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Battery capacity and usage system
Self-identifying integrated circuits and method for fabrication thereof
Transconductance amplifier with multi-emitter structure for current balance in a multi-phase regulat...
Self-regulating low current watchdog current source
High voltage floating current sense amplifier
Semiconductor device with a negative voltage regulator
JFET switch select circuit
Control of a power factor corrected switching power supply
Power switching circuit with current sharing capability
Current-limiting circuitry
Circuit and method for supplying an electrical a.c. load
Efficiency improvement of DC-DC converter
Automatic voltage regulator with function for suppressing overshoot
Battery control apparatus
Portable power tool and power supply combination
Booster pack with storage capacitor
Light emitting diode driver circuit and method
Power regulator for power inverter
Variable speed wind turbine having a passive grid side rectifier with scalar power control and depen...
Vehicle-mounted electric generator control system which selectively supplies regenerative field curr...
Disk cartridge with inner shell supported for rotation in guide groove formed in an upper shell
Disc recording and/or reproduction apparatus
Multi-processor system, data processing system, data processing method, and computer program
System and method for processing information, and recording medium
Arithmetic apparatus and arithmetic method
Receiving apparatus and method, sending apparatus and method, recording medium, and communication sy...
Network conferencing system, equipment management method and data presentation method
Method and apparatus for storing different types of data on the same storing medium
Data recording/reproduction apparatus and data recording/reproduction method
Optical transmitter-receiver and optical fiber
Block area wavelet transform picture encoding apparatus
Speaker apparatus
Encoder and decoder
Channel decoder for a digital broadcast receiver
Contactless IC card system
Quasi-differential modulation/demodulation method for multi-amplitude digital modulated signals and ...
Apparatus and method for use in providing dynamic bit rate encoding
Semiconductor laser device
Transmitting method transmitting system and transmitter
Method for recording and/or reproducing data on/from recording/recorded medium, reproducing apparatu...
Method of controlling the program selection at the receiver of a broadcast medium
System and method for asynchronously reading data across secure sockets layer sessions
Authenticating user access to a network server without communicating user authentication cookie to t...
System and method for network security
System and method for restricting data transfers and managing software components of distributed com...
System and method for passive detection and context sensitive notification of upgrade availability f...
System and method of changing attributes of an image-based product
System for scheduling the servicing of equipment
Portable locator system and method
Hybrid wireless access bridge and mobile access router system and method
Mobile communication device and data communication method using the same
Mobile network domain having a voice capable serving GPRS support node
Remote internet telephony device
Extendable call agents simulator
Packet switching apparatus
Seismic sensor
Deep penetrating focused array
Seismic data acquisition system using acquisition stations set on the sea bottom
Cylinder assembly for compressors, compressor with the cylinder assembly, and apparatus having refri...
Method for manufacturing an ear device and ear device
Wireless communication module
Electronic device with digital camera for general-purpose photography and fingerprint sensing
Imaging apparatus
Camera that downloads electronic images having metadata identifying images previously excluded from ...
Image processing apparatus and a method to compensate for shaking during image capture
Photographic processing arrangement and a processing solution supply cartridge for the processing ar...
Visual teaching aid
E-learning course structure
Primer selection for architectural coatings
Training manikin support
Method for developing answer-options to issue-questions relating to personal finance and investment
Method for evaluating a profile for risk and/or reward
Extremely secure method for keying stored contents to a specific storage device
Network management apparatus and method for processing events associated with device reboot
System and method for universal remote access and display of diagnostic images for service delivery
Apparatus and method for delivering information over a network
Settlement method in deal of goods or service
Content sales period verifying system and content decryption key effective period verifying system
Consumer-controlled limited and constrained access to a centrally stored information account
System and method for utilizing an exclusion list database for casinos
Single sign-on for access to a central data repository
System and method for handling securities trading plans
System and method for tax sensitive portfolio optimization
System, method and computer readable medium containing instructions for evaluating and disseminating...
System for and method of variable annuity contract administration
Sulfur-containing free-cutting steel for machine structural use
Nickel-base alloy
Titanium material superior in upset-forgeability and method of producing the same
Iron-nickel alloy material for shadow mask with excellent suitability for etching
Austenitic stainless steel tube excellent in steam oxidation resistance and a manufacturing method t...
Rare earth magnet alloy ingot, manufacturing method for the same, R-T-B type magnet alloy ingot, R-T...
Robot acoustic device
Systems and methods for incrementally updating a pose of a mobile device calculated by visual simult...
Inertia actuation for robotic gripper mechanism
Fluid delivery device
Unit set for robot
Robot driven robot index system
Tooth aligning device for the aligning of workpiece with pre-cut teeth on gear finishing machines
Twist on mounting device for boat deck
Tiltable boat top
Mobile hunting vessel
Buoyant tube ship
Multipurpose underwater vehicle for carrying diverse payloads and method of using same
Hybrid catamaran air cushion ship
Jack plate operated trim for power boats
Keel joint centralizer
Automatic warning flag system for a water ski boat
Towing system
Apparatus and method for cleaning object floating at the surface of water
Ship and operating method therefor
Marine catamaran platform
Method and system for determining a bounding region
Image pickup apparatus, storing method of image data and storage medium thereof
Amplification-type solid state imaging device with reduced shading
Projection system utilizing fiber optic illumination
Broadcast receiver having automatic gain control function
Video projection system
Systems for MPEG subsample decoding
Television signal transmitter capable of eliminating occurrence of adverse influences caused by inte...
Modifying motion control signals based on input video characteristics
Color temperature conversion apparatus in color display system and method thereof
Image signal coding method, image signal coding apparatus and storage medium
Noisy edge removal for video transmission
Optical filter, method of making optical filter, light amount adjusting apparatus and optical equipm...
System for reduced power consumption by monitoring video content and method thereof
Television set capable of controlling external device and image storage controlled by television set
Method and system for segmentation, classification, and summarization of video images
Pixel based machine for patterned wafers
Split personal computer system
Camera device, methods and program products for location and environmental stamping of images, commu...
Method and apparatus for managing a task list using location based filtering
Method and process for configuring a premises for monitoring
Method and system for querying in a moving object database
Importing and exporting markup language data in a spreadsheet application document
Gastric anchor and method
Functional pattern logic diagnostic method
Power failure recovery mechanism for a recording and reproducing device
Method and system providing secure socket layer session sharing between network based servers and a ...
Data processing system having no system memory
Disk array apparatus and disk array apparatus control method
Compact PCI backplane and method of data transfer across the compact PCI backplane
Method and apparatus for analyzing one or more firewalls
Technique to facilitate location determination of wireless data calls
Methods and apparatus for updating mobile node location information
Method and apparatus for a wireless telecommunication system that provides location-based messages
Forward link repeater delay watermarking system
Device for controlling the hooking of two sheet pile locks
Portable environmental containment system
Drainage member with expansion zones
Analog electronic drum set, parts for drum stick, analog electronic drum set and foot-pedal unit
Triad pickup
Systems and methods for creating, modifying, interacting with and playing musical compositions
Method and device for storing main information with associated additional information incorporated t...
In-line chromatic harp with an adjustable string guide
Chromatic dispersion measurement
Method and apparatus for real time testing of DTV antenna transmitting systems in time domain under ...
Non-uniform thickness electroactive device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having trenches for isolation and capacitor formation...
Substrate coating for improved toner transfer and adhesion
Synthesis of ITQ-17 in the absence of fluoride ions
Multi-stream microchannel device
Process for preparing hydrogen through thermochemical decomposition of water
Process and apparatus for catalytic distillations
Simultaneous recovery of potassium chloride and KCL enriched edible salt
Method of film deposition, and fabrication of structures
Purification of sulfuryl fluoride
Silica fine particle, toner, two-component developer and image forming method
Method for mass-producing carbon nanocoils
Hydrogen-storing carbonaceous material and method for producing the same, hydrogen-stored carbonaceo...
Carbon fiber, and filter and absorbent using the same
Carbonaceous material for hydrogen storage, and method for preparation thereof, carbonaceous materia...
Process for stabilizing ammonium nitrate
Synthesis of multi-element oxides useful for inert anode applications
Method for producing cubic boron nitride and product obtained through the method
Perovskite-type metal oxide compounds and methods of making and using thereof
Method for purifying process waste gases
Method of purifying nanotubes and nanofibers using electromagnetic radiation
Method for observing object by projection, method for detecting microorganisms and projection detect...
System and method for X-ray generation
Apparatus for projecting a line of light from a diode-laser array
Medical laser apparatus and diagnostic/treatment apparatus using the medical laser apparatus
Diode pumped laser with intracavity harmonics
Method of detecting lifespan of transfer roller and electrophotographic image forming apparatus empl...
Laser lithography light source with beam delivery
System comprising a single-stage all-pass optical filter
Semiconductor laser element produced by aligning a photomask to pattern an electrode portion superpo...
Receiver transponder for protected networks
Optical fiber pump multiplexer
Semiconductor laser device and method for producing the same
Fiber optic switch
Second-harmonic generation device using semiconductor laser element having quantum-well active layer...
Semiconductor micro-resonator for monitoring an optical device
Immersion-cooled monolithic laser diode array and method of manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for stabilizing laser wavelength
Multi-beam laser scanning unit
Acylated piperidine derivatives as melanocortin-4 receptor agonists
Certain amino-substituted monocycles as kinase modulators
Use of diazepines for preparing medicines for treating pathological conditions or diseases involving...
C2-substituted indan-1-ols and their derivatives, processes for their preparation and their use as p...
Inter-alpha trypsin inhibitor biopolymer marker indicative of insulin resistance
Coupled polymerase chain reaction-restriction-endonuclease digestion-ligase detection reaction proce...
Alkaline phosphatase to induce weight loss or to reduce weight gain
Sleep apnea treatment apparatus
4-((phenoxyalkyl)thio)-phenoxyacetic acids and analogs
Neurturin antibody
Methods and pharmaceutical preparations for normalizing blood pressure with (-)-hydroxycitric acid
Benzofuran derivatives
Generating results gates in a distributed computing environment
Flexible subscription-based event notification
Packing for column
Non-traumatic model for neurogenic pain
Application program interface for network software platform
Dimming circuit for a gas-discharge lamp
Method of evaluating the power transmission ability of frictional power transmission belt and method...
Heteroaryl-β-alanine derivatives as alpha 4 integrin inhibitors
Medical device ECG marker for use in compressed data stream
Image heating apparatus and image forming apparatus
Methods and apparatus for providing a central recorder in a broadcast system
Impact tool
Anti-cancer agents and methods
Nasal spray for treating streptococcal infections
Central circulation completion system
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Flexible and porous membranes and adsorbents, and method for the production thereof
Tabletting machine
Transport and fitting stand
Image forming apparatus having device for charging a photosensitive body
Recoverable connector structure and cradle having the same
Pro drugs for selective drug delivery
Oxidation reduction sensitive green fluorescent protein variants
Olefin polymerization processes and products thereof
Trim for light fixture
Method for measuring concentration of component contained in bodily fluid and apparatus for measurin...
Text-to-scene conversion
Image generation system and information storage medium
Electromagnetic tracking system and method using a three-coil wireless transmitter
Adhesively applied external nasal strips and dilators containing medications and fragrances
Petunia plant named 'Suncopablue'
Dummy metal fill shapes for improved reliability of hybrid oxide/low-k dielectrics
Optical waveguide structure
Screening immunomodulatory agents by CTLA-4 upregulation
Aerosol spray texture apparatus for a particulate containing material
Delivery of sumatriptan, frovatriptan or naratriptan through an inhalation route
Portion of a rolling cart
Microstrip Yagi-Uda antenna
Surface plasmon resonance systems and methods having a variable charge density layer
Methods and compositions for treating diabetes
Magnetoresistive effect element, magnetic memory device and method of fabricating the same
Exposure device
Apparatus and control method for intelligent sensor device
Shear wall hold-downs and wall anchor connectors
Light emission and display devices and electronic apparatus using the display device
PSTN call routing control features applied to a VoIP
UniqueID-based addressing in a directory server
Wiring device for optical fiber
Production method of magnetic circuit member, magnetic circuit member, and electromagnetic apparatus
Filled elastomeric butyl compounds with improved scorch safety
Raw material with a high content of aluminum oxide, and method of manufacturing the raw material
Aromatic liquid-crystalline polyester
Water ozonation and bioremediation system and associated methods
Highly reflective interference pigments with dark absorption color
Modular radiant heat panel system
Crosslinkable compositions based on organosilicon compounds
Direct to substrate coatings
New compounds
Methods and apparatus for delivering time-release fertilizer
Foam articles
Self-adhesive laminate and method of making it
Polymeric composite for use in wound management products
Method and apparatus for through-hole placement in a building structure
Image forming apparatus and method
Methods and systems for cement finishing mill control
Method of modifying surface of material
Penetration fire stop device
Foamed cement compositions and associated methods of use
Method for manufacturing paper and board
Method for repairing steel-reinforced concrete structure
Method and plant for manufacturing cement clinker
Laminated building materials
Precast composite floor panel with integrated joist and method of manufacturing same
Wall patch system
Method for fastening building materials together
Lateral force resisting system
Foot orthosis
Foot sole stimulation device for balance enhancement
Bicycle shoe with ventilating sole
Cleat assembly for golf shoe
Suction alleviation system for footwear
Article of footwear with a stretchable upper and an articulated sole structure
Interchangeable footwear system
Ankle guard for a shoe
Protective footwear
Footwear having tread which facilitates the discharge of loose mud and debris from the tread
Shoe with slip preventive member
Woven shoe with integral lace loops
Shoe sole and cushion for a shoe sole
Footwear products, methods for making footwear products, and structures used in making footwear prod...
Hygienic sandal
Kalanchoe plant named 'KJ 2003 0818'
Wheat variety XW03X
Cotton cultivar 05X648DR
Cotton cultivar 04Y170BR
Isopentenyl transferase sequences and methods of use
Methods and materials for improving plant drought tolerance
Nucleic acid sequences encoding proteins associated with abiotic stress response
Production of antibodies
Antibody composition-producing cell
Method and product
Modulating myo-inositol catabolism in plants
Promoter molecules for use in plants
Promoter molecules for use in plants
Method for increasing resistance against stress factors in plants
Eukaryotic translaton initiation factor gene regulatory elements for use in plants
Cell cycle polynucleotides and polypeptides and methods of use
Methods for identifying a cell or an embryo carrying a Y chromosome
Conditional disruption of Dicer1 in cell lines and non-human mammals
Murine Pten null prostate cancer model
Nonhuman animal reproducing pathogenic conditions of spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy and remedy f...
Chair back construction
Adjustable reamer with tip tracker linkage
Systems and methods of subpixel rendering implemented on display panels
Obesity gene
Increasing gamete production with a gene switch
Information carrier comprising access information and dummy information
Video visitation system and method for a health care location
System and method for centralized management and monitoring of healthcare services
Small molecule mimetics of erythropoietin
Methods and systems for providing a nutraceutical program specific to an individual animal
Method and device for diagnosing and treating insulin-like growth factor deficiency disorders
Methods and systems for in silico experimental design and for providing a biotechnology product to a...
Modular system for replacement of radial head
Composite intervertebral disc implants and methods for forming the same
Methods for forming and retaining intervertebral disc implants
Closed system artificial intervertebral disc
Shock-absorbing joint and spine replacements
Prosthesis for bridging a vertebral body
Prosthesis for partial replacement of a vertebral body
Interspinous process implant including a binder and method of implantation
Interspinous process implant including a binder and method of implantation
Method and apparatus for reducing femoral fractures
Method for treatment of an intervertebral disc
Storage array employing scrubbing operations at the disk-controller level
Method and apparatus for testing a content addressable memory device
BIOS update file
Apparatus and method to decrease boot time and hibernate awaken time of a computer system utilizing ...
Output device with adjustable operating parameter values via host commands
Method, apparatus and system for managing released promotion bits
Apparatus and method for updating pointers for indirect and parallel register access
Address counter control system with path switching
Generating lookahead tracked register value based on arithmetic operation indication
Processing memory requests in a pipelined memory controller
High-speed message forwarding lookups for arbitrary length strings using pipelined memories
Apparatus and method for optimizing access to memory
Method of managing generation of backup data and storage control device used therefor
Method and apparatus for a virtual memory file system
Memory controllers with interleaved mirrored memory modes
Distributed processing system
Method and system for coordinating the access of data by two computer processes
Method, system and program product for maintaining data consistency across a hierarchy of caches
Detection of encrypted packet streams using feedback probing
Nutrition tracking method
Coenzyme-binding glucose dehydrogenase
Packing bag structure
7S/2S-rich soy protein globulin fraction composition and process for making same
Method for producing meat extract
Dry pet food with kibble, dried vegetables and dried meat jerky pieces
Soya fiber particulates and methods of preparation
Soy protein-containing composition
Acidic oil-in-water emulsion compositions
Fat composition for spread
Instant tea powder
Imitation cheese compositions for use in the manufacture of cheese loaves, slices, and the like, and...
Non fat - non sugar cocoa/carob pudding
Shelf-stable moist food foam product and process for its preparation
Cornbread stuffing mix and method for preparation
Non-bleeding and edible color film coating for seeds and the like
Machine for precision low stress coring and slicing of apples and other soft-cored or pitted fruits
Dough rolling apparatus and method
Size exclusion chromatography process for the preparation of an improved soy protein-containing comp...
Method and apparatus for storing food products
Lightning detection
Method and apparatus for reporting location of a mobile terminal
Mobile telecommunications system and a mobile telecommunications control method
Congestion control in a CDMA-based mobile radio communications system
Frequency scheme for data transmission systems
Method and arrangement for avoiding loss of error-critical non real time data during certain handove...
Method, network and control station for the two-way alternate control of radio systems of different ...
Slice based architecture for a multifunction radio
Link adaptation method for use in a mobile radiocommunication system
Apparatus, and associated method, for communication system utilizing space-generated multilevel codi...
Radio terminal
Method, system and computer readable medium for downloading a software component to a device in a sh...
Amplifier system for satellites
Compensating for non-linearity in an overlaid communication system
Recording medium for storing gauge display program, gauge display method video game device, and gaug...
Gaming machine with substitute symbols
Compositions containing recombinant poxviruses having foreign DNA expressed under the control of pox...
1-O-L-arginyl ester 3-O-monoacyl glycerides and 1-O-L-arginyl ester 2,3-O-diacyl glycerides type sur...
Pyrrhocoricin-derived peptides, and methods of use thereof
Labeled neurotensin derivatives
Combinations of ceramide and chemotherapeutic agents for inducing tumor cell death
Formulation to enhance antioxidant potency of Vitamin E
Stabilization of quinapril using magnesium oxide
Hair-growing agent
Melanoma vaccine and methods of making and using same
Protective immunity or immunological tolerance induced with RNA particularly total cellular RNA
Materials for soft tissue augmentation and methods of making and using same
Pharmaceutical composition comprising factor VIIa and anti-TFPI
Neuronal exocytosis inhibiting peptides and cosmetic and pharmaceutical compositions containing said...
Rehydratable personal care compositions
Solid formulation
Perfumed abrasive pad and manufacturing procedure
Separating epithelium from stroma in LASEK surgery
RD114-based retroviral packaging cell line and related compositions and methods
Inbred corn line PHA9G
Hybrid maize plant and seed 38R92
Cotton cultivar DP 579 BGII
Cotton cultivar DP 576 BGII
Cotton cultivar DP 493
Soybean variety XB58G05
Soybean variety XB57T05
Soybean cultivar S040134
Soybean cultivar S040129
Soybean variety 95M80
Soybean variety XB31U04
Soybean cultivar 0509237
Diacylglycerol acyltransferase gene from plants
Plant artificial chromosome compositions and methods
Continuous process for modifying starch and its derivatives by branching enzymes
Polynucleotides for the detection and quantification of hepatitis B virus nucleic acids
Gapped oligonucleotides
Method of manufacturing in-line roller skate with detachable boot
Bicycle pedal assembly
Floating massage pad structure
Footwear wear exchangeable upper and sole portions
Article of athletic footwear with a leash
Cushion device for shoes
Shock absorbing and pressure reducing insole
Footwear with removable foot-supporting member
Full length cartridge cushioning system
Article of footwear having a suspended footbed
Waterproof footwear and process for its manufacture
Article of footwear with temperature regulation means
Soybean variety XB25C05
Token passing arrangement for a conference call bridge arrangement
Two terminal silicon based negative differential resistance device
Magnetic disk cartridge
System and methods for noninvasive electrocardiographic imaging (ECGI) using generalized minimum res...
Audio apparatus
Voice activated diagnostic imaging control system
Radiographic imaging system and method
Screen, optical film, and method of manufacturing an optical film
Tomographic apparatus and method
Phase-resolved functional optical coherence tomography: simultaneous imaging of the stokes vectors, ...
General purpose compression for video images (RHN)
Method and apparatus for a downhole refractometer and attenuated reflectance spectrometer
System and method for inferring user information need in hypermedia linked document collection
E-mail forwarding system having archival database
Method for tracking relationships between specified file name and particular program used for subseq...
System and method for assigning an engine measure metric to a computing system
Exhaust opacity measuring device
Methods for classifying nucleic acids and polypeptides
Document handler/scan tub skew correction system
Metal and ceramic blend donor roll coatings
Back-transfer reduction in a tandem electrostatographic printer
Low loss silicon waveguide and method of fabrication thereof
Method for fast, robust, multi-dimensional pattern recognition
Patient positioning by video imaging
X-ray tube window cooling apparatus
X-ray CT apparatus
Performant and scalable merge strategy for text indexing
System and method for distributed database management of graphic information in electronic form
Text-classification system and method
Metacores: design and optimization techniques
Methods for creating a customized program from a variety of sources
Method and apparatus for providing speech recognition resolution on an application server
Use of a unified language model
Methods and apparatus for redirecting network cache traffic
System and method for granting permission to receive interactive voice broadcast of a voice service
Cooperate processing units using stored cooperation problem solving knowledge and receive informatio...
Method and system for direct access to web content via a telephone
Enterprise framework and applications supporting meta-data and data traceability requirements
Method and apparatus for representing and searching for color images
Osmotic delivery device having a two-way valve and a dynamically self-adjusting flow channel
Iterative MMSE equalization-decoder soft information exchange decoding method and device
Automated servlet configuration
Method, system, and program for generating a user interface
Dynamically determining a route through one or more switch devices at program execution time
Method and apparatus for reordering data items
Insurance file note generation method and system
System and method for graphical indicia for the certification of records
Methods and systems for the identification of circuits and circuit designs
Setting execution conditions
Concurrent shared object implemented using a linked-list with amortized node allocation
Smart bookmarks for small footprint device applications
Method of detecting lost objects in a software system
System and method for real-time applications modification
Method and apparatus for automatically isolating minimal distinguishing stimuli in design verificati...
Information recording medium and system controller
Magnetic head and tunnel junction magneto-resistive head having plural ferromagnetic layers associat...
Magnetoresistive head with first and second pairs of antiferromagnetic films imparting magnetic bias...
Method of increasing CPP GMR in a spin valve structure
Spin valve transistor with stabilization and method for producing the same
Mag-tab design for biasing magnetic sensors
Abutted junction GMR read head with an improved hard bias layer and a method for its fabrication
Hard bias structure with enhanced Hc
Magnetic field sensor
Magnetoresistance effect element, magnetic head and magnetic reproducing system having pillar electr...
Magnetic head, magnetic head gimbal assembly, magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus, and magn...
Differential CPP reader for perpendicular magnetic recording
Disk drive head suspension with spring rails for base plate microactuation
Recording medium drive
E-block having improved resonance characteristics and improved fragility
Disk drive having magnetic head conduction paths with arrangements to control impedance
Vibration-canceling mechanism and head gimbal assembly with the vibration-canceling mechanism
Magnetic recording disk having a safe zone
Methods for preventing reovirus recognition for the treatment of cellular proliferative disorders
RNA amplification method requiring only one manipulation step
2,4-disubstituted triazine derivatives
Cyanamide, alkoxyamino, and urea derivatives of 1,3-benzodiazepine as HIV reverse transcriptase inhi...
Thiazepine inhibitors of HIV-1 integrase
Compositions and methods to control bleeding
Multiponent adult stem cells and methods for isolation
Installing software on a mobile computing device using the rollback and security features of a confi...
Electronic ballast for a high intensity discharge lamp
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image-formation apparatus, controlling method thereof and image-formation method
Pre-cut fibrous insulation for custom fitting wall cavities of different widths
Appliance insulated with protected fiber insulation
Apparatus and method for determining density of insulation
Preparation of additive mixtures for mineral oils and mineral oil distillates
Cyclic sulfone derivatives as inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases and/or TNF-α converting ...
Crustacean shelling tool and process for uses thereof
Releasable fastener systems and processes
Patterned thermal liner for protective garments
Systems and methods for determining conditions of articles and methods of making such systems
Bleached expanded pigskin and products
Gain-coupled distributed feedback semiconductor laser device and production method therefor
Base portion of a communications headset base cradle
Hand held pipe cutters
Treatment of bone disorders with skeletal anabolic drugs
Exhalation and inhalation valves that have a multi-layered flexible flap
Method and apparatus for preparing and culturing cells
Network-based system for configuring a programmable hardware element in a measurement system using h...
Trim for light fixture
Needle insertion device
Miniature rose plant named 'POULhi020'
Light imaging contrast agents
Highly time resolved impedance spectroscopy
Heat actuated steering mount for maintaining frequency alignment in wavelength selective components ...
Compositions and methods containing Allium sativum Linn. (garlic) naturally enriched with org...
Self contained aerosol dual delivery system (SCADDS)
Anesthetic delivery device
Quick cook dehydrated vegetables
Magneto-resistive random access memory
Display and display drive circuit or display drive method
Plasma display panel device
System for computing an estimate execution time by totaling the time value base on an architecture o...
Eliminating store/restores within hot function prolog/epilogs using volatile registers
Uninstrumenting in-line code instrumentation via stack unwinding and cleanup
External resource files for application development and management
Method and apparatus for applying business rules in an object model driven context
Triangular assignment of pins used for diagonal interconnections between diagonal chips in a multi-c...
Concurrent electrical signal wiring optimization for an electronic package
Data receiving apparatus and method
Image processing
Method and system for organizing images
Process-state management system, management server and control server adapted for the system, method...
Electronically and ionically conductive porous material and method for manufacture of resin wafers t...
Amine-functionalized polyisobutylenes for improved hydrophobizing microemulsions
Antibody composition-producing cell
Charcoal stabilization of phenyl phosphates
Solid phase sequencing of double-stranded nucleic acids
Colorant treated ion exchange resins, method of making, heat transfer systems and assemblies contain...
Magnetic disk and manufacturing method thereof
Devices using resin wafers and applications thereof
Curds for processed and imitation cheese, cheese products produced therefrom, novel intermediate pro...
Lipid microtubules with contolled bilayer numbers
Electronic flow control system for gas phase dilution
Polishing composition and process for producing wiring structure using it
Compositions for removing metal ions from aqueous process solutions and methods of use thereof
Water desalination process and apparatus
Refrigerated extended shelf-life bread products
Lollipop stick and lollipop container
Packaged beverage
Continuous enzymatic precooking for the production of an instant corn flour for snack and tortilla
Herbal nutraceutical formulation for diabetics and process for preparing the same
Rapid dehydration of proteins
Additive for an animal feed
Process for inhibiting platelet aggregation
Food quality indicator device
Vent system for food processing machine
Capsule magazine unit with a capsule retaining member
Candy phone
Detection of encrypted packet streams using process variation and/or multiple processes
Cigua-dart method for detection of ciguatera toxins
System and method for controlling telephone service using a wireless personal information device
Method and apparatus for real time protocol feedback mixer traversal
Method for processing handoff and call in asynchronous mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for defect detection
Dielectrophoretic systems without embedded electrodes
Shaft locking device for bearing assemblies
Optical communications apparatus and optical communications system
Error mitigation system using line coding for optical WDM communications
Battery cooling system
Vehicle tracking unit for controlling operable vehicle devices using a vehicle data bus and related ...
System, apparatus and methods for data communication between vehicle and remote data communication t...
Light source device, method of producing the same, and display apparatus
Key pad, resin key top injection mold, and resin key top manufacturing method
Image processing type of measuring device, lighting system for the same, lighting system control met...
Backlight setting method of analog instrument panel
Endurable decoration light string
HTTP transaction monitor
Vacuum system central control information server
Method and system for file blocking in an electronic messaging system
Deleting objects from a store of a device
Method and apparatus for detailed protocol analysis of frames captured in an IEEE 802.11 (b) wireles...
System and method utilizing dynamic beam forming for wireless communication signals
Outer loop transmit power control using channel-adaptive processing
Controlling multiple modems in a wireless terminal using dynamically varying modem transmit power li...
Wireless communication method and system with controlled WTRU peer-to-peer communications
Testing methods and apparatus for wireless communications
Wireless communications device and method for use with telephone network edge node providing bridgin...
Microfluidic devices and uses thereof in biochemical processes
Prevention and treatment of amyloidogenic disease
Seven-speed transmission
Seven-speed transmission
Decision support for operations and maintenance (DSOM) system
360-degree flat-surface mechanical stop for lead connector block and setscrew system
Telemetry antenna for an implantable medical device
Surface acoustic wave filter packaging
Method and apparatus for predicting the failure of a component
Method for estimating and reducing uncertainties in process measurements
Method and apparatus for anti-islanding protection of distributed generations
Control system
Image forming apparatus
Thermally-assisted photo-lithographic process using sol-gel derived glass and products made thereby
Microfluidic control for waveguide optical switches, variable attenuators, and other optical devices
Leakage tolerant register file
Method and system for frame alignment and unsupervised adaptation of acoustic models
System and method for updating contents of a flash ROM
Write-back to cells
Method and apparatus for unsupervised training of natural language processing units
Method and system for expansion of recurring calendar events
Digital audio signal filtering mechanism and method
System and method for processing currency and identification cards in a document processing device
Picture taking method and apparatus
Alignment disk for document validator
High force metal plated spring structure
Multi-configurable independently multi-gated MOSFET
Charge trapping device and method of forming the same
Led packages having improved light extraction
Separation of components of an analysis sample in an ion mobility spectrometer using a supply of sel...
Sub-nanoscale electronic devices and processes
Composition for forming photosensitive dielectric material, and transfer film, dielectric material a...
Microdevices having a preferential axis of magnetization and uses thereof
Hexameric complexes and their preparation
Crosslinked copolymers based on non-crosslinked polycarboxylic copolymers
Biomolecular-based actuator
Quantum devices based on crystallized electron pairs and methods for their manufacture and use
Stable no-delivering compounds
Process for preparing 5-aminomethyl-2-thiophenecarbonitrile HCl by one-pot reaction
Regimen for treating prostate tissue and surgical kit for use in the regimen
Use of abietic acid and derivatives thereof for inhibiting cancer
Cyclohexyl prostaglandin analogs as EP4-receptor agonists
Hydroxamic acid derivatives
Chemical compounds
Substituted polycyclic aryl and heteroaryl uracils useful for selective inhibition of the coagulatio...
Substituted polycyclic aryl and heteroaryl 1,2,4-triazinones useful for selective inhibition of the ...
Amide compounds and medicinal use thereof
Method for making purified plasminogen activator-inhibitor type 1 (PAI-1) and purified PAI-1 made th...
Method for conserving biological prostheses, conserved biological prostheses and conserving solution...
Method of manufacturing expansile filamentous embolization devices
Pulsatile blood pumping system
Light modulating apparatus for excimer discharge lamp
Method of fabricating an array substrate for IPS mode liquid crystal display device
Brake pad clearance sensor
Packaging machine and method
Lightweight glass fiber insulation
High performance fire-retardant kraft facing for fiberglass insulation
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Oxygen scavenging
Electrochemical device using multicomponent composite membrane film
Amplification method for detection of target nucleic acids involving-fluorescence energy transfer
Asymmetric catalysts prepared from optically active bisphosphites bridged by achiral diols
Chewable compositions containing a gel-forming extract of psyllium
Two-dimensionally arrayed quantum device
Method for building environment-affinitive pigpen and pigpen structure
Computer readable medium, method, and system for supporting system development
Device for detachable connection between two elements
Logged-in device and log-in device
Middle-ear implant
Olefin polymerization catalyst, catalyst component for olefin polymerization, method of storing thes...
Video camera-based visibility measurement system
Network-based system for configuring a measurement system using configuration information generated ...
Prunus rootstock named 'Elta'
Projectile for delivery of a tranquilliser
Method and formulation for treating candidiasis using morinda citrifolia
Perilaryngeal oral airway with multi-lumen esophogeal-obturator
Trash can assembly
Low-K dielectric material system for IC application
Permanent readout superconducting qubit
Magnetoresistive random access memory with high selectivity
Gallium nitride type semiconductor laser device
Plasma display panel having dummy barrier ribs
Device, system, method and computer readable medium for fast recovery of IP address change
Keratinocyte culture and uses thereof
Method of making a high reflectivity micro mirror and a micro mirror
Optical member with handling portion and method for manufacturing optical member and method for moun...
Optical element holding system in projection optical system
Objective lens-driving apparatus
Image-formation optical system and optical apparatus
Lens apparatus and image taking apparatus
Optically integrated device
Systems and methods for continuously varying wavelength illumination
Decentering adjustment method for a lens, and a lens device thereof
Objective and family of objectives
Zoom lens system
Zoom lens and image projection apparatus having the same
Radially non-symmetric beam forming elements for correction of energy profile distortion due to late...
Three-dimensional display system
Diffraction optical device and optical system including same
Agricultural compositions
Direct-write laser transfer and processing
Launch tube with adjustable plenum
Deterministically doped field-effect devices and methods of making same
Methods for assembly and sorting of nanostructure-containing materials and related articles
Transition metal-catalyzed synthesis of dendritic polymers
Nucleic acid anchoring system comprising covalent linkage of an oligonucleotide to a solid support
Leukocyte regulatory factors 1 and 2
4-1BB peptides and methods for use
Epidermal differentiation factor
Compositions and methods for inhibiting mucin-type O-linked glycosylation
Salts of 5-azacytidine
4,7-dichlorofluorescein dyes as molecular probes
Thermally stable crystalline epirubicin hydrochloride and method of making the same
Process of preparing a crystalline azithromycin monohydrate
C-aryl glucoside SGLT2 inhibitors and method
AI-2 compounds and analogs based on salmonella typhimurium LsrB structure
Intermedin and its uses
Nuclear factors associated with transcriptional regulation
Human cathepsin
Butyrylcholinesterase variants and methods of use
Cyanine dyes
Novel human enzymes and polynucleotides encoding the same
Cloning and expression of microbial phytase
Interleukin-9 and interleukin-4 chimeric antagonist muteins and methods of using same
Process for isolating phenolic compounds
Hedgehog protein
Alkali-stable hydrophilic sorbents for ion-exchange chromatography
Pyrazole derivatives and diabetic medicine containing them
Gamma-hydroxybutyrate compositions containing carbohydrate, lipid or amino acid carriers
Intravascular delivery of nucleic acid
Co-expression of recombination proteins
Compositions and methods for detection of active proteases
Process and agent for instabilizing viral quasi-species-distributions avoiding resistance phenomena
Human endosulfine gene
Method of detecting biological molecules, and labeling dye and labeling kit used for the same
DNA encoding SPNF of the spinosyn cluster
Detection of encrypted packet streams using a timer
Organic electroluminescent display, driving method and pixel circuit thereof
Active matrix display and active matrix organic electroluminescence display
Plasma display paired addressing
Organic EL element drive circuit and organic EL display device using the same drive circuit
Electroluminescent devices and method of making transparent cathodes
Sidewall formation for high density polymer memory element array
Method of forming thin film patterning substrate including formation of banks
Organic semiconductor device and process of manufacturing the same
Substrate and organic electroluminescence device using the substrate
Memory device utilizing carbon nanotubes
Triazine derivative and light emitting element and light emitting device including the same
Molecular ruler for scaling down nanostructures
Method for inspecting semiconductor device
Heterogeneous spiro compounds in organic light emitting device elements
Method and apparatus for secure remote control of power-on state for computers
Small group multicast in a computer network
Semiconductor memory device and defect remedying method thereof
Magnetoelectronic memory element with inductively coupled write wires
Image communication apparatus and method
Exposure apparatus
Image pickup apparatus for picking up and recording still or moving images and a method for controll...
Liquid crystal display device and driving method thereof
Mobile radio antenna arrangement for a base station
Method and system for providing an active routing antenna
Digital tuning of a voltage controlled oscillator of a phase locked loop
Phase-frequency detector and charge pump with feedback
POS system, network system, method of generating printing data for POS system, and method of managin...
Stirred ball mill
Drill bit having an improved seal and lubrication method using same
Manual control with force-feedback for probe microscopy-based force spectroscopy
Transcutaneous prosthesis
Multi-part abutment and transfer cap for use with an endosseous dental implant with non-circular, be...
Near-infrared spectroscopic tissue imaging for medical applications
Electronic ballast having end of lamp life, overheating, and shut down protections, and reignition a...
Apparatus for measuring characteristics of a hole and associated method
Universal pen with code sensor
Trailer cargo detection using ultrasonic transducers
Method and system for bidirectional data and power transmission
Weak-magnetic field sensor using printed circuit board technology and method of manufacturing the sa...
Power control apparatus for a bicycle
Rotating surface of revolution reactor with feed and collection mechanisms
Filtering apparatus
Forced air warming unit
Thermal icing conditions detector
System and method for controlling the width of web material
Man-machine interface
Ventilation device
Remote magnetic activation of hearing devices
System for monitoring and operating valve manifolds and method therefore
Electrophotographic toner and development process using chemically prepared toner
Pre-cut fibrous insulation for custom fitting wall cavities of different widths
Ceramic fiber insulation material
Semiconductor module including semiconductor memory device shiftable to test mode as well as semicon...
Coordinating images displayed on devices with two or more displays
Applications of universal frequency translation
Topological global routing for automated IC package interconnect
Recovering from video driver errors
Selectively passing network addresses through a server
Enumerated roles in a directory system
Data processing method and apparatus employing OLE DB and having dual schema and auto update feature...
Method and system for sharing entry attributes in a directory server using class of service
Pumping apparatus for slurry polymerization in loop reactors
Substrate having fine line, electron source and image display apparatus
Axial tube assembly for a motor
Photo-polymerizable ink-jet ink composition
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device and a semiconductor device
NC programming and predetermined practices integration
Multi-mode adaptive filter
Information processing apparatus having magnesium body and printed circuit board
Automatic document feeder and image forming apparatus including the same
Solid-state image pickup device and method of resetting the same
Hybrid cameras that download electronic images in selected geometric formats and methods
Scanning optical apparatus and color image forming apparatus using the same
Electrostatic latent image writing head, method of manufacturing the same and image forming apparatu...
Image forming apparatus with electrostatic charger
Permeabilizing reagents to increase drug delivery and a method of local delivery
Hyaluronic acid gel, process for producing the same, and medical material containing the same
Use of biomolecular targets in the treatment and visualization of brain tumors
Preparation of (meth)acrolein and/or (meth)acrylic acid
Self-aligned and self-limited quantum dot nanoswitches and methods for making same
Maintaining molecular sieve catalytic activity under water vapor conditions
Positive power anterior chamber ocular implant
Insertion device for intraocular lens
Toothpaste dispensing system
Antenna diversity receiver
Rubber cylinder sleeve for offset presses
Spring-action suction head
Wide bore high field magnet
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method
Shielded TEM surface array for parallel imaging
Apparatus for active cooling of an MRI patient bore in cylindrical MRI systems
Superconducting magnet coil support structure
Ganglioside-KLH conjugate vaccines plus OS-21
Blade-type chain tensioner system
Enhancing maturation of oocytes in bivalves
Common components in interface framework for developing field programmable based applications indepe...
Garbage can
Garbage can
Trash can
Waste bin
Garbage can
Trash can assembly
Iron safety holder
Sink cushion mat with hole
Cyclone separator and dirt cup assembly
Washing machine
Dish-washing machine
Litter mat grid
Dog chew toy
Animal bit
Reversible, waffled saddle pad
Image processing method and system, and medical examination apparatus, for extracting a path followi...
Miniature X-ray source device
Mobile digital radiography x-ray apparatus and system
Interventional computerized tomography system with reduced physician exposure
Device and system for improved imaging in nuclear medicine
Device and method for preventing magnetic-resonance imaging induced damage
Thiocarbamate inhibitors of alpha-4 integrins
Deproteinizing agent, deproteinized natural rubber latex using the same, and method of producing rub...
Stent designed for the delivery of therapeutic substance or other agents
Multi-array, multi-specific electrochemiluminescence testing
Presensitized plate
Thin-film gas diffusion electrode and the method for making the same
Electrode catalyst for H2S fuel cells
Architected fuel cell system for modular application
Fluid treating device
Trackable optical discs with concurrently readable nonoperational features
Method and apparatus for enhanced detection of a specie using a gas chromatograph
Tracing method and apparatus for distributed environments
Portable terminal system, portable terminal, method of controlling portable terminal, and storage me...
Link context mobility method and system for providing such mobility, such as a system employing shor...
Method and apparatus for sensing and transmitting a body characteristic of a host
Personal tracking device
Object management
Vehicle tag reader
Digital film grain
RFID manufacturing concepts
Combination handheld sealer/wireless scanning/imaging device
Electronic identification label and interrogator for use therewith
Differential radio frequency identification reader
Process and assembly for identifying and tracking assets
Process for producing optically active (4R)-1,3-tiazolidine-4-carboxylic acid
Multilayer molded articles
Skin and manufacturing method thereof, manufacturing method of skin for air bag door and air bag doo...
Processes for producing (meth)acrylic acid
Process for producing dicarboxylic acids
Preparation of linear organosiloxane polymers
Process for producing acrylic polymer
Process for the production of high-molecular compounds for photoresist
Process and apparatus for reducing take-off valve plugging in a polymerization process
Capillary cassette and method of manufacturing the same
Cosmetics box
Cosmetics box
Electrooptic modulators and waveguide devices incorporating the same
Capacitor heat protection
Fishing reel
Cat litter device
Chest fly box system
Chum dispensing assembly
Pivoting split shot attachment and removal tool
Apparatus for reference image rotation, and computer software product and method for reference image...
Apparatus for endorectal prostate biopsy
Composite articles reinforced with highly oriented microfibers
Compositions and methods for consolidating unconsolidated subterranean formations
High throughput preparation and analysis of plastically shaped material samples
Process for making poly(trimethyleneterephthalate) bulked continuous filaments, the filaments thereo...
Catalyst for polymerization of olefins
Cardiac rhythm management system with remotely activated capture verification for CHF and other pati...
System and method for monitoring blood glucose levels using an implantable medical device
Sensor device for measuring vital parameters of a fetus during birth
Selection of preset filter parameters based on signal quality
Personal hearing evaluator
Interferometer arrangement and interferometric measuring method
Method and arrangement for imaging and measuring microscopic three-dimensional structures
Linearized data structure ordering images based on their attributes
Image processing device, image processing method, and recording medium storing image processing prog...
Image reader
Scene-based non-uniformity offset correction for staring arrays
Image processing method for direction dependent low pass filtering
Mobile image transmission and reception for compressing and decompressing without transmitting codin...
Adaptive entropy encoding/decoding for screen capture content
Reversible embedded wavelet system implementation
Digital image encoding and decoding method and digital image encoding and decoding device using the ...
Efficient transmission of quarter-VGA images using DVC codecs
Image processing method for facilitating data transmission
Image processor for detecting specified pattern
Vehicle occupant sensor apparatus and method including scanned, phased beam transmission for occupan...
Compressible layer for fiber optic cable
Photonic bandgap optical fiber