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Antisense modulation of p70 S6 kinase expression
Syk-targeted nucleic acid interference
RNA interference mediated inhibition of placental growth factor gene expression using short interfer...
Synthesis and manufacture of pentostatin and its precursors, analogs and derivatives
Antibacterial compounds with improved pharmacokinetic profiles
Epicatechin for hypertension treatment
Antineoplastic and anti-HIV conjugates of steroid acid and nucleosides
Anti-hypercholesterolemic compounds
Selected nucleotide sequences isolated from pathogenic strains of Haemophilus influenzae
Preserved pharmaceutical compositions comprising cyclodextrins
Methods for suppressing early growth response—1protein (Egr-1) to reduce vascular injury in a ...
Method for isolating DNA
Carbonyl reductase, method for producing said enzyme, DNA encoding said enzyme, and method for produ...
Carotenoid production from a single carbon substrate
PNA monomer and precursor
Apparatus and method for utilizing a pre-existing power grid to provide internet access to a home or...
Field effect chalcogenide devices
Device and method of detecting metal objects
Wide area metal detection (WAMD) system and method for security screening crowds
Method and apparatus for controlling a welding system
Self-cleaning system for dry recovery of processing mists in automatic machines for spraying paints
Automated processing unit for a working station
Method and apparatus for adjusting and positioning air caps
Ammunition shipping and storage container and method
Cap assembly and cap for automatic fastener driver
Firearm safety device
Propulsion from combustion of solid propellant pellet-projectiles
Dual-zero sight for a firearm
Semiconductor device incorporating internal power supply for compensating for deviation in operating...
Cycle slip framing system and method for selectively increasing a frame clock cycle to maintain rela...
Method for configuring the alarm device of an electrical motor and motor for implementing said metho...
Circuit and method of a reference clock interface
Power supply detecting input receiver circuit and method
Parallel transceiver for nuclear magnetic resonance system
Clock gating of sub-circuits within a processor execution unit responsive to instruction latency cou...
Memory module controller for providing an interface between a system memory controller and a plurali...
Computer system having a plurality of computers each providing a shared storage access processing me...
Detector framing node architecture to communicate image data
Multi-well plate and electrode assemblies for ion channel assays
Packet transfer method and apparatus, and packet communication system
Printer or other media processor with on-demand selective media converter
Method of storing data in a non-volatile memory and apparatus therefor
Impression jig assembly for use with dental implants
Finger identification apparatus
6-membered heterocyclic compounds useful for selective inhibition of the coagulation cascade
Cyclic diamine compounds and medicine containing the same
Method of thrombolysis by local delivery of reversibly inactivated acidified plasmin
Endovascular prosthesis
Electroactive polymer actuated medical devices
Apparatus for applying energy to biological tissue including the use of tumescent tissue compression
Measurement of a fluid parameter in a pressure support system
Hearing aids based on models of cochlear compression using adaptive compression thresholds
Method and apparatus for updating control state variables of a process control model based on rework...
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and visual inspection system
Thin film transistor array substrate for a liquid crystal display and method for fabricating the sam...
Atomic layer deposition (ALD) high permeability layered magnetic films to reduce noise in high speed...
System for fabricating semiconductor components using mold cavities having runners configured to min...
Substrate having built-in semiconductor apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method for the same
Embedded microelectronic capacitor incorporating ground shielding layers and method for fabrication
Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the same, circuit board, and electronic instrument
Leadframe for semiconductor chips and electronic devices and production methods for a leadframe and ...
Semiconductor device and portable electronic apparatus
Wire structure, a thin film transistor substrate of using the wire structure and a method of manufac...
Non-volatile memory having a reference transistor
High capacitive density stacked decoupling capacitor structure
Programmable resistance memory element with indirect heating
Electrically programmable memory element with improved contacts
Automatic image quality evaluation and correction technique for digitized and thresholded document i...
Digital camera using exposure information acquired from a scene
Apparatus and methods for measuring thickness and refractive index
Device for enabling slow and direct measurement of fluorescence polarization
Analysis system of matter adhered to inside wall of vessel
Method and device for determining local distribution of a measuring parameter
Device and method for removing liquid from endogenic tissue and determining the concentrations of su...
Shipping of live plants with perforated plastic overwrap
Apparatus and method for detecting malfunctions in high-pressure fluid pumps
Vibration damping mechanism for piston type compressor
Actuating device for securing a camshaft of an engine of a motor vehicle in a start position
Two-cycle hot-gas engine
Layered local cache with lower level cache optimizing allocation mechanism
Liquid detergent with polyanionic ammonium surfactant and a high pKa solid inorganic base
System, method and computer program product for monitoring voice application calls over a network
Methods of redundancy in a floating trap memory element based field programmable gate array
Systems and methods for determining blood oxygen saturation values using complex number encoding
Complex impedance spectrometer using parallel demodulation and digital conversion
Waveguide for receiving and/or radiating electromagnetic radiation
Sensory feedback system for electroactive polymer based transducers
Image forming apparatus
Method of reproducing process cartridge
Fixing apparatus which changes electric power supply to heating element based on image density
Image forming apparatus, cartridge, image formation system, and storage medium for cartridge
Image forming apparatus equipped with detachable process cartridge and control method therefor
Information processing apparatus, method for the same, and storage medium
Optical transmission sheet, optoelectric apparatus, and optical transmission method
Form search apparatus and method
Data processing apparatus and method and computer readable storage medium
Image processing apparatus and method for correcting print data so as to reduce density unevenness, ...
Patch image preparation method and recording medium therefor
Print system, printing method, and server
Color image communication apparatus
Tri-property rotor assembly of a turbine engine, and method for its preparation
Current control apparatus for fluorescent lamps
Image transmission device and method, transmitting device and method, receiving device and method, a...
Operation range restricting device for robot joint provided with operation region detection device
Image transmission device and method, transmitting device and method, receiving device and method, a...
Vehicle appraisal assisting robot and vehicle appraisal system using the robot
Vehicle diagnosis robot
Mobile robot and system and method of compensating for path diversions
Walking gait producing device for walking robot
Electronic directing system
Method and device for operating a machine, such as a multiaxial industrial robot
Method and device for robot-aided remote laser welding, with simplified control of focusing directio...
Spot welding system using robot
Apparatus for electroless deposition of metals onto semiconductor substrates
Robotic roller hemming alignment apparatus and method
Valve stem installation system and method of installing the valve stem
Differential labeling for quantitative analysis of complex protein mixtures
Method for preparing homo-and co-polymers of cyclic olefin compounds
Low cost hearing protection device
Swapping a nonoperational networked electronic system for an operational networked electronic system
Carrier mechanism
Analog to digital converter circuit for correcting jumper line detection error
Angle determining apparatus and angle determining system
Fluid-type multiple electrochemical system and preparation thereof
Electronic shut off systems
Point of purchase fragrance sampling
System and method of image formation on specialty media by altering interpage transfer voltage or cu...
Non-wire contact device application for cryptographic module interfaces
Apparatus and method for accessing a mass storage device in a fault-tolerant server
Method and system for object linking
Method and apparatus for particle sizing
WDMA free space broadcast technique for optical backplanes and interplanar communications
Heating configuration for use in thermal processing chambers
Fiber optic wafer probe
Semiconductor optical device
Solid type single polarization fiber and apparatus
Optical tube assembly having a dry insert and methods of making the same
Active optical alignment and attachment thereto of a semiconductor optical component with an optical...
Optimized Y-branch design
Method and apparatus for core alignment between optical components
Black toner, image forming method and image forming apparatus using the toner
Print processing method, printing order receiving machine and print processing device
Method of extending the stability of a photoresist during direct writing of an image
Method of manufacturing liquid crystal display device
Surface-treated copper foil low-dielectric substrate and copper-clad laminate and printed wiring boa...
Wiring structure of semiconductor device and production method of the device
Semiconductor device including p-channel type transistor, and production method for manufacturing su...
Semiconductor device having an amorphous silicon-germanium gate electrode
Metal terminal with weakened part
Recording apparatus
Upgrading and mining of coal
Data disk holder with firm laminated backing suitable for binding
Multi-tray fireplace tray system
Methods for depositing, releasing and packaging micro-electromechanical devices on wafer substrates
Process and apparatus for highway marking
Accommodative intraocular lens
Hybrid intrastromal corneal ring
Intraocular ring
Cataract extraction apparatus and method with rapid pulse phaco power
Data sampling clock edge placement training for high speed GPU-memory interface
Die assembly
Azlactone initiators for atom transfer radical polymerization
Neurostimulation lead stylet handle
Method and device for structuring a surface to form hydrophilic and hydrophobic regions
Guide apparatus for guiding sheets, and method of operating a guide apparatus
Font of symbols
Vapor deposition of metal oxides, silicates and phosphates, and silicon dioxide
Magnet structure
NMR spectrometer with gripping device for handling a sample bushing with outer groove
Ceiling board, designing method for ceiling board, manufacturing method for ceiling board, magnet co...
Multi-textured pet washing glove
Reflective LCD, semitransmitting reflective LCD and electronic device
Method of using finishing wire with large ball-nose tip
Flexible marker bands
Propylisopropyl acetic acid and propylisopropyl acetamide stereoisomers, a method for their synthesi...
Helical stent having flexible transition zone
Peroxynitrite decomposition catalysts and methods of use thereof
Method and apparatus for electronic item identification in a communication system using known source...
Phase compensated field-cancelling nested loop antenna
Satellite positioning system enabled media measurement system and method
Temperature tag and system for monitoring, recording, and reporting temperature readings
Full-spectrum passive communication system and method
Method for tracking and processing passengers and their transported articles
Linkage apparatus useful in an article handling device
Production of butanediol
High density polyethylene films with improved moisture barrier properties
Semiconductor sealing silicone composition and semiconductor device
Process for recovering liquid chemical products in chemical production facility
Portable automated pipette
Method for conducting a contest using a network
Mechanically tunable optical devices such as interferometers
Electroporation chamber
Cage arrangement for poultry
Animal soothing system with heartbeat simulation device
Device for heating and emulsifying liquids, in particular drinks
Ergonomic fish gripping device
Ear tag for marking animals with organic substance sampling system
Visualization imaging system for curvilinear structures
Real-time dynamic image reconstruction
Space carving for measurement of high-curvature areas on a mechanical part
Fabric-based sensor for monitoring vital signs
Method of urinary continence training based on an objective measurement of the bladder
Guide wire element for positioning vascular closure devices and methods for use
Surgical devices and methods of use thereof for enhanced tactile perception
Urinary incontinence device and method of making same
Intravascular cannulation apparatus and methods of use
Safety indwelling needle
Spinal proprioception methods and related systems
Method for ascertaining valid address codes
Method for obtaining high-resolution performance from a single-chip color image sensor
Methods for scanning and processing selected portions of an image
Apparatus and method for forming a coding unit
Chinese character handwriting recognition system
Method of and apparatus for setting apparent length of optical fiber
Fiber optic cable and process for manufacturing
Cladding pumped optical fiber gain devices
Fiber-optic-taper loop probe for characterizing optical components for transverse optical coupling
Arrangement and method for controlling the transmission of a light signal based on intensity of a re...
Phase offset gratings
Wavelength division multiplexer and fiber arrangement thereof
Digital lighting apparatus for vehicle, controller for digital lighting apparatus, and control progr...
Plated lighting method and apparatus
Fully recessed unit equipment luminaire
LED light apparatus and methodology
Perimeter lighting apparatus
Light source substrate
Light guiding plate for front light
Device for conducting source light through an electromagnetic compliant faceplate
Safety barrier with illuminating components
Adjustable headlight
Polarization recovery system using redirection
Printing cartridge having a filter tower assembly and process for forming the same
Apparatus using in-band type access system
Safety glasses with flexible frame and interchangeable dual-lenses
Isolated human ras-like proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding these human ras-like proteins, and...
Venting mechanism
Pour spout fitment and container
Pipette with improved pipette tip and mounting shaft
Marine vessel propulsion with a thrust bearing
Air turbine starter with angular contact thrust bearing
Unitized bearing assembly
Wheel bearing device
Bearing supporting structure
Floating bearing
Low-friction sliding mechanism
Wheelend assembly with detachable outboard joint
Optical signal generator
Information playback apparatus, signal processing apparatus, and information playback method for det...
Image forming system
System for inspecting the surfaces of objects
Liquid heating method and apparatus particularly useful for vaporizing a liquid condensate from cool...
Method and apparatus for securing microelectronic workpiece containers
Single workpiece processing system
Method for extracting information from a file using a printer driver
System and method for regeneration of methods and garbage collection of unused methods
Implementing standards-based file operations in proprietary operating systems
Method and apparatus for data recovery
Image forming device
Duplex automatic document feeder
Antenna apparatus
Flexible transporting apparatus for presses
Highlight color printing machine
Systems and methods for in situ setting charge voltages in a dual recharge system
Data processing methods and devices
Fault notes user interface for a printing system
Systems and methods for forgery detection and deterrence of printed documents
Non-printing patterns for improving font print quality
Colorant compositions
Method of producing a functional polymer particle
Blue diode laser sensitive photoreceptor
Drop generating apparatus
Passive vacuum transport
Apparatus and methods for connecting a movable subsystem to a frame
Touch base user interface service selection icon for a portion of an image processing office machine
Space/time switch architecture
Multi-carrier method for providing access to a wireless communication system
Universal mobile telecommunications system (UMTS) quality of service (QoS) supporting asymmetric tra...
Position determining system using transmitted position information
Method, apparatus, and article of manufacture for generating secure recommendations from market-base...
Interpolator, a resampler employing the interpolator and method of interpolating a signal associated...
Protection switching for duplex ATM-PON systems
Operating system for providing energy-conserving operating functions
Substituted benzoylcyclohexenones
On-press developable lithographic printing plate precursor
Phase change electrophoretic imaging for rewritable applications
Fringe-field filter for addressable displays
Automated configuration of on-circuit facilities
Fixing apparatus for fixing a toner image onto a paper sheet
Method, device, system and recording medium for detecting improper cartridge, and cartridge
Enclosure and biometric data collection for fingerprint sensor device
System and method for completing private or unknown calls made to a subscribers privacy screening se...
Methods and systems for identifying calls connected without answer supervision and for automatically...
Adjustment of slave frequency hopping pattern to improve channel measurement opportunities in wirele...
Apparatus for establishing path in synchronous digital hierarchy system and method thereof
Populating data cubes using calculated relations
Container for aerosol cans
Camera exchange system and method
2-oxo-1-pyrrolidine derivatives, process for preparing them and their uses
Method for utilizing sulfuric acid/peroxide liquid mixture
Golf ball
Method of using waste tires as a filter media
Purification of ammonia
Graywater diverter vessel assembly
Method of using vertically configured chamber used for multiple processes
Method of making absorbent sheet from recycle furnish
Waste stream separator
Battery charger
Comminuting apparatus
Temperature controlled shipping containers
Delay system for generating control signals in ferroelectric memory devices
Magnetic random access memory and method of writing data in magnetic random access memory
Method for forming LED by a substrate removal process
Water soluble/dispersible and easy removable cationic adhesives and coating for paper recycling
Solvent resistant imageable element
Plasma based trace metal removal apparatus and method
Concept-based method and system for dynamically analyzing unstructured information
Method and system for providing virtual access to information distributed across heterogeneous catal...
Database searching using trapeze fetch
Plasmid maintenance system for antigen delivery
Bioenergy generator
Methods and means for inhibition of Cdk4 activity
Immunologically significant herpes simplex virus antigens and methods for identifying and using same
Methods of controlling proliferation and differentiation of stem and progenitor cells
Compositions and methods for tumor-targeted delivery of effector molecules
Methods and apparatus for scanning a band of frequencies using an array of high temperature supercon...
Method for implementation of a magnetic resonance examination of a patient
Magnetic resonance imaging method using a partial parallel acquisition technique with non-cartesian ...
Method for acquiring magnetic resonance data from a large examination region
RF coil and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Multi-current elements for magnetic resonance radio frequency coils
RF shield and MRI system
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Power/performance optimized memory controller considering processor power states
Method of extracting digital watermark information and method of judging bit value of digital waterm...
Relay device for use with processing sensor
Method and system for fast image correction
Alteration detection apparatus and method thereof
Digital camera capable of embedding an electronic watermark into image data
Method system and program product for data searching
Filter file system
Camshaft adjuster
Valve timing controller for internal combustion engine
Oil flow control valve
Device for converting a rotational movement into a reciprocating movement
Electromagnetic spool valve
Information transmission system for transmitting information among terminals different in modulation...
Vehicle alternator
Method and assembly for fastening and reinforcing a structural member
Diagnostic system and method for electric leak detecting device
Automotive lane deviation prevention apparatus
Method of tank leak diagnosis
Method and system for exchanging data in a vehicle train via a PLC data bus
Image display method and apparatus for rearview system
System and method of communicating home security data between a vehicle and a home
Electronic programmable speed limiter
Method and system for application page description in print device color space
Selectively printing documents at a central printing location with or without privacy protection
Methods, systems, and media to calibrate a reprographic system
System and method for a gamut mapping platform having plug-in transform functions
Concealing a network connected device
Wireless gaming environment
Gaming device having apparatus and method for producing an award through award elimination or replac...
Gaming device having a destination pursuit bonus scheme with advance and setback conditions
Electrical connector with continuous strip contacts
Magneto-rheological fluid encased in flexible materials for vibration control
Gaming device having a display with multiple indicators
Gaming device having a display with multiple indicators
Food preparation table
Device and method for treating ischemic heart disease
System and method for the rotatable selection, preparation and recollection of hemodialysis cannulat...
Urethral occlusive assembly for preventing urinary incontinence
Thyronamine derivatives and analogs and methods of use thereof
4-(Substituted cycloalkylmethyl) imidazole-2-thiones, 4-(substituted cycloalkenylmethyl) imidazole-2...
Urea derivatives as FLT-3 modulators
3-(4-Heteroarylcyclohexylamino)cyclopentanecarboxamides as modulators of chemokine receptors
Arylindenopyridines and arylindenopyrimidines and related therapeutic and prophylactic methods
Arylindenopyridines and arylindenopyrimidines and related therapeutic and prophylactic methods
Arylindenopyridines and arylindenopyrimidines and related therapeutic and prophylactic methods
Dipeptide nitrile cathepsin K inhibitors
Compounds, compositions and methods of modulating the mitochondrial apoptosis-induced channel (MAC)
Urea antagonists of P2Y1 receptor useful in the treatment of thrombotic conditions
Methods and compositions for the treatment of neuropathic pain and neuropsychiatric disorders
Inflammatory eye disease
Compounds and methods for cytoprotection
Combined therapy for the treatment of Parkinson's disease
Methods and related compositions for reduction of fat
Hyaluronan as a cytotoxic agent, drug pre-sensitizer and chemo-sensitizer in the treatment of diseas...
Devices and systems for gastric volume control
Methods for gastric volume control
Antimicrobial protection for implantable medical device
Techniques for applying, configuring, and coordinating nerve fiber stimulation
Methods and devices for the surgical creation of satiety and biofeedback pathways
Devices and methods for measuring and enhancing drug or analyte transport to/from medical implant
Gastro-occlusive device
Maternal-fetal monitoring system
Maternal-fetal monitoring system
Assessment of sleep quality and sleep disordered breathing based on cardiopulmonary coupling
Noninvasive analyzer sample probe interface method and apparatus
Elastomeric magnetic nanocomposite biomedical devices
Use of curcumin and analogues thereof as inhibitors of ACC2
4-Hydroxymethyl-1-Aryl-cyclohexylamine compounds
Heteroaromate OSC inhibitors
Compositions containing policosanol and HMG-Co-A reductase inhibitor and their pharmaceutical uses
Process for producing a dipeptidyl peptidase IV inhibitor
Method and system for secure distribution of content over a communications network
Modeling decision-maker preferences using evolution based on sampled preferences
Color management and solution distribution system and method
Method and device for continually producing an extrusion solution
Manifold for regulating the flow of plastic to an extrusion die
Device for producing plastic hollow bodies using an extrusion blow molding method
Stationary ladder rack with double wedge interlocking mechanism
Air guiding element, especially an air guiding channel for a motor vehicle
Heat dissipating device for electronic components of electronic control devices
Modular power converter having fluid cooled support
Liquid cooling system and personal computer using the same
Thermal management system
Tower PC configuration
Method and apparatus for cooling a portable computer
Intelligent vehicle air conditioning control system
Heat exchanger and method of production
Heat exchanger construction and method
Thermal module with temporary heat storage
Method and apparatus for dissipating heat from an electronic device
Device and method for removing heat from object by spraying cooling agent
Heating or air-conditioning system for a motor vehicle
Protective screen arrangement for an agricultural machine
Vehicle radiator device
Exhaust gas recirculation cooler with bypass flow
Method and apparatus for inhibiting ice accumulation in HVAC systems
Heat-resistant assembly for protecting boiler tubes and method of assembling same
Signal processing system having an ADC delta-sigma modulator with single-ended input and feedback si...
1-Of-N A/D converter
A/D converter calibration
Bioceramic compositions
Methods to increase nucleotide signals by raman scattering
Multi-gate carbon nano-tube transistors
Bone xenografts
Substituted amides
Pausing television programming in response to selection of hypertext link
Quick-connect ballast testing and monitoring method and apparatus
Right side universal electrocardiogram sensor positioning mask and method
Color image forming apparatus, and toner replenishing apparatus
Method and apparatus for minimizing post-infarct ventricular remodeling
Waste-power KV simulator for hybrid/DIS ignition
Battery cover assembly
In-building CATV system, down-converter, up-converter and amplifier
Active matrix type flat-panel display device
Stent with combined distal protection device
Piperazine derivatives and their use as anti-inflammatory agents
Selective protein tyrosine phosphatatase inhibitors
Disinfecting and desiccating container for personal sanitary articles
Automotive performance meter
Compositions and articles comprising asymmetric dipolar multi-substituted alditol derivatives
Fuel cell
Stable upright fluid dispensing containers
Composition, for use in coatings, based on a mixture of emulsion(s) and of dispersion(s) of polyol p...
Fully hydraulic steering
Milling tool holder with differential screw
Method base station and subscriber station for channel coding in a GSM mobile radio system
Integrated fluid sensing device
Process planning for distributed manufacturing and repair
PRO273 polypeptides
Complex of a chaperone protein with amyloid
Conjunctival monitor
Capillary array-based enzyme screening
Sequencing of tasks within customer service processing systems
Method and apparatus for providing user support based on contextual information
Fan and compressor noise attenuation
Automated banking machine apparatus and system
Optimizing polystyrene in the presence of additives
Mapping between remote procedure call system primitives and event driven execution environment syste...
User interface and a synthesizer with a user interface
Remote monitoring of critical parameters for calibration of manufacturing equipment and facilities
Methods of diagnosing disease states using gene expression profiles
Drive unit and method for using the drive unit to control a machine tool
Apparatus and method for contacting a customer support line on customer's behalf and having a custom...
Magic slate capture and display device
Method for utilizing oral movement and related events
Interactive method and system for teaching decision making
Deformable drawing tablet
Erasable message board for a vehicle
Aluminum alloy products having improved property combinations and method for artificially aging same
Secure access to a unified logon-enabled data store
Generation of user equipment identification specific scrambling code for the high speed shared contr...
Tire sensor localization utilizing speed corrected frequency
Apparatus and method to implement a flexible hub-spoke satellite communications network
Increasing the read signal in ferroelectric memories
Light emitting diode device
Alternating current plasma display panel
Catalytic conversion of polycyclic aromatics into xylenes
Oil-in-oil emulsion lubricants for enhanced lubrication
System and method for determining the desirability of video programming events using keyword matchin...
Ilex plant named 'Blue Baron'
Enabling quality voice communications from web page call control
Data synchronization system and method based on modification records and common formatting
Article and method of automatically determining text genre using surface features of untagged texts
Method and apparatus for production of 213Bi from a high activity 225Ac source
Pest-resistant plants comprising a construct encoding a vacuole targeting sequence and avidin or str...
Method and system for configuration and download in a restricted architecture network
Device for control of an electric motor driving a moving object
Method and device for determining transmission state of power transmission device for internal combu...
Multi-directional drive
Hybrid transmission control system
Control system for material handling vehicle with dual control handles
Rotary feedback mechanism for a toy
Self-propelled working vehicle
Vehicle brake system
Antitheft apparatus and antitheft system
Automatic stability control system for a vehicle using an invariant characterizing any tire
Hub motor formed in a wheel and a method associated therewith
Passenger discriminating apparatus
Torque compensating rear undercarriage for track driven vehicles
Steering ski for snow vehicle
Retractable stand for snowmobiles
Torque transfer coupling with friction clutch and hydraulic clutch actuator
Driverless vehicle guidance system and method
Steering system for vehicle
Energy recovery system for work vehicle including hydraulic drive circuit and method of recovering e...
Method and system for securing mobile IPv6 home address option using ingress filtering
Ticketing and keying for orchestrating distribution of network content
Persistent representations for complex data structures as interpreted programs
Multifunctional entertainment system
Routing method and network element
Architecture and method for the centralised control of remote peripheral electronic devices
Authenticating wireless phone system
Radio channel simulation
Dental root canal filling cones
Communication terminal and communication method thereof
Stationary non-mobile cellular telephone terminals
Apparatus and method for providing a data interface to a plurality of radio transceivers
Open and extensible framework for ubiquitous radio management and services in heterogeneous wireless...
Integrated SDARS headphone system
System and method for managing short message service communications for a radio station hosted event
Position detection method, position detection system, and position detection server equipment
Handover messaging in an unlicensed mobile access telecommunications system
Radio communication system and communication method thereof
Connected-state radio session transfer in wireless communication systems
Apparatus and method for processing signal in base station transceiver system
System and method for broadcast play verification
Apparatus and method for theft prevention using a digital radio
Television receiver suitable for multi-standard operation and method therefor
Texturing of magnetic disk substrates
Apparatus for the mobile communication device in low power consumption using LDO regulator with slee...
Voltage converter with selectable output voltage levels
Compensator to achieve constant bandwidth in a switching regulator
Circuit and method for protecting emergency head-retract
Bandgap reference voltage generator with a low-cost, low-power, fast start-up circuit
Bandgap reference circuit
Pulse frequency modulated voltage regulator capable of prolonging a minimum off-time
Power supply for positive and negative output voltages
Power system
Battery pack and battery remaining power calculating method
Apparatus for interconnecting battery cells in a battery pack and method thereof
Series resonant inductive charging circuit
System and method for battery verification
Fuel cell system
System for controlling electromechanical valves in an engine
Current mode DC/DC converter with controlled output impedance
Personalizable product packages
System and method for online collaboration in a learning environment
Answer collection and retrieval system governed by a pay-off meter
Print media apparatus including stroke recognition
Nutritional guide kit
Digital content distribution systems
Systems and methods for creating, modifying, interacting with and playing musical compositions
Method and device for generating electronic sounds and portable apparatus utilizing such device and ...
Woodwind instrument equipped with pad sealing mechanism automatically adjustable to tone hole
Stringed musical instrument
Grand piano action
Electronic keyboard musical instrument
Method and apparatus for providing interactive karaoke entertainment
Card identification compatibility
Dynamic scalable multi-media content streaming
Information distribution apparatus that resumes distribution after interruption
Portable computer system with a rotatable plate for playing multimedia data directly
Multimedia service providing system and method using bluetooth communications in mobile communicatio...
Unified contact list
Packet-switched multiple-access network system with distributed fair priority queuing
Method for transporting multimedia information in a communication system
Multi-media protocol for slot-based communication systems
Multimedia services using central office
Portable multimedia player
Vehicle trim components with selectively applied foam and methods of making same
Confluent exhaust nozzle
Computer integrated communication system for restaurants
Method for transacting an advertisement transfer
Method and system for ordering services or products, including prescriptions
Computer-based system for automating administrative procedures in an office
Franking machine
Real estate coordination program
Packet-based internet voting transactions with biometric authentication
System, apparatus, and method for performing cryptographic validity services
Printing system adapted to change a printing operation to be performed based on a result of an accou...
Mechanism and apparatus for security of newly spawned repository spaces in a distributed computing e...
Database system and method for organizing and sharing information
Demarcated digital content and method for creating and processing demarcated digital works
Method for interdependently validating a digital content package and a corresponding digital license
Automated banking machine apparatus and system
Method and apparatus for managing accounts payable
Method of managing a deposit exchange to offer price reductions
Computer network mediated financing method
Method and apparatus for delivering information from a remote site on a network based on statistical...
Method for allocating network aggregation bandwidth and a network system using the same
Method and network element for connecting a subscriber to a cellular telecommunication network
Multi-function telephone handset
Vehicle cradle system and methodology for hand held devices
Slide type mobile phone using slide module
Mobile communications device to be worn on the wrist having flexible battery strap
System and method for stereo conferencing over low-bandwidth links
Method and apparatus for dynamically matching impedance
Differential echo cancellation receiver with dynamic cancellation of excess DC output current
Method of generating a ring signal in a subscriber line interface circuit technical field
Method for processing telephone signals supplied by an analog telephone terminal and data supplied b...
Pocket speakerphone
Method and apparatus for implementing a bandlimited ringing signal for telephone networks
Private branch exchange
Method and apparatus for rotating auto reserve agents
Computer telephony integration hotelling method and system
Service interaction media in an intelligent network environment
Method for providing a quantity of telephone time from an ATM or POS terminal
Technique for analyzing information assistance call patterns
Autonomous liquid filled buoy
Amphibious vehicle
Cast composite sail and method
Boat with recessed shifter
Concrete module for floating structures and method of construction
Attachment for motor for toy
Illuminated flying disc
Degradable animal chewing article possessing enhanced safety, durability and mouth-feel
Wrist toy
Interactive sound producing toy
Birdcage attachments
Method for managing module-related information in modular system
Method and apparatus for recording digital data streams
Recording device, video output device, video display/record system and signal processing method for ...
Image processing method, image processing apparatus and image processing program
Defect inspection system
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
Apparatus and method for generating robust ATSC 8-VSB bit streams
Overlapped field detecting apparatus capable of detecting non-overlapped fields mostly overlapped
Transmission announcement system and method for announcing upcoming data transmissions over a broadc...
CRT assembly of projection television
Projection television and convergence control method thereof
Method and apparatus for preventing data corruption from video related enhancements
Display of a video signal by means of a line scan
Image processing method and image processing apparatus
Video signal format detector and generator system and method
Language filter for home TV
System and method for deinterlacing a video signal for display on progressive display devices
Solid state imaging apparatus for a video camera capable of independently performing a knee point ad...
Auto focusing apparatus selectively operable in an ordinary mode and a high speed mode
Focusing device and method
Automatic focusing device and the electronic image pickup apparatus using the same
Method and apparatus for controlling reproduction of an audiovisual work
Electronic document answering machine
Automated parallel and redundant subscriber contact and event notification system
Power generation plant remote operation system
Personal travel agent using push services
Method and system for re-direction and handoff for pre-paid mobile services in third generation netw...
Television tuning device screen saver advertising
System and method for alerting computer users of digital security intrusions
System and method for monitoring and managing system assets and asset configurations
Method and system for object-level web performance and analysis
Server monitoring virtual points of presence
Proxy server selecting server and proxy server
System and method for using dynamic web components to automatically customize web pages
System and method for creating and managing forwarding email address
Disk driver
Disaster recovery port in a portable computer
Data storage system having atomic memory operation
Mobile apparatus for configuring portable devices to be used on-board mobile platforms
DMA windowing in an LPAR environment using device arbitration level to allow multiple IOAs per termi...
Network resource access method, product, and apparatus
System, method of portable USB key interfaced to computer system for facilitating the recovery and/o...
Method and system for providing service listings in electronic yellow pages
System and method for searching, analyzing and displaying text transcripts of speech after imperfect...
Method and apparatus involving a hierarchy of field replaceable units containing stored data
System level reduction of clock skew based on local thermal profiling
Security intelligence tracking anti-terrorist system
Automated location-intelligent traffic notification service systems and methods
Steerable cardiac pacing and sensing catheter and guidewire for implanting leads
Instrument and method for delivery of anaesthetic drug
Net-like structure particularly for geotechnical uses
Grout injecting/structure anchoring system
Microblower assisted barometric valve
Soybean cultivar 0509240
Soybean cultivar 0509245
Soybean cultivar 0491737
Soybean variety 92M00
Interferon and albumin fusion protein
Monomeric protein of the TGF-β family
Chitosan and method of preparing chitosan
Materials and methods for releasing genetic material
Process for producing a product containing antihypertensive tripeptides
Labeling of immobilized proteins using dipyrrometheneboron difluoride dyes
Methods and compositions using protein binding partners
Plant chromosome compositions and methods
Making surfaces inert by modifying with alkanethiolates
Composition and method for culturing potentially regenerative cells and functional tissue-organs in ...
Inbred corn line PH8TN
Use of polyacrylamide gel for forming a connective-tissue capsule in a mammal for cultivating alloge...
Inbred maize line PH3PR
Regulated transcription of targeted genes and other biological events
Knowledge finding method
Electron emission device, method of manufacturing the same, and image display apparatus using the sa...
Field emission display with reflection layer
Method of improving adhesion between two dielectric films
Advanced control strategies for chlorine dioxide generating processes
Method of removing mercury from flue gases
Apparatus for forming hydrogen
Chemical-mechanical polishing process
Magnetic molecules: a process utilizing functionalized magnetic ferritins for the selective removal ...
Recovery of purified volatile metal such as lithium from mixed metal vapors
Accurate positioner suitable for sequential agile tuning of pulse burst and CW lasers
System and method for communicating optical signals between a data service provider and subscribers
Image projection apparatus, projection image pattern, laser drive apparatus, camera apparatus
Optical fiber, optical amplification/oscillation device, laser light generating device, laser displa...
Optical circuit for condensing laser beams, and light source device
Optical communication device
Device for providing polarized light
Laser-produced plasma EUV light source with pre-pulse enhancement
Passive Q-switched microlaser with controlled polarization
Dual-flow common combustor chemical laser
Optically pumped semiconductor laser device
Passive gas flow management and filtration device for use in an excimer or transverse discharge lase...
Injection locking type or MOPA type of gas laser device
Monolithic laser configuration
Semiconductor laser device having strain buffer layer between compressive-strain quantum well layer ...
Arrangement for pumping an anisotropic laser crystal
High-speed laser array driver
Method and apparatus to enable adaptive equalization at high bandwidths when using single-mode VCSEL...
Pulse control in laser systems
Multilayered optical information-recording media and process for manufacture thereof
Ring-shaped prism of a holographic ROM system
Compounds, their preparation and use
Method for reducing food intake
Glucopyranosyloxypyrazole derivatives, medicinal compositions containing the same and intermediates ...
OAT5 molecules and uses therefor
Nucleic acid encoding pro 1410 polypeptides
Nucleic acids encoding PRO844 polypeptides
2-Hydroxy-mutilin carbamate derivatives for antibacterial use
Method for operating at least one low-pressure discharge lamp
Method of identifying a caller with a telephone service operator
Device for transporting toners to/from a toner deposition unit in an electrophotographic printing or...
Single-camera tracking of an object
System and method to stage primary zone airflow
Method and apparatus for locating a faulty component in a cable television system having cable modem...
Control apparatus for a fuel cell vehicle
Extraction of phenol-containing effluent streams
Image forming apparatus
Mixing apparatus and method
Hydraulic valve arrangement
Cell motility assay
Process pump
Method for providing programming distribution
Safety harness
Fluid delivery system having pump systems, check valves and a removable patient interface
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Method for compiling program components in a mixed static and dynamic environment
Method and system for importing MS office forms
Voltage testing and measurement
High-speed symmetrical plasma treatment system
Coupling device for a stent support fixture
Method for middle-tier optimization in CORBA OTS
Combined wet/dry vacuum cleaner
Method for producing a bore
Monitoring apparatus
Anti-Fas antibodies
Method and device for equalizing the pressures in the melting chamber and the cooling water system o...
Modular computer device and computer keyboard for modular device
Multi-directional internal distraction osteogenesis device
Method for outputting voice of object and device used therefor
Image generating device
Ball for ball game and method for manufacturing the same
Compound spring element for a game racket
Game system and program using a shadow volume to display a shadow of an object in a three dimensiona...
Display unit and game machine system
Gaming device having multiple award enhancing levels
Zero-sum tiling game
Game of hand-eye skill
Rotating vend mechanism
Dynamic acoustic rendering
Touch-sensitive device for scrolling a document on a display
Mixed reality apparatus and mixed reality presentation method
Method and apparatus for eye tracking in a vehicle
Internal nasal dilator filter
Finder optical system
Process for the selective control of feature size in lithographic processing
APC Antibodies
Method and apparatus for determining the non-volatile component of aerosol particles in a gas sample
Apparatus and method for respiratory drug delivery
Digital content security system
System and method of integrating software components
System for deploying the petals of a sectored mirror of an optical space telescope
Form having a removable wristband and labels
Display and method of manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing magnetic memory device, and magnetic memory device
Allocation of sparing resources in a magnetoresistive solid-state storage device
Light emitting diode with porous SiC substrate and method for fabricating
System and method for design, tracking, measurement, prediction and optimization of data communicati...
Techniques for attaching rotated photonic devices to an optical sub-assembly in an optoelectronic pa...
Table format data presenting method, inserting method, deleting method, and updating method
Philodendron plant named 'Variegated Sport #1'
Public mobile data communications network
Cable management for rack mounted computing system
Cooling baffle and fan mount apparatus
Profile based capture component
Systems and methods for translating chinese pinyin to chinese characters
Generating hyperlinks and anchor text in HTML and non-HTML documents
Systems and methods for direct navigation to specific portion of target document
Systems and methods for improving search quality
Article of footwear with exterior ribs
Interchangeable footwear system
Article of footwear including a thematical toe cover
Adjustable ankle support for an article of footwear
Footwear with multi-piece midsole
Article of footwear with a removable midsole element
Article of footwear incorporating a sole structure with compressible inserts
Resilient shoe lift
Shoe apparatus with improved efficiency
Removable rounded midsole structures and chambers with computer processor-controlled variable pressu...
Waterproofed and breathable sole for shoes and manufacturing method thereof
Independent adjustment for sandal single strap system
Resilient sole insert
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Swing Time Red'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Midnight Time'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Bridal Time'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Extravaganza Time'
Campanula plant named 'Thor Heaven'
'Pendleton Cherry' cultivar
Neural interface system and method for neural control of multiple devices
Inbred corn line PH8TN
Stress resistant plants
Synthesis of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids by recombinant cells
PUFA polyketide synthase systems and uses thereof
Pufa polyketide synthase systems and uses thereof
Expression of Cry3B insecticidal protein in plants
Defensin polynucleotides and methods of use
Fusarium resistant tetraploid wheat
Method for producing heart-specific fluorescence of non-human eukaryotic animals
Genomic modification
Protein production in transgenic avians
Preparation and selection of donor cells for nuclear transplantation
Methods and compositions for enhancing RISC activity in vitro and in vivo
System and method for management of medical and encounter data
Load bearing biocompatible device
Hip prosthesis with monoblock ceramic acetabular cup
Expandable articulating intervertebral implant
Expandable articulating intervertebral implant with spacer
Expandable articulating intervertebral implant with cam
Artificial disc and uses therefor
Method of inserting an expandable intervertebral implant without overdistraction
Prosthetic intervertebral spinal disc with integral microprocessor
Artificial intervertebral disc assembly
Two part intersomatic implant
Surgical measurement and resection framework
Expandable spinal stabilization device
Soft tissue spacer
Endoluminal device with extracellular matrix material and methods
Liquid perfluoropolymers and medical applications incorporating same
Method and device for reducing secondary brain injury
Systems and methods for combined RF-induced hyperthermia and radioimmunotherapy
Method of moving video data thru a video-on-demand system which avoids paging by an operating system
Systems and methods for the repartitioning of data
Method of pipelined processing of program data
Method and device to process multidimensional array objects
Netbufs: communication protocol packet buffering using paged memory management
Apparatus and method for dual access to a banked and pipelined data cache memory unit
Data element including metadata that includes data management information for managing the data elem...
Storage device and system for providing communications buffer reservation function
Systems and methods for multiprocessor scalable write barrier
Method and apparatus for using extended disk sector formatting to assist in backup and hierarchical ...
System and method to handle page validation with out-of-order fetch
Memory access control
Locking technique for control and synchronization
Data acceleration mechanism for a multiprocessor shared memory system
Coherence message prediction mechanism and multiprocessing computer system employing the same
Method, system, and program for maintaining data in distributed caches
System with a directory based coherency protocol and split ownership and access right coherence mech...
Method and apparatus of using global snooping to provide cache coherence to distributed computer nod...
Partial directory cache for reducing probe traffic in multiprocessor systems
Network access using secure tunnel
Phytate polynucleotides and methods of use
In-restaurant automated meal ordering by customers
Processes for preparing crosslinker-free, biopolymer-containing three dimensional structures, and pr...
Water-dispersible cellulose and process for producing the same
Nontoxic killer of E. coli and other problem microorganisms
Substance for lowering high cholesterol level in serum and methods for preparing and using the same
Examination of harmful bacterium in food or drink
Method of testing wheat
Use of foamed adhesives to make paper cores or tubes
Method of making braided meat product and food product made in accordance with the method
Methods for producing sterol esters of omega-3 fatty acids
Reduced fat shortening, roll-in, and spreads using citrus fiber ingredients
Blended cheeses and methods for making such cheeses
Gel based livestock feed, method of manufacture and use
High protein, low carbohydrate pasta
Dough, products and methods
Shaped cookie intermediates using bake stable fillings to form visual features
Unbaked chinese dumplings, baked chinese dumplings and process for producing the same
New Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Visinfwhi'
Miniature rose plant named 'POULpar029'
New Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Visinfblla'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Warm Yoursula'
New Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Visinfpiki'
Petunia plant named 'Lanbor'
Rose plant named 'Poulcs012'
New Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Visinflapi'
New Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Fisnics Burgsweet'
All-male asparagus hybrid NJ 854
Hybrid tea rose plant named 'RUIMZ15'
Botanical/commercial classification Viola cornuta/Viola plant varietal denomination cv. 'Sunvioki'
Freezer drawer support assembly
Rotatable tray for food processor
Apparatus for storing food
Vacuum operable container for storing food
Trachea tube method and device
Smoke generator cartridge for food processing
Special opening tool and method
System and method for oscillator self-calibration using AC line frequency
Method and apparatus for controlling and supervising electronic devices
Optimized two-sided wireless modem card component placement
Enhanced closed-loop power control method
Position detecting method and apparatus
Serving radio network controller relocation in radio telecommunication system
Multimode service radio communication method and apparatus
Determination of a differential offset in a radio device and radio device
Automatic tuning AM transmitter
Radio architecture
Metropolitan networks based on fiber and free space access distribution system
Method of encrypting information in a TDMA mobile radio system using a modified pseudo-random sequen...
Integrated radio frequency interface
Information transmitting and receiving method and corresponding transmitter and receiver
Method and apparatus for controlling multiple logical data flow in a variable data rate environment
Antenna system
Wide-band antenna
Solid state image pick-up device and image pick-up apparatus using such device
Focal point detection apparatus, focusing system, camera, and focal point detection method
Camera and wide-angle field distance-measuring camera
Authorizing the printing of digital images
Lens cap retention arrangement
Bladder with high pressure replenishment reservoir
Padded shoe
Method and apparatus for a shoe having improved construction
Foot retention device
Digital device configuration and method
Method and system for designing an impingement film floatwall panel system
Instrument and process performance and reliability verification system
High print rate merging and finishing system for parallel printing
Method and apparatus for linking data in a distributed data processing system
Photoreceptor module with multi-functional handle
Background-based image segmentation
Graph cuts for binary segmentation of n-dimensional images from object and background seeds
MR/X-ray scanner having rotatable anode
Radiological imaging apparatus and radiological imaging method and radiological imaging support meth...
Multi-target X-ray tube for dynamic multi-spectral limited-angle CT imaging
Method and apparatus for weighted backprojection reconstruction in 3D X-ray imaging
Method and apparatus for reconstruction of the attenuation density of an object from X-ray projectio...
Transmission systems, supervisory control device, method of outputting data in the supervisory contr...
QoS scheduler and method for implementing peak service distance using next peak service time violate...
Power inverter with optical isolation
IC layouts with at least one layer that has more than one preferred interconnect direction, and meth...
Recognizer of audio-content in digital signals
Method and system for searching information
Grammar generation for voice-based searches
Modifying message size indications in communications over data networks
Method and apparatus for mapping prefixes and values of a hierarchical space to other representation...
Basket catheter with improved expansion mechanism
Apparatus and method for channel estimation used for link adaption with error feedback
Resonator, filter, communication apparatus
Diode and diode string structure
Lateral PIN diode and method for processing same
Bipolar transistors with low base resistance for CMOS integrated circuits