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Telescoping bicycle
Damper adjusting device for exercise apparatus
Three bladed Savonius rotor
Portable workstation
Folding bicycle
System for providing gyroscopic stabilization to a two-wheeled vehicle
Apparatus for mounting a brake control element to a bicycle hub brake
Fuel supply apparatus
Bicycle lock
Optical disk and method of manufacturing the same
Processes for the preparation and purification of hydroxymethylfuraldehyde and derivatives
Electric double layer capacitor
Reaction chamber for an epitaxial reactor
Methods for converting linear polyesters to macrocyclic oligoester compositions and macrocyclic olig...
Laser decapsulation method
Adsorption of contaminants from gaseous stream and in situ regeneration of sorbent
Textile finishing agents for imparting a sensory effect during use
Drier for a web of material
Method of converting a linework data format to the format of a page description language
Sheet feeder having a drive for the synchronized feeding of sheets to a sheet-processing machine
Control device for a work machine hydraulic pump used in a work vehicle
Superconductor magnet coil configuration
Well treating compositions containing water superabsorbent material and method of using the same
Lithium silicate materials
Tandem battery powered inverter and method of implementing the same
Sidecar reagent reservoir
Vial and tubing therefor
Secure container for holding liquid medicaments
Sperm sampler
Massage article
Hip and groin wrap for applying cooling and compression
Collapsible baby bottle
Mobile support structure for medical equipment
Display with operation switch
Eye position instrument
Cannula tube
Display housing for remote inspection device
Adhesive dispenser/applicator device
Specimen cup
Oral/nasal cannula
Case for an electronic device for recording, storing or transmitting audio files
Portable MP3 player with FM transmitter with built in car adapter
Router bit system
Method for the preparation of biliquid foam compositions
3,5-disubstituted-[1,2,4]-oxadiazoles and analogs as activators of caspases and inducers of apoptosi...
Foaming composition for washing and treating hair and/or scalp based on an active principle
Solenoid valve with manual buttons
Cover for vehicle rooftop air-conditioning devices
Optical sub-assembly having a thermo-electric cooler and an optical transceiver using the optical su...
Optical disc and disc cartridge containing the same
Epothilone derivatives
Multi-arm polypeptide-poly (ethylene glycol) block copolymers as drug delivery vehicles
Method of enabling an analysis of an external body portion
Part of a container
Package for a hair treatment product
Electrostatic discharge enhanced charge contact design
Ionic liquid-modified cathode and electrochemical device using the same
Active material for lithium secondary battery and method of preparing active material
Slurry composition, electrode and secondary cell
Active material for electrode and non-aqueous secondary battery using the same
Method of manufacturing an electrode active material particle for a rechargeable battery
Fixing mechanism between core and cover of peripheral storage device
Combined receptacle and display card
Precursors of phenyl-quinolizidines
Novel ester derivatives of polycarboxylic acids and process for making same
Method of manufacturing tungsten halogen lamp
Catalytic hydrogenation processes
Identification band with adhesively attached coupling elements
Method and apparatus for increased container security
Remote communications devices, wireless communications systems, and wireless communications methods
Antenna switching equipment
Product identification tag device and reader
Security and identification label and the production and use thereof
Phenolic resin systems for fiber reinforced composite manufacture
Phenolic resins
Tyrosylprotein sulfotransferases and methods of use thereof
Sheet for mounting polishing workpiece and method for making the same
Limited slip differential performance simulation procedure
Police baton
Collapsible cage
Device and method for animal tracking
Non-clumping animal litter granules
Tuna grazing system
Adjustable depth fishing lure
Fishing apparatus with hooking mechanism
5-methylene-1,3-dioxolan-4-one derivatives, process for their production, polymers of the derivative...
Multi-layer thermoplastic films and packages made therefrom
Three dimensional, low friction vasoocclusive coil, and method of manufacture
Artificial functional spinal unit assemblies
Reed relay, removable bushing thereof, and reed relay mounting method therefor
User interface
Communication device
Communication device
System and method for providing delay line and/or finite impulse response filters using a lossless a...
Method and apparatus for site, frequency, and backhaul planning for access points
Method and apparatus for partial interference cancellation in a communication system
Direct digital synthesizer with variable reference for improved spurious performance
Method of mapping linearly spaced spectrum points to logarithmically spaced frequency and a measurin...
Neural stimulation system providing auto adjustment of stimulus output as a function of sensed imped...
System and method for using a multi-contact electrode to stimulate the cochlear nerve or other body ...
Time syncrhonization of data
Method and apparatus for monitoring cerebral physiology
Apparatus and method for interfacing time-variant signals
Alarm in a device for dispensing volatile anesthetics
Method and apparatus for measuring body fat by using bioelectrical impedance
Imaging optical system and endoscope provided with imaging optical system
Balloon catheter having a textured member for enhancing balloon or stent retention
Self optimizing lancing device with adaptation means to temporal variations in cutaneous properties
Load-controlled auto-actuated skin incision device
Elongated intracorporal medical device
Systems and methods for directing and snaring guidewires
Illuminated nipple cup
Blood pressure measuring device
Blood pressure measuring device with a cuff of two openable concave shell parts
Serial storage of ink and its properties
Tonal balancing of multiple images
Luminance correction
Global and local statistics controlled noise reduction system
Methods for real-time software video/audio compression, transmission, decompression and display
Chroma motion vector derivation for interlaced forward-predicted fields
Compression of bi-level images with explicit representation of ink clusters
Encoding apparatus, video camera
Pose estimation based on critical point analysis
Method of photo/text separation using path frequency of pixel intensities
Method and system for user-aided boundary delineation through the propagation of implicit representa...
Optical switch
Propagation delay variation for a distributed optical modulator driver
Optical modulator having reduced bandwidth requirements and method of operation thereof
Hitless tunable optical add drop multiplexer with vernier gratings
Mechanism for releasing lock between optical transceiver and cage, optical transceiver, communicatio...
Method of producing polymer optical waveguide
Waveguide and optical coupling device
LED light source for backlighting with integrated electronics
Visual recognition support system
Circuit for an LED array
Methods for converting incandescent lighting products to fluorescent lighting products
Faceted optical substrate and method of fabricating a faceted optical substrate and a backlight disp...
Planar light source device
Vehicle headlight including a plurality of led lighting device units
Lighting unit for motor vehicles
Headlamp for vehicle
Vehicle headlamp
Safety device for transporting oversized loads
Saddle-ride type vehicle
Sectional lighting fixture structure
Beam shutter in LED package
Projector light source and projection type image display device using the same
LED lighting arrangement
Multi-spray multi-light fountain
Color wheel including light deflecting means
Auto-adapting fitting
Air-powered electro-mechanical fuze for submunition grenades
Firearm and munitions kit
Muzzle-loading firearm and easily removable breech plug for use therewith
Defense device, preferably self-defense device and storage unit used therein
Chip dicing
Methods for modifying plant cell walls and modified plants produced thereby
Methods and means for influencing intracellular communication and intracellular organelle transport
Tissue heart valve with annulus support structure
Apparatus and method to optimize printer media definition
Transmit amplitude independent adaptive equalizer
Semiconductor memory
Memory device having shared open bit line sense amplifier architecture
Memory device and sense amplifier circuit with faster sensing speed and improved insensitivities to ...
Over-current protection device
Methods for producing a black matrix on a lenticular lens
Variable gain optical amplifiers
Charge transfer device having output amplifier with reduced power consumption
Drive circuit of display apparatus
Information processing system
Fault tolerant computer
Reliable datagram
Data fail-over for a multi-computer system
Method and apparatus for monitoring and controlling programs in a network
Isoforms of the human vitamin D receptor
Policy-based response to system errors occurring during OS runtime
System and method to support platform firmware as a trusted process
Cooperative proxy auto-discovery and connection interception
Method and apparatus for performing network-based control functions on an alert-enabled managed clie...
Biometric quality control process
Propeller shaft bearing
Gas projection device sometimes with a burst disk, producing loud sonic report and smoke plume
Dichroic filters on flexible polymer film substrates
System, method, and product for scanning of biological materials employing dual analog integrators
Power tool lockdown device
Transcriptional activators involved in abiotic stress tolerance
Method and apparatus for collecting and displaying consumption data from a meter reading system
Method and device for optically measuring the surface shape and for the optical surface inspection o...
Transresistance amplifier for a charged particle detector
Optical coupling component for use in an optical communication connector and an optical connector us...
Optical axis adjusting method, optical module producing method, optical axis adjusting apparatus, an...
Film formation apparatus and film formation method and cleaning method
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Machine for the preparation of beverages
Members of the FC receptor homolog gene family (FCRH1-3, 6), related reagents, and uses thereof
PRO4501 polypeptides
Apparatus for occupant detection
Energy induced bulking and buttressing of tissues for incontinence
PRO1339 antibodies
System and method for achieving deferred invalidation consistency
History preservation in a computer storage system
System and method for transfering data from a source machine to a target machine
Found-item information management server, found-item information management program, and found-item ...
Self-standing display device
Method for forming a memory device with a recessed gate
Liquid delivering device
Thermoelectric conversion element and method of manufacturing the same, and thermoelectric conversio...
Process of preparing planographic printing plate
Inkjet recording head
Radial discharge actuator device
Glucose-dependent insulins
Non-woven textile
System and method for facilitating listening
Laser processing apparatus
Label printer
Communication device and method for controlling communication device
Band-pass filter and tracking signal processor circuit
Semiconductor device, nonvolatile semiconductor memory, system including a plurality of semiconducto...
Resuscitation kit system and method and pre-use protocols for a sedation and analgesia system
Signal transmission system
Wireless communication system, communication device, communication controlling method, and communica...
Method for error diffusion employing a stamp field
Group signature apparatus and method
Image forming apparatus having a drive source disposed in an area orthogonal to a rotation axis of a...
Image forming method
Imaging color toner, color image forming method and color image forming apparatus
Photochromic paper with improved bistability
Automated manufacturing system
Weighted fair queue serving plural output ports
Pocketable writing instrument
Air cleaner with improved airflow
Responding to changes in measurement of system load in spread spectrum communication systems
Method of signal transmission to multiple users from a multi-element array
System and method for increasing provisionable bandwidth in time-division multiplexed communication ...
Method for seamless session transfer of a mobile station
Method and apparatus for enhancing performance of channel quality indicator (CQI) channel in wireles...
Fair sharing of multi-access channels
Process for producing fluoromonomer
Synthetic resin emulsion, easily water-swellable pressure-sensitive adhesive compositions containing...
Defect reduction in electrodeposited copper for semiconductor applications
Closure for cable connection
Modular gasket
Returnable and reusable, bag-in-drum fluid storage and dispensing container system
Insulated box body, refrigerator having the box body, and method of recycling materials for insulate...
Glass run channel for vehicle and glass run channel assembly for vehicle
Magnetic random access memory (MRAM) and method of manufacturing the same
Embedded controller based BIOS boot ROM select
Electron emission device having cleaning function
PRO21340 polypeptides
PRO21384 polypeptides
Photosensitive lithographic printing plate and method for making a printing plate
Pressure-sensitive adhesives exhibiting an improved shear strength at elevated temperatures
Disposable pants-type wearing article
System and method for measuring electric current in a pipeline
Methods and materials relating to gene expression
Multi-use trailer with pivotable bunk hardware
Adjuvant composition for chemicals used in agriculture
Frame forwarding in a switch fabric
Print control method and apparatus, and print system
Substrate cleaning apparatus and substrate cleaning method
Method to decode temporal watermarks in compressed video
Data transmission method for embedded data, data transmitting and reproducing apparatuses and inform...
Fair share scheduling method in a CDMA paging system
Semiconductor integrated circuit with voltage generation circuit, liquid crystal display controller ...
Time shift reproduction time controlling method and information reproduction apparatus
Method and system for reporting identity document usage
Food kiosk
Deicer compositions including corrosion inhibitors
Storing method metadata in code
Certification method and device and certificate issuer system
Distributed directory replication
Method and system for configuring highly available online certificate status protocol responders
Sports audio toy
Car audio
Audio component face
Audio accessory and storage case for portable digital electronic device
Valve timing control device and control method for internal combustion engine
Cam phase control system for internal combustion engine
Adjusting device
Control apparatus and control method for variable valve actuation mechanism of internal combustion e...
Valve timing adjusting apparatus
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Alternative (reciprocating) engine with recirculation of exhaust gases intended for the propulsion o...
Method of playing optical recording media
Fork lift apparatus adapted to be coupled to a truck or trailer
Motor vehicle and control method of motor vehicle
Engine shut-down for engine having adjustable valve timing
Estimating device and vehicle motion control device using the same
Automatic brake device for controlling movement of vehicle in direction opposite to intended directi...
Vehicle intercommunication apparatus
Vehicle antenna device having high power feeding reliability
Alert system installed in vehicle
Wheel condition monitoring system
Storage cabinet with latching mechanism
Adjusting mechanism for a prosthetic
Method of making a container from a bottle
Hygienical shoes with mobile magnet piece
Footwear with reversible tongue
Clasp for detachably securing footwear upper
Control device and footstep determination device for legged mobile robot
Universal bench magnet
Cardiovascular spine exerciser
Quick release locking mechanism and method, especially for a hidden-type convertible shoe
Carbon nanotube-based field emission device
Nano-sized metals or metal salts stabilized by using chain-end functionalized polymers and their syn...
Integrated optoelectronic silicon biosensor for the detection of biomolecules labeled with chromopho...
Organic material-coated semiconductor nanoparticle with excellent durability, and method of manufact...
Integrated nanotube sensor
Polymer, polymer microfiber, polymer nanofiber and applications including filter structures
Carbide nanostructures and methods for making same
Stage apparatus and camera shake correction apparatus using the same
Zoom lens system, imaging device and camera
Self locking ergonomic support assembly for optical devices
Data encryption
Digital circuit apparatus and method for accelerating preliminary operations for cryptographic proce...
Orthogonal code generation apparatus, scrambling code generation apparatus and portable radio termin...
Method and apparatus for securing media access control (MAC) addresses
Image authentication apparatus, image authentication method, and image authentication program
Selective encryption of media data
Producing a new black box for a digital rights management (DRM) system
Electronic device with encryption/decryption cells
Wireless communication device and method for over-the-air application service
Audio coding
Image altering apparatus and method for providing confidential viewing of a fundamental display imag...
Insertion of binary messages in video pictures
Partial encryption and PID mapping
Information recording device, information playback device, information recording method, information...
Method for identifying a physical failure location on an integrated circuit
Systems and methods for creating and displaying a user interface for displaying hierarchical data
Methods, systems, and media for generating a regression suite database
Scalable, software-based quorum architecture
Storage optimization for VARRAY columns
Apparatus and method for online data migration with remote copy
Memory management system and method for a mobile device
Storage system, and control method and program thereof
Method for processing consistent data sets
System and method for reserving a virtual connection in an IP network
Dynamic content delivery to static page in non-application capable environment
System and method for providing contents on a network
Method and apparatus for automatically checking e-mail addresses in outgoing e-mail communications
Method and apparatus for file management
Selecting data for synchronization and for software configuration
Controlling updates of electronic files
Methods and systems for file replication utilizing differences between versions of files
Data protection mechanism
Dynamic generation of target files from template files and tracking of the processing of target file...
Hierarchical database management
System and method for managing native application data
ULBP antibodies
Denatured collagen peptides and uses thereof
Polynucleotides encoding novel PCSK9 variants
Methods and compositions for altering cell function
Transposon-Based Targeting System
Method and apparatus for imaging in an eye
System and device for monitoring and assisting human gross motor skills
Method for Identification of Neoplastic Transformation with Particular Reference to Prostate Cancer
Aryl Piperidine Amides
Therapeutic agents
Tetrahydroquinolones and Aza-Analogues Thereof for Use as Dpp-IV Inhibitors in the Treatment of Diab...
Fused Aminopiperidine as Dipeptidyl Peptidase-IV Inhibitors for the Treatment or Prevention of Diabe...
Inhibitors of Akt Activity
Imidazole Compound
Alkyl-pyridazine derivatives as 11b-HSD1 inhibitors
Tetrahydrobenzazepines as Histamine H3 Receptor Ligands
Benzazepine Derivatives and Methods of Prophylaxis or Treatment of 5Ht2c Receptor Associated Disease...
Arylalkyl Ureas As Cb1 Antagonists
Yoga blocks
Doll with stand
Balloon inflating and illuminating device
3-dimensional assembly
Elongated flotation device with spray nozzle
Card game apparatus and method
Method and system for supporting symbolic serendipity
Automatically generating a path to an item depending on its access history
Method and apparatus for delivering a virtual reality environment
Optimum design method, and apparatus, and program for the same
Method and apparatus for recording hologram, method and apparatus for reproducing hologram, and info...
Label printer and printing medium
Procedures, system and computer program product for the presentation of multimedia contents in eleva...
Procedures, system and computer program for the presentation of multimedia contents in elevator inst...
Method and apparatus for segmenting a multi-media program based upon audio events
Techniques for synchronizing any of a plurality of associated multimedia assets in a distributed sys...
Method and device for rock bolting
Water intake riser
Boat lift
Methods and apparatus for selecting a server to process a request
Method and token for authenticating a control point
Method for visualizing information in a data warehousing environment
System and method for providing a data warehouse in accordance with a virtual schema
Computerized cost estimate system and method
Produce identification and pricing system for checkouts
Method and system for protection against replay of an indicium message in a closed system meter
System and method for processing protected audio information
Tokenless financial access system
Dynamic payment cards and related management systems and associated methods
Loan product and system and method for providing and monitoring a loan product
Method and apparatus for creating and administering a publicly traded interest in a commodity pool
Account status system and method for managing a closing of a user account
Method for collecting sales and/or use taxes on sales that are made via the internet and/or catalog
Multi-picture online commerce feature
Method and a computer network server for facilitating sale of an object
Dynamically interacting with an internet service using a client-specified communication proxy and pr...
Net shopping method, system therefor, and automatic payment transfer device
Discount-instrument methods and systems
Intelligent agents for electronic commerce
Automated methods for simulating a biological network
Gene transcription assay method
Inbred corn line PHEGV
Plants and seeds of corn variety LH360
Transgenic rice plants with reduced expression of Os2AP and elevated levels of 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline
Polynucleotides encoding a multiple epitope fusion antigen for use in an HCV antigen/antibody combin...
Genetically-engineered MHC molecules
Stem cell growth factor-like polypeptides
TAG-72 specific C.sub.H2 domain deleted antibodies
PRO1341 polypeptides
Regulation of transcription factor, NF-IL6/LAP
Method of prophylaxis and treatment and agents useful for same
Applications of acridinium compounds and derivatives in homogeneous assays
Method for generating hypermutable organisms
Biological scaffolding material
Modifications of apoptin
Adenovirus vectors specific for cells expressing androgen receptor and methods of use thereof
Non-sugar sweeteners for use in test devices
Mounting platform for biological growth plate scanner
Non-sporulating Bacillus subtilis having parts of the gene encoding sigma G deleted
Lipase from Geobacillus sp. strain T1
Method and apparatus for controlling volume
Stringed instrument electronic pickup
Tone generation control program and electronic keyboard instrument using the tone generation control...
Scrambling method of music sequence data for incompatible sound generator
Generating music and sound that varies from playback to playback
Percussion instrument
Semiconductive GaAs wafer and method of making the same
Oxidation-reduction catalyst and its process of use
Chromium removal from leach liquors produced during high pressure acid leaching of lateritic ores
Method of separating isotopes
Method of removing spectator ions from aqueous suspension of solid particles
Hybrid remote control lawn mower
Straddle type vehicle having an electronic throttle valve system
Piston engine
Power assist steering apparatus and method responsive to volume flow of fluid
Variable speed transmission twist control apparatuses and methods for self-propelled mowing machine
Constant speed control system
Vehicle for materials handling and other industrial uses
Exhaust device including a resin muffler cover and muffler protector
Power train assembly having a H-drive configuration
Snow vehicle suspension system
Intersystem messaging using ENUM standard
Sliding mechanism and mobile terminal
Slide mechanism of portable terminal device
Foldable cellular phone
Holder for a clamshell-type mobile phone
Method and apparatus for providing dispatch-type services in a cellular communication system
Method and system for providing an opinion and aggregating opinions with mobile telecommunication de...
Network initiated auto-redial
System and method for querying message information
Method for charging internet services via a mobile telephone
Hinge with orthogonal pivot axes
Device and method for suppressing echo in telephones
Method and system for combining an emergency standalone switching device with a switching system int...
Method of establishing communications between selected user terminals, using dedicated communication...
Voice conference historical monitor
Unified messaging/call routing configuration using palmtop computer
Method for enabling a user interface for a network telephone
Voice information storage and retrieval system and method
Media resource card with dynamically allocated resource points
System for text assisted telephony
Subscriber mobility in telephony systems
PRO1339 polypeptides
PRO7434 polypeptides
Phenylenediamine Urotensin-II receptor antagonists and CCR-9 antagonists
Farnesoid X receptor agonists
Diazabicyclic central nervous system active agents
Non-imidazole tertiary amines as histamine 3 receptor inhibitors for the treatment of cognitive and ...
Nucleic acid underexpressed in melanoma
Anti-PRO5337 antibodies
Speaker device for improving mid/high-range frequencies
System and method for monitoring the wearing compliance of hearing protection devices
Noise suppression structure and method of making the same
Decorative interior sound absorbing panel
Acoustic radiator with a baffle of a diameter at least as large as the opening of the speaker enclos...
High pressure cleaning apparatus
Disc holder for discs having an interior hole, and method of using the disc holder
Method and apparatus for identifying a problem edge in a mask layout using an edge-detecting process...
Apparatus and method for storage controller to deterministically kill one of redundant servers integ...
Remote health monitoring apparatus using scripted communications
Authenticating electronic communications
Method and system for processing commonality of semiconductor devices
System and method for analyzing electrical failure data
Method and apparatus for self-calibration of a substrate handling robot
High speed and repeatability serial sectioning method for 3-D reconstruction of microstructures usin...
High speed and repeatability serial sectioning device for 3-D reconstruction of microstructures
High speed and repeatability serial sectioning method for 3-D reconstruction of microstructures usin...
Multi-modal device power/mode management
Method and apparatus for repeatable handback attempt after inter-MSC handoff
Apparatus and method for cleaning residual toner with a scraper blade periodically held in contact w...
Waste-sludge discharging unit and image forming apparatus having the same
Apparatus and device unit for use in the apparatus
Method and apparatus for locating and correcting sound overload
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Dance footwear
Microcellular foams of thermoplastic vulcanizates
Heat conducting assembly for a water heater, and method for making the heat conducting assembly
Electronic apparatus
Assembly of devices
Recyclable protective cover for a heat-conductive medium
Cooling system for an electronic display
Heat dissipation device
Electronic apparatus having pump unit
Apparatus and method for heating fluids
Flexible and semi-permeable means of hydrogen delivery in storage and recovery systems
Device for exchanging heat
Piping structure for refrigerant cycle system of vehicle
Flapper valves with spring tabs
Solar collector plate method for safeguarding the operation of a solar collector and method for manu...
Temperature control method and printing machine
Method and apparatus for highly efficient compact vapor compression cooling
Synthesis of calcium phosphates by mechano-chemical process
Creating photon atoms
Coated cutting insert
Surface acoustic wave device and method for fabricating the same
Carbonating apparatus
N-cyclohexylaminocarbonyl benzensulfonmide derivatives
Pharmaceutical tablets with active and inactive segments
Minimization of drug oxidation in drug irradiated excipients formulations
Wafer chuck illumination device for use in semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Optical transmission system and dispersion compensation method for optical transmission system as we...
Method and system for configurable network intrusion detection
Container for toner for printer
Water resistant amplifier for a digital media player
Paraffin alkylation
Secondary battery with a nitroxyl polymer active material
Organic electroluminescent display device and driving method thereof
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Surface plasmon enhanced illumination system
Angioplasty device with embolic recapture mechanism for treatment of occlusive vascular diseases
Wireless asset monitoring and security system using user identification tags
Process for producing cumene
Adhesive composition-supporting separator for battery and electrode/separator laminate obtained by u...
Carrying case for dental hygiene supplies and holster for carrying case
Synchronization primitives for flexible scheduling of functional unit operations
Method and apparatus for forming fiber reinforced composite parts
Speed-monitoring radar-activated brake light
Inter-pressing-machine work transfer device
Methods and compositions for using alveolar macrophage phospholipase A2
Determining a predisposition to cancer
Compositions and methods for eliciting immune or anti-infective responses
Molecular vaccine linking intercellular spreading protein to an antigen
Recombinant poxvirus for chimeric proteins of the human immunodeficiency virus
Glycosylated specificity exchangers
Interferon-alpha polypeptides and conjugates
Rapid assays for neurotransmitter transporters
Binding compounds to DAP12 proteins
Pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine cytokine inhibitors
Substituted pyrazinones, pyridines and pyrimidines as corticotropin releasing factor ligands
Withania somnifera composition, method for obtaining same and pharmaceutical, nutritional and person...
Flash module with quantum dot light conversion
Method for preparing a water/oil/water multiple emulsion
Mobile phone
Device for machining workpieces and machine arrangement therefor
Hydrophilic polymers and their use in electrochemical cells
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Pneumatic tool with an adjustable clip
Pressure switch
Method and device for attenuating the motion of hydraulic cylinders of mobile work machinery
Feed supplement for increasing the plasma amino acid level of ruminant livestock and method of admin...
Module incorporating a capacitor, method for manufacturing the same, and capacitor used therefor
System and method for cable operator control over enhanced programming
Delivering X-ray systems to pipe installations
Tamper-evident container closure
Software methods of an optical networking apparatus with multiple multi-protocol optical networking ...
Tissue decellularization
Method and apparatus for reducing drag and noise for a vehicle
Storage device control apparatus and control method for the storage device control apparatus
Methods of use for antibodies against parathyroid hormone
Rear cover for a utility vehicle
Serine hydroxymethyltransferase as a target for herbicides
Multilayer capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Methods for determining the approximate location of a device from ambient signals
Method for assembling parts made of materials based on SiC by non-reactive refractory brazing, brazi...
Strip production equipment
Systems and methods for modeling product penetration and repeat
Method and apparatus for lifestyle risk evaluation and insurability determination
Speed change control system of automotive automatic transmission
Light fixture
Method and system for detecting deprecated elements during runtime
5-Aryl-indan-1-one and analogs useful as progesterone receptor modulators
Multiple language user interface for thermal comfort controller
Bookmark frame and method of launching browsers using the bookmark in an internet terminal
Methods and structure for reducing resource hogging
Mail server probability spam filter
Method and apparatus for populating a predefined concept hierarchy or other hierarchical set of clas...
Method of communicating information for elevator users
Messaging system involving wireless communications and methods therefor
Methods and apparatus for programming user-defined information into electronic devices
Block-based encoding and decoding information transference system and method
Wireless LAN device
Technique for collecting data from vehicles for analysis thereof
Bitwise monitoring of network performance
Method for handling the simultaneous mobility of mobile hosts in infrastructure-based networks
Communications network
Systems and methods for remote viewing of patient images
Astrantia plant named `Venice`
Method and system for distributing personalized editions of media programs using bookmarks
Sheet-form connector and production method and application therefor
Dahlia plant named `Karma Royal Sea`
Method and system for computer based testing using a non-deterministic exam extensible language (XXL...
Gaming machine-membership reward system
User interface system, scene description generating device and method, scene description converting ...
Aerosol-based detection of biological agents
Medicament container with same side airflow inlet and outlet and method of use
Videophone system for scrutiny monitoring with computer control
Apparatus for connecting TV and computer
Methods for selective integration of airgaps and devices made by such methods
Current-limited latch
Apparatus, method, system and executable module for configuration and operation of adaptive integrat...
Image display apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
Voice recognition system preventing lowering performance
Secure universal serial bus
Pultruded trim members
Metal halide high pressure discharge lamp
Molecular sieve compositions, catalysts thereof, their making and use in conversion processes
Methods and apparatus for providing seamless file system encryption and redundant array of independe...
Power control unit
Replica regulator with continuous output correction
Photovoltaic DC-to-AC power converter and control method
Digital power supply controller with voltage positioning
Step down switching regulator with the substrate of the switching transistor selectively connected t...
Regulated power supply unit
Load tap change monitoring system and method
DC/DC converter
Power balancing of multiple synchronized generators
Supercapacitor engine starting system with charge hysteresis
Battery pack apparatus with control section
Shunt connection to a PCB of an energy management system employed in an automotive vehicle
Battery pack
Angled cuticle pusher
Decorative clamp and baby bottle holder
Frosted crystal domino
Slant top gaming machine
Vehicle-wheel front face
Method and apparatus for multiple communications sessions
Method and apparatus to perform speech reference enrollment based on input speech characteristics
RFID transducer alignment system
TV chair
Wins of restricted credits in a gaming machine
Gaming device including choices having varying probabilities of contributing to game's termination
Leadframe assembly staggering for electrical connectors
Precious metal recovery
Apparatus and method for attaching a tire chain
In-wall loudspeaker
Mastic applicator with adjustable trowelling bar
Ladder hoist assembly
Computerized tracking of educational accountability reporting and appeals system
Apparatus and methods for templating and placement of artificial discs
Product display
eSubstitute : online substitute teacher scheduling system
Sports trainer
Geography and investment board game
System, method, and device for providing health information
System, method, and device for providing health information
Multi-User Multi-Input Application for Education
Cognitive Training Using Multiple Stimulus Streams With Response Inhibition
Method and system for providing training media to a mobile device
Electronic apparatus and wireless connection control method
System and method for facilitating setup of surgical instrumentation and consumables associated ther...
Interactive system and method whereby users direct idio-syncratically controllable images to reverse...
Cognitive learning video game
Method of teaching writing
Teaching Language Through Interactive Translation
Web forms creation and reporting tool
Gait generation device for legged mobile robot
Gait generation device for legged mobile robot
Gate generating system for mobile robot
Radio equipment using image signals for compensating transmission signals
Radio base station, control method therefor, and program recording medium
Method for reducing the latency during the transmission of information in a GPRS network
GPRS network system
Wideband antenna device with extended ground plane in a portable device
Multiband planar built-in radio antenna with inverted-L main and parasitic radiators
Frequency diverse array with independent modulation of frequency, amplitude, and phase
Methods for filtering and providing traffic information
Management system for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
System and method for RF transceiver duty cycling in an implantable medical device
Method of mobile communication system with smart antenna
Radio communication apparatus and method
FM radio device and transmission power control method
Method for the selection, transmission and playback of pieces of music by subscribers a digital mobi...
Radio-frequency tuner with differential converter
Storage unit comprising a main data carrier and a contactless chip
System and method of space-time equalization to mitigate effects of fading and scintillation for wir...
Method and apparatus for generating and interfacing with a haptic virtual reality environment
Image display device
Moving magnet actuator
System for projecting a virtual image within an observer's field of view
Three-axis integrated MEMS accelerometer
System and method for electromagnetic wavefield resolution
Device for oxygenating sea water
Mechanism for transferring total weight of outboard engine from boat and ship
Deck mounted device with gasket
Device and method for controlling trimming flaps on a watercraft, as well as a watercraft having a c...
Integrated marine performance system
Deep sea fishing lure tray
Pluggable notations and semantics for visual modeling elements
Method and system for verification of soft error handling with application to CMT processors
Method for flagging and relating information in a computer system
System and method for testing memory at full bandwidth
Transitional image for a display screen on the top of a portable computer
Consumer network diagnostic agent
Image for a portion of a display screen
Error indication in a raid memory system
Image for a portion of a display screen
Method and apparatus for a transaction-based secure storage file system
Method and system for server support for pluggable authorization systems
Apparatus and method for using a directory service for authentication and authorization to access re...
Mutual exclusion lock implementation for a computer network
Systems and methods to migrate a user profile when joining a client to a server and/or domain
Native language verification system and method
Capsule endoscope
VCR and optical disk composite medium reproducing apparatus and medium control method using the same
Image processing method and image processing program
Method and apparatus for colour imaging a three-dimensional structure
Printed circuit board configurable television tuner
Signal processing apparatus, image display apparatus and signal processing method
VSB reception system with enhanced signal detection for processing supplemental data
System and method for reducing noise in images
Apparatus and program for setting video processing parameters
Open loop subcarrier synchronization system
Method and apparatus for processing motion information
Input switch with display and image capturing apparatus using the same
Camera with strobe light
Digital camera in which shooting process mode is changed via the shutter release button
Focusing apparatus, camera and focus position detecting method
High-speed event imaging device
Apparatus and method for recording data in a circular fashion
Image processing method, an image processing apparatus, an image input device, a photographing devic...
Digital automatic white balance device
Camera image interpolation apparatus
Method and apparatus for determining location of a base station using a plurality of mobile stations...
System and method for using equipment identity information in providing location services to a wirel...
Method for interior-space/exterior-space detection of a response transmitter which communicates in w...
Dual mode terminal for accessing a cellular network directly or via a wireless intranet
Gateway home location register and method of exchanging subscriber routing information using the sam...
Methods, systems, and computer program products for delivering messaging service messages
Automatic airplane seat location mapping
Power management over switching fabrics
Controlling flow of data between data processing systems via a memory
Optional telemetry antenna for implantable medical devices
Localization device display method and apparatus
MRAM over sloped pillar
Method for a predicting a pattern shape by using an actual measured dissolution rate of a photosensi...
Semiconductor device including a metal gate electrode formed in a trench and method of forming there...
Molecular contaminant film modeling tool
Bipolar transistor
Conductive structure for microelectronic devices and methods of fabricating such structures
Array substrate with reduced pixel defect, method of manufacturing the same and liquid crystal displ...
System and method for measuring germanium concentration for manufacturing control of BiCMOS films
Thin film transistor array
Anti-theft system for a vehicle with real-time notification feature
Semiconductor probe with resistive tip and method of fabricating the same
Low resistance T-shaped ridge structure
Etchant with selectivity for doped silicon dioxide over undoped silicon dioxide and silicon nitride,...
Method of defining polysilicon patterns
Method of reducing silicon damage around laser marking region of wafers in STI CMP process
Polishing medium for chemical-mechanical polishing, and method of polishing substrate member
Methods for forming a metallic damascene structure
Semiconductor device fabrication method
Structure having pores, device using the same, and manufacturing methods therefor
Method of depositing low k barrier layers
Magnetic resonance imaging system with reduced cooling needs
Electron emission device with grid electrode
Luminescent sheet covering for LEDs
Weatherable multilayer articles and method for their preparation
Golf putter with removable laser
Par one
Systems and methods for storing items with containers
Systems and methods for storing items with containers
Aircraft with a lift system
Electric motor assisted takeoff device for an air vehicle
Power line sentry charging
Light emitting device
Measurement instrument for inspecting painted bodywork parts, the instrument being provided with an ...
Composite structure body and method and apparatus for manufacturing thereof
Diagonal sewing guide--sew easy guide
Active night vision image intensity balancing system
Differential anti-pinch capacitive sensor
Polymer battery and related method
Low-friction sliding member in transmission, and transmission oil therefor
Treatment of presbyopia and other eye disorders using a scanning laser system
Microdisk laser with unidirectional generation property
Variable pulse repetition frequency passively Q-switched laser
Optical information recording medium, optical information recording apparatus and method
Surface texture measuring instrument
Systems and methods for in situ spectroscopic measurements
Method for separating fluorescence spectra of dyes present in a sample
Rotary laser apparatus
Stabilized solid state gyrolaser without blind region
Method and apparatus for image forming capable of preventing image quality deterioration induced by ...
Illumination apparatus and methods
Laser welding method and device
Laser welding device and method
Methods for producing uniform large-grained and grain boundary location manipulated polycrystalline ...
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device utilizing crystallization of semiconductor region with ...
Alloying method, and wiring forming method, display device forming method, and image display unit fa...
Support device for separating individual objects from a biological preparation by means of laser irr...
Light transmissive films
Method and apparatus for monitoring of the dry line in a Foudrinier paper machine and for control ba...
Systems and methods for inducing crystallization of thin films using multiple optical paths
Apparatus and method of driving and ink jet printer for manufacturing a display device
Composite structure of aluminum extrusion external framework of LCD monitor
Extrusion process for coating stents
Die assembly and production process for profile extrusion
Multi-mode ADC and its application to CMOS image sensors
Shower head
Aryl-substituted heterocycles, process for their preparation and their use as medicaments
Balanced current lamp module and multi-lamp circuit
Digitally controlled luminaire system
Portion of a toner cartridge
Amplifier speakers for a digital audio device
Cartridge for coating film transfer tool
Stamped bridges and plates for reactant delivery for a fuel cell
Platinum and titanium containing electrocatalysts
Method of purifying a raw melt of at least one monomer by crystallization
Human DRG11-Responsive Axonal Guidance and Outgrowth of Neurite (DRAGON) proteins and variants there...
Motorized flosser and method of use
Methods of suppressing microglial activation
Attaching and detaching a process cartridge of an image forming device
Method for assigning channels based on spatial division multiplexing in an orthogonal frequency divi...
Means and method for controlling a hydromechanical transmission in dual mode
Mobile phone
Lighted pet harness
Electronic component with a housing package
Lift/transporter for small vehicle
Computer-implemented system and method for generating embedded code to add functionality to a user a...
Tetrafluorobenzyl derivatives and pharmaceutical composition for preventing and treating acute and c...
Management of error conditions in high-availability mass-storage-device shelves by storage-shelf rou...
Process for producing sporangia of Bacillus popilliae, control agent, and controlling method
Thermal processor employing drum and flatbed technologies
Specification to ABAP code converter
Gazania plant named `Suga111`
Spacing and centering device for a rigid double-wall duct with a low heat transfer coefficient
Fiber-optic assay apparatus based on phase-shift interferometry
Hybrid variety of (Texas Bluegrass.times.Kentucky Bluegrass).times.Kentucky Bluegrass designated `HB...
Method and system for storing and retrieving document data using a markup language string and a seri...
Dry powder inhaler
Waste container
Microwave packaging with indentation patterns
Multi-layer electrode and method of forming the same
Light emitting element and method of making same
Method for the oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane
Light bulb having wide angle light dispersion using crystalline material
System and method for managing database files in a client management tool
Internet-based advertising and referral system
Methods and apparatus for protecting against IP address assignments based on a false MAC address
Semiconductor device and electronic device
Platform shaker for CO.sub.2 environment
Polarizing beam splitter device, interferometer module, lithographic apparatus, and device manufactu...
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Wiring pattern formation method, manufacturing method for multi layer wiring substrate, and electron...
System and method for delivering cryogenic fluid
Ink proofer arrangement including light source for curing ink
Crystalline superfine particles, complex material, method of manufacturing crystalline superfine par...
Automated stereocampimeter and related method for improved measurement of the visual field
High speed digital printer unit
Entry of a password through a touch-sensitive computer screen
Decorative molded object having color design image and method of producing the same
Decorative sheet for in-mold decorating injection molding, decorative molding and in-mold decorating...
Recovery method for an electric appliance
Method and system for creating a virtual television network
System and method for downloading information
Synchronized externally generated sound effects for model trains
Adjustable multi-segment cardiac valve implant with selective dimensional adjustment
Scheduler, radio base station apparatus including the scheduler, and scheduling method
Radio apparatus capable of autonomous position estimation and radio network system including the sam...
Neighbour cell measurement and reporting in a multiple radio access technologies (RAT) environment
Methods and apparatus for soft-decision based inter-radio access technology handover triggering
Mobile Station and Mobile Communication System
Method For Charging For A Service In A Telecommunications/Data Network
Polypeptides Having Phytase Activity and Polynucleotides Encoding Same
Method and system for transferring information between multiple buyers and multiple sellers
Health Risk Assessment Of A Medication Therapy Regimen
Identification of Inappropriate Medications In A Medication Therapy Regimen
Method and device for coding audio data based on vector quantisation