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Method for reading out or in a status from or to a ferroelectrical transistor of a memory cell and m...
Junction-isolated depletion mode ferroelectric memory devices
Ruggedized electronics enclosure
System for controlling an internal combustion engine in a fuel efficient manner
Automatic fluid draining from a hydraulic system component of an automatic transmission
Customized prosthesis and method of designing and manufacturing a customized prosthesis by utilizing...
Electrode for a medical implant
Neurostimulator involving stimulation strategies and process for using it
Apparatus and method for positioning and delivering a therapeutic tool to the inside of a heart
Dynamically generated schema representing multiple hierarchies of inter-object relationships
Method of iterative noise estimation in a recursive framework
System and process for automatically determining optimal image compression methods for reducing file...
Systems and methods for detecting and resolving resource conflicts
Rapid computer modeling of faces for animation
Pose-invariant face recognition system and process
Apparatus and method for future transmission of device-independent messages
Vertical roaming in wireless networks through improved quality of service measures
Systems and methods for providing image rendering using variable rate source sampling
Method and system for executing SIMD instructions using graphics technology
Symbol display device and game machine
Gaming device having skill and dexterity element
Arangements of microstrip antennas having dielectric substrates including meta-materials
Multiple local probe measuring device and method
Regulator/promoter for tunable gene expression and metabolite sensing
Radiation-curable anti-reflective coating system
Mesoporous films having reduced dielectric constants
Aqueous functional coating material and integrated method for production of coloured or effect-gener...
Chemical reactor system
Cryosurgical catheter
Apparatus and method to compensate for stress in a microcantilever
Scanning probe microscope and operation method
Modulated intensity flasher for vehicle brake light with lockout
Optical scanning apparatus, multi-beam optical scanning apparatus, and image-forming apparatus
Patient bed support for an open MRI system
Multinuclear metallocene catalyst
Method for the production of cyclohexanol from benzene
Cyclodextrins in dental products
Digital video recording/playback system with entry point processing function
Disposable sub-microliter volume biosensor with enhanced sample inlet
Universal wheel locking system
Hop method for stepping parallel hardware threads
Full-length cDNA
Program reception/execution apparatus that can commence execution of a machine program having only r...
Apparatus and method for detecting photon emissions from transistors
Insect cell primary culture medium, extra cellular matrix, and process of preparing an insect cultur...
Helix mimetics and composition and methods related thereto
Digital broadcast system using satellite direct broadcast and terrestrial repeater
Method for providing a cell-based ASIC device with multiple power supply voltages
Surface plasmon resonance sensor having real-time referencing
Planar lightwave wavelength device using moveable mirrors
Device for collecting liquid from exhalation gas from a patient
Cremation urn with motorcycle gas tank shape
Device for searching a parking space
Control panel for use while exercising
Methods of fabricating interconnects for semiconductor components including plating solder-wetting m...
Phase random access memory with high density
Device and method for controlling focussed electron beams
File caching method and apparatus
Nano-electromechanical filter
Optical waveguides formed from nano air-gap inter-layer dielectric materials and methods of fabricat...
Superresolution in periodic data storage media
Method for providing nano-structures of uniform length
Method for manufacturing a single electron memory device having quantum dots between gate electrode ...
Reflecting mirrors shaped with magnetic fields
Apparatus and driving lamp and liquid crystal display device having the same
Lamp lighting apparatus for a discharge lamp
Method and apparatus for controlling minimum brightness of a fluorescent lamp
Controller for a light display
Driving device for a light-emitting component and a method for driving a light-emitting component
Lighting method and apparatus for lighting a high pressure discharge lamp and high pressure discharg...
Multi-channel undulative induction accelerator
Multi-channel induction accelerator
Method and apparatus for accelerating charged particles
Image display apparatus, drive method for the image display apparatus, and television set
Stage lighting lamp unit and stage lighting system including such unit
Dimmer control system with memory
Cold cathode fluorescent lamp driving system
Sampling for color control feedback using an optical cable
Digital ballast
Power supply control apparatus and power supply control method
Light emitting element driving device and portable apparatus equipped with light emitting elements
Light source control system
Active matrix liquid crystal display
Image forming apparatus
Constant current class 3 lighting system
Mobile stage lighting system
Multi-lamp drive device
Arrangement for generating pulsed currents with a high repetition rate and high current strength for...
Lighting device for discharge lamp
Pulse width modulation circuit and illuminating device incorporating same
Method and apparatus for electrically assisted topical delivery of agents for cosmetic applications
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Albumin fusion proteins
Method of acquiring an image of a non-dermatoglyphic zone of the skin or of a zone of the hair by me...
Method and device for detecting a signal
Adaptive algorithm to control and characterize super-capacitor performance
Toroidal inductive devices and methods of making the same
Current output circuit
Bandgap voltage generator with a bipolar assembly and a mirror assembly
Power delivery system having a plurality of stages and method for setting power delivery system para...
Delta-sigma DC-to-DC converter and method thereof
DC/DC converter with filter for limiting the oscillation of the input current and associated method
Voltage regulator with enhanced stability
Multiple output DC-DC converter for providing controlled voltages
Device for the correction of the power factor in power supply units with forced switching operating ...
Method of determining battery power limits for an energy storage system of a hybrid electric vehicle
System and method for powering and charging a mobile communication device
Method and system for controlling the charging of a vehicle battery
Wind power plant having a power generation redundancy system
Automatic management of the health of an electrical storage device
Inertia wheel coupled with a leverage transmission
Method for measuring network performance parity
Method and network for providing access to an information network
Videoconferencing method and system for connecting a host with a plurality of participants
Cabinet with cross-connect that provides access to rear side of electronic equipment
Electrical connector having connector position assurance member
Game apparatus and a power save mode management program executed by the same
Method for geolocating logical network addresses
System and method for providing location-based and time-based information to a user of a handheld de...
Method for monitoring cellular communication, and system therefor
Handheld electronic device
Compact electronic communication device with self-mounting feature and method of removably coupling ...
Variable delta voltage tracking regulator and method therefor
Method and apparatus for reducing echo feedback in a communication system
System and method for providing messages on a wireless device connecting to an application server
Radio base station device and radio communication method
Base station apparatus and terminal apparatus
Card holding structure and portable terminal apparatus having the same
Method for transmitting data between data processing means and a radio communication network, module...
Device for radiation shielding wireless transmit/receive electronic equipment such as cellular telep...
Method for time-optimized acquisition of special spectra using a scanning microscope
Optical link module, optical interconnection method, information processor including the optical lin...
Variable optical attenuator
Apparatus for filtering optical radiation at an operating wavelength
Control method and control apparatus for variable wavelength optical filter
Wafer level testing of optical components
Polarization independent waveguide optical isolator and circulator
Polarization controller
Polarized wave scrambler and optical signal transmission apparatus
Method and apparatus for tuning a Bragg grating in a semiconductor substrate
Duel-layer optical scanner with non-periodic phase structure element of birefringent material for di...
Molded lens having an outer circumference and first and second optical surfaces with cut off periphe...
Etalon positioning using solder balls
Objective lens driving device, optical pickup device, and optical information recording and/or repro...
Positioning device
Optical lens-use base material, optical lens, and method of producing optical lens
Fresnel lens sheet, process of producing Fresnel lens sheet, mold for use in the production process,...
Methods to make diffractive optical elements
Multi-focal length miniature refractive element and method for making the same
Projection lens and projection image display apparatus
Imaging optical system
Efficient near neighbor search (ENN-search) method for high dimensional data sets with noise
Frequency synchronizer
Thermo-electrically cooled surface-enhanced raman spectroscopy sensor system to detect volatile orga...
Apparatus and method for detecting a moving target
Tuning tabs for a microstrip antenna
Instride inflatable autonomous fuel depot
Biological and chemical agent defeat system
Multi-fragment impact test specimen
Method for developing a calibration algorithm for quantifying the hydrocarbon content of aqueous med...
Two-dimensional structural transition controlled by an electric field, memory storage device thereof...
UV nanoimprint lithography process using elementwise embossed stamp and selectively additive pressur...
Method and system of remote diagnostic, control and information collection using a dynamic linked li...
Web-based factory manufacturing of computers in a build-to-order manufacturing environment
Licensed application installer
Data exchange method in a multi-processor system
System and method for automatically de-installing previously installed software based on user define...
Method for installing an application program, to be executed during each bootload of a computer syst...
Method and system for modifying executable code to add additional functionality
Remote electronic file builder
Enhanced parallelism in trace scheduling by using renaming
Method, computer system and computer program product for determining the equivalence of two blocks o...
System and method for loop unrolling in a dynamic compiler
Automatic compilation of electronic telecommunications system message generation code
Retargetable compiling system and method
Interpreter for executing computer programs and method for collecting statistics
Type checking in java computing environments
Little offset in multicycle event maintaining cycle accurate tracing of stop events
Methodology for testing spreadsheets
Method and system for computer based testing using an amalgamated resource file
Data structures for use with environment based data driven automated test engine for GUI application...
System and method for dynamic packaging of component objects
Component based design time architecture
Semiconductor and device nanotechnology and methods for their manufacture
Piezo-powered amusement device identification system
Watch equipped with means for determining a location longitude
Image pickup apparatus having a common amplifier
System and method for minimizing upsets in digital microcircuits via ambient radiation monitoring
Wireless alarm system for contributing security network
Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
Method and apparatus for measuring photoelectric conversion device, and process and apparatus for pr...
Automatic adjustment of irrigation schedule according to condition of plants
Switching power converter controller with watchdog timer
Wind power generation system
Opposed terminal structure having a nitride semiconductor element
System and method for identifying, reporting, and evaluating presence of substance
Automotive glazing panel having an electrically heatable solar control coating layer provided with d...
Photovoltaic devices fabricated by growth from porous template
Refined routes to chlorin building blocks
Fluorescent pigments
4-dedimethylaminotracycline derivatives
Method for passivating a semiconductor substrate
Methods for forming a semiconductor thin film
Method of peeling off and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Detachable remote controller for an electronic entertainment device and a method for using the same
Undulating amusement slide
Apparatus for generating an optical illusion
Modular entertainment and gaming system configured for processing raw biometric data and multimedia ...
Toy lowrider model vehicle
Toy sword with contact indicator
Customizable doll with interchangeable faces having likeness of a person
Wheel assembly for a toy
Suspended runway
Mechanical roping practice device
Gaming cloth and device for securing cloth to gaming table
Word game
Animal entertainment device
Flame simulating apparatus
System and method for influencing dynamic community shared elements of audio, video, and text progra...
Reversing the order of a group of objects in logarithmic time
Linguistic disambiguation system and method using string-based pattern training to learn to resolve ...
Advanced recipe—a knowledge based information system for production processes
IC for universal computing with near zero programming complexity
Multiresolution learning paradigm and signal prediction
Goal based educational system with support for dynamic characteristic tuning
Systems and methods for generating string correlithm objects
Acoustic speech recognition method and system using stereo vision neural networks with competition a...
Method and system for diagnosing machine malfunctions
Integrated evaluation and simulation system for advanced naval gun systems
Integrated performance simulation system for military weapon systems
Method for allocating passengers to an elevator
Key word dictionary producing method and apparatus
Predictive failure analysis for storage networks
Methods for selectively inhibiting janus tyrosine kinase 3 (JAK3)
Novel compounds
Methods and compositions for treating diseases associated with excesses in ACE
Ion channel modulators
Amino-benzazoles as P2Y1 receptor inhibitors
Methods of using and compositions comprising immunomodulatory compounds for treatment, modification ...
Dihydropyridine compounds for treating or preventing metabolic disorders
Compositions and methods for preventing and treating skin and hair conditions
4-Pyrimidinamine derivatives, pharmaceutical compositions and related methods
Methods of using N-alkyl-hydroxamic acid-isoindolyl compounds
Protease inhibitors
Combination therapy with inhibitors of inducible nitric oxide synthase and alkylating agents
Compositions and methods for treatment of mitochondrial diseases
Prodrug, medicinal utilization thereof and process for producing the same
Uridine administration improves phosphatide synthesis, synaptic transmission and cogntive function
Inosine compounds and methods of use thereof
RNA interference mediated inhibition of vascular cell adhesion molecule (VCAM) gene expression using...
Compositions for vaginal treatment
Inhibitors of dipeptidylpeptidase IV
Novel tetracyclic arylsulfonyl indoles having serotonin receptor affinity useful as therapeutic agen...
Novel compounds, compositions and uses thereof for treatment of metabolic disorders and related cond...
Devices and methods for placement of partitions within a hollow body organ
Devices and methods for placement of partitions within a hollow body organ
Methods and apparatus for treatment of obesity with an ultrasound device movable in two or three axe...
Apparatus and methods for mapping out endoluminal gastrointestinal surgery
Apparatus and methods for performing mucosectomy
Apparatus and methods for mapping out endoluminal gastrointestinal surgery
Neurological event monitoring and therapy systems and related methods
Method and apparatus for using alternative site glucose determinations to calibrate and maintain non...
Optical sampling interface system for in-vivo measurement of tissue
Antagonists for treatment of CD/11CD18 adhesion receptor mediated disorders
Method and apparatus for using alternative site glucose determinations to calibrate and maintain non...
Use of D4 and 5-HT2A antagonists, inverse agonists or partial agonists
1,3-Diarylprop-2-en-1-ones, compositions containing them and use thereof
Glucocorticoid mimetics, methods of making them, pharmaceutical compositions and uses thereof
Indolyl derivatives
Compounds for the sustained reduction of body weight
Apparatus and method for synchronizing visual/audible alarm units in an alarm system
Blood leak detector for extracorporeal treatment system
Modified polymeric shaped body, method for producing the same and use thereof
Desalination system
Poultry processing water recovery and re-use process
Centrifugal filtration method for separating fibrin monomer from blood
Electrochemical method and apparatus for producing and separating ferrate (VI) compounds
pH stable activated carbon
Removal of phosphate from water
Purification of biological substances
Method for biological cleaning of wastewater
Method for treating wastewater in a membrane bioreactor to produce a low phosphorus effluent
Method and apparatus for washing a fibre suspension
Fuel feeding device and fuel filter used for the device
Composite matrices with interstitial polymer networks
Apparatus for removing metallic particles from effluent liquid waste
Extra-corporeal dual stage blood processing method and apparatus
Cover for a drainage device
Biological fluid filter and system
Bottled water dispenser with shutoff, variable filtration capacity and replaceable cartridge filter
Combination sanitation suction device and high flow antimicrobial dispenser
Plant recombination proteins
Use of specific myb genes for the production of transgenic plants tolerant to biotic and abiotic str...
Polynucleotides and polypeptides involved in post-transcriptional gene silencing
Geranyl diphosphate synthase molecules, and nucleic acid molecules encoding same
Human coagulation factor VII polypeptides
Tropoelastin derivatives
Human coagulation factor VII variants
Crystalline form of sucralose, and method for producing it
Functional biopolymer modification reagents and uses thereof
Peptides for inducing apoptosis in tumor cells
Process for the preparation of sulfamate derivatives
Organic-inorganic hybrid film, its manufacturing method, optical film, and polarizing film
Use of N-acetyl-D-glucosamine in the manufacture of pharmaceutical useful for treating motion sickne...
β-L-2′-deoxy-nucleosides for the treatment of hepatitis B
Compositions and methods for altering amino acid content of proteins
Partial and full agonists of A1 adenosine receptors
Nucleic acid encoding a modified threonine deaminase and methods of use
MDM2-specific antisense oligonucleotides
Method for preparing fertile transgenic corn plants
Anti-infective agents useful against multidrug-resistant strains of bacteria
Trityl-type compounds and their use
Methods and compositions for polypeptide engineering
Preparation of hyaluronic acid from eggshell membrane
Isolated nucleic acid molecules coding for tumor rejection antigen precursor MAGE-6 and uses thereof
Arrays with elongated features
Ginkgo biloba levopimaradiene synthase
N-acetylglucosamine 2-epimerase and DNA encoding the same
Proteinase inhibitor, precursor thereof and genetic sequences encoding same
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
13245, a novel human myotonic dystrophy type protein kinase and uses therefor
Compositions and methods utilizing DNA polymerases
Use of weakly anionic copolymers as dispersing and/or grinding aid agent of an aqueous suspension of...
Formulations containing polyvinyl alcohol and sulphonated melamine polycondensate for use in gypsum ...
Flue gas desulfurization apparatus and flue gas desulfurization system, and method for operating flu...
Method for oxidizing treatment of steel plant slag to obtain cement-based materials
Information management and synchronous communications system with menu generation, and handwriting a...
Post card with foldable flap on multi-label mailing form for non-impact printer
Expense receipt diary with adhesive strip
Method and apparatus for network identification
System and method for provisioning resources to users based on policies, roles, organizational infor...
Method and apparatus for allocating resources of a contact center
System, method and computer program product for reporting in a network-based filtering and aggregati...
Method and system for verifying modem status
System and method for accessing voice messaging system data
System and method for on-line monitoring and billing of power consumption
Multimedia messaging service routing system and method
Universal broadband home network for scalable IEEE 802.11 based wireless and wireline networking
Method enabling mobile telephones to have automatic multiple telephone number dialing capability to ...
Mobile phone with music reproduction function, music data reproduction method by mobile phone with m...
System and method of billing based on the reported traffic load in a telecommunications network
Postpay spending limit using a cellular network usage governor
Communication device having illuminated audio indicator
Least mean power consumption in telecommunications systems
Communication system for controlling training of echo canceller and line switching system
Echo canceler with echo path change detector
Apparatus and method of time delay estimation
Integrated method for creating a refreshable Web Query
Method and system for distributed generation of unique random numbers for digital tokens
Method and apparatus for reading digital watermarks with a hand-held reader device
Securing electronic transactions over public networks
Method and apparatus for exposing network administration stored in a directory using HTTP/WebDAV pro...
Filtering techniques for managing access to internet sites or other software applications
Methods of managing user and computer objects in directory service
Low speed speech encoding method based on Internet protocol
Telephone number area code preprocessor
Method and apparatus for improving utilization efficiency of wireless links for web-based applicatio...
Wireless data communications with header suppression and reconstruction
Providing access to a high-capacity packet network
Method of facilitating the playback of speech signals transmitted at the beginning of a telephone ca...
Wireless internet access system and method
Cellular system with cybercells
Automatic WAP login
Method of sequencing computer controlled tasks based on the relative spatial location of task object...
Communication system and method including rich media tools
Location dependent encryption and/or decryption
Method and system for capturing memories of deceased individuals
Data transmission method, apparatus using same, and data transmission system
Stereoscopic panoramic image capture device
Rendering lines with sample weighting
Image generation method, program, and information storage medium
Coding of animated 3-D wireframe models for internet streaming applications: methods, systems and pr...
Method, system and computer program for producing a medical report
Method and apparatus for interfacing with intelligent three-dimensional components
Method and apparatus for providing force feedback using multiple grounded actuators
Multimedia information arranging apparatus and arranging method
Method and device for playing multimedia files in semi-power on state of a computer
Training, inference and user interface for guiding the caching of media content on local stores
Addressing scheme for a multimedia mobile network
Dynamic network resource allocation using multimedia content features and traffic features
Central armrest display device
Muffler arrangement for a flow duct
Support apparatus and method for use with a camera and strobe lights
Optical device
Rotary encoder and position adjuster therefor
Sheet media package having radio-frequency identification transponder
Chalkboard cleaning apparatus with a fluid reservoir
Dry erase board with image in relief
Generating a musical part from an electronic music file
Interactive breast examination training model
Method and arrangement for indicating hits
Serial number mask and check digit for electronic registration system (ERS)
Recommender system and method for generating implicit ratings based on user interactions with handhe...
Method and arrangement for controlling a dynamic scale
Method for making contract and system for processing contract
Secure ticketing
Distribution, recognition and accountability system for intellectual and copy written properties in ...
System and use for correspondent banking
Process for managing ownership of a valuable item
Apparatus, system and method for active scheduling of time based event-driven long running processes
Method for conducting a computerized government auction
Platform and method for securely transmitting an authorization secret
System and method for displaying planning information associated with a supply chain
System for modeling a business
System and method for incorporating mortality risk in an investment planning model
Method and system for monitoring a supply-chain
Active transaction generation, processing, and routing system
Variable position intake for an aircraft mounted gas turbine engine
Aircraft handler
Fully integrated aircraft cabin pressure control system valve
Recessed engine nacelle
Optical window assembly for use in a supersonic platform
Apparatuses and methods for joining structural members, such as composite structural members
Apparatus for a geosynchronous life extension spacecraft
Satellite stand-off tether system
Commercial experiment system in orbit
Cockpit door of aircraft
Device for assembly of landing gear on an aircraft structure
Hydrogen powered toy rocket utilizing hydrogen from the electrolysis of water
Apparatus and method for determining vehicle occupant characteristic utilizing imaging with provided...
Method and device for diagnosing in a motor vehicle a driver's fitness drive
Pyromechanical battery pole disconnect element
Output shaft supporting apparatus for automatic transmission
Differential gear mechanism
Multifunctional bumper assembly
Torque transfer device having an electric motor/brake actuator and friction clutch
Active torque coupling with hydraulically-actuated ball ramp clutch assembly
Variable ratio steering gear
Force-based power steering system
Power steering apparatus
Steering apparatus for turning multiple sets of steerable vehicle wheels
Control arrangement for a vehicle
Pedestrian safety system having lower leg impact
Drive power controller for hybrid vehicle
Method for operating a driver support system for motor vehicles
Hybrid electric vehicle having alternate power sources
System for the control of multiple engines in a multi-combination vehicle
Motorized trailer wheel with direct drive and trailer incorporating same
Track drive undercarriage device, kit and method
VSB communication system
System, method and apparatus for an instruction driven digital video processor
Nonvolatile memory and method of driving the same
Information processing apparatus
Emissive image display apparatus
Control device with easy lock feature
High speed video frame buffer
Automatic chroma control circuit with controlled saturation reduction
Video signal processing
Process for detecting black bars in a video image
Video processing apparatus for converting composite video signals to digital component video signals
Broadcast data receiver and method of use thereof
Image signal processing apparatus and method
Orientation adjustable network camera
Database managing apparatus and database record retrieving apparatus
Onboard monitoring device to ensure safe disembarkation of a transportation means
Reduction of differential resolution of separations
Method and apparatus for hybrid-type high speed motion estimation
Digital image processing
Articulated football goal post
Basketball training and game device
Curved ball court
Recording medium storing volume control program, volume control method, video game machine, and volu...
Apparatus and method for video based shooting game
Simplified tiling pattern method
System and method for automatic control device personalization
Method and systems of providing information to computer users
Method for mapping screen display objects with spatial coordinates into an HTML table
IMS MFS (message format service) metamodel
Information pointers
Preemptive multi-tasking with cooperative groups of tasks
Computer controlled user interactive display interface implementation for tracking the organization ...
Apparatus and method of bookmarking paths to web pages
Methods and systems for generating a viewable document using view descriptors and generic view style...
Conversion of nitrogen oxides in the presence of a catalyst supported on a mesh-like structure
Process and apparatus for the recovery of metal oxide particles
Method for recovering an organic solvent from a waste stream containing supercritical CO2
Sheet manufacturing method, sheet, sheet manufacturing apparatus, and solar cell
Process for separating carbon dioxide and methane
PSA sharing
Method for making abrasive compositions and products thereof
Cerium-based abrasive material and abrasive material slurry, and method for producing cerium based a...
Methods for cleaning utilizing multi-stage filtered carbon dioxide
Process and plant for the heterogeneous synthesis of chemical compounds
Precipitated silica product with low surface area, dentifrices containing same, and processes
Lanthanide-promoted rhodium catalysts and process for producing synthesis gas
Method for processing fluid flows in a micro component reformer system
Method for reversible storage of hydrogen and materials for hydrogen storage
Short contact time catalytic partial oxidation process for recovering sulfur from an H2S containing ...
Carbon fibers, production process therefor and electrode for batteries
Ultra-stable lamellar mesoporous silica compositions and process for the preparation thereof
High-strength high-temperature creep-resistant iron-cobalt alloys for soft magnetic applications
Performance data processing and tone signal synthesizing methods and apparatus
Method for reproducing the sound of an accordion electronically
Mouthpiece cover for brass instruments
Plectrum for a string instrument, a transmitter/receiver arrangement and a signal processing apparat...
Safety device used on pianos to prevent lid-slamming
Location registration method, information distribution method, mobile communications network and mob...
Apparatus for increasing cell capacity in mobile communication system using adaptive sectorization a...
Aircraft location system for airports
Method for avoiding interferences in cellular CDMA radio networks caused by defective mobile station...
Amplitude- and frequency- or phase-modulated radio frequency signal generator and the transmitter in...
Group delay precompensator for broadband radio frequency transmitter and method of operating the sam...
Method and apparatus for generating a radio frequency signal
Method of obtaining an anticipatory estimate of a cell's wireless coverage
Method, apparatus, and system for delivering contents
System for determining satellite radio listener statistics
Method and device for reducing the processing time of data in communication networks
Acoustic signal transmission with insertion signal for machine control
GPS receiver with improved immunity to burst transmissions
Communication terminal and channel connection
Method of balancing backhaul delays for a series of daisy chained radio base stations
Radio frequency data communications device
Systems and methods for distributed processing of location information associated with emergency 911...
Cellular radio communications system
System for dynamically configuring a user interface display
Flexible data replication mechanism
Graphical user interface utilizing three-dimensional scatter plots for visual navigation of pictures...
Document control apparatus, document control system, document control method and storage medium
Data backup and restoration using dynamic virtual storage
System and method for communications in a distributed computing environment
System and method for backing up and restoring data
Network control apparatus and method
Methods and apparatus for synchronizing and propagating distributed routing databases
Modular software method for independent storage nodes
Digital media asset management system and process
Multilayer non-metallic reflecting flakes for cosmetics and sunscreens
G-CSF analog compositions and methods
Composition comprising polymers having a star structure, the polymers, and their use
Bioresorbable hydrogel compositions for implantable prostheses
Pet food composition for reducing inflammatory response in cats
In utero oral nucleic acid immunization
Therapeutic chemokine receptor antagonists
O/W emulsion composition and method of preparing the same
Textiles having a wash-durable silver-ion based antimicrobial topical treatment
Nucleic acids and proteins with growth hormone activity
Cell regulatory genes, encoded products, and uses related thereto
Process for preparing antibacterial and antioxidant fraction from Seabuckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides...
Anti-fungal pharmaceutical compositions comprising an active ingredient prepared from Zingiber offic...
Unfermented gel fraction from psyllium seed husks
Therapeutic compositions
Pharmaceutical formulation
Salt solution for colon cleansing
Method for absorbing fluid
Bipedal robot
Towable nautical device for leisure sport
Single column extendable draft offshore platform
Offshore platform for drilling after or production of hydrocarbons
Lift gate latch
Combination seating and decking for an open bow boat
Boarding ladder mounting apparatus
Water sport tower and top combination for watercraft and method
Rudder with sliding pivoting piston coupling
Herniaria glabra plant named 'Sea Foam'
Reforming process for manufacture of para-xylene
Clematis plant named 'Evipo030'
Lilac plant named 'Golden Eclipse'
Verbena plant named 'Wesverscar'
Alstroemeria plant named 'Zaprinous'
Alstroemeria plant named 'Zalsafes'
Alstroemeria plant named 'Zalsadim'
Alstroemeria plant named 'Koobsion'
Verbena plant named 'USBENA361'
Rose plant named 'Horcoherent'
Rose plant named 'Chewground'
Anthurium plant named 'Rijn200002'
Coreopsis plant named 'Limerock Passion'
Anthurium plant named 'Rijn200142'
Hosta plant named 'Dancing in the Rain'
Plum tree named 'Suplumtwentysix'
Variety of Osteospermum plant named 'Sumost 02'
New Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Fisupnic Pinkeye'
Echinacea plant named 'Little Magnus'
Nemesia plant named 'N006-9BLAU'
Tradescantia plant named 'Pink Chablis'
Protecting decrypted compressed content and decrypted decompressed content at a digital rights manag...
Method and system for determining and maintaining trust in digital image files with certifiable time
Efficient encryption and authentication for data processing systems
Method and apparatus for providing public key security control for a cryptographic processor
Communication apparatus and method
Mobile authentication system with reduced authentication delay
Method for assigning encryption keys
Electronic watermark detecting/inserting device
Method and apparatus for protecting copy control information provided to a video recording device
Method and device for effective key length control
Random number generator based on turbulent convection
Stream cipher having a shuffle network combiner function
Method and program product for maintaining security of publicly distributed information
Secure data storage and retrieval with key management and user authentication
Tool storage center
Cart for insect trap that utilizes propane gas
Garbage can lid
Bare floor cleaner handle
Middle handle portion for a floor cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Power pack vacuum
Hand-held cordless vacuum cleaner
Drain cleaner
Football helmet
Epilation head with attachment
Hair fastener
Hair styling comb
Bolt lighter
Headlight bar
Alignment and support apparatus
In-situ thermochemical solidification of dense non-aqueous phase liquids
Artificial grass for landscaping
Biosequestration and organic assimilation of greenhouse gases
Apparatus and method for simultaneous in-ground installation of silt fence with wire mesh support
Method and apparatus for safety protection of temporary roof support
Non-metric tool for predicting gene relationships from expression data
Histological reconstruction and automated image analysis
Color detection in random array of microspheres
Inbred corn line MV5125
Genetic trait breeding method
Ecstasy-class analogs and use of same in detection of ecstasy-class compounds
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Truncated EGF receptor
Lipoprotein-regulating medicaments
Systems and methods for blood glucose sensing
Process for ex vitro sowing and germination of plant somatic embryos
System for stabilizing samples
Transgenic plant transformed with a translationally controlled tumor protein (TCTP) gene
Progenitor cells, methods and uses related thereto
Cells producing antibody compositions with increased antibody dependent cytotoxic activity
Systems and methods for a PDA with improved route calculation capabilities
Multi-modal, multi-path user interface for simultaneous access to internet data over multiple media
System and method for performing backward error recovery in a computer
Method and installation for fast fault localization in an integrated circuit
Apparatus and method for managing a network, and program thereof
Methods and apparatus for dynamically loading a file on a target computer system
Apparatus and method for multiple generation remote backup and fast restore
Technique for establishing provable chain of evidence
Erase block management
Uniform name space referrals with location independence
System and method for performing lookups across namespace domains using universal resource locators
Shared vehicle system and method with vehicle relocation
Optical sequence time domain reflectometry during data transmission
Magnectic resonance imaging
Method for measuring the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) of substances having hyperpolarized nuclei...
Installation for investigating objects using magnetic resonance
Planar NMR coil with gyromagnetic arc suppression
Electroconductive device, organic electroluminescence device using the device and process for produc...
System for providing pulse amplitude modulation for OLED display drivers
Driving IC of an active matrix electroluminescence device
Display module
Method for driving a plasma display panel
Organic EL element drive circuit and organic EL display device
Electroluminescent display apparatus and driving method thereof
Drive circuit
Matrix element precharge voltage adjusting apparatus and method
Organic electroluminescence display panel
Micro electro mechanical system controlled organic LED and pixel arrays and method of using and of m...
Electroluminescent iridium compounds with fluorinated phenylpyridines, phenylpyrimidines, and phenyl...
DNA-based memory device and method of reading and writing same
Pre-patterned substrate for organic thin film transistor structures and circuits and related method ...
Organic thin film transistor with polymeric interface
Microelectronic components and electronic networks comprising DNA
Alignment and imaging system for writing Bragg gratings
Edge normal process
Laser annealing method
Fin capacitor
Trench-embedded mirror structure for double substrate spatial light modulator
Method and components for flip-chip bonding
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Side-wall barrier structure and method of fabrication
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Electroplated interconnection structures on integrated circuit chips
Lateral short-channel DMOS, method of manufacturing the same, and semiconductor device
MRAM device having low-k inter-metal dielectric
Self-aligned isolation double-gate FET
Liquid crystal display device with short-circuit preventing structure and method of fabricating the ...
Dispatch and/or disposition of material based upon an expected parameter result
Waveguide stress engineering and compatible passivation in planar lightwave circuits
Thermal interface material
Electron gun of monochromic CRT
SONOS memory device having side gate stacks and method of manufacturing the same
Electrophoretic display with sub relief structure for high contrast ratio and improved shear and/or ...
Catalyst for isocyanate condensation, composition containing same, method for use, and resulting com...
Formulations and methods of using nitric oxide mimetics against a malignant cell phenotype
3-Substituted piperidines comprising urea functionality, and methods of use thereof
Nitrogen-containing compounds and their use as glycine transport inhibitors
Method for treating sexual dysfunction
Reversibly thermochromic ultraviolet ray-hardening ink composition and reversibly thermochromic lami...
Piperazinyltriazines as estrogen receptor modulators
Prodrugs for phosphorus-containing compounds
Epoxide hydrolases, nucleic acids encoding them and methods for making and using them
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Method of identifying molecules that bind to the large ribosomal subunit
Modulators of ribosomal function and identification thereof
Bistable molecular mechanical devices activated by an electric field for electronic ink and other vi...
Method of correcting a machine check error
Methods and apparatus for transferring a data element within a data storage system
Providing a network communication status description based on user characteristics
Aggregate predicates and search in a database management system
User voice based resource saving preemption
Method and apparatus for high performance low bit-rate coding of unvoiced speech
Non-intrusive diagnostic tool for sensing oxygen sensor operation
Method and system for computer network implemented vehicle diagnostics
System for digital bowel subtraction and polyp detection and related techniques
Method for communicating information
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Vehicle lamp control
Fraud detection based on call attempt velocity on originating number
Electric motor drive for a reel mower
Multi-layered balanced golf-ball
Perimeter weighted multi-layer golf ball
Golf training device
Rotary sprinkler
Imaging system for vehicle
Power transmission belt
Self-leveling high heat transfer mold
Method and apparatus for changing tire identification means via magnetic inserts
Radial tire with improved ply line
Off-road tires having sidewall anti-puncture pads
Refrigerant hose
Tire sidewall compounds having improved flex fatigue and tread compound having improved tear strengt...
Runflat tire having crown-reinforcing insert extending into the sidewalls
Functionalized monomers for synthesis of rubbery polymers
Closed die array for multi-layered articles
Tire having an overlay for noise improvement
Functionalized monomers for synthesis of rubbery polymers
Tire with rubber sidewall containing trans polybutadiene and brominated copolymer
Method and apparatus for detecting decrease in tire air-pressure and program for judging decompressi...
Tire for automobile
Multinuclear transition metal catalysts for preparation of multimodal polymer compositions
Deproteinized natural rubber latex, method of preparing the same, rubber product using the same, and...
Elastic crawler
Pneumatic tire
Pneumatic tire with carcass ply including main cords and auxiliary cords
Method for making metallic cord
Golf club head
Golf ball
Dissimilar metal hermetic connector
Mold for a pneumatic tire
End part for a vehicle engine hood
Method of making a motor vehicle wheel arch, and a wheel arch obtained by implementing the method
Aqueous vacuum forming laminating adhesive composition, substrates and methods related thereto
Textile machine with multiple work stations and a machine bus for communication
Semiconductor laser device for use in a laser module
Semiconductor laser device
Optically pumpable surface-emitting semiconductor laser device
Organic vertical cavity laser and imaging system
Power control circuit for laser diode having wavelength compensation
Single means for converting beam widths of plural laser beams with different entry and exit angle wi...
DFB laser driving device, DFB laser driving method and storage medium
Open-loop laser driver having an integrated digital controller
Maintaining desirable performance of optical emitters at extreme temperatures
Laser pulse picking employing controlled AOM loading
Tunable diffractive device
Construction machine control system
Centralized control architecture for a laser materials processing system
High-speed optical data links
Method of adjusting the index of refraction of photonic crystals with laser micromachining to tune t...
Optically pumped edge-emitting semiconductor laser
Solid state laser
Semiconductor laser device, and method for producing it
Optical fiber amplifier with fully integrated pump source
Method for flange bonding
Method and apparatus for the treatment of plantar ulcers and foot deformities
Adjustable balancing board
Snow-board binding
Shrink wrap transportable container and method
Shoe having a fabric outsole and manufacturing process thereof
Shoe insert formed of reinforced elastomer for regulating and dampening vibration
Protective cage for footwear bladder
Energy return sole for footwear
Side element of a shoe upper
Footwear outsole
Footwear sole
Fabricated articles prepared from blends of substantially random ethylene/propylene/vinyl aromatic i...
Anti-microbial fiber and fibrous products
Footwear sole
Outsole of a shoe
Collection of secondary electrons through the objective lens of a scanning electron microscope
Appliance for liquefying solder with variable duty cycle and method of implementing
Multi-modal detection of explosives, narcotics, and other chemical substances
Thermal management materials
Method and apparatus, with redundancies, for treating substrate plastic parts to accept paint withou...
Pyrotechnic body
Electron beam physical vapor deposition apparatus
Control of deposition and other processes
Method and system for improving the efficiency of state information transfer over a wireless communi...
Dual-band bend tolerant optical waveguide
Optical waveguide device
Scintillator array having a reflector with integrated air gaps
Armor systems
Use of collapsible microspheres to create texture in surface coverings
Gel-swellable layers on fibers, fiber ribbons and buffer tubes
Pipe belling apparatus and method
Low cost antennas and electromagnetic (EMF) absorption in electronic circuit packages or transceiver...
Plasma reactor design for treating auto emissions—durable and low cost
Adjustable sizing tube
Physical vapor deposition targets, and methods of fabricating metallic materials
Thin-walled rubber hose and method of producing the same
Method of making metal containers
Locating unit, vehicle body assembly machine using the same and method therefor
Electronically programmable multimode circuit
CDMA receiver having a searcher intermittently operable
System and method for providing transformation of multi-protocol packets in a data stream
Integrity monitoring
Image processing method and apparatus and computer-readable storage medium having an electronic zoom...
Two-dimensional antenna array
Light arrangement for vision system including a light controller with an external device
Data pend mechanism
Dynamic current calibrated driver circuit
Auditory alarms for physiological data monitoring
Image pickup apparatus having means to control adjustment of color balance based on image pickup mod...
Device for image processing, method of adjusting white-balance, and computer products
Remote control device with smart card capability
Level shift circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit
VGA connector with integral filter
Active configurable and stackable interface connector
Laser processing method and laser processing apparatus
Methods of fabricating semiconductor structures having epitaxially grown source and drain elements
Biomaterial based on an insolubilized dextran derivative and a growth factor
Block copolymers based on poly(ortho esters) containing amine groups
Dental and orthopedic densitometry modeling system and method
Microfabrication of membranes containing projections and grooves for growing cells
Spectroscopic monitoring of resin-application prior to assembly of composite wood veneer product
Heat sink assembly with retaining device
Electronic device, liquid cooling system and tank
Cooling units
Controlling method for the discharge of coolant medium in the heat exchange wind box
Automotive air conditioning system
Heat exchanger
Heat exchangers
Tubular heat exchanger with offset interior dimples
Symmetrical heat sink module with a heat pipe for spreading of heat
Heat-dissipating device
Sintered grooved wick with particle web
System for cleaning tubes of heat exchangers and cleaning bodies therefor
Heatsink with active liquid base
Minimal fluid forced convective heat sink for high power computers
Heat transfer apparatus and method of manufacturing an integrated circuit and heat sink assembly
Thermal interface material and methods for assembling and operating devices using such material
Cooling/heating system of air conditioner
Vehicle air conditioning system
Method and apparatus for cooling microelectronic complexes including multiple discrete functional mo...
Heat exchanger for cooling exhaust gas and method of manufacturing same
Common operational amplifier and gain circuit and A/D converter using thereof
Portable warm bag having steam heating device
Environmentally compatible processes compositions and materials treated thereby
Intragastric stent for duodenum bypass
Outdoor cooker and smoker apparatus
Tray assembly for microwave oven incorporating toaster
Device for defining a handle in a tubular covering for a food product
Chocolate chip
Use of compounds that reduce alpha2-antiplasmin in vivo for the preparation of a composition for the...
Method for the determination of the confluence of a cell layer on porous biomaterials
Methods of identifying a ligand, an agonist, and an antagonist of G protein coupled receptor GPR86 (...
Methods and compositions for enhancing fibroblast migration
Composite tubular prostheses
Method for making fast absorbing sutures by hydrolysis
Systems and methods for clot disruption and retrieval
Valve treatment catheter and methods
Thrombectomy catheter and system
Left ventricular conduits to coronary arteries and methods for coronary bypass
Ultrasound apparatus and method for augmented clot lysis
Method for identifying or characterizing properties of polymeric units
Substituted biphenyl derivatives
Endothelin antagonists
Preparation and use of acetylenic ortho-sulfonamido and phosphinic acid amido bicyclic heteroaryl hy...
Serine protease inhibitors
Compositions and methods for inhibiting cellular proliferation comprising TFPI fragments
Apparatus and method for speculative prefetching after data cache misses
Method for electronically addressing of a person or organization
Object model for network policy management
Thermoelectric heat lifting application
Method of identifying compounds suitable for treatment and/or prophylaxis of obesity
Coating for a sustained release pharmaceutical composition
Smooth muscle controller
Arylpiperazines having activity at the serotonin 1A receptor
Use of C2-substituted indan-1-one systems for preparing medicaments for the treatment of obesity
Compounds for the treatment of metabolic disorders
Regulation of intracellular glucocorticoid concentrations
Glutaminyl based DPIV inhibitors
Heteroaryl urea neuropeptide Y Y5 receptor antagonists
Aromatic sulfonamides as peroxynitrite-rearrangement catalysts
Method and apparatus for testing RF modules
Building block for series connection in high power converter
Electronic ballast for a discharge lamp
Power converter
Current control method and application thereof
Sigma delta class D architecture which corrects for power supply, load and H-bridge errors
Electric power converting device
Determination of leak and respiratory airflow
Sample analysis apparatus
Auditory therapy system for impacting the nervous system of a living organism
Methods and apparatus for storage virtualization
Implantable hearing aid transducer with actuator interface
Ceramic exhaust filter
Solenoid cassette pump with servo controlled volume detection
Ratchet wrench body
Multi-neural net imaging apparatus and method
Image processing system
Three-dimensional shape detection by means of camera images
Integrated data conversion and viewing station for medical images
Three-dimensional face recognition
Camera having verification display with reverse white balanced viewer adaptation compensation and me...
Vessel detection by mean shift based ray propagation
Interactive computer-aided diagnosis method and system for assisting diagnosis of lung nodules in di...
Optical tomography of small objects using parallel ray illumination and post-specimen optical magnif...
Motility analysis within a gastrointestinal tract
Measuring apparatus
Overlay measurements using zero-order cross polarization measurements
Simultaneous optical isolation and channel monitoring system
Optical sensor system and method for detection of hydrides and acid gases
System and method for measuring birefringence in an optical material
Retro-reflective photoelectric sensor
Apparatus, sample cuvette and method for optical measurements
Measurements of optical inhomogeneity and other properties in substances using propagation modes of ...
Spectroscopic ellipsometer with adjustable detection area
System and method for determining a reference baseline record for use in automated patient care
NIR clinical opti-scan system
System and methods for imaging within a body lumen
Vibratory venous and arterial oximetry sensor
Optical measurement device
Device and method for alignment of optical axis
Permanent magnet motor for driving a fan
Pump and tube set thereof
Electric fan with strain relief connection
Motor pump system with axial through flow utilizing an incorporated flowmeter and pressure controlle...
Geared pump with forced lubricated coupling
Mechanically actuated gas separator for downhole pump
Fluid apparatus having downwardly inclined lower lamella portion of a bellows
Infusion device and driving mechanism and process for same with actuator for multiple infusion uses
Engine driven dry air pump with a flange mounted oil drain
Drive support and cover assembly for tubeaxial fan
Motor pump unit, particularly a motor vehicle braking device
Motor-pump assembly, in particular an anti-lock braking system for a motor vehicle