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System and method for selectively providing data communications in an XDSL communication system
Method of blind transport format detection based on power transition
Enhanced metric for bit detection on fading channels with unknown statistics
Retinoid compositions containing a water soluble antioxidant and a chelator
Compartment for augmenting available space refrigerated by a chest refrigerator
Adjustable garbage can holder
Multifunctional product markers and methods for making and using the same
Toner for developing static image, production method therefor and image forming method
Method and system for network processor scheduling outputs using queueing
Method and apparatus for making thin brick wall facing
Continuously variable length and shaped auger for powder fillers
Particle entraining eductor-spike nozzle device for a fluidized bed jet mill
Ink tank with capillary member
Fuser member coating composition and processes for providing elastomeric surfaces thereon
Multifunctional processing apparatus and method
Pan handle
Microstrip coupler
Color liquid crystal display
Network printing apparatus
Variable capacitor
Variant of LAV viruses
Pattern for absorbent paper
Methods for manufacturing investment casting shells
Composite ultra-light weight active mirror for space applications
Abrasive articles and method of making and using the articles
Immobilized calixarenes and related compounds and process for their production
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Vector quantization with a non-structured codebook for audio compression
Process for preparing pyrrolo[2, 1-c] [1,4] benzodiazepine hybrids
Gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor antagonists and methods relating thereto
Selectively configurable probe structures, e.g., for testing microelectronic components
Lipoic acid derivatives and their use in treatment of disease
Method and device for parameter independent buffer underrun prevention
Optical ferrule-less connector
Substrate mounting for organic, dielectric, optical film
Method for improved lithographic patterning utilizing multiple coherency optimized exposures and hig...
Optical record carrier containing special codes
Transmissive optical sensing of leading edges of media sheets advanced substantially adjacent to one...
Virtual image display apparatus and electronic equipment using thereof
Linear position sensing system and coil switching methods for closed-loop control of large linear in...
Vacuum arc eliminator having a bullet assembly actuated by a gas generating device
System and method for interfacing a data link protocol engine and a physical layer
Proteins with integrin-like activity
System for working at a remote office PBX
System and method for providing an away-from-home calling service
Method for determining a free connecting line in a switching center having a number of subscriber ac...
Low power spindle motor with a stepped shaft
Sintered bearing and production method therefor
Motor with axially moveable bearing member
Universal protocol for enabling a device to discover and utilize the services of another device
Communication apparatus, control method, and storage medium that can identify communication errors
Data structure and method for sorting using heap-supernodes
System and method for efficient filtering of data set addresses in a web crawler
Method and apparatus for multi-contact scheduling
Stopping replay tornadoes
System and method to uniformly access devices
Method and apparatus for managing the provisioning of client devices connected to an interactive TV ...
Chemical compounds
Method and logic for capturing and analyzing conduit data
Impulse generator for profiling system
Amino-functionalized pulp fibers
Printed weldable flexible polymer material for producing stretched structures such as false ceilings
Head-up display with polarized light source and wide-angle p-polarization reflective polarizer
Defense device, preferably self-defense device and storage unit used therein
Electronic rifle trigger mechanism
Refrigeration appliance interior lighting system
Device for illuminating a generally flat surface
Illumination knob and method of manufacturing knob
Decorative light strings with combinative tree
Led task light
Method for estimating amount of angular disagreement of planes of polarization of polarization-maint...
Device for adding and dropping optical signals
Low-profile back plane interconnection device
Wavelength dispersion compensator and optical transmission line
Gain equalizer and optical amplification apparatus
Compensator for compensation of higher-order chromatic dispersion
Coupling structure for optical waveguide and optical device and optical alignment method by using th...
Low attenuation optical fiber
Method for the manufacture of optical fibers, improved optical fibers, and improved raman fiber ampl...
Dispersion-shifted single-mode fiber having low dispersion slope for large capacity transmission
Detecting the presence of failure(s) in existing man-made structures
Method and apparatus for visual lossless image syntactic encoding
Image processing apparatus, image encoding apparatus, and image decoding apparatus
Data filtering apparatus and method
System and method for gamut mapping using a composite color space
Image processing apparatus and method
Face portion detecting apparatus
Organ manipulation assistance during surgical procedure
Cardiac support device
Tele-medicine system that transmits an entire state of a subsystem
Capsule-type medical device and medical system
Endoscope of which the bending part is operated by fluid supply or exhaustion
Retractor and method for spinal pedicle screw placement
System and method for ordering and prioritizing multiple health disorders for automated remote patie...
Ultrasound imaging system and method using non-linear post-beamforming filter
Medical imaging device with digital audio capture capability
Method and apparatus for ultrasound imaging of a biopsy needle or the like during an ultrasound imag...
Automatic setup system and method for ultrasound imaging systems
Method and apparatus for the identification and characterization of regions of altered stiffness
Pneumatic release mechanism for a patient contacting article
Integral sample collection tip
Combined electrical impedance and ultrasound scanner
Deflecting catheter
Low-profile multi-function vessel harvester and method
Multi-phase clock time stamping
Communication device
Methods and systems to transfer information using an alternative routing associated with a communica...
Monolithic bridge capacitor
Phase digitizer for signals in imperfect quadrature
Variable scaled graphical indicator to display dynamic data
Portable electronic device including an acoustic chamber
Method and system for adapting a training period in a turbo decoding device
Method and apparatus for limiting a transmission in a dispatch system
Dual-mode RF communication device
Permanent chip ID using FeRAM
Method and apparatus for verifying the integrity of control module operation
Radio housing
Architectural concrete and process to make same
Polymeric coextruded multilayer articles
Extended wear ophthalmic lens
Magnetic recording medium, the manufacturing method and magnetic recording apparatus using the same
Planographic printing plate precursor
Method of manufacturing microstructure, method of manufacturing liquid discharge head, and liquid di...
Detection of bacterial vaginosis
Apparatus and methods for surface contour measurements
Aspire (autonomous spatial pattern identification and recognition algorithm)
Production method for flexible printed board
Process for purifying phenol-containing bisphenol A
Orthoalkylation catalyst for phenol and process for producing orthoalkylated phenol with use thereof
Carboxypeptidases and nucleic acids encoding same
RFID label technique
Transponder communication and control system for a vehicle
System and method for concurrently addressing multiple radio frequency identification tags from a si...
Tuned antenna resonant circuit of a passive transponder
Azeotrope-like compositions of 1,1,1,3,3-pentafluorobutane
Microcapsule preparations and detergents and cleaning agents containing microcapsules
Roll-on applicator
Multi-threaded sequenced receive for fast network port stream of packets
Microfluidic devices for introducing and dispensing fluids from microfluidic systems
Polyvalent cation-sensing receptor in atlantic salmon
Non-aqueous secondary battery and its control method
Light emitting device
Surgical balloon having varying wall thickness
Methods, systems, and devices for deploying a filter from a filter device
Valve implanting device
Aryl and heteroaryl compounds as antibacterial and antifungal agents
Radiofrequency thermal balloon catheter
Blended polyurethane interventional balloon
Concentrated X-ray contrast media can act as universal antigens and can inhibit or prevent allergic ...
Multilayer balloon catheter
Water-in-oil emulsions with anionic groups, compositions, and methods
Process for making a granular detergent composition
Detergent tablets
Diapering system: diaper and integral collector
Topsheet pattern for a sanitary napkin
Topsheet pattern for a sanitary napkin
Composition comprising at least one first semi-crystalline polymer and at least one second film-form...
Method for simultaneously dyeing and permanent shaping of hair
Process for making dyed articles
Cleaning solution for removing residue
Method of developing photosensitive planographic printing plate
Preservative blends containing iodine containing compounds
Surfactant composition
Primary intermediates for oxidative coloration of hair
Multi-layer golf ball with translucent cover
Cross-linked polymer and process for producing the same, absorptive structure and absorptive article
Method and apparatus for hardware platform identification with privacy protection
Method and apparatus for controlling gas flow through granulate in drying hoppers
Probe for detecting a highly ordered structural site of a single stranded nucleic acid of a gene, an...
Soybean cultivar SE90345
Soybean variety 92M30
Method for treating allergic lung disease
Hybridization-triggered fluorescent detection of nucleic acids
Pyrimidine derivatives for labeled binding partners
Frictionless self-powered moving display
Digital watermark embedding method and apparatus, and digital watermark
Methods and apparatus for converting color values
Accessory for a printing unit
Dental tray spacer
Supersampling of digital video output for multiple analog display formats
Deadlock avoidance in a bus fabric
Bifocal multiorder diffractive lenses for vision correction
High refractive index aromatic-based prepolymer precursors
High throughput mechanical rapid serial property testing of materials libraries
Device for evaporating a liquid
Electrochemical polymer electrolyte membrane cell stacks and manufacturing methods thereof
Assembly method using marked information and assembly assembled by said assembling method
Integrated systems for use with fuel cells, and methods
Utilization of a hybrid material in a surface coating of an electrosurgical instrument
Bi-planar microwave switches and switch matrices
Methods and kits for identifying elite event GAT-ZM1 in biological samples
Two step production of polycarbonates
4-imidazol-1-ylmethyl-pyrimidine derivatives
Quick response structure of gas sensor
Tooth brush device
Board-to-board connector assembly
Multi parts protective garment for motorbikers
Operation unit for an image forming apparatus with a programmable registered image forming function ...
Hook screw driver
Method for adapting a computer-to-computer communication protocol for use in an industrial control s...
Non-invasive environment history indicator for reusable device
Shelf edge display fittings
Inkjet recording method and apparatus
Tissue closure treatment system and method with externally-applied patient interface
Radio-conductive material, method of manufacturing the same, solid sensor using the same, method of ...
DNA and amino acid sequences of a tyrosine-inducible tyrosine ammonia lyase enzyme from the yeast Tr...
Cycloalkyl, lactam, lactone and related compounds, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, and ...
Nitrogenous heterocyclic compounds and process for making nitrogenous heterocyclic compounds and int...
Rotary electric machine and a method of producing the same
Piezoelectric device and acousto-electric transducer and method for manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display device and its drive method
Interfacing optical transmission structures
Multi-mode fiber coupler system
Non-linear positive dispersion optical fiber
Large effective area high SBS threshold optical fiber
Method and apparatus for multiboard fiber optic modules and fiber optic module arrays
Method and apparatus for fabricating light management substrates
Single tool defect classification solution
Security server token caching
Methods and apparatus for voice information registration and recognized sentence specification in ac...
Method of evaluating green malt qualities by electron spin resonance spectrometry and method of eval...
Phase controlled surface coil magnetic resonance imaging
Millimeter-wave signal transmission device
Noncontact communication medium and noncontact communication system
Circularly polarized antenna having improved axial ratio
Low profile slot antenna using backside fed frequency selective surface
Three-dimensional information detecting device, three-dimensional information detecting sensor devic...
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Magneto-photonic crystal isolators
Charging apparatus with auxiliary member and image forming apparatus having the charging apparatus
Antibody to bladder cancer nuclear matrix protein and its use
Filler concentrates for use in thermoplastic materials
Process for increasing the melt strength of polypropylene
Crystalline polyglycolic acid, polyglycolic acid composition and production process thereof
In situ thermal processing of an oil shale formation using horizontal heat sources
Laminate with a peelable top layer and method of peeling off the top layer from the laminate
High efficiency, monolithic multijunction solar cells containing lattice-mismatched materials and me...
Bactericidal cleaning wipe comprising a biguanide disinfectant
Electromagnetic linear generator and shock absorber
Magnetic resonance apparatus with an adhesively attached gradient coil system
Fixing apparatus
Aesthetically improved side panels for disposable garments and methods of making the same
Creped and imprinted web
Method for making fibrous web materials
Treated substrate with improved transfer efficiency of topical application
Disposable face mask
Apparatus for simulating a dynamic force response
Apparatus, seaming assembly and method for placing seams in a continuously moving web
Easy gripping face mask
Easy gripping face mask
System for cutting a moving web in the cross direction to form sheets of a given length at high web ...
Method of providing a series of disposable absorbent articles to consumers
Method and system for manufacturing tissue products, and products produced thereby
Single ply webs with increased softness having two outer layers and a middle layer
Tissue products having uniformly deposited hydrophobic additives and controlled wettability
Soft paper product including beneficial agents
Hydrophobically modified cationic acrylate copolymer/polysiloxane blends and use in tissue
Absorbent composition
Method for large scale production of virus antigen
Method for making lube basestocks
Method of manufacturing a prosthesis
Blood centrifuge having overhanging disposable blood container
Monoclonal antibodies recognizing human platelet membrane glycoproteins and use thereof in anti-thro...
Method for determining the haplotype of a human BRCA1 gene
Multivalent platform molecules comprising high molecular weight polyethylene oxide
Monocyclic or bicyclic carbocycles and heterocycles as factor Xa inhibitors
2-amino-2-alkyl-5 heptenoic and heptynoic acid derivatives useful as nitric oxide synthase inhibitor...
Components and method for improved impression making
Universal implant
Dental tool with rententive feature
Piperidine derivatives, process for obtaining them and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Method and apparatus for coordinating services
Object trackability via parametric camera tuning
Enhanced dual counter rotating ring network control system
Method for load balancing in a network switch
Electron beam apparatus and high-voltage discharge prevention method
Surface mounted and scanning spatially periodic eddy-current sensor arrays
Petroleum exploration and prediction apparatus and method
Methods and apparatus for determination of a filter center frequency
Video display interface controller for host video display unit
Method and apparatus for the assimilation and visualization of information from 3D data volumes
System and method of panelized construction
Smooth bore second environment sensing
Shock pad for paintball pod
Safety support for a long barreled weapon
Superconducting electrical cable
Projection type image display apparatus and image display system
Organic electroluminescence device
Organic light emitting devices with electron blocking layers
Authentication systems
Method of relieving analgesia and reducing inflamation using a cannabinoid delivery topical liniment
Method and system for migrating data while maintaining access to data with use of the same pathname
Method of fabricating a random access memory device utilizing a vertically oriented select transisto...
High-density three-dimensional memory cell
Wheat variety 25W41
Gas diffusion substrate
Combination electronic and paper ballot voting system
Methods of making neuraminidase-supplemented compositions
Spatial light modulators with light blocking and absorbing areas
Two dimensional polymer that generates nitric oxide
Heated insulated catalytic converter with air cooling
Selecting an acoustic model in a speech recognition system
Method and apparatus generating analysis mesh data, and computer product
Wind energy conversion system
Diagnostic neodymium(III), ytterbium(III), or erbium(III) ion-ligand complexes
Squirrel teasing hanger assembly for a bird feeder
Apparatus for trapping floating and non-floating particulate matter
Wood golf club head designed to describe the optimum trajectory of a golf ball
Image forming apparatus
Dental and oralogic composition
Process for the preparation of tertiary alcohols by the hydration of tertiary olefins in a reactive ...
Information processing device
Method of making water stress or salt stress tolerant transgenic cereal plants
Microwave excited ultraviolet lamp system with single electrical interconnection
Surface acoustic wave actuator and deflector employing the same
Electrodeposition bath with water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol (co) polymers
T cell binding ligand peptides and method of inducing a cellular immune response
Minimally-invasive system and method for monitoring analyte levels
Precursor compositions for the deposition of electrically conductive features
Crystalline semiconductor film, method of manufacturing the same, and semiconductor device
Peptidic procollagen C-proteinase inhibitors
Antibodies immunologically reactive with broad-spectrum delta endotoxins
NROM flash memory cell with integrated DRAM
Method and apparatus for operating networked gaming devices
Electronic mouse
Icon for a display screen
Efficient scenery object rendering
Object recognition system and process for identifying people and objects in an image of a scene
System and method for abstracting and visualizing a rout map
Ranking parser for a natural language processing system
Method of reading an image, method of forming a color image, device for forming a color image, silve...
Electrophoretic display
Electric field poling of ferroelectric materials
Three dimensional engineering of planar optical structures
Current waveforms for anti-tachycardia pacing for a subcutaneous implantable cardioverter- defibrill...
Method and system for temperature estimation of gas turbine combustion cans
Method and arrangement for operating an internal combustion engine
Industrial process fault detection using principal component analysis
Signal detector employing a Doppler phase correction system
Method and system for controlling urban traffic via a telephone network
Method and apparatus for adaptively setting frequency channels in a multi-point wireless networking ...
Tracking power levels in a wireless telecommunications network
Digital signal processor update of single channel strength signal
Prepaid call management in intelligent network
Method & systems for providing information to a home system regarding a wireless unit roaming in a v...
Frequency allocation system for use in a wireless communication system and method for the implementa...
Method, system and apparatus for improving reception in multiple access communication systems
Wireless mobile phone with key stroking based input facilities
Display for a portable terminal
Extended dynamic resource allocation in packet data transfer
Advertising compliance monitoring system
Edge connectable lighting fixture assembly and method
Cemetery monument illuminator
Lamp assembly attached on a hand tool
Light beam generation, and focusing and redirecting device
VOA pivot stud assembly
Rearview mirror with lighting assembly
Vehicular lamp
Vehicle lamp
Vehicle headlamp
Headlight apparatus
Highly efficient luminaire having optical transformer providing precalculated angular intensity dist...
Luminaire for light extraction from a flat light source
Intelligent electrical switching device
Method and apparatus for facilitating ease of viewing and interpretation of data concurrently presen...
Shear-resistant modular fluidic blocks
Optical detection of label-free biomolecular interactions using microreplicated plastic sensor eleme...
Materials and methods for treating hypercholesterolemia
System and method for a specialized dynamic host configuration protocol proxy in a data-over-cable n...
Large scale synthesis of 1,2,4- and 1,3,4-oxadiazole carboxylates
Anti-platelet immunoglobulin bead positive control
Helper-free stocks of recombinant adeno-associated virus vectors
DNA transfection system for the generation of infectious influenza virus
Vectors and methods for gene transfer
Functionalized heterocycles as modulators of chemokine receptor function and methods of use therefor
Azabicyclic-phenyl-fused-heterocyclic compounds for treatment of disease
Pharmaceutical composition
Succinoylamino hydroxyethylamino sulfonyl urea derivatives useful as retroviral protease inhibitors
Fas ligand derivative
rpoB gene fragments and a method for the diagnosis and identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis ...
Methods for detection of ataxia telangiectasia mutations
Death domain containing receptors
Method for providing stand-in objects
Efficient sequence number generation in a multi-system data-sharing environment
Method and system for using a sync key
Subsystem application notification method in a centralized router database
Extending a directory schema independent of schema modification
Automatic job resource usage and retrieval
System and method for reliable multicast data distribution over an unreliable packet switched networ...
Online storage system
Animal feeding station
Complex packaging device
Method and substance for obtaining surfaces with antimicrobial properties
Direct-fed microbial
Modified oat and corn grit products and method
Confectionery coatings
Gel products fortified with calcium
Device for and a method of detecting a disease of the udder of an animal
Feature weighting in κ-means clustering
Method and apparatus for increasing virus detection speed using a database
Failover system for storage area network
Method and apparatus for navigating a windowed operating environment
Coding speed and correctness of hardware description language (HDL) descriptions of hardware
Write before read interlock for recovery unit operands
Method and apparatus for establishment of a die connection bump layout
Automated node restart in clustered computer system
Security protocol
Protocols for anonymous electronic communication and double-blind transactions
Stabilized electrodes in electroluminescent displays
Method of making diode having reflective layer
Device with layer edges separated through mechanical spacing
Programmable array logic or memory devices with asymmetrical tunnel barriers
Prolidase and its gene and method for producing prolidase
Convertible fluid feed system with comformable reservoir and methods
Antigenic class of avian reoviruses
Hinge structures for micro-mirror arrays
Labeled peptides, proteins and antibodies and processes and intermediates useful for their preparati...
Microcombustor and combustion-based thermoelectric microgenerator
Sulfamoylheteroaryl pyrazole compounds as anti-inflammatory/analgesic agents
Probabilistic routing method and apparatus
Fluorescence detection with increased dynamic range
System for varying timing between source and data signals in a source synchronous interface
Measurements of multiple molecules using a CryoArray
Human tumor necrosis factor receptors TR13 and TR14
Apparatus and method for recording information
Hay saver insert
Ganglioside-KLH conjugate vaccines plus QS-21
Synthetic paper skins, paper and labels containing the same and methods of making the same
Method for producing a biological substance, biological substance and the use thereof
Image forming apparatus and method that applies different voltages to pressing members
Transposon tagging and gene delivery in small grain cereals
Treatment of hepatitis C using hyperthermia
Continuous mode ballast with pulsed operation
Audio watermarking with dual watermarks
Digital information recording/reproducing apparatus
Positioner for precisely moving an E-block of a disk drive
Open head detection circuit and method in a voltage or current mode driver
Double locking device for removable disk drive
Amplitude-based servo patterns for magnetic media
Low noise optical disk drive
Scaling linear vibration sensor data in disk drive
Writing position data ex situ using an actuator retractable by a retractable support element
Virtual tracks for repeatable runout compensation
Method for sensing run-out in data fields
Disk drive reading servo sectors recorded at a relative offset on multiple disk surfaces to increase...
System and method of constraining vibration in a disk drive unit and motor device
Hydrodynamic fluid bearing containing lubricants with reduced temperature sensitivity for disk drive...
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
High data rate write head
Magnetic sensing element having second antiferromagnetic layer on edge sections and rear end of a mi...
Disk drive with localized thermal processing of integrated lead suspensions for controlling the pitc...
Dynamic flying attitude control using augmented gimbal
Image forming method utilizing thermal transfer intermediate transfer medium
Real-time PCR assay of the bacterium Edwardsiella ictaluri in channel catfish
Software architecture of an integrated host system for sensed vehicle data
User defined processing function
Method for distributed program execution with server-based file type association
Method and system for presenting data over a network based on network user choices and collecting re...
Object-based locking mechanism
Apparatus and method of maintaining a route table
Method and system for system performance optimization via heuristically optimized buses
User controllable document converter and methods thereof
Method and apparatus for selecting programmable interconnects to reduce clock skew
Generating hardware interfaces for designs specified in a high level language
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Development hastened stability of titanium nitride for APM etching rate monitor
Method of manufacturing a photovoltaic foil
Position sensitive photo detector
Method of forming laminate and method of manufacturing photovoltaic device
Transistor structure and method of fabrication
Method relating to anodic bonding
Stray-insensitive, leakage-independent image sensing with reduced sensitivity to device mismatch and...
Active matrix device and display
Optical receiver circuit
Microscope, detector, and method for microscopy
Image pick-up apparatus and image pick-up system
Digital filter bank followed by monobit receivers for signal processing
Efficient space-time adaptive processing (STAP) filter for global positioning system (GPS) receivers
Wireless communication receiver that determines frequency offset
Apparatus for interrupting a short circuit in a circuit breaker
Combined systems user interface for centralized monitoring of a screening checkpoint for passengers ...
Image display device
System and method for efficient printing of variable information documents
Sampling of customer images as color data for process control
Two-stage converter using low permeability magnetics
Semiconductor device with non-volatile memory and random access memory
Laser reactive dyes for DVD copy protection system
Switched Ethernet path detection
Oil-free electron source for an EBT scanner
Method and apparatus for extracting infinite ambiguity when factoring finite state transducers
Method and system for searching a multi-lingual database
Method and system for transcribing and editing using a structured freeform editor
Medium containing information gathered from material including a source and interface for graphicall...
Alternative network service for video conferencing applications
Protective and/or decorative shoe cover
3D air-pumping shoe
Cushioning sole for an article of footwear
Exercise equipment
Composite reinforcement element, a boot and a binding incorporating such element, and a method of ma...
Warmer for feet and toes
Game apparatus for mixed reality space, image processing method thereof, and program storage medium
Boneless spiral sliced meat product and method of slicing the same
Low sodium salt of botanic origin
Cheese substitutes
Soy protein concentrate with high gel strength and the process for making the same
Dispersible protein composition
High soy protein nuggets and applications in food products
Use of pre-cooked cereal and tubular starch in high protein foods products
Aroma particles
Oxygen scavenging system
Container of biodegradable heat-resistant hard resin molding
Sheet for packaging food and method for manufacturing it
Rapid method of detection and enumeration of sulfide-producing bacteria in food products
Preparation containing folic acid, vitamin b6, and vitamin b12, and use thereof
Cycloglycans suitable to inhibit mammalian infection
Carboxyoic acid compounds and drugs containing the compounds as the active ingredient
Methods of activating PPAR-alpha nuclear receptors in mammals
Compositions against stress-related diseases and methods for treating stress-related diseases
Antioxidant and antimicrobial agents and methods of use thereof
Block copolymer compositions, having improved mechanical properties and processability
Sensor based gastrointestinal electrical stimulation for the treatment of obesity or motility disord...
System, method, and computer-readable medium for collection of environmental data and generation of ...
Automatic layout of content in a design for a medium
Methods and systems for memory allocation
Bus interface selection by page table attributes
Data storage device with overlapped buffering scheme
Protecting access to microcontroller memory blocks
System and method for converging current system performance and power levels to levels stored in a t...
Method, system and apparatus for scanning newly added disk drives and automatically updating RAID co...
Method and system using peer mapping system call to map changes in shared memory to all users of the...
Method and apparatus for accessing remote storage in a distributed storage cluster architecture
System and method for synchronizing copies of data in a computer system
Computer including optical interconnect, memory unit, and method of assembling a computer
Device and method for maximizing performance on a memory interface with a variable number of channel...
File memory device and information processing apparatus using the same
Device driver with improved timeout performance
Control device for file resources in a network
Personal transaction device with secure storage on a removable memory device
Electron device which controls quantum chaos and quantum chaos controlling method
Disc chucking device and disk recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Thin-film transistor and method for making the same
Data communication system and method, computer program, and recording medium
Method and apparatus for the digital creation of fur effects
Disk cartridge and manufacturing method thereof
Common pole capacitor housing apparatus and method
Sampling frequency conversion apparatus
Recording method and apparatus for continuous playback of fragmented signals
Video supply device and video supply method
Translating apparatus and method, and recording medium used therewith
IC recorder
Stent overlap point markers
Coated implantable medical device
Devices and methods for minimally invasive treatment of degenerated spinal discs
Cervical intervertebral prosthesis
Shape memory alloy disc replacement device
Sliding patellar prosthesis
Tibia component and sliding plate of a knee-joint endoprothesis
Cartilage implant assembly and method for implantation
Transmural concentric multilayer ingrowth matrix within well-defined porosity
Method and system for calibrating deformed instruments
Decentralized method for manufacturing hearing aid devices
Force reflecting haptic interface
Device for transmitting speech information
Method for minimizing the cost of post-treatment follow-up and diagnostic tests
Web-based data submission for nursing quality indicators
Medical image creating system, medical image creating method and display controlling program
Medical device and procedure simulation
C1 inhibitor produced in the milk of transgenic mammals
Compositions and methods for increasing animal size and growth rate
Porcine CMP-N-Acetylneuraminic acid hydroxylase gene
Promoter, promoter control elements, and combinations, and uses thereof
Allene oxide synthase and divinyl ether synthase from the cyp74-enzyme family isolated out of physco...
Functional plant, promoter to be used for producing the functional plant and method of using the sam...
Tobacco nicotine demethylase genomic clone and uses thereof
Inbred corn line PHCEG
Climber rose plant named 'ADABARING'
Blackberry - APF-12 cultivar
High artemisinin yielding plant genotype 'CIM-Arogya'
Senecio plant named 'Sunsenebabu'
Senecio plant named 'Sunsenebare'
Senecio plant named 'Sunsenebapiba'
Verbena plant named 'Suntapilabu'
Verbena plant named 'Sunmarivani'
Begonia plant named 'Bbvolbro'
Begonia plant named 'Bbvolvir'
Begonia plant named 'Bbpaola'
Begonia plant named 'Bbvolkra'
Article of footwear
Footwear with separable upper and sole structure
Automated tightening shoe
Skate boot comprising a tongue
Shoe having an upper made of a waterproof breathable laminate
Footwear having an outer shell of foam
Footwear system having a sole adaptable to different dimensions of shoes
Anatomically correct skating boot
Shoe attachment assembly for various cycles
Shoe, adjustable, transpiring and cushioning
Sandals with drainage system
Shoe sole orthotic structures and computer controlled compartments
Shoe sole structures
Performance shoe midsole
Midsole structure for an athletic shoe
Footwear with reversible tongue
Ankle support designed to maintain proper integral boot fit
Footwear with improved sole, improved sole and method for manufacturing
Sole nail
Sole for article of footwear for granular surfaces
Boot with floating connection
Memory access control system, apparatus, and method
Fluorescent lamp having ultraviolet reflecting layer
Group III nitride LED with silicon carbide cladding layer
Fuel cell stack assembly
Drug delivery device for animals
Execution of requests in a parallel database system
Method and apparatus for multi-user communications using discrete video game platforms
CTL epitope analogs
Interferometric modulation pixels and manufacturing method thereof
Barrier film integrity on porous low k dielectrics by application of a hydrocarbon plasma treatment
System and method for object localization
Method, system and program product that utilize a hierarchical conceptual framework to model an envi...
Method and system for memory management optimization
Furnace head or furnace throat seal
Threaded connection for carbon and/or graphite electrode columns
Glucocorticoid-selective anti-inflammatory agents
Detection of antibodies to glycosphingolipids using solid-phase reactants coated with carbonyl group...
1,4,7,10-tetraazacyclododecane butyltriols, processes for their production and pharmaceutical agents...
Method for implementing a multi-level system model for deterministically handling selected data
Rewinding machine with auxiliary cylinders and respective winding method
Book assembly process and apparatus for variable imaging system
Image forming apparatus with heater having bias applying portion setting bias based on sheet width
Self-cleaning litter box
Superabsorbent polymer
Peptide derivatives and their pharmaceutically acceptable salts, thereof, processes for preparation ...
Non-aqueous electrolyte solutions and non-aqueous electrolyte cells comprising the same
Low profile passive static control device
Polymerizable system with a long work-life
Polarizing plate having polarizer sides covered with low moisture permeable layers with permeability...
Sulfonate and resist composition
Waste toner agitator for an electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Toner supply roll
Anti hepatitis C virus antibody and uses thereof
Motor vehicle emergency system
System and method for automatically populating a dynamic resolution list
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Phenyl naphthol ligands for thyroid hormone receptor
Dipeptide derivatives
Pyrrolotriazine kinase inhibitors
Calcium channel blockers
Fused heterotricyclic compounds, process for preparing the compounds and drugs containing the same
Indole derivatives useful as histamine H3 antagonists
Benzo[b]thiophenyl or tetrahydro-benzo[b]thiophenyl modulators of protein tyrosine phosphatases (PTP...
Heteroaromate OSC inhibitors
Substituted 4-phenyl-[1,3]-dioxanes
Fluorobenzamides and uses thereof
Melanocortin receptor ligands
PRO1340 polypeptides
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Aryl fused azapolycyclic compounds
MALDI sample plate
Ambient pressure matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI) apparatus and method of analysi...
Semiconductor package having interconnect with conductive members
Method and apparatus for measuring bandwidth of a laser output
Method and device for forming the intensity profile of a laser beam
Speckle free laser probe beam
Laser with wide operating temperature range
Optically corrected intracavity fiber coupled multigain element laser
Method and apparatus for effecting alignment in an optical apparatus
System and method for protecting eye safety during operation of a fiber optic transceiver
Machining of lithium niobate by laser ablation
Polygon-based bioptical pos scanning system employing dual independent optics platforms disposed ben...
LED flashlight with die-struck panel
Method and apparatus for correcting off-center laser ablations in refractive surgery
Method of drilling holes with precision laser micromachining
Method of making semiconductor device that has improved structural strength
Method of producing vias and other conductor parts on an electrode terminal forming surface of a sem...
Process to make dispersions
Pichia methanolica secretory signal
Transfection method and uses related thereto
High hat stand promptly responsive to player's footing
Foamed cement slurries, additives and methods
Thermally enhanced soil decontamination method
Foundation support system and method
Erosion control transition mat
Manually operated digital printing device
Integrated circuit chip package with formable intermediate 3D wiring structure
Obtaining data mask mapping information
Seismic method and apparatus for generating a semblance panel and computing the reflector dip
Coding scheme using a transition indicator for signal transmission in optical communications network...
Method and apparatus for automatically tracking location of a wireless communication device
Cellular communication terminal, a method and a system for accessing servers
Location registration control method, mobile communication network, and communication terminal
Bed type hot compress and acupressure apparatus and a method of controlling it
System and method for activation of an advance notification system for monitoring and reporting stat...
Tracking device and associated system and method
Maximally negative signed fractional number multiplication
Method and apparatus for distributing content data over a network
Predecode apparatus, systems, and methods
Deformable reflecting mirrors from metallic surface layers deposited on liquids
Process for recovery of daughter isotopes from a source material
Zinc oxide-based sorbents and processes for preparing and using same
Nanometer engineering of metal-support catalysts
Method and device for producing globular grains of high-puroty silicon having a diameter of between ...
Apparatus based on a telecentric imaging system for forming an image of a linear zone of an object
Digital camera having a viewfinder with adjustable length
Video camera having a material element for controlling light transmission
Image pickup apparatus and method for broadening apparent dynamic range of video signal
Apparatus and method for controlling black stretch of video signal
System and method for conversion of text embedded in a video stream
Apparatus and method for transmitting audio over a dedicated video line
Method and apparatus for echo cancellation in digital ATV systems using an echo cancellation referen...
Sine generation circuit, phase shift circuit and tint adjustment circuit
Image sampling circuit with a blank reference combined with the video input
Optical unit, video display apparatus, and color switching method
Convergence correction of a CRT screen or projector
Signal processing apparatus
Detection apparatus for road obstructions
Optical inspection apparatus for substrate defect detection
Method and apparatus for inspecting a semiconductor device
Method for quantization of histogram bin value of image
Streptococcal C5a peptidase vaccine
Intravaginal drug delivery devices for the administration of an antimicrobial agent
Pro-micelle pharmaceutical compositions
Microprecipitation method for preparing submicron suspensions
Particles coated with granulated crystalline ibuprofen
Emu-based compositions for mental well-being and method of use
Absorbing pathogen-inactivating compounds with porous particles immobilized in a matrix
Methods and compositions for inhibition of membrane fusion-associated events, including HIV transmis...
Virulence genes, proteins, and their use
Polyhydroxyalkanoate-containing structure and manufacturing method thereof
Method of manufacturing polyamine composition
Anti-microbial compositions
Methods and compositions for regulating lymphocyte activity
Artemisinins with improved stability and bioavailability for therapeutic drug development and applic...
Preventing and/or treating cardiovascular disease and/or associated heart failure
MHC-class II restricted melanoma antigens and their use in therapeutic methods
Genes displaying enhanced expression during cellular senescence and terminal cell differentiation an...
Processes and agents for detecting Listerias
Track assembly for track-guided toy vehicles
Boiling heat transfer surface
CBTF sailing yacht main engine drive system
Pontoon boat fender
Marine Mooring Line Vermin Shield
Basic-administrative-tasks software program and a method of selling same
Method and system for electronically recording transactions and performing security function
Method, apparatus, and manufacture for facilitating a self-organizing workforce
Method and system for evaluating quality services
Apparatus and method for tracking and managing physical assets
Tracking the distribution of prescription drugs and other controlled articles
System and method for matching multi-attribute auction bids
System and method for hedging against foreign exchange risk associated with securities transactions
Image commercial transactions system and method, image transfer system and method, image distributio...
Electronic contract safekeeping method, electronic contract verifying method, contractor server, con...
Spontaneous adverse events reporting
Storage area network methods and apparatus for automated file system extension
Method, system, storage medium and server apparatus for controlling workflow
System and method for maintaining a predetermined price/performance level of technology on a compute...
Reading learning tool with finger puppets
Imaging device
Method of manufacturing ND filter, and aperture device and camera having ND filter
Method of photographing by varying flash trigger time and camera adopting the same
Retractable lens barrel
Apparatus for releasing flash device automatically
Assembly and method for transferring imprint lithography templates
System and method for real time video production and distribution
Accelerator system and method
Internet protocol over WDM network, and packet communication system and method in the IPOW network
Method and system for correcting invalid hyperlink address within a public network
Providing desired service policies to subscribers accessing internet
Remote control of a device over the internet
Network control device, image forming apparatus, image forming system, network control method, and c...
Spray apparatus
Mouth guard-preparing sheet
Car control device electronics
Power control signalling
System for transmitting energy and/or data between a vehicle body and a removable part
Wheel having an accelerating charger
Integrated low dropout linear voltage regulator with improved current limiting
Watt power device
Adaptive small-signal compensation for switching regulators
Linear regulator with overcurrent protection
Power supply control apparatus
Charging apparatus and charging method
Charging apparatus
Opposed current converter power factor correcting power supply
System and method for controlling a point-of-load regulator
Methods and systems for battery charging control based on CMOS technology
Method for determining the amount of charge which can be drawn from a storage battery and a monitori...
Apparatus having adjustable operational modes and method therefore
Reference voltage generating circuit for outputting multi-level reference voltage using fuse trimmin...
Portable charging apparatus having a charging battery built-in
Clear glass composition
Cryoprotective system comprising polymeric nano- or micro-particles
Ferroelectric memory device with a conductive polymer layer and a method of formation
Direct tuning of radio receiver integrated circuit
Method for receiving a multi-carrier radio frequency (RF) signal and RF receiver
Method of setting the output power of a pager to aid in the installation of a wireless system
Device, and associated method, for monitoring a meter
Method and system for the use of different wireless technologies within a hybrid switch protocol sta...
Enabling a content provider initiated content delivery via a specific radio access network
Mobile communication system, base station and transmission power control method for use therein
Method and device for managing radio link interruption in a radio communication shadow zone
Method for steering a smart antenna for a WLAN using a self-monitored re-scan
System and method to facilitate overcoming a degradation in transmission through a radiating transmi...
Lprf device wake up using wireless tag
FM transmitter and charger assembly for MP3 players with different sizes
Mobile terminal and voice output adjustment method thereof
Method and apparatus for the temporal synchronization of meditation, prayer and physical movement
Echogenic or radio opaque device for removal from or transfer into the genital organs
Microvascular blood volume magnetic resonance imaging
Micro-scale compact device for in vivo medical diagnosis combining optical imaging and point fluores...
Safety system to detect and annunciate the loss of occupancy detection in transit systems
Method of determining the use of at least one toll road section
Radio transmission device, mutual authentication method and mutual authentication program
Method, system, and program for managing storage units in storage pools
Shared data initialization query system and method
System and method for risk detection and analysis in a computer network
Riding lawn mower
Manual transmission shifting device
Crash release arrangement and method for an automotive pedal mounting
Multi-wheel vehicle
Walking beam suspension for tracked vehicle
Power steering system having torque sensor
Automotive grille
Foot rest mountable on a motor vehicle floor
Controller of vehicle
Rear-wheel steering angle control device
Road condition estimation apparatus
Method of determining the crash phases relevant to the triggering of a passive safety device in a ve...
Inorganic/block copolymer-dye composites and dye doped mesoporous materials for optical and sensing ...
Apparatus and methods for managing the display of SMBIOS data relating to the configuration and comp...
Touchscreen user interface: Bluetooth™ stylus for performing right mouse clicks
Molecular sieve catalyst compositions, their production and use in conversion processes
Fingerprint recognizing device having patterned floating electrodes and fabricating method therefor
Multi-source power switching circuit for Wake On LAN ethernet application
Single-chip audio circuits, methods, and systems using the same
Ferroelectric write once read only memory for archival storage
Magnetic tunnel junction structures and methods of fabrication
Tumor selective and biodegradable polyphosphazene-platinum(II) conjugate antitumor agent, and prepar...
Wireless sports view display and business method of use
Curve-dependent engine drag-torque control
Voice recognition peripheral device
Electrochromic device
Method and apparatus for speculative loading of a memory
Software patch generator using compression techniques
White gold alloy compositions
Apparatus and method for use in non-invasively determining conditions in the circulatory system of a...
Simultaneous array configuration and store assignment for a data storage system
User interface for network browser including pre-processor for links embedded in hypermedia document...
Marine anchor release device
Vaccine for prevention of gram-negative bacterial infections and endotoxin related diseases
Robot apparatus, control method for robot apparatus, and toy for robot apparatus
Integrated glass ceramic systems
Dynamically adapting between pessimistic and optimistic notifications to replicated objects
Variable force camera control
Arrangement for controlling and logging voice enabled web applications using extensible markup langu...
Method for continuous anionic polymerization of impact-resistant polystyrene
Concurrent timed digital system design method and environment
Method and system for providing consistent data modification information to clients in a storage sys...
Method and device for smoothing a melody line segment
Methods and systems for providing programmable computerized interactors
Document and message exchange system for ASP model
Methods of use and compositions for the diagnosis and treatment of infectious disease
Tantalum capacitor case with increased volumetric efficiency
System, method and computer program product for dynamic resource management
Betamimetics with a prolonged duration of activity, processes for preparing them, and their use as p...
ABS compositions with improved property combinations
2H-1-benzopyran derivatives processes for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions thereof
Bifurcated vascular graft and method and apparatus for deploying same
Subcutaneous analyte sensor
Methods and vectors for generating antibodies in avian species and uses therefor
Nucleic acid molecule encoding a (poly)peptide co-segregating in mutated form with Autoimmune Polyen...
Process for producing synthetic zeolites with an MFI structure
Multi-functional child high chair
Methods and apparatus for digital circuit design generation
Image heating apparatus and pressure roller used for the apparatus
User program and operating system interface in a multithreaded environment
Unequal error protection of video based on motion vector characteristics
Integration of passive data content in a multimedia-controlled environment
Network access port
Fast frame optimization in an audio encoder
Double-rotatable spindle head for machine tools
Method for preparing functionalized β-(1,3)-glucan derivatives
Easily expandable, nontrapping, flexible paper, microwave package
Silicone-modified sulphonated comb polymers and preparations, in particular hair cosmetic preparatio...
Computer system monitoring
Nucleic acid molecules which code for enzymes derived from wheat and which are involved in the synth...
Porous coatings bearing ligand arrays and use thereof
Light pipe and polarized-light source
Cycloolefin copolymer resins having improved optical properties
Spinal stabilization device
Method and apparatus for monitoring vacuum degree of vacuum in vacuum interrupter
Customer replacement unit monitor programming cable
Microlens device and method of manufacturing the same, electro-optic device and electronic apparatus
Method for determining the performance of a communications system
System and method for sample detection based on low-frequency spectral components
Method for setting rotational speed of register rollers and image forming apparatus using the method
Method for evaluating inhibition of aspartic proteases
Full regular expression search of network traffic
Method for amplifying nucleic acid sequence
Document backing surface for show-through and artifact reduction
Driverless printing
Wireless transmitter having a modified translation loop architecture
Quaternary ammonium compounds
Antibodies against secreted protein HTEBYII
Modulators of ribosomal function and identification thereof
Methods and apparatus for nucleic acid sequencing by signal stretching and data integration
Axially tapered and bilayer microchannels for evaporative coolling devices
Heat exchanger comprising an inlet or outlet supply insert
Plate-type heat exchanger comprising a thick fin, and use of such a heat exchanger
Controller, temperature regulator and heat treatment apparatus
Method and apparatus for cooling heat-generating structure
Etched open microchannel spray cooling
Annular recuperator design
Heat exchanger package
Method for cooling a motor in a blower assembly for a furnance
Enthalpy heat exchanger with variable recirculation and filtration
Electrically conductive tire and apparatus and process for extruding elements which have been made c...
Cable strain relief device
Magnetic powder and isotropic bonded magnet