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Apparatus to map virtual pages to disparate-sized, non-contiguous real pages
Storage system control method, storage system, and storage apparatus
Storing and selecting multiple data streams in distributed memory devices
Processor including fallback branch prediction mechanism for far jump and far call instructions
Information processing apparatus control method, information processing apparatus, and storage devic...
System for server obtaining terminal address via searching address table or via broadcasting to all ...
Window-based flash memory storage system and management and access methods thereof
Apparatus, system, and method to estimate memory for recovering data
Dynamic node partitioning utilizing sleep state
Method of and apparatus for controlling of regulating industrial processes
Image processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
Method and apparatus for enhancing an image using a wavelet-based retinex algorithm
Method and apparatus for reducing image noise
Optical waveguide, light source module, and optical information processing apparatus
Image recording and reproducing apparatus and image recording and reproducing method
Feature extraction apparatus and method and pattern recognition apparatus and method
Semiconductor memory device and method of testing same
Migration of configuration data from one software installation through an upgrade
Television transmitter, television transmitting method, television receiver and television receiving...
Transmit device and method thereof, record/play device and method thereof as well as recording syste...
Interfacing a conditional access circuit to a digital device using input and output stream switching
Stand for television receiver
Stand for television receiver
Arithmetic and control unit
Arithmetic and control unit
Arithmetic and control unit
Medical instrument with a contoured axle pin
Implantable device
Endogeneous alpha-MSH treatment for stroke
Apparatus and methods for detecting position and migration of neurostimulation leads
Method of treating obstructive sleep apnea using electrical nerve stimulation
Digital electromagnetic pulse generator
System and method for controlling neurological disorders with spatially separated detection and ther...
Method of using neural stimulation during nucleoplasty procedures
Apparatus and methods for detecting migration of neurostimulation leads
Method and apparatus for monitoring disc pressure during heat treatment of an intervertebral disc
Stent and stent delivery device
Fragile structure protective coating
Expandable spinal interbody and intravertebral body devices
Craniofacial implant
Elbow prosthesis
Hydrogel implant
Hip prosthesis
Systems and methods for adjusting the angle of a prosthetic ankle based on a measured surface angle
Systems and methods for actuating a prosthetic ankle based on a relaxed position
Protein arrays and methods and systems for producing the same
Meta-document management system with transit triggered enrichment
Graphic user interface for a patient ventilator
System and method for lithography simulation
System and method for lithography simulation
Heat and light therapy device
Polynucleotides and methods for making plants resistant to fungal pathogens
EG1117 and EG307 polynucleotides and uses thereof
Method for increasing expression of stress defense genes
Canola variety SW 013186
Canola variety SW 013154
Canola variety SW 013062
Canola cultivar NQC02CNX13
Soybean variety XB25G06
Inbred corn line phadp
Koroneiki IRTA I-38 olive tree (Olea europaea)
Symphoricarpos plant named 'Brain De Soleil'
Verbena plant named 'Lan Redtwo'
Osteospermum plant named 'Sunny Plum Serena'
Osteospermum plant named 'Sunny Golden Serena'
Osteospermum plant named 'Sunny Antique Serena'
GSM/UMTS emulator
Method for user equipment mobility management and communication system
Mobile communication system, radio base station containing control device in the mobile communicatio...
Method and apparatus for handover in a wireless communication device between wireless domains
Mobile communication system, relief method of competition between downlink RRC message and inter-cel...
Progressive reuse partitioning for improved interference resection in wireless packet networks
Transmission rate control method, mobile station, and radio base station
Method and apparatus for validating radio resource control messages
Cross-core calibration in a multi-radio system
Method of managing radio resources and Node B apparatus implementing the same
Mobile wireless communications device having improved RF immunity of audio transducers to electromag...
Dynamic reconfiguration of resources through page headers
Techniques for partitioning radios in wireless communication systems
Dynamic readjustment of power
Flow control in a cellular communication system
Antenna array pattern distortion mitigation
Mobile wireless communications device having improved antenna impedance match and antenna gain from ...
Method and system for non-invasive treatment of hyperopia, presbyopia and glaucoma
Calibration of tester and testboard by golden sample
Healthcare insurance security system
Radio LAN system implementing simultaneous communication with different types of information and com...
Systems and methods for the creation of software packages using layered systems
Methods and systems for managing financial accounts
Computer system for managing storage areas in a plurality of storage devices
Micro-switches for downhole use
Coherent generation, conversion, and modulation of electromagnetic radiation using shock waves or so...
Semiconductor memory
System and method for bi-directional communication and execution of dynamic instruction sets
Nanofiber surface based capacitors
Conjugated linoleic acid compositions
Multi-system plug-in power receptacle for modular power distribution system
Control of small distributed energy resources
Method of making active magnetic refrigerant materials based on Gd-Si-Ge alloys
Nasal strip with variable spring rate
Actuator overcap for an aerosol container
UDP-galactose: .beta.-D-galactose-R 4-.alpha.-D-galac-tosyltransferase, .alpha.4Gal-T1
Tunable bandpass filter and method thereof
Stimulation for acute conditions
Methods and blends for controlling rheology and transition temperature of liquid crystals
Method and system for providing a customized media list
Method, system, and program for determining whether data has been modified
Game system and image creating method
Method of hidden surface reconstruction for creating accurate three-dimensional images converted fro...
Method for minimizing visual artifacts converting two-dimensional motion pictures into three-dimensi...
Right angle impact driver
System and method for correlated process pessimism removal for static timing analysis
System for providing analog and digital telephone functions using a single telephone line
Packaging and application device for a product, notably a nail varnish remover
Appliance communication system and method
4-thieno[2,3-D]pyrimidin-4-YL piperazine compounds
Monometallic azo complexes of late transition metals for the polymerization of olefins
N.sup.8, N.sup.13 -disubstituted quino[4,3,2-kl]acridinium salts as therapeutic agents
Melanocortin-1 receptor and methods of use
Housing assembly for an air bag and vehicle horn switch
Drug delivery and monitoring system
Practice equipment
Isolation and use of solid tumor stem cells
Oral-care appliance (brush)
Power oscillator for control of waveshape and amplitude
Method and apparatus for polishing a substrate
System and method of distributing a file by email
Biologically active lasonolide compounds
System and method for resolving threats in automated explosives detection in baggage and other parce...
Antigen binding fragments that specifically detect cancer cells, nucleotides encoding the fragments,...
Hydrophilized porous film and process for producing the same
Heterogeneously catalyzed gas-phase partial oxidation of at least one organic compound
System and method for voice/data transmission over cable networks
System and method for non-programmers to dynamically manage multiple sets of XML document data
Image forming apparatus with photosensitive member cleaning blade
.beta.-secretase enzyme compositions and methods
Application of the retimed normal form to the formal equivalence verification of abstract RTL descri...
Substituted diphenyl isoxazoles, pyrazoles and oxadiazoles useful for treating HCV infection
Backlight assembly with frame housing comprising a guide portion for guiding the light unit wires an...
Combined liquid collector and mixer for mass transfer column and method employing same
Auto control of network monitoring and simulation
System and method for providing tunnel connections between entities in a messaging system
Graphical web browsing interface for spatial data navigation and method of navigating data blocks
Glycinamides as factor Xa inhibitors
Bridged piperidine derivatives as melanocortin receptor agonists
Benzosuberonylpiperdine compounds as analgesics
Heterocyclic modulators of nuclear receptors
Cyclic diamines and derivatives as factor Xa inhibitors
Indole-amide derivatives and their use as glycogen phosphorylase inhibitors
Compositions for improving fertility
Compositions for, and methods of, anti-platelet therapy
Amino acid sequences capable of facilitating penetration across a biological barrier
.beta.-Superfamily conotoxins
Haplotype structures of chromosome 21
Melanin concentrating hormone antagonist
Substituted cyclic compounds
Propanolaminomethyltetralines, their preparation and pharmaceutical composition comprising same
Method for controlling an optical drive to record data
Optical disk device
Optical information recording method, optical information recording device and optical information r...
High repetition rate passively Q-switched laser for blue laser based on interactions in fiber
Laser system and method for generation of a pulse sequence with controllable parameters and computer...
Method for estimating age rate of a laser
Staggered array coupler
Edge-emitting type semiconductor laser
Semiconductor laser and method of producing the same
Transmitter array with pixel element that has primary semiconductor laser and at least one secondary...
Laser output light pulse beam parameter transient correction system
Efficient method and apparatus for generating singlet delta oxygen at an elevated pressure
Laser level
Optomechanical switch using laser or light movable liquid crystal
Manipulators for fiber optic cable assemblies
Wireless optical system for high bandwidth communications
Developing cartridge, process unit, and image forming apparatus
Image forming device capable of easily resolving paper jam
Remote particle counter for remote measurement of the number and size distribution of suspended fine...
Method to optimize generation of ultrasound using mathematical modeling for laser ultrasound inspect...
Breather structure for transfer
Power supply unit
Circuit board assembly with integral antenna
Programmable transmitter and receiver including digital radio frequency memory
Snap-in cluster attachment
Adaptive filter for speech enhancement in a noisy environment
Sliding visor
Airbag apparatus and related method
Automotive console having a double hinged lid
Pseudo insert molding for trim parts using polyurethane spray process
Apparatus and process for the synthesis of hydrogen peroxide directly from hydrogen and oxygen
Method and composition for removing sulfides from hydrocarbon streams
Method of producing Indium Tin Oxide powder
Exhaust gas purifying method and system for fuel cell vehicle
Exhaust gas purifying method and exhaust gas purifying system
Crystalline silicoaluminophosphate salt molecular sieve having octaoxygen-membered ring pore, proces...
Catalysts for ammonia synthesis
Method of producing nanophase WC-based powder by vapor phase reaction at atmospheric pressure
Ultrahard diamonds and method of making thereof
Method for the synthesis of ferrates
Hydrogen storage compositions and methods of manufacture thereof
Hydrogen storage compositions and methods of manufacture thereof
Hydrogen storage compositions and methods of manufacture thereof
Hydrogen storage compositions and methods of manufacture thereof
Method of horizontally growing carbon nanotubes and device having the same
Packaging laminate with gas and aroma barrier properties
Method for purification of as-produced single-wall carbon nanotubes
Microwave antenna and process for producing the same
Method for installing dynamic, modular, multilock anterior cervical plate system having detachably f...
Orthopedic implant surface configuration
Multipiece implants formed of bone material
ARPE-19 as a platform cell line for encapsulated cell-based delivery
Production of recombinant AAV using adenovirus comprising AAV rep/cap genes
Hedgehog interacting proteins and uses related thereto
DNAs encoding guinea pig histamine receptors of the H4 subtype
IL-17 homologous polypeptides and therapeutic uses thereof
Soft tissue and bone augmentation and bulking utilizing muscle-derived progenito compositions, and t...
Method for the compositional analysis of polymers
Optical system, and electronic equipment that incorporates the same
Method of manufacturing recording medium
Multicolor photodiode array and method of manufacturing thereof
Method and apparatus for nonvolatile memory
Near-field intra-cellular apertureless microscope
Stringed instrument
Adjustable chanter for bagpipes
System for playing percussion instruments with feet
Intonation aid and position locator for violin family of instruments
Information processing unit, display method for the information processing unit, program for the sam...
Automatic music mood detection
Banjo pick-up system
Programmable/semi-programmable pickup and transducer switching system
Information-processing apparatus, image display control method and image display control program
Methods of staining target chromosomal DNA employing high complexity nucleic acid probes
Haptens, immunogens, antibodies and conjugates to 2-oxo-3-hydroxy-LSD
Formulations and methods for denaturing proteins
Multi-mutant diphtheria toxin vaccines
Nucleic acids and corresponding proteins entitled 282P1G3 useful in treatment and detection of cance...
Isolated nucleic acid molecules which encode peptides which bind to MHC class II molecules, such as ...
Rubisco promoters and uses thereof
Nucleic acid, nucleic acid for detecting dechlorination bacteria, probe, method for detecting dechlo...
Dehydrogenase and a gene encoding the same
Romaine lettuce variety 163502
Seedless watermelon having small fruit
Soybean cultivar 0509243
Hybrid maize 35D28
System for axial pattern analysis of multicellular organisms
Drainage system for sports fields
Irrigation gate system
Water control gate and actuator therefore
Process for the excavation of buried waste
Method and apparatus for welding pipes together
Aqua-terra planetary transport system and development pneumatic and electro-magnetic underwater tube...
Offshore fluid transfer system and method
Structural helical pile
Modular block anchoring techniques
Yieldable prop
Remediation with ozone of sediments containing organic contaminants
Method for simulating the deposition of a sedimentary sequence in a basin
Method and system for transferring and sharing images between devices and locations
System for controlling communications in a network based on a previous place name and relocated plac...
Efficient, robust file handle invalidation
System and method for interleaving SDRAM device access requests
Storage control system
Apparatus and method for providing pre-translated segments for page translations in segmented operat...
Method and system for detecting the validity of configuration data
Method and apparatus for writing data and validating data in a recording medium
Construction of an optimized SEC-DED code and logic for soft errors in semiconductor memories
Methods and systems for managing styles electronic documents
Generating a Web page by replacing identifiers in a preconstructed Web page
Method and apparatus for ground fault protection
System and process to ensure performance of mandated inspections
System and method for speech recognition assisted voice communications
Spatially coding and displaying information
Method and device for seeking images based on the content taking into account the content of regions...
Electronic mail system with methodology providing distributed message store
Radio broadcasting system and method providing continuity of service
Radio communication apparatus and method of controlling the same
Frequency hopping spread spectrum communication system
Interference rejection in a radio receiver
Signal processing method and apparatus in CDMA radio communication system
Apparatus for selecting a receiver among a plurality of receivers in a diversity receiver system bas...
Strong signal cancellation to enhance processing of weak spread spectrum signal
Radio receiver
Trimming of local oscillation in an integrated circuit radio
Method for conformance testing of radio communication equipment
Method and apparatus for adjusting symbol timing and/or symbol positioning of a receive burst of dat...
Method and system for management of radio frequency communication coverage over wide geographic area...
Information transmission system and information transmission method, and, optical space transmission...
Location of wireless nodes using signal strength weighting metric
Wireless network system and network address assigning method
Mitigating interference among multiple radio device types
Electric appliance
Method and apparatus for mitigating radio frequency interference between transceiver systems
Wireless provision of audio content
Image for a portion of a display screen
Image for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Server debugging framework using scripts
System and method for migration of software
Optional attribute generator for customized Java programming environments
Application-level access to kernel input/output state
Linked-list implementation of a data structure with concurrent non-blocking insert and remove operat...
System and method employing script-based device drivers
Contested account registration
Software-generated machine identifier
Flat panel computer having an integrally housed flat panel display
Image for a portion of a display screen
Image for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
TV card and computer system having the same
Graphics subsystem bypass method and apparatus
Color-balanced brightness enhancement for display systems
Projector and method of adjusting projection size
Video projector and optical light valve therefor
Terminal for information processing
Stereoscopic image display apparatus and stereoscopic image display system
Image pickup system
Microphone array system
Apparatus and a method for the detection of objects
Method and apparatus for qualification of image detectors
Method and apparatus for inspecting a semiconductor device
Method of compressing digital images
Camera-equipped cellular phone
Parking-assist device and reversing-assist device
Moving vehicle in cuboidal panorama
Multi-tuner television receiving apparatus and method of restricting the viewing
Method and system for selecting actions to be taken by a server when uploading images
Anti-idiotype antibodies to MN proteins and MN polypeptides
Tumor specific monoclonal antibodies
Anti-TRAIL-R antibodies
Therapeutic and diagnostic compounds, compositions, and methods
Microorganism, its product and utilization thereof
Humanized antibody specific for surface antigen pre-S1 of HBV and preparation method thereof
Immunogenic detoxified mutant E. coli LT-A-toxin
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to Streptococcus pneumoniae for diagnostics and thera...
Process for the preparation of iopamidol
Medicament composition and method of administration
Peptides and their use to ameliorate cell death
Chemotherapeutic microemulsion compositions of paclitaxel with improved oral bioavailability
Exendins, exendin agonists, and methods for their use
Colorectal neoplasia prophylaxis
Ribavirin-interferon alfa combination therapy for eradicating detectable HCV-RNA in patients having ...
Modulation of oligonucleotide CpG-mediated immune stimulation by positional modification of nucleosi...
HoxD3 and HoxA3 compositions and methods for improved wound healing
Microbubble compositions and methods for oligonucleotide delivery
Non-inclusion cyclodextrin complexes
Novelty riding toy for children
Method, apparatus and circuit for latchup suppression in a gate-array ASIC environment
Marine gangway to enable handicapped users to move between floating and fixed landings and related m...
Quick-release snag resistant fishing net retainer
Reversible camber airfoil
Wakeboard jump enhancement system
Method and apparatus for increasing floating platform buoyancy
Protection means for a flexible riser
Gripper with parts ejector system
Transfer robot
Exercise apparatus for simulating skating movement
Interaction education system for teaching patient care
Film extraction apparatus and method utilizing a bi-stable film stripper mechanism
Single focus lens module
Three dimensional image capturing device and its laser emitting device
Imaging apparatus
Optical apparatus
Zoom finder drive mechanisms
Lens driving mechanism and electronic device
Jet exhaust noise reduction system and method
Vertical exhaust water trap assembly
Mobile internet protocol system and route optimization method therefor
Multi-service network switch with a generic forwarding interface
Sequencing of user data packets segmented into AAL2 packets transported over internet protocol (IP)
Mapping an internet document to be accessed over a telephone system
Method for generalization of telephone signaling requirements to support multiple international mark...
Internet base station
Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for controlling delivery of digital products to users
Internet label production system
Methods and apparatus for using the internet domain name system to disseminate product information
System, computer program product and method for storing information in an application service provid...
Method and system of asymmetric satellite communications for local area networks
Method and apparatus for assigning IP address using agent in zero configuration network
Content management application for an interactive environment
Cooperative management of distributed network caches
Network based intra-system communications architecture
System and method for downloading application components to a chipcard
Method and apparatus for creating a web page
Protection system of a vehicle battery
Methods and apparatus for simultaneously charging multiple rechargable batteries
Alternator rectifier with coil-sensor controlled MOSFETs
Thermal protection scheme for high output vehicle alternator
Synchronization controller for multiple pulsed alternator applications
Method and system for providing current limiting controllers for high reactance permanent magnet gen...
Step-up converter having power factor correction
DC-DC converter
System and method for driving LEDs
Current sharing method and apparatus for alternately controlling parallel connected boost PFC circui...
High voltage shunt regulator for flash memory
Constant-peak-current minimum-off-time pulse frequency modulator for switching regulators
Switching control circuit for discontinuous mode PFC converters
Bandgap reference circuit for ultra-low current applications
Current sense components failure detection in a multi-phase power system
Circuit and method for protecting emergency head-retract capacitor in a hard disk drive
Surge current prevention circuit and DC power supply
Synchronous rectification switching power supply
Method and circuit for controlling switching frequency signal
Series connected buck-boost regulator
Power flow controller responsive to power circulation demand for optimizing power transfer
Method for preparing .alpha.-alumina nano powder
Multi component controlled release system for anhydrous cosmetic compositions
Method of producing regular arrays of nano-scale objects using nano-structured block-copolymeric mat...
Positioning and motion control by electrons, ions, and neutrals in electric fields
TEM sample holder
Pointing device for large field of view displays
Method for calibration of a printer
Linear illumination apparatus and mehtod
Single panel golf club grip
Non-woody fiber mulching mat and production method thereof
Golh: the golf hybrid sport of golfrisbee and golfball swiveling golh club to launch the golfrisbee ...
All-weather golf club grip
Single panel golf club grip with EVA inside layer
Golf club handle grip
Forging alloy for manufacturing a golf club head
Antimicrobial grips for sports equipment
Method for manufacturing golf club head
Weight member for a golf club head
Golf ball with illumination member therein and method for making the same
Golf club head and manufacturing method therefor
Intermedia layer for joining two portions of a golf club head
Golf club head with a structure for friction welding and manufacturing method therefor
Method and apparatus for locating a remote unit
Multi-segment single panel grip
Connecting structure for a striking plate of a golf club head
Intermediate layer for joining two portions of a golf club head
Single panel golf club grip
Single panel golf club grip
Image formation system, software acquisition method, and computer product
System and method for providing dynamic screening of transient messages in a distributed computing e...
Gemstone arrangement
System and method for providing computer upgrade information
CDMA internet protocol mobile telecommunications network architecture and methodology
On-line measurement and control of polymer properties by raman spectroscopy
Electroluminescent multilayer optical information storage medium with integrated readout and composi...
Adaptive voltage scaling digital processing component and method of operating the same
Cruable dual mode ISM and U-NII wireless radio with secure, integral antenna connection
Commissioning of sensors
Method to measure the perceived quality of streaming media
Method and system for PDA-based ultrasound system
Photowriting display device and photowriting display unit incorporating the same
Application program interface that enables communication for a network software platform
Modified advanced high strength single crystal superalloy composition
Delivery of erectile dysfunction drugs through an inhalation route
Dry powder inhaler
Cleansing articles for skin or hair
System and method for library robotics positional accuracy using parallax viewing
System and methods for adaptive control of robotic devices
Machine-readable storage medium for analyzing distribution of macromolecules between the cell membra...
Integrated application environment
Compositions and methods for an orally administered inhibitor of biting insects
Camera with automatic focusing device
Expressed sequence tags and encoded human proteins
Polystyrene-supported palladacycle catalysts
Language-sensitive whitespace adjustment in a software engineering tool
Converting apparatus of voice signal by modulation of frequencies and amplitudes of sinusoidal wave ...
Ear pad, and earphone with the pad
Methods, computer software products and systems for correlating gene lists
Input and feedback system
Safety controller with safety response time monitoring
Systems and methods for facilitating physiological coherence using respiration training
Imbedded component integrated circuit assembly and method of making same
Third heart sound activity index for heart failure monitoring
Methods for regulated expression of triats in plants using multiple site-specific recombination syst...
Small organic molecule regulators of cell proliferation
Polymerization of olefins
Polymer compositions for intraluminal stent
Method of inhibiting protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B and/or T-cell protein tyrosine phosphatase 4 an...
Parallel/series LED strip
Membrane module elements
Method and apparatus for detecting chemical and biological weapon components using Raman spectrum
Polynucleotides encoding a novel testis-specific tubulin tyrosine-ligase-like protein, BGS42
Spiroepoxy-macrocycle as perfuming ingredient
Cradle for a communication device
Spinal fixation apparatus and method
Optical transmission path formation technique
Thermal barrier coating wrap for turbine airfoil
Phenyl derivatives, their manufacture and use as pharmaceutical agents
Linear actuator capable of low-speed driving
Inflatable projection screen
Multimedia display device
Multipurpose memory card adapter
Data sharing and linkage for IP telephony set-top boxes
Apparatus and method for parallel multimedia processing
Counteracting geometric distortions in watermarking
System and method for digital multimedia stream conversion
Method and apparatus for providing a menu structure for an interactive information distribution syst...
Multi-media player having a rotatable panel that can be restored automatically
Universal dipole with adjustable length antenna elements
Drill insert geometry having V-notched web
Torque limiting device for hydraulic piston pump
Use of tin derivatives as catalysts
Methods of proliferating undifferentiated neural cells
Supplemented and unsupplemented tissue sealants, methods of their production and use
Wireless telephone communication with reduced electromagnetic energy input on the user
API communications for vertex and pixel shaders
Enterprise web mining system and method
Tetraline derivatives as ghrelin receptor modulators
Adhesive sheet for producing a semiconductor device
Iron-containing oxidic material suitable for use as hydrogenation catalyst precursor
Sand control screen assembly and treatment method using the same
Radiant energy source systems, devices, and methods capturing, controlling, or recycling gas flows
Display panel, electronic apparatus with the same, and method of manufacturing the same
Multi-layer information recording medium and information recording and reproducing apparatus
Drop away leaf pivot unit
Toner bottle
Long term cardiac monitor
Pyrimidine derivatives and oligonucleotides containing same
Aspartyl protease inhibitors
Multicyclic compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Structural equivalence of expressions containing processes and queries
Inhibitors of hepatitis C virus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase
Method and apparatus for suggesting completions for a partially entered data item based on previousl...
Method for producing 8-methoxy-quinolinecarboxylic acids
Amide derivatives as inhibitors of the enzymatic activity of renin
Method of prediction of solubility of chemical compounds
Liquid material evaporation apparatus for semiconductor manufacturing
Strain gauges
Dual function prosthetic bone implant and method for preparing the same
HIV-1 mutations selected for by .beta.-2',3'-didehydro-2',3'-dideoxy-5-fluorocytidine
Purine derivatives
Phosphoramidate, and mono-, di-, and tri-phosphate esters of (1R, cis)-4-(6-amino-9H-purin-9-yl)-2-c...
Phosphonate substituted pyrimidine compounds and methods for therapy
Histamine-3 receptor modulators
HIV integrase inhibitors
Pyridinone and pyridinethione derivatives having HIV inhibiting properties
.alpha.- and .beta.-amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfonamides useful as retroviral protease inhibito...
PDE IV inhibitors
Methods for treatment of cognitive and menopausal disorders with D-threo methylphenidate
4-aminopiperidine and their use as a medicine
Benzylpiperidine compound
Inhibitors of p38
Heterocyclic compounds
Compounds, compositions and methods for the treatment of diseases characterized by A-33 related anti...
Murine genomic polynucleotide sequence encoding a G-protein coupled receptor and methods of use ther...
Human peroxisome proliferator activated receptor .gamma.
Triazole compounds useful as protein kinase inhibitors
Processes for the facile synthesis of diaryl amines and analogues thereof
Methods for selecting nucleic acid probes
A/D converter, D/A converter and voltage source
Switching between lower and higher power modes in an ADC for lower/higher precision operations
Method and apparatus for monitoring a condenser unit in a refrigerant-cycle system
Refrigerator with evaporator of variable dimensions
Foil structure for regenerators
Cooling device for heat-generating elements
Liquid cooling module
Split mutator shaft
Air conditioning system
Controller interface with multiple day programming
Controlled cooling of a data center
Burn-in oven heat exchanger having improved thermal conduction
Solid filling tank
Heat-dissipation apparatus of portable computer
Handheld electronic device cradle with enhanced heat-dissipating capability
Acoustic and thermal energy management system
Heat sink mounting apparatus
Security element structure for documents, devices for checking documents with such security elements...
Fluoropolymer-carbon dioxide compositions and methods of processing fluoropolymers
Smart table card hand identification method and apparatus
[Management training] game activity
Game device and method for playing
Pattern formation board game
Plastic kubb (coob) game & carrying case
OCTATRIX.TM. --strategy game apparatus and method of play
Combination 3 card poker-baccarat gaming method and apparatus
Rotary shooting target
Multi-facet full color illuminator
Animated toy figure
Game system displaying a game world on a common display and an individual display
DVD game remote controller
Gaming console with transparent sprites
Contents distribution system for simulation ride system, distribution apparatus for ride contents ad...
Sport or game goal post visual aid system and method for using the same
Package provided with a sound-reproducing device
Megatelecommunication technology the electronic hand off stereo phone system
Swing trainer
Golf swing training device and method
Method for providing location-based services in a wireless network, such as varying levels of servic...
Apparatus and method for bioelectric stimulation, healing acceleration, pain relief, or pathogen dev...
Modular golf club display
Magnetic module golf swing learning, training, and practice device
Organic semiconductor device, RF modulation circuit, and IC card
Devices having patterned regions of polycrystalline organic semiconductors, and methods of making th...
Method of manufacturing organic electroluminescent device, organic electroluminescent device, substr...
Array substrate used for a display device and a method of making the same
Nano-scaled gate structure with self-interconnect capabilities
Pixel with asymmetric transfer gate channel doping
Strained silicon fin structure
Semiconductor device including stress inducing films formed over n-channel and p-channel field effec...
Housing for a photoactive semiconductor chip and a method for the production thereof
Capacitor for use in an integrated circuit
Nanowire varactor diode and methods of making same
Multi-chip package type semiconductor device
Semiconductor device assemblies including interposers with dams protruding therefrom
Structure comprising amorphous carbon film and method of forming thereof
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing a panel of TFT LCD having particular TFT structure above pixel electrode
Circuit for generating a centered reference voltage for a 1T/1C ferroelectric memory
Switching element method of driving switching element rewritable logic integrated circuit and memory
Optical signal processing circuit and method of producing same
Method of depositing dielectric films
Methods for optimizing package and silicon co-design of integrated circuit
Self-authenticating documents
Combination magnetic tag
Method for sending and receiving a Boolean function over a network
Head shield
Hand guard
Fielding glove
Perforated back portion of a golf glove
Pet home
Dog chew
Pet toy
Swimming pool cleaner robot
Portable pressure washer
Handheld cyclonic vacuum
Vacuum cleaner upright handle portion
Handle for a surface-treating appliance
Handle for a surface-treating appliance
Portion of an optical connector end-face cleaner
Cleaning implement
Garbage can
Display cart
Multipurpose bag for utility carts and the like
Basketball letterbox
Non-deterministic method for secured data transfer
Method and apparatus for authenticated reporting in a mobile communication device
Data processing system, data processing method, and program providing medium
Information providing apparatus and method, information processing apparatus and method, and program...
Interception of secure data in a mobile network
Method and device for generating a data stream and method and device for playing back a data stream
System for providing scrambled content, and system for descrambling scrambled content
Method of authenticating a plurality of files linked to a text document
Selection of networks between WLAN and 2G/3G networks based on user and provider preferences
Anonymous participation authority management system
Shared names
Programmable logic device with decryption and structure for preventing design relocation
Bitstream for configuring a PLD with encrypted design data
Apparatus and method for gathering and utilizing data
Platform and method of creating a secure boot that enforces proper user authentication and enforces ...
Copy prevention method and apparatus for digital video system
Verbena plant named `Sunmaricorapi2 `
Chrysanthemum plant named `Lipsi`
Clematis plant named `Evipo006`
Black walnut tree named `Beineke 13`
Black walnut tree named "Beineke 12"
Climber rose plant named `CHEwgoldtop`
Dahlia plant named `Dapapu`
Impatiens plant named `Cameo Burgundy Surprise`
Heuchera plant named `Hollywood`
Verbascum plant named `Blushing Bride`
Heuchera plant named `Peach Melba`
Heuchera plant named `Fandango`
Heuchera plant named `Tango`
Hydrocarbon conversion using molecular sieve SSZ-51
Process for removal of alkynes and/or dienes from an olefin stream
Method for the production of 1-octene by reductive telomerisation
Method and apparatus for controlling effluent composition in oxygenates to olefins conversion
System and method for providing financial services to children and teenagers
Capital analysis tool for medical diagnostic systems and institutions
Method and apparatus for managing a virtual mutual fund
Method and apparatus for enabling individual or smaller investors or others to create and manage a p...
System and method for analyzing and originating a contractual option arrangement for a bank deposits...
Systems and methods to facilitate payment for shipped goods
Method of recording and reproducing sample data to/from a recording medium and sample data containin...
System for controlling the use of digital works using removable content repositories
Reproduction apparatus and reproduction method of digital video signal or audio signal
Method for disaggregating customer data in online transactions to preserve privacy
Airline ticket payment and reservation system and methods
Method and apparatus for creating a lineage of a data field in a data flow system
Method of inducing content uploads in a social network
Web server enabling direct scheduling and calendaring capability
Method and system for filtering communication
System and method using information-based indicia for securing and authenticating transactions
Information retrieval method and apparatus
Book on-demand system
Method and apparatus for establishing dynamic tunnel access sessions in a communication network
Identification and authentication management
Computer monitoring system
V-type engine
Power train for use in motor vehicles and the like
Vehicle-mounting structure for fuel cell system
Structure of front portion of vehicle body
Vehicle body frame structure of two-wheeler
Control device for hybrid four-wheel-drive vehicle and hybrid four-wheel-drive vehicle
Vehicle occupant protection system including a device for sensing tension in seat belt webbing
Steering system for working truck
Automobile hood
Drive axle assembly for hybrid electric vehicle
System for the control of multiple engines in a multi-combination vehicle having independent throttl...
Hybrid vehicle drive control apparatus, and control method of hybrid vehicle drive apparatus and pro...
Lane keep control apparatus and method for automotive vehicle
Communication network
Reverse caller-identification
Method and device for routing messages in SS7 networks
Apparatus and method for managing BLF information in an inter-networking system
Termination frame with modules and method
Adaptive linefeed control for varying load on a subscriber loop
Network interface device for high speed data lines
Housing assembly of a portable electronic device
Perceptual synthesis of auditory scenes
Embedded communication device within a belt
Method and network system for charging a roaming network subscriber
Configuring and maintaining network node device
Method and system for control over call handling
Method and system for remote call forwarding of telephone calls from an IP connection
Systems and methods for automatic call forwarding in a wireless mobile station
Portable cellular phone system with automatic answering telephone function
Apparatus and method for electronic device control
Method and system for dynamic control over modes of operation of voice-processing in a voice command...
Method and apparatus for centralized maintenance system within a distributed telecommunications arch...
Multi-mode communication apparatus and interface for contacting a user
Graphical user interface (GUI) based call application system
Multilevel chain-and-tree model for image-based decisions
Combined proportional plus integral (PI) and neural network (nN) controller
Cascaded control of an average value of a process parameter to a desired value
Management supporting apparatus, management supporting system, management supporting method, managem...
CNC control unit with learning ability for machining centers
Method and apparatus for digital signal filtering
Method for solving stochastic control problems of linear systems in high dimension
System and method for maintaining target response times in business methods
Method, system, and apparatus for casual discovery and variable selection for classification
Method and apparatus for automatic synthesis of controllers
Method, system and computer program product for non-linear mapping of multi-dimensional data
Methods of identifying patterns in biological systems and uses thereof
Simulation system for a simulation engine with a help website and processing engine
Robot apparatus, control method thereof, and method for judging character of robot apparatus
System, method and computer program product for processing event records
Text and imagery spatial correlator
Searchable television commercials
4-Ring imidazole derivatives as modulators of metabotropic glutamate receptor-5
Salt and polymorphs of a DPPIV inhibitor
3,6-Disubstituted azabicyclo [3.1.0] hexane derivatives as muscarinic receptor antagonists
Sulfonamide derivatives as ppar modulators
Preventive or ameliorating agent for liver disease involving hepatopathy
Tetrazole derivatives and methods of treatment of metabolic-related disorders thereof
Selective spirocyclic glucocorticoid receptor modulators
Method and apparatus for noninvasive targeting
Portable communication device
Device for collecting skin permeable gas and apparatus for measuring skin permeable gas
Method of implanting a subcutaneous injection port having stabilizing elements
Subcutaneous injection port with stabilizing elements
Ablation of stomach lining to treat obesity
Method for Hybrid Gastro-Jejunostomy
Compressible tissue anchor assemblies
Device and method to discriminate between supra ventricular tachycardias and ventricular arrhythmias
Long lasting glucagon-like peptide 2 (GLP-2) for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases and diso...
Delivery tube assembly for an applicator
Method for modulating nod1 activity, use of a mtp related molecule for modulating nod1 activity, and...
Treatment of vision disorders using electrical, light, and/or sound energy
RNAi modulation of the Nogo-L or Nogo-R gene and uses thereof
Chemically modified double stranded nucleic acid molecules that mediate RNA interference
RNA interference mediated inhibition of vascular endothelial growth factor and vascular endothelial ...
Pyrazolo[1,5-a] pyridines and medicines containing the same
Use of derivatives of cholest-4-en-3-one as medicaments, pharmaceutical compositions containing same...
Beta-lactamyl vasopressin V1a antagonists
Phenyl quinolines and their use as estrogenic agents
Imidazo-fused oxazolo[4,5-b]pyridine and imidazo-fused thiazolo[4,5-b]pyridine based tricyclic compo...
Substituted alkyl amido piperidines
Compounds for the inhibition of nitric oxide synthase
Use of inhibitors of the renin-angiotensin system
Lipid-improving agent and composition containing lipid-improving agent
Bicycloheteroaryl compounds as P2X7 modulators and uses thereof
Cyclic peptides as g-protein-coupled receptor antagonists
Musculosketal loading device
Cross talk reduction and impedance matching for high speed electrical connectors
Vehicle detector system with synchronized operation
Electrical circuit apparatus with fuse access section
Home office communication system and method
Encryption in a secure computerized gaming system
Torque transfer limiting arrangement for a rotational drive shaft
Methods and apparatuses for launching and capturing unmanned aircraft, including a combined launch a...
Landing assist apparatus with offset landing probe
System and method for transportation and storage of cargo in space
Device and method for a spacecraft
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for safe exit maneuver from dimensionally extended r...
Wing for an aircraft or spacecraft
Aerodynamic surfaced bicycle wheel
Floatation system including life raft
Titanium foil ply replacement in layup of composite skin
Structuring a staggered job termination pattern
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and image processing program
System and method for printer-based syndication
Hybrid energy absorbing reusable terminal
Restraining apparatus
Roll off hoist with front retractable loading frame
Self-propelled working machine
Method, programming interface and mechanism for changing vehicle personalization settings/features
Emergency lights for towed vehicles
Vehicle load warning system
Speedometer control system and speedometer control method
Ball bounce game using electromagnetic beams
User controlled graphics object movement based on a amount of joystick angular rotation and point of...
Jewelry setting/gemstone arrangement
Bracelet and pendant
Consolidated monitoring system and method using the internet for diagnosis of an installed product s...
Search engine for large database search using CAM and hash
Data access system
Search engine providing match and alternative answer
Incremental data query performance feedback model
Multistage intelligent database search method
Software management tree implementation for a network processor
Method for storing records at easily accessible addresses
Remote-agent-object based multilevel browser
Infrastructure for the automation of the assembly of schema maintenance scripts
Multi-pass hierarchical pattern matching
IDE integration with JDBC
System and method for determining numerical representations for categorical data fields and data pro...
Portion of a shoe midsole
Portion of a shoe midsole
Portion of a shoe midsole
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe midsole
Portion of a shoe midsole
Portion of a shoe upper
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus, signal selection method in magnetic resonance imaging apparatu...
RF pulses for long T2 suppression in MRI
Method and system to dynamically configure transmit receive coils to calibrate a magnetic resonance ...
Method and apparatus for preprocessing and postprocessing content in an interactive information dist...
Systems and methods for reducing the effect of corruptive signals during nanoliter osmometry
Color video coding scheme
Content-based authentication of graph presented in text documents
Methods and systems for encoding and protecting data using digital signature and watermarking techni...
Method and system to store and distribute encryption keys
Electronic design protection circuit
Rotationally symmetric tags
Light emitting panel assemblies
System and method for dynamically generating on-demand digital images
Semiconductor integrated circuit with voltage generation circuit, liquid crystal display controller ...
Optimized detection of a watermark in an information signal
Electronic device with user authentication and instruction for function settings with fingertip mani...
Methods of modifying eukaryotic cells
T2R taste receptors and genes encoding same
Methods and materials for making and using transgenic dicamba-degrading organisms
Method and apparatus for processing queries
Compositions and methods for the targeted insertion of a nucleotide sequence of interest into the ge...
Herbicides comprising benzoylcyclohexanediones and safeners
Pharmaceutical composition for immunomodulation based on peptides and adjuvants
Methods of and compositions for inhibiting the proliferation of mammalian cells
Cyanovirin conjugates and matrix-anchored cyanovirin and related compositions and methods of use
Chlamydia pneumoniae polypeptides and uses thereof
Synthetic vaccine agents
Stable coated microcapsules
Nutraceutical chips and production method thereof
Determining the presence and type of probe associated with an active implantable medical device, in ...
Selection and control of motion data
Content networks
Non-sequential access pattern based address generator
Processor which accelerates execution of binary programs intended for execution on a conventional pr...
Paper coating slurries for cast coating
Adhesive security tape that allows to detect unathorized opening of a packaging
Process for altering the relative permeability if a hydrocarbon-bearing formation
Suspension of borates in non-aqueous solvents and use thereof
Aqueous dispersions of water-soluble polymers of N-vinyl carboxylic acid amides, method for the prod...
Polymeric compositions for dewatering sewage sludges
Electro spinning of submicron diameter polymer filaments
Silver salt photothermographic dry imaging material
Human-derived bradeion proteins, DNA coding for the proteins, and uses thereof
Monomer and polymerization process
Capillary assay device and method
Through-substrate interconnect fabrication methods
Identification card preparation method and protective layer transfer foil
Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape or sheet, and method for producing it
Double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet and method for sticking and fixing touch panel to dis...
Imageable element containing silicate-coated polymer particle
Positive type photosensitive epoxy resin composition and printed circuit board using the same
Protease variants and compositions
Adhesive support method for wafer coating, thinning and backside processing
Resin composition
Heterocyclic amide derivatives for the treatment of diabetes and other diseases
Pigment dispersants based on diketopyrrolopyrrole compounds and pigment preparations
Three-dimensional laminating molding device
Toner, fixing device, and image forming apparatus
Liquid developer
Fluoroaliphatic group-containing copolymer
Thermally developable materials with narrow disperse amorphous silica
Field emission source with plural emitters in an opening
System and method to bypass execution of instructions involving unreliable data during speculative e...
Information processing apparatus with configurable processor
Microcomputer, electronic equipment and debugging system
Routing of test signals of integrated circuits
Semiconductor light emitting device
Method for optimizing MRAM circuit performance
Semiconductor memory device and semiconductor integrated circuit
Method of atomic layer deposition on plural semiconductor substrates simultaneously
Method for the identification of anesthetics
Human hepatoma associated protein and the polynucleotide encoding said polypeptide
Insulin conjugates and methods of use thereof
Method for recording and displaying fluorescence images with a high spatial resolution
Chrominance signal processing apparatus, image-sensing apparatus and control methods for same
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and recording medium
Incorporating pixel replacement for negative values arising in dark frame subtraction
Solid state imaging device, signal processing method and driving method therefor and camera
Solid state imaging apparatus
CMOS image sensor
Digital docking system user interface method and apparatus
Controls for digital cameras for capturing images and sound
Image capturing apparatus with convenient handling and operation
Method and system for converting interlaced formatted video to progressive scan video
Method and apparatus for converting an interlace image to a progressive image
High resolution color conforming
Foam molding method and apparatus
Process and apparatus for recycling of PET-material
Optical security system
Procedure of attaching sheets and padded envelope
Film reel
Reactive non-isocyanate coating compositions
Inkjet deposition apparatus and method
Factors participating in degranulation of mast cells, DNAs encoding the same, method of screening of...
Method and apparatus for performing a forced expiratory maneuver in an infant
Gapless aerosol valve actuator
Method and apparatus for integrating guaranteed-bandwidth and best-effort traffic in a packet networ...
Establishing communication paths to law enforcement agencies
Automatic protocol version detection and call processing reconfiguration in a communication system
Dispersion compensator
Method and apparatus for multi-protocol and multi-rate optical channel performance monitoring
Optical transmission using all-optical regeneration and dispersion techniques
Method and apparatus for design of wireless networks to aid in location identification of mobile uni...
Thermal management system for electrical enclosures
Scaleable congestion control method for multicast communications over a data network
Method for remodulating an optical stream with independent data
Satellite and cellular usage characteristics determination
Method and apparatus for supporting multiple mobile address schemes using object-oriented programmin...
Really simple mail transport protocol
Method for maintaining consistency and performing recovery in a replicated data storage system
RF/microwave stripline structures and method for fabricating same
Tunable micro-lens arrays
Method of controlling quality of service of CDMA system using dynamic adjustment of parameters repre...
On-demand dynamically updated user database and AAA function for high reliability networks
Method and apparatus for providing circuit and packet-switched calls on a network