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Programmable input range ADC
Air-conditioner of construction machinery
Arrangement for liquid cooling an electrical assembly using assisted flow
Heat transport apparatus
Tower heat sink with sintered grooved wick
Heat pipe type heat dissipation device
Heat dissipation device
Corrugated fin
Heat exchanger
Lateral plate surface cooled heat exchanger
Apparatus for transfer of heat energy between a body surface and heat transfer fluid
Reactor for exothermic or endothermic heterogeneous reactions
Thermally efficient micromachined device
Electronic device substrate assembly with multilayer impermeable barrier and method of making
Modular power converter having fluid cooled support
Method and apparatus for dissipating heat from an electronic device
CPU cooling using a heat pipe assembly
Heat dissipation apparatus and method
Fan device
Integrated circuit having a thermally shielded electric resistor trace
Method and apparatus for screening guttering
Protective sheath having a longitudinal strip made of flexible material, and method of manufacturing...
Tape path roller guide and method for making
Cooling fan with reinforced blade
Method of reducing the wall thickness of a PTFE tube and product formed thereby
Method for making electrode
Method and apparatus for forming composite material and composite material therefrom
Flame-resistant polycarbonate molding compounds for extrusion applications
Mold inhibitor integrated within a matrix and method of making same
Liquid crystalline thermosets from ester, ester-imide, and ester-amide oligomers
Transformers or inductors ("transductors") and antennas manufactured from conductive loaded resin-ba...
Method for manufacturing an ink discharge port of an ink jet recording head
Lavatory unit for aircraft
Door reinforcement system
Aircraft with shape memory alloys for retractable landing gear
Flying craft tethered to powered water vehicle
Biomimetic mechanism for micro aircraft
Integrated and/or modular high-speed aircraft
Hooking strut of an engine under the wing unit of an aircraft
Empennage assembly and attachment mechanism for a model airplane
Carbon brake wear for aircraft
Spacecraft window assembly
Method and device for allocating thrust
Golf instruction apparatus and method
Golf putting training device
Golf course flag retention device
Golf putting device
Golf putting and chipping training devices
Training aid for golfers
Divot repair tool for golfers
Omnidirectional toy manipulator
Sensor system for measuring and monitoring indoor air quality
Vehicle sharing system and method with vehicle parameter tracking
Method and apparatus for recording voice and location information
Method and apparatus for ultra precise GPS-based mapping of seeds or vegetation during planting
Method for three-dimensional position calibration of audio sensors and actuators on a distributed co...
Method and device for a user profile repository
Data access system
Context management with audit capability
Implantable medical device fast median filter
Method and apparatus for handling connections in hot standby line cards
Fencepost descriptor caching mechanism and method therefor
DVI cable interface
Log-structure array
Systems and methods for memory read response latency detection
Method and apparatus for handling cyclic buffer access
Single instruction multiple data array cell
Memory device, stack protection system, computer system, compiler, stack protection method, storage ...
Error detecting circuit for detecting the location of error
Low bandwidth television
Method and system for using emission microscopy in physical verification of memory device architectu...
System and method utilizing a conductive brush for providing power signals to a cartridge access dev...
Audio cassette emulator
Retraining and updating speech models for speech recognition
Calculating cost discounts for mobile phone internet access
Telephony-data application interface apparatus and method for multi-modal access to data application...
Music identification system
System and method of changing attributes of an image-based product
Method and system for accessing data by using SOAP-XML
Distributed cache for a wireless communication system
Stated network portal system and method
Mobile terminal permitting selection of communication channel for receiving message attachments
Modular-type home gateway system including ADSL controller and homePNA controller
Gateway CGI and access control manager for secure inter-server communications with system and method...
Network communications system and method for worldwide web broadcasting
System and method for integrating public and private data
Portable high speed internet or desktop device
Methods, systems and computer program products for failure recovery for routed virtual internet prot...
Virtual heap for a virtual machine
High-speed low-power CAM-based search engine
Method and apparatus for controlling a graphics engine
Interactive television system and method having on-demand web-like navigational capabilities for dis...
Fuel dispensing and containment assembly
Subea pipeline blockage remediation method
Apparatus and method for connecting pipes during underwater pipe-laying
Soil nailing system
Soil aerating machine
Metal sheet pile
Systems and methods for connecting reinforcing mesh to wall panels
Floating structure having anchor lines comprising damping means
Tank for service stations
Generating user-dependent RSA keys
Digital video and audio data encryption, decryption and system authentication
Transmit authorization
Management of certificates for public key infrastructure
High security cryptosystem
Apparatus, and associated method, for loading a mobile terminal with an application program installe...
Information recording device and information reproducing device
Method for dynamically using cryptographic keys in a postage meter
Symbol frequency leveling in a storage system
System and method of sending and receiving secure data with a shared key
Method, system, and program for encrypting files in a computer system
Establishing a new shared secret key over a broadcast channel for a multicast group based on an old ...
Selective data encryption using style sheet processing for decryption by a key recovery agent
System and method of uniquely authenticating each replication of a group of soft-copy documents
Encryption/decryption apparatus, encryption/decryption method, and program storage medium therefor
Hybrid rugosa rose plant named 'Meitozaure'
Osteospermum plant named 'Duesumpink'
Osteospermum plant named 'Duesumwhite'
Rhododendron rootstock named 'Rhodunter 37'
Geranium plant named 'New Dimension'
Gazania plant named 'California Gold'
Japanese Maple plant named 'Taylor'
Birch tree name 'VerDale'
Heuchera plant named 'Marmalade'
Apple tree named 'Walden'
Alstroemeria plant named 'Koexotica'
Tolmiea menziesii plant named 'Cool Gold'
Boyancy resistance exercise system
Self-adhesive labels and manufacture thereof
Scratch layer transfer sheet and method of producing scratch printing product
Product authentication
Multi-sheet article having removable portions comprising magnetized material
Method for embedding and extracting text into/from electronic documents
XML-based integrated services event system
Reprogrammable remote sensor monitoring system
Method of context based adaptive binary arithmetic encoding with decoupled range re-normalization an...
System and method for implementing real-time applications based on stochastic compute time algorithm...
Method and system intended for real-time estimation of the flow mode of a multiphase fluid stream at...
Distributed hierarchical evolutionary modeling and visualization of empirical data
Online learning method in a decision system
Hybrid neural network generation system and method
Method for computing all occurrences of a compound event from occurrences of primitive events
Polymorphic automatic test systems and methods
Fuel for use in fuel cell system
Preparation of 5-tert-butyl-metaxylene using a solid active clay catalyst
Integrated Fischer-Tropsch process with improved alcohol processing capability
Spirocyclic cyclohexane compounds
Condensed indoline derivatives and their use as 5HT, in particular 5HT2C, receptor ligands
Acyloxypyrrolidine derivatives, preparation thereof and application thereof in therapeutic
Methods and products which utilize N-acyl-L-aspartic acid
Isolation of the peroxisome proliferation-activated receptor-gamma (PPARgamma) ligand and methods of...
Non-invasive method and apparatus for determining a physiological parameter
Limb encircling therapeutic compression device
Fatigue-resistant gastric banding device
Methods for reducing hollow organ volume
Methods and devices for reducing hollow organ volume
Method and apparatus for reducing obesity
Method and device for use in minimally invasive placement of intragastric devices
Methods and apparatus for creating and regulating a gastric stoma
Novel dipeptidyl peptidase IV inhibitors; processes for their preparation and compositions thereof
Pyrazolecarboxylic acid tricyclic derivatives, preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containin...
Compositions and methods for treating diseases
Crystalline polymorphs of a CXC-chemokine receptor ligand
Urea and thiourea compounds and compositions for cholesterol management and related uses
Compositions and methods of modulating cholesterol metabolism
Dipeptide apoptosis inhibitors and the use thereof
Fused heterocyclic succinimide compounds and analogs thereof, modulators of nuclear hormone receptor...
Use of targeted oxidative therapeutic formulation in treatment of viral diseases
Amino substituted diaryl[a,d]cycloheptene analogs as muscarinic agonists and methods of treatment of...
Nitrone compounds, prodrugs and pharmaceuticals compositons of the same to treat human disorders
Fused-aryl and heteroaryl derivatives and methods of their use
Amide compounds as ion channel ligands and uses thereof
Rho-kinase inhibitors
Fused heterotricyclic compounds as inhibitors of 17beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 3
Urea derivatives as C-kit modulators
Use of inhibitors of the renin-angiotensin system
Use of inhibitors of the renin-angiotensin system
Small molecule modulators of hepatocyte growth factor (scatter factor) activity
Nerve growth factor activity potentiating agents
Compact high efficiency clam shell heat exchanger
Universal serial bus electrical connector
Low cross talk and impedance controlled electrical connector with solder masses
Gaming device providing pay table information for a symbol through selection of the symbol
Gaming device having varying risk player selections
Gaming device having bonus game with multiple moving objects within partitionable channels
Gaming method, device, and system including adventure bonus game
Telephone terminal apparatus and method
Conformal electronic scanning array
Antenna for a central locking system of an automotive vehicle
Stability control system having loading information
Monopole low frequency test woofer
Detecting the clutch state during engine drag torque regulation
Device and method of controlling a drive unit
Car navigation system and car navigation control method
Transport vehicle capacity maximization logistics system and method of same
Failure detector for communication network in automobile
Disk drive device
Footwear sole
Portion of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Waterproof footwear and methods for making the same
Snowboard boot with removable ankle supports
Stretch wrap transportable container and method
Stabilizing tissue method and apparatus
Random early discard for cell-switched data switch
Transparent port for high rate networking
Power-controlled random access
Network-based intercom system and method for simulating a hardware based dedicated intercom system
Left hand right hand invariant dynamic finger positioning guide
System and method for dynamically adjusting cell sectorization
Method and apparatus for data storage and retrieval
Method for on-line testing of a light emitting panel
Microcrystalline zeaxanthin with high bioavailability in oily carrier formulations
Compositions and methods for regulating bacterial pathogenesis
Bioremediation of nitrogenous contaminants
Releasable microcapsule and adhesive curing system using the same
Dispersion composition and method for producing the same
Method of producing a polypeptide using oxaloacetate hydrolase deficient fungal host cells
Tunable superconducting resonator and methods of tuning thereof
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer for liquid-solution
Magnetic resonance system and operating method for RF pulse optimization
Prior-information-enhanced dynamic magnetic resonance imaging
Method and system for personalized content conditioning
Recording/reproducing apparatus
System and method for actuating an engine valve
Variable valve lift mechanism for an engine
Valve drive system for four-stroke engine
Variable valve timing controller
Reduce database monitor workload by employing predictive query threshold
Query modification analysis
Protective cultures and use thereof for preserving foodstuffs
Portion of a multi-handled bag
Process for obtaining an organic acid from an organic acid ammonium salt, an organic acid amide, or ...
Apparatus for production of striated, laminated lipid-based confections
Regulation of carbon assimilation
Portion of a multi-handled bag
Apparatus for incorporating feature substances into a paper web
Recorder for recording copy of production on the basis of copy attribute embedded as electronic wate...
Method and apparatus for facilitating accurate automated processing of data
Regulatable growth of filamentous fungi
High throughput screen
Loan modeller method and apparatus
Soil measuring instrument, soil measurement assisting device and method, recorded medium on which a ...
Digital content distribution
Method and apparatus for generating and utilizing qualifiers and qualified taxonomy tables
Alkaline electrochemical cells with improved electrolyte
Detecting device for fluorescent-labeled material
Smoking article comprising a wrapper containing a ceramic material
Method for providing fibers or non-woven fabric with an anti-microbial finish
Method of production of an isomaltulose-containing enteral nutrient
Preparation of rotamer mixtures of pharmaceutical salts
Absorbent neck shield
Method of using an array of electrodes for high throughput development and testing of materials
Recording medium
Method of making an optoelectronic semiconductor package device
Treated backing and method of making the same
Optical recording medium, and method and device using the same
One-part, room temperature moisture curable resin composition
Broadband quarter-wave film device including in combination a chromatic half-wave film and a TN-LC p...
Vertical alignment mode liquid crystal display device having pixel electrode on protrusion on resin ...
Plasma display panel
Program writable IC card and method thereof
Method and apparatus for power management of graphics processors and subsystems that allow the subsy...
Terminal device and real-time clock control method therefor enabling preservation of clock/calendar ...
Method for verifying functional integrity of computer hardware, particularly data storage devices
ECC circuit-containing semiconductor memory device and method of testing the same
CRC calculation system and method for a packet arriving on an n-byte wide bus
Scan design for double-edge-triggered flip-flops
7-tracks standard cell library
Floorplanning apparatus deciding floor plan using logic seeds associated with hierarchical blocks
Method and apparatus for designing semiconductor integrated circuit device based on voltage drop dis...
Method of creating a mask-programmed logic device from a pre-existing circuit design
Expression monitoring for human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) infection
Selecting a magnetic memory cell write current
Magnetic memory cell having a soft reference layer
Use of tolerogenic dendritic cells for enhancing tolerogenicity in a host and methods for making the...
Chimeric GFP-aequorin as bioluminescent Ca++reporters at the single cell level
Methods of manufacturing roofing products
Industrial reel wrap with overlapping end tabs
Dispenser assembly for a fragrance or personal care bottle and a method of assembling same
Recycling device and method
Device for reinforcing a hollow element of a motor vehicle
Cavitation mixer
Golf ball
Vacuum loader
Spouted bed apparatus for contacting objects with a fluid
Surface coverings containing fused recycled material and processes of making the same
Battery unit for lens-fitted photo film unit
Electrostatic image developing toner and image forming method using the same
Transmissive and reflective type liquid crystal display
Integrated advanced chemical process control
System and method for treating obstructive sleep apnea
Peer-to-peer file sharing
Loop back testing for multi-protocol hybrid networks
Method and apparatus for synchronization of high-bit-rate digital subscriber line signals
Method for preventing lasing in an optical ring network
Hard surface cleaning compositions and method of removing stains
Apparatus for controlling the drying of previously baked goods
Method and equipment for producing rolls of moistened web material
Footprint-reducing tower for an image producing machine
Operations on images having glyph carpets
Manufacturing apparatus for carbon nanotube
Toner processes
Charge-transporting polymer
Method for determining color space of an image
Alignment mechanism for direct marking printheads and a method for aligning printheads in a printer
Display device for a camera
Multi-function unit, server and network system having multi-function unit
Image reading device and method of the same
Disc for a disc brake
Voice recording and reproducing apparatus
Caliper for a disk brake and support element for a caliper for a disk brake
Motor control device for flow control device
Multiple ratio fluid dispenser
Collagenous tissue compositions
Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing same
Motor with resin base plate
Driver having a storage device, electro-optical device using the driver, and electronic apparatus
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having a write control circuit
Use of Ginkgo biloba extracts for preparing a medicine
Semiconductor device having a gate wiring comprising laminated wirings
Display device with an improved contact hole arrangement for contacting a semiconductor layer throug...
Process for encapsulating a component made of organic semiconductors
Electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus and display driver IC using the same
Digital micromirror device and method of driving digital micromirror device
Thin film transistors, liquid crystal display device and electronic apparatus using the same
Method of producing derivatives of polyarylene vinylene
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, and electrophotographic process cartridge and electrophotographic...
Ferroelectric capacitor with dielectric lining, semiconductor memory device employing same, and fabr...
Chemical vapor deposition using organometallic precursors
Monolithic zeolite coated structures and a method of manufacture
Metallic thiacalix[4]arene complexes
Push-button switch member and manufacturing method of same
Optoelectronic substrate
Semiconductor device having ferroelectric thin film and fabricating method therefor
Method of perimeter barrier monitoring and systems formed for that purpose
Selectable decoupling capacitors for integrated circuit and methods of use
Content management system and methodology employing a tree-based table hierarchy which accomodates o...
Access to server resources from heterogeneous platforms
Method and system for accelerating ethernet checksums
Semiconductor plating system workpiece support having workpiece-engaging electrode with pre-conditio...
Substituted 1-aryl-3-heteroaryl-thioureas and substituted 1-aryl-3-heteroaryl-isothioureas as antiat...
5-[phenyl-tetrahydronaphthalene-2-yl dihydronaphthalen-2-yl and heteroaryl-cyclopropyl]-pentadienoic...
Polyelectrolyte solid system, method for the production thereof and a wound dressing
Method and apparatus to prevent signal pile-up
Racquet with channeled handle for receiving racquet string
Locking device sustaining high pressure for coffee maker lid
Encapsulation of organic electronic devices using adsorbent loaded adhesives
Systems for conversion of water into hydrogen and sorption of hydrogen in electronic devices
Method of manufacturing a light emitting device
Organometallic complex for organic electroluminescent device
Device for measuring the angle and/or the angular velocity of a rotatable body and/or the torque act...
Method and apparatus for reducing scattered light in a projection system
Marking substrates
Driver observation system
Method and apparatus for scanning an optical beam using an optical conduit
Functional patterning material for imprint lithography processes
Method and its apparatus for inspecting particles or defects of a semiconductor device
Solidifiable tunable liquid microlens
Optical compensatory sheet having optically anisotropic layer formed from liquid crystal molecules
Optically controlled device, method of controlling the optically controlled device, spatial light mo...
Triple-barrel shotgun
Wheel bearing assembly for motor vehicles
Slide system
Linear guide rail and linear guide rolling die
Hydraulic bearing
Oil-circulating structure for fan
Method and device for adjusting bearing assembly for a wheel hub
Smart sonic bearings and method for frictional force reduction and switching
Method and apparatus for health and disease management combining patient data monitoring with wirele...
System and method for accessing information in a replicated database
System and method for reducing memory latency during read requests
Test driver selection
Fault tolerant storage system having an interconnection fabric that also carries network traffic
Damper mechanism
Method for achieving recoat adhesion over a fluorinated topcoat
Process for the production of paint coating layers
Copolymerization of ethylene and dienes
Tunable devices incorporating cacu3ti4o12
Method for deposition of rutile-type titanium dioxide, and substrate and glass flakes having the oxi...
CMP method utilizing amphiphilic nonionic surfactants
Selective hydrogenation catalyst
Method for producing flexographic printing plates by means of laser engraving
Process for the preparation of phenol by means of the hydrodeoxygenation of benzene-diols
Absorbent article fastening device
Method for removing polymer films in the manufacture of aqueous compositions containing acrylates co...
Sunscreen composition
Three dimensional structures useful as cleaning sheets
Hard surface cleaning pre-moistened wipes
Methods and systems for providing right and/or left heart support during cardiac surgery
Selecting ligand agonists and antagonists
Direct digitally tunable microwave oscillators and filters
Compositions for treating pain
Retinoic acid mimetic anilides
Apparatus and a method of inspecting pieces of cloth
Constant discharge structure for nozzle head lowering type vacuum cosmetic container
Aryl ether derivatives and processes for their preparation and herbicidal and desiccant compositions...
Pigmentation makeup method and makeup auxiliary using it, flood light and pack
Multi-portion antiperspirant composition
Sheet-form adhesive preparation
Compositions and methods for treatment of psoriasis
Compositions and methods for treatment of rosacea
Wrapping materials for smoking articles
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device performing reliable data sensing
2-D optical switch with lens mount
Digital predistortion system for linearizing a power amplifier
Optical level control method
Multi-application data display
Predictive diagnostic system in a programmable automaton
Microscale sensor element and related device and method of use
Portable hydrogen generator
Method and apparatus for vaporizing fuel for a reformer fuel cell system
Compatibility improvement in crystalline thermoplastics with mineral fillers
Projectile jacket having frangible closed end and method of manufacture
Laser line generating device
Handle and light assembly for barbecue grills
Optical fiber heating module
High density fiber optic cable
Dispersion compensating fiber and dispersion compensating fiber module
Optical interconnection apparatus
Automated customer support system
Method of downloading of data to an MPEG receiver/decoder and MPEG transmission system for implement...
Adaptive bit rate control for rate reduction of MPEG coded video
Image coding apparatus
Multiresolution based method for removing noise from digital images
Analysis of sleep apnea
Method and apparatus for identifying constituent signal components from a plurality of evoked physio...
Intra-vaginal self-administered cell collecting device and method
Devices and methods for performing procedures on a breast
Active guide wire and method of making the same
Atrial fibrillation detection method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for determining pregnancy possibility
Echogenic needle for transvaginal ultrasound directed reduction of uterine fibroids and an associate...
System for implanting an implant and method thereof
Endoscope apparatus
Prophylactic and therapeutic treatment of the ductal epithelium of a mammary gland for cancer
Nucleating additive formulations of bicyclo[2.2.1]heptane dicarboxylate salts
Ice fishing cover device, kit and method of using
Fish alarm and line release device
Fishing line carrier device for downrigger fishing
Milking and application teat cup, system, and method
Method for producing a bovine teat dip
Animal treatment/confinement apparatus
Bedding for livestock
Dental chew roll and method of making the same
Apparatus, a system and a method for supporting an animal during grooming
Lead with ergonomic handgrip
Pet diaper garment
Controllable moving fence for livestock
Composition of traditional chinese medicines for preventing and treating cerebrovascular disease
Plasmid vector comprising a retroviral integrase gene and an integrase recognition region
Conductive member for OA equipment
Electric type initiator and gas generator
Enzyme preparation and method of using the same
Modified metalloaluminophosphate molecular sieves
Process for producing 2,6-dihalogenopurine
Process for producing epsilon-caprolactone
Dense phase oxidation of benzene
Projection television screen
Polyvinyl acetal resin for coating and ink, and coating and ink compositions
ATM currency cassette arrangement
Systems and methods for tracking pharmaceuticals within a facility
Systems and methods for refilling printing cartridges
Thermal imaging paper laminate
System for early packet steering and FIFO-based management with priority buffer support
Process for preparing lithium polymer secondary battery
Uses of white corn hybrids
Peptide antagonists of zonulin and methods for use of the same
Method of coloring magnesium material, and housing made of colored magnesium material
Lithium anodes for electrochemical cells
Process for assembling an electrochemical cell
Recovery of lithium compounds from brines
Card with embedded IC and electrochemical cell
Lithium batteries
Sorbitol dehrydrogenase inhibitors
Apparatus and methods for removing emboli during a surgical procedure
Stent delivery system having a fixed guidewire
Wave molding method and apparatus for manufacturing cannulae
Method of forming gas-enriched fluid
Staphylococcus antigen and vaccine
LktA deletion mutant of P. haemolytica
Device and method for treating conditions of a joint
Methods for delivering nucleic acid molecules into cells and assessment thereof
Pyrano[2,3-C]imidazo[-1,2-A]pyridine derivatives for the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders
Oral administration of epothilones
Synthetic salicylihalamides, apicularens and derivatives thereof
Dual spray cleaning apparatus
Avoid drawing air into VCT chamber by exhausting oil into an oil ring
Composition for stimulation of specific metallo-enzymes
Reception device for a magnetic resonance tomography installation, having a phase shift-compensating...
Magnetic pole magnet device using the magnetic pole, and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Systems and methods for fabricating pole pieces for magnetic resonance imaging systems
Supersensitive nuclear magnetic resonance micro imaging apparatus
Apparatus for manipulating magnetic fields
Method and apparatus for recording images on both sides of a recording sheet
Information processing apparatus
Active matrix display panel and image display device adapting same
Lithographic newspaper printing press
Printing method and device
Imaging device for printing form
Method of determining the distance of projection points on the surface of a printing form
Method and device for washing a rubber blanket
Engine control system
Valve component with multiple surface layers
Process for producing hydrogenated ester, hydrogenating catalyst used therefor and process for produ...
Process for recovering hydrocarbons from a carbon containing material
System for thermal and catalytic cracking of crude oil
Optical recording medium
Carbon composites with silicon based resin to inhibit oxidation
Materials and methods for detection and treatment of breast cancer
Semiconductor wafer and its manufacturing method
Methods and apparatus for E-beam treatment used to fabricate integrated circuit devices
Bicycle rim ornamentation
Security chain anchors
Skateboard leash
Sport ball with pump having pressure relief and/or pressure indication capability
Anti-bob system for cycles
Transmitter for tire condition monitoring apparatus and the tire condition monitoring apparatus
Multipurpose bi-lateral multi-axial ratcheting hand tool
Handlebar mounted remote transmitter controller unit for door operator
Flag clamping device
System and method for capturing non-audible information for processing
Multifunctional alkoxyamines based on polyalkylpiperidines, polyalkylpiperazinones and polyalkylmorp...
Toothbrush organizer
Graphics device clustering with PCI-express
Register based queuing for texture requests
Ocular implant needle
Addressable ptf receptor for iradiated images
Method for humidifying a fuel stream for a direct methanol fuel cell
Variable pressure drop stack
Single chamber solid oxide fuel cell architecture for high temperature operation
System and method for safe removal/oxidative decomposition of fuel from a fuel container
MIS hydrogen sensors
Vehicle having an internal combustion engine and a fuel cell and method of making a vehicle
Microvalve for controlling fluid flow
Method and apparatus for operating a fuel cell system
Method and apparatus for the stimulation of hair growth
Method of inducing fetal hemoglobin synthesis
Methods for controlling qubits
Mediators of signal transduction
Parenteral delivery systems
Transfer sheet and production method of the same and wiring board and production method of the same
Toner, method of producing same and image forming device
Replenishing developer and developing method
Method of manufacturing integrated circuit
Resin compositions and use of the same
Active matrix substrate with height control member
Antenna and method for manufacturing the same
Method for measuring refractive power and apparatus therefor
Memory card enabling simplified test process and memory card test method
Image forming apparatus
Navigation system, data server, traveling route establishing method and information providing method
System and method for processing and tracking telecommunications service orders
Methods, data structures, and systems for processing media data streams
Mechanism for enabling session information to be shared across multiple processes
Socket extensions for redundancy
Combination wavelength multiplexer and wavelength stabilizer
Display arrangement for fading optical information into an observer's field of view
Cable management panel with sliding drawer
Switch for an optical transmission network using wavelength division multiplexing
Rotation recording apparatus and method of inspection thereof
Reducing actuator arm oscillation during settle mode in a disc drive servo system
Digital focus servo system with a sliding notch filter
Method and system for designing circuit layout
Ventilation system with humidity responsive ventilation controller
Temperature differential eliminator
Wireless communication for fume hood control
Hybrid film type sensor
Method and apparatus for measuring accumulated and instant rate of material loss or material gain
Secondary vehicle headlight system
Position sensor with resistive element
Systems and methods of dynamic bias switching for radio frequency power amplifiers
Semi-automatic satellite locator system
Variable attenuator optical add/drop devices
Multiple viewing angle cover having integral light pipe
Compensating for cable drag forces in high precision stages
Transmission control system
In-plane switching liquid crystal display with compensation film
Heat exchanger cleaning process
Ink-jet recording medium with an opaque or semi-opaque layer coated thereon, method for recording an...
Method for determining the current filling level of a liquid in a container
Artificial human feces
Method for automatic alignment of metering system for a clinical analyzer
Grader apparatus
Cable arrangement for robot arm, and industrial robot utilizing the same
Flexible body workstation for assembling workpieces
Electrical charging system, electrical charging controlling method, robot apparatus, electrical char...
Sheet-like electronic component clean transfer device and sheet-like electronic component manufactur...
System and method for endoscopic optical constrast imaging using an endo-robot
Robot apparatus
Dust detection method and apparatus for cleaning robot
2,4,6-Triaminopyrimidines for the treatment of depression and/or anxiety
Valves and methods for manufacturing the valves
Active damping apparatus, exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Measuring system for measuring performance of imaging optical system
Image forming method and apparatus which can perform output operation suitable for received image an...
Data communication system
Image processing apparatus and method, and storage medium therefor
Light beam deflecting apparatus, image forming apparatus utilizing the same and drive method therefo...
Image processing method and apparatus
Decoding of digital data
Image encoding method and apparatus
Duplex image forming apparatus with control of heat supplied by fixing member
Spacing member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Data apparatus and method having DMA circuitry to efficiently transfer multivalued bit-plane data
Semiconductor device, optoelectronic board, and production methods therefor
Wiring structure in a semiconductor device
Bendable high flux LED array
Circuit device having a multi-layer conductive path
Probe card assembly for contacting a device with raised contact elements
Contactor having conductive particles in a hole as a contact electrode
Probe module and a testing apparatus
Contact probe and probe device
Optical transceiver, connector, substrate unit, optical transmitter, optical receiver, and semicondu...
Developer charging unit, developing device, image-forming apparatus, and computer system
Power delivery connector for integrated circuits utilizing integrated capacitors
High-frequency package
Method to form very a fine pitch solder bump using methods of electroplating
Network device interface for digitally interfacing data channels to a controller via a network
Hybrid branch prediction using a global selection counter and a prediction method comparison table
Fault tolerant processing architecture
Transponder interrogators, radio frequency identification device communication systems, transponder ...
Logic circuit having a functionally redundant transistor network
Performance monitor and method therefor
Multichannel synchronized communication
Production of hydroxylated fatty acids in genetically modified plants
Amino acid modulated extended release dosage form
Siliconized surgical needles and methods for their manufacture
Multiprocessor communication system and method
Process, modules and switching center for identifying processes as well as their data and resources
Video stream sharing
Methods and devices for characterizing duplex nucleic acid molecules
System and method for determining the desired decoupling components for a power distribution system ...
Fluorescent brightener pigment compositions
Methods and compositions for production of recombinant peptides
Detergent compositions
Nonaqueous liquid detergent compositions
Processes for preparing anhydrous detergent granules
Use of bus hold to prevent bus contention between high speed processor and slow peripheral
System and method for raid striping
Continuous verification system
Interactive virtual library system for expeditiously providing automatic updates of user-desired inf...
Tandem connection monitoring
Computer-Based lecture recording and reproducing method
Accelerator handles
Virtual processor through USB
Underground storage tank metering system in a service station environment
Grooved shaft member and associated turbocharger and method
Device for the metered delivery of a viscous liquid
Axially aligned dual piston cylinder air pump with a common head portion
Variable flow water pump
External gear pump with pressure fluid pre-loading
Gas pressure driven fluid pump having magnetic valve control mechanism and method
Variable capacity rotary compressor
Plurality of vacuum generation units
Dosing pump
Spontaneous inflation inhibitor for inflatable prosthesis
System for confocal imaging within dermal tissue
System and method enabling simultaneous investigation of sample with two beams of electromagnetic ra...
Video processing apparatus and method
Process, system, and kit for evaluating the relief of the skin with a substrate
Method of enhancing the tone scale of a digital image to extend the linear response range without am...
Image sensing apparatus, shading correction method, program, and storage medium
Impact wrench
Advanced microelectronic heat dissipation package and method for its manufacture
Method for cleaning combustion devices
Method and apparatus for removing heat from a circuit
Apparatus for cooling heat generating components within a computer system enclosure
Heat sink assembly
Normal-flow heat exchanger
Cooler for electrical and/ or electronic components, linked to present cooling needs
Heat exchanger
Heat exchanger plate and such a plate with a gasket
Heat exchanger
Solution heat exchanger for absorption refrigerating machine
Fluid conveying tube and vehicle cooler provided therewith
Heat sink apparatus with air duct
Chipset cooling device of video graphic adapter card
Heat dissipation assembly
Vehicle air conditioner with ejector refrigerant cycle
Steam-generating combustion system and method for emission control using oxygen enhancement
Chemical hydride hydrogen reactor and generation system
Apparatus for warming-up fuel cell
Tunable chromatic dispersion compensator
Vehicle control system
Digital hearing aid system
Fluid resistant airway adapter
Device and method of commutation control for an isolated boost converter
Adjustable dispersion compensator with few mode fibers and switchable mode converters
Signal-level converter
Circuit arrangement
Frequency-controlled load driver for an electromechanical system
Single stage PFC and power converter unit
Method and system for improving amplifier efficiency
PWM-based measurement interface for a micro-machined electrostatic actuator
Methods and controllers for suppressing DC magnetic deflection of transformer
Thrombolysis device
Serine protease inhibitors
Endovascular guidewire filter and methods of use
Fused pyrrole compounds, pharmaceutical agents containing the same, and the use thereof
Methods, apparatuses, and applications for compliant membrane blood gas exchangers
Compositions for the detection of enzyme activity in biological samples and methods of use thereof
Biaryl compounds as serine protease inhibitors
Procoagulant assay
Estriol therapy for multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases
Anti-invasive and anti-angiogenic compositions
Bridged bicyclic amino acid-derived [1,4]benzodiazepine vasopressin receptor antagonists
Heterocyclic derivatives
Imaging method, imaging apparatus, and image information management system
Tandem cell for water cleavage by visible light
Infrared-sensitive composition containing a metallocene derivative
Complaint implantable medical devices and methods of making same
Calibration methods, calibration substrates, lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing methods
Image pickup apparatus, method and computer program procduct in which a decision to finish a display...
Method and apparatus for process monitoring
Circuit configuration for receiving at least two digital signals
Method of measuring overlay
Dynamic quality of service reservation in a mobile communications network
Focusing aid for camera
Quality of service differentiation in wireless networks
Motion video signal encoder and encoding method
Machine vision system and method for estimating and tracking facial pose
Implementation and uses of XsRGB
Client version advertisement service for overriding default client version properties
Method and system for consistent cluster operational data in a server cluster using a quorum of repl...
Polymer waveguide devices incorporating electro-optically active polymer clads
Independent therapy programs in an implantable medical device
Subcutaneous electrode for transthoracic conduction with low-profile installation appendage and meth...
Memory device and method of operating same
Corporate feed for 40 GHz modulators and method for use of the same
Optical transmission module and optical communication system using the same
Telecommunication cable including optical fiber module
Integrated device providing overcurrent and overvoltage protection and common-mode filtering to data...
Electrochemical capacitor and method for its preparation
Heatsink device and method
Writing to ferroelectric memory devices
Two speed gearbox
Gear change-speed unit for automatic transmission
Well reference apparatus and method
Integrated paint quality control system
Method and system for optical figuring by imagewise heating of a solvent
Vehicle mounted inspection systems and methods
Spraying device for spraying a coating product
Munitions trailer
Nematode PAN and ZP receptor-like sequences
Selective polymer wrapping of radioactive materials
Millimeter wave imaging system
Multiplexed video signal interface signal, system and method
Detection and typing of human papillomavirus using PNA probes
Passive immunization of ASCR for prion disorders
Vaccine composition comprising herpes simplex virus and human papilloma virus antigens
Multi-purpose bridge for wireless communications
Method for push-to-listen remote monitoring
Communication system and a receiver for use in the system
Communication system with wireless electronic mail or messaging integrated and/or associated with ap...
Deferred-Synchronous messaging software in a non-threaded environment
Wireless communication system with interference compensation
Methods and arrangements for short range wireless communication
Cyclic tertiary amine compound and organic electroluminescent device containing the compound
Electrically conductive organic compound and electronic device
Organic photoluminescent polymers with improved stability
Organic-electroluminescence device, process for its production and organic-electroluminescence displ...
OLED displays having improved contrast
Cascaded organic electroluminescent device having connecting units with N-type and P-type organic la...
OLED lamp
Method for generating uniform luminosity for displaying contents of organic light emitting diode
Pixel driving circuit of an organic light emitting diode display panel
Pixel circuit for active matrix of current driving device
Self-luminous device and electric machine using the same
Adeno-associated viral vector-mediated delivery of DNA to cells of the liver
Methods of inhibiting GPR-9-6 function
Th1 inducing natural adjuvant for heterologous antigens
Human mesenchymal progenitor cell
Benzazepine derivatives, process for the preparation of the same and uses thereof
Advertisement subgroups for digital streams
Method of down-regulating gene expression
Adenosine derivatives and use thereof
Prodrugs of anticancer agents employing substituted aromatic acids
Biocatalyst inhibitors
Method for purifying protected 2′-deoxycytidines and hydrated crystals thereof
Corynebacterium glutamicum genes encoding phosphoenolpyruvate: sugar phosphotransferase system prote...
Polypeptides having cellulolytic enhancing activity andpolynucleotides encoding same
Carcinostatic agent
Modified reductase and its gene, and use thereof
Polyphenol oxidase genes from banana, lettuce, tobacco and pineapple
Methods and materials relating to novel polypeptides and polynucleotides
Crystal forms of azithromycin
Crystaline clindamycin free base
Modulation of the expression of genes dependent on stat-1
Methods for identifying risk of breast cancer and treatments thereof
Pharmacologically active agents containing esterified phosphonates and methods for use thereof
Water soluble bioactive fraction isolated from gum resin exudate of Boswellia serrata, process for i...
Mutated recombinant collagens
Derivatives of mithramycin and methods of making and uses thereof
Metallic salt of N4-acylcytidine derivatives, and a method for producing N4-acylcytidine derivatives...
Cellulose interpolymers and method of oxidation
Aqueous liquid compositions of reactive cyclodextrin derivatives and a finishing process using the s...
Method for the desalting of saccharide solution and an anion exchanger
Plant vitamin E biosynthetic enzymes
Wireless MEMS sensing device
Fluid filter apparatus
Three valve filter element support for filter cartridge
Water pollution trap with clay collector
Rotary drum rainhead
Method for controlling an evaporative light scattering detector which is coupled to a liquid chromat...
Device for mounting an elongate element with axial clamping
Endpiece for a chromatography column
System and method for performing multiple parallel chromatographic separations
Fuel strainer assembly
Liquid filter, especially an oil filter
Methods and apparatus for biological treatment of aqueous waste
Process for catalyst recovery from hydrocyanation product mixtures
Catalytic treatment of hard water in a reverse osmosis system
Transportable water treatment system
Method for removing metal from wastewater
Apparatus for and method of settling of mineral slurries
Light weight medium for growing microorganisms
Ligands of melanocortin receptors and compositions and methods related thereto
Self rotating display spherical device
Electromagnetic impulse survey apparatus and method
Time piece with power generation function
High reliability triple redundant latch with voting logic on each storage node
Process and device for detecting fires based on image analysis
Sensor arrays having light-powered transducers
Apparatus and method for graphically displaying a vector simultaneously along with the numerical val...
System and method for electrical power generation utilizing vehicle traffic on roadways
Programmable domestic water heating system
Silicon carbide gate transistor
Method for controlling an electric motor driving a body in translation
Passive ranging techniques in borehole surveying
Method and apparatus for hierarchical software distribution packages including composite packages
Methods and systems for managing network infrastructure change including obtaining approval for the ...
Compiler independent bit-field macros
Diagnostic architecture for use with an interface between an operating system and platform firmware
Program preparation apparatus
Processing methodology for the rational control of bilayer numbers leading to high efficiency produc...
Generation of biomaterial microarrays by laser transfer
Device and method for changing the stress-induced birefringence and/or the thickness of an optical c...
Panoramic viewing device
Hybrid lens with high numerical aperture
Diffractive optical element and optical system having the same
Highly reflective optical components
Optical functional sheet
Projection lens
Optical spectrum monitor
Zoom lens system, and image pick-up system using the same
Adjustable positioning mechanism
Cylindrical grooved cam for lens driving
Amplifying optical fiber, optical fiber amplifier and optical transmission system
Vehicle window providing multiple operator viewing angles
Optical module and method for manufacturing optical module
Transmission device for a two dimensional image display module to display an image in the module
Manufacturable sampled grating mirrors
Optical switch having photonic crystal structure
Simvastatin formulations and methods of making same
Wireless interactive transaction system
Methods of using high intensity focused ultrasound to form an ablated tissue area containing a plura...
Desquamation/epidermal renewal of the skin and/or combating skin aging
Method for preparing a composition by extraction of mother-of-pearl, composition obtained by said me...
Method of fabricating image input screen
Apparatus for manufacturing high-purity sodium amalgam particles
Method of and apparatus for active electro-chemical water and similar environmental contaminant elim...
Method for processing a lithium-sodium-antimony photocathode
Mercury holder for electric discharge lamps
Method of charging a vessel with mercury
Method of extruding and packaging a thin sample of reactive material including forming the extrusion...
Method and apparatus for dispensing small quantities of mercury from evacuated and sealed glass caps...
OLED apparatus having improved fault tolerance
LED light strings
Gas-slip prepared reduced surface defect optical photoconductor aluminum alloy tube
Collector arrangement
Inductive coil assembly
TFT, flat panel display device having the same, method of manufacturing TFT, method of manufacturing...
Discharge lamp lighting device
Light management system device and method
Lighting system
Projector, lamp lighting circuit and lamp lighting control method
Adaptive CFL control circuit
Method for efficient supply of power to a microcontroller
Methods and apparatus for remotely controlled illumination of liquids
Frequency-modulated dimming control system of discharge lamp
Digital computer system and methods for a synthetic investment and risk management fund
Categorization based on record linkage theory
System and method for servicing calls originating via the internet
Plasma display device including specific shape of electrode
Nonvolatile memory cell and nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Systems and methods to facilitate the delivery of drugs
Tracking usage of resources of a database system
Method and system for wireless validation of gaming vouchers
Healthy bone formulation
Solid oxide fuel cell system
Image read-out method and apparatus
Automatic gopher program generator
Field replaceable storage array
Method and computer system for managing data exchanges among a plurality of network nodes in a manag...
Electrically controllable device with variable optical and/or energy properties
Optimization of heat removal in a gas-phase fluidized-bed process
Adjustable pad for supporting hands and arms
Image heating apparatus having a limiting member
Insect repellent substrate for headwear
Compositions for fracturing subterranean formations
Bead polymerizates containing halogen-free phosphourus compounds
Adaptive cancellation of fixed interferers
Plant support system