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Nucleic acid and polypeptide linked to breast cancer and uses therefor
Gene transcription and ionizing radiation: methods and compositions
Oligoribonucleotides for the treatment of degenerative skin conditions by RNA interference
RNAi-based therapeutics for allergic rhinitis and asthma
Immunostimulatory sequence oligonucleotides and methods of using the same
Methods for treating and preventing infectious disease
Processes for the preparation of 6-11 bicyclic erythromycin derivatives
Macrolide compounds endowed with antiinflammatory activity
Method for L-threonine production
Diagnostic assay for type 2 heparin-induced thrombocytopenia
Method for detecting a designated genetic sequence in murine genomic DNA
Apoptosis-associated gene
Human eosinophil-derived basic protein
Random array of micro-spheres for the analysis of nucleic acids
DNA encoding interleukin-B30
Security system for wireless networks
Garbage can
Waste bin
Refuse container
Laundry basket with side compartments
Washing machine
Washing machine
Hose connector door for a floor care appliance
Portable cleaning machine
Washing machine
Washing machine
Drum washing machine
Washing machine
Drum washing machine
Washer dryer combination
Utensil holder for a dishwasher
Dishwasher door
Squirrel feeder
Protective helmet mask
Driving method of display device
Method for saving power in an organic electroluminescent display using white light emitting elements
Image display device
OLED apparatus having improved fault tolerance
Organic EL panel drive circuit
Organic electro luminescence device having multilayer cathode
Organic electroluminescent display
Method of fabricating organic electroluminescence panel package
Organic light emitting materials and devices
Charge transport compounds and electronic devices made with such compounds
Interior rearview mirror system with compass
Propellant formulation
Method and system for accurate visualization and measurement of endoscopic images
Method and apparatus for detecting concealed weapons
Versatile stun glove
Global intelligent remote detection system
Damage control system for ships
Color cathode ray tube with inner shield mounted to the frame of the mask
Color cathode ray tube
Gas-shield electron-beam gun for thin-film curing application
Computer assisted bag screening system
Microwave component heating apparatus
Elastomeric rocket motor insulation
Multi-stage processes for coating substrates with multi-component composite coating compositions
Adjustable caulk dispensing gun
Magnetic transparent conducting oxide film and method of making
In situ recovery from a kerogen and liquid hydrocarbon containing formation
Vapor trapping and controlling container
Plasma assisted catalytic treatment of gases
Anti-intruder security system with sensor network and actuator network
Solar water still
Apparatus, systems and methods for use in three-dimensional printing
Methods and personal protection devices for repelling insects
System and method for sequencing of signals applied to a circuit
High speed memory interface system and method
Dynamic tunnel probing in a communications network
Multiplexing several individual application sessions over a pre-allocated reservation protocol sessi...
System for transmitting local area network (LAN) data frames
Computer systems
Multi-level dither screening on a split arithmetic logic unit processor
Substrate processing apparatus
Method and apparatus to provide for automated process verification and hierarchical substrate examin...
Method and an apparatus of an inspection system using an electron beam
Device and method for aligning sheets
Method and apparatus for optical recording and reproducing with tracking servo reducing track offset
High density porous materials
Dental unit
One chip, low light level color camera
Method of measuring platelet activation
Labeling targeting agents with gallium-68 and gallium-67
Methods for vascular reconstruction of diseased arteries
Flat knitted stent and method of making the same
Method of correcting HERG channel dysfunction
Electronic energy-saving fluorescent lamp of ultra-short chayote-shaped compact type
Mobile robot
Control apparatus for movable robot
Medical examination and treatment apparatus
Handling robot system
Analytical biochemistry system with robotically carried bioarray
Sawing and sorting system
Robot apparatus and method of controlling the behavior thereof
Circuit pattern inspection instrument and pattern inspection method
Abnormality detector of moving robot
Two layer pumpable sound deadener
Portable hemming apparatus and method
System and method for hemming vehicle closures
Robot cleaner
Knife blade
Octagonal ring for a dagger
Knife block
Heterologous production of polyketides
Method for improving the stability of linear DNA in cell-free in vitro transcription/translation sys...
Compound, fluorine-containing polymerizable cyclic olefin compound
Liquid crystal display element, and use of phase difference film used the same for
Digital potentiometer including at least one bulk impedance device
Monitoring method and an optoelectronic sensor
Low power, scalable multichannel high voltage controller
Foot switch pedal controller for a surgical instrument
Integrated volume control and switch assembly
Method for forming thin film and method for fabricating liquid crystal display using the same
Therapeutic exercise system and method for a paralyzed and nonparalyzed neuromusculoskeletal trainin...
Method and device for delivering radiotherapy
Integrated adjustable lumbar support and trim attachment system
Variable valve control apparatus for internal combustion engine and method thereof
Cable tension sensing device
Variable valve operating control apparatus for internal combustion engine and control method thereof
Variable valve operating control apparatus for internal combustion engine and control method thereof
Method and apparatus for reassembling a toner cartridge
Liquid crystal display device with digitizer
System or method for calibrating a radiation detection medium
Motion artifact detection and correction
Medical imaging using patient support pads
Resonator for use in electronic article surveillance systems
Freespace tunable optoelectronic device and method
Cavity resonator having an adjustable resonance frequency
High speed optical element switching mechanism
Radio-frequency antenna for a magnetic resonance system
Two-dimensional optical deflector with minimized crosstalk
Method and device for modulating light with a time-varying signal
Optical heterodyne detection in optical cavity ringdown spectroscopy
Magnetic resonance imaging system using coils having distributed transmission line elements with out...
Coated fibrous pipe insulation system
Acoustical and thermal insulator
Coded modulation method, which takes tailbits and their coding into account
Full sized scattering bar alt-PSM technique for IC manufacturing in sub-resolution ERA
Approach for managing power consumption of network devices
Optical receiver having compensation for Kerr effect phase noise
Method and apparatus for parallel optical interconnection of fiber optic transmitters, receivers and...
Silicon nanotaper couplers and mode-matching devices
Planar optical apparatus for setting the chromatic dispersion in an optical system
System and method for managing computer system resources using command control vectors
Method for producing a poly-1-olefin in the presence of a ziegler catalyst
Tunable thin film capacitor
EL display device and manufacturing method thereof
Fluorine-containing acetophenone derivative, surface layer material containing the same as photo ini...
Modified factor VIII
Electro-optical device and semiconductor circuit
Ceramic substrate for semiconductor production and inspection devices
Tire for heavy load use
Hot isostatic pressing apparatus and hot isostatic pressing method
Starter having rotation restricting structure
Plugging member for a drain port having a portion with decreased thickness and container using the s...
Thermal type flow measuring instrument with mold casing in metal insert
Method for controlling injection of electric injection molding machine
Molded body with projected part, dry mold for manufacturing the molded body, and method and device f...
Method for producing amorphous metal, method and apparatus for producing amorphous metal fine partic...
Honeycomb structure, method for manufacturing honeycomb structure, and exhaust gas purification syst...
Nozzle for injecting sublimable solid particles entrained in gas for cleaning a surface
Method for increasing the permeability of the blood brain barrier
Method and apparatus for preparing microspheres
Ex vivo remodeling of excised blood vessels for vascular grafts
Water-dispersible resin composition for use in boring hole in printed wiring board, sheet comprising...
In vivo assay for identification of antimicrobial agents
Method of making atomic integrated circuit device
Method and apparatus for film deposition
Miniature wideband bias tee
Miniature wideband RF choke
Systems for planar fuel cell interconnect units
Flow fields for fuel cells
Process for the catalytic exhaust gas aftertreatment of engine combustion emissions
Method and apparatus for a combined fuel cell and hydrogen purification system
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
CO2-selective membranes containing amino groups
Gas generation system for a reformer and method for providing a gas flow to a reformer
Control of a hydrogen purifying pressure swing adsorption unit in fuel processor module for hydrogen...
Steam reforming method and apparatus incorporating a hydrocarbon feedstock
Conductive inks for metalization in integrated polymer microsystems
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having first and second insulating films
Method and apparatus for doping semiconductors
Incising apparatus for use in cataract surgery
Load balancing
Increased scalability in the fragment shading pipeline
Forming solder balls on substrates
Data storage with overwrite
Single photon emission computed tomography system
Pneumatic pogo stick
Variable magnetic resistance unit for an exercise device
Continuously variable transmission
Continuously variable transmission
Sprocket assembly for a bicycle
Shift assist apparatus for a bicycle transmission
Systems and methods for propelling a vehicle
Adjustable length suspension fork for a bicycle
Bicycle steering disk brake and stabilizer
High speed bicycle
Automatic transmission with stepless, continuously variable speed and torque ratio
Motorcycle carriage
Fine adjusting structure for bicycle disc-brake system
Adjustable quilting machine
Parallel handle system and method for designing a parallel handle system
Weight-bearing headwear, components thereof, and methods of use
Bicycle stem
Article support rack/stand
Digital video recording/playback system with entry point processing function
Erosion-resistant hydrocyclone liner
Low-resistance contact to silicon having a titanium silicide interface and an amorphous titanium car...
Method of reducing particulates and enhancing burning rate within a combustion chamber
Memory cell having a thin insulation collar and memory module
Process for protecting fiber-reinforced carbon-containing composites against oxidation
Catalyst recovery from light olefin FCC effluent
Channel estimation for wireless systems with multiple transmit antennas
Cutting cylinder for crosscutting a printing material web in a rotary press
Method for engaging and disengaging cylinders
Tool with a sensor chip
Method for producing phosphor having a high brightness
Lead wire attachment method, electrode, and spot welder
Personal computer and scanner for generating conversation utterances to a remote listener in respons...
Programming station generating a program in single language and automation equipment using such a pr...
Prioritized debugging of an error space in program code
Peak power reduction using windowing and filtering
Profiling execution of computer programs
Method and apparatus for performing fast power control in a mobile communication system
Reconfigurable modular microfluidic system and method of fabrication
Non-thermal disinfection of biological fluids using non-thermal plasma
Bioprosthetic cardiovascular valve system
Prosthetic repair of body passages
X-ray radiographic apparatus, X-ray restrictor, and X-ray radiographic method
3,8-Diazabicyclo[3.2.1]octanes and their use in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias
Expandable stent apparatus and method
Inkjet ink, inkjet recording method and production method of inkjet ink
Powder composition for capacitor, sintered body using the composition and capacitor using the sinter...
Methods for computing rolling analyte measurement values, microprocessors comprising programming to ...
Tire with rubber sidewall containing internal electrically conductive rubber strip
Battery and lead-insulating film
Inhalable inhibitors of inflammation in the respiratory tract
Managing links between processor-based systems
Electronic security system for monitoring and recording activity and data relating to cargo
Wireless identification device, RFID device with push-on/push off switch, and method of manufacturin...
Automated prescription and/or literature bagger system and method optionally integrated with automat...
Semiconductor device and process for fabrication thereof
Quinolone carboxylic acid derivatives
Acrylic polymer and charge transport material
Malononitrile compounds and their use as pesticides
Heat transfer device
Surface-treated pigments
Sculptured container with integral handle
MEMS devices with unreleased thin film components
Method and apparatus for analyzing performance of a hydraulic pump
Optical switch cascading system and method with fixed incidence angle correction
Water aerating and dirt collecting assembly for aquarium
Fishing bobbin
Pet ramp
Station for preparing cleaning disinfecting delousing and hydromassaging animals
Apparatus, systems and methods for dulling animal claws
High walled litter box with litter return entry
Self cleaning birdbath
Apparatus and method for rotating avian enclosures
Fishing lure and method of manufacture
Split shot attachment and removal tool
Tear resistant peelable seal for containers
Method for control of temperature-sensitivity of polymers in solution
Compounds for modulating cell proliferation
Detergent bars comprising radiation curable resins
Polycationic peptide coatings and methods of making the same
Implantable medical device communication system
Prosthetic repair fabric
Electrically conductive coaxial guide wire
Attachment mechanism for middle ear prosthesis
Manual control device for a surgical guide
Urine sample collection device
Blood flow measuring apparatus
Methods and apparatus for ultrasonic compound imaging
Noninvasive method of measuring blood density and hematocrit
Image processing apparatus and method, and recording medium
Image data transmitting apparatus and method of controlling same
3D image acquisition apparatus and 3D image acquisition method
Image processing method, an image processing device and a bonding apparatus
Method for inspecting a BGA joint
Image cropping of imaging data and method
Image sensing apparatus and method of controlling image sensing
Image processing method for setting an extraction area, and apparatus and recording medium
System for the automatic analysis of images such as DNA microarray images
Image processing apparatus
Method of image feature coding and method of image search
Image encoding apparatus and method, program code, and storage medium
Image processing scheme
Method and apparatus for coding a digitized original picture and method and apparatus for decoding a...
System and method for performing edge detection in an image
Using multiple documents to improve OCR accuracy
Image sensing system with histogram modification
Method of and apparatus for image processing
Method and apparatus for detection and compensation of PMD parameters in signals transmitted over op...
Optical connection closure having at least one connector port
Method and apparatus for fixing a fiber at the center of a ferrule
Optical device and optical module
Method and apparatus for separating channel signals
Apparatus and method for combining light from two or more fibers into a single fiber
Tunable long period fiber grating structure and fabrication method
System for higher-order dispersion compensation including phase modulation
2×2 optical switching apparatus using photonic crystal structures
Methods for protecting data signals which are being transmitted via optical conductors
Backlight unit and liquid crystal display apparatus
Planar surface illuminator
Adjustable spotlight fitting for fiber optic lighting
Illumination device
Light shield mounting for automotive headlamp
In-grade light fixture with hydraulic isolation
Apparatus for retrofitting a remote control device to a stage lighting fixture
Non-imaging photon concentrator
Datum structure for ensuring alignment with respect to a reflector assembly
Lighting source structure
Rimfire cartridge for a firearm
Reticle for a gunsight or other projectile weapon aiming device
RF welding device
Water treatment device
Fuel cell generation system and method
Fuel cell system with air cooling device
UV absorbing mixture with textile fiber affinity
Fabric detergent compositions
Fabric treatment compositions comprising organically modified particles
Safety glasses with pivoting interchangeable single-lens
Interaction between cyclin D1 and steroid receptor co-activators and uses thereof in assays
Cathepsin cysteine protease inhibitors
Softening laundry detergent
Effervescent cleaning composition comprising surfactant, builder, and dissolved gas
Automatic dishwashing compositions comprising selected nonionic surfactants
Amine reaction compounds comprising one or more active ingredient
Apparatus for dispersing scents into the environment
Method and apparatus for cord attachment
Polyelectrolyte dispensing polishing pad
Process for the selective conversion of alkanes to unsaturated carboxylic acids
Polyamide composition
Optical materials having good ultraviolet absorbability and method for producing them
Abrasion-resistant polytetrafluoroethylene tape
Liquid pigment dispersion and curative agents
Titania nanotube arrays for use as sensors and method of producing
Method and apparatus for ultrasonic sizing of particles in suspensions
Removal of color bodies from polytrimethylene ether glycol polymers
Continuous process for the production of polyamides
Polymer waveguide fabrication process
Water insoluble non-ionic graft copolymers
Hydrolysis resistant polyester compositions and related articles and methods
Multiple component spunbond web
User support
System for increasing realized secure sockets layer encryption and decryption connections
Efficient use of multiple buses for a scalable and reliable high-bandwidth connection
Device and method for improved serial bus transaction using incremental address decode
Host-fabric adapter having an efficient multi-tasking pipelined instruction execution micro-controll...
Downloading a computer file from a source computer to a target computer
System and method for rewriting a media resource request and/or response between origin server and c...
Optical apparatus and lens apparatus
Tensioning or deflection pulley for a belt drive
Rolling bearing unit with shield plate
Rotating speed sensor unit and wheel bearing assembly carrying the same
Fluid dynamic bearing device and motor including the device
Bearing unit and motor using same
Magnetic transfer apparatus and magnetic recording medium
Multiple output node charge coupled device
Encoder and control apparatus for motor
Method for measuring the filling level of a liquid in a cavity having a sub-mm wide opening
Method for producing lysine derivative
Belt and method of marking
Upon a cartridge for containing a specimen sample for optical analysis
Electro-optical device
Blend compositions of an unmodified poly vinyl alcohol and a thermoplastic elastomer
Structure having balanced pH profile
Cell migration inhibiting compositions and methods and compositions for treating cancer
Inhibitors of inducible nitric oxide synthase for chemoprevention and treatment of cancers
Optically pure camptothecin analogues
Estrogenic compounds as anti-mitotic agents
Non-hazardous oxidative neutralization of aldehydes
Method for nitrating aniline derivatives
XML input definition table for transforming XML data to internal format
System for securely configuring a field programmable gate array or other programmable hardware
Controlling with rights objects delivery of broadcast encryption content for a network cluster from ...
Hardware-based software authenticator
Licensing the use of software on a particular CPU
Application and device user verification from an operating system-based authentication service
System and method for controlling data access using security label components
Deploying and receiving software over a network susceptible to malicious communication
System and method for using address bits to affect encryption
Deploying and receiving software over a network susceptible to malicious communication
Deploying and receiving software over a network susceptible to malicious communication
Centralized enterprise security policy framework
Methods and systems for structuring asynchronous processes
Determining a capacity of a grid environment to handle a required workload for a virtual grid job re...
Call stack capture in an interrupt driven architecture
Apparatus and method for linear dead store elimination
Increasing data locality of recently accessed resources
Calling non-public types
Fast source file to line number table association
Method to use an alternate I/O debug path
Creation and management of content-related objects
Data processor architecture employing segregated data, program and control buses
Gap forming pattern fracturing method for forming optical proximity corrected masking layer
Substrate contact analysis
Integration of amorphorous silicon transmit and receive structures with GaAs or InP processed device...
Method and arrangement for contactless determination of geometric and optical characteristics
Battery operated warning sensor
Framing system for solar panels
Methods and products to protect against root intrusion and plant and root growth
DC—DC converter and device for operation of a high pressure discharge lamp using the converter
Soft switching converter using current shaping
Combined AC-DC to DC converter
Forward converter with controlled reset
Method for operating a switching converter and drive circuit for driving a switch in a switching con...
Converter with integrated active clamp circuit and bias circuit
Method for controlling SRM switching angle by analog encoder system
Photoelectric converter method for driving photoelectric converter and system having photoelectric c...
Remediation with ozone of sediments containing organic contaminants
Pool skimmer assembly
Rainwater surface drain
Rotating perforated cylinder treatment system
Red blood cell processing systems and methods which control red blood cell hematocrit
Vessel head-flush process
Process for recycling mixed liquor with dual-use jet recirculation pumps to provide highly efficient...
Disposable vacuum filtration funnel with integral prefilter
Filtering device having filter bag seal
Microporous filter media, filtration systems containing same, and methods of making and using
Wastewater separator and method of using same
Water treatment system
Water pollution trap with water flow baffles
Blood product transfer system
Ear wax guard
Method for the operation of a hearing aid device or hearing device system as well as hearing aid dev...
Hearing device system with behind-the-ear hearing aid devices fashioned side-specific
Electrical apparatus with synthetic fiber and binder reinforced cellulose insulation paper
Treatment for improving cellulose insulation
Treatment for improving cellulose insulation
Cellulose insulation with pest control protection
Method for producing cellulose insulation materials using liquid borate fire retardant compositions
Use of netting material to support cellulose insulation in framed walls during construction
Method for producing cellulose insulation materials using liquid fire retardant compositions
Fire-retardant cellulose insulation and method of production
Fire-retardant cellulose insulation and process for making same
Apparatus for processing cellulose insulation
Apparatus for making cellulose insulation
Fire-retardant agent for treating cellulose insulation, method of preparing the agent, and method of...
Cellulose insulation storage bin with improved debridger
Machine for making cellulose insulation
Loose fill cellulose insulation material packing machine
Spray insulation shield apparatus and application method
Spray insulation components
Fiberglass spray insulation system and method with reduced density
Sensor utilizing attenuated total reflection
Spectral analysis with evanescent field excitation
Optical instrument, in particular an endoscopic instrument
Blood processing system
Low profile d.c. brushless motor for an impeller mechanism or the like
Micro paddle wheel pump for precise pumping, mixing, dispensing, and valving of blood and reagents
Positive displacement pump with a combined inertance value of the inlet flow path smaller than that ...
Blower unit for air conditioner
Pump system with vacuum source
Fan, fan guard and related method
Tube pump, discharge recovering apparatus and ink jet recording apparatus
Sealing elements for compressor valves
Hybrid two cycle engine, compressor and pump, and method of operation
Power head secondary containment leak prevention and detection system and method
Compressor wheel assembly
Exhaust-gas turbocharger
Computer system with debug facility
Method and apparatus for interactive program suggestion
Broadcast receiver, broadcast control method, and computer readable recording medium
Cartridge for miniature optical data storage disc
Method for segmentally deinterleaving a data signal
Computer system with selectively available immutable boot block code
Mechanism and method for reducing pipeline stalls between nested calls and digital signal processor ...
Function-variable type digital signal processing apparatus, and method of and program for controllin...
Audio limiting circuit
Apparatus and methods for optically inspecting a sample for anomalies
Multiple directional scans of test structures on semiconductor integrated circuits
Heterojunction bipolar transistor having non-uniformly doped collector for improved safe-operating a...
Card carrier and display package
Communications headset
Microphone capsule support
Multiple fluorescent natural dye compound from a marine organism and method of use thereof
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with toner amount selection feature
Method and device for sending and receiving digital images using an image watermark for decoding
Image forming apparatus utilizing T.33 protocol to include both extensions and secondary phone numbe...
Image sensing apparatus, method, memory involving differential compression of display region based o...
Image pickup system with color space conversion
Electronic camera and electronic camera system
Image processing method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for making welded large pipes
Semiconductor device formed on (111) surface of a Si crystal and fabrication process thereof
Graphical interface to display mold assembly position in a lens forming apparatus
Gelling agent and production method thereof
Method of manufacturing an electroluminescent device
Pressurized microfluidic devices with optical detection regions
Glass substrate for data recording medium and manufacturing method thereof
Display, method of manufacturing display and apparatus for manufacturing display
Display panel and liquid crystal display including signal lines
Matrix display device, matrix display driving method, and matrix display driver circuit
Color display device and color display method
Display device having light blocking layer, and electric device
Organic electroluminescence display panel including cell gap and method of fabricating the same
Image printing method, image printing apparatus, and image printing system, as well as label produci...
IC device having a transistor switch for a power supply
Quantification of carnitine levels in dialysis patients
Display strip
Method for producing wiring substrate
Liquid vapor delivery system and method of maintaining a constant level of fluid therein
System and method for teaching writing using microanalysis of text
Color processing method, and system with coverage restriction
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Naphthalene tetracarboxylic diimide dimers
Low thermal mass, variable watt density formable heaters for printer applications
Sound generator circuit pre-filter system and method
Process and device for representative sampling
System and method for presentation of room navigation
Method and apparatus for rendering a low-resolution thumbnail image suitable for a low resolution di...
Motor drive
Skin cleansing composition comprising a quaternized lanolin
Effective soft solid personal care product
Fluid dispensing device
Container for dispensing a heated fluid
Assembly for securing and sealing a dispenser including a decorative collar to a flanged container
Method and apparatus for intra-layer transitions and connector launch in multilayer circuit boards
MIMO systems having a channel decoder matched to a MIMO detector
Walsh code allocation/de-allocation system
Wafer supported, out-of-plane ion trap devices
Apparatus and method for the treatment of an upper airway flow limitation
Quality control for cytochemical assays
Immunomodulating dimers
Analogues of lipopolysaccharide-binding protein (LBP)-derived peptides that efficiently neutralize l...
High speed low power magnetic devices based on current induced spin-momentum transfer
Method of etching substrates
Method and apparatus for routing
Method and apparatus for propagating cost functions
Method, program, and apparatus for designing a semiconductor device
Post processor for optimizing manhattan integrated circuits placements into non manhattan placements
Delay diagnosis method for semiconductor integrated circuit, computer program product for diagnosing...
Synthesis strategies based on the appropriate use of inductance effects
Contrast based resolution enhancing technology
System chip synthesis
High data rate differential signal line design for uniform characteristic impedance for high perform...
Adhesive microstructure and method of forming same
Three-dimensional optical memory
Method of making a mascara composition comprising a polyamide polymer and at least one inert filler
Disposable finger sleeve for appendages
Method and structure for a pusher-mode piezoelectrically actuated liquid metal switch
Method for the removal of an imaging layer from a semiconductor substrate stack
Maximum/minimum thermometer
Display panel and system using a hologram pattern liquid crystal
Device and method for adjusting view range of vehicular monitoring device
Compositions and methods for producing and using homogenous neuronal cell transplants
Method for reading information that has been embedded in an image
Watermark detection utilizing regions with higher probability of success
Dedicated bandwidth data communication switch backplane
Method and system for delivery of mail using coded marks
Rotational thermophoretic drying
Method of and device for caching digital content data
Method and apparatus for enhanced multiple coil imaging
Imaging nmr method and nmr device
Circuit arrangement for transferring signals from local MR coils to evaluation units
Balun arrangement and an installation method thereof for a magnetic resonance apparatus
Nuclear magnetic resonance system
Systems, methods and apparatus for specialized magnetic resonance imaging with dual-access conical b...
Tire sidewall
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Progressive tire tread wear indicator
Reduced noise multi-ribbed power transmission belt
Pneumatic tire with specified carcass ply turn-up
Tire tread including spaced projections in base of groove
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire with tread of natural rubber-rich rubber composition
Mold and method of molding annular tread
Two-piece tire with improved tire tread belt and carcass
Head for golf club
Method and apparatus for providing a dynamic speech-driven control and remote service access system
High-specific-gravity EPDM composition, dynamic damper made from the composition, tennis racket with...
Scheduling mechanisms for use in mobile ad hoc wireless networks for achieving a differentiated serv...
Method of manufacturing strip of unvulcanized rubber compound
Method of producing an article of footwear with temperature regulation means
Nanoclimate clothing and apparel
Side element of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Footwear portion
Footwear upper
Footwear upper portion
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear heel
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Engine shut-down for engine having adjustable valve timing
Valve timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine and control method thereof
Camshaft adjuster
Valve timing adjusting device
Variable timing device for reciprocating engines, engines comprising same and distribution and turbo...
Apparatus for controlling valve actuation in internal combustion engine
Baby bottle combined with musical teddy bear
Method for communicating structured information
Image processing apparatus, program and recording medium
Text/image storage device, image reading device, and image forming apparatus
Image processing device, image processing system, job processing method, storage medium, and program
Architecture and interconnect scheme for programmable logic circuits
Universal mobile phone adapter method and system for vehicles
Call programming apparatus and method
Method and system of providing caller identification with name
Gaming device having independent bonus reels
Apparatus for cooling fluids
Medicinal compositions containing vitamin k's as nerve growth factor potentiator and utilization the...
Amide compounds for the potentiation of cholinergic activity
D-methionine formulation with improved biopharmaceutical properties
Methods for treating ocular diseases via introxide and or polyhydroxy acid containing compounds
Urotensin II receptor agents
Therapeutic methods employing PAI-1 inhibitors and transgenic non-human animal for screening candida...
Jnk inhibitor
7-Amido-isoindolyl compounds and methods of their use
Propanamine derivatives as serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors
N-benzyl-3-phenyl-3-heterocyclyl-propionamide compounds as tachykinin and/or serotonin reuptake inhi...
Use of papaverine-like vasodilator and pharmaceutical composition
[1,2,4] Triazolo[1,5-c]pyrimidine derivatives
Azaindole kinase inhibitors
Severe sepsis preventive therapeutic agent
Urinary catheter device with a pharmaceutically active composition
Substituted 4-(4-piperidin-4-yl-piperazin-1-yl)-azepane derivatives and their use as neurokinin anta...
Compositions comprising ubiquinones
Methods for screening, studying, and treating dissorders with a component of mercurial toxicity
Chemically modified oligonucleotides
Valved tissue augmentation implant
Transformable tissue bulking device
Methods for soft tissue augmentation
Treatment of the autonomic nervous system
System and method for treating ischemic stroke
System and method for treating ischemic stroke
System and method for treating ischemic stroke
Intragastric volume-occupying device
Systems and devices for soft tissue augmentation
Non-curling polyhydroxyalkanoate sutures
Biological interface systems with wireless connection and related methods
4-((phenoxyalkyl)thio)-phenoxyacetic acids and analogs
Novel formate salt of O-desmethyl-venlafaxine
Novel compounds that inhibit factor xa activity
Thiophene-carboxamide derivatives and their use as inhibitors of the enzyme ikk-2
Combination of antidiabetic drugs
4-((phenoxyalkyl)thio)-phenoxyacetic acids and analogs
Composition having autonomic nerve modulating activity and method of use thereof
Multi-colored electroluminescent filament and method for manufacturing the same
Input apparatus and method for configuring hot key of computer game
Toy bowling pin with sounding and lighting effect
Computer stress relief method and device
Movable toy and movable toy set for the same
Interchangeable panel, modular display system
Vector toy
Toy wheel
Multi-player card game and method of playing the same
Board game with movable neutral playing pieces
Magnetically attractable components for self-sizing jewelry articles
Toothbrush assembly with sound generating function
Entertainment vest with straps and toys
Audio and video storage broadcast media system
Fault diagnosis
Data cells and data cell generations
System and method for identifying useful content in a knowledge repository
Learning device interaction rules
Methods and systems of classifying multiple properties simultaneously using a decision tree
Artificial neurons including weights that define maximal projections
Self-designing intelligent signal processing system capable of evolutional learning for classificati...
Probability estimate for K-nearest neighbor
Reverse caching for residential end-users to reduce usage of access links to a core communication ne...
Method and apparatus for evolutionary design
Method for boosting the performance of machine-learning classifiers
Event based system for use within the creation and implementation of educational simulations
Performance assessment of data classifiers
Model-free adaptive control of quality variables
System and method facilitating pattern recognition
Apparatus for managing a device, program for managing a device, storage medium on which a program fo...
Electronic mail system
Method and apparatus for reducing access delay in discontinuous transmission packet telephony system...
Voice site personality setting
Open architecture for a voice user interface
System method and computer program product for transferring unregistered callers to a registration p...
Method and system for evaluating automatic speech recognition telephone services
Method and system for modeling near end crosstalk in a binder group
Hingeless mobile station
Mobile radio terminal
Portable information apparatus for displaying information in a folded state
System and methods of dynamic load balancing across processor nodes
Test system for mobile communication terminal in which result of connection-transition test can be d...
Magnetic hinge apparatus
Telephone with cantilever beam type cradle and handset cradled thereon
Circuit board capacitor structure for forming a high voltage isolation barrier
System and method for performing echo cancellation for non-linearities
Method and apparatus for non-linear processing of an audio signal
Digital echo cancellation device
Method for automatically switching telephone system to an on-hook state
Emergency call load management for call centers
Method and apparatus for secure content delivery over broadband access networks
Intrusion detection system using self-organizing clusters
Method and system for maintaining network activity data for intrusion detection
System and method for administering security in a corporate portal
System and method for interfacing a radiology information system to a central dictation system
Combined image views and method of creating images
Integrated verification and manufacturability tool
Graphical user interface including palette windows with an improved search function
Automatic correlation method for generating summaries for text documents
E-service to manage contact information and signature ECards
Systems and methods for remote tracking of reboot status
Apparatus and storage system for controlling acquisition of snapshot
Method and circuit to accelerate IPSec processing
Mechanism for proxy management of multiprocessor virtual memory
Generalized architecture for automatic storage configuration for diverse server applications
Disk array device and remote copying control method for disk array device
Implementation of a content addressable memory using a RAM-cell structure
Virtual controller with SCSI extended copy command
System and method of accessing and transmitting different data frames in a digital transmission netw...
Instant messaging architecture and system for interoperability and presence management
Method and system for multilingual web server
Ferrocenyl ligands and method for the production of such ligands
Medium oil for slurry-bed reaction process and process of producing dimethyl ether
Lube base oil composition
High-activity isomerization catalyst and process
Isolation of carotenoid crystals
Synthesis of silicoaluminophosphates
System and process for pyrolysis gasoline hydrotreatment
Hydrate-based desalination/purification using permeable support member
Method for producing propylene from methanol
Kalanchoe plant named 'KJ 2001 0934'
Angelonia plant named 'Balangpurup'
Ficus plant named 'Belize'
Primula plant named 'Kerbelbut'
Azalea plant named 'YBAZ1885'
Physocarpus plant named 'Mindia'
New Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Balcelipurt'
Interspecific tree named 'Plumsweet V'
Scaevola plant named 'Improved Pink Fanfare'
Schefflera plant named 'Norma Jean'
Aster plant named 'Yodaydream'
Primula plant named 'Kerbelnec'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Dekfullham'
Mandevilla plant named 'Sunmandetomi'
Betula plant named 'Shiloh Splash'
Phlox plant named 'Sunphlopin'
Lily plant named 'Mount Dragon'
Carnation plant called 'CFPC Beleza'
Petunia plant named 'Sunpurple'
Senecio plant named 'Susenerabu'
Anthurium andreanum plant named 'Anthbondem'
Portable recordable media anti-theft system
Image recording apparatus and image processing method therefor
Identity-based-encryption messaging system with public parameter host servers
System and method for interfacing multiple electronic devices
Signal processing method and apparatus, signal reproducing method and apparatus, and recording mediu...
System and method for enterprise authentication
Multimedia watermarking system and method
Secure communications network with user control of authenticated personal information provided to ne...
Method and apparatus for updating a subscriber identity in a mobile communication device
Code exchange protocol
Secure ephemeral decryptability
Encrypting a digital object on a key ID selected therefor
Data decryption system
System and method for storing and accessing digital media content using smart card technology
Multiple level access system
Multiple cryptographic key precompute and store
Key matrix system
System and method for assisting the buying and selling of property
Method of and system for labeling containers of prescribed medicine
Smart documents
Method of conducting business including making and selling a custom article of footwear
Thermoplastic elastomer composition
Golfing aide system
Two piece balanced golf ball
Golf club with replaceable heads
Golf club head
Golf putter
Temperature measuring device
Pitch-based carbon foam heat sink with phase change material
Method and system for optimizing torque in a CMG array
Traction kite design
Cockpit security door/restroom
Anti hijacking system
System for aiding control of the deceleration of an aircraft moving over the ground
Variable position intake for an aircraft mounted gas turbine engine
Dual action inlet door and method for use thereof
Aircraft lightning strike protection and grounding technique
Low-drag rotor/wing flap
Unmanned airborne reconnaissance system
Unattended ground sensor assembly
Melt-moldable thermoplastic norbornene resin composition and molded article and optical film both co...
Metal member to be cast-wrapped
Radiating structural body of electronic part and radiating sheet used for the radiating structural b...
Cooling fluid pump and electric apparatus, such as personal computer, provided with the pump
High efficiency counter-flow shelf cooling system
Spray booth
Automated air flow system and method
Low noise level HVAC system having displacement with induction
Method and apparatus for individually cooling components of electronic systems
Air conditioner for vehicle
Vehicle air conditioner with hot-gas heater cycle
Organic matrices containing nanomaterials to enhance bulk thermal conductivity
High temperature heat exchanger structure
Round plate heat exchanger with improved heat exchange properties
High pressure fluid cooler
End plate for heat exchangers, heat exchanger having the same, and manufacturing method thereof
Heat dissipation device
Integrated liquid cooling system for electrical components
Sintered grooved wick with particle web
End surface structure of heat pipe
Heat pipe evaporator with porous valve
Flexible loop thermosyphon
Charge-domain A/D converter employing multiple pipelines for improved precision
Minimized SAR-type column-wide ADC for image sensors
Multiphoton curing to provide encapsulated optical elements
Conductive oligomers attached to electrodes and nucleoside analogs
Skeletal reconstruction cages
Process for effecting mass transfer between a liquid phase and a gaseous phase
Propionic acid derivatives
System and method for activating a rendering device in a multi-level rights-management architecture
Communication with non-flickering illumination
Race condition detection and expression
Integrated circuit receiver available for infrared or ultrasonic transmission with digital filtering
Electrokinetic delivery system for self-administration of medicaments and methods therefor
Sensing artifact reduction for cardiac diagnostic system
Apparatus to collect used toner in a laser printer
Method and apparatus for analyzing a distribution
Roofing component adhering assembly and method
Low emission formaldehyde resin and binder for mineral fiber insulation
Combined liquid foam stop and insulator for a tank assembly
Data transmission over multiple upstream channels within a cable modem system
Cameras having film unit dependent demonstration mode image deletion and methods
Method and device implementing a seamless user/service reservation network
Cartridge having a power source and electrode pad for defibrillator having a rechargeable battery
Solvent free low-melt viscosity imide oligomers and thermosetting polyimide composites
Process for preparing polyether polyols
Liquid crystal display including O-type and E-type polarizer
Optical-based sensing devices
Description of an inorganic polymer "electret "in a colloidal state along with the method of generat...
Method and apparatus providing decentralized, goal-orientated adaptive learning in an adaptive ortho...
Thermal fixing device and image forming apparatus
Quality evaluation method and apparatus for non-bran rice
Shoe press belt
Statistical methods for analyzing biological sequences
Quantum optical semiconductor device
Self-aligning handheld tapping tool
Wireless circuit assembly and apparatus for securing card edge connectors therein
Clearinghouse server for internet telephony and multimedia communications
Method of searching multimedia data
Method and apparatus for a reconfigurable multi-media system
Method for providing a terminal with coded still image signals, communications system, network eleme...
Gateway for processing wireless data content
Multimedia call center
Backlight controlled closeup photographing system
Risk Reduction teaching modules
DVD multimedia player
Method and apparatus for removing redundant information from digital documents
Carriageable multimedia player
Pilot-controlled electromagnetic valve
Sorting machine for diverting an article from an article stream
Methods to make a surface covering having a natural appearance
System enabling user access to secondary content associated with a primary content stream
Dog leash for use on bicycle
Developing assembly featuring a developer-carrying member having specified ranges of deformation and...
Antibodies to the protein product encoded by ORF3 of the TRP-1 gene and compositions and kits thereo...
Hydrophobic particulate inorganic oxides and polymeric compositions containing same
Gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor antagonists and methods relating thereto
Characterizing biological stimuli by response curves
Polynucleotides encoding human persephin and related growth factors
Non-invasive determination of direction and rate of change of an analyte
Methods and apparatus for cementing drill strings in place for one pass drilling and completion of o...
Lectin protein prepared from Korean marine crab Philyra pisum, process for preparing the same and th...
Rate-reducing membrane for release of an agent
Calculating apparatus having a plurality of stages
Cycloolefin addition copolymer and optical transparent material
Use of a polysaccharide excreted by the Vibrio diabolicus species in bone repair
Biodegradable, thermoplastic molding materials
Solid electrolytic capacitor
System and method for real time insertion into video with occlusion on areas containing multiple col...
Substituted pyrimidinones and pyrimidinthiones
Male-female electrode joint
Magnetophoretic display panel
Interactive try-on platform for eyeglasses
Method and apparatus for destroying dividing cells
Variable disposition wide band multi-way loudspeakers
Singing voice synthesizing apparatus, singing voice synthesizing method, and program for realizing s...
Autofocus using a holographic aperture element
Entomopathogenic nematode for control of insect pests
Ionic pre-concentration XRF identification and analysis device, system and method
System and method for fetal brain monitoring
Collaborative integration of hybrid electronic and micro and sub-micro level aggregates
Capsular polysaccharide adhesin antigen, preparation, purification and use
Dispensing apparatus for dispensing tickets in reponse to an event
Arrangement for damping of structural resonance
Use of inactivated immunosuppressive or angiogenic immunogenic proteins for producing secretory IgA'...
Aerosol dispenser assembly having low volatile organic compound (VOC) content
Delivery of antiemetics through an inhalation route
Regenerative bipolar fuel cell
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery including vinylene carbonate and an antioxidant in the elec...
Digital television application protocol for interactive television
Method and apparatus for facilitating the providing of content
Collision avoidance with active steering and braking
Digital broadcasting receiver and method of controlling the same
Method for conditionally updating or inserting a row into a table
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Method for decreasing the processing capacity required by speech encoding and a network element
Method and system for enabling energy efficient wireless connectivity
Method and apparatus for fastening steel framing with self-locking nails
Compositions of polypropylene and polyamide
Updating radio network data in an IP base station using an IP message
Identifying a recommended portfolio of financial products for an investor based upon financial produ...
Method for controlling a vehicle
Control system for hybrid vehicle
Apparatus installing device for mobile body
Drive assembly for a track-type vehicle
Industrial vehicle
Clutch pedal designed to equip a motor vehicle
Motor operated power steering device
Steering system for vehicle
Body structure of forklift truck
System and method for minimizing injury after a loss of control event
Seat belt latch sensor assembly
Frame assembly for snowmobile
Automotive drive assistance system and method
Battery holding structure for vehicle
High-voltage energy regulated conversion circuit
Braking apparatus for a patient support
Front part of a motor vehicle having a fender unit
Power output apparatus and method of controlling the same
Security device
Promotional materials within digital cinema data stream
Determining sharpness predictors for a digital image
Radio frequency identification tag lock and key
Recommendation of media content on a media system
Cellular radio telecommunications terminal, a system, a method, a computer program and a user interf...
Transportation management system, transportation management method, communication sheet, and communi...
Audio signal identification method and system
RF wireless communication for deeply embedded aerospace systems
Treatment of tissue in sphincters, sinuses, and orifices
Method for acquiring electromagnetic signals and contrast product therefor
Method and apparatus for wet contact detection in a portable communication device
Transmitting apparatus receiving apparatus radio communication method and radio communication system
Radio communication system, communition terminal device, base station device, and radio communicatio...
Method for logging in a mobile terminal at an access point of a local communication network, and acc...
Method for dynamically adapting radio signal strength threshold level in a subscriber radio based up...
Methods of operating radio communications devices including predefined streaming times and addresses...
Providing services in communications networks
Location updating in communications networks
Radio receiver
Integrated radio frequency module
Apparatus and method for pulse measurement
Low cost planar double balanced mixer
Communications cable
Process for the production of nan-sized zeolite A
Hub that can supply power actively