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Method and apparatus for providing a wireless aircraft interphone system
Hard decision-based decorrelator for estimating spatial signatures in a wireless communications syst...
Rotary non-contact connector and non-rotary non-contact connector
Method and system for scheduling user preference satellite radio station selections in a mobile vehi...
Cable carrying communications data and timing data to radio heads
Method of allocating radio resource
Method for interfacing asynchronous mobile communication system with at least one core network
Power control algorithm for packet data based on queue/channel utilization
Transmission of the fixed size PDUs through the transparent RLC
Radio communications system and components for a method of radio transmission by various radio trans...
Interference reduction within a communication system
Sports-headgear hanger
Archery bow steady rest and holder
Contest button
Flying disk target assembly for engaging and catching flying disk
Efficient encryption and authentication for data processing systems
Data encryption system
Geographically watermarked imagery and methods
Method and apparatus for carrying data in a video signal so that the data is not recorded
Method for repeated authentication of a user subscription identity module
Encryption key updating for multiple site automated login
Secure storage of private keys
Visual copyright protection
Secure distributed computation in cryptographic applications
Multiple-protocol home location register and method of use
System for converting wireless communications for a mobile device
Driver protection
Remote document management system
Multi-context iterative directory filter
Timeline-based graphical user interface for efficient image database browsing and retrieval
Design techniques for analyzing integrated circuit device characteristics
Noise invariant circuits, systems and methods
Non-steeped corn blend and article of commerce
Aerated confections and methods for preparing the same
Low protein cream cheese
Method of making high solids, high protein dairy-based food
Process for the preparation of an emulsion
Coffee compositions with enhanced flavor characteristics and method of making
Preparation method of the conjugated linoleic acid diglycerides
Vegetable fat and use thereof in food preparations
Shortening composition
Filled rice or potato products and the process for their preparation
Equine feed product
Methods for enhancing soy-containing foods and foods made thereby
Method and apparatus for providing products of consistent properties for extrusion
Pharmaceutical compositions containing exendins
Compositions of bacteria and alpha-lactalbumin and uses thereof
Novel inhibitors of glutaminyl cyclase
Palatability of aquaculture feed
HMB compositions and uses thereof
Flavor selection and optimization process
Portable timer system for restaurant inventory management
Expression cassettes for transgenic expression of nucleic acids
Method and system which enables subscribers to select videos from websites for on-demand delivery to...
Method of and a device for milking a dairy animal
Device for and a method of milking a dairy animal
System for funding, analyzing and managing life insurance policies funded with annuities
Sales transactions for transfer of commodities
System and method for providing financing
Facilitating a transaction in electronic commerce
Secure server-based indentification for simplified online transaction processing with palmtop comput...
Apparatus and method for determining the amount of flow of a substance through a tube/pipe
Method of permitting group access to electronically stored images and transaction card used in the m...
System and method for systems integration
Color flat panel display sub-pixel arrangements and layouts
Transistor backplanes for liquid crystal displays comprising different sized subpixels
Chimeric sequences for tissue-specific gene expression in plants
Inbred corn line PHB6R
Mango tree named 'B74'
Bidens plant named 'Sunbidesupa'
Verbena plant named 'Sunvivasamo'
Verbena plant named 'Sunmaribagadi'
Integrated circuit device with data modifying capabilities and related methods
Method for producing channels and cavities in semiconductor housings, and an electronic component ha...
Radiation detecting element and method of manufacturing the same
Structure for and method of fabricating a high-mobility field-effect transistor
Suppression of MOSFET gate leakage current
Light source
Heterojunction bipolar transistor with dielectric assisted planarized contacts and method for fabric...
Semiconductor device
Metal-over-metal devices and the method for manufacturing same
Semiconductor device including capacitor
Semiconductor structure comprising a magnetoresistor
Semiconductor device having low interface state density and method for fabricating the same
Solid-state imaging apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
Light receiving element, light detector with built-in circuitry and optical pickup
Method for manufacturing a high frequency semiconductor structure and high frequency semiconductor s...
Apparatus and method for generating electrical current from the nuclear decay process of a radioacti...
Power switch structure with low RDSon and low current limit
Image-sensing apparatus
Solid image-pickup device having a micro lens array and method of manufacturing the same
Non-vacuum methods for the fabrication of organic semiconductor devices
Polythiophenes and devices thereof
Semiconductor and non-semiconductor non-diffusion-governed bioelectrodes
Digital filter combination
Watch-typed heartbeat sensing device
Liquid crystal display device
System, method, and apparatus for a magnetically levitated and driven reticle-masking blade stage me...
Shape measuring apparatus, shape measuring method, and aligning method
Apparatus and method for inspection of photolithographic mask
Cyclic error compensation in interferometry systems
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus
Modems utilizing low density parity check codes
Device and method of computing a transformation linking two images
Data processing method
Scanning tone remote adapter for land-mobile radio dispatch for use with dispersed dispatch stations
Home latch-key web based automation system
Method and system for verifying a software upgrade for a communication device
Method and circuit for synchronizing a write operation between an on-chip microprocessor and an on-c...
Active annotation mechanism for document management systems
Device useful for signal transfer from static surface to rotating surface and viceversa
Method and arrangement for obtaining and conveying information about occupancy of a vehicle
Method and apparatus for producing a three-dimensional moving image
Process for producing electrophoretic display device
Electro-optic reflective modulators
Antireflection film, polarizing plate, and apparatus for displaying an image
Dynamic multi-spectral X-ray projection imaging
Dynamic multi-spectral CT imaging
Method for converting CT data to linear attenuation coefficient map data
Functional material and functional device
Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Transmission of data by ultrasound
Electronic instrument intended to be worn on the wrist and including, in particular, an antenna for ...
Dual element sensor medical electrode
Dynamically alterable three-dimensional graphical model of a body region
Method of positioning electrodes for central nervous system monitoring
Wavelet analysis of one or more acoustic signals to identify one or more anomalies in an object
Multicolor light emission apparatus with multiple different wavelength organic elements
Methods and systems for dynamically serving in-stream advertisements
Method, system, and program for a transparent file restore
Technique for conveying overload conditions from an AC adapter to a load powered by the adapter
Optoelectronic display
Device for examining liquids
Pyrolysis gasoline stabilization
Chiral (1pyrrolino) fullerene derivatives
Radiation protection in integrated circuits
Composite beam with integrated rupture initiator and aircraft fuselage including such beams
Fuzzy inference network for classification of high-dimensional data
Method and apparatus for closing a stuffed toy
Method for manufacturing electroluminescent element
Security code activated access control system
Medicament container with same side airflow inlet and outlet and method of use
Methods, apparatus and data structures for providing a uniform representation of various types of in...
Torenia plant named 'Dantopinkmn'
Light box having a solar panel cover
Acoustic wave attenuator for a rail
Dye labeling composition
Cationic reactive dyes
Molecular tag reader
Automated measurement of anatomical structures in medical imaging
Acceleration of convergence rate with verified bits in turbo decoding
Multi-beam semiconductor laser element
Electric animal deterrent for contact with underlying ground system
Data list transmutation and input mapping
Method for making aluminum alloy strips with high surface homogeneity
Retaining rail for fixing a slide-in module in a mounting cradle of a computer
Two-dimensional optical code scanner with scanning pattern having region of greater apparent brightn...
System and method for dynamic runtime partitioning of model-view-controller applications
Multi-axial machine tool and table unit mounting jig
Memory device with quantum dot and method for manufacturing the same
Polysaccharide conjugates of biomolecules
Manufacture method for electron-emitting device, electron source, light-emitting apparatus, and imag...
Aqueous liquid detergent dispersions consisting of a sec-alkane sulfonate and an alkyl hydroxyethyl ...
Amine organoborane complex initiated polymerizable compositions containing siloxane polymerizable co...
Method of providing an automated package receptacle for the receipt, storage and pickup of a package...
Method for gene transfer into target cells with retrovirus
Liquid-crystal display device
Combination current sensor and relay
Active receiving array antenna
Organic bistable device and organic memory cells
Circuit breakers
Method and system for low noise integrated circuit design
Hermetic motor and gas booster
Coordinate measuring system and field-of-view indicators therefor
Image forming apparatus with settable peak to peak voltages applied to image bearing member
Automatic input impedance balancing for electrocardiogram (ECG) sensing applications
Rotary blood pump diagnostics and cardiac output controller
Compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Light emitting diode driving circuit
Transmitter and method having a low sampling frequency for digital to analog conversion
Fused bicyclic metalloproteinase inhibitors
Gas/liquid contacting apparatus
Method for preparing an implantable multilayer tissue construct
Ultrasonic slitting of photovoltaic cells and modules
Method and apparatus for an acousto-optic filter that generates a helical wave and method for manufa...
Method and apparatus for providing inductive coupling and decoupling of high-frequency, high-bandwid...
Integrated fiber, sensor and lens arrays for optical networks
Optical coupler
Angle tuning wavelength sensitive filters using a variable focal length lens
Mode coupling devices with complex spectral profile
Highly index-sensitive optical devices including long period fiber gratings
Bi-directional optical transceiver module
Two-dimensional optical element array, two dimensional waveguide apparatus and methods for manufactu...
Hollow core photonic bandgap optical fiber
Fiber for enhanced energy absorption
Optical fibers
Fiber optic cable management system
Method of attaching an optical fiber to a flexure
Variable optical attenuator
Optically marked surface
Optical communication interface module for universal serial bus
Optical signal generating circuit and optical transmission line
Optical coherence tomography apparatus, optical fiber lateral scanner and a method for studying biol...
Computer system having a storage area network and method of handling data in the computer system
Fine grained role-based access to system resources
Method for reducing pole and alumina recession on magnetic recording heads
Active fly height control crown actuator
Disk drive measuring pole tip protrusion by performing a write operation to heat the transducer
Method and apparatus for the acoustic improvement of the pulsed current method for controlling the v...
Magnetic disk device
Disk storage apparatus and disk storage apparatus control method
Disk drive having cover assembly which compresses a foam member between substantially planar rigid m...
Disk drive motor and disk drive storage device incorporating same
Concave trailing edge write pole for perpendicular recording
Magnetic head
Thin-film magnetic head with thin-film coil of low resistance
Magnetic head having a heat dissipating structure
Negative pressure type head slider and disk drive
Device for reducing damage due to head slap within a hard disk drive
Stacked actuator arm assembly clamp
Cleating features to improve adhesive interface between an actuator tang and a tang-supporting surfa...
Head arm assembly with an arm motion limiting member and disk drive device with the head arm assembl...
Actuator arm design for reducing power consumption in a disk drive data storage device
Disk drive having a two-stage actuator for suppressing a flying-height fluctuation
Integrated method and device for a dual stage micro-actuator and suspension design for the hard disk...
Embedded lapping guide for a magnetic head cluster
Magnetoresistive effect transducer having longitudinal bias layer directly connected to free layer
Digital signal, processing apparatus, digital signal processing method, digital signal recording app...
Method and apparatus for manufacture test processing a disk drive installed in a computer system
Breathing gas delivery method and apparatus
Compositions for diabetes treatment and prophylaxis
Multiplex analysis using membrane-bound sensitizers
Insulin-like growth factor agonist molecules
High fidelity thermostable ligase and uses thereof
Methods for treating macular degeneration with topiramate
Heterocyclic side chain containing, n-substituted metalloprotease inhibitors
Pyrazine based inhibitors of glycogen synthase kinase 3
Substituted amino methyl factor Xa inhibitors
Remedial agent for anxiety neurosis or depression and piperazine derivative
Use of organic compounds
NPY-5 antagonists
Protein kinase inhibitors
Triamide-substituted heterobicyclic compounds
Aminoindazole derivatives and intermediates, preparation thereof, and pharmaceutical compositions th...
Intron/exon structure of the human and mouse β3-adrenergic receptor genes
Cyclic amine derivatives and use thereof
Systems and methods for treatment of obesity and eating disorders by electrical brain stimulation an...
Security association mediator for java-enabled devices
Pluggable authentication modules for telecommunications management network
Secure intranet access
System for electronic repository of data enforcing access control on data search and retrieval
Method and system for providing task information in a place
Specifying DICOM semantic constraints in XML
Interacting with software applications displayed in a web page
Program specification generating system
Diagnostic method and article for identifying significant events
API to increase debug log performance
Method for handling transitions in grouped services in a distributed computing application
System and method for server-side communication support in a distributed computing environment
Identification and cloning of a mycobacterial antigen corresponding to a heparin-binding haemaggluti...
Method for binding basophils and mast cells
Serine-threonine phosphatase protein of a parasitic organism of the Apicomplexa phylum, applications...
DNA coding for human cell surface antigen
Isolated human drug-metabolizing proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human drug-metabolizing p...
Aqueous nacreous concentrate compositions comprising ethoxylated glycerides
Effectors of dipeptidyl peptidase IV for topical use
Macrolide solvates
Methods related to immunostimulatory nucleic acid-induced interferon
Aglycon dammarane sapogenins, their use as anti-cancer agents, and a process for producing same
PI-3 kinase inhibitor prodrugs
Synergistic composition of trans-tetracos-15-enoic acid and Apocynin and method of treatment for hep...
Bacillus thuringiensis cryET33 and cryET34 compositions and uses therefor
Plasmodium falciparum antigens inducing protective antibodies
Carboxylic acid-type lipid
Backlash clutch and joint mechanism for a robot comprising the clutch
Preset controller of compensator in rotary press
Speech recognition by dynamical noise model adaptation
Employing speech models in concatenative speech synthesis
Content management system and methodology featuring query conversion capability for efficient search...
Implementing table queries in a machine with vectorial capabilities
System and method for resolving distributed network search queries to information providers
System and method for searching websites associated with bookmarks
Message conductors in a distributed computing environment
System for sharing network state to enhance network throughput
System, method, and program product for saving a submitted form of a web page
Navigation tool for accessing workspaces and modules in a graphical user interface
Method and apparatus for selecting a route for a net based on the impact on other nets
Utility knife
Combatting air pollution
Sodium-based dechlorinating agent and waste treatment equipment
Solid state oxygen anion and electron mediating membrane and catalytic membrane reactors containing ...
Producing cobalt (III) hexammine sulfate from nickel cobalt sulfides
Method of preparing positive active material for rechargeable lithium batteries
Wet abatement system for waste SiH4
Process for reducing pollutants from the exhaust of a diesel engine
Aminosulfonate product-treated nitrogen-containing salt particles
Method for growing single-wall carbon nanotubes utlizing seed molecules
Microporous crystals and synthesis schemes
Process for production of macrostructures of a microporous material
Food serving container
Coffee and tea pod
Light duty belt cleaning system
Food processor with removable blade cartridge
Continuous feeding and decompressing device, tube assembly, and methods
Sculpting / modeling material composition
Nutraceuticals or nutritional supplements and method of making
Low temperature rendering process
Packaging laminate and container including it
Fender with leaf spring
Vortex-induced vibration reduction device for fluid immersed cylinders
Method for constructing foundation
Motion compensated de-interlacing in video signal processing
Apparatus and method of controlling image display
Television analogue and digital convertor apparatus
Method and circuit for inserting a picture into a video picture
Apparatus and method for discriminating color format
Method and apparatus of composing menu for users
Comb filter and a video apparatus
Method and a processor for processing two digital video signals clocked by respective clock signals ...
Device for changing channels in a digital television reception system
Television tuner which has leveled a gain deviation in the same band
Video image rotating apparatus
Design and fabrication process for a lens system optically coupled to an image-capture device
Encoding apparatus, encoding method, and recording medium storing encoding processing program
Coded data transfer control method and storage and reproduction system
Image collecting device, image retrieving device, and image collecting and retrieving system
Creating geometric model descriptions for use in machine vision inspection systems
Visual inspection method and visual inspection apparatus
Tracing technique and recording media of object motion
Transport stream recording apparatus and method, transport stream reproducing apparatus and method, ...
Multicasting multimedia content distribution system
Adjustable thumb pick for stringed instrument
Drumhead quick disconnect
Conga stand
Write posting memory interface with block-based read-ahead mechanism
System for and method of operating a cache
Enhanced protection for memory modification tracking with redundant dirty indicators
Speculative cache memory control method and multi-processor system
System and method for reducing contention in a multi-sectored cache
Mobile wireless communication device architectures and methods therefor
Multi-port memory device with multiple modes of operation and improved expansion characteristics
Memory manager for a common memory
Methods and apparatus for multiple cluster locking
Storage system
Data storage subsystem
Dynamically setting the optimal base addresses of process components
Subsystem replacement method
Dual controller system for dynamically allocating control of disk units
Method for operating an integrated memory unit partitioned by an external control signal
Data extraction/insertion method and device in digital signal processor
Method frame storage using multiple memory circuits
Passing decoded instructions to both trace cache building engine and allocation module operating in ...
Prefetch insertion by correlation of cache misses and previously executed instructions
Materials and devices of enhanced electromagnetic transparency
Arthroplasty spinal prosthesis and insertion device
Threaded intervertebral implant
Method for inserting a fusion cage having a height substantially the same as the height between adja...
Collapsible, rotatable, and tiltable hydraulic spinal disc prosthesis system with selectable modular...
Method for using lordotic guard with moveable extensions for creating an implantation space posterio...
Constrained artificial spinal disc
Disk repair structures for positioning disk repair material
Bone blocks and methods for inserting bone blocks into intervertebral spaces
Arcuate interbody spinal fusion implant having a reduced width and an anatomically conformed trailin...
Systems for bone replacement
Biologically reabsorbable acetabular constraining components and materials for use with a hip replac...
Constrained artificial implant for orthopaedic applications
Implant made with titanium or titanium alloy and surface treating method thereof
Tensegrity joints for prosthetic, orthotic, and robotic devices
Cuffless blood-pressure monitor and accompanying web services interface
System for preparation and transmission of specification for customized prostheses
Payment V.I.P. card
TRAIL-R as a negative regulator of innate immune cell responses
Growth differentiation factor-8 nucleic acid and polypeptide from aquatic species, and transgenic aq...
Prion-free transgenic ungulates
Copy protection system for portable storage media
Joystick with enabling sensors
Surface effect ship improvements
Arrangement structure for a motorcycle ignition switch apparatus, and motorcycle incorporating same
Driving and transmission unit for use in rolling vehicles
Electric vehicle
Motor in wheel electric drive system
Hydraulic tilting device for tilting a vehicle cab
Three-wheel vehicle and concentric intermediate sprocket assembly therefor
Shift device for vehicle
Steering equipment for vehicles
Steering device
Hydraulically-actuated pilot clutch type clutch assembly
Tag axle suspension system
Vehicle front end structure
Vehicle driving system
Power divider for motor vehicles comprising an off-road speed gear
Control device for hybrid vehicle
System and method for controlling a steering position of rear vehicle wheels
Method to alert drowsy driver
Method, system and facility for controlling resource allocation within a manufacturing environment
Method for using non-temporal streaming to improve garbage collection algorithm
Encapsulation for organic LED device
Process for the production of mesitylene and durene
LED illumination apparatus and card-type LED illumination source
File management of one-time-programmable nonvolatile memory devices
Dynamic control of wafer processing paths in semiconductor manufacturing processes
Online database table reorganization
Rearrangement of microarray scan images to form virtual arrays
Locking device with solenoid release pin
Device and method for detecting and preprocessing weights acting on a vehicle seat
Natural language processing methods and systems
Play extension system and program for the same
Proton-conductive membranes and layers and methods for their production
Decomposing IC regions and embedding routes
Method for facilitating development and testing of relational database application software
Mobility cart for transporting oxygen concentrators and related accessories
Powder inhaler
Method for dynamically allocating a device in an LPAR system
Process for catalytic autothermal steam reforming of alcohols
Distributed secrets for validation of gaming transactions
Clematis plant named 'Evipo020'
Skin and mucosal treatment formulation
Positioning substrate for semiconductor process
Self-structuring antenna system with memory
Fiber-optic channel selecting apparatus
Electroosmotic microchannel cooling system
Apparatus for delivering music performance information via communication network and apparatus for r...
Delegate-based event handling
Method and apparatus for gathering three dimensional data with a digital imaging system
Kalanchoe plant named 'Pippijn'
Scheduler for use in a microprocessor that supports data-speculative execution
Laminates for encapsulating devices
Multi-spectral color correction
Interactive virtual portal
Place-and-route with power analysis
Highly available, monotonic increasing sequence number generation
IP/MPLS-based transport scheme in 3G radio access networks
Traffic stream generator having a non-consecutive addressing mechanism
Internet-based and network-based relay center access for the hearing and speech impaired
Internet-based message translation for the hearing and speech impaired
Interactive irrigation system
Booking certificate issuing apparatus and method
Simplified LDAP access control language system
Material and supplies ordering system
Multisite coordination in shared multicast trees
Method and system for integrating building services by developing and loading an adapter element for...
Method of and apparatus for remote monitoring
Method for managing certificate revocation list by distributing it
Document verification system
Methods and apparatus for controlling operation of a microwave oven in a network
Computer implemented method and system for transmitting graphical images from server to client at us...
Method for providing concurrent audio-video and audio instant messaging sessions
Anthropomorphic phantoms and method
Method and system for managing teaching files
Advance care plan
Interactive computer model of the heart
Digital content preview user interface for mobile devices
Flip-over storytelling book publishing system, method, and kit
Method and apparatus for remote interaction with a computer over a network
Collaborative e - learning activity structures
Life size furniture kit
Methods and apparatus for interior design component selection
Apparatus for blending base pigments into composite colors and method for making same
Digital object recognition audio-assistant for the visually impaired
Gaming apparatus including platform
Computer game combined progressive language learning system and method thereof
Test of parietal lobe function and associated methods
Authoring tool to structure and create a computer-based training course, and having role-specific fu...
Constant range of size character data entry and error indication system
ABDS method utilizing security information in authenticating entity access
Method and apparatus for password entry using dynamic interface legitimacy information
Methods for extracting information on interactions between biological entities from natural language...
Locating references and roots for in-cache garbage collection
Discharge lamp of the short arc type
Fault state detection mechanism for a ring-counter-based frequency divider-by-N that generates non-o...
Low Noack volatility poly α-olefins
GaN LED for flip-chip bonding and method of fabricating the same
Computer system with operating system to dynamically adjust the main memory
Ferroelectric memory device and method of making the same
Garden swing
Apparatus for and method of recording program information
Electron source for food treating apparatus and method
Motor controller of deceleration idling-cylinder engine vehicle
Multi-purpose mobile cordless phone system
Service identification tag and communications system using the same
Method for database storing, accessing personnel to service selected assemblies of selected equipmen...
Card interactive amusement device
Apparatus for measuring current density of fuel cell
Security device managed access to information
Method and apparatus for efficiently tracking monitors
Apparatus for filling charged aerosol cans
Clustered filesystem
Gesture-controlled interfaces for self-service machines and other applications
Prostate cancer diagnosis and outcome prediction by expression analysis
Track and hinge for a boat ladder
Promotional form with detachable element
Multilayer label and method of making the same
Therapeutic combinations of atypical antipsychotics with corticotropin releasing factor antagonists
Antagonists of melanin concentrating hormone effects on the melanin concentrating hormone receptor
Beta 2-adrenergic receptor agonists
Method for vascular dysregulation
Alkyl-containing 5-acylindolinones, the preparation thereof and their use as medicaments
Aryl 5-thio-beta-d-glucopyranoside derivatives and remedies for diabetes containing the same
Novel benzopyran analogs and their use for the treatment of glaucoma
Anti-cancer compounds and methods of use thereof
Novel interleukin-1 and tumor necrosis factor-alpha modulators, syntheses of said modulators and met...
Malonamic acids and derivatives thereof as thyroid receptor ligands
Phenol derivatives and method of use thereof
Method and apparatus for presentation of noninvasive glucose concentration information
Body composition measuring device capable of comparing current measured value with past measured val...
Endoscopic suturing assembly and associated methodology using a temperature biased suture needle
Intra-luminal device for gastrointestinal electrical stimulation
Cosmetic or pharmaceutical preparations comprising nucleic acids based on non-methylated CPG motifs
Method for enhanced photodynamic therapy
Enhancement of anti-androgenic activity by a combination of inhibitors targeting different steps of ...
Pharmaceutical formulation comprising an androstane derivative and a solubilising agent in an aqueou...
Aerosol formulations containing esters of 3,17-dihydroxy oestratriene derivatives for pulmonary deli...
Use of estriol and other estranes, estrogens and estrogen receptor active compositions in the treatm...
Hormone composition
Methods and compositions for the treatment of psychiatric conditions
Rho-kinase inhibitors
Pyrazole derivatives
Methods of treating a disorder
Coniosulfides and their derivatives, processes for preparing them, and their use as pharmaceuticals
Treatment of local pain
Potentiation of therapeutic effects of fatty acids
Orthotic device
Hand protector used in recuperation process
Method and apparatus for applying microcurrent to eyes
Electrical devices and anti-scarring agents
Electrical devices and anti-scarring agents
Electrical devices and anti-scarring agents
Game machine and information storage medium
Automated board eraser
Portable print reading device for the blind
Playing card system for foreign language learning
Complex radar target simulator
Ficus plant named 'Black Diamond'
Computer-implemented system and method for simulating motor vehicle and bicycle traffic
Routing data based on comparative income values
Detection of both voice and tones using Goertzel filters
Circuit arrangement for forming the termination of an analogous subscriber line
Impulse response setting method for the 2-channel echo canceling filter, a two-channel echo cancelle...
Voltage reference filter for subscriber line interface circuit
Telecommunication system using digital-subscriber lines coexisting with TCM-ISDN lines
User changeable electronic device/mobile phone covers and method
System and method for call forwarding synchronization in a communication system
Location-based forwarding over multiple networks
Remote management of an external phonebook
Provisioning a mobile device in a wireless communication system
Wireless network having joint power and data rate adaptation
Cover opening/close device of mobile terminal
Arrangement for providing international prompts in a unified messaging system
Echo canceller having an adaptive filter with a dynamically adjustable step size
Data collection system and method for reducing latency
Dial back e-mail system using binary protocol
Method and system for management and notification of electronic certificate changes
Discovering stolen or lost network-attachable computer systems
System and method for generating computer code to facilitate development of CDR management tools
Method for preparing nicotianamine or nicotianamine-containing product
Material handling system and method using mobile autonomous inventory trays and peer-to-peer communi...
Quality monitoring system for building structure, quality monitoring method for building structure a...
Methods for removing artifact from biological profiles
Optimizing performance parameters for switchable polymer dispersed liquid crystal optical elements
Message-based software system
Capture of multiple interlaced images on a single film frame using micro-lenses and method of provid...
Hybrid tea rose plant named 'RUIY5451'
Sulfonylbenzene compounds as anti-inflammatory/analgesic agents
System and method for conducting diagnostics in a telecommunications node
Ligament reconstruction tensioning device
Method and apparatus for representation of a JavaScript program for execution by a JavaScript interp...
Method and apparatus for kernel module testing
Audio system for reproducing plural parts of music in perfect ensemble
Non-invasive blood glucose monitoring system
Methods of processing magnetotelluric signals
Screening methods for identifying ligands
Simultaneous display of a coded message together with its translation
Method of changing and delivering personal information, and personal information change and delivery...
Multimedia storage tray
Systems and methods for distributing targeted multimedia content and advertising
Spray formed articles made of boron steel
Inhibition of cell surface protein disulfide isomerase
Electro-optic displays, and methods for driving same
Electronic units and method for packaging and assembly of said electronic units
Verifiable, secret shuffles of encrypted data, such as elgamal encrypted data for secure multi-autho...
Pesticidal compositions containing plant essential oils against beetles
Porous β-tricalcium phosphate granules for regeneration of bone tissue
Trihydroxy polyunsaturated eicosanoids
Bank depository
Processes for transitioning between metallocene and Ziegler-Natta polymerization catalysts
Modular server architecture
Constant rate deployment device
Facet arthroplasty devices and methods
Therapeutic agent for the treatment of septicaemia its preparation and use
Biomedical nuclear and X-ray imager using high-energy grazing incidence mirrors
Polynucleotides encoding novel human leucine-rich repeat containing protein expressed predominately ...
Tokenless biometric electronic financial transactions via a third party identicator
Ketones as precursors of active compounds
Techniques for facilitating conversion between asynchronous and synchronous domains
Genotype pattern recognition and classification
Portable fuel-cell-powered system with ultrasonic atomization of H2O by-product
Execution control for processor tasks
Methods of assessing the effect of a gene of interest on human prostate cancer progression
Cradle for digital camera
System and method for automatic and dynamic layout of resizable dialog type windows
Optical information medium
Loading dock shelter with hollow side or head members
Remediation injection vessel for marshes, tidal flats, and wetlands
Sensor system for buried waste containment sites
Sealing the junction region where a lateral pipe and a main pipe meet
System and method for preventing bluff erosion
Situ neutralization of subsurface acidic pore water
Protective packaging unit
Apparatus, and associated method, for verifying closed-loop feedback antenna weightings at a communi...
Formulations for treating or preventing mucositis
Perovskite electrodes and method of making the same
Bimodal polyolefin production process and films therefrom
Pointing device with biometric sensor
Robust heterodyne interferometer optical gauge
Register for the parallel-serial conversion of data
Scalable compression of audio and other signals
Methods and apparatus for analyzing flutter test data using damped sine curve fitting
Multi-joint robot and control device thereof
Industrial robot
Calibration system for laser peening
Blade of wafer transfer robot, semiconductor manufacturing equipment having a transfer robot compris...
Robot system and controller
Precision feed end-effector composite fabric tape-laying apparatus and method
Self-propelled working robot
UART with compressed user accessible interrupt codes
Electric fuel pump condition monitor system using electrical signature analysis
Air scavenging for an opposed piston opposed cylinder free piston engine
Combination water pump/air compressor system
Air compressor with improved hand portability
Mechanical pumps
Method for fabricating a micro machine
Cleaning system method and apparatus for the manufacture of integrated cicuits
Patterning method for fabricating integrated circuit
Plasma treatment for copper oxide reduction
Fabricating method of polycrystalline silicon thin film transistor with improved electrical characte...
Method of making a MEMS electrostatic chuck
Method for pretreating a substrate prior to application of a polymeric coat
Method and apparatus for depositing dielectric films
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having nitride film with improved insulating properties
Method and system for improving the efficiency of a mechanical alignment tool
Position detection device, apparatus using the same, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing me...
Electron beam lithography device and drawing method using electron beams
Rotor speed control device and method
Cleaning solution including aqueous ammonia solution, acetic acid and deionized water for integrated...
Anti-foaming preparation and use thereof
Methods and equipment for removing stains from fabrics
Method and system for digitizing freehand graphics with user-selected properties
Reorder assistance notification interaction and method
Apparatus and method for calibrating a scanner with a document feeder
Content addressable memory (CAM) device employing a recirculating shift register for data storage
Time-varying magnetic fields generator for a magnetic resonance apparatus
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer and method for operation thereof
Radiofrequency wave transmission circuit using arbitray waveform generator and NMR apparatus using t...
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method of controlling magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Method and apparatus for temperature-controlled application of radio frequency power in magnetic res...
Use of two or more sensors to detect different nuclear quadrupole resonance signals of a target comp...
Information processing system, service providing device and method, information processing device an...
Apparatus and method for harvesting atmospheric moisture
Positive sensitive resin composition and a process for forming a resist pattern therewith
High resolution pulse count interface
Outdoor fan system
Method and apparatus for resecting bone from an ulna in preparation for prosthetic implantation
Solar radiation reflector and solar energy system comprising the solar radiation reflector
Manifold for fuel cell system
Mail receptacle for attaching to a periphery of a mail slot of a door
Flexible pipe connecting unit
Device for capturing and emitting radiations
Installation of application software through a network from a source computer system on to a target ...
Component loader for industrial control device providing resource search capabilities
Computer-implemented system and method for hosting design-time controls
Method and device for reading display pixel emission and ambient luminance levels
Emissive display device having sensing for luminance stabilization and user light or touch screen in...
Penlight and touch screen data input system and method for flat panel displays
Sidelight illuminated flat panel display and touch panel input device
System and method for producing white light using LEDs
Method and device for flat panel emissive display using shielded or partially shielded sensors to de...
Fluid jet head with driving circuit of a heater set
Display device and portable terminal using the same
Display panel driving apparatus
Current drive circuit and display device using same, pixel circuit, and drive method
Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Circuit arrangement with power factor correction, and corresponding appliance
Electrodeless low-pressure discharge lamp operating device and self-ballasted electrodeless fluoresc...
Electric power supply apparatus having input switching circuit
Input/output buffer
Drive device and drive method of light emitting elements
Device for operation of a high pressure discharge lamp
Feedback sampling control circuit for lamp driving system
Multilayer control of gobo shape
Cathode-ray tube apparatus
Phase shifting and PWM driving circuits and methods
Method and apparatus for controlling the operation of a motor vehicle drive train
Torque distribution control device for four-wheel drive vehicle
Vehicle trajectory control system
Installation for powder painting objects
Method and system for determining weather strip fit for a closure panel of a vehicle
Bearing for electronically controlled throttle motor
Template for preparing a wire harness
Automotive safety device for melting snow and ice from roadways
Moisture sensor and windshield fog detector
Non-contact proximity sensor
Anti-theft protection system for a motor vehicle, and a method for operating an anti-theft protectio...
Device and method for monitoring the air pressure in the tires of a motor vehicle
Initial movement indicator system and method for a wheeled ground vehicle
Search results using editor feedback
System and method for searching heterogeneous electronic directories
Finishing treatment for pile carpets
System and method for accessing broadcast media in data communication with a broadcast receiving dev...
Human adult astrocytes, their preparation and uses thereof
Adaptive variable fuel internal combustion engine
Chamber having a protective layer
Hydroentangled filter media with improved static decay and method
Submicron and nano size particle encapsulation by electrochemical process and apparatus
Polyalkylacrylate compounds for use in golf balls
Magnetic random access memory
Method of manufacturing the semiconductor device
Imaging method and apparatus for imaging with low incident radiation
Solid-state imaging device with dynamic range control
Image pickup apparatus
Microminiature image pickup device
Video telecommunication system
Photographic apparatus having display for display of a network and network system
Image pickup apparatus and image processing method for picking up an image of a target object in div...
Fast and accurate adjustment of gain and exposure time for image sensors
Color correction apparatus, color correction method, and recording medium having color correction co...
Image-taking apparatus and image-taking method
Image sensing apparatus including an image sensing unit having a non-destructive read function
CMOS sensor with data flow control
Collection/dispensing system with improved mopping assembly
Method for disassembling refrigerator, compressing device, and device for disassembling the same
Fastening machines
Method of patterning, installing, renewing and/or recycling carpet tiles
Unit for feeding products to a blistering machine
Cutting method using wire saw, wire saw device, and method of manufacturing rare-earth magnet
High frequency shock absorber and accelerator
Container for cosmetic products
Materials and methods for the alteration of enzyme and acetyl CoA levels in plants
Compositions comprising phosphodiesterase inhabitors for the treatment of sexual disfunction
Controlled shear and turbulence flow pattern within a liquid in a vessel
Array compositions for improved signal detection
Method and system for fabricating optical film using an exposure source and reflecting surface
Method, device, system and recording medium for detecting improper cartridge, and cartridge
Battery cell having edge support and method of making the same
Testing the frontside emission of bottom-emitting VCSELs
Charge dissipation in electrostatically driven devices
Apparatus for providing a CPU cluster via a disk I/O bus using a CPU brick which fits into a disk ca...
Method and apparatus for reducing logic activity in a microprocessor using reduced bit width slices ...
Efficiently calculating a branch target address
Accuracy of multiple branch prediction schemes
Battery having a plurality of temperature sensors for outputting different control information to a ...
Method and apparatus for software-assisted thermal management for electronic systems
Programmable radio frequency predistortion linearizer and method thereof
Flexible radio link control protocol
Handoff mechanisms to support real-time delay-critical services in a next generation network
Systems and methods for wirelessly transmitting data from a utility meter
Radio communication system and apparatus, communication method and program recording medium therefor
Radio apparatus with a planar antenna
Method for optimizing forward link data transmission rates in spread-spectrum communications systems
Antenna device and portable radio communication device
Receiver and method of recovering data from radio signals
Information handling system including passive RF tuning carrier for wireless modules
Connector unit
Solderless method for transferring high frequency, radio frequency signals between printed circuit b...
Data selection system and method therefor
Security method and system for storage subsystem
Securable mousepad with slidable tray and a method of using same
N-thiolated beta-lactams: novel antibacterial agents for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
3-mercaptopyrrolidines as farnesyl protein transferase inhibitors
Polycyclic compounds exhibiting anti-tumor activities
Absorbent article with improved liquid-handling ability
Absorbent article
Dynamoelectric machine having encapsulated coil structure with one or more of phase change additives...
Bat with composite handle
Extraction device with built-in capsule loading system
Methods and apparatus for an LED light engine
Disc repair system
Methods of forming integrated optoelectronic devices
Simultaneous multi-beam planar array IR (pair) spectroscopy
Method and apparatus for detecting pattern defects
Method of fabricating and inspecting a transparent optical element having a parabolic optical-qualit...
Dispersion-managed cable for raman-assisted transmission
Luminous intensity distribution control device and display having the same
Method and apparatus for providing optical network interface using optical memory storage
Method for recognizing objects in an image pixel plane
Coating composition and article coated with the composition
Electrostatic transportation device, development device and image formation apparatus
Computer-assisted support method for projecting an electric line system
Adaptive pilot tone location in a transmission system
Telephone intercom methods and systems
International telephone routing information/status network
Methods and apparatus for using AIN techniques to facilitate servicing of calls by a group of users
Process, service computer, switching centre, terminals and program modules for handling incoming tel...
Automated call routing
Enhancing an intelligent network service
Carrier identification codes (CIC) transport
Computer-telephony integration that uses features of an automatic call distribution system
Number keypad corral
Hook-flash simulation in parallel with off-hook devices
Management system for a telecommunications switch
Driver circuit for subscriber terminals
Echo canceller
Acoustic echo cancellation
Device for providing a hybridization chamber, and process unit and system for hybridizing nucleic ac...
Method for enhancing cellobiase activity of termitomyces clypeatus using a glycosylation inhibitor
Enzyme multimer and process of producing same
Method and apparatus for detecting DNA hybridization
Phase-locked loop circuit, information processing apparatus, and information processing system
Method for automatic programming, and associated components
Randomness test utilizing auto-correlation
Maintaining HTTP session affinity in a cluster environment
Insert for piezoelectric bone surgery
Ultrasound apparatus
Handheld medical test device
Fiberglass pool
Fiberglass pool
Fencing panel
Auxiliary handrail
Handrail for escape routes and flights of steps, with integrated recess for fluoridizing element
Portable plastic fence panel
Simple roof palm design barzebo
Retaining wall and block face
Retaining wall block
Construction block faces
Window component extrusion
Window component extrusion
Cover for rail attachment
Square post cap
Octagon post cap
Fluorescent lamp
Candle stand
Hitch-mounted vehicle light bar
Light shielding flange
Wound closure system and method
Multilayer polyolefin substrate with low density core and stiff outer layers
Nucleating additive formulations of bicyclo[2.2.1]heptane dicarboxylate salts
Protected aminofunctionalized polymerization initiators and methods of making and using same
Quick release for article handling mechanism
Integrated circuits with persistent data storage
Methods for the controlled delivery of pharmacologically active compounds
Dilatant composition
Recombinant IL-5 antagonists useful in treatment of IL-5 mediated disorders
Vaccine compositions and methods useful in inducing immune protection against arthritogenic peptides...
Electronically-controlled rear module for all-wheel drive system
Safety device for lifting a bonnet of a motor vehicle in the event of a collision
Feel control for active steering
Vehicle steering system for kickback reduction
Drive coupling
Control device for hybrid vehicle
Control apparatus for electric power steering system
Speed control system for a power equipment vehicle
Control system for the drive of a pto for an agricultural vehicle
System and method for cooling a fuel cell arrangement
Occupant restraint device control system and method
Linear actuator with an internal dampening mechanism
Vehicle burglar-proof device built in electromotive seat
Routing structure of vehicle connector
Exhaust emission control system and method
Tumor suppressor CAR-1
Drug delivery system with profiles
Sensor system including a port body
Steerable catheter
Safety needle apparatus
Surgical device having a handle adapted to impart tensile and compressive forces to elements at a di...
Apparatus for delivering endoluminal prostheses and methods of making and using them
Double sheath deployment system
Combined balloon-expanding and self-expanding stent
Sequential syringe apparatus
Hypodermic needle
Remote controlled urinary leg/bed bag drain valve
Catheter for target specific drug delivery
Catheter incorporating a curable polymer layer to control flexibility and method of manufacture
Jewelry toothbrush
Method of forming an optimized fiber reinforced liner on a rotor with a motor
Error accumulation dithering of image data
Semiconductor device manufacturing method and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Aluminum-beryllium alloys for air bridges
Synthesis of phenstatin and prodrugs thereof
Vibration-insulating rubber molded product for use in automobile
Flexible printed circuit board
Liquid crystal display device with alignment layer having a relative imidization ratio above 60%
Method for selection of optical fiber and system for inspection of optical fiber
Transistor and semiconductor memory using the same
Multimode light generating module, semiconductor laser apparatus, and optical fiber amplifier
Temperature compensation device and method with low heat-generation
Deck spacer
Gas turbine control system
Fluidic device
Method for manufacturing a golf club head
Pistol-type nozzle of gardening sprinkler
Ink jet recording apparatus and ink jet recording method
Ink jet head storing structure and liquid filling method
Release agent for metallic mold
Material for shadow mask, method for production thereof, shadow mask and image receiving tube
Apparatus and method for optical raster-scanning in a micromechanical system
Paracardiac blood pump
Autologous platelet gel delivery system
Intralumenal contact sensor
Tool for performing end-to-end anastomosis
Supra-renal prosthesis and renal artery bypass
Benzimidazolone peptidomimetics as thrombin receptor antagonists
Biurethane derivatives
Cyclopentabenzofuran derivatives and their use
Antigenic fusionprotein carrying Galα1,3Gal epitopes
Design of artificial genes for use as controls in gene expression analysis systems
Halogenated triptolide derivatives as immunomodulators and anticancer agents
System for development, management and operation of distributed clients and servers
Using an XML query language to publish relational data as XML
Database system including hierarchical link table
Version-enabled, multi-typed, multi-targeting referential integrity relational database system and m...
In-line dryer for a printer
System and method for funding a collective account by use of an electronic tag
Systems and methods for automatic status tracking of automatically ordered replaceable components fo...
Method for the selection of transmission entities
System and method for advertising supported communications
Method and system for interleaving OCR and ABL for automated mail sorting
POS registering system capable of changing a sales item to another sales item with simple operation
Optimal bank height for inkjet printing
Diascia plant named 'Kiedithree'
Euphorbia milii plant named 'Dinos'
Gaillardia plant named 'Baltoryell'
Rhododendron rootstock named 'Rhodunter 48'
Hydrangea plant named 'Claudie'
System and method for seamlessly bringing external services into instant messaging sessions and into...
Efficient methods for producing anti-microbial cationic peptides in host cells
Crystalline form of sucralose, and method for producing it
Glucopyranosyl-substituted phenyl derivatives, medicaments containing such compounds, their use and ...
Isolation of tigogenin pentaglycoside from chlorophytum nimonii