hands-free controlled light operation
Eye protection methods and apparatus
Preparation of Sulfonyl quinoline
Benzene-fused heteroring derivatives and pharmaceutical agents comprising the same as active ingredi...
Method and apparatus for producing dry particles
Pharmaceutical composition for oral use with improved absorption
Electric toothbrushes having a moving viewing surface
Portion of a box
Denture adhesive compositions
Bond pattern for a disposable fibrous nonwoven material
Bond pattern for a disposable fibrous nonwoven material
Method and system for negotiating compression techniques to be utilized in packet data communication...
Cluster configuration repository
Communication network management system for automatically converting action parameters to network te...
Multilevel queuing system for distributing tasks in an enterprise-wide work flow automation
Method and apparatus for measuring stream availability, quality and performance
System for handling liquid samples
Polymeric lubricant packed bearing and method of producing the same
Bearing failure indicator
Roller bearing in a deep-drilling apparatus
Hydrodynamic bearing device
Fluidics-balanced fluid bearing
Hydrodynamic pivot bearing
Dynamic pressure bearing device
Gas bearing for a rapidly rotating shaft, comprising an adjusting device for eccentrically adjusting...
Linear motion guide unit
Light duty bearing assembly
Device providing an electrical connection between a weapon and a piece of ammunition
Dual energy imaging using optically coupled digital radiography system
Correction of birefringence in cubic crystalline optical systems
Double substrate reflective spatial light modulator with self-limiting micro-mechanical elements
Narrow band tunable filter with integrated detector
Internal CD/DVD label printer and electronic ink
Laser scanning microscope system and scanning unit applied to the system
Multi-way LED-based chemochromic sensor
Polymers for orientation and stability of liquid crystals
Method and apparatus for monitoring optical characteristics of thin films in a deposition process
Ferule for optical connector
Illumination device and projector
Bar-code reader and method of reading bar-code
Composition of plasma display panel
Process for preparing crosslinked polymer blends that include a luminescent polymer
Adjustable scissors-action exerciser
Method for controlling output of a classification algorithm
Sulfonamide derivatives
Composition and method for treating carcinoma
3, 5 Disubstituted indazole compounds, pharmaceutical compositions, and methods for mediating or inh...
4-(phenyl-(piperidin-4yl)-amino)-benzamide derivatives and their use for the treatment of pain, anxi...
Cytotoxic agents comprising taxanes and their therapeutic use
Network architecture for communication networks or data networks
Sparse and non-sparse data management method and system
Environmental load calculation system, environmental load calculation method, environmental load ind...
Carboxy resin crosslinkers
Torenia plant named 'Dantorwhite'
Mitigating ignition of fluids by hot surfaces
SnO2 ISFET device, manufacturing method, and methods and apparatus for use thereof
Thin film capacitor, thin film capacitor array and electronic component
Cooking unit with a glass-ceramic or glass panel made of transparent colorless material and provided...
Silicon oxycarbide substrates for bonded silicon on insulator
Method of forming ferroelectric thin films on a high-k layer
Optical fiber preform having barrier layers for hydroxyl (OH) radicals
Optical article comprising a quarter-wave plate and method for making same
Method of manufacturing a diamond composite and a composite produced by same
Antibodies to CD23, derivatives thereof, and their therapeutic uses
Ink jet printer and image printing system as well as printing methods therefor
Communication terminal device
Method and computer program product for reducing colormap flashing
Omnidirectional reading of two-dimensional symbols
Digital camera
Digital camera
Color to black and white converter
Method for black trapping and under print processing
Systems and methods for controlling an image forming system based on customer replaceable unit statu...
System and method for constraint-based document generation
Imaging members
Transfer member and manufacturing method thereof, and image forming apparatus using the same
Touch base user interface service selection icon for a portion of an image processing office machine
Associating data with images in imaging systems
Use of complexes for the preparation of compositions for the treatment of sensitive skin, preparatio...
Depilatory compositions and articles and the use thereof
Non-surfactant solubilizing agent
Water soluble monomers and polymers for protecting substrates from ultraviolet light
Recorded matter, method of producing recorded matter, method for improving image fastness, image fas...
5-Substituted pyrimidine derivatives of conformationally locked nucleoside analogues
Cleaning composition in a concentrated form comprising tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol
Apparatus and method for automatic port identity discovery in hierarchical heterogenous systems
Asymmetric rate feedback and adjustment system for wireless communications
Adaptive resource management in a communication system
Miniaturized antennas based on negative permittivity materials
Trans-admittance trans-impedance logic for integrated circuits
Apparatus, method and system for mobile wireless communication hand-off utilizing ISDN multiway capa...
Method and system for visual network searching
Inhalation device
Lithium cell with mixed polymer system
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device having a multi-bit control function
Nitride semiconductor device
Process for producing vinyl polymer having alkenyl group at end vinyl polymer and curable compositio...
Tackified thermoplastic-epoxy pressure sensitive adhesives
Toner composition and method for manufacturing the toner composition
Optical adhesive polyester film
Acid-capped quaternized polymer and compositions comprising such polymer
Silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material and method of forming a color image
Oil based ink composition for inkjet printer
Water-in-oil type emulson ink for stencil printing
Hemostatic cleansing swab
Well treatment fluid and methods with oxidized polysaccharide-based polymers
Functional poly-α-amino-acid derivatives useful for the modification of biologically active ma...
Method for manufacturing semiconductor thin film
Managing activation of cardholders in a secure authentication program
Methods and systems for analyzing historical trends in marketing campaigns
LETM1: modulators of cellular proliferation
Expression of heterologous genes according to a targeted expression profile
BGL5 β-glucosidase and nucleic acids encoding the same
Method for identifying active anti apoptosis compounds
Networked digital security system and methods
Magnetic resonance imaging device
Delivery system for biological material
Modular protective structure for floor display
Amide derivatives
Manufacture of MEMS structures in sealed cavity using dry-release MEMS device encapsulation
Method of making a papermaking roll cover and roll cover produced thereby
Method of checking authenticity of sheet with built-in electronic circuit chip