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Fluid controlled pumping system and method
Free piston engine and power generation system therewith
Heat pump water heating system including a compressor having a variable clearance volume
Portable hydraulic pump unit
Turbine casing for an exhaust turbocharger made by casting
UHV compatible lead through, device and procedure for highly effective production of nuclear spin po...
Queue bank repository and method for sharing limited queue banks in memory
Functional random instruction testing (FRIT) method for complex devices such as microprocessors
Computer system
Fixed point unit pipeline allowing partial instruction execution during the instruction dispatch cyc...
High-performance, superscalar-based computer system with out-of-order instruction execution
RISC processor supporting one or more uninterruptible co-processors
Single integrated circuit embodying a dual heterogenous processors with separate instruction handlin...
Job information display apparatus, job execution apparatus, job instruction apparatus and job proces...
System and method for synchronizing a plurality of processors in a processor array
System and method for calibrating power level during initial ranging of a network client device
Appending signature to size limited message
Nonlinear editing system and method of constructing an edit therein
Interface for compressed video data analysis
Self-throttling error-correction buffer and method for a disc drive
Methods and apparatus for efficient transaction processing on redundant systems
Computer controlling method, information apparatus, computer, and storage medium
Information processing device and record medium
Apparatus and method for configuring data cells
Personal rescue system
Driver fatigue detector with automatic deactivation
Apparatus and method for enhanced data communications and control between a vehicle and a remote dat...
Systems and methods for fault detection and exclusion in navigational systems
Navigation system, route searching method, and map information guide method
Model vehicle control input selection
Method and apparatus for automotive radio time shifting personalized to multiple drivers
Enhanced rapid real time kinematics determination method and apparatus
Power, ground, and routing scheme for a microprocessor power regulator
Low-power high-performance integrated circuit and related methods
Conical hybrid FDB motor
N-terminal modifications of RANTES and methods of use
Fishing fly storage box with sliding cover
Process for enrobing a core
Pharmaceutical composition
Process for the modification of elastomers with surface interpenetrating polymer networks and elasto...
Generation of therapeutic microfoam
Apparatus for combined nuclear imaging and magnetic resonance imaging, and method thereof
Human antibodies against eotaxin
Films comprising isotactic propylene copolymers
Motilide compounds
Method for microfabricating structures using silicon-on-insulator material
Latent fusion protein
Methods for sterilizing biological materials
Method and system for regenerating of plating baths
Oxidative evaporation process and apparatus
Iron powder and sand filtration process for treatment of water contaminated with heavy metals and or...
Modular filter system and method of repairing and/or replacing components thereof
Apparatus and method for recycling of dross in a soldering apparatus
Switchable cyclone for separating particles or droplets from a fluid stream
Microorganism-resistant humidifier
Apparatus and method for treating a fluid
Host system that provides device driver for connected external peripheral if device driver type is a...
Negotiating an exchange of image processing functionality
Apparatus and method for managing application in incorporated equipment
Data processing method and apparatus and storage medium
Entropy coding
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image heating apparatus with projection extending in longitudinal direction of supporting member
Image forming apparatus including two image forming members and featuring a dot-shaped image
Belt whose εbreak/εmax ratio is within a predetermined range and image forming apparatus...
Developer supply container
Image forming apparatus
Image-forming apparatus including first and second charging members with a target potential charging...
Cartridge having locking portion for locking cartridge with an image forming apparatus and releasing...
Process cartridge and spacer for same
Image forming apparatus, sheet processing apparatus, and image forming system
Image forming apparatus with two-speed developing operation and toner control feature
Image forming apparatus
Inhibition of histone deacetylase as a treatment for cardiac hypertrophy
Lace-like structure of a hive-shaped venetian blind
Quaternary ammonium compounds
Neurocognitive function EEG measurement method and system
Vertical-type backlight unit having removable lamp module cartridges
Ambulation control apparatus and ambulation control method of robot
Method and apparatus for aligning a cassette
Robotically guided catheter
Remote robot control method using three-dimensional pointing procedure and robot control system usin...
Dielectric polymer actuator and inchworm robot using same
Umbilical-member managing system for industrial robot
Transport of bulk material items
System, method and record medium for mobile radio communication employing location-limited mobile st...
Method for synchronizing frame by using pilot pattern in compressed mode
Method for reducing analog facsimile call duration over CDMA
Knife blade
Foamable composition using recycled or offgrade polypropylene
Oligonucleotides and methods for detecting hepatitis C viral nucleic acids
Rapid, immunochemical process for measuring thiopurine methyltransferase
Tamper evident syringe barrel
Synthesis of macrocyclic polymers by ring insertion polymerization of cyclic olefin monomers
Low molecular weight ethylene interpolymers and polymerization process
Heterobifunctional monomers and uses therefor
Process for making air gap containing semiconducting devices and resulting semiconducting device
Polymer, resist material and patterning method
Process for preparing tetra-amide compounds
Organic electroluminescent device, polarizing surface light source, and liquid-crystal display
Methods and apparatus for characterizing board test coverage
Focussing and focal length adjusting device for a video camera
Data processing apparatus with replacement keyboard
Ramp arrangement and method for measuring the position of an actuator in a rotating media data stora...
Method and apparatus for measuring concentration of a chemical component in a gas mixture
Apparatus and methods for cleaning and/or processing delicate parts
Viewer with code sensor and printer
System for detecting air
Combined analog and digital derailleur position processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for manufacturing metallic parts by die casting
Throttle device for internal-combustion engine
Intake air amount control apparatus for vehicle engine and method thereof
Variable fuel and fluid delivery system
Method for detecting, sizing and locating old myocardial infarct
Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Vehicle collision damage display technique
Method and system for bandwidth allocation tracking in a packet data network
Controlling use of a network resource
Method for generating unique object indentifiers in a data abstraction layer disposed between first ...
Techniques for managing multiple hierarchies of data from a single interface
Real time analysis of periodic structures on semiconductors
Optical add/drop arrangement for ring networks employing wavelength division multiplexing
Ruggedized optical fiber rearrangement device
Long wavelength, pure silica core single mode fiber and method of forming the same
Apparatus and method for inspecting electrical continuity of circuit board, jig for use therein, and...
Induction heating type fixing device for an image forming apparatus and induction heating coil there...
Method for producing an aqueous polymer dispersion by radical aqueous emulsion polymerization with a...
Imidazolophthalazine derivatives as ligands for GABAA receptors
Small grain size, conformal aluminum interconnects and method for their formation
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device and a fabrication apparatus for a semiconductor devic...
Manufacturing method of fuel cell electrode and fuel cell using thereof
System and method for providing multi-initiator capability to an ATA drive
Internet-linked system for directory protocol based data storage, retrieval and analysis
Method to design therapeutically important compounds
Image forming apparatus and fixing temperature control method
Method for detecting a resistive path or a predetermined potential in non-volatile memory electronic...
Deterioration resistant chambers for inductively coupled plasma production
Composition in particular cosmetic or dermatological composition, containing oligosaccharides and pr...
Anticancer calcium channel blockers
Method of hastening cervical ripening
Reverse-turn mimetics and composition and methods relating thereto
Methods for identifying treatments for neurotoxicity in Alzheimer's disease caused by β-amyloi...
Molton hydride fuel cell
Process for the production of aminodiphenylamines
Knocking processing method in flat-type display device, and knocking processing method in flat-panel...
Controlled ocular lens regeneration
Biomedical devices with polyimide coating
Thin nanometer-controlled polymer film gradient
Polymer and epoxy resin compositions
Manual-operation sound and light emitting device used in vehicle
Tubular electro-luminescent light incorporated with device(s)
Securing device for receiver hitch assemblies
Adjustable disk brake assembly for a bicycle
Mechanical brakes with pads for bicycles
Aerodynamic bicycle handlebars
Communication navigation system and method, program storage device and computer data signal embodied...
Bicycle stem for enlarged handlebar portions and associated methods
Method for inputting a destination into a navigation device
Retractable security cable device
Filtering of electronic information to be transferred to a terminal
Stranded mattress spring
Contact type pulse measurement device
Resistance exercise apparatus and trainer
Exercise resistance device with magnets
Continuously variable transmission
Disk cartridge which accommodates an information-recording disk
Silicon-containing copolymer and process for producing the same
Optical device, method for producing the same and recording and/or reproducing apparatus employing t...
Modified copolyesters and improved multilayer reflective films
Power transmission belt and method
Integrated capacitive microfluidic sensors method and apparatus
Process for producing fluorine-containing, polymerizable styrene monomer and intermediates used in s...
Polymer compounds containing oxetane and cinnamyl functionality
Combination therapy employing ileal bile acid transport inhibiting benzothiepines and HMG CO-A reduc...
Atomic layer deposition of metallic contacts, gates and diffusion barriers
Polyparaxylylene film, production method therefor and semiconductor device
Method for electroplating a strip of foam
Valorization of by-products in the ecological coal transformation
Process and gas generator for generating fuel gas
Sliding pairing for machine parts that are subjected to the action of highly pressurized and high-te...
Nonaqueous electrolyte solution and secondary battery employing the same
Metalloproteinase inhibitor
Antibodies to cyclin E2 protein
Apparatus for producing printing plates
Mechanism for positioning a cylinder dressing
Method and device for synchronizing processes which are performed on a plurality of units
Electrostatic image developing processes and compositions
Method of minimizing trapping, I.E., choking or spreading, in a printing-original production process
Printing press having a roller magazine
Hardware configuration and interfacing in a component-based environment for a medical scanner
Permanent magnet assembly
Packaging plate for magnetic circuit, method for packaging magnetic circuit using the same, and magn...
Method and apparatus for coil-less magnetoelectric magnetic flux switching for permanent magnets
Analytical instrument and processes
Integrated and independently controlled transmit only and receive only coil arrays for magnetic reso...
Pyrochlore iridates having metallic conductivity and their production method
Method of reducing ESD damage in thin film read heads which enables measurement of gap resistance
Direct current contactor assembly
Magnetic resonance system with a transport element, an examination tunnel and an outer antenna arran...
Magnetic resonance antenna
High temperature superconductor tape RF coil for magnetic resonance imaging
Method for processing magnetic resonance imaging image information and magnetic resonance imaging sy...
Adaptive dynamic range receiver for MRI
Deflection yoke with improved deflection sensitivity
Antimicrobial treatment for herpes simplex virus and other infectious diseases
Cyanamide, alkoxyamino, and urea derivatives of 4,4-disubstituted-3,4-dihydro-2(1H)-quinazolinones a...
Immunosuppressive effects of pteridine derivatives
Azole or triazole derivatives, method for preparing same and use thereof as fungicides
Transition state analogs
Gene transfer in chicken bursal stem cells
Patched genes and uses related thereto
Monoclonal antibody reacting specifically reacting with Fas ligand and production process thereof
Amplification of HIV-1 gag sequences for detection of sequences associated with drug-resistance muta...
Herpes zinc finger motifs
Prostate specific antigen oligo-epitope peptide
Heparanase activity neutralizing anti-heparanase monoclonal antibody
Recombinant anti-CD40 antibody and uses thereof
XAF genes and polypeptides: methods and reagents for modulating apoptosis
Replicating adenovirus vectors
Method for preparing carboxylic acids by palladium carbonylation
Bent axis hydrostatic module with multiple yokes
Drive control system for a fiber-based plasma display
Hydraulic chain tensioner
Spool valve controlled VCT locking pin release mechanism
Real-time control system and method of using same
System of laser positioning of an aperture processing machine
Structurally enhanced cracking catalysts
Structurally enhanced cracking catalysts
Enhanced FCC catalysts for gas oil and resid applications
Bar code scanner handle
Computer system and method of handling trouble of computer system
File system creator
Magnetoresistive sensor including magnetic domain control layers having high electric resistivity, m...
Moisture curable balloon materials
Catheter balloon formed of ePTFE and a diene polymer
Rubbery products that shrink due to the application of energy and hypo-allergic rubbery products
Interface system for endocardial mapping catheter
Navigable catheter
Device and method for transmitting light over an optical fiber
Active tamper detection system for electronic modules
Treatment of post-angioplasty restenosis and atherosclerosis with Ras antagonists
Aminoalkenylbenzoyl-benzofuran or benzothiophene, method for preparing same and compositions contain...
Decorated red blood cells
Blood test container
Methods of using condensed perfusion circuit for cardiopulmonary bypass and cardioplegia
Medical balloon
Charging cradle
Heated tray for razor
Negative electrode for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery
Chemical compositions comprising crystalline colloidal arrays
Process for electroplating metal into microscopic recessed features
Black dye mixtures of fiber-reactive AZO dyes and use thereof for dyeing material containing hydroxy...
Method for thickening aqueous systems using hydrophilic polyurethanes
Defect-free thin and planar film processing
Catalyst and/or electrolyte loaded plate and method of making same
System for generating electricity
Coating for inhibiting oxidation of a substrate
Method and apparatus for measuring deposit forming capacity of fluids using an electrochemically con...
Polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Desulfurization for fuel cell systems using sulfur separating membranes
Resistive down hole heating tool
Rechargeable lithium electrochemical cell
Cell phones with optical capabilities, and related applications
Secure optical information disc
Transponder, including transponder system
System and method for interrogating electronic labels
High capacity media apparatus and method
Card singularization gate
Communication system, a communication device and a method for performing communication
RFID tag having combined battery and passive power source
Access control system with limited evaluation of code and distance information
Antenna arrangement for RFID smart tags
Location device
Identification system interrogator
Thermoformed apparatus having a communications device
Method and apparatus for associating on demand certain selected media and value-adding elements
Memory tag and a reader
vivo monitoring method of transgenic plants and system using the same
Bisphenol compound composition having excellent thermal stability
Process for producing phenoxyphosphazene compound, flame-retardant resin composition, and flame-reta...
Production method of an intermediate for citalopram
Process for producing optically active ethyl (3R, 5S, 6E)-7-[2-cycloproply-4-(4-fluorophenyl)quinoli...
Process for producing ε-caprolactam and catalyst for the production
Method of measuring extent of curing of compacted poly(arylene sulfide)
Catalysts containing per-ortho aryl substituted aryl or heteroaryl substituted nitrogen donors
Hot melt adhesives
Maleic acid and ethylene urea containing formulation for removing residue from semiconductor substra...
Method of manufacturing III-V group compound semiconductor
Polymers, resist compositions and patterning process
Paper/film composite structure and making method
Oxygen scavenging polymers as active barrier tie layers in multilayered structures
Surface-treated pigments
Anti-glare film, and optical member and liquid crystal display apparatus using the same
Gas generator for air bag and air bag device
Intelligent engine for protection against injected crosstalk delay
Signals and methods for increasing reliability in optical network equipment
Optical lens apparatus and associated method
Wide band electro-optical modulators
Wavelength selective switch and equalizer
Disposable pet waste receptacle
Fishing reel
Receptacle assembly for receiving canine fecal matter
Animal feces collection device
Box stall for farm animals
Cat litter holding assembly
Bird feeder having lower movable shroud
Fishing device suitable for cooperating with a fishing rod
Bait clipper
Fish protecting covers for fish weighing device jaws
Transgenic mice containing stefin homolog protease inhibitor gene disruptions
Litter box made of several perforated pans for cats or other domestic animals
Fluid delivery system
System for the navigation-assisted positioning of elements
On-line correction of patient motion in three-dimensional positron emission tomography
Volume imaging system
Intervertebral implant with deformable wedge
Complexed compounds and use thereof for the polymerization of olefins
Composite building material
Methods for optimizing magnetic resonance imaging systems
Method and apparatus for perspective inversion
Miniature implantable connectors
Physiological condition monitors utilizing very low frequency acoustic signals
Safety device
Corporal implantation device for assisting blood and heart ventricular circulation
Methods and apparatus for image capture and decoding in a centralized processing unit
System, method and program for perspective projection image creation, and recording medium storing t...
Method of correcting an image with perspective distortion and producing an artificial image with per...
System with motion triggered processing
Equalizing circuit and method, and image processing circuit and method
Image processing method, apparatus, and storage medium
Skim encoding method for compression of a two dimensional array of data
Dynamic chain-based thresholding using local characteristics
Method and hardware to implement two-dimensional compression
Information processing method, apparatus and storage medium for receiving and decoding a code sequen...
Apparatus and method for image compression using a specified restart interval
Methods and apparatus for generating, including and using information relating to archived audio/vid...
Soft picture/graphics classification system and method
Character recognition method, program and recording medium
Optical package substrate and optical device
Optical fiber holding structure
Optical control unit and forming method therefor
Optical resonator waveguide device and method of fabricating the same
Variable optical attenuator with tunable wavelength selectivity
Cable clip with movable gate
Methods for installing fiber optic cable in a building having a gas riser
Integrated polarization coupler
Optical multiplexer/demultiplexer and manufacturing method thereof and optical multiplexing/demultip...
Uniformly lighted airfield guidance sign
LED warning signal and light supports
Folding lamp rod and junction box structure
Single socket containing two lamps toward opposite directions
Multi-functioned image projecting pen
Light chamber for door for gaming machine
Thin backlight module
Thin lamp assembly method
Headlight for motor vehicles
Headlamp assemblies and optical bodies for use therewith
Light assembly
Vehicle tire illuminating apparatus
Illumination device
Support structure for electric lighting fixtures
Fascia wash luminaire
Light irradiating unit
Dynamic web storefront technology
Stent overlap point markers
Expandable cable anchor
Compositions for enhanced thermal bonding
Fringed surface structures obtainable in a compression molding process
Film encapsulated strand of lights
Wrap around lenticular lenses and fabrication method for clear walled containers
Process for triggering, storing, and distributing an oxygen scavenger, and a stored oxygen scavenger
Espresso maker
Method and device for protecting micro electromechanical systems structures during dicing of a wafer
Method and device for protecting micro electromechanical systems structures during dicing of a wafer
Methods for dynamically controlling a semiconductor dicing saw
Composition based on renewable raw materials
Chemical hydride hydrogen generation system and an energy system incorporating the same
Solid-oxide fuel cell assembly having a thermal enclosure within a structural enclosure
Medical materials and porous scaffolds for tissue engineering made from the biodegradable glycolide/...
Polymer compounds
Bioreactor for cell culture
System and method for providing web-based remote security application client administration in a dis...
Method and apparatus for updating and synchronizing information between a client and a server
Dynamic security for digital television receivers
Method for use of stack
As-needed administration of tricyclic and other non-SRI antidepressant drugs to treat premature ejac...
Solid solution perforator for drug delivery and other applications
Storage device for face protection gear
Eyeglass retainer with dual use connectors
Aerodynamically light particles for pulmonary drug delivery
Production of functional proteins: balance of shear stress and gravity
Protease conjugates having sterically protected epitope regions
Fibers comprising starch and biodegradable polymers
Rapidly dissolvable polymer films and articles made therefrom
Hair care composition containing a polyalkylene (n) alkylamine which provide hair volume reduction
Gas-venting container
Method of dispensing volatile and soluble substances and a device for use therein
Bottle for cosmetics
Inverted bottle
Water unstable foam compositions
Concentrated stable, translucent or clear fabric softening compositions including chelants
Detergent composition
Transfer apparatus for transferring a workpiece from a moving anvil to a moving carrier
Cosmetic container with cap
CMP formulations
Production of 5-methyl-dihydro-furan-2-one from levulinic acid in supercritical media
Method for increasing the diameter of an ink jet ink dot
Rubber-modified styrene resin composition
Hair roller with a ceramic coating
Paint compositions
Reflection sheet and backlight unit using the same
Preparation of mixed metal oxide catalysts for catalytic oxidation of olefins to unsaturated aldehyd...
Process for the separation of double-stranded/single-stranded nucleic acid structures
Fabrication of particulate tapes by electrophoretic deposition
Composition for the treatment of human hair
Ceramic body based on aluminum titanate
Polyurethane and polyurethane-urea comprised of poly(trimethylene-ethylene ether) glycol soft segmen...
Regeneration of a working solution in a hydrogen peroxide production process
Method and apparatus for heating nonwoven webs
Halogenated optical polymer composition
Multi-layer coating
Volatile copper(II) complexes for deposition of copper films by atomic layer deposition
Thick film conductor compositions for use in membrane switch applications
Method and apparatus for allocating network resources and changing the allocation based on dynamic w...
Method and apparatus for multilevel translation and protection table
Method and device for performing secure transactions
Hierarchical storage apparatus and control apparatus thereof
Host-fabric adapter having work queue entry (WQE) ring hardware assist (HWA) mechanism
System and method for mapping end user identifiers to access device identifiers
Planetary gear stage
Axial angle disk
Bearing having anodic nanoparticle lubricant
Shaft speed monitor
Dynamic gas bearing of a motor spindle comprising aeration
Hydrodynamic thrust bearing
Guide rails for pull-out drawer/equipment
Sealed wheel speed detector with rotating magnetic ring and stationary magnetic sensor
Toroidal-type continuously variable transmission
Polishing jig for bearing for use in back-up roll of rolling mill
Damping system for an expendable gas turbine engine
Bearing race support without distortion
Wheel bearing device
Rolling bearing of a small motor for an information-processing device
Crankshaft supporter
Bearing device for the rotor of a rotating machine
Engine bearing
Bearing structure
Pivot bearing insert and bearing constructed with the same
Roller bearing for linear movements
Spiral rolled laminated bushing
Audio signal processing device, interface circuit device for angular velocity sensor and signal proc...
Bit plane coding apparatus
Data transmission device and data transmission method
Transmission method, transmission device, and transmission system
Digital image transfer controller
Bandwidth management of virtual networks on a shared network
System and method for documenting composite data products
Disk device having real-time and reliability recording modes with buffer memory divided into predete...
Bias circuit for magneto-resistive head
Print output control apparatus, print output control method, and computer-readable recording medium ...
Solid state image device and defective pixel recording method thereof
Electronic firearm and process for controlling an electronic firearm
Dynamic wavelength-selective optical add-drop switches
Double substrate reflective spatial light modulator with self-limiting micro-mechanical elements
Loosely-packed two-dimensional modulator arrangement
Process for preparation of optically active halogeno hydroxypropyl compound and glycidyl compound
Methods of treating and preventing a convulsive state
Method of using optically-activated particles in cosmetic preparations
Floss for light treatment of oral structures
Changing color object
Optical pump device with several output channels and use of same in an amplifier device
Off axis optical signal redirection architectures
Optical switch having a autorestoration feature for switching from a backup optical path to a primar...
Film forming apparatus and film forming method
Designing method and manufacturing method for semiconductor display device
Electrode for an electronic device
Semiconductor apparatus and fabrication method of the same
Method of evaluating whiteness, method of evaluating comparative whiteness, light source and luminai...
Phosphor and EL panel
White electroluminescent polymer and organic electroluminescent device using the same
Inkjet printable electroluminescent media
Bone fixation assembly and method of securement
Automated semiconductor processing system
Proactive clustered database management
Method and apparatus for selective caching of transactions in a computer system
Run-time augmentation of object code to facilitate object data caching in an application server
Image server store system and method using combined image views
System for electronic barter, trading and redeeming points accumulated in frequent use reward progra...
Automated transaction machine
Dutch oven stand
Dispersion compensation
Optical deflector and optical switch
Devices for information processing in optical communications
System and methods for hermetic sealing of post media-filled MEMS package
Magnesium -boride superconducting wires fabricated using thin high temperature fibers
Forming nanoscale patterned thin film metal layers
Process for fabrication of optical waveguides
Electrochemical cell having a multiplate electrode assembly housed in an irregularly shaped casing
Solvent-free thermosetting resin composition, process for producing the same, and product therefrom
Method for forming porous silica film
Filter and forming system
Capacitor structure
Navigation apparatus, facility information searching method, program thereof, and a recording medium...
System for controlling exterior vehicle lights
Image pickup apparatus
Image forming apparatus, electron beam apparatus, modulation circuit, and image-forming apparatus dr...
Method for measuring product parameters of components formed on a wafer and device for performing th...
Electronic module, methods of manufacturing and driving the same, and electronic instrument
Organic electroluminescence device
Control TFT for OLED display
Display device
Web server and facsimile machine having web server function
Display control method, display controller, display unit and electronic device
Communication terminal device
Conformable layered antenna array
System and method of pilot tone reuse in a feedforward amplifier
Intercommunicating passageways in double-decker railway coaches
Packaging system with improved flow of articles
Anchoring bracket
Inline indicator holder
Semiconductor memory device and storage method thereof
Data holding apparatus and data read out method
MEMS optical latching switch
Method for measuring the response of a voltage controlled oscillator
Photolithographically-patterned out-of-plane coil structures and method of making
Sacrificial circuit connector for connect/disconnect applications that exceed the rated cycle limits...
Method and system for adjusting color mixing due to substrate characteristics
Printer, printer system, printer control method, and program therefor
Simple mechanism for profile selection
Sheet feeding apparatus having an adaptive air fluffer
Imaging members
Photoconductive imaging members
Structured contextual clustering method and system in a federated search engine
Method and apparatus for factoring unambiguous finite state transducers
Integrated data acquisition system for product in transit
Image forming apparatus, a developer leakage preventing member for using the same and a method for s...
Apparatus and methods for automatically adjusting images on edge-disturbed output media
Artificial soil
Steam blower box
Mobile device peripheral interface system and method
Image prints having customized backprinting message
System and method for data transfer with respect to external applications
Bituminous substrate removal composition
Composite material with cloth-like feel
Process for decreasing the reducing sugars content of light steepwater
Imaging material with improved scratch resistance
Transdermal delivery system
Multi-layer patches for teeth whitening
Methods for producing foam from multiphase compositions
Information generation and retrieval method based on standardized format of sentence structure and s...
Method for meltblowing multi-component liquid filaments
Monitoring system for a remote telephone station
Ethernet cross point switch with reduced connections by using dual control to the cross points in th...
Radio telecommunications system with improved use of air interface
Method for communication traffic load balancing between cells of a communication system
Communication system and method for quality-based call admission control and scheduling
Method of selecting length of time of inactivity on a channel dedicated to a user terminal to be det...
Message access for radio telecommunications system
Gain equalization in DWDM networks
Digital transmitter system and method
Mobile telecommunications systems
Systems and method for phase multiplexing in assigning frequency channels for a wireless communicati...
Method and system for a computer system to support various communication devices
Sachet and absorbent item in a flexible-walled container
Organic thin-film switching memory device and memory device
Electrical device including dielectric layer formed by direct patterning process
Ligands for metals and improved metal-catalyzed processes based thereon
Filter for molten aluminum alloy or molten aluminum
Dispensing apparatus for delivering powdered product
Roller for a printer, fax machine or copier
Image forming apparatus and controlling method therefor determining state use of cartridge
Ventilation system for an enclosure in which people live and a method thereof
Internal to external self-bouyant straw system
Method and instrumentation for measuring fluorescence spectra of individual airborne particles sampl...
Solubilizing cross-linked polymers with photolyase
Newspaper recycling container
Apparatus and method for reproducing video signals
Human testis specific serine/threonine kinase 1 and 2
Nucleotide sequences which code for the menE gene
L-cysteine producing bacterium and method for producing L-cysteine
Method for detecting Staphylococcus aureus
DRAM device and refresh control method therefor
Memory device
Combinatorial strategies for polymer synthesis
Microstructure apparatus and method for separating differently charged molecules using an applied el...
Circuits and methods for debugging an embedded processor and systems using the same
System recovery from errors for processor and associated components
Method and apparatus for configuring a programmable logic device using a master JTAG port
Tool suite for the rapid development of advanced standard cell libraries employing the connection pr...
Constrained optimization with linear constraints to remove overlap among cells of an integrated circ...
Method for positioning I/O buffers and pads in an IC layout
Semiconductor integrated device
Multi-resolution Viterbi decoding technique
Apparatus and methods for determining critical area of semiconductor design data
Method and system for partial-scan testing of integrated circuits
Method of evaluating core based system-on-a-chip (SoC) and structure of SoC incorporating same
Method of erasing an EEPROM cell utilizing a frequency/time domain based erased signal
Tile for construction
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display devices having wide viewing angle and improved contrast ratio
Automatically generating embroidery designs from a scanned image
Acrylate-functional alkyd resins having improved dry time
Multicolor image forming material and method for forming multicolor image
Toner for forming color image, image forming apparatus, and toner container
Adhesive composition and adhered structure which thermally peeled with ease
Image forming method and apparatus
Ionic liquids as developability enhancing agents in multilayer imageable elements
Low-dimensional plasmon light emitting device
De novo or "universal" sequencing array
Method for cleaning hollow tubing and fibers
Characteristic strain and fracture resistance for scratch independently of indenter geometry
Cement dispersant, its production process, and cement composition using the cement dispersant
Adhesive with glycidyl (meth) acrylate
Film-forming cosmetic composition
Methods for isolating genes from microorganisms
Pharmaceutical composition for application to mucosa
Metal halide fill, and associated lamp
Light source device and liquid crystal display employing the same
Bulb of electrodeless lamp apparatus
Light source device and image reader
Connector system for a rod-shaped two-ended discharge lamp
Method and structure for a slug assisted longitudinal piezoelectrically actuated liquid metal optica...
Process for producing fluoroalkyl iodide
Method for producing bis(trifluoromethyl)imido salts
Method for a topic hierarchy classification system
Identifying similarities within large collections of unstructured data
Method of performing a search of a numerical document object model
Longest prefix match (LPM) algorithm implementation for a network processor
Systems and methods for interactive search query refinement
Method and apparatus for exploiting statistics on query expressions for optimization
Group based search engine generating search results ranking based on at least one nomination previou...
Computer and computer-readable storage medium for command interpretation
Compositions and methods for treating cells having double minute DNA
Resistance to acetohydroxycid synthase-inhibiting herbicides
Control of gene expression in eukaryotic cells
Down-regulation and silencing of allergen genes in transgenic peanut seeds
Glycoprotein matrix compositions and methods related thereto
System and method for efficient production of dynamic documents
Mobile and pervasive output server
Watermarking an information signal
Image transmission system, method of the same, and recording medium
Method and system for a highly efficient low bit rate video codec
Hand-drawing capture via interface surface having coded marks
Method and system for recovering and aligning synchronous data of multiple phase-misaligned groups o...
Method and apparatus for recording content containing watermark
Input tower for a community communication hub kiosk
Method and system for creating a database and searching the database for allowing multiple customize...
System and methods to manage wide storage area network
Systems, methods and computer program products to determine useful relationships and dimensions of a...
Method and apparatus for digital media management, retrieval, and collaboration
Direct injection variable valve timing engine control system and method
Speed control method
Lobe-less cam for use in a springless poppet valve system
Internal-combustion engine with hydraulic device for rotation angle adjustment of a camshaft relativ...
Device and method for the relative rotational adjustment of a camshaft and a drive wheel of an inter...
Adjustable valve control device for an internal combustion engine
Adjustable valve control system with twin cams and cam lift summation lever
System and method for actuating an engine valve
Internal combustion engine
Rotor blade
Rotating stream sprinkler with turbine speed governor
Landscape maintenance device and method of use thereof
Systems and methods for improving concept landscape visualizations as a data analysis tool
Variable angle powered work implement
Communication terminal device, holds melody sensing method, incoming melody playing and information ...
Resettable overcurrent protective power port with built-in trip adjustment
Vehicle compartment monitor
Method for displaying a perspective image and display device for at least one passenger of a motor v...
Precision parking device
Engine idle stop control system for vehicles
System and method for controlling an automatic transmission
Method and system for communicating with a vehicle in a mixed communication service environment
Picture mapping system
Shrub rose plant names 'Poulaksel'
Hybrid maize 38W21
Generation of plants with improved pathogen resistance
Novel vip3 toxins and methods of use
Nucleic acid molecules encoding cel I endonuclease and methods of use thereof
Soybean cultivar 0509214
GLYT1 transgenic mouse
Methods of preforming homologous recombination based modification of nucleic acids in recombination ...
Non-human animal model of oligodendrocyte developmental disorder
Pluripotent mammalian cells
Modulation of brain pathways and function
Toxoplasma gondii apical membrane antigen-1
Distribution method, distribution program and storage media storing distribution program for content...
Tray-carrying disk device
Disk device having impact absorbing structure for optical pickup unit
Modification of an image of a pattern during an imaging process
Method of manufacturing reliability checking and verification for lithography process using a calibr...
Information processing apparatus, information processing system, control method of information proce...
Adaptive image format translation in an ad-hoc network
Systems and devices for vision protection policy
Method and device for obtaining orthosis models
Implant scaffold combined with autologous or allogenic tissue
Porous biocompatible implant material and method for its fabrication
Surgically implantable prosthetic system
Tibial knee component with a mobile bearing
Artificial knee joint
Method for securing a glenoid component to a scapula
Expandable intervertebral implant
Spinal intervertebral implant adjustable in situ comprising hard pass point
Implant frames for use with settable materials and related methods of use
Vertebroplasty method
Artificial spinal joints and method of use
Spinal implants
Body lumen shaping device with cardiac leads
Local vascular delivery of Panzem in combination with rapamycin to prevent restenosis following vasc...
Data processing arrangement and method
Method for interfacing a synchronous memory to an asynchronous memory interface and logic of same
Access controller that efficiently accesses synchronous semiconductor memory device
Providing a register file memory with local addressing in a SIMD parallel processor
Management of a memory subsystem
Permanent memory block protection in a flash memory device
Control method of the cache hierarchy
Method and apparatus for reducing the effects of hot spots in cache memories
FIFO memory system and method
Destructive-read random access memory system buffered with destructive-read memory cache
Supervision of high value assets
Novel streptococcus thermophilus strains producing stable high-molecular-mass exopolysaccharides
Non-stick cook surface
Multilayer sheet of liner for packaging hot foods
Method of providing a package with a barrier and the package thus obtained
Method for the production of potato juice products by means of food technology
Refreshment capable of stimulating movement of digestive tract
Edible emulsion for hot food products
Process for producing conjugated fatty acid and food/drink obtained by the process
Method for producing a beverage syrup and a refreshing beverage prepared from said syrup
Mozzarella-type string cheese product
Beverage base
Process for the preparation of a high protein nutritious baked snack food
Method for drying neotame with co-agents
Extract of by-products of the treatment of nuts and pulses, method for the production thereof and us...
Grinding meat into low-oxygen atmosphere
Process and apparatus to inject fluids
Vendable sandwich and food products
Seasoning treatment system
Method of forming a modified atmospheric package
Method of and apparatus for making ethiopian bread
Slow cooker compositions and methods of making and using same
Frame length modulation and pulse position modulation for telemetry of analog and digital data
Image forming apparatus for reducing toner scatter
Process for producing laminated ceramic capacitor
System and method for managing consumer information
Transceiver circuit for an ultrasonic flowmeter
Method for identifying obstacles for a motor vehicle, using at least three distance sensors for iden...
Method and system for traffic control
Service control in a telecommunications network
Rotating notched transmission x-ray for multiple focal spots
Imaging method based on attenuation, refraction and ultra-small-angle-scattering of x-rays
Oversampled filter bank for subband processing
Method and apparatus for estimating the frequency and/or phase of a digital signal
Method for refining a DC-offset estimate and removing the DC-offset
Method for estimating and removing a time-varying DC-offset
Method of making a reflection type liquid crystal display device
High voltage semiconductor device
CMOS image sensor and method of fabrication
Surface mounting optoelectronic component and method for producing same
Resistance random access memory
Method for forming a memory integrated circuit with bitlines over gates and capacitors over bitlines
Field effect transistor
Radiation-emitting semiconductor chip with a radiation-emitting active layer
Method of fabricating semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Composition for a wiring, a wiring using the composition, manufacturing method thereof, a display us...
Solid-state imaging device and method of driving the same
Image pickup apparatus providing a bias between different pixel areas during signal accumulation
Wearable GPS device
Thermal transfer sheet
Heat transfer cover films
Self-pinned in-stack bias structure for magnetoresistive read heads
CPP mode magnetic sensing element including a multilayer free layer biased by an antiferromagnetic l...
Magnetic reading head
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
System and method of damping vibration on coil supports in high performance disk drives with rotary ...
Magnetic head, magnetic head device and magnetic recording/reproducing device
UV curable and electrically conductive adhesive for bonding magnetic disk drive components
Embedded wire planar write head system and method
Magnetic head having a notched pole piece structure and method of making the same
Interchangeable cartridge data storage system for devices performing diverse functions
Cover plate for optical disk drive
Method for balancing a rotating assembly using eccentric rings
Monitoring and correcting for non-translational motion in a resonance measurement apparatus
Wave stringer for controlling acoustic noise and shock vibration in a storage device
Method for selecting a storage medium
Disk drive having electrically parallel actuator coils for selectively boosting actuator torque
Disk storage apparatus
Method and apparatus for automatically determining an embedded runout correction threshold
Method and apparatus for writing with head having spaced read and write elements
Lighting apparatus and projection type display, and driving method therefore
Fixing apparatus of electrophotographic printer
Torque wrench with finite plurality of selectable torque values
Hydroformylation process with recycle of active rhodium catalyst
Analyte concentration determination devices and methods of using the same
Elevator entrance sill structure and installation method
Coordination compounds and their use for the polymerization of olefins
Smart machine tool system
Apparatus and method for creating signal and profiles at a receiving station
Cooling system for heat treating furnace
Cleome plant named 'Robspiapp'
Coordination catalyst systems employing chromium support-agglomerate and method of their preparation
Method of treating cardio pulmonary diseases with no group compounds
Chemical mechanical polishing process with reduced defects in a copper process
Memory device capable of stable data writing
Transmission line and semiconductor integrated circuit device
System and method for creating a unified printable collection of hyperlinked documents
Facsimile mail box service subscriber apparatus and operating method thereof
Derivative securities trading product utilizing subsets of indices or portfolios
System and method with improved automatic testing functions for defining capture thresholds
Dynamic agent with embedded web server and mark-up language support for e-commerce automation
Food preparation table
Embossed pastry
Recording medium for storing real time recording/reproduction information, method and apparatus for ...
Apparatus and method for conserving power in a monitor
Alarm management system and method thereof for network management system
System and method for providing a distributed processing element unit in a mobile telecommunications...
System and method for distributed call processing using load sharing groups
Call distribution method in a mobile switching system
Tuner block for use in video signal receiving apparatus having modulator, tuner and IF/demodulator c...
Variable voltage switchable fixing apparatus and printer therewith
Digital signal receiver and method for receiving digital signal
Bit rate control apparatus and method of optical receiver
Disc cartridge
Containers and method for manufacturing containers
Fluid dispenser
Clamping arrangement for receiving a saw blade in multiple orientations
Method of optimizing the transmission of data in a wireless communication network
Web-based systems and methods for internet communication of substantially real-time parking data
Method for adding metadata to data
System and method of transmitting data messages between subscriber units communicating with/between ...
Method and system for location accuracy analysis
Method and apparatus for reducing self-interference in a mobile network
Power distribution panel switch gear and a monitoring and control system having a distribution panel...
Subscriber wireless access system
Wireless communications with transceiver-integrated frequency shift control and power control
Prevention and treatment of amyloidogenic disease
Wide ratio transmissions with three interconnected planetary gear members
Beam centering and angle calibration for X-ray reflectometry
X-ray exposure apparatus and method, semiconductor manufacturing apparatus, and microstructure
X-ray exposure apparatus, X-ray exposure method, X-ray mask, X-ray mirror, synchrotron radiation app...
Image forming method and apparatus
Measurement of fiber strain during processing
Method for automated system identification
Method for simulating slurry flow for a grooved polishing pad
System and method for transparent electronic data transfer using error correction to facilitate band...
Practical network node coordinate estimation
System and related interfaces supporting the processing of media content
Video memory management
Remote control system with LED indicators
Automated banking machine including temperature controlled housing
Sterile ophthalmic barrier device
Carbon nanotube array based sensor
Coating substance consisting of at least three components, method for producing said coating substan...
Molding materials and method for producing molded parts
Method of making a nanoscale electronic device
Heart valve catheter
Packaging and application device
Image forming apparatus
Ester synthesis
Ankle-foot orthosis
Antenna switching apparatus
Mixed cell diagnostic systems
Temperature-sensitive and cold-adapted human parainfluenza virus type 2 (HPIV-2) and vaccines based ...
Cleome plant named 'Robspivio'
Curable coatings having low permeable to sulfur-bearing gases
Inhalation apparatus
Devices containing zirconium-platinum-containing materials and methods for preparing such materials ...
Increased sensitivity in local probe of magnetic properties
Light-emitting element
Electron emitter, method of driving electron emitter, display and method of driving display
Creation and playback of computer-generated productions using script-controlled rendering engines
Method and apparatus for automatic product listing
Method for activating or deactivating data stored in a memory arrangement of a microcomputer system
Focus adjustable head mounted display system for displaying digital contents and device for realizin...
Fabry-perot etalon with independently selectable resonance frequency and free spectral range
Distributed Bragg reflector and method of fabrication
Optical apparatus which uses a virtually imaged phased array to produce chromatic dispersion
Optical element, optical functional device, polarization conversion device, image display apparatus,...
Diffractive optical element and optical system having the same
Diffractive optical element that polarizes light and an optical pickup using the same
Transmissive screen and rear projector
Surgical microscope
Catoptric projection optical system, exposure apparatus and device fabrication method using same
Antireflection film and optical element having the same
Raman amplifier, optical transmission system using such amplifier and pumping light source therefor
All-optical, tunable regenerator, reshaper and wavelength converter
Compact wavelength selective switching and/or routing system
Electrophoretic dispersion, electrophoretic display device, method of manufacturing electrophoretic ...
Transverse electrodisplacive actuator array
Environmentally friendly photoacid generators (PAGs) with no perfluorooctyl sulfonates (PFOS)
Prefilter system for biological systems
Vacuum retort anaerobic digestion system and process
Filtration using pressure vessel with multiple filtration channels
Filter device for filtering a liquid
Method for treating metal-containing solutions
Method for separating a dispersed or dissolved substance and magnet separator
Sugar juice decolorization by means of mondisperse anion exchangers
Methods and compositions for chromatography
Device for holding a solid in a tube, and test kit using such a device
Process for purifying an organic acid
Removal of bacterial endotoxin in a protein solution by immobilized metal affinity chromatography
Apparatus and process for aerobic digestion of organic sludge
Septic system treatment process
Polypeptides having xylanase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Alginate viscoelastic composition, method of use and package
Plant control genes
Depolymerization of water soluble polysaccharides
Secretion, transcription and sporulation genes in bacillus clauslii
Process for producing recombinant protein
Novel 15-membered cyclic azalide, novel 16-membered cyclic diazalide derivative, and process for pro...
Process for producing enriched fractions containing upto 100% of bacoside a and bacoside b from plan...
Antiviral composition
Iron sucrose complexes and method of manufacture thereof
Oligodeoxynucleotide and its use to induce an immune response
Nucleic acid mediated inhibition of enterococcus infection and cytolysin toxin activity
RNA interference mediated inhibition of hepatitis C virus (HCV) expression using short interfering n...
RNA interference mediated treatment of Alzheimer's disease using short interfering nucleic acid (siN...
Molecular conjugates for use in treatment of cancer
Treatment of periodontal disease