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Dispersion management with phase conjugation
Polarized wave holding optical fiber, and method of producing the same
Dispersion compensation unit and optical communication system
Waveguide and process for the production thereof
Grating- and polymer-based optical attenuators and modulators
Optical fiber cable with interstitial support members
Interior optical cable having a plurality of tight cables
Optical waveguide[[s]] and optical fiber perform including gallium, lanthanum, sulfur, oxygen, and f...
Fiber optic communications network comprising pre-connectorized fiber optic distribution cable
Optical waveguide component capable of preventing an optical waveguide member from being eccentric a...
Method for producing an optical fibre telecommunications cable with reduced polarization mode disper...
Tap-off capable of easily extending hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) network
Optical collimator structure
Illumination device for a color liquid crystal display
Light shield mounting for automotive headlamp
Auto-leveling system for vehicle headlamp
Light group for vehicle headlight
Light guide plate with diffusing protrusions
Light guiding apparatus for an illumination system
Decorative luminaires
Illumination assembly having fluid-tight seal
Luminaire with an external starter
Planar surface illuminator
Illumination unit and liquid crystal display comprising it
Surface light source, method for manufacturing the same and apparatus using it
Decorative lighting device
Method for shielding an electronic component
Electric coffee maker with pivoting water reservoir
Espresso spoon, salad spoon and salad server fork
Methods for treating hyperactive gastrointestinal motility
Cycle grip
Apparatus, method and system for printing from a wireless mobile device over the internet
Removable comfort safety wing for use with a sideshield
3-aryl-hydroxybenzoxazines and 3, 4-dihydro-3-aryl-hydroxybenzoxazines as selective estrogen recepto...
Fabric conditioning compositions
Fabric softening compound
Perfume composition
Reduced odor toilet bar composition
Tampon applicator having indicators
Edge seal for absorbent article and method for making
Process for production of pouches
Method and apparatus for optimizing data streaming in a computer system utilizing random access memo...
Method and apparatus to detect a timeout condition for a data item within a process
Method and system for providing and viewing performance analysis of resource groups
Real time electronic service interaction management system and method
Method and apparatus to perform crack estimations for nuclear reactor
Sensor and rolling bearing apparatus with sensor
Oil-impregnated sintered sliding bearing
Fluid dynamic bearing and magnetic disk apparatus
Linear guide bearing apparatus
Mechanical press
Ammunition having surface indicia and method of manufacture
Range-master vehicle for safe recovery of ordnance and land mines
Sabot for reducing the parasitic weight of a kinetic energy projectile
Integral latching system for machine gun top cover and safing sector assembly
Method of making an environmentally safe substitute for lead shot
Guns with exterior surface configured barrels
Method and apparatus for automatic cleaning and enhancing of scanned documents
System and process for generating a two-layer, 3D representation of a scene
Ultra-broadband differential voltage probes
Allocating real time data on a disc like recording medium
Arrayed waveguide grating with increased uniformity of a performance parameter
Integrated optical device and fabricating method thereof
Time-interleaved delta sigma analog to digital modulator
Geometry for optical data storage
Apparatus and method for shifting the frequency of an optical signal by two-stage Raman scattering
Optical device with configurable channel allocation
Active Q-point stabilization for linear interferometric sensors
Photoluminescent electrophoretic display
High density fiber optic output interface and system
Method for producing an optically active β-amino acid
Process for the manufacture of optically active 3-substituted lactams by asymmetric hydrogenation of...
Optical information recording medium and method for manufacturing the medium
Nonlinear optical compounds and methods for their preparation
Oscillometric noninvasive blood pressure monitor
Synthesis of organometallic cyclometallated group viiib metal complexes
(Electro)luminescent polymer-acceptor system comprising a polymer and an acceptor for transferring e...
Method and device for dispensing from liquid concentrates beverages having multi-layer visual appear...
Ball glove formed with abrasion resistant material
Insert for a bat having an improved seam orientation
Cell replacement algorithm
Hygiene monitoring system
Magneto-mechanical apparatus
Method and apparatus for optimization of collimator angles in intensity modulated radiation therapy ...
Disposable wearing article for fluid distribution having filled void, density gradient and spacer me...
Substituted coumarins and quinolines and analogs as activators of caspases and inducers of apoptosis...
Ibuprofen-aspirin, hydroxymethylacylfulvene analogs and L-sugar illudin analogs
Entry distribution in a directory server
Web-site host consistency administration among inconsistent software-object libraries of remote dist...
Multi-threaded garbage collector employing cascaded memory arrays of task identifiers to implement w...
Dahlia plant named 'Mauritius'
Cryogenic storage system with improved temperature control
Method and apparatus for cleaning head with over-damped harmonic oscillation
Tamper resistant circuit boards
FeRAM having bottom electrode connected to storage node and method for forming the same
Exposure head, exposure apparatus, and application thereof
Conductive emulsion for preparing surface for powder coating
Method for making microabrasive tools
Polymerizable lithographic printing plate precursor
Method and materials for patterning of an amorphous, non-polymeric, organic matrix with electrically...
Photomask assembly incorporating a porous frame
Composition for providing an abrasion resistant coating on a substrate with a matched refractive ind...
Method of forming mesoscopically structured material
Methods and apparatus for forming submicron patterns on films
Apparatus for switching optical signals
Network training system with a remote, shared classroom laboratory
Semiconductor device, nonvolatile semiconductor memory, system including a plurality of semiconducto...
Semiconductor memory device for storing multivalued data
Scanning line driver circuits, electrooptic apparatuses, electronic apparatuses and semiconductor de...
Dry-sump, four-stroke engine lubrication device
Voice recording/reproducing apparatus
Digital halftone with auxiliary pixels
Automatic video system using multiple cameras
Methods, systems, and computer program products for the display and operation of virtual three-dimen...
System and method for detecting and characterizing media
Carrier compositions
Imaging member having a textured imaging surface and a phase change ink image producing machine havi...
Die level testing using machine grooved storage tray with vacuum channels
Method and system for remote management of processor, and method and system for remote diagnosis of ...
Printing images in an optimized manner
Multilayered golf ball and composition
Translation and substitution of transmitted environmental data
Acrylate polymers based on tert-butyl acrylate and/or tert-butyl methacrylate
Apparatus for detecting chemical substances and method therefor
Composition and method for preparing novel cationic thickeners
4-amino-2-(2-pyridyl)pyrimidines as microbicidal active substances
Oxime methyl ethers
Ammonium nitriles and the use thereof as hydrophobic bleaching activators
Hair treatment compositions comprising an anionic surfactant and a C8-C22 alkyl dimethyl hydroxyethy...
Methods and systems for remotely controlling a test access port of a target device
System and method for processing unsolicited messages
Method and apparatus for event monitoring in an information processing system
911 emergency voice/data telecommunication network
Reduced cost digital subscriber line (DSL) interface arrangement
Integrated network element
Method and apparatus for transferring ATM services
Media with controllable refractive properties
Method for supplying multiple voltages to a movable part of a MEMS device
Nasal pressure sensor oxygen therapy device
Electrodes for alkaline fuel cells with circulating electrolyte
Environmentally friendly insulating material and method for manufacture thereof
Polypropylene resin hollow molded foam article and a process for the production thereof
Filtering method of a colloidal solution
Powder coating systems
Ink jet printer
Multi-layer composite vehicle headliner substrate with HIC provisions
Composite reinforced electrical transmission conductor
Triacylglycerol oligomer products and methods of making same
Fabrication method of semiconductor integrated circuit device
Solids surface-modified with amino groups
Resin composition
Tuft and filament binding in unfinished carpet
Method and plant for separating polymeric materials
In situ thermal processing of an oil shale formation using a natural distributed combustor
Discharge lamp comprising a stabilized discharge vessel plate
Process of vacuum evaporation of an electrically conductive material for nanoelectrospray emitter co...
Heat-sensitive compounds exhibitng a cloud point which can be used as extractants for the separation...
High temperature polymeric materials containing corona resistant composite filler, and methods relat...
Fused compounds that inhibit vanilloid subtype 1 (VR1) receptor
Method of making a semiconductor chip assembly with an embedded metal particle
Photothermographic materials containing 4-substituted urazoles
Personal care products
Hair treatment and styling method related applications
Electrolytic deposition of coatings for prosthetic metals and alloys
Selective application of chemical agents in the pattern dyeing of textiles
Recording/reproducing apparatus using reference oscillator for digital audio
Projection type color display device
Method for reducing the amount of a pollutant in a flue gas resulting from the combustion of a fossi...
Accelerated artificial weathering test systems
System and method for storing conceptual information
Pattern search method, pattern search apparatus and computer program therefor, and storage medium th...
Systems and methods for retrieving data from an unnormalized database
Method of handoff control in an enterprise code division multiple access wireless system
Authentication of identification documents
Hand-drawing capture via interface surface and sensor with identifier
Congestion management in a distributed computer system multiplying current variable injection rate w...
Robust checksums
Authentication referral search for LDAP
Database system, method for forming replica of database, and computer-readable recording medium that...
Valve timing control device
Device for the hydraulic adjustment of the angle of rotation of a camshaft in relation to a cranksha...
Valve control system for internal combustion engine
Control apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Sharing device for multiple audio sources
Issuing unlock codes from a server with third party billing
Distributed network security service
Network threat risk assessment tool
Presenting notifications in response to viewer-initiated actions
Workload categorization for detecting role changes in a host computing device
Exploiting dependency relations in distributed decision making
Method, system and program product for porting code utilizing a portable execution environment
Systems and methods for validating debug information for optimized code
Method and apparatus for creating templates
Mechanism for converting text output into objects
Mechanism for converting text output into objects
Method and system for obtaining a feasible integer solution from a half-integer solution in hierarch...
Method, system, and computer program product for type-based table navigation
Systems and methods for navigation of a graphical user environment
System and method for instant messenger busy gauge
Method and system for caching and adapting dynamic display pages for small display devices
Editing multiple file versions
Writing and reading of data in probe-based data storage devices
Apparatus and method for tracking packets in a reliably connected transmission system
Direct printing system
Direct print system
Power optimized request response communication protocol with timer mechanism to enforce client to ge...
Diffusion barrier coatings having graded compositions and devices incorporating the same
Group III nitride compound semiconductor device having a superlattice structure
Silicon-containing olefin copolymer, crosslinkable rubber composition thereof, and use thereof
Blue sodiocalcic glass
Film-forming apparatus, method of cleaning the same and method of manufacturing a light-emitting dev...
Lead outlet structure of secondary battery in sheet type
Drainage system and process for operating a regenerative electrochemical cell system
Controlled binary macrosegregated powder particles, their uses, and preparation methods therefor
Use methods of treating acne and telangiectasia
Vehicle license plate imaging and reading system for day and night
Sunscreen composition
Method and system for checking content before dissemination
Mr device provided with differently optimized rf coil arrays
Magnetic resonance method with non-linear magnetic field gradients
Hybrid magnet configuration
Antenna arrangement for acquisition of a magnetic resonance signal
15α-substituted estradiol carboxylic acid esters as locally active estrogens
Method for enhancing long-term memory in a subject and uses thereof
Tissue dressing having gas reservoir
Fluoxetine enteric pellets and methods for their preparation and use
Vehicle information display apparatus
Management system for production line and management method for production line
Switching apparatus and method for increasing the total number of addressable electronic devices bey...
Method and apparatus for generating reminders to transmit electronic mail attachments by parsing e-m...
Method and system for a process manager
System and method of error retention for threaded software
Antenna positioning system and method for simultaneous reception of signals from a plurality of sate...
Acceleration control device
Image forming apparatus having image bearing member and movable other member
Acetoacetylated polyvinyl polymers
Liner and garment ensemble for thermal wear and anti-exposure suits
Hang tabs for footwear
Footwear upper
Footwear upper portion
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear cleat with vertical traction elements
Intelligent SPAM detection system using statistical analysis
Filtered backprojection algorithms for compton cameras in nuclear medicine
Wrist band
Flow splitting weir
Point-of-use water treatment assembly
Methods and articles for maintaining hydantoinylated polymers in a biocidally active state
Stand alone water purifier system
Vacuum separation, transport and collection system for immiscible liquids
Device and method for treating waste product
Wastewater treatment control system
Contaminant removal method for a body of water
Method for mixing additives with sludge in a powered line blender
Method of treating oil-containing waste water
Demulsification of emulsions by socillatory mixing
Fibrous filter assembly and method
Process for preparing water having an arsenic level of less than 10 PPB
Method for reducing nitrate concentration in wastewater
Process for removal and recovery of nutrients from digested manure or other organic wastes
Parallel concentration, desalting and deposition onto MALDI targets
Self-venting filter element for a fuel filter arrangement
Process for treatment of organic waste materials
Filter comprising membranes made of hollow fibers
Hearing aid and operating method for automatically switching to a telephone mode
Method and apparatus for noise reduction particularly in hearing aids
Reinforced solder bump structure and method for forming a reinforced solder bump
Stacked die package for semiconductor devices
Methods of and apparatus for controlling process profiles
Method and apparatus for a polarization insensitive arrayed waveguide grating (AWG)
Method and apparatus for implementing a co-axial wire in a semiconductor chip
On chip capacitor
High-voltage diode
Light-receiving device, method for manufacturing the same, and optoelectronic integrated circuit com...
Optical device free from stress due to difference in thermal expansion coefficient between parts and...
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating same
Thin film transistor array panel including storage electrode
Trench-gate semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Marking on underfill
Non-volatile memory and method for manufacturing non-volatile memory
Microscopic image capture apparatus and microscopic image capturing method
Segmentation of 3D medical structures using robust ray propagation
Imaging polarimeter sensor with achromatic beam-splitting polarizer
Purging light beam paths in optical equipment
Dual use detectors for flow cytometry
MEMS scanning mirror with distributed hinges and multiple support attachments
Shaped valve seats in displacement compressors
Fuel pumping unit, with a plurality of commutator brush assemblies with engaging members for restric...
High-efficiency, large angle, variable displacement hydraulic pump/motor
Controls for variable displacement compressor
Capacity controller of capacity variable compressor
Device for inflating vehicle tires
Diaphragm mounting method for a diaphragm pump
Fluidic demand apparatus and MEMS flow sensor for use therein
Arrangement for multi-stage heat pump assembly
Cleaning solution, and method and apparatus for cleaning using the same
Detergent composition for cleaning precision parts
Reduce line end pull back by exposing and etching space after mask one trim and etch
Low temperature curable materials for optical applications
Audio program reception terminal for television delivery system
Recommender system using "fuzzy-now" for real-time events
Method, server, and client used in client-server distributed system
Hydrophilic coatings for medical implements
High torsional ductility wire and methods of making the same
Circuit and/or method for automated use of unallocated resources for a trace buffer application
Fast 16 bit, split transaction I/O bus
System and method for call-blocking-triggered topology updates in source routed signaling protocol c...
System using weighted fairness decisions in spatial reuse protocol forwarding block to determine all...
Directory-enabled intelligent broadband service switch
Binary-number comparator
System and method for separating fluids
Water treatment device
Integrated three phase separator
Method and apparatus for separating immiscible phases with different densities
Water treatment control system for minimizing trihalomethane formation
Electrophotographic photosensitive drum having caulked flanges, process cartridge having such a drum...
Airflow around electrical circuit of image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with power control to sheet processing unit
Method and apparatus for reproducing a linear document having non-linear referential links
Image forming apparatus
System controller using plural CPU's
Method, and apparatus for discriminating kind of image medium stored with program
Information processing method and apparatus used in an exposure system and exposure apparatus
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and programs thereof
Image forming apparatus and image formation control method
Interface device with network isolation
Sheet-feeding device having heater for heating sheet
Magnetooptical recording apparatus having retreatable magnetic head
Tissue bonding system and method for controlling a tissue site during anastomosis
Light source device having a discharge lamp with high radiance and a current feed controller
Environment identification device, environment identification method, and robot device
Method and apparatus for positional error correction in a robotic pool systems using a cue-aligned l...
Lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method and apparatus for processing an exchangeable obj...
Remote observation system and method thereof
Fire alarm spreading system and method
Method, system, and program for controlling moving body
Legged mobile robot
System for automatically exchanging cleaning tools of robot cleaner, and method therefor
Force sensor abnormality detection system for legged mobile robot
Air purifying robot and operation method thereof
Selectively adjustable and couplable container
Cutlery block
Apparatus for making mineral fiber insulation batt impregnated with extruded synthetic fibers
Method and apparatus for melt-blown fiber encapsulation
Enhanced loopback testing of serial devices
Component of catalyst for polymerizing olefin, catalyst for polymerizing olefin and process for poly...
Polyketone solution
Powered toothbrush
Investment casting shells and compositions including rice hull ash
Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving data according to channel condition in a CDMA mobile...
Dental hygiene vending machine
Constant angular velocity disk label printing
Stalk strength tester
Inhalable chemical debridement for COPD
Forward Error Correction (FEC) for packetized data networks
Wireless local loop
Quinolones with anti-HIV activity
Relating to Braille equipment
Method of designing agonists and antagonists to IGF receptor
Block and module for seismic sources and sensors
Method and apparatus for providing integrated voice and data services over a common interface device
Digital content distribution systems
Apparatus and method for providing a globally routable bypass IP address to a host computer on a pri...
System and method for high-performance delivery of Internet messages by selecting first and second s...
Method for collecting and processing data using internetworked wireless integrated network sensors (...
Client side socks server for an internet client
System and method for locating a closest server in response to a client domain name request
Systems and methods for insuring data transmissions
System and method for command transmission utilizing an email return path
Methods and systems for archiving and verification of electronic communications
Method and apparatus for providing internet content to SMS-based wireless devices
Method for caching XML documents viewable on devices with different displays
Two-level internet search service system
Digital audio and video playback with performance complement testing
Transaction tracking, managing, assessment, and auditing data processing system and network
System and method for providing telephony services to remote subscribers
System for and method of differentiated queuing in a routing system
IP packet priority control system
Scalable architecture for transmission of messages over a network
System and method for activation of a wireless module
Image communication apparatus and method
Storage-medium rental system
Modular application collaborator for providing inter-operability between applications and monitoring...
Kalanchoe plant named 'Kerr'
Finder housing
System and method for providing an omnimedia package
Reflective plate of reflective or transflective LCD with improved reflectivity
Apparatus for measuring and fixing the three-dimensional location of medical instrument
Amphiphilic diblock, triblock and star-block copolymers and their pharmaceutical compositions
Method for issuing an electronic identity
Check verification system and method
Method and system for tracking computer system usage through a remote access security device
Server for controlling telecommunication and/or computer equipment using short messages of stationar...
Method and telecommunication system for indicating the receipt of a data message
Method and system for authentication of units in a communications network
Security reconfiguration in a universal mobile telecommunications system
Method and apparatus for enhancing and indexing video and audio signals
Apparatuses and methods for recognizing an audio input and muting an audio device
Method of processing phone dialing/redialing function and the device thereof
Method and system for filtering a signal and for providing echo cancellation
Echo canceller having improved non-linear processor
DSL line interface having low-pass filter characteristic with reduced external components
Frequency sensitive inductance device in POTS splitter design
Method and apparatus for spectral containment over telephone service lines
Universal apparatus and method for interfacing signals with telephony networks
Communication terminal provided for a user selected distortion of an acoustic input
High density signal classifier for media gateways
Ring control device
Integrated keypad system
Speed dialing method using symbols in communication terminal having touch pad
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Chazou'
Method for directly debonding sliders during single slider processing
Animated toy utilizing artificial intelligence and fingerprint verification
Method of manufacturing electronic devices, and apparatus for carrying out such a method
Test apparatus providing pulsatile flow service for test samples
Electronic educational toy teaching letters words, numbers and pictures
Artificial bone
System for enabling a moving person to control body movements to be performed by said person
Method and apparatus for teaching and learning reading
Apparatus and methods for a shape memory spring actuator and display
Electronic test answer record image quality improvement system and method
Animated radar signal display with fade
Motor stop control device for gaming machine and gaming machine provided with the motor stop control...
Watercraft control mechanism
Particulate positive electrode active material for a lithium secondary cell
Architectures for netcentric computing systems
Mechanism for selecting representatives from program patch chains based on user roles
Magnetic aerosol paint composition
Delivery of rizatriptan or zolmitriptan through an inhalation route
Optical recording medium, method for manufacturing the same and target used for sputtering process
Octagonal rain barrel
System for allocating resource using the weight that represents a limitation on number of allowance ...
Method apparatus and systems for producing and writing cipher keys, reproducing information with a c...
Switchable surfaces
Business rules user interface for development of adaptable enterprise applications
Method for processing heart rate information in a portable computer
Rollover control method and system thereof
Land sail vehicle
Videophone system for scrutiny monitoring with computer control
Video and audio synchronization
Dynamic telephone numbering system
Method for evaluating novel, stroke treatments using a tissue risk map
Low silicon-hydrogen sin layer to inhibit hydrogen related degradation in semiconductor devices havi...
Secure print production cost accounting
Optical devices with engineered nonlinear nanocomposite materials
Use of ionic liquids to separate olefins, diolefins and aromatics
Millimeter wave transmitter, millimeter wave receiver and millimeter wave communication system enabl...
Programming method for nonvolatile memory cell
Sealing agent for a foil sealed lamp
Aromatic alkylation process
System and method for data retrieval and collection in a structured format
Method of using product pickup to create direct marketing opportunities
Vehicle electronic controller
Vehicle-onboard signal processing device and vehicle-onboard radar system
Management system for construction machines
System for alerting a vehicle driver
Operating member and armrest for industrial vehicle
Powered transport apparatus for a bed
Steering device for a drive-by-wire vehicle
Four wheel traction control valve
Transport engine and drive arrangement
Inclination-measuring device
Method for detecting a rollover situation
Device for detecting the weight loaded onto a vehicle seat with a sensor and spring body
Motorcycle with dual drive chains
Engine driven motorcycle power reverse system
Electric motor vehicle with passenger opening through ring motor
Snowmobile ski having a self-steering keel arrangement
Electrically operated power unit, electric vehicle and electric motorcycle
Drive device for hybrid vehicle
Drivetrain controller for a motor vehicle with at least two power units and a gear-box
Foldable cart
System and method for providing visual indication of caller and telephony platform information on cu...
Maintenance of uniform impedance profiles between adjacent contacts in high speed grid array connect...
Communications method and device
System and method for monitoring and control of beverage dispensing equipment
Method for certifying data containing a sequence of transactions
System and method for flexible micropayment of low value electronic assets
System and method of secure electronic commerce transactions including tracking and recording the di...
Certification and unique electronic seals for online entities
Method and system for merchant processing of purchase card transactions with expanded card type acce...
Trading system for fixed-value contracts
Method for mortgage and closed end loan portfolio management
Computer assisted securities trading
Momentum investment system, process and product
Material procurement system and a material procurement method
Inside money
Methods and systems for stimulating a trigeminal nerve to treat a psychiatric disorder
Button anchor system for moving tissue
Variously adjustable night splint with adjustable spacers and lock-out hinge
Systemic administration of therapeutic amino acids and N-acetylamino acids
Inhibitors of 15-lipoxygenase
Indole inhibitors of 15-lipoxygenase
Polymorphs of an epothilone analog
Low molecular weight peptidomimetic growth hormone secretagogues
Heterocyclic aromatic compounds useful as growth hormone secretagogues
Aminobenzamide derivatives as glycogen synthase kinase 3 beta inhibitors
Carbon monoxide dependent guanylyl cyclase modifiers and methods of use
Pharmaceutical composition for regeneration of cirrhotic liver
Preventives/remedies for urinary disturbance
Use of tellurium containing compounds as nerve protecting agents
Methods of reducing an immune response
In vivo inhibition of hepatitis B virus
Health management system, activity status measusring device, and data processing device
Online education resource for patients with metabolic syndrome
Exercise amount measuring method using mobile communication terminal
Electric stimilator for alpha-wave derivation
Device for electric stimulation of the lymphatic system and applications of such device
Systems and methods for monitoring and modifying behavior
System, method, and apparatus for combining information from an implanted device with information fr...
Activators of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors
1,2-Bis-(substituted-phenyl)-2-propen-1-ones and pharmaceutical compositions thereof
4-Amino substituted-2-substituted-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinoline compounds
Pyrazoles as inhibitors of tumor necrosis factor
Multi-ply resealable label
Integrated card and business form and method for making same
Floatable barrier for use with a beverage container
Wristband/cinch with inboard label assembly business form and method
Wristband/cinch with label assembly business form and method
Countdown calendar
Automation of the development, testing, and release of a flow framework and methodology to design in...
Device for retaining important data on a preferential basis
Collection installable knowledge
Method and system for clickpath funnel analysis
System and method for pre-processing input data to a support vector machine
Method, system, and program for maintaining a database of data objects
Methods and apparatus for model based diagnostics
Method for ensemble predictive modeling by multiplicative adjustment of class probability: APM (adju...
System and method for detecting objects in images
Lagrange quality of service routing
Fuzzy logic tuning of RF matching network
Method and system for overcoming denial of service attacks
Error resilient coding, storage, and transmission of digital multimedia data
Method and apparatus for uniformity and brightness correction in an OLED display
Modular digital photofinishing system
NANO IC packaging
Current-in-plane magnetic sensor including a trilayer structure
Hybrid battery power source for implantable medical use
Power supply having reduced-power mode
Pumping circuit and flat panel display device
Network system, managing server, electrical apparatus, battery status managing method, battery diagn...
Output stages for high current low noise bandgap reference circuit implementations
Current inrush limiting circuit
Temperature compensated bias network
Methods and circuits for programmable current limit protection
Charge-based switching power converter controller
Digital controller for a power converter employing selectable phases of a clock signal
Constant ON-time controller for a buck converter
Active power filter with input voltage feedforward, output load feedforward, and output voltage feed...
Synchronization of multiphase synthetic ripple voltage regulator
DC/DC converter
Pulse width modulation power regulator and power supply system thereof
Low noise fast stable voltage regulator circuit
Power factor correction circuit
Circuits and methods for synchronizing non-constant frequency switching regulators with a phase lock...
Demand responsive power generation system
Inter-regulator control of multiple electric power sources
Methods of charging lithium sulfur cells
Methods and systems for metered raffle-style gaming
Interactive play device and method
Transportable play assembly
Rolling vehicle that launches a flying vehicle
Electric toy top device with finger supported charging system
Shaped lamp hanger
Aquatic amusing toy
Remotely controlled underwater retrieval game
Card game
Draw poker
Matching card game and method of playing the same
Chess to the second power
Mirror checkers/chess
Electronic die
Token-operated game machine
Stabilizing adjustable brackets for designing and constructing a swing set/play set system
Mobile object monitoring system
Computer assisted reading tutor apparatus and method
Methods and systems for adapting data from a user interface
Wheeled vehicles and control systems and methods therefor
Locking assembly for firearm simulators
Versatile resource computer-based training system
Remote education system, course attendance check method, and course attendance check program
Method and apparatus for performance optimization through physical perturbation of task elements
Finger thinking educational tool & method
Electronic motivational apparatus and related methods
Products, systems and methods for teaching educational subjects to young children
Pronunciation training method and apparatus
Apparatus for simulated driving of a motor vehicle
System for computer assisted driving lessons
Tactile presenting device
Network communication for a security system
Portable telephone
Musical tone control apparatus and sensing device for electronic musical instrument
Entertainment system, entertainment apparatus, recording medium, and program
Musical-score-generating information processing apparatus and method
Automatic page turner with turnstile element
Acoustic guitar with reverberating bridge assembly
Key actuation systems for keyboard instruments
Content supplying apparatus and method, and recording medium
Apparatus and method for vector descriptor representation and multimedia data retrieval
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving wireless packet
Method and system for wireless digital multimedia transmission
Control and management method for the status of the battery of a portable multimedia device
Remote control unit for a multimedia device remote control system
Carriageable multimedia display device
Carriageable multimedia display device
Herschel-Quincke tube for vehicle applications
Turbine noise absorber
Blast compression wave absorbing device
Damper for hydraulic systems
Jet nozzle mixer
Soil remediation system
Reinforcing liner, system and method of reinforcing a structure, and reinforced structure thereby
Earth retaining system such as a sheet pile wall with integral soil anchors
Z-shaped sheet piling
Structural helical pile
Pier-repairing and reinforcing panel and method of repairing and reinforcing piers using such panels
Apparatus and process for installing "T" couplings on underground pipe
Method installing a duct, device for carrying out said method, and a tape-shape element for use with...
Method of lining a surface with a geosynthetic clay liner
Foundation and soil irrigation system utilizing wicking materials
Smooth sleeves for drag and VIV reduction of cylindrical structures
Segment for rehabilitating pipe assembly
Ultrafine particulate titanium oxide and production process thereof
Cathode material for lithium battery
Method and apparatus for producing inorganic fullerene-like nanoparticles
Sulfidation reaction control method
Compounds for novel proton conducting membranes and methods of making same
Synthesis of lithium iron sulphides and their use as cathodes
Carbon fiber for field electron emitter and method for manufacturing field electron emitter
Carbon fiber product, and method of adjusting length of carbon fiber product
Expanded carbon fiber product and composite using the same
Fullerene derivatives
Process for producing nitrogen trifluoride
High resistivity silicon carbide single crystal
Mesoporous silica, process for the preparation of the same, and use thereof
Process for preparing bound zeolites
Crystallization of sodium carbonate decahydrate from liquors supersaturated in sodium bicarbonate
Base metal recovery from a tailings dump by bacterial oxidation
Compounds derived from La2Mo2O9 and their use as ionic conductors
Three-dimensional complete bandgap photonic crystal formed by crystal modification
Body pigment and process for preparing the same
Self-hardening calcium phosphate materials with high resistance to fracture, controlled strength his...
Articulated carrying device
Compressive end effector
Reconfigurable articulated leg and wheel
Ride plate positioning mechanism for personal watercraft, and method of using same
Marine safety ladder apparatus
Tower and support
Hydrodynamically and aerodynamically optimized leading and trailing edge configurations
Steering assembly for watercraft
Marginal gas transport in offshore production
Ship with wave energy engulfing propulsors
Time-shifted video signal processing
Method for calling up information about current radio and television programmes
Trellis encoder with rate 1/4 and 1/2 for a backward compatible robust encoding ATSC DTV transmissio...
Method and apparatus of mixing audios
Portable communication terminal with multiple displays
Automatic photograph seal vending method and apparatus therefor
Method for creating and recording transport time information for data recorded on a disk
Image recording system and image recording method
Identification and evaluation of audience exposure to logos in a broadcast event
3-dimension scanning system for computer-aided tooth modelling and method thereof
Component-mounting method and component-mounting apparatus
System and method providing improved head motion estimations for animation
Method and apparatus for selectively providing different electric signal paths between circuits
Systems for MPEG subsample decoding
Method of retrieving video picture and apparatus therefor
Optical system and imaging device
Lens barrel
Digital photo album having a built-in scanner
Detachable vehicle monitor
Latch placement technique for reduced clock signal skew
System and method for identifying line breaks
Intra-decoder component block messaging
Detecting low-level data corruption
Apparatus and method for snoop access in a dual access, banked and pipelined data cache memory unit
System and method for resynchronizing interprocess communications connection between consumer and pu...
Scalable, reliable session initiation protocol (SIP) signaling routing node
Scheme for managing nodes connected to a home network according to their physical locations
Scalable hardware scheduler time based calendar search algorithm
Method of inducing a purchaser to visit a retail outlet at a remote location and of inducing a retai...
Methods and apparatus for laser marking of integrated circuit faults
Method of localizing medical devices
Method and system for non-invasive determination of blood-related parameters
Integrating contextual information into mobile enterprise applications
Wireless network security
Using a derived table of signal strength data to locate and track a user in a wireless network
Methodology for mobile user terminals in broadband systems
System for measuring a radio frequency signal in a wireless station and a wiring board switch
Test system for remotely testing switches within a telecommunications network
Flame retardants which contain phosphorus, and flame-retardant thermoplastic molding compositions
Apparatus and method for nanoscale pattern generation
Tear film osmometry
Dynamic swing training aid for sports
Putter head
Adjustable shaft-extension apparatus for golf club putters
Method and apparatus for conditioning coins prior to discrimination
Turbulent flow drag reduction
Wake vortex visualizer for an aircraft
Control system for actuators in an aircraft
Control and fixing device for the sail of a kite
Method of making a miniature, operable box kite
Two-tone isolator assembly
Active vibration control system
System and method for fabricating or repairing a part
Method of synchronizing parallel optical links between communications components
Device for producing a white light
Light emitting device, optical module, and grating chip
Laser diode module for optical communication
Surface emitting semiconductor laser and method of fabricating the same
Laser oscillator
Operational amplifier for optical transceiver
Laser diode driver with extinction ratio control
High power multi-frequency laser
Optical information recording medium, and method and apparatus for recording/reproducing information...
Optical pickup
Optical disc device varying, detecting and noticing a recording velocity during a recording
Apparatus using a detected light beam power at a start of change of a magnetized state for setting a...
Integrated lithium niobate based optical transmitter
Beam forming telescope with polarization correction
AOM modulation techniques employing plurality of tilt-angled transducers to improve laser system per...
Generation of M-ary digital signaling constellations directly at lightwave frequencies
Three-dimensional measuring instrument, filter striped plate, and illuminating means
Ring-interferometric sol-gel bio-sensor
Multilayer metallization
Process for making and aging high strength high gas barrier cellular cushioning product
Splittable multilumen catheter assembly
Plastics extruder dimension and viscosity control system
Apparatus and methods for mixing two components
End cap
Dispensing pack and machine
Methods of forming aluminum-comprising physical vapor deposition targets; sputtered films; and targe...
Cooling of extruded and compression molded materials
Gastric device and suction assisted method for implanting a device on a stomach wall
PRO788 nucleic acids
PRO 1387 polypeptides
Pro1017 polypeptides
Modulators of Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases (PTPases)
Aminoindazole derivatives as medicaments and pharmaceutical compositions including them
Compounds useful as anti-inflammatory agents
Substituted benzothiazole amide derivatives
Cyclic motilin receptor antagonists
Modified G-protein coupled receptors
Nucleic acids encoding PRO189 polypeptides
Chordin-like molecules and uses thereof
Composition and method for treating nonalcoholic steatohepatitis
Method and system for reducing body weight in an enclosed atmospheric environment
Methods and apparatus for removing veins
Food intake restriction with controlled wireless energy supply
Stiffening pharyngeal wall treatment
Chemical enhancement in surface enhanced raman scattering using lithium salts
Composition for filling bone defects
Substituted tetrahydrocarbazole and cyclopentanoindole derivatives
Systems and methods for analyzing bus data
Vehicle traveling state recording method and computer for engine control
Methods and compositions for controlling translation of HCV proteins
Methods and systems for efficient comparison, identification, processing, and importing of gene expr...
Testing the electrical continuity of the connecting cables for a recorder of physiological signals, ...
Transfer material conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Water repellant fiberglass binder
Ceramic fiber insulation material
Active-matrix display, active-matrix organic electroluminescence display, and methods of driving the...
Polyamic acid oligomer, polyimide oligomer, solution composition, and fiber-reinforced composite mat...
Computer-implemented vehicle repair analysis system
Structure for preventing glass from breaking and plasma display device
System and method for the delivery of electronic books
Boron-containing red light-emitting phosphors and light sources incorporating the same
Method for preparing metallic carbene-based catalysts for hydrosilylation of unsaturated compounds a...
Machine tool
RF tracking system and method
Handling device for repositioning parts
Apparatus for responding to sound at a remote terminal
Composting apparatus and method
Encoding and sensing of syringe information
Image display apparatus and image display method
Mask data processor
Campaign management for batch processes
Secure interface cradle for pocket personal computer device
Medical passing device and method
Process for the optical resolution of a precursor of sclareolide
Highly catalytic screen-printing ink
Methods useful in the treatment of bone resorption diseases
Curable composition
Quinolinones and uses thereof
Temperature control
Dynamic assignment of telecommunications switches and packet switch gateways
System and method for image-based surface detail transfer
Optical inspection system, apparatus and method for reconstructing three-dimensional images for prin...
Redundant packet telecommunication network system using minimum hamming distances to construct a fin...
Viola cornuta plant named Sunvioho
Sensor device
Method, system, and program for remotely manipulating a user interface over a network
Monolayer coated aerogels and method of making
Methods for cell-based combinatorial logic
Pharmaceutical composition containing an active agent in an amino acid copolymer structure
Online-composite servicing method, recording medium recorded with programs for realizing the method,...
Article information providing system and mediate apparatus
Delivery of beta-blockers through an inhalation route
Magnet containing low rare earth element and method for manufacturing the same
Work platform
Secure, distributed e-mail system
Hemostatic wound dressings and methods of making same
Segmented and distributed path optimization in a communication network
Optical-path changing apparatus, and light radiating apparatus
Olefin production utilizing whole crude oil and mild catalytic cracking
Plasma display panel having sealing structure
System and method for unknown type serialization
Network server for servicing articles of wear
Active carbon-based nanotube battery
Apparatus for forming nano-grating device
Iridium oxide nanostructure patterning
Patterned growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes from elevated wafer structures
Nanoscale corundum powders, sintered compacts produced from these powders and method for producing t...
Method for producing nanoparticles of magnetically hard ordered alloy phase
Magnetorheological nanocomposite elastomer for releasable attachment applications
Copper diffusion barriers made of diamond-like nanocomposits doped with metals
Method of fabricating multiple nanowires of uniform length from a single catalytic nanoparticle
Oxidant/catalyst nanoparticles to reduce tobacco smoke constituents such as carbon monoxide
Method of verification of estimating crosstalk noise in coupled RLC interconnects with distributed l...
Lens barrels
Substrate treating method, substrate-processing apparatus, developing method, method of manufacturin...
Washing method and apparatus
Portable stand
Information processing apparatus
Image pickup apparatus with precise exposure value, exposure decision method, program, and storage m...
Focusing device and method
Hydrogel composition and methods for making the same
Powder-free coagulants with silicone surfactants
Solutions for cleaning silicon semiconductors or silicon oxides
Liquid analyser
Recombinant glycosyltransferase fusion proteins
Multiplex decoding of array sensors with microspheres
Method for producing a high damage tolerant aluminium alloy
Phloridzin-rich phenolic fraction and use thereof as a cosmetic, dietary or nutraceutical agent
Treatment screening methods
Multiphase mixing process using microchannel process technology
Hydration system
Process for the recovery of tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol from oil mill wastewaters and catalytic oxida...
Charge-based water filtration systems
Process and plant for the removal of metals by biosorption from mining or industrial effluents
Animal powered mechanical device for water desalination
Pressurized gas-water mixer
Promoter molecules for use in plants
Method and system for solubilizing protein
Method for the production by fermentation of sulphur-containing fine chemicals (metf)
Lactobacillus N-deoxyribosyl transferases, corresponding nucleotide sequences and their uses
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Wave energy conversion device for desalination, ETC
Modified silane compounds
Method of increasing neutrophil production using optically-pure (R)-2,3-benzodiazepines
Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material
Positive photoresist composition
Oolong tea beverage and process of producing the same
Ink for jet recording and ink set
Method for reducing microbial levels on the hide of an animal
Vapor-powered kinetic pump
Connector apparatus and system including connector apparatus
System and method for cooling air
Phosphate selective resin and related methods
Process for the preparation of porous polymer particles based on acrylate and/or methacrylate
Use of beta glucans for the treatment of osteoporosis and other diseases of bone resorption
Process of purifying vancomycin hydrochloride
Reducing concentration of organic materials with substituted cyclodextrin compound in polyester pack...
Thermally conductive sheet and method for manufacturing the same
Palliative effects of morinda citrifolia oil and juice
Transdermal device for administering testosterone or one of the derivatives thereof
Bacillus natto culture extract
Removal of fluorinated surfactants from waste water
Auto playlist generator
Method and apparatus for processing digital audio signal
Noise sensing bobbin-coil assembly for amplified stringed musical instrument pickups
Pick-up assembly for stringed musical instruments
Automatic music mood detection
Systems and methods for creating, modifying, interacting with and playing musical compositions
Classification of information and use of classifications in searching and retrieval of information
Targeted marketing and purchase behavior monitoring system
Access authorization with anomaly detection
Integrated access authorization
Visual summary of a web service policy document
Rule-driven specification of Web Service policy
Access authorization API
Access authorization having embedded policies
Access authorization having a centralized policy
Methods and systems for presentation of media obtained from a media stream
Strategies for generating media consumption statistics
Looping constructs in object model software
Patch installation control
System and method for reverse engineering of pattern string validation scripts
Method and system for tracing components of computer applications
Cross-platform software development with and software development peripheral
Method and system for a call stack capture
System and method for extensible java server page resource management
Execution context infrastructure
System and method for managing a floating window
Method and system for persisting and managing computer program clippings
Host adapter integrated data FIFO and data cache and method for improved host adapter sourcing laten...
Passive release avoidance technique
Hierarchically expandable fair arbiter
Fair arbitration method in a distributed arbitration system
Apparatus and method for topography dependent signaling
Method and apparatus for attaching USB peripherals to host ports
Data converting apparatus and method, printing apparatus and method, printing controlling apparatus ...
Bootable CD for transferring files independently of computer operating systems
Real-time imaging spectropolarimeter based on an optical modulator
Assembled hematin, method for forming same and method for polymerizing aromatic monomers using same
Chemical and biological sampling device and kit and method of use thereof
Non-lethal telescoping cartridge
Low velocity air burst munition and launcher system implemented on an existing weapon
Primer removal method
Diazonium salt, its synthesizing method and recording material
Method for the preparation of a poly(arylene ether)-polyolefin composition, and composition prepared...
Branched olefin copolymer, process for producing the same, and use thereof
Resilient cement compositions and methods of cementing
Aqueous dispersions, which can be hardened thermally and by using actinic radiation, method for the ...
Metal belt and coated belt
Method for preparing improved soybean products
Restorative and grafting material for hard tissue defects prepared from animal teeth
Yttrium aluminum garnet powders and processing
Use of ceramics in dental and orthodontic applications
Vertical panel lift
Compositions comprising set retarder compositions and associated methods
Rheological and calorimetric testing method
Panelized wall system utilizing adhesive-edge building panels