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Removable protective coating method and apparatus
Process for manufacturing a monolithic printhead with truncated cone shape nozzles
Flap board book construction
Toy vehicle intersection with elevational adjustment
Vehicle playset with remote control
Toy sword with contact indicator
Synthetic grass structure
Entertainment device having a content library and adaptive content selection
Power swing training bat
Golf putter alignment device to correct for eye predominance
Golf swing training aid
Golf shoe outsole
Processing system and method for chemically treating a substrate
Method for forming inside nitride spacer for deep trench device DRAM cell
Plasma ashing process
Method for manufacturing a micromechanical component and a component that is manufactured in accorda...
Method of etching a SiN/Ir/TaN or SiN/Ir/Ti stack using an aluminum hard mask
Silicon carbide deposition for use as a low dielectric constant anti-reflective coating
Controlling surface chemistry on solid substrates
Plasma CVD method
Asymmetric transfer molding method and an asymmetric encapsulation made therefrom
Method and system for high-speed, precise micromachining an array of devices
Pulsed processing semiconductor heating methods using combinations of heating sources
Semiconductor light-emitting device
Ferroelectric memory devices with expanded plate line and methods in fabricating the same
Semiconductor device of non-volatile memory
3D polysilicon ROM and method of fabrication thereof
Microelectromechanical device with integrated conductive shield
Assemblies having stacked semiconductor chips and methods of making same
Intermediate structures in porous substrates in which electrical and optical microdevices are fabric...
Methods for fabricating plasma probes
Apparatus and method for adiabatically heating a semiconductor surface
Robot pre-positioning in a wafer processing system
Coupling device
Concealed wireless sensor with external antenna
Locating a mobile station using a plurality of wireless networks and applications therefor
Antenna for foldable radio device
Satellite signal receiving antenna apparatus
Access network for mobile terminals
Method for increasing the flexibility of a communication network with separated call control and bea...
Voice transmission apparatus with UWB
Digital radio ad enhancements
Communication terminal, automobile communication terminal, and automobile
Wireless receiver with stacked, single chip architecture
Wireless local loop access network system
Mobile communication system and method of matching current location information for a mobile station
Method for processing synchronous message in asynchronous mobile communication system
Multi-channel communication system for wireless local loop communication
Radio telephone system
Apparatus and method for a multi-channel, multi-user wireless intercom
Uplink power control algorithm
GPS receiving antenna for cellular phone
Penetration-and fire resistant fabric materials and structures
Vehicle, lightweight pneumatic pilot valve and related systems therefor
Multi-position aircraft servicing pit lid latch
Flexible hydraulic latch
Lock mechanism for securing a door kinematics system and process of operating same
Efficient cargo liner installation
Personal aircraft device
Integrity bound situational awareness and weapon targeting
Radar system
Acoustically attenuating headliner and method for making same
Method and apparatus for suppressing waves in a borehole
Sound absorber, especially for motor vehicles, and a method for producing a sound absorber
Electric torch
Lamp with adjustable arm
Lighting fixture
Lamp housing
Portion of lamp housing
Lamp support arm
Combination lighter and cutter
Antiperspirant and/or deodorant product
Attachment for an epilation head
Dental floss dispenser
Cosmetic container
Bird shoulder perch
Eye glass cleaner
Electric vacuum cleaner
Surface configuration of a hand-held vacuum and/or sweeper
Cross pattern panel on a waste receptacle
Garbage can lid
Military service headstone medallion
Method and system for performing permutations using permutation instructions based on modified omega...
Dynamic copy protection of optical media
Self-synchronous data scrambler
Watermark encoding and decoding in imaging devices and imaging device interfaces
Music distribution system and associated antipiracy protection
System for broadcasting to, and programming, a mobile device in a protocol
Requesting execution of instructions on accounts in ABDS system
System and method for ensuring secure transfer of a document from a client of a network to a printer
Program installation method, program installation system, program executing apparatus, and storage m...
Distributed apparatus to improve safety and communication for law enforcement applications
Method and arrangement for the computer-aided exchange of cryptographic keys between a first compute...
Verification of the private components of a public-key cryptographic system
Fault intolerant cipher chaining
Floribunda Rose plant named 'Hadcup'
Verbena plant named 'USBENA291'
Coreopsis plant named 'Heaven's Gate'
Kalanchoe plant named 'KJ 2003-0561'
Calibrachoa plant named '01C-J-4'
Coleus plant named 'Sundancer6'
Lily plant named 'Manissa'
Anthurium plant named 'Rijn199828'
Clematis plant named 'EVIPO031'
Agastache plant named 'Kiegabi'
Ficus plant named 'Margarita'
Mandevilla plant named 'Cotton Candy'
Ligularia plant named 'Laternchen'
Catalyst composition for dimerizing, co-dimerizing, oligomerizing and polymerizing olefins
Production of olefins
Network facsimile apparatus
Portable internet browser device with cordless phone module and method of operation
Treatments in a distributed communications system
Telecommunications equipment
Private branch exchange
Method for providing call-connected party's information in private exchange network
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving a message using caller ID
Apparatus and method for managing a call center
Handset proximity muting
Dynamically estimating echo return loss in a communication link
System and method for echo assessment in a communication network
Phone privacy and unobtrusiveness via voice cancellation
Folding portable radio device
Audio source position detection and audio adjustment
On-the-fly message notification system and methodology
Network management method and system for managing a broadband network providing multiple services
Methods and apparatus for powering a data communications port
Medication record system and dispenser
Non-visualized permanent information recording substrate for use as a security label for authenticat...
Fingerprint verification method having band detection
Declaring application data
Cognitive state machine for prosthetic systems
Knowledge-engineering protocol-suite
Automating expert knowledge with analyzer harness
Loop detection in rule-based expert systems
Managing and indexing content on a network with image bookmarks and digital watermarks
Bis-aryl thiazole derivatives
Novel uses of prostaglandin d2, prostaglandin d2 agonist and prostaglandin d2 antagonist
Methods of using rapid-onset selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors for treating sexual dysfunction
Substituted benzofuran oximes
Andrographolide and analogues as inhibitors of TNFalpha and IL-1beta expression
3-Phenyl-2-arylalkylthiopropionic acid derivatives as selective agonists of ppar-alpha
Chemically modified protein compositions and methods
Protein purification
Pharmaceutical compositions as inhibitors of dipeptidyl peptidase-IV (DPP-IV)
New process
Noninvasive method to determine fat content of tissues using MRI
Instantaneous ultrasonic echo measurement of bladder volume with a limited number of ultrasound beam...
Method and apparatus for delivery of therapeutic agents
Endoscopic fastening system with multiple fasteners
Devices and methods to treat a patient
Percutaneous gastroplasty
System and method of prediction of response to neurological treatment using the electroencephalogram
Regulation of endogenous gene expression in cells using zinc finger proteins
Method of treating human skin and a skin care composition for use in such a method
Methods for treating protein aggregation disorders
Composition for and treatment of demyelinating diseases and paralysis by administration of remyelina...
Bicycloheteroarylamine compounds as ion channel ligands and uses thereof
Substituted (7-pyridyl-4-phenylamino-quinazolin-2-yl)-methanol analogues
Methods for assessing, improving, or maintaining urogenital health in postmenopausal woman
2-Phenyl-1-[4-(2-aminoethoxy)-benzyl]-indoles as estrogenic agents
Diarylheptanoid compounds and uses thereof
Biological polymer with differently charged portions
Antibodies against Nogo receptor
Evaluation of Alzheimer's disease using an independent component analysis of an individual's resting...
Methods for using pet measured metabolism to determine cognitive impairment
Active, multiplexed digital electrodes for EEG, ECG and EMG applications
Orthopaedic fixation method and device with delivery and presentation features
Pelvic disorder treatment device
Computer-simulated virtual reality environments for evaluation of neurobehavioral performance
Trash bag clip
Electrical connector with module ejection system
Method of providing 911 service to a private branch exchange
Cable tie installation tool
Adjustable routing device for routing fiber optic jumpers from fiber optic jumper raceways
Electromagnetic valve actuation
Device for the control of at least one gas exchange valve
Cylinder head
Protection method for an engine having a variable valve timing controller and protection apparatus f...
Variable valve mechanism for engine
Locking pin mechanism for a vane-type cam phaser
Engine cylinder temperature control
Switch fabric with path redundancy
Footwear outsole
Portion of a shoe upper
Combined product display and stacked product container separator
Supplemental removable outersole for footwear
Cantilevered shoe construction
Shoe having a multilayered insole
Non-clogging sole for article of footwear
Modular footwear display and storage system and method
Lighting system having vibration switch and with plurality of displaying sequences
Reduction of susceptibility artifacts in subencoded single-shot magnetic resonance imaging
System and method for remotely building an information handling system manufacturing image
Methods for improving secondary metabolite production in fungi
Effective transfer of images from a user to a service provider
Biologically active oral preparation that can be site-specific released in colon
On-press developable lithographic printing plate
Golf balls comprising chiral diols or chiral cyclic ethers
Method of separating a polymer from a solvent
Reflective cholesteric liquid crystal display with complementary light-absorbing layer
Reagents and methods useful for detecting diseases of the urinary tract
Method of connecting a conductive trace and an insulative base to a semiconductor chip using multipl...
High-TC superconducting ceramic oxide products and macroscopic and microscopic methods of making the...
Control method and apparatus for testing of multiple processor integrated circuits and other digital...
Using data compression for faster testing of embedded memory
Dynamic scan circuitry for A-phase
Efficient compression and application of deterministic patterns in a logic BIST architecture
Circuitry cross-talk analysis with consideration of signal transitions
Layout data saving method, layout data converting device and graphic verifying device
Wire layout design apparatus and method for integrated circuits
Enhancement of taxane-based chemotherapy by a CDK1 antagonist
α-galactosidases and methods for making and using them
Engineering intracellular sialylation pathways
Proteins having a reverse transcriptase motif
FadD15 gene of Corynebacterium glutamicum, encoding an acyl-CoA synthase polypeptide
C. elegans gro-1 gene
Morphogen-induced dendritic growth
Relaxin-like factor and methods and uses thereof
Transfer glue system and method for a right angle gluing machine
Data structure encoded on a surface of an object
Printhead re-capping assembly for a print and demand digital camera system
Device and method for photoactivation
Magnetic memory device capable of passing bidirectional currents through the bit lines
Systems and methods for replacing a toner hopper spool cover
Programmable multi-dose intranasal drug delivery device
Vehicular communication apparatus
Traffic pattern approach computer
Motor vehicle
Programmable photoelectric sensor and a system for adjusting the performance characteristics of the ...
Method of calculating device metrics
Model-based intelligent diagnostic agent
Traffic violation detection at an intersection employing a virtual violation line
System and method for managing transaction record delivery using an acknowledgement-monitoring proce...
Power reduction for processor front-end by caching decoded instructions
Polynucleotides encoding lamprey GnRH-III
Method of inhibiting amyloid protein aggregation and imaging amyloid deposits using aminoindane deri...
Electromagnetic interference shielding for small magnetic devices
Control circuit for a tunable laser
Geolocation using enhanced timing advance techniques
Skin protectant spray compositions
Inhibitory chemical formulation with preservative system
Fabric softener compositions containing a mixture of cationic polymers as rheology modifiers
Composition comprising at least one liquid fatty phase structured by at least one semi-crystalline p...
Multi-fragrance scent dispenser
Sheet dispenser and carton for making a sheet dispenser
Perforated foams
Image display medium and image forming apparatus
Sheet ejection apparatus, sheet processing apparatus and sheet ejection unit
Polyimide film substrate pre-heater assembly and a phase change ink imaging machine including same
Printing device
Carousel for reader
Semiconductor device with gate dielectric film having an oxide film and an oxynitride film
Light emitting element drive device and electronic device light emitting element
Switching power supply unit
System and method of providing highly isolated radio frequency interconnections
Image forming device and method that controls agitation based on detected toner amount
Service provider system for delivering services in a distributed computing environment
Method, system for, and program product for generating a display rule for a structured document, and...
Interconnect delay and slew metrics based on the lognormal distribution
Method for analysis of interconnect coupling in VLSI circuits
Cascadable dual fan controller
Method and apparatus for parity error recovery
Ophthalmic laser surgical apparatus
Method of fabricating a microfluidic delivery system
Method of manufacturing display cells
Transflective LCD device having less distance between transmission region and first bus line than tr...
Method for manufacturing optoelectronic material
Method of manufacturing display apparatus
Light emitting diode
High-gain photodetector with separated PN junction and rare earth doped region and a method of formi...
Method of fabricating organic electroluminescent displays having a stacked insulating layer with hal...
Masks for forming strengthened electrodes of a light emission display panel
K-type polarizer and preparation thereof
Method of making an abrasive product
Method for making resin bonded abrasive tools
Coating composition, it's coating layer, antireflection coating, antireflection film, image display ...
Mesoporous silica, mesoporous silica composite material, and processes for production thereof
Electro-optic filter for plasma display panel
Digital to analog converter including a ferroelectric non-volatile semiconductor memory, and method ...
Stress-test information database structure and method of use
Processing system for use with a user interface display
Ball bat having an insert with variable wall thickness
Cylindrical microlens with an internally reflecting surface and a method of fabrication
Method of preventing transfer and storage of non-optically generated charges in solid state imaging ...
Storage device adjusting tilt angle of spindle motor against replaceable storage medium
Optical module and method of manufacturing the same
Hybrid adhesives, articles, and methods
Process for producing optically active α-amino acid and optically active α-amino acid am...
Cutaway vests
Safety mechanism for gun
Ammunition can lock adapter
Linear guide
Conveyor components
Apparatus for mixing and aerating material
Suspension strut bearing for a suspension strut
Track pin bushing having a metallurgically bonded coating
Bearing assembly
Linear guide device
Hydrodynamic bearing, spindle motor and hard disk drive
High load capacity stacked foil thrust bearing assembly
Fluid dynamic bearing motor optimized for radial stiffness and power consumption
Multi-stage cross roller bearing
Rolling bearing device and ring with sensor for the rolling bearing device
Bearing system
Gas dynamic pressure bearing, spindle motor comprising a gas dynamic pressure bearing, and recording...
Method and system for management of resource leases in an application framework system
Using virtual network address information during communications
Mechanism for preventing unnecessary timeouts and retries for service requests in a cluster
Cache way replacement technique
Apparatus and method for intersystem lock optimization
Polyimide substrates having enhanced flatness, isotropy and thermal dimensional stability, and metho...
Process for producing carboxylic acids
Printing press, layered formation and making method thereof, and printing plate and making method th...
Strippable glass fiber wall covering
Adhesion promoter, coating compositions for adhesion to olefinic substrates and methods therefor
Metallic photonic box and its fabrication techniques
Method and apparatus for sealing medicinal capsules
Methods for making and using self-constrained low temperature glass-ceramic unfired tape for microel...
Fullerene-based electrolyte for fuel cells
High performance ceramic fuel cell interconnect with integrated flowpaths and method for making same
Filler and pigment
Electric toothbrushes having flexible necks
Method and apparatus for measuring tension in a moving web
Cleaning composition, pad, wipe implement, and system and method of use thereof
Laundry cleansing and conditioning compositions
Stable skin care compositions containing a retinoid and a retinoid booster system
Soap bars comprising synergestically high levels of both free fatty acid and filler
Apparatus with weeping tip and method of use
Humanized anti-ErbB2 antibodies and treatment with anti-ErbB2 antibodies
Electrical stimulation to increase calcitonin levels
Laser safety contact lenses
Industrial hearing protection and communication assembly
Multilayered polymeric structure
Molded foam vehicle energy absorbing device and method of manufacture
Polycarbonate polyester molding composition
System for attaching a noise suppressor to a firearm
Passive fire protection device
Dual beacon obstruction lighting system
Recessed light assembly adapted for use with motion detector
Luminaire device
Ceiling lamp suspending device
Trolling motor assembly with lighting system
Adjustable rear lamp
Light source unit having orthogonally disposed semiconductor light emitter
Pattern-variable headlamp
Vehicle lamp having prismatic element
Anti-fogging structure for headlight lamps
Light emitting diode light bar
Light emitting decorative apparatus
Light emitting diode array illuminant and backlight module by using the same
Light module for air treatment units
Wall-mounted type microwave oven
Digital pool light
Backlight assembly having fixing recess in light guide and liquid crystal display apparatus having t...
Optical coupler apparatus and methods having reduced geometry sensitivity
Tunable, multi-port optical add-drop multiplexer
Optical switching element and method for manufacturing the same
Transmission lines and components with wavelength reduction and shielding
Polymer-based rare earth-doped waveguide device
Web inspection method and device
Method and system for searching form features for form identification
Holistic-analytical recognition of handwritten text
Video coding and video decoding apparatus
Terminal and input/output characteristic measurement method and calculation apparatus for display de...
Image encoding apparatus and image decoding apparatus
Method and apparatus for block sequential processing
Image processing apparatus, image processing circuit, and image processing method
Spatial video processing
Method and system for sharpness enhancement for coded video
Method and system for relocating hidden objects in images
Image processing apparatus and method and program of the same
Method and circuit for detecting cardiac rhythm abnormalities by analyzing time differences between ...
Use of curvature based features for beat detection
Method for complementing personal lost memory information with communication, and communication syst...
Intraluminal MRI probe
Method and apparatus for positioning a forearm for imaging and analysis
Endoscope shape detector
Method and apparatus for stereotactic implantation
Surgical instrument
Surgery support system and surgery support method
Adjustable-depth crankbait fishing lure
Snap swivel assembly including bearing for fishing line
Milking apparatus and holder for receiving teat cups
Scraper for animal stalls
Methods for screening compounds active on neurons
Method for identifying mutants and molecules
Magnetic tunnel junction magnetic device, memory and writing and reading methods using said device
System and method for precise location of a point of interest
Optical attenuator with heat compensation
Light emitting head, information storage device, and composite head manufacturing method
Placing cells of an IC design using partition preconditioning
Gas generator for air bag
Injection molding process and injection molding apparatus for thermoplastic resin molded articles
Monomer having electron-withdrawing group and process for preparing the same
Heating apparatus having electrostatic adsorption function
Developer cartridge including RIM configured to open and to close a shutter or an image forming appa...
Polytetrafluoroethylene fiber and method for manufacturing the same
Radiation curing silicone rubber composition and adhesive silicone elastomer film
Resist composition and patterning process
Key assembly for vehicle ignition locks
ATM currency cassette with currency-low indicator lock arrangement
Authentication of a first transceiver unit with respect to a second transceiver unit located at a di...
Dual mode transmitter/receiver and decoder for RF transponder units
Electronic time-temperature indicator
Differential floating gate nonvolatile memories
Acyclic piperidine derivatives
Battery structure
Self-calibrating carbon monoxide detector and method
Methods for forming magnetically modified electrodes and articles produced thereby
Compounds, compositions, and methods
Polymer gel electrolyte and secondary cell
Membrane suitable for electrochemical cells
Twisted polymers, uses thereof and processes for the preparation of statistical copolymers
System for monitoring substrate conditions
Polymeric gel electrolyte and lithium battery employing the same
Inhibitors of c-Jun N-terminal kinases (JNK) and other protein kinases
Nicotinamide derivatives useful as PDE4 inhibitors
Pyrazole compositions useful as inhibitors of ERK
β-2′- or 3′-halonucleosides
Combination master link and chain shortener
Dipeptide apoptosis inhibitors and the use thereof
Compositions containing lysophosphatidic acids which inhibit apoptosis and uses thereof
Compositions containing lysophosphotidic acids which inhibit apoptosis and uses thereof
Nitric oxide-releasing amidine diazeniumdiolates, compositions and uses thereof and method of making...
Aryl aniline β2 adrenergic receptor agonists
Aminoalkoxybenzoyl-benzofuran or benzothiophene derivatives, method of preparing same and compositio...
Polymer compositions containing colloids of silver salts
System and method for transmission of information between locations on a computer network with the u...
Square frame trim ring
Lighting fixture
Light fixture
Lamp housing
Portion of lamp housing
Lamp support arm
Electric pedi-care machine
False eyelashes
Flotation vest for pet
Vacuum cleaner
Portable vacuum with handle
Handle for vacuum cleaner
Abrasive glove
Dust pan
Portable plastic store bag holder for trash receipt
Garbage can
Apparatus for the purification of water
Combinatorial synthesis
Support system for laterally removable sash
Quick-release fastener for releasably attaching lacrosse stick head to shaft
Photolithographic method and system for efficient mask usage in manufacturing DNA arrays
Parallel MR imaging using high-precision coil sensitivity map
Magnetic resonance imaging interference immune device
Superconducting open MRI magnet with transverse magnetic field
Type font
Method for metering dampening solution when printing with an offset press
Apparatus for adjusting pull rollers and/or cutting knives in folders
Cytokines that bind the cell surface receptor hek
Brush section for a powered toothbrush
System and method using adaptive antennas to selectively reuse common physical channel timeslots for...
Method for reducing nitrogen oxides in combustion gas from combustion furnace
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation with a selected hydrogen content
Fuel gasification system
Alkyl esters of the 2-(2-fluorosulphonyl)-perfluoroethylenoxy-3-halogen-propionic acid
Gas storage and dispensing system with monolithic carbon adsorbent
Process for unidirectional infiltration of preform with molten resin or pitch
Method for manufacturing metal parts
Window glass employing titanium dioxide photocatalyst
Integrated circuit inductors
Ground covering elements of artificial stone material
Joy stick control system for a modified steering system for small boat outboard motors
Life support apparatus and method for providing advertisement information
Exercise methods and apparatus with elliptical foot motion
Apparatus for generating power from passing vehicular traffic
Rotary electric motor having concentric annular members
Mobile electrical power source
Bicycle frame head tube
Collapsible stand for parking bicycles or the like
Bicycle with speed change gear
Anti-theft bicycle
Protective equipment cover system
Supporting frame for mounting a seat device on a bicycle seat post
Locking quick release device
Bicycle rear derailleur
Method for producing defined layers or layer systems
Polymerization initiator and use
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Deliroma'
Alstroemeria plant named 'Zalsamot'
Plectranthus plant named 'P000603'
Solidago plant named 'Solbut'
Spathiphyllum plant named 'Nr. 256'
Spathiphyllum plant named 'Jetson'
Plum tree named 'Suplumtwentyseven'
Lily plant named 'Rialto'
Gaura plant named 'Nugauwhite'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'DekDakar'
Cleome plant named 'Robspifro'
Prunus plant named 'VVA-1'
Alstroemeria plant named 'Koserin'
Osteospermum plant named 'Sunny Zara'
Buxus plant named 'Katerberg'
Method and apparatus for improving vision and the resolution of retinal images
Encapsulation for organic light emitting diodes devices
Adjustable universal implant blank for modifying corneal curvature and methods of modifying corneal ...
Miniature refrigeration system for cryothermal ablation catheter
High frequency inductive lamp and power oscillator
Anti-tumor agents
High-Q pulsed fragmentation in ion traps
Method of reusing photographic processing waste solution, and photographic processing agent
Rhodococcus cloning and expression vectors
Mutagenesis method
Dielectric ceramic composition
Image display device
Driving method for a cholesteric liquid crystal display device having a memory mode of operation and...
Imidazolophthalazine derivatives as ligands for GABAA receptors
1,2-dihydropyridine compounds, process for preparation of the same and use thereof
Process for preparing 1,2,4-butanetriol
Linear motor with reduced cogging force
Piezoelectric actuator, liquid jetting head incorporating the same, piezoelectric element, and metho...
Differential capacitance measurement
Objective lens, light converging optical system, optical pickup apparatus, and recording and/or repr...
Optical wave guide, an optical component and an optical switch
Laser-written cladding for waveguide formations in glass
Cable splice enclosure
In-line polarization monitoring and control in lightwave communication systems
Data stream protection system and method of use
Ambulatory medical apparatus and method using a telemetry system with predefined reception listening
System and method for controlling width and stitch density of a fabric web
Techniques for increasing efficiency while servicing requests for database services
Horizontally structured manufacturing process modeling: across file feature operability
Database load balancing for multi-tier computer systems
Systems and methods for forming data storage devices
Multi-purpose BER tester (MPBERT) for very high RZ and NRZ signals
Paired multi-layered dielectric independent passive component architecture resulting in differential...
Magnetic memory and method for driving the same, and magnetic memory device using the same
Multiply resonant wideband transducer apparatus
Detector input dark current offset calibration in an optical disk drive digital servo
Isolation and communication element for a resposable pulse oximetry sensor
Water content probe
Plant controller for frequency-shaping response-designating control having a filtering function
Methods and systems for resistivity anisotropy formation analysis
Apparatus and method for automated protein design
Startup and operational techniques for a digital flowmeter
Image forming apparatus having a removable fixing device
Light projecting goniometer
Hybrid power equipment
Sound masking and paging system
Dynamometer and related assessment method
Airflow apparatus
Vibratory conveying apparatus adapted to be driven by accumulatively phased rotating eccentric weigh...
Hand-supportable planar laser illumination and imaging (PLIIM) device
Engine control for watercraft
Belt-disc sander having speed adjuster
Method and apparatus for fetal audio stimulation
MCU control for brushless DC motor
Auto-calibration of multiple trip settings in a fault indicator
Method for monitoring a power supply of a control unit in a motor vehicle
Multiple-triggering alarm system by transmitters and portable receiver-buzzer
Method and apparatus for increasing effective resolution of analog output of digital-to-analog conve...
Fatty acids, soaps, surfactant systems, and consumer products based thereon
Integration of remote microcell with CDMA infrastructure
Substrate gripping apparatus, substrate gripping method and substrate releasing method
Standard drive, series with an intermediate flange
Apparatus for manufacturing substrate
Rinse nozzle and method
Robot for carrying out industrial operations by a laser beam
Structure for managing umbilical member of welding torch in arc welding robot
Methods and apparatus for position estimation using reflected light sources
Method, medium, and apparatus for global localization
Information processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
Automatic device, equipment and methods for handling objects
Child-care robot and a method of controlling the robot
Robot apparatus and emotion representing method therefor
Self-propelled cleaner
Image transmission device and method, transmitting device and method, receiving device and method, a...
Mobile robot for monitoring a subject
Autonomous personal service robot
LCD back light panel lamp connecting structure
Head substrate having data memory, printing head, printing apparatus and producing method therefor
Ink container, inkjet printing apparatus and ink supplying method
Camera layout for acquiring images used in panoramic synthesis
Image sensor and method for driving an image sensor for reducing fixed pattern noise
Calibration method, information processing apparatus and information processing system
Digital copying machine
Apparatus for retrieving document data
Data communication apparatus and control method therefor
Optical apparatus
Coding device, coding method and storage medium
Information processing apparatus, method and memory medium therefor
Milling apparatus
System and method for removing contaminants from liquid
Gene combinations that alter the quality and functionality of soybean oil
Canister designs for implantable cardioverter-defibrillators
Methods for purifying selected CEA family member proteins
Human albumin animal models for drug evaluation, toxicology and immunogenicity studies
Metal oxide/silica composite, and a cosmetic preparation comprising thereof
Apricot tree named 'Suapriten'
Container comprising liquid detergent compositions
Anti-foam composition
Self-cleaning toilet
Apparatus and method for shampooing dogs, horses and other animals
Hair analysis method
Synthetic detergent formulations
Detergent compositions comprising hydrotropes
N-ureidoheterocycloalkyl-piperidines as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Multistandard video decoder and decompression system for processing encoded bit streams including pi...
Program processing device and program recovery method
Low complexity encoder and decoder
Hermetic reciprocating compressor
Fuel tank and a method of manufacturing it
Liquid rationing device
Metering pump with an electric motor
Oil free screw compressor
Piping layout for multiple compressor system
Valving system for a downhole hydraulically actuated pump
Membrane pump with stretchable pump membrane
Toilet bowl and tank drainage device
Vacuum pump comprising an outlet
Sensing and interactive drug delivery
Method for monitoring degradation of Hb-based blood substitutes
Functional equivalent to spatial filter in ellipsometer and the like systems
Polarization analyzing method
Methods and systems for determining a thickness of a structure on a specimen and at least one additi...
Nondestructive inspection method and apparatus
Database interpolation method for optical measurement of diffractive microstructures
High volume mobile identity verification system and method using tiered biometric analysis
Method and system for image reconstruction
Method for delivering a device to a target location
Dual bridge angular and linear accelerometer
Automated cargo transportation system
Lifting body aircraft and reentry vehicle
Method of controlling insulated gate transistor
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for operating the same
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
Halo implant in semiconductor structures
Dual trench isolation using single critical lithographic patterning
Manufacturing process for a high voltage transistor integrated on a semiconductor substrate with non...
Electrostatic discharge protection structure for deep sub-micron gate oxide
Signal routing in a hermetically sealed MEMS device
Semiconductor package and structure thereof
Semiconductor package
Semiconductor device and fabrication method therefor
Aligned buried structures formed by surface transformation of empty spaces in solid state materials
Method for in-line testing of flip-chip semiconductor assemblies
Method and system for monitoring plasma using optical emission spectroscopy
Method and related system for semiconductor equipment prevention maintenance management
Semiconductor structures and manufacturing methods
Low profile ratchet wrench
Ratchet wrench having positioning effect
Efficiency thermoelectrics utilizing convective heat flow
Centrifugal heat transfer engine and heat transfer systems embodying the same
Hydrocarbon cracking
Finned tube heat exchanger and method
Method for leakage control and localization of leakages in the internal faces of heat exchangers
Ceiling embedded type indoor unit
Modular heat recovery ventilation system
Heat dissipation assembly with resilient fastener
Heat dissipating system and method
Hybrid loop cooling of high powered devices
Inner fin for heat exchanger flat tubes and evaporator
Evaporative duplex counterheat exchanger
Three-fluid evaporative heat exchanger
Formed disk plate heat exchanger
Vehicle air conditioner and vehicle ventilation system
Ventilator or ventilating apparatus with thermal exchanger and air filter
Electric device with liquid cooling system and method of manufacturing thereof
Overmolded device with contoured surface
Fastening structure for a heat sink
Power amplifier module assembly
Apparatus for detecting the internal liquid level in a vessel
Production of a blending agent using an in situ thermal process in a relatively permeable formation
Electron emitter including carbon nanotubes and its application in gas discharge devices
Methods for the synthesis of substituted purines
Soybean cultivar S52-U3
Inbred corn line PHCWK
Electroencephalogram acquisition unit and system
Process and installation for the distribution of air enriched in oxygen to passengers of an aircraft
Enabling circuit for avoiding negative voltage transients
Noise cancellation in a single ended SAR converter
Flyback converter for performing a zero voltage switch in boundary mode
Copper alloy foil
Phenolic hydroxyl-bearing polyimide resin, making method and polyimide resin composition
Quadrilateral electromagnetic coil assembly
Method and system for paying prepaid communications credit
Satellite broadcast receiving device having two local oscillation circuits and reduced spurious sign...
Shock limited hydrofoil system
Outfitting system for a personal watercraft
Folding boat
Hull reinforcing system
Boat seat deck base
Method and apparatus for an asynchronous pulse logic circuit
Information acquisition decision making by devices in a wireless network
Left ventricular assist system
Left ventricular conduits to coronary arteries and methods for coronary bypass
Method and device for filtering body fluid
Barrier device for ostium of left atrial appendage
Vascular inducing implants
Methods of inhibiting angiogenesis via increasing in vivo concentrations of kringle region fragments...
6,7-Oxygenated steroids and uses related thereto
Cell adhesion inhibitors
Aliphatic compounds, their synthesis method, and utilization of the same
Acylated 1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthyl amines and their use as pharmaceutical agents
Imidazo-substituted compounds as p38 kinase inhibitors
Thiazole and oxazole derivatives
Process for producing 5-(3-cyanophenyl)-3-formylbenzoic acid compound
Exercise device for improving head, neck, and spinal alignment
Controllable load apparatus
Novelty head covering
Control technique for a communication system
Battery life indication
Glove with a web structure
Exercise bar
Basketball shooting trainer and method
Continuously variable transmission
Exercise equipment locator
Exercise methods and apparatus
Strap interconnection adjusting assembly
Exercise board with elastic foot strap
Control system input apparatus and method
System and method for prescribing a fitness program
Cushioned pivoting deck
Tooth whitening products
Wide area lighting apparatus and effects system
Position detection apparatus, position detection method, exposure apparatus, device manufacturing me...
Apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics of an object
Method for thermally erasing information stored in an aluminum oxide data storage medium
Network relay apparatus
Speech converter utilizing preprogrammed voice profiles
Packet transmission system in which packet is transferred without replacing address in the packet
System and method for deriving natural language representation of formal belief structures
Method and apparatus for optimizing video processing system design using a probabilistic method to f...
Learning type image classification apparatus, method thereof and processing recording medium on whic...
Assembleable and towable/trailerable ice fishing shanty/hunting blind
Drinking straw
Toy bubble (S)—in-bubble generating assembly and method
Elastic drive motor with force isolation
Interconnectable model construction elements
Wand toy and process
Wheeled push toy
Method and system which enables users to select videos from cable provider web site for on-demand de...
Aptamer-mediated regulation of gene expression
Transdifferentiation of epidermal basal cells into neural progenitor cells, neuronal cells and/or gl...
Method of treating inflammatory, tissue repair and infectious conditions
Therapeutic azide compounds
Method for synthesizing cDNA
Dideoxy dye terminators
Methods for diagnosis, prediction and treatment of asthma and other inflammatory conditions based on...
6-Mercapto-cyclodextrin derivatives: reversal agents for drug-induced neuromuscular block
Cloning of the human nuclear receptor co-repressor gene
Oligonucleotide labeling reactants and their use
Fluorogenic substrates
Method for synthesizing 2-chloro-9-(2-fluoro-β-D-arabinofuranosyl)-9H-purin-6-amine
Promoters for gene expression in caryopses of plants
Methods and means for modification of plant characteristics
Plant retroelements and methods related thereto
Chimeric figwort mosaic virus-elongation factor 1 α promoters and methods of using them
Macrolide antibiotics
Inhibitor oligonucleotides and their use for specific repression of a gene
HIF oligonucleotide decoy molecules
Antisense modulation of sterol regulatory element-binding protein-1 expression
Design and therapeutic use of adpase enhanced apyrases
Modulation of tyrosinase expression
Methods for preparing 7-(2'-substituted-beta-D-ribofuranosyl)-4-(NR2R3)-5-- (substituted ethyn-1-yl)...
Nucleoside compounds for treating viral infections
4' -C-substituted-2-haloadenosine derivative
Glycosaminoglycans derived from K5 polysaccharide having high anticoagulant and antithrombotic activ...
Process for oxidizing unfractionated heparins and detecting presence or absence of glycoserine in he...
Complex of organic medicines and beta-cyclodextrin derivatives and its preparing process
Allergen from mugwort pollen
Furanone derivatives and methods of making same
Chitosan production
70 human secreted proteins
Novel human 7TM proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Deprotection and purification of oligonucleotides and their derivatives
Method for the production of cellulose carbamate by means of reactive extrusion
Plant reproduction polynucleotides and methods of use
Novel bacillus thuringiensis insecticidal proteins
Encapsulation of chemical compounds in fluorous-core and fluorous-inner-shell micelles formed from s...
Oxime ester photoinitiators
Method for operating a memory device having an amorphous silicon carbide gate insulator
Communications apparatus and method
System and method for nonlinear dynamic control based on soft computing with discrete constraints
System for certified use of electrical energy
Amorphous diamond materials and associated methods for the use and manufacture thereof
Solar energy pulse charge device
Position estimation using a network of a global-positioning receivers
Mouse handled in hand
Apparatus and method for inputting and displaying data for refrigerator
Semiconductor device with capacitor formed around contact hole
Active remote sensing using a spectral lock-in technique
Semiconductor device
Grid-connected power systems having back-up power sources and methods of providing back-up power in ...
Method for regulating an inverter system
Evidential reasoning system and method
Code server
Design system upgrade migration
Heat-transfer-stamp process for thermal imprint lithography
Apparatus and method of using supersonic combustion heater for hypersonic materials and propulsion t...
Wireless remote sensor
Method and apparatus for building and maintaining an object-oriented geospatial database
System and method for instruction-level parallelism in a programmable multiple network processor env...
Passively Q-switched laser
Optical waveguides, lens array and laser collecting device
Fiber based field emitter display
Optical leveling module and method for manufacturing an optical leveling layer thereof
Method for making micro-lens array
Imaging optical system
Miniature microscope objective for an array microscope
Refractive multispectral objective lens system and methods of selecting optical materials therefor
Lens driving mechanism and image capture apparatus
Optical system, and optical apparatus
Imaging optical system and apparatus using the same
Distance holder for lens system
Precision Z-axis mount for a lens assembly in an optical inspection apparatus
Light beam receiver for a laser positioning device
Timekeeping and magnifying device
Optical pickup appratus, recording/reproducing apparatus provided with the optical pickup apparatus,...
Methods for treating multiple sclerosis and pharmaceutical compositions therefor
Bending tool for flexible printed circuit assemblies
Electro-luminescence display device and driving method thereof
Light emitting display and driving method thereof
Organic electroluminescent display device and method of fabricating the same
Organic EL display and active matrix substrate
Organic EL display panel
Method and system for detecting electrical arcing in a plasma process powered by an AC source
Plasma display panel
Waveform generator for controlling an electron beam in a cathode ray tube
Current pause device for an electric power circuit interrupter
Lighting system
Standby lighting control for high intensity discharge lamp
Microwave energized plasma lamp with dielectric waveguide
Ballast for a discharge lamp
Electronic ballast with closed loop control using composite current and voltage feedback and method ...
System and method for driving a plurality of loads
Detecting apparatus for cold cathode lamp
Projection type video display apparatus
Low-visual noise, jitterized pulse width modulation brightness control circuit
Ballast for high intensity discharging lamp
Switching-type vertical deflection output circuit
Multi-section particle accelerator with controlled beam current
Discharge lamp lighting device and lighting apparatus
Dynamic displays
Dimming ballast control IC with flash suppression circuit
Wide input voltage range light emitting diode driver
Light quantity adjusting method, light quantity adjusting apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Television receiver and cold-cathode tube dimmer
Monitoring system
Control apparatus for a multi-speed transmission
Power distributed 2-range transmission
Wide ratio transmissions with three planetary gear sets and two brakes
Diagnosing genetic disorders
Primers useful for sizing nucleic acids
Chrysanthemum plant named 'DekTimman'
Aircraft landing gear
Determining accuracy of a classifier
Anaesthetic apparatus
Transparent edge-of-network data cache
Optical switchable component
System and method for populating HTML forms using relational database agents
Thiazolopytimidines and their use as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Method and apparatus for threading a helix onto a cosmetic brush
Inhibitors of human phosphatidyl-inositol 3-kinase delta
Viscoelasticity measuring instrument
Microfluidic control using dielectric pumping
Organic species that facilitate charge transfer to or from nanostructures
Polypeptides of covalently linked synthetic bioactive peptide analog(s) for treatment of cancer
Hydrogels formed by non-covalent linkages
Electron beam apparatus
Non-linear capacitors
Pharmaceutical compositions
Hydrophilic, lubricious medical devices having contrast for magnetic resonance imaging
Impregnated glass fiber strands and products including the same
Methods, kits and compositions pertaining to PNA Molecular Beacons
Chemosensitivity determination using phosphatidylserine
Modified oligonucleotides for mismatch discrimination
Automatic optimization of the position of stems of text characters
System and method for implementing group policy
Methods and systems for animating facial features, and methods and systems for expression transforma...
Determining when a low fidelity property value has changed during a sync
Non-compensated transcoding of a video stream
Rapid computer modeling of faces for animation
System and method for reducing noise in a recording receiver
System and method for creating a note related to a phone call
System with GPS to manage risk of financial transactions
System, method, apparatus and means for providing GPS aiding data to networked receivers
GPS antenna for submarine towed buoy
Low toxicity Fischer-Tropsch derived fuel and process for making same
Polymer compound, precursor for the same and thin film-forming method using the same polymer precurs...
Portable telephone apparatus for achieving roaming with a low amount of code between two systems
Wireless transmission system
System and method of fuel map selection
Method and system wherein handover information is broadcast in wireless local area networks
Wireless cable replacement for computer peripherals
Adaptive admission control method and apparatus for guaranteeing handoff QoS in a wireless network
Wireless receiving apparatus and method
Method for providing multiple points of connectivity to subscribers of wireless communication networ...
Location detection method, location detection apparatus and location detection program
Wireless communication device and method for automatic time updates in personal information manageme...
Methodology and system for generating a three-dimensional model of interference in a cellular wirele...
Wireless mobile device network
Battery cooling system
Nucleic acid amplification reaction station for disposable test devices
Heterocyclic compounds as ligands of the GABAA receptor
Base station controller in IMT-2000 system
Method for increasing data transmission speed in IS-95B system
System and method for offloading a computational service on a point-to-point communication link
Arrangement for a mobile terminal
Receiver having retransmission function