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Saxophone and clarinet mouthpiece cap
Capo applicable to dobro and slide guitars, and other raised-string instruments
Data reception device and data distribution system
Method and apparatus for operating a diversity antenna system for communicating with implantable med...
Terminal apparatus
Mobile radio communication system
Handover method
Cell phone antenna switching circuit and antenna switching method
Radio receiver/transceiver including an interface circuit selectively operable in a current mode or ...
Automatic gain control device, automatic gain control method, control program for automatic gain con...
Radio receiver, radio communication system and electronic equipment
Apparatus, system, and method for measuring power delivered to a load
Modulating signals for coherent and differentially coherent receivers
Phase rotation technique to reduce Crest Factor of multi-carrier signals
Array antenna control device and array antenna device
Directional antenna
Antenna element for a radio device
Radio transceiver and method of controlling direction of radio-wave emission
Method of and apparatus for eliminating quadrature-generated signals in magnetic cross-loop antennas
Optically frequency generated scanned active array
System and method for suppressing radio frequency transmissions
Radiation information management device and communication device
Radio frequency identification system
Method and apparatus for securing executable programs against copying
Organization-based content rights management and systems, structures, and methods therefor
Systems and methods for detecting software security vulnerabilities
Systems and methods for distributing objects
Trusted and secure techniques, systems and methods for item delivery and execution
Apparatus and methods for providing secured communication
Secured centralized public key infrastructure
Delivery of a message to a user of a portable data storage device as a condition of its use
Method and system for electronic file lifecycle management
Revenue management system
Prepaid available number-of-times-of-unitary-use storage medium for making use of pay services, init...
Electronic ticket, electronic wallet, and information terminal
Revocation information updating method, revocation information updating apparatus and storage medium
System and method of operating a debit card reward program
Electronic billing with updateable electronic bill summary
System and method for providing promotional pricing
Methods and systems for identifying early terminating loan customers
Seller risk auction platform
System and method for variably regulating order entry in an electronic trading system
Method and apparatus for stock and index option price improvement, participation, and internalizatio...
Systems and methods for controlling traders from manipulating electronic trading markets
Reduction of the Bromine Index of linear alkylbenzenes
Norbornene-based polymer, film, polarizing plate and liquid crystal display device
Method of managing the valves of a simulated moving bed separation system
Hydrocarbon conversion using molecular sieve SSZ-56
Floribunda rose plant named `Meiguimov`
Dahlia plant named `Scarlet Fern`
Lobelia plant named `Balwalila`
Grapevine ( `Sheegene-7)`
Verbena plant named `Lan Reda07`
Verbena plant named `Lan Upviot`
Verbena plant named `Rap Lilla`
Verbena plant named `Lan Upmag`
Geranium plant named `Crystal Lake`
Osteospermum plant named `Kakegawa AU19`
Osteospermum plant named `Kakegawa AU20`
Verbena plant named `Raspena`
Nemesia plant named `Penpur`
Loropetalum plant named `NCI002`
Asian pear tree named `Asio 5`
Miniature rose plant named `Poulmist`
Nemesia plant named `Nemhmago`
Pelargonium plant named `Fisrello`
Verbena plant named `Lan Uppurmos`
Dahlia plant named `DATRETTEN`
Limonium plant named `Esm Arroz`
Method and apparatus of compensating for signal receiving error at receiver in packet-based communic...
Systems, methods and computer program products for high availability enhancements of virtual securit...
Transaction device with noise signal encryption
Electronic transmission device, and signal transmission method
Method and system for secure storage, transmission and control of cryptographic keys
Method and apparatus for verifying data timeliness with time-based derived cryptographic keys
Method and apparatus for routing data traffic in a cryptographically-protected network
Security module
Message service method for mobile communication terminal using position information
Wireless communication device and methods for protecting broadcasted management control messages in ...
Color adaptive watermarking
Implicit certificate scheme
Graphical display of QKD system statistics
Broadcast apparatus and reception apparatus for providing a storage service by which scrambled conte...
Secure data parser method and system
Apparatus and method for hierarchical encryption
Apparatus and method for managing and using reusable document components during the process of dynam...
Liquid crystal display panel for forklift truck
Portable pulling tool
Utility cart
Foot pedal
Recycling bin
Paint tray, cover and bail
Handle for a squeegee or the like
Foam cleaning implement
Portion of a laundry appliance
Device for removing wallpaper
Washing machine
Dish washer
Nail-treatment device
Pedicure spa
Electric shaver
Electric shaver
Electric shaver
Electric shaver
Electric shaver
Shaving razor
Yieldable prop having a yield section
Modular block structures
Connection element for sheet piles
Pre-cast/pre-stressed concrete and steel pile and method for installation
Articulated lead for trenchless pipe replacement
Underground storage tank access/isolation riser assembly, method, and kit
Wave-attenuating system
Marine pier system
Method and device by a displacement tool
Method of preparing a modified granulocyte colony stimulating factor (G-CSF) with reduced immunogeni...
Cellular fibronectin as a diagnostic marker in stroke and methods of use thereof
Mass scale alignment of time-of-flight mass spectra
System and method for data collection in recursive mass analysis
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH071844
Plants and seeds of corn variety I291859
Inbred corn line G06-NP2739
Inbred corn line G06-NP2598
Soybean variety 0385457
Soybean variety 4735316
Soybean variety 4858197
Soybean variety 4092390
Soybean variety 4735486
Commercial production of chymosin in plants
Glutathione S-transferase sequence variants
Nucleic acids encoding novel cyclic GMP dependent protein kinases from Elmeria maxima
Polynucleotides encoding a telomerase component TP2
Antimicrobial cationic peptides
MicroRNA1 therapies
Administering bifunctional molecules containing a drug moiety and presenter protein ligand for thera...
Gene delivery mediated by liposome-DNA complex with cleavable peg surface modification
Modular overhead privacy system and method
Portable helicopter landing area and use method thereof
Passenger cabin seat power bus
Vehicle steering system
Vehicle dynamics control apparatus
Method for operating a chassis regulating system and a device to carry out the method
Carrying cargo reminder and method of reminding about transportation of external cargo
Driving operation support system and method
Pulse width modulation control circuit for a multimode electrical machine, and a multimode electrica...
System and method for powering accessories in a hybrid vehicle
Apparatus for vehicle hood
Motorcycle fuel tank
Protecting device for a pedestrian or the like
Spare-wheel carrier for a motor vehicle
Golf car having disk brakes and single point latching brake
Electric power steering apparatus
Power assisted steering system of a motor vehicle
Steering apparatus with plural motors
Machine control apparatus and method
Hydraulic power steering assistant
Heavy vehicle chassis having lowered rear portion
Hydraulic four-wheel driving articulated vehicle
Automotive passenger restraint and protection apparatus
Device for irradiation therapy with image monitoring
Antenna Assembly for Magnetic Resonance Unit
SN-38 lipid complexes and their methods of use
PRO4381 antibodies
Use of Paecilomyces spp. as pathogenic agents against subterranean termites
Method for preparing a compound of interaction of active substances with a porous support using supe...
Non-spherical cavity electrophoretic displays and materials for making the same
Fluorinated dyes or colorants and their uses
Antibodies against PRO4330
PRO9822 antibodies
PRO4428 antibodies
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
PRO6090 polypeptides
PRO4381 polypeptides
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
NF-.kappa.B peptides designed to disrupt NEMO oligomerization
Methods for treating urinary incontinence in patients suffering from memory disorders
.beta.-netrin and uses thereof
Methods for preparing low molecular weight heparin with modified heparinase III
Method and apparatus for relieving erectile dysfunction
Muffler for an engine
Integrated heat exchanger and muffler unit
Apparatus and method for mechanical caliper measurements during drilling and logging-while-drilling ...
Twisted mixer with open center body
System and method for formatting data for transmission between an embedded computer and a host compu...
Methods and apparatus for merging critical sections
Method, system and article of manufacture for testing a software application having a text-based scr...
Method and system for recovering from abnormal interruption of a parity update operation in a disk a...
Capacity on demand using signaling bus control
Method and apparatus for autonomically initiating measurement of secondary metrics based on hardware...
Adaptive fetch gating in multithreaded processors, fetch control and method of controlling fetches
Prioritization of out-of-order data transfers on shared data bus
Memory updater using a control array to defer memory operations
Method for ensuring client access to messages from a server
System and method for searching and matching databases
Heterogeneous multipath path network test system
USB port tester
Electrophotographic image forming method and apparatus
Intermediate transfer system and method for cleaning intermediate transfer belt
Belt unit and image forming apparatus that incorporates the belt unit
Outsole and midsole for a shoe
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe midsole
Lateral flow devices using reactive chemistry
Foamed supramolecular polymers
Data storage device including conductive probe and ferroelectric storage medium
Electronic component unit
Cooling arrangement for a computer system
Plasma display device
Clip for heat sink
Method and apparatus for thermal dissipation in an information handling system
Memory module assembly including a clamp for mounting heat sinks thereon
Dual impeller push-pull axial fan sink
Thermal cooling of industrial electronic module by conductive structure
Hydrofluoroether as a heat-transfer fluid
Heat exchange compressor
Systems and methods for controlling local environment
Vehicle air conditioning system having non-contacting temperature sensors
Expanded metal
Displacement prevention device for the side plate of a heat exchanger
HVAC desiccant wheel system and method
Heat exchanger for a motor vehicle and a method for manufacturing same
Reliability of duplicate document detection algorithms
Email gateway diagnostic tool, system, and method
Microprocessor apparatus and method for optimizing block cipher cryptographic functions
Monitoring system for hostile environment
Conductive contacts and methods for fabricating conductive contacts for elctrochemical planarization...
Thin-film transistor, thin-film transistor sheet and their manufacturing method
Electrospray apparatus with an integrated electrode
Cable semiconducting shield
Oxidation catalyst and process
Lymphoid chemokines in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of inflammatory disease
Propylene-based elastomers and uses thereof
Process for polymerizing 1-butene
Polymer particle stabilized by dispersant and method of preparation
Method and composition for polishing a substrate
Keratinocyte derived interferon
Method of identifying a compound that selectively inhibits cytokine-stimulated T cell induced produc...
Photoresists containing Si-polymers
Fuel cell stacks of alternating polarity membrane electrode assemblies
Metal detectable gasket
Moisture-sink layer, composition and multi-layered article
Ondansetron orally disintegrating tablets
Composite webs and closure systems
Method of reducing chemical oxygen contaminants in water
Electrets and compounds useful in electrets
Insulation barrier for unshielded wire
Filter element
Compositions and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of tumor
Substituted quinolinone derivatives and methods of use
Image forming apparatus and toner
Electrode plate unit and battery
Swivel chair
Hydrogel vapor dispenser
Dendritic cell potentiation
Immune-enhancing peptides
Depigmenting agents
Germicidal compositions containing phenylmalonaldehyde-type compounds, or mixtures of phenylmalonald...
Small molecules used to increase cell death
Aralkyl amines as cannabinoid receptor modulators
Cyanophenoxy carboxylic acid compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Method for treating ADAMTS-5-associated disease
Dinuclear copper-based compound and ligand for nucleic acid scission and anticancer treatment
Tetracyclic steroid derivatives useful as progesterone receptor modulators
Remedies or prophylactics for diseases in association with chemokines
Alpha-2 adrenergic agonists
Aminoderivatives of biotin and their conjugates with macrocyclic chelating agents
3-aminocarbonyl substituted benzoylpyrazolones
Inhibitors of animal cell motility and growth
Adenosine deaminase inhibitor and novel Bacillus sp. Iada-7 strain which produces it
CD8.alpha..sup.+lymphoid dendritic cell differentiated from human hematopoietic stem cell and a meth...
PWM digital amplifier with high-order loop filter
Class D amplifier
Active filter for reduction of common mode current
Circuit for reducing distortion of class D amplifier
Power converter
Semiconductor integrated circuit
In system analysis and compensation for a digital PWM controller
Discharge lamp lighting control device
High efficiency parallel post regulator for wide range input DC/DC converter
Power supply apparatus
Multi-bit sigma-delta modulator and digital-to-analog converter with one digital-to-analog capacitor
Portable ultraviolet water purification system
Method for the removal of metals, including a co-precipitation of molybdenum, from wastewater
Method and compositions for preventing or reducing aluminosilicate scale in alkaline industrial proc...
Regeneration of chemically treated zeolite
Water softener system and method
System for monitoring quality of water system
Germicidal UV reactor and UV lamp
Method and device for identifying volatile substances in solution
Culture chamber for biologicals
Method and equipment for compressing a dispersion in liquid-liquid extraction
Waste water recovery system
Method and apparatus for the anaerobic treatment of waste
Membrane holder for membrane adsorber chromotography
Shallow bed fluid treatment apparatus
Liquid filter
Fluid treatment system and radiation sources module for use therein
Magnetic device adapted for various engine oil filtering apparatuses
Apparatus and method for remediation of a drain system
Apparatus and method for improved Fibre Channel oversubscription over transport
Maintaining counters and updating a secondary counter storage
Network converter and information processing system
Method and system for testing host bus adapters
Fabric with fibre channel fabric snapshot service
Information recording carrier and method of reproducing the same
Method and apparatus for optical broadband frequency chirp
Method for receiving spectrum spreading signals with frequency shift correction
Method for receiving spectrum spreading signals with frequency shift correction
Voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) suitable for use in frequency shift keying (FSK) system
Sensor device
Semiconductor memory device with high permeability composite films to reduce noise in high speed int...
Manufacturing of optical units for semiconductor packages with optical sensors
Lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method, and method of manufacturing a component
Low-cost keypad encoding circuit
Temperature sustaining flip chip assembly process
Method for fabricating semiconductor components with conductive spring contacts
Unit semiconductor chip and multi chip package with center bonding pads and methods for manufacturin...
Semiconductor pressure sensor
Semiconductor substrate, semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Secure electrically programmable fuse
Magnetic particle flow detector
Systems and methods for electrically coupling wires and conductors
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Vertical type semiconductor device
Non-volatile memory structure and method of fabricating non-volatile memory
Nonvolatile memory devices with trenched side-wall transistors and method of fabricating the same
Phase change memory device with thermal insulating layers
Sample surface inspection apparatus and method
Lithography tool image quality evaluating and correcting
Thin lightshield process for solid-state image sensors
Apparatus and method for processing images
Image processing device and image processing method
Electronic camera
Curvature/tilt metrology tool with closed loop feedback control
Device and method for the determination of the quality of surfaces
Optical element for measuring information of living body and device for measuring information of liv...
Method of photo-reflectance characterization of strain and active dopant in semiconductor structures
Scanning beam device with detector assembly
Sensor system with memory and method of using same
Method of curling fiber and absorbent sheet containing same
Adaptive display system and method for a gaming machine
Method of implementing cashless play of gaming devices interconnected by a computer network
Programmable computer controlled external visual indicator for gaming machine
Capacity modulated scroll machine
Low charge protection vent
Method for data compression and encoding
Heat-dissipating device and a housing thereof
Magnetically coupled heat dissipating fan
Piston compressor, particularly a hermetic refrigerant compressor
Multi-port suction reed valve with optimized tips
Double action simplex plunger pump
Piston pump
Well fluid pumping arrangement
Assembly used for cooling a circuit board or similar
Rotary structure for radiation fans
Nozzle device and method for forming cryogenic composite fluid spray
Instrument decoration
Method and system for configuring a dependency graph for dynamic by-pass instruction scheduling
Connecting device of storage device and computer system including the same connecting device
Method for the preparation of high-content NaY molecular sieves synthesized from kaolin sprayed micr...
Catalyst injection system with pressure control
Modified kaolin compositions and methods for making same
Production of catalysts for olefin conversion
Process for the production of low sulfur diesel and high octane naphtha
Two-step method for middle distillate hydrotreatment comprising two hydrogen recycling loops
ATM telecommunications systems and method for routing narrow band traffic
Voice recording/reproducing device
Restoration of data corrupted by viruses using pre-infected copy of data
Computer system architecture and method providing operating-system independent virus-, hacker-, and ...
Access privilege transferring method
Extracting information from software
System and method for automatic conversion from WAP client provisioning XML represented objects to O...
System for tracking and providing access to information about server components invoked during the d...
Multi-format consistency checking tool
Systems and methods for operating an electromagnetic actuator
Methods and apparatus for implementing application specific processors
System and method for browsing hierarchically based node-link structures based on an estimated degre...
System and method for providing namespace related information
Method and apparatus for determining logical document structure
Non-intrusive commentary capture for document authors
Decoding for algebraic geometric code associated with a fiber product
Method and apparatus for preventing a false pass of a cyclic redundancy check at a receiver during w...
Intracorporeal medicaments for photodynamic treatment of disease
Recombinant peptides derived from the Mc3 anti-BA46 antibody, methods of use thereof, and methods of...
Compositions and methods for treating infections using analogues of indolicidin
Microparticle-based diagnostic methods
Assays, antibodies, and standards for detection of oxidized and MDA-modified low density lipoprotein...
Methods and kit for diagnosing tick borne illnesses
Metal chelate-labelled peptides
Probiotic Lactobacillus salivarius strains
Stain removing chewing gum composition
Extracts of passion fruit and uses thereof
Caralluma extract products and processes for making the same
System for managing or notifying the results of communication with a customer
Distance calculation device and calculation program
Steering control system and method
Assessing wireless network quality
Antitheft device, monitoring device and antitheft system
Liquid detergent builder and liquid detergent containing the same
Multiple sclerosis synergistic phyto-nutraceutical composition
Goggles for preventing eye watering when cutting onions
Method for real time monitoring and verifying optical proximity correction model and method
Method for treating a patient at risk of loss of cardiac function by cardiac ischemia
Apparatus and system for providing transient suppression power regulation
Methods for post etch cleans
Single piece hub with integral upper and lower female cones
Projection display with color segmented microdisplay panel
Non-invasive method for optimizing the respiration of atelectatic lungs
Teleoperated robotic sorting system
Hibiscus plant named `Cinnamon Grappa`
Camera for a videoconference
Video game controller
Portable video system
System and method for server security and entitlement processing
Method and system for anti-malware scanning with variable scan settings
Methods and systems for customer premises remote collaboration facility
Visualization of firewall rules in an auto provisioning environment
Firewall apparatus
Managing a network security application
System and method for unified sign-on
Diagnosing inapparent diseases from common clinical tests using Bayesian analysis
Disease simulation system and method
Extendable and retractable lead having a snap-fit terminal connector
Neurological signal decoding
System and method of registering image data to intra-operatively digitized landmarks
Compact, high-flux, short-pulse x-ray source
Energy monitoring target for x-ray dose-rate control
Laser light source
Automated visual inspection system for the detection of microbial growth in solutions
Chopper-stabilized instrumentation amplifier for impedance measurement
Preparation of a selection of control variables for a dose distribution to be adjusted in a technica...
Production of polyketides and other natural products
Sequence-determined DNA fragments encoding peptide transport proteins
Humanized collagen antibodies and related methods
Mirror split brain avoidance
Cross multiply and add instruction and multiply and subtract instruction SIMD execution on real and ...
Method and system for capacity planning and configuring one or more data storage systems
Bit rate adaptation in a data processing flow
Method for utilizing visual cue in conjunction with web access
Dynamic connection service category changes
Method for conducting a contest using a network
Federated system and methods and mechanisms of implementing and using such a system
Speech based learning/training system using semantic decoding
System and method for timing synchronized pacing
Electrical devices
Method and system for PCM audio ramp and decay function
System and method for opportunistic request-grant switching
Network multicasting
Digital service hierarchy level 3 (DS3) application detection
Method and system for forward-looking tone allocation
Method and system for adaptive modulation
Image forming apparatus, image forming process, and process cartridge for image forming apparatus
Compact transition in layered optical fiber
Apparatus for providing an additional ground pad and electrical connection for grounding a magnetic ...
Methods and apparatus for spatial light modulation
Optical scanning apparatus, and image forming apparatus using the same
Sealed rare earth magnet and method for manufacturing the same
Sheet-like probe, process for producing the same and its application
Fretting and whisker resistant coating system and method
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Electrode pad section for external connection
Capping copper bumps
Electronic module having plug contacts and method for producing it
Polymer derivatives for the treatment of metals
In-situ plasma treatment of advanced resists in fine pattern definition
Self-aligning patterning method
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Sloped vias in a substrate, spring-like contacts, and methods of making
High temperature, stable SiC device interconnects and packages having low thermal resistance
Master-slave manipulator system and this operation input devices
Apparatus for performing minimally invasive cardiac procedures with a robotic arm that has a passive...
Robot controller and robot system
Prefilter system for biological systems
Water treatment control systems and methods of use
Image forming apparatus includes a fixation device control based on a sheet-type when a jam occurs
Error locating methods and devices for algebraic geometric codes
Data processing apparatus and power control method
Information processing apparatus capable of accurately setting present time, and information process...
Image forming apparatus with preheating mode operating before image formation
Image heating apparatus
Image heating apparatus
Image processing for correcting defects of read image
Developer supply container and coupling member used therefor
Edge correction apparatus, edge correction method, program, and storage medium
Image forming apparatus configured so that an angel is formed by straight line connecting a rotation...
Image processing method
Developing apparatus for preventing powder scattering
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image processing program, and storage medium
Image forming apparatus which uses a plurality of heat-fixing devices
Data processing apparatus and method and computer readable storage medium
Developer supply container and image forming apparatus
Image display apparatus
Architectures for and methods of providing network-based software extensions
Combined computer backup, disaster recovery and migration in a shared environment
Method for high-performance delivery of web content
Method and apparatus for tunneling data using a single simulated stateful TCP connection
Method and system for balancing a traffic load in a half-duplex environment
Server use method, server use reservation management apparatus, and program storage medium
Electronic property viewing method and computer-readable medium for providing virtual tours via a pu...
Method for preserving referential integrity within web sites
Customer specific web order management system and method which provides real time "quality order" va...
Method for managing CRM data, CRM server and recording medium thereof
System and method for monitoring usage patterns
System and method for providing guaranteed delivery of messages to embedded devices over a data netw...
Network node apparatus and connection set-up method for setting up cut-through connection
Label switching router having internal channel share function over ATM, and method for sharing inter...
Call processing message converter and message converting method in internet protocol telephony excha...
Configuration of enterprise gateways
Method for quantifying reponsiveness of flow aggregates to packet drops in a communication network
Videoconference system
Sound monitoring screen savers for enhanced fire, safety, security and health monitoring
Method for changing rolls of tubular film
Retardation film, process for producing the same, optical film, image display, liquid crystal panel ...
Method and apparatus for compressing holographic data
Communication unit
Code alignment of binary files
Multifunction electrode and method of making same
Reducing relative intermodule motion in a modular implantable medical device
Transdermal drug delivery patch system, method of making same and method of using same
Handle for a mobile station and method of using the same
Image forming apparatus and belt device
Attenuated optical splitter module
Optical waveguide structure
Long period grating sensor methods and apparatus
Technique to enhance the electro-optic coefficient of polymers by using a sol-gel cladding layer to ...
Phenolic acid salts of gabapentin in liquid and/or semi-solid dosage forms and methods of use
Piperidine derivatives and process for their production
Compounds effecting glucokinase
Polyspecialistic medical-surgical electrowelding method for electrowelding titanium and alloys there...
Device for jetting droplets of a particle filled viscous medium
Method of enabling the stacking of electrowon metal units
Low cost night vision apparatus and cockpit lighting compatibility evaluation via visual acuity
Butter knife
Method for implementing access control for queries to a content management system
System and method for analyte measurement using AC phase angle measurements
Diagnostic instrument
Method of making a biosensor
Oxime-containing acyl guanidines as beta-secretase inhibitors
Lactone stabilizing compositions
Ultra-low heat laser
Devices and methods of detecting movement between media and probe tip in a probe data storage system
Disk-drive enclosure having laterally offset parallel drives to reduce vibration and method
Infrared focusing device
Low cost torsional hinge mirror package with non-rotating magnetic drive
Monolithic integrated circuit with a printhead interface
Communication device with a wideband antenna
System and method for the detection of shapes in images
System and method for dividing images
Implanted antenna and radio communications link
Impedance matching and parasitic capacitor resonance of FBAR resonators and coupled filters
Circuits and methods for a ring oscillator with adjustable delay and/or resonator tank stage
NMR apparatus
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus, coil system for a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and mag...
Sound amplifier with a speaker
Eyeglass case
Method, system, and storage medium for managing computer processing functions
Method for flagging and relating information in a computing system
Low power mode for a network interface
Method and system for binding kerberos-style authenticators to single clients
Table management within a policy-based routing system
System, method and storage medium for a memory subsystem command interface
Anticipatory changes to resources managed by locks
Method and system for using data structures to store database information for multiple vendors and m...
Method and system of remote diagnostic, control and information collection using a shared resource
Method, system, and program product for automatically formatting electronic mail addressed to an int...
System and method for nonlinear signal enhancement that bypasses a noisy phase of a signal
Monitoring mechanisms for optical systems
Two-stage gain equalizer
Alkylation of N'-phenyl-N-alkylphenylenediamines in ionic liquid, N'-phenyl-N-alkyl (alkylphenylene)...
Optical device and projector
Electro-optical device, controller for controlling the electro-optical device, method for controllin...
Bat shaped pendant
Sash lock and keeper
Table top
Denim jeans with interchangeable side seam strips and back pockets
Voice-controlled navigation device requiring voice or manual user affirmation of recognized destinat...
Method and device for milling freeform surfaces
Energy-control and path-selection method and apparatus for digital diversity signaling
Integrated circuit device and electronic device
Lens barrel
Super twisted nematic (STN) liquid crystal display (LCD) driver and driving method thereof
Inverting amplifier and crystal oscillator having same
Cationic group-3 catalyst system
Cycloalkyl, lactam, lactone and related compounds, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, and ...
Formation of a masking layer on a dielectric region to facilitate formation of a capping layer on el...
Polycrystalline silicon film containing Ni
Design and therapeutic use of adpase enhanced apyrases
Method of producing composite sheet having polyolefin foam layer
Carboxamide spirolactam CGRP receptor antagonists
Thio-containing inhibitors of aminopeptidase P, and compositions thereof
Bacterial vectors and methods of use thereof
Ambulance cot system
Injection seeding of frequency-converted Q-switched laser
Information recording media, a method for recording/reproducing information, an apparatus for record...
Fiber- or rod-based optical source featuring a large-core, rare-earth-doped photonic-crystal device ...
Method and system for producing electricity
Phosphor composition and method for producing the same, and light-emitting device using the same
High voltage silicon carbide devices having bi-directional blocking capabilities
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
High power liquid dielectric switch
Peptide, method of production thereof, and pharmaceutical composition containing the same
Inhibitors of GSK-3 and crystal structures of GSK-3.beta. protein and protein complexes
Laser process apparatus, laser irradiation method, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Systems and methods for an integrated electrical sub-system powered by wind energy
Systems and methods to recover bandwidth in a communication system
Smart coating systems
Methods for producing low-k CDO films with low residual stress
Method for forming functional porous layer, method for manufacturing fuel cell, electronic device, a...
Sulfonated conducting polymer-grafted carbon material for fuel cell applications
Fuel cell and process for the production thereof
Fuel cell system with load management
Two-wheeled fuel-cell vehicle with hydrogen sensor
Emissions sensors for fuel control in engines
Method and apparatus for thin-film battery having ultra-thin electrolyte
Capacitor, semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Micron gap thermal photovoltaic device and method of making the same
Method of depositing an oxide layer on a substrate and a photovoltaic cell using said substrate
Method of preparing a crosslinked polymer in an electrolyte composition
Method for producing a tool which can be used to create surface structures in the range
Water dispersible substituted polydioxythiophenes made with fluorinated polymeric sulfonic acid coll...
Adjustable lens system with neural-based control
Processes for producing polymer coatings for release of therapeutic agent
Optimization of immunomodulatory properties of genetic vaccines
Method and system for supporting XQuery trigger in XML-DBMS based on relational DBMS
Method and apparatus for concept-based searching across a network
Light-emitting device with spherical photoelectric converting element
Foldable baby trailer
Apparatus for measuring total force in opposition to a moving vehicle and method of using
Remote lock operation apparatus for light vehicle
Bicycle lock
Tube connection assembly of bicycle frame
Hydraulic disc brake lever assembly
Bicycle electrical wiring support apparatus
Therapeutic exercise program
Disk drive device, disk drive system and disk
Objective lens holder, objective lens driving device including same and optical disk read/write devi...
Method for fabricating composite gas separation modules
Method for the production of optical elements with gradient structures
Integrated gradient index lenses
Thin film transistor circuit and semiconductor display device using the same
Carbon-based composite particle for electron emission device, and method for preparing
Light emitting apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Aluminate-based blue phosphors
Metal graphite material and production method thereof
Fuel gasification system
Window aerial for motor vehicles
Mobile communication system and signal processing method thereof
Vanilloid receptor ligands and their use in treatments
Methods of using truncated glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor
Electronic image sensor and evaluation method
Puncture cylinder provided with at least one puncture strip
Printing machine
Three axis angle invariant RF coil assembly and method and system employing same
Resonator apparatus for electron spin resonance (ESR) measurements and method for measuring electron...
Inhibitors of nucleoside metabolism
Recombinant therapeutic fusion proteins
Pyridoindolone derivatives substituted in the 3-position by a phenyl, their preparation and their ap...
Pyrazole compounds useful as protein kinase inhibitors
Antibiotics containing borinic acid complexes and methods of use
Tetrahydropyranyl cyclopentyl benzylamide modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Apoptosis promoters
Peptide pharmaceutical compositions
Methods and products related to metabolic interactions in disease
Detection and identification of staphylococcus aureus and epidermidis using the 16S-23S rRNA spacer
Compositions and methods for nutrition supplementation
Polysaccharide structures comprising an unsubstituted polysaccharide and processes for making same
Wrist or ankle bandage
Body wrap
Medical cart
Transcranial magnetic stimulation system
Dental impression tray
Slit lamp cover
Decorative orthopedic pad
Control solution container
Red mixing tip shaft and transparent housing combination
Finger mounted Russian forceps
Control device
Medical instrument
Control device
Endoscopic facelift elevator
Control device
Medical connector docking device
Media player
Localization cataloguing tool
Mobile device battery
Distance-sensitive scheduling of TDM-over-packet traffic in VPLS
Straw dispenser
Quick connect tether connecting system
Method and apparatus for controlled ice crystal formation in a beverage
Radiation protection system and method for using the same
Sigma-2 receptor radiotracers for imaging the proliferative status of solid tumors
Process for the preparation of oxazolidinones and method of use thereof
Substituted 4-phenyl-4-[1H-imidazol-2-yl]-piperidine derivatives for reducing ischaemic damage
Thinly woven flexible graft
Identifier code translation system
Implantable lead for septal placement of pacing electrodes
Capture detection for multi-chamber pacing
Charged phospholipid compositions and methods for their use
Production of lithium compounds directly from lithium containing brines
Polyimide-based lithium metal battery
Memory device and method for reading data
Steady-state non-equilibrium distribution of free carriers and photon energy up-conversion using sam...
Active ray curable composition, active ray curable ink, image forming method and inkjet recording ap...
Method for manufacturing color filter
Ionically conductive membranes for protection of active metal anodes and battery cells
Ink-jet recording ink and method of ink-jet recording
Method for selecting cosmetics
Photoprotective cosmetic compositions containing aromatic amide, sulphonamide or carbamate derivativ...
Cosmetics and cosmetic tool keeping case
Systems and methods for trading
Method and device to distinguish between voice conversation and automated speech recognition
Camera lens module and portable wireless terminal having the same
Rotary module with digital camera module
Inputting apparatus for mobile phone with a dial wheel
Portable communication device with an automatic operation-keeping system and method of keeping such ...
Volume control system and method for a mobile communication device
Complete message delivery to multi-mode communication device
Location sensitive multimedia messaging (MMS)
Monitoring and reporting service failures during handoff situations for adjusting subscriber billing
Consolidated billing in a wireless network
Input devices and their use
Spatial processor for enhanced performance in multi-talker speech displays
Method for providing a message-based communications infrastructure for automated call center operati...
Method and system for an interchangeable headset module resistant to moisture infiltration
Method and system for providing enhanced call waiting
System and method for mapping a voice identity across multiple telephony networks with time attribut...
Methods and apparatus for forwarding caller ID data from a call answering device utilizing a call co...
System and method for implementation of a called party prepayment plan
Automated attraction and ride maintenance verification system
Methods and apparatus for operating transceiver systems of a wireless platform
Apparatus and method using a sensor to detect improper orientation of an object
System and method for providing visual and physiological cues in a security matching system
Performance driven adjustment of RFID waveform shape
Multifunctional multichip system for wireless sensing
Contactless data communication system, and contactless identification tag
Keyhole communication device for tracking and monitoring shipping container and contents thereof
Circuit protector monitoring and management system user interface method, system and program
System and method for dynamically adjusting the allocation of mail items associated with particular ...
Method of fabricating active layer thin film by metal chalcogenide precursor solution
System and method for encapsulation and protection of components
Method, apparatus and article for random sequence generation and playing card distribution
Optically variable security features having covert forensic features
Radio communication system
Speech recognition capability for a personal digital assistant
Electric double layer capacitor and electrolytic solution therefor
Optimized liquid-phase oxidation
Methyl acetate purification and carbonylation
Phosphine transition metal complex having ferrocene skeleton, process for making the same, and anti-...
Process for removing metal species in the presence of hydrogen and a porous material and polyester p...
Compostable vinyl halide polymer compositions and composite sheets
Blends of alkyl substituted triaryl phosphate esters with phosphorus-containing flame retardants for...
Production of exopolysaccharides unattached to the surface of bacterial cells
Methods and compositions for detecting telomerase activity
Varnish for laminate or prepreg, laminate or prepreg prepared using this varnish, and printed wiring...
Herbal composition for treatment and maintenance of hormone dependent conditions, osteoporosis, circ...
Zirconium or hafnium-containing oxides
Benzene derivative having long, linear conjugated structure, process for producing benzene derivativ...
Curable liquid compositions containing bisoxazoline
Inflator for airbag
Composition and coated bakery products
Method for producing a sleeve that has a greater length and is used for food
Beehive base device
Animal or other object washing system and method
Vehicle-mounted animal catching and transporting apparatus
Cage for transporting poultry
Method and apparatus for tracking a laboratory animal location and movement
Livestock sorting facility
Spoilage reducing composition for bird feeders
Fishing chest
Fishing accessory, in particular a line cutter
Method for removing ring artifacts from tomograms produced with the aid of a computed tomography uni...
Method of selective excitation for improving contrast in magnetic resonance imaging
Coating compositions and methods
Thermoplastic elastomer compositions
Thermoforming process for producing class "A" finish, high gloss automotive exterior parts
Propylene-ethylene random block copolymer and biaxially oriented multi-layer film using the same as ...
Customer satisfaction through customer identification and service-time measurement
Sharpener for blades of food slicers
Compositions with a chicken flavour, use and production thereof
Food grinder
Process for preparing a chewable pet food
Food supplement formulation
Monoclonal antibody selectively recognizing listeria monocytogenes, hybridoma producing the antibody...
Chopsticks structure
Combined food cooker and steamer
Egg testing apparatus and method
Toothbrush assembly
Folding top assembly
Mooring system
Docking supporting apparatus, and marine vessel including the apparatus
Multi-layer structure for packaging
Sectionalized board for water sports
Riser control device
Convertible table system
.tau.-conotoxin peptides
Self-contained adipose derived stem cell processing unit
Method for enhancing pulse oximetry calculations in the presence of correlated artifacts
Insurance claim forecasting system
Electrical stimulation system including a device for partially shielding electrical energy emitted f...
Data logging system for implantable medical device
Implantable cardiac device and method for reduced phrenic nerve stimulation
Magnetic retrieval device and method of use
Radiation imaging apparatus
Volumetric physiological measuring system and method
Method, apparatus, and program for moving image synthesis
Angle de-skew device and method thereof
Chromatic aberration correction apparatus, chromatic aberration correction method, and chromatic abe...
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
Image processing method, apparatus, and program
Method and system for determining histograms
Optical recording/reproducing apparatus having a function of separating luminance and color componen...
Method of creating a substitute check using check image data from a remote check image capture devic...
Apparatus and method for selecting image to be displayed
Microfluidic sensors and methods for making the same
Optical element and optical element holder
Capillary tube for holding optical fiber and connecting structure for optical component
Pre-connectorized fiber optic cable network interconnection apparatus
Optical fiber cleaver
Cable assembly having bend performance optical fiber slack coil
Low loss hollow core optical waveguide
Waveguide fabrication methods and devices
Low attenuation optical fiber and its producing method in MCVD
Fiber optic cable with a concave surface
Fiber optic cables that are separable for optical fiber access
Reducing amplitude errors in arrayed waveguide gratings
Diffusion plate used in direct-type backlight module
Back-light driving circuit in field sequential liquid crystal display
Interactive LED display network for retail environment
LED package with compound converging optical element
High-brightness, compact illuminator with integrated optical elements
LED blinker load assembly
Vehicle headlight housing connection structure
Projector-type vehicle headlamp system
Fixed light for bends for a motor vehicle
Mounting clip for lighting fixtures
Article support device
Light-emitting diode component having a light direction-changing unit and related light direction-ch...
LED source for liquid crystal display
LED signaling device for road traffic signals
Lighting apparatus
Illuminating book light
Portable LED lamp
Vibrating and twinkling device
Multiple channel illumination system
Lamp to illumination optics assembly interface
Method and system for capturing, storing, sharing, and managing notes taken during a computer based ...
Image printing system, image printing method, and image printing program
Document delivery device, document receiving device, document delivery method, document delivery pro...
Method of describing multiple level digest segment information scheme for multimedia contents and ap...
Method and apparatus for data integration security
System and method for volume management
Non-blocking distinct grouping of database entries with overflow
Snapshot format conversion method and apparatus
Segmentation and processing of continuous data streams using transactional semantics
Systems and methods for automated service migration
Conditional garbage based on monitoring to improve real time performance
Systems and methods for partitioning data on multiple servers
Annotation validity using partial checksums
Apparatus and method for monitoring usage of components in a database index
Updating data in a multi-system network that utilizes asynchronous message transfer
Blow molding apparatus having raised pinches and compression lands
Method of forming bone with porous .beta.tricalcium phosphate granules
Concrete admixture additive
C3A serum-free clonal cell line and methods of use
Earphone device having composite functions
Parametric audio system
Method and X-ray apparatus for optimally imaging anatomical parts of the human anatomy
Apparatus, system and method for receiver equalization
Comparator circuit having reduced pulse width distortion
High-speed serial link receiver with centrally controlled offset cancellation and method
Optical disc drive
Clamper plate of a disk player
Multi-band mixer and quadrature signal generator for a multi-mode radio receiver
Power saving in a transmitter
Table reference type predistorter
Optical disk recording/reproducing apparatus
Page mode access for non-volatile memory arrays
Low voltage sense amplifier for operation under a reduced bit line bias voltage
Phase-changeable memory device and read method thereof
Reciprocating surgical file
Printer with replaceable ink cartridge and print quality IC
Zinc oxide
Metal brightener and surface cleaner
Process for the offset printing of patterns via the fountain medium
Assay for melanogenesis
Sunless tanning composition and method of sunless tanning
Method and system of annotation for electronic documents
Power adapter having power supply identifier information functionality
Method and apparatus for protection of computer assets from unauthorized access
Program components having multiple selectable implementations
Dynamically partitioning processing across plurality of heterogeneous processors
Task tracing in a distributed computing environment
System and method for automated source code generation
Method and apparatus for implementing a pre-implemented circuit design for a programmable logic devi...
Transformation of platform specific graphical user interface widgets migrated between heterogeneous ...
System and method for comparing extensible markup language (XML) documents
Solid electrolytic capacitor
Method for cancelling a narrow-band interference signal
Method for making a metal surface infused composite and the composite thereof
Method for domain specific test design automation
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for diagnosing a scan chain failure employing fuses ...
Method and apparatus for filtering snoop requests using stream registers
Disk drive employing stream detection engine to enhance cache management policy
Multi-function floating point arithmetic pipeline
Discovering interestingness in faceted search
Direct call threaded code
System and method for effectively implementing an optimized language model for speech recognition
Line pressure control system and method of an automatic transmission
Working unit control apparatus of excavating and loading machine
Crop cutting header with speed control of driven element using valve profiling
Method for smooth trapping suppression of small graphical objects using color interpolation
High-voltage electric rotating machine
Spray powder
Driver-specific context for kernel-mode shimming
Sulfur oxide/nitrogen oxide trap system and method for the protection of nitrogen oxide storage redu...
Data flow chasing
Method to determine predictive tests and device applying same to lubricant formulations
Synchronous duplex printing systems using directed charged particle of aerosol toner development
Inhalation device
Resolving metadata matched to media content
Multi-layered magnetic memory structures
Methods for manufacturing volume Bragg grating elements
Apparatus and method for three-phase buck-boost regulation
Violations in a peer-to-peer relay network
Multimedia controller
Method and System for Recognising Handwritten Data
Digitally controlled power supply
Method for operating a wind park
System and method for power management when an operating voltage is between two thresholds
Switching power source device
Switching controller having frequency hopping for power supplies and method therefor
Regulated analog switch
P-channel power chip
DC-DC converter
Method and cell for controlling the power factor of a power supply line
Apparatus for regulating output voltages with a current conversion module and analog to digital conv...
Self-oscillating boost DC-DC converters with current feedback and digital control algorithm
Apparatus and method for minimizing power loss associated with dead time
Voltage regulator with bypass mode
Switching resistance linear regulator architecture
Step-up/down DC-DC converter
Current prediction in a switching power supply
Regulator with load tracking bias
User interface for a portion of a display screen
Method for measuring network performance parity
Adjustable mounting bracket
Mobile terawatt femtosecond laser system (MTFLS) for long range spectral sensing and identification ...
Slide-mountable electrical device cover
Air duct cover and boot
Shieldless, high-speed electrical connectors
Compound connector for two different types of electronic packages
High speed differential transmission structures without grounds
Pharmaceutical Composition for the Treatment or Prevention of Diseases Involving Obesity, Diabetes, ...
Compounds for modulating TRPV3 function
Combinatorial drug therapy using polymer-drug conjugates
Vital hierarchy of data on diseases
Piperidinyl Piperidine Tachykinin Receptor Antagonists
Biological state-evaluating apparatus, biological state-evaluating method, biological state-evaluati...
Use Of C-Kit Inhibitors For Treating Inflammatory Muscle Disorders Including Myositis And Muscular D...
Clinical and Surgical System and Method for Moving and Stretching Plastic Tissue
JNK modulators
Certain chemical entities, compositions and methods
Purification of bis (thiohydrazide amides)
Uses of Kinase Inhibitors and Compositions Thereof
2-Aminoimidazopyridines for treating neurodegenerative diseases
Anastomosis Reinforcement Using Biosurgical Adhesive and Device
Tissue capturing and suturing device and method
Inhibition of sympathetic nerves
Human Subject Index Estimation Apparatus and Method
Surgical Fastener
3D ultrasound-based instrument for non-invasive measurement of Amniotic Fluid Volume