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Optical data recording medium and manufacturing method for the same, and a method for clamping the o...
Program guiding apparatus and method
Method and system for emulating and HTTP server through a broadcast carousel
Digital broadcasting system, digital broadcasting apparatus, and receiver apparatus for digital broa...
System and method for increasing heuristics suspicion levels in analyzed computer code
Method and system for providing computer malware names from multiple anti-virus scanners
Media player
Endoscopic video camera
Calibrachoa plant named `Sunbelfire`
Lettuce harvesting apparatus and method therefor
Method and system for photoselective vaporization for gynecological treatments
Manual carwash nozzle structure
Dispenser for foamed detergents
Low-emissions diesel fuel
Process for the production of particulate detergents
Piston engine with selectable firing order
Vehicle stability system using active tilting mechanism
Managing wheel skid in a locomotive
Method of monitoring service operations of a service vehicle at a well site
Dynamic mask-ROM register patching
Client-server electronic program guide
Apparatus and method for processing information, and program and medium used therefor
Information processing device and method, and recording medium
Posture chair
Methods and apparatus to control power state transitions
Reasonable clock adjustment for storage system
Metric calculation design for variable code rate decoding of broadband trellis, TCM, or TTCM
System for delivering exception raised in first architecture to operating system coded in second arc...
System for obfuscating computer code upon disassembly
Electro-active fluid cooling system
Reciprocating piston mechanism
Integrated control valve for a variable capacity compressor
Pump stabilizer and method
Liquid chromatograph pump with dual cylinders and dual plungers
Air pump capable of inflating an inflatable object
Radial fan
One-way valve
Valve apparatus and pneumatically driven diaphragm pump incorporating same
Bearing support and stator assembly for compressor
Motor driven centrifugal compressor/blower
Suction valve assembly of reciprocating compressor
Collapsible handgrip for inflator
Method of removing high density stickies from secondary papermaking fibers
Anatomical visualization system
Surface inspection method and surface inspection system
Pulsed spectroscopy with spatially variable polarization modulation element
Generic interface for an optical metrology system
Measuring sensor utilizing attenuated total reflection and measuring chip assembly
Enhancing the tonal, spatial, and color characteristics of digital images using expansive and compre...
Valve driving device of an internal combustion engine
Exposure apparatus
Air/oil separating device
Hand-held pool cleaner
Breather assembly for an internal combustion engine
Processing of chemicals in flow-through device with porous media
Pump for liquid chromatography
Wastewater treatment bioreactor
Filter media retaining cap and hold down grid
Apparatus for withdrawing permeate using an immersed vertical skein of hollow fibre membranes
Filtration element and method of constructing a filtration assembly
Filter candle
Pump inlet screen
Method for starting up a system for treating waste by hydrothermal oxidation
Hemoconcentrator in extracorporeal blood circuit
Global closed loop control system with dv/dt control and EMI/switching loss reduction
Apparatus and method thereof for measuring output current from primary side of power converter
Digital/analog converter, display driver and display
Adaptive multi-channel, multi-function
D/A converter circuit, semiconductor device incorporating the D/A converter circuit, and manufacturi...
Power converter
Output Buffer
Systems and methods for providing multi channel pulse width modulated audio with staggered outputs
Word length reduction circuit
Switching control circuit with variable switching frequency for primary-side-controlled power conver...
Fluid ejection cartridge utilizing a two-part epoxy adhesive
Flame retardant resin and flame retardant composition containing the same
High purity sputter targets with target end-of-life indication and method of manufacture
System and method for building a binary decision diagram associated with a target circuit
Synergistic combinations including N-acylated 4-Hydroxyphenylamine derivatives and caffeine
Positive modulators of nicotinic receptor agonists
Imidazole derivatives as adenosine deaminase inhibitors
Pharmaceutical compositions of isolated orthorhombic crystalline 4-[6-acetyl-3-[3-(4-acetyl-3-hydrox...
4-(Phenyl-(piperidin-4-yl)-amino)-benzamide derivaties and their use for the treatment of pain, anxi...
Method for treating retroviral infections
Breathing assistance apparatus
Apparatus for shaping the output beam of semiconductor lasers
Polymeric medium for the retention of reagent species for use in a hand-held device for the relative...
Embossed insulating paperboard
Alicyclic esters having a musky smell
Insulating paperboard
Catheter distal assembly with pull wires
Filter member
Method of using foamed insulators in three dimensional multichip structures
Copper recess process with application to selective capping and electroless plating
Capped pyrazinoylguanidine sodium channel blockers
Process for making iminodiacetic acid compounds from monoethanolamine substrates
Resin film and manufacturing method for the same, and resin laminated metal sheet using said resin f...
Process for monomer sequence control in polymerizations
Laminated battery separator material
Method for making lithographic printing plate
System and method for compressing data on a bandwidth-limited network
Automatic portable pneumatic compression system
Selective organ hypothermia method and apparatus
Methods for treating an artery or vein in a human subject
Prevention and reduction of blood loss
Use of radical-scavenging compounds for treatment and prevention of NO-dependent microcirculation di...
Milk flow meter for a milking system having a substantially stable vacuum level and method for using...
Stackable crate
Amplifier-enhanced optical analysis system and method
Camera with image recording mode switching function
Subdividing a digital dentition model
Members of the capsaicin/vanilloid receptor family of proteins and uses thereof
Dental color imaging system
Method of selectively inhibiting reaction between ions
Adaptable radiation monitoring system and method
Method and apparatus for temperature compensation
Sending and/or receiving serial data with bit timing and parallel data conversion
Image pickup apparatus adapted to carry out parallel operations in a continuous image pickup mode, a...
Lithographic apparatus
Apparatus and method for controlling data flow in a network switch
Method and system for efficient layer 3-layer 7 routing of internet protocol ("IP") fragments
Method and system for mediating traffic between an asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) network and an a...
Internet traffic analysis tool
System, method and computer program product for policy-based billing in a network architecture
Method and apparatus for network mapping using end-to-end delay measurements
Natural thermo-carrier heat release system
Heat engine
Beverage accessory device
Methods and apparatus for assessing gas turbine engine damage
Method and system for diagnosing state of gas turbine
System for aiding the preparation of operation and maintenance plans for a power generation installa...
Frequency rectification system: apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for releasably locking an optical transceiver into a cage attached to an electr...
Semiconductor memory device and portable electronic apparatus
Dielectric recording medium, and method of and apparatus for producing the same
Hearing-aid interconnection system
Electric water heater
Heater for vacuum cleaners
Duckbill-shaped implantable cardioverter-defibrillator canister and method of use
Subcutaneous electrode with improved contact shape for transthorasic conduction
Methods and apparatus for operating production facilities
Ultra sensitive silicon sensor millimeter wave passive imager
Power tools with switched reluctance motor
Ion implantation system and control method
Semi-conductor interconnect using free space electron switch
System and method for inferring an electronic rendering of an environment
System for controlling and determining location and security model
High resolution digital display system with recording capability
Display device comprising luminophors
Organic electroluminescent device
Photoactive lanthanide complexes with phosphine oxides, phosphine oxide-sulfides, pyridine N-oxides,...
Spiro silane compound and organic electroluminescent device using the same
Organic electroluminescence device with light and dark blue emitting layers
Organic electroluminescent display panel device and method of fabricating the same
Organic EL device
Method of controlling a circuit arrangement for the ac power supply of a plasma display panel
Flat-panel display with luminance feedback
Display device
Tool-less adjuster for a sports helmet
Tank for a floor care appliance
Animal chew
Grill scraper
Combined recycling and advertising receptacle
Combined recycling and advertising receptacle
Bottomless bag insert
Cell phone recycling lid
Popcorn cart
Dishwasher cage
Laundry appliance
Steamer base
Extractor handle portion
Vacuum cleaner
Method of folding gloves and dispenser therefor
Human anti-CD40 antibodies
Use of HIV-1 gp120 and gp160 proteins modified in the v3 loop for the preparation of vaccine composi...
DNA immunization against Chlamydia infection
Methods for producing members of specific binding pairs
Protein belonging to the TNF superfamily involved in signal transduction, nucleic acids encoding sam...
Quinoline derivatives process of synthesis and medicaments containing these derivatives
Method of controlling an Internet browser interface and a controllable browser interface
Nucleic acid encoding TIE-2 ligand
Pharmaceutical composition based on macrolides for topical application in ophthalmology
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising an adenosine receptor agonist or antagonist
Resin composition, method of molding the same, and method of recycling resin composition
Gel-microemulsion formulations
Therapeutic molecules
System, array and non-porous solid support comprising fixed or immobilized nucleic acids
Cytochrome P450 monooxygenase CYP52A2A from Candida tropicalis
Process for preparing beta-fructofuranosidase enzyme and a process for producing fructooligosacchari...
Synthesis and use of 2'-substituted-n6-modified nucleosides
Synthesis of 2-aralkyloxyadenosines, 2-alkoxyadenosines, and their analogs
Partial and full agonists of A1 adenosine receptors
Process for the preparation of piroxicam: b-cyclodextrin inclusion compounds
Methods for the preparation, isolation and purification of epothilone B, and X-ray crystal structure...
Process for preparing an alpha-lipoic acid/cyclodextrin complex and product prepared
Cd47 partal peptdie and anti-shps-1 monoclonal antibody
Novel protein and gene encoding the same
Human N-type calcium channel isoform and uses thereof
Process for the synthesis of azetidinones
Mammalian cell surface antigens; related reagents
DNA sequence in plant Caragana jubata with freeze tolerance
Cytokinin-sensing histidine kinases and methods of use
Soybean polymorphisms and methods of genotyping
Root-preferred, wound-and insect-inducible 2-oxoglutarate-dependent oxygenase promoter from maize an...
Reusable universal polymer support for repetitive oligonucleotide synthesis
Modified plants
Process for purifying oligonucleotide synthons
Method of producing plants having enhanced transpiration efficiency and plants produced therefrom
Liquid galvanic coatings for protection of embedded metals
Stent devices with detachable distal or proximal wires
Photoelectrochemical air disinfection
Low-emissivity coating having low solar reflectance
Low power regulator system and method
Wireless terminal for checking the amount used of gauge and a gauge management system using a wirele...
Electronic electric meter for networked meter reading
Organic semiconductor devices and methods of fabrication including forming two parts with polymerisa...
Methods for forming pin alloy-semiconductor devices with rectifying junction contacts
Method for hydrogenating carbon dioxide, treating apparatus, and basic material for hydrogenation
Luminescing and/or fluorescing radiation-curable, cyanoacrylate-containing compositions
Pearlescent white paint composition containing a film-former and a solid material comprising mica, t...
Soluble self-orienting materials and conductive polymer compositions having the same
Stacked photovoltaic device
Electrical connection of flexible conductive strands in a flexible body
Organic field effect transistor with off-set threshold voltage and the use thereof
Flip chip light emitting diode with micromesas and a conductive mesh
High speed, silicon-based electro-optic modulator
Reduced loss diffractive structure
Projection lens movement-adjusting apparatus
Method of manufacturing microlens, microlens, microlens array plate, electrooptic device and electro...
Guide system for optical systems, particularly zoom systems
Zoom lens, camera, and mobile information terminal
Lens driving apparatus, thin camera, and a cellular phone having a thin camera
Lens device and shooting system
Imaging lens
Optical pickup device with shielding to limit incident or emitted light
Optical part and its manufacturing method
Laser beam jitter reduction device on a laser optical bench
Mobile digital communication/computing device having variable and soft landing scrolling
Substantially non-immunogenic injectable collagen
Method and device for managing the resources of a computer communication means for processing a comp...
Centralized, double bandwidth, directional, shared bus communication system architecture
Method and apparatus to resolve instruction starvation
Multiprocessor systems
Method of providing an interface to a plurality of peripheral devices using bus adapter chips
Circuit and method for pipelined insertion
System and method for configuring time related settings using a graphical interface
Method for placing electrostatic discharge clamps within integrated circuit devices
Method for modifying the behavior of a state machine
System for implementing a diagnostic or correction boot image over a network connection
Method and system for controlling use of software programs
Adaptive runtime repairable entry register file
Determined DNA sequences derived from a papillomavirus genome, their uses for in vitro diagnostic pu...
Plasma screen with tilted discharge electrodes
Serial transistor-cell array architecture
Serial memory address decoding scheme
Local-length nitride SONOS device having self-aligned ONO structure and method of manufacturing the ...
Fuel cell system and method for operating the same
Service cart
Delivery of anti-migraine compounds through an inhalation route
Information service system for providing terminal users with terminal user specific information
Composition and methods for WTI specific immunotherapy
Optical transmission system
Acoustic transducer
Lavender plant named `Anouk`
Method and apparatus for in-band signaling of runtime general purpose events
Method and apparatus for producing an aqueous paint composition from a plurality of premixed composi...
Coated film laminate having an electrically conductive surface
Characterization of luminescence in a scattering medium
Staged startup after failover or reboot
Vibration isolator assembly having altered stress characteristics and method of altering stress char...
Method for indicating the integrity of a collection of digital objects
Translucent reflective liquid crystal display
Chlamydia oligosaccharides
Phosphodiesterase enzymes
Transmitter, the method of the same and communication system
Method and system of evaporative emission control for hybrid vehicle using activated carbon fibers
Fus6 family antimicrobial polypeptides and their uses
Method for the production of amines
Diffusion media with microporous layer
Passive water management system for a fuel cell power plant
Alkaline storage battery
Information handling system featuring a power-based current limiting circuit
Image forming apparatus that quickly removes ozone present in the vicinity of a corona charger
Discharge lamp operating apparatus and self-ballasted electrodeless discharge lamp
6-11 bicycle ketolide derivatives
Methods for coating particles and particles produced thereby
Hybrid LT-A/CT-B holotoxin for use as an adjuvant
White light-emitting organic electroluminescent devices
Aromatic compounds and poly(oxyalkylene) containing aromatic compounds possessing antibacterial, ant...
Nucleic acids encoding IL-12 antibody
Process for producing organic light-emitting diodes, and organic light-emitting diode
Deoxo-proline-containing tamandarin and didemnin analogs, dehydro-proline-containing tamandarin and ...
System to determine casino offers
Data structure for efficient access to variable-size data objects
Power management architecture for defining component power states under a global power state and mai...
Method for testing operating system components
Segmenting and indexing web pages using function-based object models
System and method to automate the management of computer services and programmable devices
Opportunistic directory cache and method of serving target directory information in a network enviro...
System and method for dynamically processing declarative language instance data
Peer-to-peer name resolution protocol (PNRP) and multilevel cache for use therewith
System and method for implementing a counter
Method and apparatus for restarting a GPS-based timing system without a GPS signal
Method and apparatus for assisted GPS
System and method for GPS navigation before signal bit synchronization
System and method for switching between base stations in a wireless communications system
Multi-network communications system
Method and apparatus for wireless communication
Interface selection in a wireless communication network
Positioning information transmitting device and positioning information transmitting/receiving syste...
Process and device for estimating the speed of movement of a mobile terminal, in particular a cellul...
Optimal use of request access TDMA slots for automatic level control
Wireless terminal having a scanner for issuing an alert when within the range of a target wireless t...
System and method for providing an interactive screen on a wireless device interacting with a server
Methods for fast HTML rendering
Method and apparatus for providing broadcast group data
System and method for electronically managing composite documents
Webcrawl internet security analysis and process
Vehicle passive alert system and method
Light device for bicycle
Light device for bicycle
Method and system for accessing and viewing images of a vehicle interior
Replaceable LED modules
Aircraft terrain warning systems and methods
Microfluidic movement
Method and system for evaluating geophysical survey data
System and method of three-dimensional image capture and modeling
Battery charging apparatus capable of connecting a mobile phone with a wire telephone network and me...
Method for performing a handoff in a mobile communication system
Interactive short message service system in a private wireless network and routing method therefor
Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding reed-solomon code in bit level
Encoding apparatus and method in CDMA communication system
Method for making an OPC mask and an OPC mask manufactured using the same
Optical pickup actuator and optical disc drive using the same
Portable telephone
Notebook computer
Air conditioner
Cloning and regulation of an endothelial cell protein C/activated protein C receptor
Reducing electromagnetic interference in radio frequency identification applications
Feed horn structure and manufacturing method thereof, converter, and satellite communication receivi...
Method and apparatus to reduce latency in a data network wireless radio receiver
Half duplex radio transceiver with low IF receiver
Identity protection in a LAN-universal radiotelephone system
Code tree fragmentation in call admission control
Method of locating and measuring a mobile station
Transmitter and receiver device and method for synchronizing a receiver installation
Amplifier bias system and method
Current mirror biasing circuit with power control for HBT power amplifiers
Master signal transmitter with allied servant receiver to receive a directed signal from the transmi...
Composite sensor for door
Readable storage medium storing action game program, and action game device and control method for s...
Data hiding in communication
In a subscriber network receiving digital packets and transmitting digital packets below a predeterm...
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information processing system and r...
Microprocessor with program and data protection function under multi-task environment
Methods and systems of protecting digital content
Apparatus and method for controlling image quality reduction of image information
Arranging authentication and ciphering in mobile communication system
System and method for generation and use of asymmetric crypto-keys each having a public portion and ...
Network compromise recovery methods and apparatus
Communication system, authentication communication device, control apparatus, and communication meth...
Flavored ice on a stick maker
Pre-mix formulations comprising ingredients for dairy products
Dairy product and process
Drink composition and a method for composing a drink
Nutritional supplement for caffeine-containing beverages
Method for making a food composition with a preservative free enhancer and a food composition
Process for decreasing the amount of cholesterol in a marine oil using a volatile working fluid
O/W emulsion and process for producing food with the same
Industrial tomato process and product obtained thereof
Starch comprising and ready-to-serve ambient stable fruit-based composition
Low-carbohydrate digestible hydrocolloidal fiber compositions
Composition for replacing milk powder
Soy protein isolate and process for its manufacture
Starch-based rubber-elastic confectionery
Wetting system
Process for extracting nucleic acid
Oral administration of calcitonin
Method of information technology application for food process
Thermotolerant phytase for animal feed
Secure Media Path Methods, Systems, and Architectures
Nucleic acid sequences encoding proteins associated with abiotic stress response and plant cells and...
Multibranching watermelon plant and method of producing
Formulation of high mechanical strength ceramic stuccoes for decoration finishing in internal and ex...
Composite for building material, and method of manufacturing building material using the same
Smoking articles and smokable filler materials therefor
Process for the production of paper
Method and apparatus for purifying an oil-based fluid
Chemical composition and process
Process for the production of a dental model, a dental model with a ceramic layer deposited thereon ...
Reduction of lime consumption when treating refractory gold ores or concentrates
Process and apparatus for removing Bronsted acid impurities in binary halides
Chemical composition and process
Pest protection method and composition
Building panels with aesthetic edges
Picture hanger for use with gypsum board and installtion tool therefore
Method for the regeneration of phosphor-laden denox catalysts
Pest protection methods and compositions
Polyesters containing natural mineral materials, processes for producing such polyesters, and shaped...
Methods and compositions for cementing wells
Liquid composition additive to reduce drying time of surface coatings
Continuous method for the production of powder paint suspensions (powder slurries) and powder paints
Coating materials which can be cured thermally and by means of acting radiation, use and method for ...
Apparatus and method for removing mercury and mercuric compounds from dental effluents
Water treatment apparatus
Continuous method and apparatus for separating polymer from a high pressure carbon dioxide fluid str...
Chemical rinse composition
Double path microdrop optical biometric system
Exposure apparatus, method for producing device, and method for controlling exposure apparatus
Self-assembling protein matrix prepared from natural extracellular matrices
Process for production of aqueous colloid of graphite silica particles emitting far-infrared rays
Stable dispersion of solid particles comprising a water-insoluble pyrazine compound
Submicron suspensions with polymorph control
Vodka and a process for the production of vodka
Method of improving storage properties of foods and drinks
Methods for producing an anti-microbial plastic product
Branched and sulphonated multi block copolymer and electrolyte membrane using the same
Manifold system for a fuel cell
Pillared fuel cell electrode system
Method and apparatus for metal coated silicon fuel cell electrode
Method for making biochips
Method of analyzing low levels of peroxyacetic acid in water
Semiconductor substrate cleaning apparatus and method
Phosphoprotein preparations for bioactive metal ion delivery and teeth remineralisation
Structure having balanced pH profile
Cross-linked polyimide and method of making them
Pancreatic polypeptide family motifs, polypeptides and methods comprising the same
Separator, reactor, and process for producing aromatic carboxylic acid
Negative resist composition and process for formation of resist patterns
Low refractive index polymers as underlayers for silicon-containing photoresists
Low refractive index polymers as underlayers for silicon-containing photoresists
Planographic printing plate precursor, substrate for the same and surface hydrophilic material
Photosensitive polymer, photoresist composition including the photosensitive polymer and method of f...
Light sensitive planographic printing plate precursor and its processing method
Lithium salt of polyacetylene as radiation sensitive filaments and preparation and use thereof
Positive type resist composition and resist pattern formation method using same
Positive type resist composition and resist pattern formation method using same
Fluorinated copolymer process for its production and resist composition containing it
Easily-assembled compact self-ballasted fluorescent lamp
Method of producing an abrasive product containing cubic boron nitride
Multi-radio unification protocol
Illumination device with at least one led as the light source
Magnetic random access memory and method for manufacturing the same
Methods and systems for determining an electrical property of an insulating film
Secure video card methods and systems
Delivery of erectile dysfunction drugs through an inhalation route
Method and apparatus for identifying game players and game moves
Efficient low power optical source driver and method and optical systems and devices using same
Radiation detection system for portable gamma-ray spectroscopy
Geranium plant named `Fiswipink`
Method, system, and article of manufacture for adjusting interrupt levels
Variable valve timing controller for an engine
Method of tuning handoff neighbor lists
Interface between substrates having microarrays and microtiter plates
Compounds and compositions as cathepsin inhibitors
Multi-threaded memory management test system with feedback to adjust input parameters in response to...
Circuit breaker including alarm interface lever
Method and apparatus compilation of an interpretative language for interactive television
Method for recording a digital image and information pertaining to such image on an oriented polymer...
Compositions and methods for inhibiting pathogenic growth
Ligands for flt3 receptors
Module cam and method for aligning and fastening tool
Substantially solid desensitizing compositions and devices having a tray-like configuration and meth...
Hopped delay diversity for multiple antenna transmission
Molten metal handling apparatus
Self-healing tribological surfaces
Dual dispensing tube
Mag1 antimicrobial polypeptides and their uses
Preparation of 1,6-hexanediol
Fuel cell separator, process for producing the same and material therefor
Nanotube chemical sensor based on work function of electrodes
Compact chemical reactor with reactor frame
Process for preparing household detergent or cleaner shapes
Interlocked synchronous pipeline clock gating
Alzheimer's disease secretase, APP substrates therefor, and uses thereof
Electronic circuit and method of supplying energy to a high-pressure gas-discharge lamp
NMR RF coils with split movable capacitance bands
Light regulating device and photonic crystal display utilizing photonic bandgap controls
Method and apparatus for testing optical fiber by using biorthogonal codes and Moore-Penrose general...
Optical transmission equipment for suppressing a four wave mixing and optical transmission system
Method for stabilization and reconfiguration of a transparent photonic network
Code-based optical networks, methods, and apparatus
Interface module for transmitting digital video signal
Optical amplifier and optical communication system including the same
Transponder assembly for use with parallel optics modules in fiber optic communications systems
USB power amplified trumpet connecting device
Fiber optic control network and related method
Transmitter optical sub-assembly with eye safety
Athermal fused coupler package for optical fibers
Fiber-to-waveguide coupler
Optic communications module, method for manufacturing the same, optic communications device, and ele...
Method for exciting light for optical amplification medium fiber, structure for emitting excited lig...
Dispersion compensation device
Method for manufacturing a disk drive with a hinged head disk assembly enclosure
Reducing head gain calibration time in a disk drive
Method for reducing access to main memory using a stack cache
Disk drive including a disk plate with a reduced thickness inner edge disposed towards a spindle mot...
Disk drive with disks having different disk stiffness, thickness and material combinations
Method and apparatus for mechanically balancing the disk pack of a hard disk drive
Thin laminated single pole perpendicular write head
Magnetic head for reducing projection of retrieving and writing unit from float surface, and magneti...
Cartridge case with chip retaining features
Slider deposits for control of pole-to-disc spacing
Disk, method for making it free of asperities utilizing a step of exposing a surface of the disk to ...
Disc drive suspension optimized for preload bend damper
Method and apparatus for providing an additional ground pad and electrical connection for grounding ...
Head stack and actuator arm assemblies and disk drives having an actuator including an actuator arm ...
Structures for pole-tip actuation
Magnetoresistive sensor with reduced operating temperature
Magnetoresistive sensor having leads with vertical end walls
Spin valve sensor with a nitrogen sputtered free layer
Hard bias layer for read heads
Information recording apparatus, information recording method, and information recording medium in w...
Method of processing data packets, and video recording/playback apparatus incorporating the method
Perforating ammunition
Surgical apparatus
Adapter for a PEG probe
Image supporting member and image forming apparatus using the same
Method and apparatus for an improved bulk read socket call
Virtual bus interface production of header-type fields from data-type fields
Remote notification of print or fax hardcopy recipient using standard identification data
Apparatus and method for keeping aggregated portions of multiple web sites simultaneously displayed ...
System and method for guiding and optimizing formal verification for a circuit design
Apparatus and method for caching analyzed program information
Program execution device operating based on compressed code
Feed-forward/feedback system and method for non-causal channel equalization
Receiver and adaptive equalizing method
Trocar for inserting implants
Content-based forwarding/filtering in a network switching device
Method and apparatus for dynamically generating lookup words for content-addressable memories
Messaging system using pairs of message gates in a distributed computing environment
System using peer discovery and peer membership protocols for accessing peer-to-peer platform resour...
Performing lookup operations using associative memories optionally including selectively determining...
Computer method and apparatus for extracting data from web pages
Workflow system and method
Method of locating web-pages by utilising visual images
Scoping queries in a search engine
Three-dimensional ear biometrics system and method
User authentication apparatus, controlling method thereof, and network system
Miniature gas cell with folded optics
Brewster's angle flow cell for cavity ring-down spectroscopy
Apparatus and method for measurement of fields of backscattered and forward scattered/reflected beam...
Magnetoresistance effect device
Synchronous semiconductor memory device of fast random cycle system and test method thereof
Semiconductor storage device
Semiconductor memory device capable of stably setting mode register set and method therefor
Latency control circuit and method of latency control
Wavelength locker
Fast high-accuracy multi-dimensional pattern inspection
Optical multiplexer/demultiplexer, optical integrated circuit and light transceiver using the same
Manufacturing apparatus and method for predicting life of a manufacturing apparatus which uses a rot...
Transfer roll engagement method for minimizing media induced motion quality disturbances
Systems, methods and graphical user interfaces for previewing image capture device output results
Method for automobile safe wireless communications
Method and apparatus for preserving precise exceptions in binary translated code
Laser etched socket
Container with cap
Battery housing
Combination television remote control cordless telephone and intercom
Transparent card with an antenna
Method and apparatus for system management using codebook correlation with symptom exclusion
Sensor platform, apparatus incorporating the platform and process using the platform
Advertising method and apparatus
Method, system, program, and data structure for producing a look-up table to enhance print quality
Injection molding process including digital watermarking and articles manufactured from injection mo...
Variable optical attenuator
Apparatus, method and database for control of audio/video equipment
Apparatus for evaluating biological function
Judgment lock for occupant detection air bag control
System, method, and apparatus for visual authentication
Information bracelet
Pet toy
Pet toy
Petunia plant named `Sunsurfpapu`
Charged particle beam apparatus
Multi-layer overlay measurement and correction technique for IC manufacturing
Electron microscope
CT detector having a segmented optical coupler and method of manufacturing same
Radiation image sensor and scintillator panel
Two-dimensional radiation detector
Method for determining the B.sub.1 field strength in MR measurements
Evaluating a multi-layered structure for voids
Method and apparatus for thermal management of CT electronics
Method and system to inspect a component
Method and apparatus for correcting a retained image artifact
Multiple target anode assembly and system of operation
Scatter and beam hardening correction in computed tomography applications
Radiographic scoring method
Method and apparatus for cardiac radiological examination in coronary angiography
Molecules comprising a calcineurin-like binding pocket and encoded data storage medium capable of gr...
Method and apparatus for improving resolution in spectrometers processing output steps from non-idea...
Shoe having a relative wide toe box combined with a footbed to inhibit relative forward foot movemen...
Coated oat product
Injera manufacturing system
Process for enhanced flavoring of beverages and product produced therefrom
Single handed container for mixing foods
Method of removing molded natural resins from molds utilizing lifter bars
Enclosure for food processor
Disposable cutting sheet
Printed thermoplastic film with radiation-cured overprint varnish
Method and apparatus for adjusting sweep-out frequency for an imaging apparatus responsive to an ope...
Electronic camera with repeating flash
Digital camera having a tilting/swinging mechanism
Adaptive video data frame resampling
Display apparatus having format converter
Format conversion
Method and apparatus for measuring the noise contained in a picture
Method for dynamic contrast improvement
Temporal dithering to increase dynamic range of images in sequentially illuminated displays
Method and system for re-identifying broadcast segments using statistical profiles
Colorimeter with single cable low impact mounting system
Stereoscopic image display method and stereoscopic image display apparatus using it
Video encoding method and video encoder for improving performance
Method and apparatus for receiving video signals from a plurality of video cameras
Rebinning methods and arrangements for use in compressing image-based rendering (IBR) data
Secure Media Path Methods, Systems, and Architectures
System and method for policy based storage provisioning and management
Information processor, information processing method and medium recording information processing met...
Diagonal testing method for flash memories
Systems and methods for backing up data
System and method for implementing a hidden address in a communication module
Transceiver with latency alignment circuitry
Bandwidth utilization in a PPRC system
System and method for determining workload characteristics for one or more applications operating in...
Computer system, method, and program product for performing a data access from low-level code
Method for changing computer system memory density
Method and system for providing an event driven image for a boot record
Increasing memory access efficiency for packet applications
Address translation logic for use in a GPS receiver
Dynamically creating or removing a physical-to-virtual address mapping in a memory of a peripheral d...
Utilization of SRAM in an execution of initialization code process upon system start up
System and method for providing a write strobe signal to a receiving element before both an address ...
Lead electrode incorporating extracellular matrix
Epicardial patch including isolated extracellular matrix with pacing electrodes
Implantable systems and stents containing cells for therapeutic uses
Coated medical device
Biomimetic prosthetic ligament and production method thereof
Patient specific anatomically correct implants to repair or replace hard or soft tissue
Spinal implant
Artificial disc prosthesis
Height-and angle-adjustable motion disc implant
Tibial tray inserter
Tissue regeneration
Elastomeric polymer filament cosmetic implant
Biodegradable biocompatible implant
Rapid computational identification of targets
Three dimensional construct for the design and fabrication of physiological fluidic networks
Systems and methods for antibody engineering
Patient care system
Novel G protein-coupled receptor encoding gene and diagnostic uses therefor
Protein tyrosine phosphatase RPTP-beta disruptions, compositions and methods relating thereto
Transgenic mice containing retinoid X receptor interacting protein gene disruptions
Process for the production of fine chemicals
Hybrid Tea Rose plant named `TAN97544`
Lavender plant named `Coccap`
Lavender plant named `Belwhi`
Lavender plant named `Belrou`
Lavender plant named `Ninwhi`
Lavender plant named `Cocdap`
Shrub rose plant named `JAChanpa`
Geranium plant named `Pacwhite`
Kalanchoe plant named `Parina`
Lavender plant named `Ninros`
Lavender plant named `Belros`
Geranium plant named `Shacor`
Geranium plant named `Share`
Geranium plant named `Shalet`
Geranium plant named `Pachol`
Mini impatiens plant named `Fify Wamelon`
Mobile terminal control program and mobile terminal equipment
System and method for an ultra wideband radio wireless local area network
Cordless IP telephone
Wireless tracking system for personal items
Interference adaptation apparatus, systems, and methods
Wireless device and wireless channel measurement controller
Monitoring availability of selective call radios in a half-duplex radio communication system
Apparatus and method for optimal power allocation between data and voice in a 1xEV-DV wireless netwo...
Method for operating a digital interface arrangement, and digital interface arrangement for exchangi...
Storage unit comprising a main data carrier and a contactless chip
Spherical nano-composite powder and a method of preparing the same
Combinatorial chemotherapy treatment using Na+/K+ ATPase inhibitors
Pancreatic cancer treatment using Na+/K+ ATPase inhibitors
Method and apparatus for automatic tracking and identification of device components
Expandable trans-septal sheath
Medical-treatment electrode assembly having treatment-monitoring application
Expandable medical device with beneficial agent delivery mechanism
Magnetic resonance compatible stent
Tracking device for grain
Dropout-resistant media broadcasting system
Radio communication apparatus
Shared tower system for accomodating multiple service providers
System and method for improved spectrum use
Routing in a network
Method and apparatus for controlling transmission power of control information in a mobile communica...
Synchronization establishing and tracking circuit for CDMA base station
Cordless cellular system
System for performing environmental measurements and for transferring measurement results
Antenna system for receiving and/or transmitting signals of multiple polarizations
Server monitoring and failover mechanism
Automated maintenance of an electronic database via a point system implementation
Compact self-ballasted electrodeless discharge lamp and electrodeless-discharge-lamp lighting device
Tornado and hurricane roof tie
Portable radio terminal equipment having conductor for preventing radiation loss
High-capacity sulfur adsorbent bed and gas desulfurization method
Magnetic random access memory
Semiconductor memory device
Image processing apparatus, image input/output apparatus, scaling method and memory control method
Container commonly usable for electromagnetic cooking heaters and microwave ovens
Toner for electrostatic latent image development, electrostatic latent image developer, process for ...
Delivery of muscle relaxants through an inhalation route
Aerosol systems and methods for mixing and dispensing two-part materials
Billiard rack laser system for positioning a rack for a billiard game
Shrub rose plant named `JACbelgo`
Pharmaceutical composition containing aminocetonitrile compounds and the use thereof for the prepara...
System for generating two-dimensional masks from a three-dimensional model using topological analysi...
Integrated electrical circuit and method for fabricating it
Servicing method for script monitor COM object
Senecio plant named `Sunsenebabu`
Technique for synchronizing multiple access controllers at the head end of an access network
Multi-purpose goggle
Input devices using infrared trackers
System and method for fixing a direction of magnetization of pinned layers in a magnetic field senso...
System and method for converting management models to specific console interfaces
Response systems and methods for notification systems
Control device of internal combustion engine
Computer-based method for creating collections of sequences from a dataset of sequence identifiers c...
Apparatus and method for communicating a wireless data signal in a building
Guide roller system for guiding the rods between the finishing stands of rod rolling mills
Yolk antibody-containing hair care product
Temperature sensor label
Chloride channel opener
Enantioselective cation-exchange materials
Method, apparatus and computer program product for borrowed-virtual-time scheduling
Low cost power back-up system for cordless telephone system
Base cradle for a communications headset
Rolling device for motor vehicles
Secret key generation method, encryption method, cryptographic communications method, common key gen...
Composition for feeding prey organisms in aquaculture
Antibodies against flt3-ligand
Lipoglycan compositions and methods of treating parasitic infections
Millimeter wave communications system with a high performance modulator circuit
Thermostructural composite structure with a compositional gradient and its manufacturing process
Lavender plant named `Ninpur`
Blow out preventer testing apparatus
Coaxial line type components with low characteristic impedance
Semiconductor device fabricating apparatus and semiconductor device fabricating method
Sliders bonded by a debondable encapsulant containing styrene and acrylate polymers
Fuel cell system and control method
Gasket for fuel cell and method of forming it
Nonaqueous electrolyte solution secondary battery
Rapid readout sterilization indicator for liquid peracetic acid sterilization procedures
Apparatus for selecting and outputting either a first clock signal or a second clock signal
Wet-formed mat applications for cement backerboards
Chopper for cutting fiber continuously, and method
Apparatus, system and method of calibrating medical imaging systems
Color image forming apparatus and method in which a plurality of images are formed on a toner image ...
Multi-parameter acquisition of ECG and related physiologic data employing multi-parameter sensor and...
Alkynly-substituted spirocyclic sulfamides for the treatment of alzheimer's disease
Non-lithographic shrink techniques for improving line edge roughness and using imperfect (but simple...
Apparatus and method of measuring gas volume fraction of a fluid flowing within a pipe
Method and apparatus for a scanning an elevator entry way
Safety ski binding incorporating a toe and a heel binding and an electronic circuit arrangement
Interrogation method for passive sensor monitoring system
Method for operating at least one low-pressure discharge lamp and operating device for at least one ...
Amino acids with affinity for the .alpha.-2-delta-protein
Resonator configuration
Image pickup lens assembly with a filter lens
Circuit device comprising multiple polarization-graded ferroelectric elements and method of using
Space effective structure and method for retaining printed circuit boards within a housing
Image forming apparatus with variable fixing heat
Monopolar DC to bipolar to AC converter
Developer container, developer replenishing device using the same and image forming apparatus includ...
Generalized divide-and-conquer networks
Method for controlling the handover of telecommunication connections between mobile parts and base s...
Frequency-independent spatial processing for wideband MISO and MIMO systems
Channel order selection and channel estimation in wireless communication system
Baseband predistortion method for multicarrier transmitters
Cardiac pacemaker utilizing prolonged A-V interval and ventricular autocapture
Automatic gain control and wireless communication device
Method and apparatus for providing a personal item drop off/return service at security checkpoints
X-ray diffraction-based scanning system
Secure enclosure for key exchange
Method of generating a left modified and a right modified audio signal for a stereo system
Porosity aware buffered steiner tree construction
Image evaluation method, system, and program based on image sensitivity using induction-field energy
Active agent delivery systems and methods for protecting and administering active agents
Imidazonline compounds
Pneumatic lumbar support and method for developing improved lower back range of motion
Inhibition of beta cell degeneration
Electrochemical detection of ischemia
Physiologically active peptide and its use
Agonists and antagonists of sphingosine-1-phosphate receptors
Substituted 1-aryl-but-3-enylamine and 1-aryl-but-2-enylamine compounds
Implantable trial neurostimulation device
Nucleic acids db, the receptor for leptin
Heteroaryl diazacycloalkanes, their preparation and use
N-acylated lipophilic amino acid derivatives
Pancreatic lipase inhibitor compounds, their synthesis and use
Treatment of hepatic fibrosis with imatinib mesylate
Quinoline derivatives
Substituted piperidines
Methods for treating irritable bowel syndrome using optically pure (-) norcisapride
Through-fittings and below grade junction boxes equipped with same
Extrusion die
Apparatus and method to net food products in shirred tubular casing
Apparatus and method for producing a polyolefinic transpiring film
Co-extrusion of energetic materials using multiple twin screw extruders
Ink jet recording head, manufacturing method therefor, and substrate for ink jet recording head manu...
Yeast-based process for production of l-pac
Removal of CMP and post-CMP residue from semiconductors using supercritical carbon dioxide process
Optical displacement sensor and optical encoder
Double-clad fiber lasers and amplifiers having long-period fiber gratings
Optoelectronic device
Optical storage device and emission control method
Optical multilayer disk, multiwavelength light source, and optical system using them
Spectral beam combination of broad-stripe laser diodes
Method of wavelength tuning in a semiconductor tunable laser
Laser with narrow bandwidth antireflection filter for frequency selection
Scalable wavelength shifted laser source and method
Method for testing laser using side mode suppression ratio
Distributed feedback laser with varying electrical resistance for uniform gain inside the optical wa...
Integrated laser with Perot-Fabry cavity
Waveguide architecture, waveguide devices for laser processing and beam control, and laser processin...
Ferromagnetic-semiconductor composite isolator and method
Optical transmitter including a linear semiconductor optical amplifier
Image forming apparatus
Semiconductor laser element and manufacturing method for the same
Regeneration of particulate filter
Regeneration control system
Apparatus for protecting a fuel system component for an engine
Mount structure for fuel tank
Automotive instrument panel
Automotive movable center stack panel with decorative surface linkage
Vehicle seat assembly having a vehicle occupant sensing system and a seat cushion insert
Hybrid transmission
System and method for power seat motor control
Variable ratio steering system
Radiator grille for vehicle
System and method for curing composite material
Multi-phasemagnetic element and production method therefor
Dual polarized broadband tapered slot antenna
Optical pickup device and optical disk device and optical device and composite optical element
Radiation-curable composition for optical fiber coating materials
Golf ball
Racket frame
Method of making pneumatic tire
Method of manufacturing pneumatic tire
Elastomeric dielectric polymer film sonic actuator
Method and apparatus of measuring three-dimensional posture of sphere and method of measuring rotati...
Cross-domain access control
Pneumatic tire with monofilament metallic belt cords
Golf ball
Chimeric G protein coupled receptors
Apparatus and method for alarming decrease in tire air-pressure
Runflat tire system and support ring therefor
Cord-embedded rubber tape for making tire component, tire component and tire
Golf ball
Method and apparatus for detecting decrease in tire air-pressure and program for judging decompressi...
Method and probe for measuring hydraulic conductivity of soil
Two-piece solid golf ball
Golf ball
Tire tread
Method of testing tires for durability
Tire tread
Tire tread
Motorcycle tire
Non-random styrene-butadiene rubber
Tire tread
Motorcycle tire
Tire tread
Tire tread
Motorcycle tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Shock wave modification method and system
Helicopter tail section
Mounting system inserted between an aircraft engine and a rigid structure of an attachment strut fix...
Amphibian delta wing jet aircraft
Actuation apparatus for a control flap arranged on a trailing edge of an aircraft airfoil
Golf marking flag for attachment to moveable poles for marking hole location in golf course greens
Support harness
Electric vehicle seat stowing structure
Putting aid and method for using same
Golf teaching and training device
Method of mapping a three dimensional area
Method and system for golf instruction
Hyper-concatenation across multiple parallel channels
Point-to-point protocol termination device
System and method for enabling remote surveillance of ATM network switching node ports
Searching for signals in a communications system
System and method for reporting calls
Method for automatically installing and updating drivers
Event-triggered data collection
Systems and methods for preventing unauthorized use of roaming numbers in a wireless telecommunicati...
Method for correcting NLOS error in wireless positioning system
System and method for non-invasive monitoring of physiological parameters
Real-time smart mobile device for location information processing
Presenting driving directions
Scalable database management system
Combining computer programs
Anomaly detection in data perspectives
Methods and devices for recording or reading files on/from a sequential medium and sequential medium
Method and apparatus for maintaining inventory of logical volumes stored on storage elements
Method for handling condition code modifiers in an out-of-order multi-issue multi-stranded processor
Long path at-speed testing
System and method for converting print jobs stored in printshop job description language files into ...
Method and system for connecting to a proxy server with the lowest workload through querying a load ...
Method and system for establishing a voice communication service for business transactions and comme...
Telecommunication network with variable address learning, switching and routing
Communication system
Telephone based access to instant messaging
Real-time network traffic view
Web page searching device for a portable telephone
Integrated on-line system with enchanced data transfer protocol
Method and apparatus for consuming content at a network address
System and method for managing states and user context over stateless protocols
System for supplying a program from a server to a printing device through a network based on operati...
Method, system and computer program for syntax validation
Method and apparatus for switching between multiple implementations of a routine
Method and apparatus for removing class initialization barriers from shared compiled methods
Optimization of portable operations in a client-server environment
Efficient compilation of family of related functions
Optimize code for a family of related functions
System and method for assigning basic blocks to computer control flow paths
Reducing the memory footprint of applications executed in a virtual machine
Nonvolatile logical partition system data management
Apparatus and method for load balancing of fixed priority threads in a multiple run queue environmen...
Distributed types and proxy refinement
Systems and methods for integrating access control with a namespace
Transitional image for a portion of a display screen
Multipart chew toy
Electric steering apparatus for watercraft
Wake control device for boat