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Process controlling method and device
Computer system for interactive help using human-understandable knowledge and computer-understandabl...
Argument structure hierarchy system and method for facilitating analysis and decision-making process...
Device and method for identifying causes of web breaks in a printing system on web manufacturing att...
Intelligent information program generation and retrieval system
Computer system program for creating new ideas and solving problems
IBM PC compatible multi-chip module
Method for making a flexible packaging bag for use with different bagging machines
Air press for dewatering a wet web with pivotable arm seal
Pattern bonded nonwoven fabrics
Embossed tissue
Embossed tissue
Embossed tissue
Repeating pattern for a bonded fabric with background
Stable and breathable films of improved toughness and method of making the same
Creped tissue product having a low friction surface and improved wet strength
Method for making cellulosic web with reduced energy input
Elastic film laminates
Absorbent paper product
Surface pattern for a dispenser
Travel filtration bottle
Disposable garment and related manufacturing equipment and methods
Method and apparatus for slitting a sheet material web
High speed method for producing pant-like garments
Fastener system for use with personal care articles
Colorant stabilizers
Outdoor fabric
Water-degradable film of monomer grafted to polyolefin and poly(ethylene oxide)
Coating for the adhesive-receiving surface of polymeric labels
Colorable elastomeric composition
Synchronizing control system for aircraft jet engine thrust reversers
Water-powered aircraft lawn sprinkler
Strut-wing interface having dual upper links
Airfoil and wing configuration
Dynamic winged animal device
Method and apparatus for countering asymmetrical aerodynamic process subjected onto multi engine air...
Bang-bang laser spot tracker
Low energy method for changing the inclinations of orbiting satellites using weak stability boundari...
Artillery fuse circumferential slot antenna for positioning and telemetry
Rescue chute
Rotary wing aircraft supplementary power drive system
Lifting-fuselage/wing aircraft having low induced drag
Aircraft structure to improve directional stability
Method and apparatus for generating propulsive forces without the ejection of propellant
Adaptive deployable ramp for suppression of aircraft weapons bay acoustic loads
Multi-purpose aircraft
Tube connection, in particular, for connecting two tubular fuselage portions of a missile
Three axis attitude readout system for geosynchronous spacecraft
Solid-state spacecraft with minimal moving parts
Satellite with improved heat sinkage
Disk drive employing method of writing a data block to a data sector following a defective servo sec...
Method and apparatus for optimizing the servo read channel of a hard disk drive
Wear leveling techniques for flash EEPROM systems
Data recovery using targeted ECC correction
Magnetic recorder apparatus with reduced debris accumlation on the recorder head and slider
Disk hub for a removable cartridge and spindle motor for using same
Test apparatus for testing a digital storage device
Variable zone layout and track pitch parameter considerations for information storage disk drive
Latent illuminance discrimination marker system for data storage cartridges
Disk drive with calibration bursts that are recorded on a spiral and method of recording the same
Inertial latch mechanism for restraining components in a disk drive
Disk drive cache system using a dynamic priority sequential stream of data segments continuously ada...
Method for memory allocation in a disk drive employing a chunk array and identifying a first availab...
Disk drive utilizing Bemf of spindle motor to increase VCM voltage during seeks
Contaminant seals for removable disk drives
Disk drive cartridge door
Method for memory allocation in a disk drive employing a chunk array and identifying a smallest avai...
Method for fabricating a dual element head
Disk drive for detecting a retroreflective marker on a data storage cartridge
Method for precise velocity feedback control in an actuator system of a disk drive
Trigger pattern detection method and apparatus
Electronic magnetoresistive voltage biasing using a circuit and current mirrors
Method and system for providing a hard stop for a robot in an automated tape cartridge loading/unloa...
Method of implementing a linear discrete-time state-space servo control system on a fixed-point digi...
Synchronized read/write heads for double sided tape recording
Method and apparatus for reducing data loss errors in a magnetic tape device
Methods and apparatus for calibration of a rotating scanner to a plurality of data track groups reco...
Method and apparatus for unloading head from disk before a shock to a disk drive system
Methods and systems for self-servowriting including maintaining a reference level within a usable dy...
Methods and apparatus for efficiently controlling a read/write head in a computer disk drive
Disk drive with seek profile selection based on read/write operation
Magnetic head, magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus
Thin film magnetic head with a particularly shaped magnetic pole piece and spaced relative to an MR ...
MR composite-type thin-film magnetic head having an upper pole with a high saturation magnetic flux ...
Magnetic head cleaning film strip and method of making same
Method and apparatus for determining information and a cassette for use therewith
MR film with upper and lower magnetic layers with resistivity greater than that of MR film magnetic ...
Yoke type or flux guide type magnetoresistive head in which the yoke or flux guide is provided to th...
Automated vehicle preventative maintenance system
Method and apparatus for analyzing vibration of housing of disk device
Cryopreservation bag
Device for the connection in a sterile environment of a peritoneal catheter to a dialysis liquid dra...
Medical and biological fluid collection and disposal system
Suction nozzle operated with compressed air
Retention mechanism for catheter with distal anchor
Flexible surgical instruments with suction
Tubular coupling
Implanted body catheter
Lift force fluid flow sensor for measuring fluid flow velocities
Infusion catheter systems with tactile sensing feedback
Catheter system for skin passage units
Fixed wire dilatation balloon catheter
Loop structures for supporting multiple electrode elements
Fluid delivery systems with diptube connector
Subcutaneous infusion device
Tubing connector
Wound irrigation shield adaptor
Safety Intravenous connector
Bi-directional catheter
Catheter sleeve connecting assembly
Lubricating layer in photographic elements
Thermal transfer sheet, image-printed material and recording method
Heat-sensitive recording material and method for producing same
Pressure-sensitive record materials
Crystalline fluoran compound
Thermally sensitized sheet
Glow-in-the-dark medium and method of making
Imaging system
Printing device and photographic paper
Thermal recording films and method of thermal image recording using the same
Protective overlays for thermal dye transfer prints
Ink jet printing method and ink jet printing apparatus
Reversible thermosensitive coloring composition and reversible thermosensitive recording medium usin...
Thermosensitive direct image-recording material
Reversible thermosensitive recording material and recording method and recording apparatus therefor
Method for applying clear, vivid, and water-fast printed images to a susbtrate
Spontaneously color changing type thermal sensitive recording medium
Reversible thermosensitive recording medium and method for producing the medium
Porous polyester film and thermal transfer image-receiving sheet
Cross-linked receiving element for thermal dye transfer
Retroreflective graphic article bearing fluorescent legends and method of making
Dynamic web content unfolding in wireless information gateways
Method, system, and program for using a user interface program to generate a user interface for an a...
Methods and apparatus for implementing a progress reporting interface
Software bus and interface for digital television application software environments
Croscarmellose taste masking
Compositions for topical application and other products from fresh beeswaxes
Nutraceutical antler powder and a method of producing same
Method of using potassium nitrate for pain reduction
Calcium taurate and antihypertensive drug for hypertension
Methods for improving the health of hair and scalp
Protective coating for decorative vegetable material
Medical sponge having mucopolysaccharide coating
Hepatitis B surface antigen vaccine
Nucleic acid molecules encoding Haemophilus somnus proteins
Molecules containing at least one peptide sequence carrying one or several epitopes characteristic o...
Odor control compositions comprising .beta.-ketoester pro-fragrances
Coccidiosis poultry vaccine
Gene therapies for enhancing cardiac function
Method of sensitizing tumor cells with adenovirus E1A
Enteric-coated chromium polynicotinate compositions and uses thereof
Compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Polymeric microbeads and methods of preparation
Differential GPS landing system
Integrated RISC processor and GPS receiver
Receiver for a navigation system, in particular a satellite navigation system
Extensible GPS receiver system
NRZ and biphase-L formatted hexaphase modulated GPS transmission method
Stand alone global positioning system (GPS) and method with high sensitivity
Remote seismic data acquisition unit with common radio and GPS antenna
User-controlled GPS receiver
GPS controlled blaster
Receiver phase-noise mitigation
Method for determining the location of a GPS receiver using an estimated reference time
Vehicle mileage meter and a GPS position tracking system
System for broadcasting GPS data to a pager
GPS guidance system for use with circular cultivated agricultural fields
Portable dead reckoning system for extending GPS coverage
Integrated audio recording and GPS system
Integrated radio direction finding and GPS receiver tracking system
Corner irrigation system including a GPS guidance system
Combined GPS and wide bandwidth radiotelephone terminals and methods
Ground plane for GPS patch antenna
Pseudolite-augmented GPS for locating wireless telephones
Liquid clathrate compositions
High performance environmentally friendly drilling fluids
Pro-fragrance compound
Preparation of carboxylic compounds and their derivatives
Hydrocarbon hydrogenation and catalyst therefor
Oxidative coupling of methane with carbon conservation
Production of alkyl aromatics by passing transalkylation effluent to alkylation zone
L-type zeolite catalyst
Zeolite catalyst with enhanced dealkylation activity and method for producing same
Aliphatic alkylation utilizing a liquid catalyst
Biodegradable high performance hydrocarbon base oils
Distillation of vinylaromatic monomer
Functionalized diene monomers and polymers containing functionalized dienes and methods for their pr...
Use of catalytic distillation to produce cyclopentane or cyclopentene
Process and apparatus for controlling reaction temperatures with heating arrangement in series flow
Alkylation process of alkyl-benzene with olefin using a sodium-and-potassium catalyst
Process for producing a tertiary olefin by decomposing a tertiary alkyl ether
Styrene caustic wash extraction aid
Cobalt(II) oxide containing cobalt metal, a process for producing it and its use
Ink receptor media suitable for inkjet printing
Process for the production of a catalyst body for the catalytic treatment of gas, catalyst body and ...
Process for the preparation of crystalline sodium silicates
Method for improved percolation through ore heaps by agglomerating ore with a surfactant and polymer...
Fan- or disk-shaped titanium oxide particles, processes for production thereof and uses thereof
Method for solid-state formation of diamond
ZnO-Pd composite catalyst and production method thereof
Conversion of carbon or carbon-containing compounds in a plasma
Chemical gas generator
Self-heating metal-hydride hydrogen storage system
Method for processing acid effluents
Method for removing carbonyl sulfide from fluids using carbon monoxide
Process for desulfurizing a sulfur-dioxide containing gas
Process for preparing sodium carbonate
Carbon blacks and process for producing them
Catalysts for the selective oxidation of hydrogen sulfide to sulfur
Method for making MTT zeolites without an organic template
Thermally insulated metal surface protected against metal dusting corrosion
Rigid porous carbon structures, methods of making, methods of using and products containing same
Carbon electrode material for electrochemical cells and method of making same
Optical fiber end-face preparation tool
Perfusion balloon and radioactive wire delivery system
Electromagnetically coupled electronic endoscope system
Fluorescence diagnosis endoscope system
Gastrointestinal copression clips
Rollably positioned, adjustably directable clean air delivery supply assembly, for use in weather pr...
Rotating filtration cartridge and blower for HVAC applications
Moving sorbent filter device
Ultrasonic bonding method
Cold seal package and method for making the same
Counter top reverse osmosis water purification system
Apparatus for ultraviolet disinfection of water
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising anti-CD45RB antibodies for the inhibition of T-cell mediated ...
Fruit and vegetable juice beverage and process of making
In-situ short circuit protection system and method for high-energy electrochemical cells
Laser addressable thermal transfer imaging element with an interlayer
Perfusion apparatus and method including chemical compositions for maintaining an organ
Light-weight orthopedic casting article
In-situ fault detection apparatus and method for an encased energy storing device
Video signal compensator for compensating differential picture brightness of an optical image due to...
Light fixture having a multilayer polymeric film
Organic/inorganic alloys used to improve organic electroluminescent devices
Method for fabricating an organic electro-luminescent device
Fabrication of organic semiconductor devices using ink jet printing
Filtering arrangement with impedance step resonators
High-frequency circuit element in which a resonator and input/ouputs are relatively movable
Dielectric laminated device and its manufacturing method
Laminated dielectric antenna duplexer and a dielectric filter
Stripline resonator using high-temperature superconductor components
Slot line band pass filter
High temperature superconducting structures and methods for high Q, reduced intermodulation resonato...
Coplanar waveguide filter
Multilayer microelectronic circuit
Thin-film multilayered electrode, high-frequency transmission line, high-frequency resonator, and hi...
Device with circuit element and transmission line formed by a dielectric between facing conductor st...
Apparatus for filtering high frequency signals
MCM with high Q overlapping resonator
Helical filter with a removable tap housing
Electrophysiology mapping system
Method for seamlessly combining adjacent filters in a frequency channelizer
System and method for a highly-programmable FIR filter
Cardiac magnetic field diagnosing apparatus by late ventricular potential and method of locating int...
Banded prolonged release active agent dosage form
Mixing system for an active agent delivery device
Electrotransport delivery device with voltage boosting circuit
Therapy for neurological diseases
Pharmaceutical hydrogel formulations, and associated drug delivery devices and methods
Electrotransport system with ion exchange material competitive ion capture
Device for enhancing transdermal agent flux
Liposome loading method using a boronic acid compound
Composition, device, and method for electrotransport agent delivery
Non-aqueous protic peptide formulations
Aqueous formulations of peptides
Directional drug delivery stent and method of use
Preparation of formulations for electrotransport drug delivery
Controlled release tablet compositions
Device for enhanced electrotransport agent delivery
Device for enhancing transdermal agent flux
Electrotransport device and method of setting output
Electrotransport delivery device
Minimally invasive detecting device
Closure system for an active agent delivery device
Dosage form, process of making and using same
Current and transient voltage protector
Pulse width modulated controller for high temperature power conversion
Static power converter multilevel phase driver containing power semiconductors and additional power ...
High bandwidth broadcast system having localized multicast access to broadcast content
Apparatus and method for displaying computed tomography fluoroscopy images
Methods and apparatus for altering spatial characteristics of a digital image
Iterative method and apparatus for x-ray computed tomographic fluoroscopy
Medical imaging apparatus
System for extracting coding parameters from video data
Show-through correction for two-sided, multi-page documents
Filter for producing continuous tone images from halftone digital images data
Digital special pantograph
Composition for encapsulating signal transmission devices
Method for detecting leading and trailing ends of video tape
Hybrid scavengeless development using a method for preventing power supply induced banding
Method for automatically changing service area of wide area pager in second generation digital cordl...
Route search and navigation apparatus and storage medium storing computer programs for navigation pr...
System, method and article of manufacture for a goal based system utilizing a time based model
Active markup--a system and method for navigating through text collections
Process for the decontamination and treatment with oxidative counterflow of a liquid, gaseous or sol...
Absorbent article with improved leakage security
Method for making advanced thermoelectric devices
Solar battery having a plurality of I-type layers with different hydrogen densities
Method of bonding insulating wire and device for carrying out this method
Detector array for use in a laser imaging apparatus
Dual-purpose radiation transmission source for nuclear medicine imaging system
Detector for gamma rays
System for connecting a transducer array to a coaxial cable in an ultrasound probe
Radio frequency identification system
Method for calibrating a transcription system
Distributed fiber optic laser ultrasonic system
Image processing apparatus and method having improved color-boundary mixing
Flexible photoreceptor belt detensioning for charge transport layer cracking life extension
Image forming apparatus
Cassette for measuring parameters of blood
Method and system for remotely viewing and configuring output from a medical imaging device
Oil and gas reservoir production analysis apparatus and method
Methods and apparatus for a travel-related multi-function smartcard
Dynamic market equilibrium management system, process and article of manufacture
Method and apparatus of call conferencing in a telephone exchange system
Telecommunications switch incorporating automatic conferencing service
Light indicating method and apparatus to encourage on-camera video conferencing
Real-time multimedia conferencing over an ATM network using an intelligent ATM ADSL modem and ADSL a...
Multi-point video conference system and method
Speech input terminal and speech synthesizing terminal for television conference system
Video conferencing device
Collaborative conferencing circuit
Method and apparatus for controlling power to a multi-media conferencing system using any one of a s...
Workstation conference pointer-user association mechanism
Video conferencing apparatus for group video conferencing
Dial up telephone conferencing system controlled by an online computer network
Peripheral video conferencing system with control unit that controls presentation of remote video si...
Composite image display device and service for video conferencing
Conference cart
Providing multimedia conferencing services over a wide area network interconnecting nonguaranteed qu...
Computer conference system with video phone connecting function
Wireless conference apparatus
Textual recording of contributions to audio conference using speech recognition
Video conferencing system and method
Electronic conference system
Methods and apparatus for suppressing engine test cell howl
Thermal and acoustical insulating shield
Inverse vertical seismic profiling using a measurement while drilling tool as a seismic source
Bone conduction voice transmission apparatus and system
Horn-type loudspeaker system
Silencer for a suction cleaner
Jet engine and method for reducing jet engine noise by reducing nacelle boundary layer thickness
Base for holding the tweeter of a speaker
Loudspeaker system
Concentric tube suspension system for loudspeakers
Low noise air conditioner housing
Fiber-honeycomb-fiber sandwich speaker diaphragm and method
Liquid gun propellant stimulation
Acoustical speaker housing and method of installation
Thermal-and sound-insulating container of multilayer insulations
Dome muffler
Composite fairing with integral damping and internal helmholz resonators
Precordial monitoring apparatus
Behind the ear communication device
Variable tilt loud speaker enclosure
Flush-mount pivoting speaker
Method for treating respiratory distress by sublingual administration of DNA
Enhancement of the pro-fertility action of a molecule involved in a sperm-egg binding
Enzyme method of manufacturing gelatin
Method and composition for remediating environmental contaminants
Fusion proteins comprising ICAM-R polypeptides and immunoglobulin constant regions
Human gene/protein involved in chronic myelogenous leukemia
Chimeric polypeptides containing chemokine domains
Polynucleotides encoding a human chemotactic protein
Parasitic helminth p22U nucleic acid molecules
Universal donor cells
Prostate specific regulatory nucleic acid sequences and transgenic non-human animals expressing pros...
Transgenic knockout mouse having functionally disrupted interleukin-1.beta. converting enzyme gene
Microorganisms and plasmids for 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D)monooxygenase formation and pr...
Method of barley transformation
Increasing expression of transgenes in plant cells using insulator elements
Transgenic tomato plants containing a fusarium resistance gene
Seed specific promoters based on arabidopsis genes
Pathogen-inducible regulatory element
Transgenic pomaceous fruit with fire blight resistance
Soybean cultivar 97-CX690
Soybean cultivar CX299c
Apparatus and method to convert a non-interlaced computer graphics signal to an interlaced video sig...
Sync generator unit and field decision unit using it
Multiple-screen video adapter with television tuner
Method and system for combining multiple images into a single higher-quality image
Gamma correction circuit for television receiver
Tone display method and apparatus for displaying image signal
Apparatus and method for using side information to improve a coding system
Apparatus and method for locating a commercial disposed within a video data stream
Monitor mountable storage device and speaker holder
Autostereoscopic display based on electrically switchable holograms
Embossed diffraction grating alone and in combination with changeable image display
Timing correction method and apparatus
Video bitstream symbol extractor for use in decoding MPEG compliant video bitstreams meeting 2-frame...
Scene change detection
Computer touch screen radio station control system
Optical system having fiber optical plate
Camera and system operating from a secondary battery
Process for selecting and requesting multimedia services
Communication apparatus and communication displaying method with remote monitoring function
Method and system for selectively independently or simultaneously updating multiple system time cloc...
Columnar race game
Grabbing reflex game
Game call
Electronic amusement device and method for operating a game offering continuous reels
Apparatus for converting game input port signals from a game controller into universal serial bus po...
Method and apparatus for securing electronic games
Ultraviolet radiation curable inks for game balls, golf balls and the like
Bidirectional cable television system, cable television distributing device and processing terminal ...
Partitioned PC game port
Gimbal-mounted virtual reality display system
Radio frequency tracking system
Wheel puzzle game book
Animal rider harness assembly
Image synthesis method, games machine, and information storage medium
Amusement ride vehicle
Shooting aid for basketball players
Health management device
Method of making uniformly magnetized elements for a gyricon display
Display having selectable simulated illuminating means
Portable drawing box
Simulated assault weapon
Device that interacts with target applications
Educational card game
Combination question-answer book and answer display
Neuroimaging as a marketing tool
Authoring system and method for computer-based training
Cold cathode lamp lampholder with mains switching
High-speed indoor wireless chirp spread spectrum data link
Bandpass predistortion method and apparatus for radio transmission
Allocation of channels to radio transceivers
Radio communication apparatus having more channel capacity and less feedback information, and method...
Measurement controller for vehicle
Low-melting alloy and cream solder using a powder of the alloy
Lead-free tin alloy
Metallurgical process for manufacturing electrowinning lead alloy electrodes
Structural units for glass melts made from a molybdenum/tungsten alloy
Ferritic stainless steel and external part for a watch made thereof
Corrosion resistant solenoid valve
Nickel-copper-beryllium alloy compositions
Copper alloy having improved stress relaxation
Modified nickel-chromium-aluminum-iron alloy
Copper alloy foils
High-CR precision casting materials and turbine blades
Nickel-based superalloys exhibiting minimal grain defects
Method of producing hydrogen absorbing alloy powder, and electrode using hydrogen absorbing alloy po...
Resin compositions, resin moldings and their methods of production
Martensitic heat resisting steel
Article comprising an intermetallic superconductor material
A1-N1-Y alloy films for electrodes of semiconductor devices and sputtering targets for depositing th...
Austenoferritic stainless steel having a very low nickel content and a high tensile elongation
Method and equipment for a treatment in molten cast iron baths with reaction materials having a low ...
Copper alloy and process for obtaining same
Steel tire cord with high tensile strength
Apparatus, and associated method, for integrating operation of packet radio communication systems
Portable radio having pivotable antenna
Apparatus and method for automatically programming frequency scanning radio receivers
Transport of radio network-originated control information
Automated guided vehicle, operation control system and method for the same, and automotive vehicle
GPS microphone for communication system
Telecommunication method
Rotatable tray for food processor
Defecation deodorant
Mutant lactobacillus bulgaricus strains free from beta-galactosidase activity
Blends of different acyl gellan gums and starch
Gum base composition
Dough conditioner
Calcium fortified dairy products
Divided packaging to retain product freshness and/or to increase variety
Microwave heating attachment
Food preservative method and system using vanillin and constituent having isothiocynate compound
That's my water
Drinking water container containing gemstones and crystals
Method for manufacturing snacks
Method and apparatus for treating meat products with carbon monoxide
Antimicrobial effect of chitosan in beverages
Applehead family craft kit and method for preparing apples
Method for treating a wine, measuring its aptitude for ageing and device for implementing said metho...
Packaged beverage having enhanced carbon dioxide retention, method for packaging a beverage, contain...
Cooking method and apparatus
Extrudate cutting device
High-intensity sweetener-polyol compositions
System and method for customizing shipping labels
Electronic on/off switch for remote control model protected from inadvertent turn-off of its receive...
Automatic timer event entry
Energy-conserving power-supply system
Sports trading card
Container having ornament
Darkhorse wagering: a lottery method of play
Puzzle with story board
End-to-end board game
America's chess
Word Game
Method of playing a card game
Electronic video poker games
Weightless toy objects
Toy attachment for child's play pen
Realistic doll head system and method therefor
Eye article for taxidermy form
Transforming playset
Catching toy and catching device
Progressive bingo
Multi-layer and multi-chamber play structure
Sound belt for diapers
System for prioritizing audio for a virtual environment
Automatic note inversions in sequences having melodic runs
Turkey call with glare resistant striking surface
Capo-holding accessory for a stringed musical instrument
Device for supporting a musical instrument
Clamp device for musical instruments
Foot operated tambourine playing device
Transmission mechanism for a hi-hat cymbal
System for balancing upright piano key mechanisms
Period forcing filter for preprocessing sound samples for usage in a wavetable synthesizer
Method and electronic apparatus for classifying and automatically recalling stored musical compositi...
Tone synthesizing apparatus and method based on ensemble of arithmetic processor and dedicated tone ...
String arrangement for musical instruments
Neck for stringed instrument
Tremolo and/or vibrato control system, and methods of constructing and utilizing same
Connection between the pedal plate and the heel plate of a foot pedal
Wavetable cache using simplified looping
Apparatus and method for generating melody
Formant shift-compensated sound synthesizer and method of operation thereof
Digital signal processor for delayed signal processing using memory shared with another device
Profiling of computer programs executing in virtual memory systems
Computer system
Branch prediction method and apparatus
High-performance, superscalar-based computer system with out-of-order instruction execution
Synthesis of a synchronization clock
Apparatus and process for reducing the susceptability of active implantable medical devices to medic...
Medical devices to treat or inhibit restenosis
Tissue repair apparatus and method
Facet joint prosthesis and method of replacing a facet joint
Method and apparatus for computerized surgery
Intervertebral disc implant
Spinal implant
Spinal implant
Collagen-based materials and methods for augmenting intervertebral discs
Shoulder prosthesis
Medial and lateral femoral implants for single-compartment knee prosthesis
Catheter deliverable foot implant and method of delivering the same
Ternary single-phase ceramic medical devices
Methods and apparatus for implanting devices into non-sterile body lumens or organs
System and method for motion-controlled foot unit
User-centric event reporting
Methods and devices for identifying the type of occupancy of a supporting surface
Assessment and optimization for metrology instrument including uncertainty of total measurement unce...
Methods and systems for extension, exploration, refinement, and analysis of biological networks
Apparatus and methods for assessing metabolic substrate utilization
System and method for managing the development and manufacturing of a pharmaceutical drug
Methods and systems for deriving chemical compositions that are present in a chemical product and fo...
Pulse oximeter with separate ensemble averaging for oxygen saturation and heart rate
System and method for designing a physiometric implant system
Voice recognition technology to capture geoscience data
Maintaining individual object data
Web Enabled Image Extension System
Portable electronic data storage and retreival system for group data
Data management system
Examination management system and examination management method
Medical data analysis system
Method of making examination appointment, server using the same, and program for making examination ...
Imaging system protocol handling method and apparatus
Physiologic inference monitor
Preneed insurance services system
System and method for infrastructure design
Method for visually programming instruction set for process
Automated transaction machine
Methods and systems for processing playlists
Remote programming of serialized semiconductor devices using web or internet protocols
Electrodeless fluorescent lamp
Nitride semiconductor growth method, nitride semiconductor substrate and nitride semiconductor devic...
Nonvolatile memory, its data updating method, and card reader equipped with such nonvolatile memory
Assay and method for quantifying the levels of steryl esters and free sterols in starch-containing f...
Electronic equipment and antenna mounting printed-circuit board
Hypertext concept notation for dynamically constructing a sentence to respond to a user request
Weldable high strenght Al-Mg-Si alloy
Microbicidal formulations and methods to control microorganisms
Method and apparatus for increasing fuel cell efficiency, power output, or reduced-temperature opera...
Method of
Method and system for integrating cores in FPGA-based system-on-chip (SoC)
Match three numbers game of chance
Automatic card dispensing unit with display capability
Gaming machine with visual and audio indicia changed over time
System and method for automatically initiating game play on an electronic gaming device
Gaming machine having dynamic bonus feature
Enhanced interaction for casino gaming random sequences
Client-server system
Combination role playing and dice throwing board game
Quick chipping set
Tile-based board game
Concave playing surfaces
Method of playing a poker-type wagering game with multiple betting options
Mat for timing competitions
Passive power line detection system for aircraft
Communicating between programs having different machine context organizations
Editing HTML DOM elements in web browsers with non-visual capabilities
Real-time, text-based messaging between devices in plural communities
Multiplexed analysis of clinical specimens apparatus and method
Cell-based detection and differentiation of lung cancer
Method, system, and computer program product for providing failure protection in a network node
Energy absorbing front frame structure for a vehicle
Efficient pipelining of synthesized synchronous circuits
Method and apparatus of removing dead poultry from a poultry house
System and method for computer file tailoring
Surfactant system
Stimulable phosphor panel
Secure dispensing apparatus
Switching and connecting arrangement for coupling external and internal antennas with an expansion c...
Gradient coil apparatus and method of assembly thereof
Method and apparatus for preventing tooth decay
Method of producing tab tape carrier
Multilayered arrangement for electro-optical device
Thermoplastic elastomers having improved low temperature properties
Metallocene compound, process for producing metallocene compound, olefin polymerization catalyst, pr...
Polymeric articles having a lubricious coating and method for making the same
Detecting field from different ignition coils using adjustable probe
Irrigation system peripheral communications using valve control wires
Anti-inflammatory compositions and method
Movable barrier operator multi-technique excess force avoidance apparatus and method
Interface invoke mechanism
Compositions comprising copolymers of N-vinylcarboxamides and monomers with a hydrophobic radical, a...
Surface acoustic wave device having excellent balancing characteristics between balanced terminals a...
System and method for the creation and automatic deployment of personalized, dynamic and interactive...
NADE binding proteins
Polynucleotides encoding motilin homologs
33945, a human glycosyltransferase family member and uses therefor
Combined use of a GLP-1 compound and another drug for treating dyslipidemia
Compounds and their uses
Malto-oligosaccharide derivatives and use thereof
Method for transferring nucleic acid into striated muscles
β3 agonists and uses thereof
Compounds that modulate PPAR activity and methods for their preparation
Antidepressant piperidine derivatives of heterocycle-fused benzodioxans
Compounds with growth hormone releasing properties
Substituted naphthyl indole derivatives as inhibitors of plasminogen activator inhibitor Type-1 (PAI...
Benzimidazolidinone derivatives
Method for producing Aspartame derivative, method for purifying the same, crystals thereof and uses ...
Tricyclic compounds and their use in medicine process for their preparation and pharmaceutical compo...
Polymorphic forms of sertraline hydrochloride
Implantable stimulator methods for treatment of incontinence and pain
System for use of land fills and recyclable materials
Method and apparatus for preparing microparticles using in-line solvent extraction
Power control circuit for optical information recording device
High-power narrow-linewidth single-frequency laser
Tunable laser using microring resonator
External cavity laser with dispersion compensation for mode-hop-free tuning
Optically pumped semiconductor ring laser
Tunable laser with wavelength locking
Laser diode
Semiconductor laser device and fabricating method thereof
Systems, methods, and apparatuses for optically pumped vertical cavity surface emitting laser device...
Laser oscillator
Gain optimizing for stable single mode operation of external cavity laser
Dual head laser system with intra-cavity polarization, and particle image velocimetry system using s...
Position and adjustment device using laser module
High precision optical imaging systems and related systems
Method and device for manipulating microscopic quantities of material
Wavelength stabilization of an external cavity laser diode (ECLD)
Dual wavelength semiconductor laser source for optical pickup
Memory mapped monitoring circuitry for optoelectronic device
Method and apparatus for directly modulating a laser diode using multi-stage driver circuitry
Cleaning member for removing residual toner from intermediate transfer belt
Laser software control system
Method for neutralizing a stream of fluid, and washing liquid for use in one such method
Method of removing SO3 from flue gases
Carbon based thirty six atom spheres
Graphite particles and process for production thereof
Method for the purification of hydrogen peroxide solutions
Manganese dioxide for alkaline cells
Self-regulating hydrogen generator
Lithium-material comprising an intermetallic lithium/transition metal pnictide phase for lithium bat...
Dielectric ceramic, methods for making and evaluating the same, and monolithic ceramic electronic co...
Carrier for catalyst and method for preparing the same
Mn-Zn based ferrite, magnetic core for transformer and transformer
Multilock anterior cervical plating system
Slow release protein polymers
Growth factor releasing biofunctional dental implant
Method, tool, and system for deploying an implant into the body
Localized delivery of drug agents
Method of enhancing bone density
Keyboard musical instrument for exactly producing tones and hammer sensor varying output signal exac...
Reversible seat cup for percussion instrument
Recombinant PDGF A-chain homodimers and methods of use
Synthetic peptides, conjugation reagents and methods
DNA repair enzymes, nucleic acids encoding DNA repair enzymes and methods of using them
Bovine tumor necrosis factor receptor-1 and methods of use
Purified and isolated protein zero related (PZR) polypeptide
Leukotriene receptor
Hematopoietic growth factor inducible neurokinin-1 gene
Variable region of the monoclonal antibody against HBV S-surface antigen and a gene encoding the sam...
Regulatory region of a lipid transfer protein (LtpW1) from aleuron tissue of wheat
Efficient protein expression system
Production of taxol and taxanes
Transgenic plant expressing maltogenic alpha-amylase
Plan lecithin: cholesterol acyltransferases
Potato cultivar FL 2027
Method and system for performing PAL luma two line vertical combing
Automatic modulation and RF carrier level control of sync suppressed television signals
Controller for remotely controlling two or more controlled devices
Language switching method and digital broadcast receiver using the method
Method and apparatus for stereoscopic image display
Optical low pass filter
Radiation conditioning system
Double-loop motion-compensation fine granular scalability
Moving picture encoding apparatus
Video decoding during I-frame decode at resolution change
System for automated screening of security cameras
Alternate timing signal for a vestigial sideband modulator
Method for target detection and identification by using proximity pixel information
Method and system for calibrating the scan amplitude of an electron beam lithography instrument
Method for evaluating pattern defects on a water surface
Temporal processing for realtime human vision system behavior modeling
Object recognition apparatus and object recognition method
Pixel resampling system and method for text
Treatment of inflammatory skin conditions
Medical device having anti-infective and contraceptive properties
Process of making an osteopathy solution
Stabilized tetrazolium phenazine reagent compositions and methods for using the same
Amylolytic enzymes derived from the B.licheniformis α-amylase, having improved characteristics
Epithelial cell growth inhibitors
Antibacterial glass composition and antibacterial polymer composition using the same
Pestcide and/or plant growth regulating compositions
Use of a polypeptide for treatment of pruritis in animals
Use of colostrinin, constituent peptides thereof, and analogs thereof, as oxidative stress regulator...
Altered human interleukin-1β convertase (ICE), NEDD-2, and C. elegans ced-3 polypeptides and u...
Methods and compositions for the treatment of cerebral palsy
Composition and method for treatment of neoplastic diseases associated with elevated matrix metallop...
Prevention of atherosclerosis and restenosis
Method of reducing toxicity of anticancer agents
Amphiphilic cationic associative polymers, preparation process, use as thickeners and composition co...
Nucleotide sequences of the nucleocapsid (NP) gene of a Malaysian velogenic Newcastle disease virus ...
Structure of a music box of a play bed
Toy animal with simulated respiration
Vehicle air freshener
Toy vehicle with enhanced jumping capability
Cord guided frisbee
Programmable toy with communication means
Aquatic game device
Infant support structure and method of using the same
Inner lid attaching structure for a personal watercraft
Surface effect ship advancements
Mooring robot
Swim lift platform
Deck attached mounting apparatus for boarding ladder
Isolated motor pan for watercraft
Personal water transport assembly
Powered ventilator
Multi-functional sailboard
Production device, especially a bending press, and method for operating said production device
Robot intelligence in natural environments
Robot machining tool position and orientation calibration
Ring boost circuit to extend ringing range of telephone SLICs
Method and system for activating echo suppression in a communications network
Controlling echo cancellation
Method and apparatus for cancelling common mode noise occurring in communications channels
Systems and methods for generating tones for operating telephones
Mobile communication terminal and control data changing method thereof
Incoming call handling method for mobile communications device incorporating mobile assisted messagi...
Automated device behavior management based on preset preferences
Portable telephone apparatus and changing method of answering method of the same
Portable communications device
Dual display portable telephone device and allocation means for display process thereof
Microphone position and speech level sensor
Method and system for providing automated audible backchannel responses
Method for generating conversation utterances to a remote listener in response to a quiet selection
Method for managing the simultaneous utilization of diverse real-time collaborative software applica...
Email—expanded addressee sort/listing
Methods and systems for providing online information for networked devices
Freight information management method and freight management system using electronic tags
Mutual fund card method and system
Determining intra-day net asset value of an actively managed exchange traded fund
Automated payment
Methods and systems for carrying out directory-authenticated electronic transactions including conti...
Method and system for a virtual safe
Method and apparatus for providing refunds in a postage metering system
Customer management system for automobile sales industry
Trusted content server
Locking assembly for firearm simulators
Universal role playing game elevation indicator system
Method and system for training traders
System and method to reduce the time and complexity of information technology classroom setup
Turntable device and optical apparatus
Imaging apparatus, and method and device for shake correction in imaging apparatus
Printing control interface system and method with handwriting discrimination capability
Camera interlocks that ensure proper movement of film
Camera case
Camera and multiple flash photographing system
Light-projecting device
Combustion resonator
Disposable plug for warming the inner ear
Earplug and apparatus with the earplugs
Field rebuildable low frequency loudspeaker driver having a removable diaphragm assembly, parts kit ...
Integrated engine compartment component and air intake system
Method and apparatus for attaching a resonance chamber to an air induction component
Exhaust gas system
Endoscopic tutorial system for urology
Data aware clustered architecture for an image generator
Monocentric autostereoscopic optical apparatus with a spherical gradient-index ball lens
Wireless telephone network optimization
To a combined fingerprint acquisition and control device
Communal discovery of network coverage
System for operating and observing making use of mobile equipment
Integrated diagnostic system
Permeable cement composition and method for preparing the same
Extracting a depth map from known camera and model tracking data
Information processing apparatus
Optical multilayer structure, optical switching device, and image display
Method and device for varying resonant frequency of magnetic memory device
Recording medium and apparatus for protecting copyrighted digital data
Disk changer
Optical pickup device that corrects the spot shape of reflected light beams
Digital signal processing apparatus and method
Optical-disk reproducing apparatus, optical pickup apparatus and optical-disk recording and reproduc...
Electronic equipment controlling apparatus and method, electronic equipment controlling system and e...
Reproduced signal evaluation apparatus and method, reproduction apparatus and method, and recording ...
IC card, data processing apparatus, and system using common signal lines and common resistor for dif...
Apparatus and method for information processing
Resampling address generator
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
Authentication system, fingerprint identification unit, and authentication method
Information processing method, information processing system and information processor
Clock supply circuit for supplying a processing clock signal used for processing an input signal hav...
Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus, and communication system for formatting data
Recording and/or reproducing device
Power output apparatus, method of controlling power output apparatus, and driving system with power ...
Holder for a powered device
System and method for integrating a digital core with a switch mode power supply
Rotary electric machine for vehicle and control device thereof
Trade-in battery system
Battery charge indicator such as for an implantable medical device
Battery state monitoring circuit and battery device
Battery charger
Charging apparatus of bicycle dynamo
Generating device including magneto generator
Microenergy device for producing mechanically modulated microenergy output from digital microenergy ...
Circuits and methods for providing multiple phase switching regulators which employ the input capaci...
PWM-based DC-DC converter with assured dead time control exhibiting no shoot-through current and ind...
Voltage regulator with switch-on protection circuit
Power converter system
Query based electronic battery tester
High-density barium titanate of high permittivity
Method for making materials having artificially dispersed nano-size phases and articles made therewi...
Radiation-sensitive resin composition
Durable nano-structured optical surface
Firewall subscription service system and method
System and method for efficient processing of service requests
Engine control tilt switch for motorcycles
Axle driving apparatus
Speed control system for wheeled hydraulic traveling vehicle
Steering input devices for steer-by-wire systems
Steering apparatus and method for automotive vehicle
Electric power steering apparatus
Electric power steering apparatus
Motor vehicle steering device
Steering control apparatus
Wedge fork clutch actuator for driveline clutches
Power wheelchair
Vehicle anti-rollover system
Integrated fuel tank and complementary counterweight
Control device for hybrid vehicle
Method and system for vehicle occupant weight sensing
Vehicle surveillance system
Method for controlling activation of a power source of a hybrid electric vehicle
Tip-over detection device for motor vehicle
Steering angular velocity detecting device
Method and device for triggering a request for taking control in acc-controlled vehicles
Jewelry distribution and display combination and kit
Process for polymerizing cationically polymerizable monomers
Active matrix organic electroluminescent display device and method of fabricating the same
Method and apparatus for fastening steel framing by crimping
System and method for detecting when an external load is coupled to a video digital-to-analog conver...
Semiconductor light emitting device
Semiconductor device and semiconductor memory device provided with internal current setting adjustme...
Non-volatile mass storage cache coherency apparatus
Organometallic compounds and emission-shifting organic electrophosphorescence
Image pickup apparatus and image pickup system
Cruise control apparatus performing automatic adjustment of object recognition processing in respons...
Raised keys on a miniature keyboard
Subliminal recording device
Electrochemical device
System and method for providing a global real-time advanced correlation environment architecture
Aluminum alloys having high corrosion resistance after brazing
Indicating device
Finding e-service in client-defined, loosely coupled, e-service communities
Transaction management system and program for configuring online shopping system
Pharmaceutical ayurvedic preparation
Diagnostics/prognostics using wireless links
Method of designing agonists and antagonists to EGF receptor family
Flash device and lens-fitted photo film unit with built-in flash device
Quarternary ammonium compounds
True parallel client server system and method
High-performance extensible document transformation
Pad with improved sound-reflecting surface for woodwind musical instruments and lubricant to prevent...
Formulation and manipulation of databases of analyte and associated values
Multi-channel audio center speaker device
Graphical user interface for display and analysis of biological sequence data
Telephone adapted for emergency dialing by touch
Enterprise interface for network analysis reporting
Process of manufacture of 1,3-oxathiolane nucleosides using titanium trichloride mono-isopropoxide
Method and apparatus for connecting a television interphone monitor system to a concierge station ov...
Operating method of vacuum processing system and vacuum processing system
System and method for priority-based work order scheduling
Method for determining the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in a process stream and a spectrophoto...
Lifting apparatus
Calcium receptor-active compounds
Method and apparatus to retain applet security privileges outside of the Java virtual machine
Graft ligament anchor and method for attaching a graft ligament to a bone
Ultrasonic imaging system utilizing a long-persistence contrast agent
Body fluid sampler
Isolated bovine lgG heavy chain protein and its use as an antimicrobial
Cyclic compounds and their use as precursors of fragrant alcohols
Semi-permanent canal hearing device
Electrode material and capacitor
Disc system
Radiolabeled neuropeptide Y Y5 receptor antagonists
Apparatus for holding and operating one or more syringes
Clustered enterprise Java™ in a secure distributed processing system
Data processing system and data processing method
Apparatus and method for controlling contrast enhanced imaging procedures
Method of rapid bio-cycling of an aquarium
Cause and effect logic application implementation
Efficiency of reconfigurable hardware
Fluid operated gripper
Touch-screen interactive multimedia display
Dynamically adaptive multimedia application program interface and related methods
Call control method for handoff guarantee in mobile terminal
Internet crawl seeding
Multimedia archive description scheme
System, method and article of manufacture for java/javascript component in a multimedia synchronizat...
Decoding algorithm for laser scanning bar code readers
Television distribution system for signal substitution
Method of shaping a foam article
Compact vehicle transmission
Process for making allyl succinic anhydride
Desktop process for producing dental products by means of 3-dimensional plotting
Expansion of hematopoietic cells using midkine or pleiotrophin
Laundry treatment compositions comprising a silicone and a substituted polysaccharide
Double nut tensioner assembly for pre-stretched tie rods
Method and apparatus for monitoring operation of electrical household appliances
Optical information recording medium and optical information recording/reproduction apparatus
Adaptive learning method and system to adaptive modulation
Transgenic plant cells and plants having modified activity of the GBSSI and of the BE protein
Pharmaceutical agents containing acyclovir, fusaric acid and derivatives thereof
Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and pressure-sensitive adhesive product
Lens sheet and rear projection screen including the same
Alpha-olefin-aromatic vinyl copolymer
Mask free delivery of oxygen and ventilatory monitoring
Microprocessor-based control system for gas turbine electric powerplant
Method, apparatus and computer program product for determination of noise in mixed signal systems
Polymer electrolyte and process for producing the same
Projection screen having elongated structures
System and methods for home network communications
Efficient diagnosis of faulty distributorless and hybrid ignition systems
System and method for image comparison and retrieval by enhancing, defining, and parameterizing obje...
Release agent management system with anilox roller
Multi-track speech synthesizer
Stability factor learning method and apparatus for a vehicle and control apparatus for a vehicle
Image forming apparatus and initialization control method therefor
Method and system for creating a quality of service message
Ruthenium complexes of phosphine-aminophosphine ligands
Composition and methods for treating Alzheimer's disease and other amyloidoses
Collagen/polysaccharide bilayer matrix
Method of forming composite arrays of single-wall carbon nanotubes and compositions thereof
Nano-size semiconductor component and method of making
Domino asynchronous successive approximation ADC