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Interactive printer persistent storage provider
Signature capture via interface surface using processing sensor
Method and system for composition and delivery of electronic mail using sensor with identifier
Universal computing device
Method and system for data hiding and authentication via halftoning and coordinate projection
Method and apparatus for capturing an image
Method and system for collaborative document markup using sensor with identifier
Linguistically aware link analysis method and system
Method and system for ensuring system awareness with data base connection on demand
Optimized database appliance
Method and system for searching documents with numbers
Method and system for expanding document retrieval information
Method and system for rowcount estimation with multi-column statistics and histograms
Disc management system
Valve opening-closing timing control device
Variable duration valve timing camshaft
Valve gear with cylinder suspending mechanism of an internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for controlling CVVT of an engine
Electro-hydraulic assembly for controlling engine valve deactivation
Method and apparatus for defining failover events in a network device
Digital audio signal player having a simulated analogue record
Information processing device capable of outputting print data to print device, and control method t...
Image forming apparatus, job processing method, computer program, storage medium, and image forming ...
Printing system including host apparatus and printer
Credit card collect call system and method
System and method for operating a highly distributed interactive voice response system
Coaxial connector with enhanced insulator member and associated methods
Audio hush for entertainment equipment and particularly television receivers
Gaming device having main game activating a bonus event
Wild game call
Wild game call
Method for playing a basketball-type game
Interchangeable modular ball game apparatus
Method and apparatus for monitoring casinos and gaming
Joystick maze
Internal spur gear drive
Internet upstream request compression
System and method for determining harmonic contributions from non-linear loads
Control procedure using a fuzzy logic model of at least one inverse transfer function of a dynamic s...
Advanced schematic editor
Expert system for generating user interfaces
Method of designing forms of cable clamp and cables using three-dimensional CAD system, and computer...
Display method and display apparatus of gene information
System and method for measuring modifying and reporting treatment compliance
Systems and methods for therapeutically treating neuro-psychiatric disorders and other illnesses
HDAC inhibitor
Substituted heterocyclic compounds and uses thereof
Agent for treating Parkinson's disease comprising astrocyte function-improving agent as active ingre...
Bioactive compounds and methods of uses thereof
Combination of an hmg-coa reductase inhibitor and a nitrate ester
Lactacystin analogs
2-Amido-thiazole-based compounds exhibiting ATP-utilizing enzyme inhibitory activity, and compositio...
Composition for preventing treating the xepression of clinical symptom in disease caused by mitochon...
6H-[1]benzopyrano[4,3-b]quinolines and their use as estrogenic agents
Methods and compositions for treatment of central and peripheral nervous system disorders and novel ...
Arylamines for the treatment of conditions associated with gsk-3
Benzyl morpholine derivatives
1,3-Benzothiazinone derivatives, process for producing the same and use thereof
Methods and compositions for treating nociceptive pain
Procyanidin and nitric oxide modulator compositions
Selective dopamin d3 receptor agonists for the treatment of sexual dysfunction
Thiazolo-naphthyl acids
Apparatus and method to access bone marrow
Activity monitoring device and weight management method utilizing same
Novel modulators of the PPAR-type receptors and cosmetic/pharmaceutical compositions comprised there...
Aryloxyalkylamine derivatives as h3 receptor ligands
Use of ppar alpha agonists for the treatment of vascular and renal diseases
Kynurenine 3-hydroxylase inhibitors for the treatment of diabetes by increasing the number of islets...
Amine and amide derivatives as ligands for the neuropeptide Y Y5 receptor useful in the treatment of...
Aryl piperidine derivatives as inducers of ldl-receptor expression for the treatment of hypercholest...
Novel mch receptor antagonists
3-Amino-4-phenylbutanoic acid derivatives as dipeptidyl peptidase inhibitors for the treatment or pr...
Novel substituted arylhexadienoic acids and esters thereof which can be used for thetreatment and pr...
Aryl- and heteroaryl-substituted tetrahydroisoquinolines and use thereof to block reuptake of norepi...
Technique for delivering through a communications network content of entertainment programs, and vid...
Beverage label assembly
Wafer edge inspection data gathering
Integrated circuit having negative differential resistance (NDR) devices with varied peak-to-valley ...
Spatial light modulator with charge-pump pixel cell
Wafer test apparatus including optical elements and method of using the test apparatus
Semiconductor device wiring and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor chip with bumps and method for manufacturing the same
Lid and method of employing a lid on an integrated circuit
Stacked semiconductor device including improved lead frame arrangement
System for integrating a circuit on an isolation layer and method thereof
Isolation structures in semiconductor integrated circuits (IC)
Diode and transistor design for high speed I/O
Storage layer optimization of a nonvolatile memory device
Semiconductor memory with peripheral transistors having gate insulator thickness being thinner than ...
Semiconductor constructions
Monolithic three-dimensional structures
HEMT device with a mesa isolating multilayer film
Nitride semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Light emitting diode device and manufacturing method
Photonic crystal light emitting device
Photo-sensor and method for manufacturing the photo-sensor
Reworkable compositions of oxirane(s) or thirane(s)-containing resin and curing agent
Personalized interactive digital catalog profiling
Shoe sole orthotic structures and computer controlled compartments
Battery-powered air handling system for subsurface aeration
Golf putting stroke training device
Sliding integral proportional (SIP) controller for aircraft skid control
Thrust vectoring a flight vehicle during homing using a multi-pulse motor
Carrying or guiding device for aircraft components
Organizer console
Gas turbine engine haveing a disconnect panel for routing pipes and harnesses between a first and a ...
Ventilated confluent exhaust nozzle
Preparation of polyethylene films
Composite polymeric twist tie
Structure for process belt
Cooled calibrating device for a plastic extrusion facility
Automated board processing apparatus
Thermal dissipation assembly and fabrication method for electronics drawer of a multiple-drawer elec...
Portable electronic device with adaptive sizing
Vacuum cooking apparatus and cooking method using the same
Fluid passages for power generation equipment
Heat transfer fluid based on polyphenylmethanes exhibiting improved thermal stability
Brine supply unit
Ventilating system
Cooling airflow distribution device
Tube structure of multitubular heat exchanger
Heat exchanger
Heat exchanger with increased heat transfer efficiency and a low-cost method of forming the heat exc...
Heat pipe type circular radiator with sector cooling fins
Microchannel heat pipe with parallel grooves for recycling coolant
Method for enhancing mobility of working fluid in liquid/gas phase heat dissipating device
System and method for cooling electronic assemblies
Method and apparatus for cooling electronic components
Finned plate heat exchanger
Bottom supported solar receiver panel apparatus and method
Detonative cleaning apparatus
Coating of cooled devices
Method and apparatus for highly efficient compact vapor compression cooling
A/D converter, battery pack, electronics device and method of voltage measurement
Ramp modulation ADC for imagers
Reinforced implantable medical devices
Nanopowder synthesis using pulsed arc discharge and applied magnetic field
Oral capsule formulation with increased physical stability
Antenna array apparatus and beamforming method using GPS signal for base station in mobile telecommu...
Application program interface for network software platform
Digital-dimming control method and module for dimming operation of a cold cathode fluorescent lamp
Peptides as NS3-serine protease inhibitors of hepatitis C virus
Regulation of endogenous gene expression in cells using zinc finger proteins
Blood lipid ameliorant composition
Fixing device and image forming device
Optical disk drive and recording and reproducing apparatus with magnetic clamping
Drag reducing agent slurries having alfol alcohols and processes for forming drag reducing agent slu...
Modulating the properties of the gain region at spaced locations in an organic vertical cavity laser...
Dilating and support apparatus with disease inhibitors and methods for use
Phosphacyclohexanes and the use thereof in the hydroformylation of olefins
Liquid-crystal display device and light pipe
Dendritic enriched secreted lymphocyte activation molecule
Bleaching compositions and devices having a solid adhesive layer and bleaching gel adjacent thereto
Multiphase aqueous cleansing composition
Decorating system for edible items
Electron-emitting devices, electron sources, and image-forming apparatus
Putamen ovi
Display panel with fluorescent pixels and phosphorescent pixels
Chiral polysaccharide esters, one of the methods for preparing them and their uses for obtaining opt...
Hydraulic cartridge valve solenoid coil for direct mount to a printed circuit board
Spindle comprising a data storage element
System and method for providing programming content in response to an audio signal
Charging cradle for an electro-optical reader
Environment aware services for mobile devices
Replenishment of prepaid accounts during multimedia sessions
Method of billing a communication session conducted over a computer network
Multimedia display device
Vacuum regulating valve
System of secure personal identification, information processing, and precise point of contact locat...
Composition and method for treating hair containing a cationic ampholytic polymer and an anionic ben...
Transmit/receive phased array coil system
Optical waveguide device, manufacturing method thereof, and optical communication apparatus
Portable wireless communication device docking system
Process for the production of (-)-epigallocatechin gallate
Managing a secure environment using a chipset in isolated execution mode
Chromia spray powders
Hyperspectral imaging calibration device
Production process of surfactin
Tissue filler
Conductive polymer sheath on defibrillator shocking coils
Virus induced gene silencing in plants
Vault controller context manager and methods of operation for securely maintaining state information...
Method for controlling information processing system, information processing system and information ...
Method and system for interactively generating and presenting a specialized learning curriculum over...
Trim for light fixture
Iterative probe design and detailed expression profiling with flexible in-situ synthesis arrays
Method, apparatus and system for detecting seismic waves in a borehole
Proximity detection system and method
Computer security system
Omitting forwarder pages in a history list in a browser
Hybrid Tea Rose plant named 'Bronze Sunset'
Camera of flash built-in type
Isolated species of steinernematid nematode and methods of white grub control therewith
Method and system for supporting object oriented programming class replacement
OLEDs having increased external electroluminescence quantum efficiencies
Electromagnetic interference immune tissue invasive system
Percutaneous electrode array
Legged mobile robot and method of controlling operation of the same
Directionally-stabilized waterjet steering apparatus
Energy generating system
Method for underwater transportation and installation or removal of objects at sea
Semi-submersible offshore vessel
Integrated subsea power pack for drilling and production
Boat boarding ramp
Underwater scooter
Oxidized collagen formulations for use with non-compatible pharmaceutical agents
Universal intelligent card for secure access to system functions
Communication transmission impairment emulator
Portable phone with changeable housing and method of assembling the same
Delivery of an instant voice message in a wireless network using the SMS protocol
Mapping text and audio information in text messaging devices and methods therefor
Method for the provision and allocation of call numbers in a telecommunication network
Method for transmitting/receiving caller image information in mobile telecommunications system
Queuing for radio channel availability
Systems and methods for employing "pay-as-you-go" telecommunication services
Communication system
Eyeglasses with wireless communication features
Device and method for connecting a monitored alarm system to telephone lines within a telephone netw...
Computer telephony power supply method and apparatus
Programmable audio alert system and method
System and method for prioritizing contacts
Systems and methods to compare operational statuses of switch feature packages
Location-based forwarding
MTA intercom feature
Sedum plant named 'Garbro'
Method and system for short-to long-term memory bridge
Encoding system combining language elements for rapid advancement
Method and apparatus for learning word pronunciation and spelling using a typeable phonetic alpabet
Viewing and display apparatus position determination algorithms
Assessment tool for training analysis
Method and system for generating a skill sheet
Negative gravity therapeutic methods
Folding portable telephone apparatus
Component based interface to handle tasks during claim processing
Knowledge storage and retrieval system and method
Delivery of compounds for the treatment of Parkinsons through an inhalation route
Methods for hydrogen storage using doped alanate compositions
Thread suspension system and method using trapping instructions
Electro-optic assemblies, and materials for use therein
Apparatus and method for secure distribution of mobile station location information
Method for controlling starting of an engine in a hybrid electric vehicle powertrain
Semiconductor memory device
Configurable directory allocation
Oxygen-doped n-type gallium nitride freestanding single crystal substrate
Diisobutylene process
Conditioning of coupled electromagnetic signals on a lead
Spacer-less field emission display
Crystalline molecular sieves
Data flow pattern recognition and manipulation
Method and apparatus for retrieving and processing data
Portable card reader and card settlement system
Movable robot
Occupant detection and notification system for use with a child car seat
Method and device for dynamic setting of a vehicle component
Front panel of a motor vehicle comprising a bumper beam
Seatbelt device
Engine control apparatus for motorcycles
Power device for an automotive vehicle
Method of activating safety devices utility
System and method for minimizing energy consumption in hybrid vehicles
Motorcycle rear suspension
Rear fairing for a snowmobile
Patient support apparatus having a motorized wheel
Rugged terrain robot
Engine disabler spray system
Methods for packet filtering including packet invalidation if packet validity determination not time...
Authentication device
Light emitting diode array mounted within windmill wing tip
Headphone Antenna Assembly
Pipeline architecture for multi-slot wireless link processing
Shared frequency transmitter
Synchronisation in a receiver
Emission device intended to be coupled with a reception device
Receiving apparatus and method for receiving and processing spread spectrum radio signals
Radio communication apparatus, radio base station, radio network controller, and transmission power ...
Radio system, base station, controller, and method of controlling data transmission
Method and system for providing authentication of a mobile terminal in a hybrid network for data and...
System and method for minimizing guard time in a time division duplex communication system
Hybrid mobile switching center for combined GSM/IS-41 communication
Method, apparatus, and communications interface for sending and receiving data blocks associated wit...
Admission control method, packet radio system and controller
Hot/cold swappable consumer based tuner/demod/fec module
Multi-band antenna system
Variable directivity antenna and variable directivity antenna system using the antennas
Antenna unit and wireless communication apparatus
Antenna system and portable radio device
Printed antenna
Navigation system
ZrO2-Al2O3 composite ceramic material and production method thereof
Very low dielectric constant plasma-enhanced CVD films
Optical disc
Circuit for enabling dual mode safe power-on sequencing
Constant-voltage power supply unit
Supply of a programming current to a pixel
Light emission control device, backlight device, liquid crystal display apparatus, liquid crystal mo...
Method for determining the amount of charge which can be drawn from a storage battery and monitoring...
Voltage regulator with stress mode
Bandgap voltage reference
Wide swing, low power current mirror with high output impedance
Vertically packaged switched-mode power converter
Controller for a power factor corrector and method of regulating the power factor corrector
Switching power source circuit capable of turning off an "off" drive circuit before a drive control ...
Switching regulator control circuit, switching regulator and switching regulator control method
Regulating system
Power converter circuit and associated triggering method for generators with dynamically variable po...
Electronic apparatus capable of effectively using power of an AC/DC adaptor
Charging and discharging control circuit and charging type power supply unit
Method of periodic refresh charging of storage battery packs
Charging circuit for secondary battery
Battery cover assembly having integrated battery condition monitoring
Charger with replaceable signal line for a car
Battery charging control
Using electronic security value units to control access to a resource
Model management system and apparatus
Terminal device and terminal device operation management system and operation management method
Data processing apparatus, data processing method, data reading apparatus, and recording apparatus
Method and apparatus for optimally formatting media key blocks stored on media with high transfer la...
Digital broadcast data receiving apparatus
Layout design system, layout design method and layout design program of semiconductor integrated cir...
Method for modeling integrated circuit yield
Method for the automated generation of a fault tree structure
Data transfer control system
Output area interpretation control
Postback input handling by server-side control objects
Method and system for the optimal formatting, reduction and compression of DEX/UCS data
Network system, device management system, device management method, data processing method, storage ...
Network management system
Distributed policy model for access control
System and method for developing and interpreting e-commerce metrics by utilizing a list of rules wh...
Method and system for encapsulating cells
Method for backup and storage system
System and method for synchronizing multiple database files
Synchronization of databases with record sanitizing and intelligent comparison
System and method for storing and retrieving filenames and files in computer memory
System and methods for inheriting information into a dataset
Web-based strategic client planning system for end-user creation of queries, reports and database up...
Providing XML cursor support on an XML repository built on top of a relational database system
Multiplatform voice over IP learning deployment methodology
Soft tissue model
Orthopaedic demonstration aid
Method for enhancing memory and cognition in aging adults
Method and apparatus for correlating a computer screen, computer keyboard keys, and a user's fingers...
Magnetic art toy
Method and apparatus for providing product information, and computer product
Recognition of scents in fragrances
Story book and play set
System and method for collecting and analyzing behavioral data
Methods, systems and computer program products for creating and delivering prescriptive learning
Method for testing the vibration-resisting strength of building models
Interface device and method for interfacing instruments to medical procedure simulation systems
System and method for a modular obstacle course with variable difficulty
System and method incorporating actionable targeted feedback
Methods for acquiring language skills by mimicking natural environment learning
Learning machine for automatic word recognition based on a carbon pattern
Collapsible motion platform
2-phase pitch detection method and apparatus
Methods and apparatus for combining processing power of MIDI-enabled mobile stations to increase pol...
Disc for use in an apparatus for signal processing and such an apparatus
Apparatus for analyzing an audio signal with regard to rhythm information of the audio signal by usi...
Music apparatus with motion picture responsive to body action
Capo system
Apparatus and method for adjusting stringed musical instruments for fretted and unfretted play
Fall board stopper for keyboard instrument
Compact musical instrument equipped with automatic player
Multi-carrier receiver architecture
FM transmitter and charger assembly for MP3 players with different sizes
Method and system for generating a secure wireless link between a handset and base station
Portable terminal device with built-in GPS
Positioning system, positioning server, base station and terminal location estimation method
Methods and apparatus for utilizing radio frequency spectrum simultaneously and concurrently in the ...
Base station control equipment, mobile station equipment, and radio communication system
Communication method, radio network controller and base node for implementing this method
Method of ranking neighbor cells as candidates for an hand over
Frequency conversion circuit using common local synthesizer
Walking weaver image reject mixer for radio
Radio communication apparatus and its reception timing estimating method
High speed operational amplifier design
Analog power detection for gain control operations
Wireless communication apparatus
Radio receiver apparatus for concurrent reception of voice and related information
Communication system using optical fibers
Method for decoding and of joint equalization of a digital signal protected by a code defined by a t...
Method and apparatus for reducing transmitter peak power requirements
Spatial sound conference system and apparatus
Simulation device
Sound insulation system
System for filtering ultrasonic noise within a fluid flow system
Auxiliary heater arrangement with a muffler
Sound transmitter and speaker
Lightweight acoustical system
Method and system for automated data storage and retrieval
Tagged private information retrieval
License management system
Portable transaction device
Method and system for universal gift registry
Financial instrument filtering system and method therefor
Global electronic commerce system
Methods and systems for managing the distribution of image capture devices, images, and prints
Stock preparation monitoring system and method of same
Generation, distribution, storage, redemption, validation and clearing of electronic coupons
System and method for data collection, evaluation, information generation, and presentation
Supply ordering apparatus
Using radio frequency identification with transaction-specific correlator values written on transact...
Superalloy for single crystal turbine vanes
Industrial robot
Gateway power synchronization
Speech recognition based captioning system
Wide band tuner
Image correction apparatus
Method and device for characterizing or controlling zones of temporal fluctuations of a scene
Method of transcoding and transcoding device with embedded filters
Partition coding method and device
Apparatus and method for manufacturing tilted microlenses
Optical processing
Communication terminal device and lens adapter
Packaged micromirror array for a projection display
Rearview mirror assembly with utility functions
Sign sensitive aperture correction system and method
Focus control apparatus for display
Program restart and commercial ending notification method and system
Video signal processing method and apparatus
Start/stop audio encoder apparatus and method for synchronizing digital audio and video signals
Image processing apparatus and method, program, and recording medium
Image conversion method and image conversion apparatus
Mobile terminal having bookmark function and method for quickly executing the bookmark function
Emergency calling via a cable modem
Communication connecting device capable of reducing a load on an IP network and a data output contro...
Method and apparatus for accessing communication data relevant to a target entity identified by a nu...
Telephony communication via varied redundant networks
Internet facsimile apparatus and internet facsimile communication method
Communication apparatus
Rearview mirror assembly incorporating accessories
Pedigree code enabling authentification through computer generated unbroken chain reflective coding ...
Starsticker vending machine and its information updating method
Method of communicating across an operating system
Method to map an inventory management system to a configuration management system
Rapid graphical analysis of waveforms using a pointing device
Method and device for making a print of a digital image and method of managing digital data
Remotely controlled boot settings in a server blade environment
Method and system for minimizing the length of a defect list for a storage device
Method for locating digital information files
Method for detecting near neutral/low pH stress corrosion cracking in steel gas pipeline systems
Method, apparatus and program for determining growth of trees
Simplified construction site layout method and apparatus
Method for determining the charge of an activated carbon container in a tank ventilation system
Robotic carousel workstation
Method for providing a current location of a wireless communication device
Fixing apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Alignment and deskew device, system and method
Optical disc, reproduction apparatus, and disc identifier selecting apparatus
Optical disc, reproduction apparatus, and disc identifier selecting apparatus
Electric power generator equipment
Sprayable mining liner
Capping and treating a metal-contaminated sediment
In situ immobilization of metals within density variant bodies of water
Method for preventing seismic liquefaction of ground in urbanized area and facilities used in this m...
Retaining wall block system
Jacking method and apparatus
Bag valve
Scalable flash/NV structures and devices with extended endurance
Quantitative determination of analytes in a heterogeneous system
Casting method for producing surface acoustic wave devices
Chrome plated engine valve
Attrition resistant gamma-alumina catalyst support
Titanium oxide and photocatalyst
Manganese, bismuth mixed metal oxide cathode for rechargeable lithium electrochemical systems
Supported catalysts having a controlled coordination structure and methods for preparing such cataly...
Secondary battery cathode active material, secondary battery cathode and secondary battery using the...
Spray drying process for producing anhydrous alkali sulfide
Method of joining ITM materials using a partially or fully-transient liquid phase
Production of tetrabasic lead sulfate from solid state reactions for the preparation of active plate...
Carbon nanotube with a graphitic outer layer
Method and apparatus for preparing aluminum nitride
Molecular sieve SSZ-65 composition of matter and synthesis thereof
Honeycomb structure and method for its manufacture
Synthesis of molecular sieves by hydrothermal treatment with acid
Method for the simultaneous removal of nitrogen oxides and laughing gas from a gas stream containing...
Single stage denitration
Method for deoxygenating ammonia with reduced oxides of iron and manganese
Process for reprocessing spent nuclear fuels by utilizing phenomenon of cocrystallization
Method of making carbon nanotubes on a substrate
Carbon nanotube-containing structures, methods of making, and processes using same
Method and device for achieving optical alignment using laser pulses
Bi-directional transceiver module based on silicon optic bench
Multi DFB laser diode
Structure and manufacturing method for single-wavelength and multi-wavelength distributed feedback l...
Laser module
Laser resonator and adjustment method
Wavelength stabilization module having light-receiving element array and method of manufacturing the...
Laser device, controller and method for controlling the laser device
Optical recording method, optical recording medium and optical irradiating time controlling device
Micro optical pickup head module, method of manufacturing the same and method of manufacturing the o...
Auxiliary light projection apparatus for auto focus detection
Gain-clamped semiconductor optical amplifier using Raman amplification principle
Bichromal and multicolored balls
Laser capture microdissection translation stage joystick
Exposure apparatus and method
Full-color desktop publishing system
Method and apparatus for controlling a variable speed fan in an image forming device
Biopolymer array scanner with real-time saturation detection
Inbred corn line PH714
Hybrid maize plant and seed 37F16
Cotton cultivar DP 546 BGII/RR
Soybean cultivar 0509248
Promoter system and production and use of the same
Modification of plant metabolism
Antibodies to C-C chemokine Receptor 3 Protein
Anticancer agents based on prevention of protein prenylation
Adenovirus vectors specific for cells expressing alpha-fetoprotein and methods of use thereof
Methods and materials for identifying novel pesticide agents
Method for producing monoclonal antibodies
Regulatory sequences capable of conferring expression of a heterologous DNA sequence in endothelial ...
Fusion polypeptide comprising two ligand binding domains
Method of making random array of microspheres using enzyme digestion
Automatic bio-manipulation factory system for manipulating a single cell
Systems and methods for assessing and modifying an individual's physiological condition
Pro1410 polypeptides
Use of substituted 4-amino-1-phenylbutan-2-ol compounds as medicaments
Pyranoindoles for treating glaucoma
[1,4]Diazocino[7,8,1-hi]indole derivatives as antipsychotic and antiobesity agents
Substituted cyclohexane derivatives
Quinoline derivatives
Compounds for the treatment of metabolic disorders
Hydrophobic component free sustained release nicotinic acid compositions for treating hyperlipidemia...
Control of acidosis
Methods and apparatus for remodeling an extravascular tissue structure
Body fluid flow control method and device
Method and apparatus for creating a secure communication channel among multiple event service nodes
Ion channel modulating agents
Acylated piperidine derivatives as melanocortin-4 receptor agonists
Profile-driven data layout optimization
Cuttable illumination device
Image forming apparatus with control adjusting bias output based on recording material surface rough...
Fiberizing bushings and methods of using
Analog circuit power distribution circuits and design methodologies for producing same
Preparation of (meth)acrylic acid
Method for manufacturing liquid crystal orientation film, liquid crystal orientation film, optical f...
Oral hygiene kit with dispensing toothbrush
Interface standard support in modular computer systems
Fibre composite ceramic with a high thermal conductivity
Co-administration of a polysaccharide with a chemotherapeutic agent for the treatment of cancer
Apparatus, method, and program for handwriting recognition
Use of templates for cost-effective secure linking of video stream objects
Circuit breaker including rotary interlock for secondary cover
Substituted 2-amino-3-(2-amino-phenylsulfanyl)-propionic acids
MLL translocations specify a distinct gene expression profile, distinguishing a unique leukemia
Methods and devices for analysis of sealed containers
Fragments of virus protein 2 or 3 of the polyoma virus, used for transporting active ingredients
Polymerization process
Method and apparatus for associating metadata attributes with program elements
Fluorine-free plasma curing process for porous low-k materials
Apparatus and method for total internal reflection spectroscopy
Multi-tiered control architecture for adaptive optical networks, and methods and apparatus therefor
Lilac plant named 'Bailming'
Game apparatus and computer-readable medium
Audio fingerprinting system and method
Delivery of rizatriptan or zolmitriptan through an inhalation route
Data control device using a nonvolatile ferroelectric memory
Circuit and method for current pulse compensation
Fischer-tropsch process
Method and apparatus for extracting anchorable information units from complex PDF documents
Orthopedic foot devices
Flashing shoes
Body for a skate boot
Modular design for a utility shoe component system for women's classical and casual shoes
Composite shoe pad
Automated tightening shoe
Unique systems and methods for fastening footwear
Insole for footwear
Footwear with removable insert
Forced air ventilation system for footwear
Geranium plant named 'Maiden Deep Lavender'
Verbenaceae hybrid named 'Campagna Verde'
Heuchera plant named 'Chinook'
Strawberry plant named 'Saint-Jean d'Orleans'
Cotton event mon 88913 and compositions and methods for detection thereof
Soybean transformation method
Production of transformed plants expressing thyroid stimulating hormone receptor
Method for the production of $g(b)-carotinoids
Modulation of amino acid and sugar content in plants
Method of breeding glyphosate resistant plants
Genetic loci associated with phytophthora tolerance in soybean
Model animals non-responsive to mycobacteria-origin lipoprotein/lipopeptide
Adiponectin-knoucout nonhuman animal
Melusin a muscle specific protein, as a drug target for prevention and treatment of heart failure
Treatment of neurodegenerative conditions with nimesulide
Method for preparing monoclonal antibody
Electronic storefront that limits download of software wrappers based on geographic location
System for managing inactivity in concurrently operating executable applications
Systems and methods for providing security through sessions
Method of manufacturing an optical data storage medium, optical data storage medium and apparatus fo...
Advanced travel management system
Method and apparatus for computer modeling a joint
Systems and methods for processing nucleic acid chromatograms
Methods and systems for guiding selection of chemotherapeutic agents
Method of surface oxidizing zirconium and zirconium alloys and resulting product
Unitary acetabular cup prosthesis with extension for deficient acetabulum
Cap and activation tool
Systems and methods for compartmental replacement in a knee
Systems and methods for compartmental replacement in a knee
Methods and apparatus for conformable prosthetic implants
Intervertebral disc nucleus implants and methods
Expandable interbody fusion device
Vertrebal body placeholder
Radially expanding implants
System and method for spinal fusion
Myringopexy type titanium prosthesis
Covered stent with controlled therapeutic agent diffusion
Insertion tool system for an electrode array
Artificail vision system
Method and apparatus for alleviating register window size constraints
Method and system for data block sparing in a solid-state storage device
Integrated memory and method for setting the latency in the integrated memory
Data backup method and system
Memory control circuit outputting contents of a control register
Arbitration apparatus utilizing mutlilevel priority for reducing memory access time
Caching associative memory using non-overlapping data
Parallel search technique for store operations
Storage system control method, storage system, and storage apparatus
I/O primitives
Storage subsystem having plural storage systems and storage selector for selecting one of the storag...
Method and circuit for adjusting a self-refresh rate to maintain dynamic data at low supply voltages
Systems and methods for addressing memory
Methods and structure for preserving lock signals on multiple buses coupled to a multiported device
Managing the state of coupling facility structures, detecting by one or more systems coupled to the ...
Process and streaming server for encrypting a data stream
Method and apparatus for transitioning a diet
Method for the detection of irradiation treatment of foods
Method of testing food
Coated paperboards and paperboard containers having improved tactile and bulk insulation properties
Hermetically closed container and process for its manufacture
Polyester laminates
Chewing gum or soft caramel and the production method thereof
Process for the preparation of glycinin-rich and beta-conglycinin-rich protein fractions
Animal feed with a soluble fiber and sugar alcohol and method of making and method of feeding
Quality-improving agent for processed cereal foods and processed cereal food using the same
Use of cryogenic cocoa butter for tempering chocolate
Method for producing good-flavor butter milk associated dairy product and dairy processed product
Flour based food product comprising thermostable alpha-amylase
Method for producing baked objects, at least parts of which are a glossy brown
Saturated and unsaturated N-alkamides exhibiting taste and flavor enhancement effect in flavor compo...
Cooking utensil with flavoring infuser
Method for the production of coloured animal or human foodstuffs and corresponding device
Method and device for producing confectionary products
Production of a fermentation product
Vapour scrubbing process and apparatus
Flavor precursor composition and method for releasing the flavor component
Method for making a sandwich
Concertina-shaped casing suitable for edible materials
Weight loss compositions and methods for individuals who may have gastric hyperacidity
Method for sanitizing shells of eggs using electrolyzed oxidizing water
Highchair helper improvements
Device for collecting pet hair
Hygienic and ergonomic breading machine
Pancake mold
Electric wok having food processor with automatic feed
Fork with tine protector guard and method
Cooking apparatus and method of controlling the same
Method of producing lipids by growing microorganisms of the order thraustochyriales
Modulated/composited CVD low-k films with improved mechanical and electrical properties for nanoelec...
Use of poly(dimethyl ketone) to manufacture articles in direct contact with a humid or aqueous mediu...
Whipped yogurt products and method of preparation
Retractable lens system and method of retracting a retractable lens system
Position detecting device
Method and apparatus for adjusting a photo-exposure time
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Surveillance system
Camera with slidable cover
Tripod assembly
Modular shoe
Outsole for sports shoes
Tufted foam insole and tufted footwear
Sealed shoe and process for its production
Articulated welt footwear construction and related method of manufacture
Removable liner and inflatable bladder for snowboard boots and method of manufacture
Treatment of pain by brain stimulation
Optical probe with reference fiber
Methods of catheterization using a dual steer preshaped catheter
Method and apparatus for secondary capture of 3D based images on a picture archival and communicatio...
Dual steer preshaped catheter
Method and system for calibrating a computed tomography system
Circuit board connection structure, method for forming the same, and display device having the circu...
Electrostatic discharge protection apparatus
Magnetic tape and servo writer
Polyvinyl butyral films prepared by coating methods
Electrochemical device, such as an electrically controlled system with variable optical and/or energ...
Device and method for registering, detecting, and/or analyzing at least one object
Device and method for positioning
Method and system for accelerated morphological analysis
Systems and methods for continuous motion registration distribution with anti-backlash and edge smoo...
Automatic parameter estimation extension for variable speed pumps
Image forming apparatus with adjustable toner content in a developing device based on surface layer ...
Vibration monitoring system for gas turbine engines
Reload error compensation method
Interactive orthodontic care system based on intra-oral scanning of teeth
Methods and apparatus for reconstructing an image of an object
System and method for multiple data sources to plug into a standardized interface for distributed de...
Bit field manipulation
Locating, filtering, matching macro-context from indexed database for searching context where micro-...
Use of a unified language model
Method and apparatus for performing routability checking
Online interaction processing
Three dimensional spatial user interface
Dosage forms having a barrier layer to laser ablation
Formulations for the administration of fluoxetine
Collapsible syringe cartridge
Demodulation circuit
Method of receiving GPS signal in a mobile terminal
Selection of coordination geometry to adjust water exchange rates of paramagnetic metal ion-based ma...
Process of preparing delayed-dissolution cellulose ethers
Biological products
Antiviral composition comprising glycine amide
Coumarin endcapped absorbable polymers
Artificial tanning emulsions comprising sorghum extracts/organomodified silicones
Composition for pain mediation and apparatus and method of use thereof
Formulation and delivery method to enhance antioxidant potency of Vitamin E
Process for synthesis of bead-shaped cross-linked hydrophilic support polymer
Composition for the treatment of symptoms and conditions associated with aging
Biochemically balanced peritoneal dialysis solutions
Method for treating a mammal by administration of a compound having the ability to release CO, compo...
Separation of platelets from whole blood for use as a healant
Exchanging and converting document versions
Data processing method, and encoder, decoder and XML parser for encoding and decoding an XML documen...
Dedicated processor for efficient processing of documents encoded in a markup language
Intelligent call platform for an intelligent distributed network architecture
Automated bulk configuration of network devices
Techniques for programming event-driven transactions in mobile applications
Method and apparatus for computing within a wide area network
System for automatically altering environment variable to run proper executable file by removing ref...
Communication analyzing system
Thermal recording material
Signal processing method and apparatus
Ruggedized host module
Magnetic head with yoke and multiple magnetic layers
Composite shared pole design for magnetoresistive merged heads
Spacer ring for disk drive spindle with load/unload feature, latch feature, and tribological overcoa...
Head suspension assembly for hard disk drive
Magnetic head
Method and apparatus for head slider and suspension reducing air flow turbulence about the slider wh...
Thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing same
Sealing glass for magnetic head, magnetic head, and magnetic recording/reproducing device
Method of attenuating airflow disturbances in a hard disk drive with a circumferential motor bracket...
Laminated disc drive base
Disk drive and methods that calibrate micro actuator positioning before seek operations
Recording and reproducing device
Eccentricity control method for magnetic disk, recording medium recording eccentricity control metho...
Disk drive with capacitance sensing of disk vibration and feedforward control for removal of read/wr...
Exposure dose control of rotating electron beam recorder
Writer for head positioning information over recording medium
Disk device and disk medium, in which a plurality of servo cylinders formed concentrically from the ...
System and method for providing a dynamically updating legend
Fluorescent lamp lighting device
Toner regulating system having toner regulating member with metallic coating on flexible substrate
Volumetric effect glass fiber wallcoverings
Faced mineral fiber insulation board with integral glass fabric layer
Controlled cutting of multiple webs to produce roofing shingles
Remote control with local, screen-guided setup
Paraffin dehydrogenation catalyst
Process for the manufacture of thermally stable PVDF
Container transport apparatus for use in manufacturing operations and method thereof
Automotive performance meter
Process for producing shaped bodies comprising fiber-reinforced ceramic materials
Thrombotic episode risk assays using oxidized phospholipids
Fabric care composition and method comprising a fabric care polysaccharide and wrinkle control agent
Filter module
Golf club fixture
Attestation key memory device and bus
Channel protocol for IEEE 1394 data transmission
Systems, methods and devices for in vivo monitoring of a localized response via a radiolabeled analy...
Pilot signals for synchronization and/or channel estimation
Arrangement for fastening heating elements to a furnace
System, device and method for interprocessor communication in a computer system
Microencapsulated fragrances and methods of coating microcapsules
Pineapple plant named 'Honey Gold'
Detection of ligand-antiligand complex formation by electromagnetically detectable bulk property mea...
Variable optical attenuator
Miniature rose plant named 'Poulpah025'
System and method for maintaining a personnel directory
Bronchial flow control devices and methods of use
Organic electroluminescence display device fabricating method of the same
Ferroelectric capacitor hydrogen barriers and methods for fabricating the same
Chromatography columns
Method for the production of 2 =-keto-l-gulonic acid c4-c10 alkyl esters
Rinse agent composition and method for rinsing a substrate surface
Method for separating vitamin K2 from Bacillus bacterium culture
Detection and identification of saxiphilins using saxitoxin-biotin conjugates
Nonwoven fabric of polyester composite fiber
Polyester fiber structures
Phthalocyanine compounds, ink compositions comprising said compounds, and printing process therewith
Method for fast production of cheese curds and cheese products produced therefrom
Extract of buds of cryptomeria japonica d. don
Fine spherical particles with satisfactory molecular orientation, spherical microcapsules comprising...
Live recombined vaccines injected with adjuvant
Malleable protein matrix and uses thereof
Gold thiolate and photochemically functionalized microcantilevers using molecular recognition agents
Radiographic imaging device and radiographic imaging method
Cooled electrical generator
Method for the removal of contaminant metal ions from waste water
Corrosion inhibitors, corrosion inhibiting heat transfer fluids, and the use thereof
Vortex enhanced filtration device and methods
Filtering apparatus, back wash method therefor, filtering device and power plant
Valve unit for pressure exchanger installations
Material for thermal compensation and optical communication device using the material
Thermoplastic resin composition for electrical/electronic contact part and electrical/electronic con...
Methods of producing dental restorations using CAD/CAM and manufactures thereof
Engineered railroad ties
Wick holder and wick assembly for candle assembly
Candle holder with improved air flow
Heat exchange method for melting plate candle
Wick holder magnetic retention means
Heat exchange method for melting plate candle
Fuel delivery method for melting plate candle
Wick holder locking mechanism
Candle assembly and wick holder with improved capillary well for ensuring sustainable relight
Candle assembly and fuel element therefor
Masking material
Oriented composite thermoplastic material with reactive filler
Acoustical sound proofing material and methods for manufacturing same
Methods and systems for making fiber reinforced products and resultant products
Cascaded control of an average value of a process parameter to a desired value
Fast-curing modified siloxane compositions
Garage hook
Radiation-curable aqueous dispersions
Garage hook
Composition for use as sanitary earthenware material, method for production thereof, method for manu...
Cement compositions comprising environmentally compatible defoamers and methods of use
Inorganic-organic composite-treated zinc-plated steel sheet
Use of urea-adjuvated polypeptides for diagnosis, prophylaxis and treatment
Noise removal in multibyte text encodings using statistical models
User defined disk array
Synthesizing a pixel clock with extremely close channel spacing
Method for managing power in a simultaneous multithread processor by loading instructions into pipel...
Latch mechanism for concurrent computing environments
Systems and methods for service and role-based software distribution
Specifying an invariant property (range of addresses) in the annotation in source code of the comput...
Method of designing custom circuit device using scheduling clock cycles
System and method for information technology intrusion prevention
Treatment of retrovirus induced derangements with niacin compounds
Cyclosporins for the treatment of immune disorders
Cyclosporins for the treatment of immune disorders
TNF receptor and steroid hormone in a combined therapy
Isolation and cultivation of microorganisms from natural environments and drug discovery based there...
Invasive cleavage of nucleic acids
β-glucans encapsulated in liposomes
Self-dispersing titanyl phthalocyanine pigment compositions and electrophotographic charge generatio...
Carex plant named 'Treasure Island'
Osteospermum plant named 'Sunny Stephanie'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Yotasha'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Rosy Yovictoria'
Astilbe plant named 'Pink Jewel'
Scoparia plant named 'Suntutuki'
Begonia plant named 'Binos Soft Pink'
Calibrachoa plant named 'USCALI100'
Floribunda rose plant named 'Meipomolo'
Phlox plant named 'Barthirtyfour'
Verbena plant named 'KLEVE03320'
Rhododendron plant named 'Classic Rouge'
Osteospermum plant named 'Oste Lightpur'
Sorbaria plant named 'Sem'
Heuchera plant named 'Royal Velvet'
Osteospermum plant named 'Balserwhit'
Blueberry plant called 'Springwide'
Method of making food products from the thigh of a bird and food products made in accordance with th...
Method for adjusting digital images to compensate for defects on film material
Signal processing system and method
Space heater with area light source
Image replication system having focusing means to receive reflected light through lightguide from sp...
Electronic vehicle toll collection system and method
Sanitary security sock system
Illumination device for vehicle compartment
Light-emitting device and light-emitting display with a polarization separator between an emissive l...
Multidirectional socket assembly for connection with electronic elements extending in different dire...
Backlight module with side fixing frames and assembly methods thereof
Planar light source
Local area network having multiple channel wireless access
System and method for gathering data from wireless communications networks
Mobile wireless telecommunications device
System setting flags based on address types in destination address field of a message to indicate di...
Distance vector extension to the address resolution protocol
Method and apparatus for wireless networking
Dual mode unit for short range, high rate and long range, lower rate data communications
Virtual network solution for SMS message exchange between GSM and ANSI (tia/eia 41) networks
Method for adaptively setting transmission parameters for a random access channel transmission uplin...
HARQ ACK/NAK coding for a communication device during soft handoff
Wireless communication system
Tandem frictional engagement device and automatic transmission mounted therewith
Method to snapshot and playback raw data in an ultrasonic meter
Apparatus and method for performance and fault data analysis
Wind turbine system control
Polarization independent electro-optical device for modulation of light
Multiple grooved x-ray generator
Rotation control circuit, semiconductor integrated circuit, optical disk drive and method for contro...
Information recording medium having a wobbling groove structure
Flat back case for an electrolytic capacitor
Optical pick-up
Display of images with transparent pixels
Interpolation using radial basis functions with application to inverse kinematics
Method and system for generating user-interface output sequences
System and method for a unified composition engine in a graphics processing system
Template architecture and rendering engine for web browser access to databases
Type font
Portion of an image for a display screen
Ergonomic and functionally-efficient one-hand user input interface
System and method for matching a textual input to a lexical knowledge based and for utilizing result...
Server recording and client playback of computer network characteristics
System for delivering recommendations
Methods for driving bistable electro-optic displays, and apparatus for use therein
High conducting thin-film nanoprobe card and its fabrication method
Organic thin film Zener diodes
MEMS-based two-dimensional e-beam nano lithography device and method for making the same
Methods and systems for membrane testing
Oxidant/catalyst nanoparticles to reduce carbon monoxide in the mainstream smoke of a cigarette
Method for manufacturing an electronic component
High-pressure mercury lamp, lamp unit, and image display device
Method for cloning and expression of AcuI restriction endonuclease and AcuI methylase in E. coli
Image forming apparatus and method for preventing local damage of gears and controlling deviation of...
Systems and methods for determining an acoustic and/or thermal characteristic of a target material
Accessible ceiling grid system
Trellis interleaver and feedback precoder
Solid polymer electrolyte membrane, solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell using the membrane and metho...
Integrated traction inverter module and DC/DC converter
Photopolymerizable compositions and flexographic plates prepared from controlled distribution block ...
Tissue liquefaction and aspiration for dental treatment
Stainless steel dental crowns with a polyester/epoxy coating
Process for producing hollow bodies comprising fiber-reinforced ceramic materials
Method of generating space-time codes for generalized layered space-time architectures
Mechanical pressing machine
Phosphor thin film, preparation method, and EL panel
Implanting neural progenitor cells derived for human embryonic stem cells
Methods of treating manure
Optical disk device
Estimation of doppler shift compensation in a mobile communication system
Melted alumina-zirconia ceramic grains, abrasive tools and refractory parts produced from said grain...
Method and apparatus for switching an optical beam between first and second waveguides in a semicond...
Second release phase formulation
Retractable towrope
Solid polymeric electrolytes for lithium batteries
Ferroelectric memory device having a hydrogen barrier film
Magnetic memory cell with plural read transistors
Method for growing group-III nitride semiconductor heterostructure on silicon substrate
Bumped integrated circuits for optical applications
Thallium-free metal halide fill for discharge lamps and discharge lamp containing same
System for organizing an annotation structure and for querying data and annotations
Cryptographic policy filters and policy control method and apparatus
Compositions and methods for stimulating wound healing and fibroblast proliferation
Teledaga mirror
Lens barrel
Zoom lens system
Projection optical system and projecting apparatus provided with same
Method for designing a lens system and resulting apparatus
Display optical system, image display apparatus, image taking optical system, and image taking appar...
Use of a lens array to increase the contrast ratio produced by a LCoS microdisplay
Optical pickup lens, molded optical component, handling method, and mold for optical component
Imaging system and method employing off-axis illumination of an illumination modulator
Image pickup lens and image pickup device
Projection lens
Aperture plate for lithography systems
Multiplexer hardware and software for control of a deformable mirror
Optical cross-connect device
Link quality agent
Optical device with enhanced mechanical stability operating in the extreme ultraviolet and lithograp...
Tunable-wavelength optical filter and method of manufacturing the same
Inverse method for estimating the wave propagation parameters of two dissimilar wave types
Panel antenna array
Plastidial-targeting peptide
Plants with delayed flowering
Insect desiccation resistance genes and uses thereof
Sir2 products and activities
Isolation of nucleic acid
Method for bisulfite treatment
Method for the hydrophobisation of DNA molecules
Novel serine-threonine kinase
Oxime conjugates and methods for their formation and use
Krib polynucleotides and polypeptides and uses thereof in the treatment of metabolic disorders