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Tampon with adjacent wide and narrow raised portions
Non-immersive method for treating or cleaning fabrics using a siloxane lipophilic fluid
Concentrated, preferably biodegradable, quaternary ammonium fabric softener compositions containing ...
Robotic system
Minimally compliant, volume efficient piston for osmotic drug delivery systems
DNA encoding a human dopamine D1 receptor and uses thereof
Use of 2α-methly-19-nor-20(S)-1α,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 to increase bone strength
Benzoxazinone derivatives, their preparation and use
Method for dynamically generating a user interface from XML-based documents
Polyethylene rich/polypropylene blends and their uses
Fabric softener compositions
Film wrapped containers and processes for the production and marketing thereof
Process for the production of coated polymeric film
Polyester laminate materials
Flexible electrostatographic imaging member
Indirectly heated gas turbine control system
Corrosion-resistant structure incorporating zinc or zinc-alloy plated lead or lead-alloy wires and m...
Compact work light with high illumination uniformity
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Back light for liquid crystal display
Triangular light assembly with flashing and non-flashing lights
Illumination means for a chainsaw
Lighting apparatus and method
Work surface lighting
Light consolidating system
Optical fiber gratings with azimuthal refractive index perturbation and devices for tuning, attenuat...
Triple-clad rare-earth doped optical fiber and applications
Optical transmission link with low slope, raman amplified fiber
Light guide plates and process for producing the same
Gradient index rod lens unit and microchemical system having the same
High-efficiency arrayed-waveguide grating router by wavefront formation
Tunable dispersion compensator
System and method for collimating and redirecting beams in a fiber optic system
Optical fiber transmission link having passive, directionally dependent attenuation
Fiber optic cable having no rigid strength members and a reduced coefficient of thermal expansion
Electrical insulator having a dielectric rod with a slot for receiving an optical fiber cable
Coder matched layer separation and interpolation for compression of compound documents
Character-recognition pre-processing apparatus and method, and program recording medium
Control code read-out system
Simultaneous multiple-method (SMm) compression
Video conferencing
Method and system of marking a text document with a pattern of extra blanks for authentication
Image coding method, image coding and decoding method, image coding apparatus, and image recording a...
Method of and apparatus for searching corresponding points between images, and computer program
Method for reducing restenosis in the presence of an intravascular stent
Structures for deploying electrode elements
Bone anchors for bone anchor implantation device
Guidewire for a free standing intervascular device having an integral stop mechanism
Compositions and methods for treatment of lung transplants
Electrical impedance tomography
Devices for physiological fluid sampling and methods of using the same
Diagnostic article
Method and device for sampling and analyzing interstitial fluid and whole blood samples
Pulse oximetry sensor and dispensing method
System and method for displaying cardiac events
Method and apparatus for measurement of pressure at a device/body interface
Method for accessing component fields of a patient record by applying access rules determined by the...
Device having a flow channel
Golf balls comprising highly-neutralized acid polymers
Preparation of polysulfide compositions
Magnetic recording medium substrate using thermoplastic allyloxymethylstyrene resin, magnetic record...
Magnetic recording medium
Magnets with varying magnetization direction and method of making such magnets
Multimodality imaging system
Tension measured fishing line bite detector alarm
Apparatus for making chocolate articles on a conveyor web
Spool for a fishing reel
Fluidizer for a substance
Method for treating hatching eggs and method for hatching eggs
Device for and a method of milking an animal, a device for monitoring an animal
System for moving feeders and/or drinkers within a livestock house
Drinking through and method of converting same
Pet toilet
Method for detecting conditions indicative of sepsis
Sensitized optical fiber method and article
Photonic crystal and optical waveguide elements
Method and system for concentrating chemical granules around a planted seed
IC chip manufacturing method
Stripper and a stripping process for removing the flue gas carried by regenerated catalyst
Adhesive agent, method of connecting wiring terminals and wiring structure
Room-temperature curable organopolysiloxane composition
Inhibition of rosin crystallization
Method for separation of reaction products from catalysts
Method for obtaining an approximate standard color definition for a sample color
Transfer paper by heat able to dissolve a metal layer partially and the preparation method thereof
Method and apparatus for associating identification and personal data for multiple magnetic stripe c...
System and method for improved queuing, service-time, and capacity in drive-through operations
RFID device and method of forming
Method of speeding power-up of an amplifier, and amplifier
Circuit arrangement and method for deriving electrical power from an electromagnetic field
Exchange of article-based information between multiple enterprises
Systems and methods for synchronizing time stamps
Skin preparations for external use
Ink set, container for storing the same, inkjet recording method, and method for preventing discolor...
Doped semiconductor nanocrystals
Lithium secondary cell
Sulfated phenolic resins and printing plate precursors comprising sulfated phenolic resins
Hydrogen sulphide detection method and apparatus
Methods of manufacturing board having throughholes filled with resin and multi-layered printed wirin...
Golf club rack for motorcycle
Coated vascular grafts and methods of use
Tube system for reconstructing of hollow organs
Preparation of further diagnostic agents
Cosmetic compositions containing water-soluble polymer complexes
Opsonic and protective monoclonal and chimeric antibodies specific for lipoteichoic acid of gram pos...
Medical devices utilizing melt-processible poly(tetrafluoroethylene)
Methods for prevention of ulcers and improving physiological performance
Software controlled electrophysiology data management
Cardiac stimulating apparatus having a blood clot filter and atrial pacer
Hair fastener
Razor with protective cap
Hearing protector
Fish tank
Hummingbird feeder
Bird seed saver
Horse owner's and farrier's stand
Horseshoe with traction increasing projections
Dog leash
Grooming box
Filter cover for a floor care appliance
Attachment for a cleaning appliance
Adaptable drain plunger
Apparatus for cleaning DVDs and CDs
Refuse container body
Trash receptacle
Garbage can
Hinged cover
Thermal interface structure for placement between a microelectronic component package and heat sink
Memory allocation scheme
Choke collar for animals
Control method for electro-hydraulic control valves over temperature range
Two-shot unified chain tensioner arm or guide
Stock size for paper or board manufacture, method for preparation of size, use of size
Switchable transmit array coil
Apparatus and method for magnetic resonance measurements in an interior volume
Image data compression apparatus for compressing both binary image data and multiple value image dat...
Belt drive
Method and system for compensating the vibrations of rotating components
Apparatus for positioning a carriage for loading or unloading a wound reel, such as printing materia...
Substituted pyrimidinyl derivatives and methods of use
High-speed rotor
Belt device and unit device including belt device and image forming apparatus using the belt device ...
Water-soluble stabilized self-assembled polyelectrolytes
Toothbrush with movable head sections for enhanced oral care
Microfabricated tissue as a substrate for pigment epithelium transplantation
Reactor structure as a heat exchanger layer stacking construction and method of making same
Humidifying system for a fuel cell
Process for impregnating supports
Composite electrode for reducing oxygen
Fuel cell system and method of operation
Fuel cell shutdown and startup using a cathode recycle loop
Fuel cell system having two reformer units for catalytic decomposition
Method and apparatus for controlling a combined heat and power fuel cell system
Air cooled fuel cell module
Fuel cell separator, process for production thereof, and polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Method of making membrane electrode assemblies
Polymer electrolyte membrane and solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell using same
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell and conductive separator plate thereof
Tray carrier with ultraphobic surfaces
Flexible micron-thin display device
Method and apparatus for dispensing and distributing biological sample
Heat-developable color photosensitive material
Process for the hydrogenation of alkylaryl ketones
Horizontal arrangement type cable protection and guide device
Shielded structure of flat shielding electric wire
Systems and methods for driving a display device
Semiconductor module and mounting method for same
D-class signal amplification circuit
Diffraction optical element and transfer mold therefor
Memory with a bit line block and/or a word line block for preventing reverse engineering
Belt drive control device and image forming apparatus including the same
Method, apparatus and system for recognizing actions
Fuel cell separator
Polymerization catalyst for olefins and process for polymerization of olefins
Information recording method, information reproducing method, information recording medium, and info...
Bidirectionally transmittable optical wavelength division multiplexed transmission system
Tone modulation for out-of-band communication in a free-space optical communication link
Method and system for communicating a clock signal over an optical link
Method and apparatus for polarization measurements
Method and apparatus for selecting tools in manufacturing scheduling
Method of determining the gas quality
System and method for improving performance of a data backup operation
Dual channel restoration of data between primary and backup servers
Long-life high-pressure discharge lamp and lamp unit using same
Motion control system and method
Static pressure calculation from dynamic pressure for rotary air-data system and methodology therefo...
Quadrupole mass filter
Hydraulic actuator control
Method for commutating an electronically commutated DC motor, and motor for carrying out said method
Freestanding self-propelled device for moving objects
Supplying a ramp voltage to an amplifier
Variable cable length compensator for video imaging systems
CLV optical disc, CLV optical disc format, and an optical disc medium recording and reproducing appa...
Electronic hubodometer
Hands-free megaphone
Selectable filter module for optical fiber transmission system, and method of filtering light
Crosstraining exercise device
CPR chest compression device
Method and tool for cleaning a watercraft speedometer
Method of manufacturing polymer resin particles for use in toners
Cycloalkanone derivatives
Microfluidic chip having integrated electrodes
Cable processor of robot
Dynamic legged robot
System and method for remote controlled actuation of laser processing head
Electrostatic atomizer for a painting robot
Electrical charging system, electrical charging controlling method, robot apparatus, electrical char...
Radio vision electronic network/analog output/viewing system
Measuring system
Vacuum pumping system, driving method thereof, apparatus having the same, and method of transferring...
Transport apparatus
Robotic systems for automated construction
Behavior controlling system and behavior controlling method for robot
Robot apparatus
Robot apparatus
Modular lamp controller
Benzimidazole compound crystal
Temperature-controlled induction heating of polymeric materials
Image recording apparatus, image recording method, storage medium which stores computer-readable pro...
Projection type display device
Printing apparatus and method
Semiconductor device, solar cell module, and methods for their dismantlement
DC motor control method and apparatus
Printed wiring board for controlling signal transmission using paired inductance and capacitance
Multi-beam optical scanning device, and image forming apparatus and color image forming apparatus us...
Photoelectric conversion device
Exposure apparatus, maintenance method therefor, semiconductor device manufacturing method, and semi...
Exposure apparatus and method
Electrophoretic display device
Lens system and camera having the same
Zoom lens system
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium therefor with stitched image...
Remanufacturing method for process cartridge
Image forming apparatus using image carrier cleanerless system
Image forming apparatus having rotary unit for holding multiple developing devices
Electronic apparatus
Dial on-hold
Methods and apparatus for automatically determining a call service request
Method and apparatus for read launch optimizations in memory interconnect
Self-synchronous FIFO memory device having high access efficiency, and system provided with interfac...
Management subsystem and method for discovering management device functions
Dynamic adjustment of overdrive pacing rate based on sensor indicated rate
Apparatus and methods for analyzing graphs
Pre-processing input data with outlier values for a support vector machine
Method and apparatus for balancing distributed applications
Method and apparatus for sync hunting signals
Motor proteins and methods for their use
Methodology of using raman imaging microscopy for evaluating drug action within living cells
Serine proteinase inhibitors
Composition for producing ultraviolet blocking lenses
Wavefront coded imaging systems
Genes encoding sulfate assimilation proteins
Vibration absorbing apparatus for optical disk player
System and method for automatically generating an object-oriented class wrapper
Communications headset
Modular surface mount manifold
Method and apparatus for global die thinning and polishing of flip-chip packaged integrated circuits
Semiconductor package and method of preparing same
High density semiconductor memory cell and memory array using a single transistor and having variabl...
Method for reducing leaching in metal-coated MEMS
Lipase variant
Refolding of membrane proteins
System and method for deteching roll rate sensor fault
Navigation system, server system for a navigation system, and computer-readable information recorded...
Tracking system and method
Method for standard positioning service and precise positioning service cooperative operation
Positioning systems and methods
Car control system and vehicle remote control system
Method of controlling a motor vehicle with an automated clutch device
Provision of navigation information
Dynamic tapered extrusion system
System and method for editing digital images using inductive image generation with cached state-spec...
Method and apparatus for emulating a fiber channel port
Automatic instruction set architecture generation
Auxiliary fuel dispensing system
Pump control system
Control system for I.C. engine driven blower
Method and apparatus for controlling medical fluid pressure
Variable displacement compressors
Fan with increased air flow
Dynamotor driven compressor and method for controlling the same
Wet-type rotor pump
Structural elements
Downhole compressor system with a feedback sensor
Capsule type endoscope
Calibration as well as measurement on the same workpiece during fabrication
Measurement of polarization-resolved optical scattering parameters
Application of spectroscopic ellipsometry to in-situ real time fabrication of multiple layer alterna...
Refractive focusing element for spectroscopic ellipsometry
Automatic volume measurements: an application for 3D ultrasound
Method for characterizing biomolecules utilizing a result driven strategy
Method and apparatus for visualization of 3D voxel data using lit opacity volumes with shading
Monitoring and control of droplet sorting
Simultaneous vertical spatial filtering and chroma conversion in video images
Method and apparatus using intensity gradients for visual identification of 2D matrix symbols
Method of and system for automatically determining a level of light falloff in an image
System and method for image enhancement, dynamic range compensation and illumination correction
Impact wrench having an improved anvil to square driver transition
Batch process for producing chemical pulp by removing and reintroducing calcium-containing spent liq...
Electroactive polymers transducers and actuators
Tunable optical structure for the compensation of chromatic dispersion in a light signal
Heat-treating methods and systems
Striping data frames across parallel fibre channel links
Method for conducting an integrity test of filter elements
Method and apparatus for supplying process liquid for machine tool
Three-dimensional non-woven filter
Centrifuge for phase separation
Portable electric pool cleaner
Water pollution trap with oil segregator/collector
Wastewater trickle tower biomedia with casing
Spa and pool filter
Fuel-water separator unit with parallel flow
Graded particle-size retention filter medium for fluid filtration unit with improved edge seal
Filter module for a fuel conveying unit and fuel conveying unit for a motor vehicle
Highly asymmetric, hydrophilic, microfiltration membranes having large pore diameters
Band gap mass filter with induced azimuthal electric field
Automatic shut-off for water treatment system
Method for determining a treatment parameter on a haemofiltration device, and haemofiltration device...
Anti-protista preparation
Apparatuses and methods for creating and testing pre-formulations and systems for same
Method for producing purified hematinic iron-saccharidic complex and product produced
Equipment of local streaming potential measurement for monitoring the fouling process in hollow-fibe...
Ultraviolet-light-based disinfection reactor
Tattoo bracelet
Copolymer-1 improvements in compositions of copolymers
Managing changes to a directory of electronic documents
Method and apparatus for performing enterprise email management
Systems and methods for managing the transmission of electronic messages through active message date...
Systems and methods for adaptive message interrogation through multiple queues
Hydroxamic and carboxylic acid derivatives
Methods for the assay of troponin I and T and complexes of troponin I and T and selection of antibod...
Mass spectrometry of prostaglandins
Percutaneous transmyocardial revascularization (PTMR) system
Device for sensing parameters of a hollow body organ
Endovascular graft system
Low profile, high stretch, low dilation knit prosthetic device
Drug-delivery endovascular stent and method for treating restenosis
Dental bridge assembly and binding agents therefor
E-commerce system and method relating to program objects
Dual-polarized dipole antenna element
Antenna arrangement
Polynomial based multi-level screening
Internet telephone apparatus and method for an internet telephone set
Routing method for mobile infrastructureless network
Apparatus for adaptive reverse power control for spread-spectrum communications
Edge router for optical label switched network
Digital serial communications hub
Reentry into compressed data
System having interfaces and switch that separates coherent and packet traffic
Low power buffer implementation
Methods for forming articles having very small channels therethrough, and such articles, and methods...
Non-sedating barbituric acid derivatives
Optically clear abrasion resistant polymer-ceramic composite coatings
Tin oxide nanostructures
Electronic module with a semiconductor chip which has flexible chip contacts, and method for produci...
Portable electronic reading apparatus
System and method for organizing, compressing and structuring data for data mining readiness
Implantable continuous intraocular pressure sensor
Reel slot machine with rotator
Dynamic configuration of gaming system
Portion of a display screen
System and method for object persistence in a database store
Application program caching
Method of enforcing a policy on a computer network
Frequency domain postfiltering for quality enhancement of coded speech
Automated online broadcasting system and method using an omni-directional camera system for viewing ...
Keyboard with improved lateral region
System and method of adjusting display characteristics of a displayable data file using an ergonomic...
Rendering volumetric fog and other gaseous phenomena using an alpha channel
Method and apparatus for modeling and real-time rendering of surface detail
Speaker detection and tracking using audiovisual data
Capacitor with enhanced performance and method of manufacture
Storage capacitor having a scattering effect and method of manufacturing the same
Heat-dissipating member, manufacturing method and installation method
Multilevel semiconductor memory device and method for driving the same as a neuron element in a neur...
Programmable microelectronic devices and methods of forming and programming same
Reactor structural member and method of suppressing corrosion of the same
Integrated bearing assembly
Direct tympanic drive via a floating filament assembly
Method and apparatus for asperity sensing and storage
Tunable optical fiber with compression ring
Method for producing non-linear optical organic crystal film
Light guide and method for producing transparent thermoplastic resin composition for light guide
Heater for vacuum cleaners
Developer bearing member, method for producing developer bearing member, developing device, image-fo...
Apparatus and method for controlling ignition timing during shift in vehicular automatic transmissio...
Expressing or dispensing device for a coaxial cartridge
Sealant/adhesive gun
Dispensing apparatus
Valve closure for spray gun reservoir
Apparatus and methods for valve removal
System and method for thermal management
Method of providing conductive tracks on a printed circuit and apparatus for use in carrying out the...
Fluid filter system for snow making apparatus
Polymer coatings
Gamma-ray spectrometry
Glass, method for its production, and FED device
Contact hole standard test device, method of forming the same, method of testing contact hole, metho...
Graphics system configured to perform distortion correction
System and method for text structuring and text generation
DNA helicase
USB-based wireless transmitting/receiving system
Signal processing method and apparatus for obtaining diversity gain in wireless communication system...
Wireless weather alerts
Dynamic loading and creation of functional objects in a wireless device
System and method for temporary application component deletion and reload on a wireless device
System and method for supervising repeater by using wireless mobile
Method and apparatus for providing instant messaging in a wireless communication system
Wireless subscriber network registration system for configurable services
System and method for diagnosing aircraft components for maintenance purposes
System, method, and computer program product for high speed DMA-based backplane messaging
Shutter assembly for a luminaire
Light source system
Rear lighting device for motorcycles
Modular light assembly for decorative lights
Lighting element for liquid crystal display
Apparatus and method for determining information for aircraft
Pitch alerting angle for enhanced ground proximity warning system (EGPWS)
Driving device for handicraft with acousto-optic control and driven by batteries
Travel control apparatus for vehicles
Method and system for dynamic destination routing
Method enabling use of extracellular RNA extracted from plasma or serum to detect, monitor or evalua...
Method for reducing interference from initializing network devices in a data-over-cable system
Method and kit used to cool beverages
Disposable barbeque smoking box with integrated soaking device
Methods and compositions for polyene antibiotics with reduced toxicity
Method of forming a patterned phosphor structure for an electroluminescent laminate
Organic light-emitting diodes and methods for assembly and enhanced charge injection
Electrically conducting organic compound and electronic device
Short arc ultra-high pressure discharge lamp
Self-emitting display apparatus having variable light emission area
Film forming apparatus and method of manufacturing light emitting device
Method of manufacturing a stator core
Nodular graphite iron alloy
Radio communication terminal and position specifying system
Redundancy scheme for the radio frequency front end of a broadband wireless hub
Circuit for compensating temperature of automatic gain control circuit
System and method for maintaining security in a distributed computer network
Methods and compositions to lower plasma cholesterol levels
Transcription factor RNA interference reagents and methods of use thereof
Cloning, overexpression and therapeutic use of bioactive histidine ammonia lyase
Specific binding agents for KSHV vIL-6 that neutralize a biological activity
Antibodies against mouse pituitary tumor transforming gene carboxy-terminal (PTTG-C) peptides
Exonuclease-mediated nucleic acid reassembly in directed evolution
Muting gene activity using a transgenic nucleic acid
Non-invasive localization of a light-emitting conjugate in a mammal
Digital credential usage reporting
Control of gene expression in plants by receptor mediated transactivation in the presence of a chemi...
Amido macrolides
Animal feed compositions and methods of using the same
Cellulose ethers
Method for the production of low-viscous water soluble cellulose ethers
Method for the synthesis of sucrose-6-esters
Method for preparing dexchlor tannate
Antibodies to calcium independent cytosolic phospholipase A2/B enzymes
Releasable polymeric conjugates based on biodegradable linkers
Tryptophanyl-tRNA synthetase-derived polypeptides useful for the regulation of angiogenesis
Methods and compositions for blocking progression of a disease state
Compounds and methods for treating and screening viral reactivation
Antisense modulation of dual specific phosphatase 5 expression
Oligoribonucleotides and methods of use thereof for treatment of fibrotic conditions and other disea...
Compositions and methods for detecting intracellular glucose and analogs thereof
Multiple promoter expression cassettes for simultaneous delivery of RNAi agents
siRNA expression system and method for producing functional gene knock-down cell using the system
Fucose containing proteoglycan or acidic glycan and their pharmaceutical use
Human Ependymin
Isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding a bacterial uracil transport protein and a bacterial uracil...
Direct, enantioselective aldol coupling of aldehydes using chiral organic catalysts
Seed-preferred promoter from maize
Plant protein disulfide isomerase
Method of improving soybean protein color by reducing levels of flavonol
Indeterminate gametophyte 1 (ig1), mutations of ig1, orthologs of ig1, and uses thereof
Anionic-sweetener-based ionic liquids and methods of use thereof
Information storage
Wax-modified coating compositions with improved abrasion resistance
Managing a secure platform using a hierarchical executive architecture in isolated execution mode
Method and apparatus for providing automatic e-mail filtering based on message semantics, sender's e...
Optical disk drive assembly
Webcam-based interface for initiating two-way video communication and providing access to cached vid...
Method and apparatus for transitioning a processor state from a first performance mode to a second p...
Method and apparatus for efficient management of XML documents
Method for implementing a modified radio link protocol
Object movie exporter
System and method for media stream indexing and synchronization
Storage controller redundancy using bi-directional reflective memory channel
Mirrored disk partition with disk partition modification contemporaneous with client application acc...
Accounting for update notifications in synchronizing data that may be represented by different data ...
Method and apparatus for managing memory blocks in a logical partitioned data processing system
Apparatus and method for database synchronization in a duplex system
Copy process substituting compressible bit pattern for any unqualified data objects
Determining and registering participants in a distributed transaction in response to commencing part...
Method and apparatus for obtaining inventory and user information for a remote computer device
Electronic device capable of wireless data transmission on the internet
Apparatuses for providing uniform electron beams from field emission displays
LED Lamp
Magnetic memory, magnetic memory array, method for fabricating a magnetic memory, method for recordi...
Method for recreating valid calibration data for an engine control module
Communicating with a tool
System and method for cross directory authentication in a public key infrastructure
Process for generating information models
Garbage can lid
Austenitic stainless steel and manufacturing method thereof
Bag-valve resuscitation for treatment of hypotention, head trauma, and cardiac arrest
Multidimensional data object searching using bit vector indices
Modular electronic systems for vehicles
Rotary ski slope
Method and system for booting of a target device in a network environment based on a provided admini...
System and method for displaying a recursive relationship between objects in a tree
Method and system for type identification for multiple object interfaces in a distributed object env...
Use of a layout-optimization tool to increase the yield and reliability of VLSI designs
Clock skew verification methodology for grid-based design
Method and apparatus for testing a software component using an abstraction matrix
East-west separable ROADM
Surface pattern for an embossed paper product
Composition and method for treating inflammatory disorders
System and method for providing exploit protection with message tracking
Method for cooling meals and stirring device embodied as heat exchanger
Method for detecting moisture level in apparatus for treating and preparing food and related food tr...
Thermal preservation insert for food storage container
Confectionery composition
Method and apparatus for evacuating pockets of injected fluid in meat products
Carbamated polyols, and compositions and methods using the same
Insertion point bungee space tool
Mixed frequency CVD apparatus
Electrical nail file
Vehicle shaped dental floss dispenser
Finger ring cosmetic container having a wide shank
Protective body suit
Rescue sling
Pet dish
Dog backpack
Dog backpack
Vacuum cleaner
Pool cleaner wheel
Vacuum cleaner tank
Handle for a vacuum cleaner or other device
Mop bucket
Paint receptacle having removable inserts
Refuse cart
Hanging waste basket
Storage cart
Heat treatment apparatus with temperature control system
Receiver/transmitter system including a planar waveguide-to-stripline adapter
Sensing apparatus for controlling the assembly of rafters by monitoring the position metallic fasten...
Method and apparatus for performing two pass quality video compression through pipelining and buffer...
Bandwidth efficient image transformations on a multiprocessor
Method and apparatus for disambiguating change-to-dirty commands in a switch based multi-processing ...
Apparatus and method for processing voices, and storage medium using attribute data
Electronic calendar with group scheduling and automated scheduling techniques for coordinating confl...
Task management system
Apparatus and method for querying replicated databases using segmentation directories
Clustered file management for network resources
Method and system for managing a group of computers
High speed file I/O control method and system with user set file structure to effect parallel access...
Disk control unit for holding track data in non-volatile cache memory
Virtual memory system with local and global virtual address translation
High-performance, superscalar-based computer system with out-of-order instruction execution
Fetching instructions from an instruction cache using sequential way prediction
Method and apparatus for maximum throughput scheduling of dependent operations in a pipelined proces...
System for context switching between processing elements in a pipeline of processing elements
Method for producing Cr-Ni type stainless steel thin sheet having excellent surface quality
Reinforced retaining wall
Growth factor HTTER36
Apparatus and method for sterilizing, seeding, culturing, storing, shipping and testing replacement ...
Method of deploying percutaneous puncture closure
Rearing fly larvae and animals in space for waste recycling and food supplying
Temperature controlled dispensing device
Opaque, white film with low transparency made from a crystallizable thermoplastic
Enhanced expression of proteins in genetically modified fungi
Selective downloading of file types contained in hypertext documents transmitted in a computer contr...
Distributed directory for enhanced network communication
Method and system for enforcing a communication security policy
Catalytic method for the preparation of lignin phenol surfactants in organic solvents
Communication control method, communication system and electronic equipment used for it
Dynamic pointer having time-dependent informational content
Reusable reversible progress indicator software component for a graphical user interface
System for preventing multiple instances of the same dynamic executable module
Modular control system for manufacturing facility
Using speech recognition to access the internet, including access via a telephone
Universal web shopping cart and method of on-line transaction processing
System and method for managing objects in a hierarchical data structure
Deterministic replay of multithreaded applications
Force feedback provided over a computer network
Dynamic presentation of management objectives based on administrator privileges
Apparatus and method for assisting exact garbage collection by using a stack cache of tag bits
Apparatus and method for porting applications to different platforms
Method and apparatus for remotely running objects using data streams and/or complex parameters
Electron emissive film and method
Sub-miniature high efficiency battery charger exploiting leakage inductance of wall transformer powe...
Line driver circuit with reduced power consumption
Circuit and method of extending the linear range of a phase frequency detector
Prescaler system circuits
Method and apparatus for high efficiency power amplification
Variable time delay network method and apparatus therof
Circuit for RF buffer and method of operation
Multilayer ceramic package with low-variance embedded resistors
Reversible amplifier for optical networks
Electrically programmable memory and method of programming
Semiconductor device memory cell and method for selectively erasing the same
Sensing circuit and method
Method and apparatus for handoff within a communication system
Method and apparatus for performing a modulation
Programmable cryptographic processing system and method
Method and apparatus used in a simulcast radio communication system for providing improved local tim...
Reset recovery in a microprocessor controlled device
Data processing method and apparatus operable on an irrational mathematical value
System for communicating user-selected criteria filter prepared at wireless client to communication ...
Synthetic peptides corresponding to telopeptide sequences of cross-linked type II collagen metabolit...
Asymmetric ethylene-bridged metallocenes useful as catalysts in the polymerization of olefins and pr...
Transition metal compound
Computer system with bridge logic that includes an internal modular expansion bus and a common targe...
Portable heat generating device
Force-detected magnetic resonance independent of field gradients
Method and system for providing data files that are partitioned by delivery time and data type
Dual compartment packaged cosmetic composition
Intravaginal devices containing progesterone for estrus synchronization and related proceses
Protease inhibitors of the coagulation cascade isolated from Dysidea sponges
Tetracyclic triterpene derivatives with immunosuppressant activity
Desktop cradle
Water-based manual dishwashing detergents comprising glycerol sulfates
Low residue aqueous hard surface cleaning and disinfecting compositions
Personal cleansing
Oxidation dyeing composition for keratin fibers containing choline oxidase
Aminofunctional silicone emulsion
Simultaneous finish-stripping and dyeing of synthetic fibers
Detergent composition comprising an acid source with a specific particle size
Hair treatment composition comprising a lactam compound and a water-soluble macromolecule
Skin care compositions
Absorbent head band
Biphenyl based solvents in blooming type hard surface cleaners
Water soluble dye complexing polymers
Simultaneous washing and bleaching of native fibres and textile products therefrom
Insecticidal combination to control mammal fleas, in particular fleas on cats and dogs
Sprayable disinfecting compositions and processes for disinfecting surfaces therewith
Personal cleansing compositions providing improved hair and skin conditioning
Antimicrobial multi purpose containing a cationic surfactant
Process and composition for detergents
Polyoxyalkylene surfactants
Method, system and program product for reducing a size of a configuration database utilized to confi...
Magnetic head capable of generating multi-stepped external magnetic fields for magneto-optical recor...
SSL step-up
Automatic fish feeding apparatus
Digital system simulation
Method and apparatus for adjusting lateral image registration in a moving web printer
Apparatus that detects voice energy during prompting by a voice recognition system
Methods and apparatus for information indexing and retrieval as well as query expansion using morpho...
Melatonin derivatives and anti-free-radical dermocosmetics comprised thereof
Compositions for regulating skin appearance
Cosmetic and dermatological compositions containing aminoalcohol derivatives containing a urea funct...
Article for release of repellents and insecticides
Photoprotective/cosmetic compositions comprising 2,4,6-tris[p-((2'-ethylhexyl)oxycarbonyl)anilino]-1...
Rinse added fabric softening compositions and method of use for the delivery of fragrance derivative...
Deodorant compositions containing isopropyl glycerol ether
Fluidized polymer suspensions of cationic polysaccharides in polyols and use thereof in personal car...
Composition for limiting and attenuating the visible symptoms of natural or accidental ageing of the...
1,3-diphenylpropane derivatives having inhibitory activity against tyrosinase and process for prepar...
Methods of delivering materials into the skin, and compositions used therein
Personal hygiene product
Post foaming clear gels and solutions
Waste processing apparatus, waste recovery system and liquid container
Sunscreen having disappearing color
Antiperspirant or deodorant compositions
Bleaching gel cleaner thickened with amine oxide, soap and solvent
Biofilter for purification of waste waters and method therefor
Process and machine tool for machining workpieces with two work spindles
Mechanism for incremental backup of on-line files
Power module for a frequency converter
Hydrolysable and polymerizable oxetane silanes
Activated mono-, di-, oligo- and polysaccharides, reaction products thereof, their preparation and u...
Dash cowl
Drain strainer with sieve receptacle and bristle extension
Production for recombinant lactoferrin and lactoferrin polypeptides using DNA sequences in various o...
Hand signal
Circuit substrate, circuit-formed suspension substrate, and production method thereof
Microwaveable micronodular surface including polypropylene, mica and talc
Crystalline olefin resin composition
Analytical quantification and process control
Semiconductor device and a method for making the same that provide arrangement of a connecting regio...
Apparatus and method of image synthesization
Vehicular display device for directly and indirectly displaying information
Liquid crystal panel substrate, liquid crystal panel and electronic apparatus using the same
Multi-function device and information storing medium therefor
Print processor with efficient memory use
Image forming apparatus, intermediate transfer belt and process for producing the same
Method for predicting color transfer characteristics
Thermal fixing device with stationary and rotational electrodes
Illumination optical system and projection-type display apparatus
Sheet feeding device and correction method of sheet feed amount in the sheet feeding device
External cavity laser
Flight system and system for forming virtual images for aircraft
Power line communications spread spectrum symbol timing and random phasing
Generic managed object model for LAN domain
Position detecting method and apparatus, and exposure method and apparatus
Removal and insertion of expansion cards in a computer system
Photosensitive member cartridge and developer cartridge for use in an image-forming apparatus
Object locating system
Arithmetic unit, correlation arithmetic unit and dynamic image compression apparatus
Anode electrocatalysts for coated substrates used in fuel cells
Organic electroluminescent device
Polymer secondary batteries
High pressure mercury lamp
Stand for a fluid compressor having an extending and rotating movable starter box base plate
Magnetic bit holder and hand tool incorporating same
Arrhythmia detecting apparatus
Operation control device for three-joint excavator
Dual port syringe
Zoom lens
Cell culture systems for HCV
Production of benzaldehyde compounds
Use of NK-1 receptors antagonists for treating schizophrenic disorders
Nickel promoted guanylation of amines with isothioureas and thioureas
Automatic channel selection in a radio access network
Plate for distributing a multiphase mixture through a catalytic bed
Image-forming method
Motorcycle swing arm
Coupling device which is disposed between left and right wheels of vehicle
Hydraulic drive system for a vehicle
Main frame assembly
Axle driving unit for a lawn tractor
Controlled torque steering system and method
Steering apparatus
Frame assembly for a construction machine and an associated method of manufacturing the frame assemb...
Occupant protection system
Seat weight sensor system for controlling a vehicle restraining device
Frame structure for sport utility vehicle or light truck
Traction assembly for a work machine
Traction enhanced wheel apparatus
Hydraulic motor with function selector
Anti-theft system for a motor vehicle
Modular motorized electric wheel hub assembly for bicycles and the like
Apparatus for detecting magnetostrictive resonator and traffic system
Behavior control device of vehicle based upon double checking of yaw rate deviation
Method for compensating a power assist steering system control signal
Vehicle occupant weight estimation apparatus having fluid-filled multi-cell seat bladder
Drive force controller for a vehicle
Non-contract method for assay reagent volume dispense verification
Hydroxy and polyhydroxy derivatives of coumarin, preparation thereof and antiviral action thereof
Apparatus, membranes and methods for removing organic compounds from a biological fluid
Parasitic helminth PLA2 proteins
Chimeric Gag pseudovirions
Methods and compositions for nucleic acid detection by target extension and probe amplification
Human cyclic nucleotide PDEs
Process for reverse transcriptase activity measurement using fluorescence polarization
Methods and compositions for detection of specific nucleotide sequences
Secreted viral proteins useful for vaccines and diagnostics
Ribozymes targeted to human CCR5 mRNA
Treatment of HIV
Methods of treating immune and inflammatory response with IL-17 receptors
Inhibitors of protein tyrosine kinases
Therapeutic compounds containing xanthinyl
Retroviral protease inhibitor combinations
Method of solubilizing itraconazole
Photodynamic therapy in selective cell inactivation in blood and treating immune dysfunction disease...
Immunomodulating peptides and methods of use
Customizable interactive textbook
Parameter estimation apparatus
Trained neural network engine idle speed control system
Task execution support system
Automatic aiding of human cognitive functions with computerized displays
Automatic classifier for real time inspection and classification
Computer-aided methods and apparatus for assessing an organizational process or system
Finding collective baskets and inference rules for internet or intranet mining for large data bases
Method and apparatus for computerized design of fuzzy logic rules from training data vectors of a tr...
Method and system for reducing memory requirements by using separate specification and storage of de...
Efficient fuzzy logic fault accommodation algorithm
System and method for recording, maintaining and viewing configuration and placement of equipment in...
Computer implemented machine learning method and system