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Cosmetic container with cap
Inverted bottle
Grout for making watertight screens
Debugging tool for efficient switching between targets in a multi-processor environment
Protected execution environments within a computer system
Secure computational outsourcing techniques
System and method for determining if a device needs to be updated and locating and invoking an updat...
Addressing scheme supporting variable local addressing and variable global addressing
Bus interface system with two separate data transfer interfaces
Book carrier organizer tray
System and method for mounting a shaft within a hollow member
Bearing with integrated mounting features
Bearing arrangement for a shaft
Wheel support bearing assembly
Connecting rod bearing shell or bushing or main bearing shell
Hydrodynamic thrust bearing
Dynamic pressure bearing device
Hydrodynamic bearing, spindle motor and hard disk drive
Slider of linear guideway
Recirculating rolling element cartridge for linear motion bearing assembly
Rolling guide apparatus and roller connecting body
Connector assembly for mounting an implement to a prime mover
Sliding bearing
Package structure of solid-state image sensor
Microtiter plate with integral heater
Recyclable chiral metathesis catalysts
Test method and apparatus for parallel optical transceivers using serial equipment
Optical switch and adjustment method thereof
Optical pulse source for long haul optical communication systems
Multi-channel optical detection system
Flip-chip image sensor packages and methods of fabrication
Optical coupling unit and method for inserting optical wave guides into an optical coupling unit
Phosphor thin film, manufacturing method of the same, and electroluminescent panel
Protective sports helmet having a two-piece face cage
Method and apparatus for test case evaluation using a cyclic redundancy checker
Temporary pacing wire having a constrained anchor and method of producing same
Derivatives of dicarboxylic acid having pharmaceutical properties
Side-chain halogenated amino dicarboxylic acid derivatives as medicaments for treating cardiovascula...
Atropisomers of 3-substituted-4-arylquinolin-2-one derivatives
High stiffness absorbent polymers having improved absorbency rates and method for making the same
Heterocyclic ureas, their preparation and their use as vanilloid receptor antagonists
Gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor antagonists and methods relating thereto
Use of R (+)-α-(2,3-dimethoxyphenyl)-1-[2-(4-fluorophenyl)ethyl]-4-piperidinemethanol for the ...
2-anilino-pyrimidine derivatives as cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors
Pyrrolo[2,1-c][1,4] benzodiazepine-indole derivatives, their preparation process, and uses of the sa...
Quinazoline derivatives
Contact assemblies, methods for making contact assemblies, and plating machines with contact assembl...
Method for efficient recording and management of data changes to an object
System and method for identifying similarities among objects in a collection
Contact center dynamic record delivery
Systems, methods and computer program products to improve indexing of multidimensional databases
Universal tree interpreter for data mining models
Electric arc discharge protection device
Eye safety logic with compensation for transient conditions
Deflection device for projection tube and projection tube apparatus
Driver circuit for driving a light source of an optical pointing device
Inductive coil assembly
Plasma display device and method for fabricating a plasma display device
Method of driving electron-emitting device, electron source, and image-forming apparatus
Apparatus and method for driving field emission display device
Magnetically enhanced capacitive plasma source for ionized physical vapor deposition
AC adapter integral-type household-power-line coupler
Ceramic metal halide lamp with optimal shape
Directional diffuser
Document imaging system
Lens assembly of camera
Optical device
Cone-shaped lens having increased forward light intensity and kits incorporating such lenses
Step-zoom lens
Zoom lens
Large zoom ratio, four-group zoom lens
Super wide-angle zoom lens system
Lens array and method of making same
Optical image retrieval method
Optical demultiplexer with multi-channel power control and tilt compensation
Methods and apparatuses for using programmable logic for protocol controls in a passive optical netw...
Optical head, recording and reproducing apparatus and solid immersion lens
Modified three lobe search method
Apparatus and method for remotely and automatically controlling the volume of audio signals produced...
Robust predictive deconvolution system and method
Near field probe
Hierarchical processing of simulation model events
Device control system, network constructed by the system, and program executed on device constructin...
Data processing apparatus
System and method for enabling graphic applications in an interactive programming model
Optical property normalization for a transparent electrical device
Analog to digital converter with a pulse delay circuit
Transmitter for surveillance camera, and surveillance system
Semiconductor device structure
System and method for utilizing a user non-perceivable light source in a machine
Solar cell
Enantioselective oligomerization of α-hydroxy carboxylic acids and α-amino acids
Thermal insulating coating for spacecrafts
Temperature-expansion indicator for siding panels
Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Channel erase type nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and electronic card and electronic appara...
Coil-embedded dust core and method for manufacturing the same
Disc for a disc brake
Desk calendar leaf
Wireless service redirection signaling based on protocol revision
Selective conference call disconnect
Method and apparatus for implementing feature assist on a telecommunication network
Phase matched parametric light generation in monolithically integrated intersubband optical devices
Aggregate navigation system
Semiconductor memory device and methods of operation thereof
MRAM array with segmented word and bit lines
Semiconductor base and its manufacturing method, and semiconductor crystal manufacturing method
Glass bulb for cathode ray tube
Mg-Al-based hydrotalcite-type particles, chlorine-containing resin composition and process for produ...
Liquid recording material
Carrier and developer for developing latent electrostatic images
Image-forming color toner, developing agent, image-forming apparatus, toner container, image-forming...
Iodine/iodide-containing hot melt coatable adhesive, methods and uses therefor
Non-adhesive latex products
Electrically resistive heating device for data storage systems
Extended release analgesic for pain control
Chemical vapor deposition of titanium
Polyurea/urethane optical material and method for making it
Computing network path delays so accurate absolute time can be forwarded from a server to a client
E. coli and Streptomyces host cells that contain MatBC genes or E. coli host ce...
System and method for embedding a watermark signal that contains message data in a digital image
Method for surface preparation of workpieces utilizing fluid separation techniques
Interface surface having coded data with predetermined pattern
Method for querying a database
System and method for providing result sets using EJB query language
Automatic query refinement
Internet search supporting apparatus and method, and internet search supporting program using the me...
Method and apparatus for digital media management, retrieval, and collaboration
Methods and apparatus for determining equivalent descriptions for an information need
Method and system for optimizing data searches in tree structures
Internal combustion engine
Variable spring force intake valve assembly
Valve timing control for marine engine
Computer readable storage medium for use with engine having variable valve actuator
Method for measuring the absolute steering angle of steering shaft for vehicle
Method for determining, recording and sending GPS location data in an underwater environment
Vehicle lateral movement stabilizing device
Road condition estimation apparatus
Adaptive customer driveability module
Method and system for computer network implemented vehicle diagnostics
System and method for sharing a common communication channel between multiple systems of implantable...
Method and system for providing therapy for Alzheimer's disease and dementia by providing electrical...
Method and apparatus for taking biomechanical measurements
System for detecting symptoms, determining staging and gauging drug efficacy in cases of Alzheimer's...
Apparatus that improves discovery of cancer mass, and reduces inflammation - onset of symptoms of ca...
Pharmaceutical compositions useful in prevention and treatment of beta-amyloid protein-induced disea...
Methods of treating an inflammatory-related disease
Macrolides and methods for producing same
Concomitant drugs
Urea derivatives as PDGFR modulators
Novel compounds as inhibitors of cell proliferation and viral infections
Novel bicyclic compounds as modulators of androgen receptor function and method
Amide compounds as ion channel ligands and uses thereof
Stereoisomeric compounds and methods for the treatment of gastrointestinal and central nervous syste...
Preventives/remedies for urinary disturbance
Tetrahydroquinolinones and their use as antagonists of metabotropic glutamate receptors
Bicyclic modulators of androgen receptor function
Non-immunosuppressive immunophilin ligands as neuroprotective and/or neuroregenerative agents
Novel quinoline, tetrahydroquinazoline, and pyrimidine derivatives and methods of treatment related ...
System, system devices, and methods for regulating nutrient absorption and caloric intake
Techniques for applying, calibrating, and controlling nerve fiber stimulation
Visceral fat measuring instrument, visceral fat measuring method, program, and recording medium
Composite thin-film glucose sensor
Video endoscope
Polymorphic forms of sertraline hydrochloride
O-desmethylvenlafaxine and methods of preparing and using the same
Alkyl carbamate-substituted beta-lactones, process and intermediate products for their preparation, ...
Condensed indoline derivatives and their use as 5HT, in particular 5HT2C, receptor ligands
CCK-1 receptor modulators
Cocaine receptor binding ligands
Trust inheritance in network authentication
Automated system for performing kepner tregoe analysis for spread sheet output
System and method for historical database training of support vector machines
Aggregated clustering method and system
Measurements expert system and method for generating high-performance measurements software drivers
Expert system and method for creating an embroidered fabric
Mechanism and method for specified temporal deployment of rules within a rule server
Fractal semantic network generator
Spectral kernels for learning machines
Method and system for designing frames and cases
Data-providing system, transmission server, data terminal, apparatus, authoring apparatus and data-p...
Real-time multimedia visual programming system
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving wireless packet
Power management fault strategy for automotive multimedia system
Method and device for managing multimedia file
Method for determining loss rate or a loss curve of a video source or multimedia traffic
Method and apparatus for associating multimedia information with location information
Rotary driver for pipe piling
Post-stressed pile
Conductor polymer backfill composition and method of use as a reinforcement material for utility pol...
Column-stabilized floating structure with telescopic keel tank for offshore applications and method ...
Process and apparatus for repairing pipes
Mitred grate and drain cover
Width expandable modular ditch liners
Migratory fish channel associated with one or more dams in a river
Multi-chamber oil boom valve
Manufacture of articulated, predominantly concrete mat
Method for boring and placing bolts for imbedding adhesively and device for carrying out this method
Submerged water activity platform
Columnar jack concealing device
Method and apparatus for saving a definition for automated data processing
Apparatus and a method for security authorization using a security key installed on removable media
Method of authentication anonymous users while reducing potential for "middleman" fraud
System for accessing an object using a "web" browser co-operating with a smart card
Method and apparatus for gathering statistical information about in-store content distribution
Method of licensing software programs
System for controlling the distribution and use of digital works using digital tickets
Monitoring and automatic notification of irregular activity in a network-based transaction facility
Binary trees for detecting inventory problems in an enterprise model
Providing termination benefits for employees
Employee analysis based on results of an education business simulation
Apparatus and method for performing conversion between different units of currency using an encapsul...
Method of operation of a navigation system to reduce expenses on future trips and to provide other f...
Recording and processing utility commodity usage
Device and method for carrying out the decentralized production of desired products from different s...
Method and apparatus for providing training information regarding a pet
Method and apparatus for serial array excitation for high field magnetic resonance imaging
Method, dielectric element, and MR system for generating an MR exposure
Protective layer thermal transfer sheet and printed article with protective layer
Footwear donning device
Lacing system
Footwear with integrated stitchdown/athletic bottom construction
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear portion
Footwear outsole lug
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Protective item for firefighter or for emergency rescue worker and opaque to hazardous radiation
Method of making custom insoles and point of purchase display
Hot-in-place asphalt recycling machine and process
Orthopedic shoe appliance and method
Reinforcement for a boot, in particular a sports boot, more specifically a cross-country ski boot, a...
Lace securing and adjusting device
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe
Nanotube films and articles
System and method for storing and reporting information associated with asserts
3′terminal sequence of hepatitis C virus genome and diagnostic and therapeutic uses thereof
Method of producing antihypercholesterolemic agents
Proximal anchors for bone fixation system
Compounds and their use as positive AMPA receptor modulators
Hydromechanical transmission electronic control system for high speed vehicles
Apparatus for a mobile communication system for providing an ATM-based switching and routing connect...
Optical drive
Multimedia synchronization system
Method for fabricating an embossed sheet of cellulose tissue, a product so made and an embossing cyl...
Signal accessory for a molded case circuit breaker
Graceful degradation system
Gamma herpesvirus DNA and methods of use
Imaging transverse flow velocity using spectral bandwidth of the doppler frequency shift in phase-re...
Amino polyol amine oxidase polynucleotides and related polypeptides and methods of use
Spinal fusion interbody spacer
Substrate apparatus calibration and synchronization procedure
Gaze tracking system, eye-tracking assembly and an associated method of calibration
Apparatus for demonstrating a skeletal surgical technique
Training simulator for sharp shooting
Bronchial flow control devices and methods of use
Hydrogen storage alloy, process for producing hydrogen storage alloy, hydrogen storage alloy electro...
Method and apparatus for fingerprint authentication during on-line transactions
Alkylation process with efficient effluent refrigeration
System and method for retrieving and editing the data structure of an HTML UI Control
Drawing for winners over the internet using receipts and zipcodes
Network security enhancement methods and devices
Article of footwear with a replaceable ground-engaging member and method of attaching the ground-eng...
Powder dispensing golf ball marker
Multi-function golf training device
Equipment for disclosing pressure
Nail clipper
Training aid using vision restriction and method of use
Strain isolated trim tab
Method and apparatus for propulsion and power generation using spinning electrodynamic tethers
Pneumatic riser release
Air drop device
Air cycle air conditioning with adaptive ram heat exchanger
Forward inboard retracting main landing gear
Passive cooling system for auxiliary power unit installation
Steerable dual wheel power tug for aircraft
Mach weighted area ruling for supersonic vehicles
Static discharge cable for aircraft and method of using same
Ink jet recording head and method for manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing an inkjet head for controlling ink ejection
Cheese extruding machine and process for producing pieces of cheese
Method for producing antibiotic composites
Microtubes with axially variable geometries and method of manufacturing same
Electricity meter with multiple gains signal to an A/D converter
Scanner API for executing multiple scanning engines
Surface catalyst infra red laser
Nano diatomite and zeolite ceramic crystal powder
Nano-lithography using squeezed atomic and molecular states
Circuits and methods for current measurements referred to a precision impedance
DC/DC converter with voltage clamp circuit
System and method for input current shaping in a power converter
Method for informing user of available battery time based on operating mode of hybrid terminal
Recharging key based wireless device
Current source modulator
Power supply circuit for charging a bootstrap capacitor
Multiple-phase DC-DC converter topology
Multipurpose transforming device
Voltage conversion circuit, semiconductor integrated circuit device, and portable terminal
Voltage control apparatus for vehicle generator having a light emitting diode
Portable power supply incorporating a generator driven by an engine
Battery charging system
Battery charging system
Method and arrangement for determination of the state of charge of a battery
Docking module exchangeable with battery module of ultra thin notebook computer
Rechargeable battery
Power source apparatus for an electric automobile
Open loop magnetic boost LED driver system and method
Ring generator for a wind power installation
System and method for data analysis and presentation
Ophthalmic surgery simulation device
Simulator system and training method for endoscopic manipulation using simulator
Endoscopic simulator system and training method for endoscopic manipulation using endoscopic simulat...
Systems and methods of measuring and evaluating performance of a physical skill and equipment used t...
Apparatus, system, and method for selectable situation coaching
Memory capacity tests and uses thereof
Method for improving the administration of psychological examinations
Method and apparatus for automated training of language learning skills
Method and apparatus for automated training of language learning skills
Method and apparatus for automated training of language learning skills
Easy interchangeabilty of visual and sound embellishments on wearing apparel accessories and other a...
White board and white board display system
Remote screening and/or therapy tool and method of remotely screening and/or providing therapy over ...
Method and system for improving performance on standardized examinations
Recalling items of informaton
Scientific phenomena evaluation device, educational tool for scientific experiments and manufacturin...
Anycast addressing for internet protocol version six
Stabilizer for tremolo bridge
Bracing system for stringed instrument
Information processing apparatus
Method of rapidly determining the transmission time and range of a position message under internet v...
System, method and article of manufacture for updating content stored on a portable storage medium
Method and apparatus for performing scale-invariant gesture recognition
Method for controlling service levels over packet based networks
Z-slope test to optimize sample throughput
Conversion of adaptively sampled distance fields to triangles
Speaker apparatus
Microphone/earpiece device for a mobile telephone, telephone exchange or the like
Terrestrial seismic acquisition process and apparatus, in particular for a vertical seismic acquisit...
Muffler for internal combustion engine
Portable information terminal device
Composite bandwidth marine vibroseis array
Exhaust muffler and muffler system for use with an internal combustion engine
System and method for data rights management
Method and apparatus for overcoming a watermark security system
Methods and apparatus for ensuring the privacy and security of personal medical information
System operable to identify and access information about a user
Method and apparatus for providing frequent flyer miles and incentives for timely interaction with a...
Copper-based alloy excellent in dezincing resistance
Iron alloy strip for voice coil motor magnetic circuits
High performance p-type thermoelectric materials and methods of preparation
Audio support system for controlling an e-mail system in a remote computer
Systems, methods and computer program products for providing communications cable test data to remot...
Data flow control unit
Mobile communication terminal with control section for one-way communication
Using call establishment signaling to request data
Routing method for a call to a mobile telephone via global location register
Method and system for conditionally routing calls
Methods for audio capture and communication during television broadcasts
Operation method of portable phone to change mode using dial key and apparatus for the same
Method for storing and reproducing a voice message in a mobile telephone
Mobile phone hand-free holder
Telephone line isolation device and method of use
Insulation strip for a pots splitter card
System including an alternate power source for a modem-capable computer
Echo cancellation through auxiliary-vector filtering
Delay insertion for echo cancellation, with echo supression, in a communication network
Double-talk and path change detection using a matrix of correlation coefficients
Portable terminal
Ground key detection circuit and method for interference-resistant detection of the activation of a ...
Angular position measuring equipment in robotics, where it determines the angle of the joints
Two-legs walking type moving device, method and device for controlling its walking
Method and device for weight compensation in a mechanism with closed kinematic chains
Apparatus comprising a flexible vacuum seal pad structure capable of retaining non-planar substrates...
Apparatus and method for boarding animals into a boat
Hybrid ship hull
Boat with perimeter float, particularly a pneumatic life raft
Marine pest deterrent
Anchor for marine mooring
Floating aluminum box to protect dock workers
Wake control mechanism
Clip for surfboard leash
Submerged underwater observation booth
Boat seat release system
Drive shaft assembly for toy vehicles
Sound quality box call
Inflatable humanoid forms
Bubble bottle and bubble wand
Treat dispensing chewing toy
Method and system for transferring data between a digital camera and a host
Digital camera having imaging portion, first terminal, and second terminal for outputting signals ba...
Dynamic personalized content resolution for a media server
High-frequency signal transmission apparatus and electronic tuner using the same
Image analyzing method for detecting significant changes in a time sequence of images
MPEG-4 binary shape transmission
Preventing green non-uniformity in image sensors
Fast gamma correction method for image reading apparatus
Method and system for searching for images based on color and shape of a selected image
Method for motion classification using switching linear dynamic systems models
Method and device for inserting and decoding a watermark in digital data
System and associated method for transcoding discrete cosine transform coded signals
Two-way audio/video conferencing system
PCB structure for scope unit of electronic endoscope
MEM devices having charge induced via focused beam to enter different states
Optical apparatus and projection type display apparatus for reducing a physical distance between a l...
Connection apparatus for CCTV systems
Unit for and method of video signal enhancement and image display apparatus provided with such a vid...
Collimated visual display apparatus
Magnetic display device
Skateboard trick master and amusement device
Teaching sin and cosine instrument
Method and system for profiling network flows at a measurement point within a computer network
Multi-media remote data access terminals and system
Method and system for delivering accessibility using a distributed environment
Method for connecting a first user-terminal to a second using-terminal, related devices and related ...
Internet domain names with regional associations
Method for charging information about an error in a database
Interactive simulated dialogue system and method for a computer network
Method and system for selecting and designing eyeglass frames
Gateway system having a redundant structure of media gateway controllers
Enhanced directory assistance service providing individual or group directories
Internet-activated callback service
Image pasting using geometry measurement and a flat-panel detector
Method and apparatus for multiplexing voice over ATM or IP data communication channels
Wireless computer network including a mobile appliance containing a single chip transceiver
System and method for collecting and transmitting medical data
System, method, and article of manufacture for creating and updating an application using software a...
System and method to determine impact of line end shortening
Method of operating a system of co-located computers and remote human interfaces
Method and apparatus for performing frame interrogation
Method of evaluating core based system-on-a-chip
Apparatus and method for matrix data processing
Method and apparatus for disc drive data security using a defect list
Distributed background track processing
Method and apparatus for decoupling tag and data accesses in a cache memory
Scalable cache coherent distributed shared memory processing system
Printer/powered peripheral node system
Context-aware systems and methods, location-aware systems and methods, context-aware vehicles and me...
System and method for monitoring browser event activities
Methods and apparatus for bookmarking and annotating data in a log file
Adaptive vehicle safety system for collision compatibility
Position determination system for movable objects or personnel
Navigation apparatus, navigation system and navigation method providing guidance for lane changes
Decision enhancement system for a vehicle safety restraint application
Method of utilizing an external defibrillator by replacing its electrodes
Apparatus for positioning and marking a location of an EMG electrode
Transparent polyamide molding materials having improved transparency, resistance to chemicals and hi...
Scalable high performance antifuse structure and process
No-flow underfill process and material therefor
Head pressure relief assembly
Solid crystalline IM-9, and a process for its preparation
Recombination device and method for catalytically recombining hydrogen and/or carbon monoxide with o...
Process for improving the internal stability of sodium percarbonate
Method and facility for producing silane
Preparation, characterization, ESR and PAS studies of Cu0.5NbAlP3O12 (CNP) and HNbAlP3O12 (HNP)
Process for the desulfurization of CO gas
Process for treating fluorine compound-containing gas
Method for removal and stabilization of mercury in mercury-containing gas streams
Method for the production of a salt-free aqueous hydroxylamine solution
Methods and systems for pressure swing regeneration for hydrogen generation
Method and device for reducing the number of particles in an exhaust gas
Compact ultra fast laser
Laser oscillator
Semiconductor laser with lateral current conduction and method for fabricating the semiconductor las...
Semiconductor optical component
Solid state laser amplifier
Laser irradiation method, laser irradiation apparatus, and semiconductor device
Motion measuring device
Light scanning and recording apparatus
Panel made of a highly insulated electrothermal fabric
Planar laser
Optical devices
Information recording medium and information recording device
Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy with second harmonic guide light
Colored data storage media
Method of controlling laser diode in optical disk player and circuit therefor
Information reading and recording apparatus
Automatic control method for generating stable laser power of an optical disk drive
Method for controlling the rotation of optical disk based on disk shapes
Method for reproducing information data from a magneto-optical storage medium in reverse direction w...
Spiro[isobenzofuran-1,4′-piperidin]-3-ones and 3H-spiroisobenzofuran-1,4′-piperidines
Antidepressant azaheterocyclylmethyl derivatives of 1,4,5-trioxa-phenanthrene
Cis-2,6-disubstituted piperidines for the treatment of psychostimulant abuse and withdrawal, eating ...
5-substituted 2-aryl-4-pyrimidinones
Polycyclic guanine derivative phosphodiesterase V inhibitors
Quinolinone derivatives and uses thereof
Morpholine derivatives as antagonists of orexin receptors
Transgenic expression from a SOCS-3 promoter in vertebrate cells
Target for treating athersclerosis, obesity and type II diabetes
Microorganisms for preventing and/or treating obesity or diabetes mellitus
Inflatable suspension harness/body jacket
Mixing chamber and expired gas sampling for expired gas analysis indirect calorimetry
Medicament storage and delivery devices
Dynamic architecture integration technique
System and method for controlling access to resources in a distributed environment
System and methods providing automatic distributed data retrieval, analysis and reporting services
Microfluidic systems in the electrochemical detection of target analytes
Topical administration of pharmacologically active bases in the treatment of inflammatory dermatoses
Substituted N-arylsulfonyl-proline derivatives as potent cell adhesion inhibitors
Apparatus and method for filling a receptacle with powder
Ensuring proper rendering order of bidirectionally rendered text
Liquid crystal display optical head with a heat sink
Adaptive value generating apparatus, adaptive procedure control program, and adaptive value generati...
Image forming apparatus and control method for the same
Method and apparatus for automated detection of peaks in spectroscopic data
Methods for reducing bitline voltage offsets in memory devices
Apparatus and method for reconfiguring a power line communication system
Gas inflation/evacuation system and sealing system for guidewire assembly having occlusive device
Fresnel lens sheet and transmission type projection screen
Resin sheets containing dispersed particles, processes for producing the same, and liquid crystal di...
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of prostate cancer
Nucleotide compounds that block the bitter taste of oral compositions
FEBP1 protein vector host cells and method for making FEBP1 protein
Thin film data storage carrier
Sliding member
Light emitting device having phosphor of alkaline earth metal silicate
Building material compositions
Method for improving the efficiency of epitaxially produced quantum dot semiconductor components
Gate valve
Milling cutting tool having cutter body mated to an adapter
Housing for a portable electronic device
Disk recording or playback device and process for assembling the device in which a holding mechanism...
Optical communication device and laminated optical communication module
Fifth wheel hitch with rocker
Indocyanine green (ICG) compositions and related methods of use
Slot-in type optical disk-loading apparatus usable with optical disks of two different standardize d...
Disc storage device
Transgenic Drosophila having a disrupted Parkin gene and exhibits reduced climbing ability
Determination of pH including hemoglobin correction
Method for identifying genes involved in cell proliferation
Shoulder prosthesis
Catalyst for olefin polymerization and method of polymerization of olefin
Dibenzoxazepine αv integrin receptor antagonist
Polyolefins with flame retardancy and abrasion resistance additives
Method for error proofing body shop component selection
Variable-persistence molecular memory devices and methods of operation thereof
Method for induction of L-selectin shedding
Magnetic strip reader with power management control for attachment to a PDA device
System and method for organizing data
Speech input system, speech portal server, and speech input terminal
Dual function electronic display screen
Personal digital assistant with internal printer
Method for using an initial maintenance opportunity for non-contention ranging
Nucleic acid sequences encoding human slit-, megf-, and roundabout-like polypeptides
Photometric device and camera
Imaging extension API for isolating web content from user resources and services
Process for preparing supported transition metal catalyst systems and catalyst systems prepared ther...
Optical heterodyne surface plasma wave detecting method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for shunting induced currents in an electrical lead
Bioartificial filtration device for filtering blood to mimic kidney function
Vehicle of novel configuration and operation
Apple tree named 'UEB 3264/2'
Server and units
Method and apparatus for mass spectrometry analysis of aerosol particles at atmospheric pressure
Kiosk for automatic teller machines
Method for testing an integrated circuit including hardware and/or software parts having a confident...
Method and apparatus for proportionate costing of vias
Battery system thermal management
Integrated collision prediction and safety systems control for improved vehicle safety
Chemical process machine programming system
Human machine interface
Trench optical device
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method for same
Process of preparing a disubstituted 9-alkylidenefluorene or a derivative thereof
Method for eliminating noise signals in radio signal receiving devices
Adaptive voltage scaling clock generator for use in a digital processing component and method of ope...
Tree-mounted hunting blind
Interconnect for flat panel displays
Reactive heat treatment to form pearlite from an iron containing article
Performing a join in a partitioned database system
System and method for collecting and restoring user environment data using removable storage
Apparatus and method for remote monitoring and servicing material application systems
Maintaining time-date information for syncing low fidelity devices
Process for the production of CLA triglycerides
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Cetwotone Pink'
Zantedeschia plant named 'Goldilocks'
Forsythia plant named 'Courtalyn'
Graphical interface for a remote presence system
Barley for production of flavor-stable beverage
Hybrid alfalfa variety named HybriForce.RTM.-420/Wet
Br2 and Dw3 promoters and methods of use
Genetic engineering salt tolerance in crop plants
Promoter, promoter control elements, and combinations, and uses thereof
Methods for screening for genes and small molecules that activate mammalian receptor proteins
Corn products and methods for their production
Novel Bacillus thuringiensis crystal polypeptides, polynucleotides, and compositions thereof
Potato genes for resistance to late blight
Grain quality through altered expression of seed proteins
Plant cells having receptor polypeptides
Methods of blocking tissue destruction by autoreactive T cells
Methods of blocking tissue destruction by autoreactive T cells
Methods of blocking tissue destruction by autoreactive T cells
Artery- and vein-specific proteins and uses therefor
SIRT6 transgenic non-human animals and assay methods
Gene for identifying individuals with familial dysautonomia
Vision care and protection policy
System and method for accounting and billing patients in a hospital environment
Multiple-satellite sensors algorithm wake up and reset strategy for an inflatable restraint system
Structures and devices for parenteral drug delivery and diagnostic sampling
Decellularized grafts from umbilical cord vessels and process for preparing and using same
Soft tissue implants and anti-scarring agents
Lifetime solution for hip dysfunction
Tibial implant with a through post
Tibial implant with a broad keel and a through post
Prosthetic knee joint having at least one diamond articulation surface
Modular knee prosthesis
Mandibular bone transport reconstruction plate
Intervertebral disc prosthesis
System and method for stabilizing a prosthetic device
Device and method for lumbar interbody fusion
Dynamized interspinal implant
Bone tendon bone assembly with cylindrical allograft bone block
Bone tendon bone assembly
Storage apparatus and access control method
Method and apparatus for detecting radiation
Method for migrating a base chip key from one computer system to another
Method for synchronous encryption over a communication medium
Steganographic encoding and decoding of auxiliary codes in media signals
Method and apparatus for reproducing ciphered data
Video bit scrambling
Data-processing device and method of operating said device
Circuit and software for generating a stream cipher
Process for controlling the resynchronization of a remote control with a changing code
System and method for automatically installing data on a handheld computer
System design using part roles
Method and apparatus for local generation of Web pages
System and method of enforcing executable code identity verification over the network
Method and system for postmortem identification of falsely shared memory objects
Cache management method for storage device
Smart handle
Common user profile server and method
Automatic network synchronization of the network configuration with the management information datab...
System and method for managing transferable records
Method and system for customizing electronic communications
Method for deployment modification of transactional behavior in corba OTS
Reduced size objects headers
Method and apparatus for achieving higher product yields by using fractional portions of imbedded me...
Pre-steering register renamed instructions to execution unit associated locations in instruction cac...
Signal processor executing variable size instructions using parallel memory banks that do not includ...
Memory hub bypass circuit and method
Compressed file system for non-volatile RAM
Method and system for implementing an electronic program guide using partitioned memory and partial ...
Method for performing compressed I/O with memory expansion technology
Register bank
Scalable design for DDR SDRAM buses
Memory modules and methods having a buffer clock that operates at different clock frequencies accord...
Managing latencies in accessing memory of computer systems
Data storage using wireless communication
Method and apparatus for supporting snapshots with direct I/O in a storage area network
Dynamic random access memory system with bank conflict avoidance feature
Read/write scheduling apparatus of controller chip and method for the same
Multiplexing-interleaving and demultiplexing-deinterleaving
Interleaving memory access
Interleaving apparatus and interleaving method, encoding apparatus and encoding method, and decoding...
Apparatus for and method of creating a device page for a device which does not support a predetermin...
Methods and systems for financing food expenses with a loan secured by real property
Process for manufacturing high purity xylose
Method of treating inflammatory conditions with progesterone or progesterone analogs
Catnip enhanced pet food product
Production of high-quality protein isolated from defatted meals of Brassica seeds
Method for reducing acrylamide in foods, foods having reduced levels of acrylamide and article of co...
Method for the industrial production of ambient stable, packed pasta
Method of preparing egg nuggets
Egg nuggets
Biopolymer encapsulation and stabilization of lipid systems and methods for utilization thereof
Preparation of microbial oil
Phytase-treated acid stable soy protein products
Water beverage containing fibres
Isomaltulose-containing instant beverage powder
Process for producing bread with extended shelf life, bread dough and bread improver composition for...
Dry mix compositions and method for making and utilizing the same having an enhanced anti-microbial ...
Crispy snack food product in cluster-shape and process for preparing the same
Selective removal of oligosaccharides from aqueous mixtures using zeolites
Recovery of isoflavones and removal of oligosaccharides from aqueous mixtures using zeolites
Recovery of isoflavones from aqueous mixtures using zeolites or molecular sieves
Zoom lens system and focus adjustment method thereof
Method and system for shipping of photofinishing orders
Image sensing apparatus executing exposure control using object luminance information
Distance measuring device
Lens barrel and image taking apparatus
Image sensing apparatus
Systems and methods to reversibly convert a film-based camera into a digital camera
Photographic processing system having a vertical stacker arrangement
Collapsible lens barrel
Image pickup apparatus with mechanism for stably holding image pickup apparatus
Method and circuit for monitoring an oscillator in a medical implant
Method and apparatus for discriminating multipath and pulse noise distortions in radio receivers
Multi-pass interference reduction in a GSM communication system
Mechanism for OFDM equalizer tap initialization using an adaptive algorithm
Circuit configuration for the offset compensation of a signal
Low-power programmable digital filter
Interleaved finite impulse response filter
Apparatus and method for identifying sleep disordered breathing
Method for monitoring autonomic tone
Resonator, filter, duplexer, and communication apparatus
Method for manufacturing dielectric laminated device
Control of memory arrays utilizing zener diode-like devices
Substrate for integrating and forming a thin film semiconductor device thereon
Attachment of organic molecules to group III, IV or V substrates
Semiconductor device including bipolar transistor and buried conductive region
Wavelength extension for backthinned silicon image arrays
Electronic package having a patterned layer on backside of its substrate, and the fabrication thereo...
Electronic package of photo-image sensors in cellular phone camera modules, and the fabrication and ...
Semiconductor photodetecting device and method for fabricating the same
Optical element mounted body and optical semiconductor module using the same
Architecture for mask programmable devices
Method for fabricating a metal resistor in an IC chip and related structure
High power vertical semiconductor device
Semiconductor bidirectional switching device
Low leakage heterojunction vertical transistors and high performance devices thereof
Semiconductor device
Electro-static discharge protection circuit and method for making the same
Capacitors having a capacitor dielectric layer comprising a metal oxide having multiple different me...
Sheet-type β-FeSi2 element, and method and device for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device, manufacturing thereof and power amplifier module
Pseudomorphic high electron mobility field effect transistor with high device linearity
Semiconductor apparatus with monocrystal insulating film
Semiconductor optoelectronic device with electrically adjustable transfer function
Diode and producing method thereof
III-nitride light-emitting devices with improved high-current efficiency
Immuno-stimulating polysaccharide substance from Phellinus spp. strain and use thereof
Enhancing commercial poultry operations with litter having citrus byproduct
Hepatic disorder suppressant
Purification process for improving total yield of curcuminoid coloring agent
Autologous platelet gel having beneficial geometric shapes and methods of making the same
Expression of Cry3B insecticidal protein in plants
Contrast media for angiography
Transmembrane protein expressed in prostate cancer
Use of recombinant gene delivery vectors for treating or preventing diseases of the eye
DNA vaccine-PCV
Methods for delivering therapeutics across blood-barrier and for altering receptor binding affinity
Method for promoting neovascularization
Antitumour vector constructs and methods
Epidermal melanocyte culture formulations
Three dimensional vaginal tissue model containing immune cells
Large scale production of packaged alphavirus replicons
Helper dependent adenoviral vector system and methods for using the same
Method and apparatus for representing and encapsulating active computing environments
Method, system, program, and data structures for applying a patch to a computer system
Method and system for executing a computer program
Technique using persistent foci for finite state machine based software test generation
Algorithm for localization of a JAVA application using reflection API and a custom class loader
Implementation for an object oriented run-time extensible item
System and method for browsing hierarchically based node-link structures based on an estimated degre...
Configurable user-interface component management system
System and method of data transmission for computer networks utilizing HTTP
Method and apparatus for the viewing and exploration of the content of hierarchical information
Technique for content off-loading in a document processing system using stub documents
Dynamic display of personal computer support information
System and method for enabling failover for an application server cluster
Methods and systems for generating and validating value-bearing documents
Log-on service providing credential level change without loss of session continuity
Process of transferring transferable protection overcoat to a dye-donor element
Protective overcoat and process for thermal dye sublimation prints
Transfer label
Thermal dye-transfer receiver element comprising a silicone release agent in the dye-image receiving...
Image-bearing composite element and method of making same
Tunnel magnetoresistive effective element, and a thin film magnetic head, a magnetic head device and...
Sensor with improved stabilization and track definition
Magnetic biasing layer for GMR sensor of a magnetic head for a hard disk drive
Continuous free layer spin valve sensor with patterned exchange underlayer stabilization
Design of canted synthetic pattern exchange spin valve head for improving stability and bias
Magnetic recording head with a side shield structure for controlling side reading of thin film read ...
Inverted write head for vertical recording
Suspension design for the co-located PZT micro-actuator
Head support mechanism, information recording/reproducing apparatus, and method of manufacturing hea...
Subambient pressure slider with partitioned subambient area
Magnetic head having a magnetic recording element including a pair of connected yoke films and magne...
Servo write head
Clamp retention apparatus for rotational disk drive components
Spindle motor and hard disk drive
Magnetic disc apparatus having stator structure with reduced distortion
Flexible disk drive including sub circuit board with a hall element mounted thereon
Lockout mechanism for I/O station of automated library
Methods for improving servo-demodulation robustness
Electrostatic track following using patterned media
Method and apparatus for written-in tracking error composition for linear tape drives
Servo writing a disk drive by synchronizing a servo write clock to a high frequency signal in a spir...
Method and system for tracing
Display device for portable notebook computer
Charging voltage measuring device for substrate and ion beam irradiating device
Toner supply container and image forming apparatus
Method and system for identifying medical facilities along a travel route
Closed loop addressable advertising system and method of operation
Device and method for the production of three-dimensional objects
Toughened polyoxymethylene-poly(lactic acid) compositions
Incorporation of exogenous lactic bacteria into the oral microflora
Cementitious material reinforced with chemically treated cellulose fiber
Thiophosphonate inhibitors of phosphatase enzymes and metallophosphatases
Water insoluble derivatives of polyanionic polysaccharides
Predicated execution of instructions in processors
System for dynamic time division multiple access to allow its proper functioning in a radio frequenc...
X-ray imaging apparatus
Baler gate linkage and latch structure
Method and apparatus for selecting a satellite signal
Method and apparatus for determining analyte concentration using phase and magnitude detection of a ...
Virtualization of input/output devices in a logically partitioned data processing system
Apparatus for inspecting a surface
Chill tube for the continuous casting of metals
Selectively converted inter-layer dielectric
Instrument having a multi-mode optical element and method
MEMS based over-the-air optical data transmission system
Cosmetic composition
Mini Impatiens plant named 'Fify Litesal'
Method and apparatus for providing entertainment content on a gaming machine
Unit dose dry powder inhaler
Fireman's crematory urn
Air distribution method and controller for a fuel cell system
Insect resistant plants
Disc management system
Writing instrument with display module
Magnetic storage apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
NRAM bit selectable two-device nanotube array
Reading circuit and semiconductor memory device including the same
Portable radio terminal with infrared communication function and communication method for portable r...
Wall structure
Method and system for creating and implementing personalized training programs and providing trainin...
Copy/paste mechanism and paste buffer that includes source information for copied data
Blockage aware zero skew clock routing method
System and method for coordinating operator efforts using action diaries
Method and system for scheduling execution of activities
Method and apparatus for stabilizing GUI testing
Method, system, computer program product, and article of manufacture for updating a computer program...
Method and apparatus for updating new versions of firmware in the background
Web-based mobile information access terminal
Method for file deletion and recovery against system failures in database management system
Foodware with a tarnish-resistant ceramic coating and method of making
Locally stored content previews: representative of programming content in an electronic programming ...
Method and apparatus for suppressing co-channel interference in a receiver
Crystal-less oscillator transceiver
Image information input/output device and control system for the same using mobile device
Reduced crossmodulation operation of a multimode communication device
Transceiver-processor building block for electronic radio systems
Method for radio access bearer reconfiguration in a communications system
Transmit power control method and transmit power control system suitable to mobile communications
Control node handover in radio access network
Method and arrangement for transferring information in a packet radio service
Method for controlling an intersystem link transfer
Apparatus and method for hard handoff of data packet transmissions
Communications system
Method for the automated analysis of a mobile radio telephone system
Data processing device for switching between terminal mode and RF mode with a digital circuit
Hydroxyalkyl compounds
N-cycloalkylglycines as HIV protease inhibitors
Survivin, a protein that inhibits cellular apoptosis and its modulation
Death domain containing receptor-4 antibodies
Molecules of the card-related protein family and uses thereof
Method of determining interactions with PDZ-domain polypeptides
Efficient synthesis of protein-oligonucleotide conjugates
Apparatus for analysis of a nucleic acid amplification reaction
Compositions and methods for determining anti-viral drug susceptibility and resistance and anti-vira...
Human g-type lysozyme, the encoding sequence, preparing method and the uses thereof
Malaria immunogen and vaccine
Nucleic acids for high throughput screening of CpG-based immuno-agonist/antagonist
Leporipox-based vector vaccines
Cyclic peptides and aids vaccines
Histidine-tagged intimin and methods of using intimin to stimulate an immune response and as an anti...
Security system for video game system with hard disk drive and internet access capability
Gaming device with directional and speed control of mechanical reels using touch screen
Off-line remote system for lotteries and games of skill
Gaming device having an offer and acceptance game with a player selection feature
Gaming device having an improved offer/acceptance bonus scheme
Electronic card game and method
Collapsible, portable utility cart
Domino and dice game
Game and method of playing
Method of using pyruvate and/or its derivatives for the treatment of cytokine-mediated inflammatory ...
Method of inhibiting bone resorption and/or promoting bone formation using GLP-2 and related compoun...
Nanoparticle barrier-coated substrate and method for making the same
Coating and coating composition
Hosta plant named 'Grand marquee'
Shrub rose plant named 'Meiglise'
Heuchera plant named 'Gypsy Dancer'
Nephrolepis plant named 'Nr. 20'
Prunus plant named 'VSV-1'
Climbing rose plant named 'POULyc005'
Hybrid tea rose plant named 'Zaryellow'
Variety of Sanvitalia plant named 'Sumsan 01'
Clematis plant named 'Vanso'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Nirvana Improved'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Fall'
European plum named '92-95-99'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Kiko'
Antifog/barrier laminate for use in meat packaging
Fortification of food products with olive fruit ingredients
Balsamic sauce for alimentary use, with a basis of balsamic vinegar of Modena
Coffee roaster and method
Soft candies for ice cream and method of making
Scored savory dough with toppings or fillings
Enzyme-containing beverage obtained from natural food and method for producing the enzyme-containing...
Cooking pan
Disposable bakeware with improved drip resistance at elevated temperatures
Cover for a cooking container and method of using
Protective food storage container
Food holder
Machine for heating catered food items utilizing a butane gas heat source with burner control mechan...
Efficient manufacture and distribution of chilled solid food products
Cooking apparatus
Color image compression via spectral decorrelation and elimination of spatial redundancy
Automated biological reaction apparatus
Method for treating soybean refinery wastewater
Liquid natural gas processing
Information display system for use with a navigation system
Estimating the location of a mobile unit based on the elimination of improbable locations
Vehicular safety system and method
Single click synchronization of data from a public information store to a private information store
Communications architecture for intelligent electronic devices
Selective networking method for mobile ad hoc networks
Method and system for controlling access of a subscriber station to a wireless system
Wireless phone forwarding based on phone location
Method and apparatus for providing wireless diagnostics, authentication, and redundancy of wired cir...
Method and device for detecting an interference condition
Method and apparatus for protecting identities of mobile devices on a wireless network
Reducing power consumption of an electronic system having a communication device
Wireless communication system for vehicle
Visualization supplemented wireless mobile telephony
Wireless display system, method and computer program media therefor
Wireless telephonic communication system and method
Mobile location estimation in a wireless communication system
Text-to-speech and MIDI ringing tone for communications devices
Method and system for administering multiple messages over a public switched telephone network
Method and system for transmitting isochronous voice in a wireless network
Method of multiple-antenna wireless communication using space-time codes
Process for transmitting status messages to terminals of a satellite data transmission system, in pa...
GPS microstrip antenna
Combined radar and laser detector having GPS receiver and using wireless communication
All wheel drive/four wheel drive transfer case with different front and rear axle ratios
Optical fiber thermal compensation device
Remote temperature/strain fiber optic sensing system with embedded sensor
Nuclear reactor
Recording pole for delivering coincident heat and magnetic field
Magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM) cell having a diode with asymmetrical characteristics