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Dual fishing rod holder
Computer-supported image reconstruction method for a three-dimensional subject
Method and magnetic resonance tomography apparatus for location coding with a non-linear gradient fi...
S,s'-bis-(.alpha., .alpha.'-disubstituted-.alpha.'-acetic acid)-trithiocarbonates and derivatives as...
Transesterification process for the production of polycarbonates having a low content of volatile co...
Alkali-soluble polymer and polymerizable composition thereof
Method for the continuous production of polymers made of vinyl compounds by substance and/or solvent...
Fluoropolymer dispersions containing no or little low molecular weight fluorinated surfactant
Poly(hydroxy thioether) vegetable oil derivatives useful as lubricant additives
Compacted olefin fibers
Negative-working radiation-sensitive compositions and imageable materials
Ink-jet printing system
Method for improving cardiac function
Arrhythmia termination detection based on beat pattern
Pulse oximetry sensor
Method of communicating and disclosing feelings of mobile terminal user and communication system the...
Method and system for transmitting image
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information processing system and p...
Method for adaptively encoding motion image based on temporal and spatial complexity and apparatus t...
Compressing and restoring method of image data based on dot areas and positions
Better picture for inexpensive cameras
Method and apparatus for displaying noticeable image and system for remotely monitoring image
Method of spatially filtering a digital image using chrominance information
Unsupervised learning of object categories from cluttered images
Image data processing apparatus, image data processing method, and computer readable medium
Transition assembly for high density optical fiber applications and a method of making the same
Optical subassembly and optical transceiver installing the same
Illumination assembly including a rigid light-guiding element incorporating a numerical-aperture alt...
Temperature compensated optical multiplexer
Device and method for setting add signal level for OADM system
Upgradeable optical add/drop multiplexer
Wideband optical module and PON using the same
Device and method for object illumination and imaging using time slot allocation based upon road cha...
Sunlight simulating microprocessor alarm clock
Reflector lamp with a partially reflective burner
Circuit arrangement for operating at least one light-emitting diode
Composite optical lens with an integrated reflector
High efficiency beam distribution with independent wavefront correction
Liquid crystal display device, reflector, and electronic apparatus
Light guide plate, liquid crystal display device having the same, and method for displaying an image...
Light-conductive panel of side-light type backlight module
Backlight unit for liquid crystal display
Spread illuminating apparatus
Optical film
Double-sided light box
Light-emitting device
Indicating or lighting device with a screen or covering having a diffusive or reflective focus
Door mirror equipped with lamp body
LED based light guide for dual mode aircraft formation lighting
Accuracy less lethal projectile
Polymer sheets comprising higher order phosphate esters
Identification document with integrated circuit and antenna in a layered document structure
Fuel cell system
Heat-shrinkable polyester film
Non-ionomeric silane crosslinked polyolefin golf ball layers
Packaged fibrous toilette article and process
ATM kinase compositions and methods
Quinoline and quinazoline derivatives having affinity for 5HT1-type receptors
Cathepsin cysteine protease inhibitors
Modification of biological elements
Methods for fine powder formation
Tablet container
Opaque ink jet ink composition
Reflective lamp to maximize light delivery to a photoactive catalyst
Apparatus for liquid-based fiber separation
Golf ball
Eyeglass lens with non-uniform coatings
Contact lenses imparting a vivacious appearance to the eye
Method for forming ultrafine particle brittle material at low temperature and ultrafine particle bri...
Catalytic combustors
Electronic systems having doped aluminum oxide dielectrics
Optical system with photo catalytic reactor and incident beam splitter
Planarizing solutions, planarizing machines and methods for mechanical or chemical-mechanical planar...
Security system and method for PnP device coupled to network client
Dynamic power requirement budget manager
System and method of managing cache hierarchies with adaptive mechanisms
Redundant external storage virtualization computer system
Provisioning server enhancement
System and method for media playback over a network using links that contain control signals and com...
Spraying piston ring
Compliant viscous seal for fluid transfer device
Aeroslide bearing cylinder
Linear motion device
Bore hole tool assembly and method of designing same
Method and apparatus for generating overview information for hierarchically related information
Method for measuring and quantizing document quality
Shortest path search method "Midway"
Parametric profiling using optical spectroscopic systems
Line stipple pattern emulation through texture mapping
Method and apparatus for operating an optical receiver for low intensity optical communication in a ...
Apparatus and methods for optically-coupled memory systems
Apparatus and methods for optically-coupled memory systems
Apparatus for optically analyzing products such as fruit having bilateral imaging devices
High resolution chirped/AM optical FM laser radar
Optically active .alpha.-aminooxyketone derivatives and process for production thereof
Method for avoiding air pockets in a joint between two structural components
Polishing disk for a tool for the fine machining of optically active surfaces on spectacle lenses in...
Image input system
Gas filled reactive atomic force microscope probe
Thin film formation apparatus and method of manufacturing self-light-emitting device using thin film...
Systems and methods for transitioning a CPU from idle to active
Pyrimidylpyrrole derivatives active as kinase inhibitors
Apha-conotoxin peptides
Identification and isolation of novel polypeptides having WW domains and methods of using same
Imidazo-pyridine derivatives as ligands for GABA receptors
Vapor phase etching MEMS devices
Automated processing system
Guarded cover film for LCD polarizers
Ferroelectric memory
Substrate for the micro-lithography and process of manufacturing thereof
Object having a microbicide coating, method for the production thereof and use of the same
Dielectric thin film element, piezoelectric actuator and liquid discharge head, and method for manuf...
Piezoelectric actuator and liquid jet head
Trace gas sensor with reduced degradation
Semiconductor device comprising a superlattice with upper portions extending above adjacent upper po...
Integrated circuit comprising a waveguide having an energy band engineered superlattice
Electrophotographic photoconductor having a crosslinked resin layer and method of preparing an elect...
Electrostatic developing toner
Time-delay integration in a flow cytometry system
Display drive control device, for which drive method, electronics device and semiconductor integrate...
Micro-electro-mechanical switch and a method of using and making thereof
Display device using electroluminescence material
Output buffer circuit and semiconductor memory using the same
Wireless communication terminal device
Latching ferrite waveguide circulator without E-plane air gaps
Differential current output unit
Tape printing apparatus and tape cartridge
Raised-letter information processing apparatus, raised-letter information processing method, program...
Pneumatic projectile launcher and sonobuoy launcher adaptor
Valve for coffee maker
System for identifying low-frequency halftone screens in image data
Print driver user interface
Encoder runout error correction circuit
Ink jettable overprint compositions
Emulsion aggregation toner compositions
One-piece bottom edge wipe sponge for cleaning a photoreceptor drum
Method for treating inkjet liquid, recording apparatus using the same, liquid storage tank, liquid a...
Image forming apparatus
Enhanced printer reliability using extra print module
Weighted fair queue having adjustable scaling factor
Adjustable display for a data processing apparatus
Artichoke hybrid named `PS-H1855`
Oil containing starch granules for delivering benefit-additives to a substrate
Methods for determining cellular response to stimuli
Fast and scalable approximation methods for finding minimum cost flows with shared recovery strategi...
Method of allocating a channelisation code to one of a plurality of user terminals, a code division ...
Method of adaptive Walsh code allocation
Method for improving the reception of a CDMA receiver, and a CDMA receiver with improved reception
Systems and methods for forecasting demand for a subcomponent
Multicasting system and method for use in an access node's ATM switch fabric
Traffic control at a network node
Managed IP routing services for L2 overlay IP virtual private network (VPN) services
Protection switching at a network node
Organizing related search results
Thermoplastic composition, articles thereof, and method of making the articles
Differentiation of bone marrow cells into neuronal cells and uses therefor
Garment hanger with removable side indicator
Light emitting device
Multi-thread execution method and parallel processor system
Short edge smoothing for enhanced scatter bar placement
Data retaining boundary scan cell
Integrated circuit structure and a design method thereof
Method of using mixed multi-Vt devices in a cell-based design
Configurable memory system for embedded processors
Method and device for the computer-aided design of a supply network
Incrementally resolved phase-shift conflicts in layouts for phase-shifted features
Wide geometry recognition by using circle-tangent variable spacing model
System and method for modeling an integrated circuit system
Discharge tubes
Method of making an article bearing a relief image using a removable film
Method of finishing a wood substrate
Ink jet recording ink set
Microfluidic devices with porous membranes for molecular sieving, metering, and separations
Method of abrading a workpiece
Automotive headlamps with improved beam chromaticity
Non-polymeric acetoacetates as adhesion promoting coalescing agents
Method of producing shared articles
High purity cobalt, method of manufacturing thereof, and high purity cobalt targets
Global paging system using packet-switched digital data network and remote country designation
Method and system for specifying a selection of content segments stored in different formats
Image data processing
Printer driver for setting stencil printing machine printing condition items and the like
Image processing apparatus and customized printing system using the same
Interface surface having printed coded data
Multiple browser interface
Valve timing controller
Camshaft adjuster with a locking position that, with regard to design, is freely selectable
Timing mechanism for a switchable two-step roller finger follower
Internal combustion engine with variable compression ratio and valve characteristics
Landscape camera system with electronic field of view switching
Portable electronic music devices with convenient or foldable transaction cards
Display apparatus for vehicle
Adapter device for car radio
Steering system with haptic driver warning
Vehicle controller and vehicle control method
Method of enhancing accelerator pedal safety interlock feature
Cruise control apparatus for vehicle
Vehicle deceleration control apparatus
Technical virtual advisor
Intervisibility determination
Vehicular kinetic control system
In-vehicle hands-free apparatus
Elastomeric sole for use with converted flatbed sewing machine
Shoulder traction and rotation sleeve with silicone impregnated webbing
Ingrown toenail treatment method
Orthopedic brace
Adjustable tissue compression device
Shoulder stabilizing suspensory device with brace
Dithiocarbamate antiviral agents and methods of using same
Compositions and methods for the treatment of immune related diseases
PRO1508 antibodies
PRO1779 polypeptide
PRO362 polypeptides
Compositions and methods for the treatment of immune related diseases
PRO16090 polypeptides
PRO 4326 polypeptides
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
PRO4329 polypeptide
Benzimidazole compounds for modulating IgE and inhibiting cellular proliferation
NGF for the prevention of demyelination in the nervous system
Human protein kinase, phosphatase, and protease family members and uses thereof
Solvatochromatic bacterial detection
Composition and methods for improving retinal health
Uses of IL-23 agonists and antagonists; related reagents
Digital camera and power supply apparatus used therefor
Focus detecting apparatus
Imaging apparatus and imaging method
Image pickup apparatus with external device
Substrate including digital photographic image and coded image data
Coating and developing system and coating and developing method
Heat developing apparatus and heat developing method
Camera attaching device
Color display having horizontal sub-pixel arrangements and layouts
ID installable LSI, secret key installation method, LSI test method, and LSI development method
Data processing apparatus and method
Recording medium, recording medium method and apparatus , information signal output control method, ...
Secure communications
Method and apparatus for personal identification
Cryptographic method for protection against fraud
System and method for transmitting reduced information from a certificate to perform encryption oper...
Method of controlling a network entity and a mobile station
Systems and methods for active monitoring and management of fiber links
Information recording and/or reproducing method and information recording and/or reproducing device
Unauthorized access embedded software protection system
Encryption processing apparatus and encryption processing system
Verification of authenticity of goods by use of random numbers
Deriving keys used to securely process electronic messages
Programmable data encryption engine
Intermittent connection protection for external computer devices
Distributed utility monitoring, such as for monitoring the quality or existence of a electrical, gas...
Windshield wiper dispenser method and apparatus
Communication system and method capable of broadcasting by using terrestrial and satellite communica...
Electric double layer capacitor
Electrostatic chuck and its manufacturing method
Reflectance estimating method
Remote control multimedia content listing system
Electrified cover safeguard
Body capacitance electric field powered device for high voltage lines
Corrosion measurement field device with improved LPF, HDA, and ECN capability
Computerized electricity system having an arc fault detecting sub-system
Apparatus and method for transient control in a multiphase switching power supply
Apparatus and method for sliding-mode control in a multiphase switching power supply
Spontaneous emission enhanced heat transport method and structures for cooling, sensing, and power g...
Organic semiconductor material and organic semiconductor element employing the same including carbon...
Fabrication of crystalline materials over substrates
Modular fixture
Electron beam directed energy device and methods of using same
Application of lignin derivatives to photoelectric transducer and photoelectrochemical cell
Terminal box
Survey method
Multiple attribute object comparison based on quantitative distance measurement
Method and apparatus for optimizing support vector machine kernel parameters
Computer and vision-based augmented interaction in the use of printed media
Method and structure for transform regression
Network-enabled electrical power equipment with integrated content management system
Audience survey system, and system and methods for compressing and correlating audio signals
Communication systems for use with magnetic resonance imaging systems
Folding type portable radio machine and chassis of the radio machine
System and method for generating display objects representing areas of coverage, available bandwidth...
Multi-beam antenna wireless network system
Method of providing extended group call service
Multi-radio unification protocol
Method and system for establishing wireless peer-to-peer communications
Method for maximizing gain of received signal in a multimedia broadcast/multicast service system
Adaptive mixer output filter bandwidth control for variable conversion gain down-conversion mixer
Electronic tuning system
Low voltage digital interface
Method and apparatus for providing limiting power adjustment in a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for power control in a mobile radio system
Radio relay apparatus, method of determining identification code thereof, and monitoring apparatus
Structured termination identification for ephemeral terminations
Concentrator for user AAL2 traffic carried on UBR virtual channels
Method and system for applying an MPLS network to support QoS in GPRS
Method for operating a mobile radiotelephone network
Radio with internal packet network
Method and apparatus for conducting a competition using a divided literary work
Enabling system for an implement controller
Controller system for a vehicle occupant protection device
Work vehicle steering system with flow-metering curve selection and associated method
Seating sensor system, failure state detecting method using seating sensor and industrial vehicle wi...
Kevin system
Powertrain including input disconnect and accessory drive system for an electrically variable transm...
Wheeled vehicle with arm unit
Sprayer strut suspension
Wheeled vehicle with suspension units
Active torque coupling with hydraulically-actuated rotary clutch actuator
Electric power steering apparatus
Method and device for controlling specific functions within a load-carrying vehicle under dumping an...
Fluid driven differential
Pre-engineered frame portion and method of use therefor
Passenger protection system
Fuel tank protector shield
Drive belt cooling structure for engine
System for integrating body equipment with a vehicle hybrid powertrain
Hydraulic hybrid powertrain system
Lead-free solder
Lead-free solder and soldered article
Extensible kernel-mode audio processing architecture
Sound augmentation system and method for a drum
Apparatus and method for changing a segmentation of an audio piece
Harness for supporting a musical instrument
Soundboard for a musical instrument comprising nanostructured aluminum materials and aluminum materi...
Antlered animal call
Rights management inter-entity message policies and enforcement
Device authentication using pre-configured security keys
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and transmitting medium
Systems, methods, and articles of manufacture for aligning service containers
Apparatus and method for processing data in a network
Prioritizing product information
Browser-based system for ordering financial products
Method and system for controlling the initiation and duration of overtime intervals in electronic au...
Method of transformational bidding with rebates and discounts
Method and apparatus for creating and administering a publicly traded interest in a commodity pool
System for reducing risk payment-based transactions wherein a risk filter routine returns instructio...
System and method for invoice imaging through negative confirmation process
System and method for tracking and managing construction projects
Methods and apparatus for intelligent selection of goods and services in telephonic and electronic c...
Multi-modal voice-enabled content access and delivery system
Loyalty link method and apparatus with audio performance for integrating customer information with d...
System and method for managing mobile workers
Method and meeting scheduler for automated meeting insertion and rescheduling for busy calendars
Persicaria plant named `Dragon's Eye`
Phormium plant named `TWISTED SISTER`
Sutera plant named `Euro 23`
Variety of Japanese Black Pine named Kanemi
Petunia plant named `Kersamfan`
Heuchera plant named `Rave On`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yoswing`
Geranium plant named `Patriot Rose Pink`
Verbena plant named `LITTLE ONE`
Calibrachoa plant named `Dancalmidblu`
Collapsible cart for a paint spray pump
Receptacle with collection structure
Can-shaped waste container
Bag holder
Trash bag holder
Paint bucket with cover
Dust mop frame
Tub and shower cleaning device
Cleaning pad
Disposable non-woven cleaning wipe
Upright vacuum cleaner foot
Upright vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner housing
Vacuum cleaner
Drying system
Laundry appliance
Animal training device
Leash handle with torch, LED flashlight and siren alarm
Tabletop mounted connection box
Pet mat
Retaining wall having polymeric reinforcing mats
Column-stabilized platform with water-entrapment plate
Subsea vehicle assisted pipeline commissioning method
Portable flood-barriers system
Microwave fabrication of airfoil tips
Materials for self-transpiring hot skins for hypersonic vehicles or reusable space vehicles
In-flight refueling system and method for facilitating emergency separation of in-flight refueling s...
Window assembly for aircraft fuselage
Flush-top seat mounting rail for passenger aircraft
Systems and methods for braking aircraft, including braking intermediate main gears and differential...
Process for aiding the takeoff of an aircraft
Spacecraft and launch system
Hydrogen powered aircraft
VTOL/STOL ducted propeller aircraft
Method of manufacturing a composite structural member having an integrated electrical circuit
Location-aware application based quality of service (QOS) via a broadband access gateway
Communication system and method for sending asynchronous data and/or isochronous streaming data acro...
Stand alone multi-media terminal adapter with network address translation and port partitioning
Session initiation protocol (SIP) messages incorporating address and/or routing information obtained...
Multimedia half-duplex sessions with individual floor controls
Multimedia player for MP3 and DVD
Portable multimedia player for MP3 and DVD
Slot for multimedia furniture
Interactive multi media user interface using affinity based categorization
User attention-based adaptation of quality level to improve the management of real-time multi-media ...
Encapsulated document and format system
System and method for providing random access to a multimedia object over a network
Media agent to suggest contextually related media content
Non-disruptive reconfiguration of a publish/subscribe system
Stethoscope cleansing unit and business method for providing advertising through the use of stethosc...
Optical device and methods of manufacture
Coding pattern comprising a plurality of marks
Apparatus and method for two-and three-dimensional magnetic resonance imaging using ferromagnetic sp...
MRI/MRS Gradient Coil with Integrated Cooling Circuits
Human monoclonal antibodies against interleukin 8 (IL-8)
Cycloalkyl ketoamides derivatives useful as cathepsin K inhibitors
Kinase inhibitors
Compositions and methods for performing reverse gene therapy
Binder systems for microcapsule treatments to fibers, fabrics and garments
Hepatocytes for therapy and drug screening made from embryonic stem cells
Polynucleotides encoding antigenic HIV type B polypeptides, polypeptides and uses thereof
Lithographic printing method and presensitized plate
Genipin-crosslinked gelatin microspheres as drug carrier
pH sensitive polymer for inhibiting transformation in drugs
Biocompatible polymer blends and uses thereof
Tango 240 polypeptides and uses thereof
Ink-jet recording method and ink-jet recording apparatus
Method for making a composite electrode material
Method for energy recovery from hydrogen sulfide
Mixed metal oxide containing sulfur
Carbon nanotube growth
Silicon layer production method and solar cell production method
Production of hydrogen and removal and sequestration of carbon dioxide from coal-fired furnaces and ...
Method and device for producing a metal hydroxide
Recovery of metal values
Method and system for generating hydrogen by dispensing solid and liquid fuel components
Emission control apparatus
Exhaust sound and emission control systems
Mufflers with enhanced acoustic performance at low and moderate frequencies
Method of attaching a transfer resistant RFID tag to a surface
Method and system for assessing fall risk
Automatic, universal boot binding for board sports
Footwear outsole
Article of footwear with linkage-tightening device
Lace system for footwear
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Heat dissipating assembly
Electrical connection box
Jet impingement cooling apparatus and method
Thermal management apparatus
Enhanced flow channel for component cooling in computer systems
Thermal interface with a patterned structure
Thermocautery block
Process for heat transfer utilizing a polytrimethylene ether glycol or polytrimethylene ether ester ...
Supporting frame with locating function
Apparatus and method for generating a defined environment for particle-shaped samples
Automotive air conditioning system
Heat exchanger comprising a connection flange that is joined to the manifold
Radiator for vehicle use
Foul-resistant condenser using microchannel tubing
Poultry chiller with improved product distribution and antibacterial count
Systems for communicating current and future activity information among mobile internet users and me...
Seat for shallow draft floating watercraft
Adjustable boat platform insert
Marine windshield and cockpit cover attachment system
Windshield trim assembly and method
Multimission transonic hull and hydrofield
Emergency ballast system for semi-submersible drilling rigs
Vapor explosion weapon
Side thruster performance improvement with power optimization controller
Watertight Door
Frictionally reduced hull
Tree smoke detection system and method of using same
Antiviral product, use and formulation thereof
Fitting-setup for hearing device
Hearing aid with error protected data storage
Terminal device, data transmission-reception system and data transmission-reception initiation metho...
System, method and computer program product for transferring unregistered callers to a registration ...
Hierarchical tile-based data structure for efficient client-server publishing of data over network c...
Textures and other spatial sensations for a relative haptic interface device
Image generation method, program, and information storage medium
Gradation correction curve creation method, gradation correction curve creation apparatus, and grada...
Handheld device with a disposable element for chemical analysis of multiple analytes
Spectrophotometer target distance variation compensation
Use of ellipsometry and surface plasmon resonance in monitoring thin film deposition or removal from...
Sample analyzer and computer product
Exposure apparatus
Fluorescent-light image display method and apparatus therefor
Methods and apparatus for processing spectral data for use in tissue characterization
Tear dynamics measured with optical coherence tomography
Method and apparatus to determine an initial flow rate in a conduit
Method and apparatus for the determination of characteristic layer parameters at high temperatures
Mutual active cancellation of fan noise and vibration
Plastic flange with molded-over wire harness
Variable capacity rotary compressor
Compressor having a safety device being built in at least one of the screw plugs of the oil-separato...
Linear compressor
Motor driven compressor
Hybrid compressor system for refrigeration cycle system
Electrically powered blower with improved heat dissipation
Offset mounting foot
Oil pump for automatic transmission
Piston type compressor
Transmission pump and filter
Device for varying the pressure of the fluid delivered by a jet washer
Set of piston type fuel pumps for internal combustion engines with direct fuel injection
Oil well pump apparatus
Discharging valve assembly of reciprocating compressor
Piston assembly for air pump
Methods of promoting the growth or differentiation of hematopoietic stem or progenitor cells by non-...
Obtaining temporary exclusive control of a device
Idle detection for answer supervision
Single-use lancet device
Spool bearing with asymmetric sealing
Liquid delivery system with horizontally displaced dispensing point
Water-cutting harvesting apparatus and method therefor
Roof module
Inbred maize line PH0KT
Soybean cultivar 1486018
Soybean variety XB20D05
Soybean variety XB40D05
Method of producing single chain protein in plant cells
Flower morphology of plants by targeting mads-box gene
Somatic recombination
Methylene blue
Multidirectional morphology and mechanics of osteonic lamellae
Monoclonal antibody hPAM4
Method and apparatus for identifying cardiac and non-cardiac oversensing using intracardiac electrog...
Method and system for supporting the evaluation of a picture of an eye
Optical spectroscopy apparatus and method for measurement of analyte concentrations or other such sp...
Group robot system, and sensing robot and base station used therefor
Hybrid compact sensing apparatus for adaptive robotic processes
Robot and method for bending orthodontic archwires and other medical devices
Method and system for controlling a machine tool with direct transfer of machining data
Robot controller
End-effectors for handling microelectronic workpieces
Articulated mechanism comprising a cable reduction gear for use in a robot arm
Machine tool with machining head kept fixed by means of bars whose length is variable by magnetostri...
Circuit element having a first layer of an electrically insulating substrate material and method for...
Red blood cell processing systems and methods which control red blood cell hematocrit
Semi-submersible floating decanters and methods of using same
Liquid-to-gas contact device
Method and apparatus for high efficiency multi-stage packed tower aeration with PH adjustment and re...
Image processing apparatus, its control method, and storage medium
Image forming apparatus
Charging roller
Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Developing device, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus having developing-roller scraping ...
Fixing apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Developing apparatus and image forming apparatus, and storage apparatus
Image forming apparatus with heating member control in accordance with type of recording material
Image forming apparatus
Information processing apparatus for providing image to communication terminal and control method th...
Negotiating an exchange of image processing functionality
Hadamard transformation method and device
System for searching device on network
DNA probe design device and information processing method for DNA probe design
Image heating apparatus using flexible sleeve
Determination of a segmentation of a digital signal for inserting watermarking signals and the assoc...
Extensible device driver
Image forming apparatus with heating member control based on door opening state and heating member p...
Recording apparatus having playlist editing function
Method of operating a dehydrogenation reactor system
Method for the production of aryl alkenes
Process of making a highly stable aromatic alkylate suitable for use in making improved additives an...
Process for conversion of olefins
Process for the preparation of detergents
Method of dispersing hydrocarbon foulants in hydrocarbon processing fluids
Method for operating internet site offering encrypted contents
Device plug-in system for configuring network device over a public network
Method, wireless MP3 player and system for downloading MP3 files from the internet
Multi-sensor fusion
Methods and systems for providing application level presence information in wireless communication
Internet browsing using a uniform interface
System for speech-enabled web applications
Network paging system and method
Secure network architecture with quality of service
Translator for IP networks, network system using the translator, and IP network coupling method ther...
Internet telephony network and methods for using the same
Schema-based services for identity-based data access to application settings data
Markov model of availability for clustered systems
Inhibitors of histone deacetylase
Refractometer cell for both absolute and differential refractive index measurement of fluids
Process for the preparation of 10,11-dihydro-5h-dibenzo[a,d]cyclohept-5-enes and derivatives thereof
Process for preparation of tamsulosin and its aralkylamine derivatives
Pharmaceutical compositions useful in prevention and treatment of beta-amyloid protein-induced disea...
Nitrosated and nitrosylated diuretic compounds, compositions and methods of use
Rapid thermal processing apparatus and method of manufacture of semiconductor device
Cleaning composition
Quad cutlery set
Converting expressions to execution plans
Fluid measurements in a reaction vessel used in conjunction with a clinical analyzer
System, for monitoring the concentration of analytes in body fluids
Heteroaryl substituted spirocyclic sulfamides for inhibition of gamma secretase
Fluorine-containing compounds, fluorine-containing polymerizable monomers, fluorine-containing polym...
In-plane switching liquid crystal display comprising compensation film for angular field of view usi...
Compensator comprising a positive and negative birefringent retardation film
Rapid multi-slice MR perfusion imaging with large dynamic range
High load low load cleaning blade assembly
Built-in self-test circuit for phase locked loops, test method and computer program product therefor
Faced insulation assembly and method
Conveyor system for high speed, high performance bagger
Information playback apparatus method and recording medium
System and method for a routing device to securely share network data with a host utilizing a hardwa...
Method and apparatus for testing a device in an electronic component
Conditional data access after database system failure
Coordination of communication with devices
Quantum noise random number generator
System and method for storing and retrieving a field of a user defined type outside of a database st...
System and method for ranking the relevance of documents retrieved by a query
Computer system and method for modeling fluid depletion
Variable nip pressure fusing system
Method and apparatus for PMD/PDL/PDG mitigation
Adaptive optical system compensating for phase fluctuations
System and method for setting a tunable filter in an optical network
Optical virtual local area network
Performance monitoring based on optical autocorrelation
Optical reroutable redundancy scheme
Liquid crystal display
Method for manufacturing double-sided printed circuit board
Personal care compositions with glycerin and hydroxypropyl quaternary ammonium salts
Liquid crystal display
IC card and card certification method
Prokaryotic proteasomal proteases of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) as targets for antibiotic ther...
Anti-tumor agents
1h-benzo{f}indazol-5-yl derivatives as selective glucocorticoid receptor modulators
Monochromatic fluid treatment systems
Anti-retroviral moronic acid derivatives
Methods and compositions for directing cells to target organs
Allenic aryl sulfonamide hydroxamic acids as matrix metalloproteinase and TACE inhibitors
Adeno-associated virus (AAV) serotype 8 sequences, vectors containing same, and uses therefor
External preparation
Production of gamma linolenic acid by a .DELTA. 6-desaturase
Tool for cutting machining
Authorizing a requesting entity to operate upon data structures
Method and apparatus for a privacy enabling radio frequency identification (RFID) reader
Invalidating storage, clearing buffer entries, and an instruction therefor
Modulators of peroxisome proliferator activated receptors (PPAR)
System and method for preventing unauthorized operation of identification and financial document pro...
System and method for identifying and eliminating vulnerabilities in computer software applications
Motorcycle foot peg "cradle mount bracket"
Acoustically powered implantable stimulating device
Disk augmentation system and method
Preparation method of functional master batch of polyolefin and its application
Organization of handwritten notes using handwritten titles
System and method for incremental refresh of a compiled access control table in a content management...
Sulfur-functionalized carbon nanoarchitectures as porous, high-surface-area supports for precious me...
Polynucleotides and polypeptides relating to the modulation of SIRP.alpha.-CD47
Volume-based incremental backup and recovery of files
Method and system for a voice multicast hardware accelerator
Database management methods and equipment and database management program storage media
Container with a clip for aerosol cans
Medicament container
Secured printing
Spatula device with integrally operable cooling chamber
System and method for secure biometric identification
Apparatus for controlling inverter circuit of induction heat cooker
Memory device having serially connected resistance nodes
Power saving method for portable streaming devices
Bulk-shaped lens, light-emitting unit, and lighting equipment
Pipelined analog-to-digital converter with mid-sampling comparison
Image display apparatus
Functionalized polypropylene-based polymers
Database management method and apparatus for addressing to transaction completion from/in a stored p...
Scanning probe microscopy tips composed of nanoparticles and methods to form same
Compiler, compiler apparatus and compilation method
Recomposing photographs from multiple frames
Multilevel halftone screen and sets thereof
Method of making a multilevel halftone screen
Active dropout optimization for current mode LDOs
Method and apparatus for performing lossless sensing and negative inductor currents in a high side s...
Method and apparatus for generator control
Battery component replacement
Vehicle alternator and methods for controlling torque loading of the vehicle alternator on an engine
Method for charging a battery
Contactless magnetic sensor for determination of the linear position of a moving body
Voltage detector of battery assembly
Bandgap reference circuit
Maintenance unit for a sensor apparatus
Voltage regulator apparatus
Structures of terminals and component-to-be-loaded
Temperature independent low reference voltage source
Performance controller for a step down current mode switching regulator
Active impendance current-share method
Integrated circuit capable of balanced polyphase power regulation using redundant feedback circuitry
High-frequency, high-signal-density, surface-mount technology footprint definitions
Device and methods for the acquisition and automatic processing of data obtained from optical codes
Gaming device providing touch activated symbol information
High speed connectors that minimize signal skew and crosstalk
Residential ice machine
Electrode contact configurations for cuff leads
Surgery thread
Adjustable drain loop for urine collection system
Methods for promoting nerve regeneration and neuronal growth and elongation
Portable electroretinograph with automated, flexible software
Swallowing function evaluating apparatus
Pharmaceutical Methods, Dosing Regimes And Dosage Forms For The Treatment Of Alzheimer's Disease
Pharmaceutical Methods, Dosing Regimes And Dosage Forms For The Treatment Of Alzheimer's Disease
Novel Pyrroles Having Hypolipidemic Hypocholesteremic Activities, Process for Their Preparation and ...
Modulators of ATP-binding cassette transporters
Compositions and methods of treatment using modulators of motoneuron diseases
Imidazo[2,1-b]-1,3,4-thiadiazole sulfonamides
Imidazo[2,1-b]-1,3,4-thiadiazole sulfonamides
Rifamycin analogs and uses thereof
Neuroprotection with Beta-Lactam Compounds
Coiled intragastric member for treating obesity
Suture with adhesive/sealant delivery mechanism
Adjustable Prosthetic Band
Compliant Gastroplasty: Devices And Methods
Method for instrument insertion through a body orifice
Endoscopic instrument with secondary vacuum source
Method for securing a suture
Local body fat measurement device and method of operating the same
Activity-induced energy expenditure estimating instrument
Compositions and methods comprising a ligand of ChemerinR
Gels, gel composites, and gel articles
Structural carotenoid analogs or derivatives for the modulation of systemic and/or target organ redo...
Use of agomelatine in obtaining medicaments intended for the treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disord...
Treatment of renal disorders, diabetic nephropathy and dyslipidemias
Method and system for internationalizing domain names
Selective dedication of active and passive contact center recording resources
Methods and systems for automatically registering complaints against calling parties
Transforming media device
Single sign-on service for communication network messaging
Secure communication over a medium which includes a potentially insecure communication link
System and method for aggregation of user applications for limited-resource devices
System, method and mobile device for remote control of a voice mail system
Point to strip optical communication system
Hands-free communicator
Caller ID messaging telecommunications services
Process integrated messaging
Systems and methods for originating and sending a voice mail message to an instant messaging platfor...
System and method for end-to-end communications tracing
Automatic line pair detection in a modem
Methods and test sets for testing multi-line telecommunications service
Automated generation of aliases based on embedded alias information
System for search and analysis of systematic defects in integrated circuits
Method to solve similar timing paths
Method for reconfiguration of random biases in a synthesized design without recompilation
Managing position and size for a desktop component
Discovery of an advertising service in e-speak
Method and apparatus for bit vector array
Orientation of drive mechanics to allow for disc loading in an off-axis position
Query trees including or nodes for event filtering
API schema language and transformation techniques
Multithread tracing method and apparatus
Installing content specific filename systems
Embedding a hardware object in an application system
Error messaging method in HTTP based communication systems
Processor bus for performance monitoring with digests
Method of and apparatus for measuring jitter and generating an eye diagram of a high speed data sign...
Method and apparatus for protecting internal memory from external access
Method and apparatus for increasing sustainable bandwidth in a multiple disk drive storage system
Method and apparatus for matching a user's use profile in commerce with a broadcast
Apparatus and method for flexible web service deployment
Method and system for sharing information with users in a network
Pre-fetch computer system
Data transfer method and system
Caching system for path search optimization
Method and system for managing resources for multi-service jobs based on location
Transducer employing wireless transmissions for sending and receiving signals
Modeling module
Semiconductor package and process for making the same
Methods of manufacture of a via structure comprising a plurality of conductive elements and methods ...
Semiconductor device with a short-lifetime region and manufacturing method thereof
4F.sup.2 EEPROM NROM memory arrays with vertical devices
Method of fabricating a floating gate for a nonvolatile memory
Stress assisted current driven switching for magnetic memory applications
Semiconductor component comprising areas with a high platinum concentration
Organic electroluminescent device and method of fabricating the same
Light emitting diode and method of fabricating the same
TFT having a fluorocarbon-containing layer
Polythiophenes and devices thereof
Multi-layer printed circuit board fabrication system and method
Forming a carbon layer between phase change layers of a phase change memory
Alignment system and lithographic apparatus equipped with such an alignment system
Camera module for compact electronic equipments
Method of measuring semiconductor wafers with an oxide enhanced probe
Composition to provide a layer with uniform etch characteristics
Graded liquid crystal polymer package
Phase-shifting mask and semiconductor device
Memory device using multiple layer nano tube cell
Emissive screen display with laser-based external addressing
Method and apparatus for forming nano-particles
Printing cartridge with two-dimensional encoding formations
Method and system for physical motion analysis and training of a golf club swing motion using image ...
Method and apparatus for elastic tailoring of golf club impact
Parallel putting device and method
Glove shaping device
Portion of a grip
Portion of a grip
Portion of a grip
Portion of a grip
Wager administration system and method of operation thereof
Gaming machine
Combination yo-yo and top
Golf club head
Action figure game piece and method of playing action figure game
Gaming machine
Dice and card game and method of playing
Interactive keno gaming system and method
Gaming device
Pattern forming method and method of manufacturing ink jet recording head
Composite material having high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion coefficient, and heat-...
Extrusion/reaction injection molding system
Thermal laminates and laminating method of food packaging films
Gas discharge lamp power supply
Thin-film magnetic head, head gimbal assembly with thin-film magnetic head, magnetic disk drive appa...
Method and apparatus for measuring animal's condition by acquiring and analyzing its biological sign...
Fixing device and image forming device using the same
Data migration system and method
Method and system to maintain relative statistics for creating automatically a list of favorites
Method for the production of propargyl alcohol
Outdoor storage compartment
Vehicle operation assisting system
Tray with protrusions
Poultry-loading machine
Implantable lead system with seed electrodes
Squirting toy
Nucleic acids encoding a G-protein coupled receptor involved in sensory transduction
Secret hashing for TCP SYN/FIN correspondence
Method and system for enhanced data searching
Process of localizing objects in markup language documents
Program compiler with abstraction composer
Resource manager architecture with dynamic resource allocation among multiple configurations
Transforming server-side processing grammars
Estimating utilization of computing system resources
Portable digital communication device
Coupling for a rotary drive
Ionically conductive composites for protection of active metal anodes
Padfolio with work area
Menu selection device in microwave oven
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor forensic light kit
Discharge lamp and control of the same
Method and apparatus for preparing printed matter
Methods and apparatus for resource management architectures for Internet protocol based radio access...
Methods and systems for testing radio frequency identification (RFID) tags having multiple antennas
Exhaust gas diagnosis system and vehicle control system
Mobile Telephone Handset with Capacitive Radio Frequency Path Between First and Second Conductive Co...
Configuration containing at least two radio sections and method for operating the configuration
Multi-handset cordless voice over IP telephony system
Communication apparatus
RF transceiver with compact stacker mixer design for multiple frequency conversion
Automatic gain control circuit
Multimode/Multiband Mobile Station and Method for Operating the Same
Transceiver for Wireless Transmission of Field Device Signals
Mobile Telephone Network for Communication Between Two Communication Sets
Automobile smoke vent
Method of Supporting Operation of Sleep Mode in a Wideband Radio Access System
Clock adjustment for a handheld audio system
Direct-conversion receiver and sub-harmonic frequency mixer thereof
Method of Validating the Detection of a Correlation Peak by a Satellite Positioning System Receiver
Circular Matching System and Computerized Circular Matching Method
Virtual Paper Pattern Forming Program, Virtual Paper Pattern Forming Device, and Virtual Paper Patte...
Endoprosthesis having a fiber meshwork disposed thereon
Decellularized Tissue and Method of Preparing the Same
Artificial joint fixation mechanism
Trialing system and method for modular hip joint replacement system
Prosthetic humeral device and method
Spinal implants and methods of providing dynamic stability to the spine
Holders for prosthetic aortic heart valves
Gradual Recruitment of Muscle/Neural Excitable Tissue Using High-Rate Electrical Stimulation Paramet...
Tissue retractor and guide device
Method and appartus for performing an open, wedge, high tibial osteotomy
Reamer Guide and Method
Prosthetic Devie for Cartilage Repair
Inter-cervical facet implant with implantation tool
Pedicle screw with vertical adjustment
System and method for reliably storing data and providing efficient incremental backup and asynchron...
Method and apparatus for synchronizing load operations
Fast and economical establishment of remote copy
Multiple page size address translation incorporating page size prediction
Integrated multidimensional sorter
Configuration size determination in logically partitioned environment
Partition creation
Systems and methods for multiprocessor scalable write barrier
Special-use heaps
Data copy method
System and method of re-ordering store operations within a processor
Reliable file system and method of providing the same
Detection of out of memory and graceful shutdown
Message based inter-process for high volume data
Modified-invalid cache state to reduce cache-to-cache data transfer operations for speculatively-iss...
Systems and methods for data caching
Latency-aware replacement system and method for cache memories
Phishing-Prevention Method Through Analysis of Internet Website to be Accessed and Storage Medium St...
Plant cell death system
Protein molecule useful for inhibition of anthrax toxin
Serine protease BSSP6
Proteins having hemolytic activity and genes encoding the protein
Coactivators in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer
Method and device for improving protein stability and solubility
RNA interference pathway genes as tools for targeted genetic interference
Opioid receptors and methods of use
Nanoparticles for protein drug delivery
Sheaths for implantable fixation devices
Cutting stent and balloon
Aqueous sustained-release formulations of proteins
Prostatic growth factor
Mixed-cell gene therapy
Corrosion and alkali-resistant compositions and methods for using the same
Arrangement device for producing a spun thread
Implantable system and methods for acquisition and processing of electrical signals from muscles and...
Parabolic waveguide-type collimating lens with tunable external cavity laser diode provided with the...
Planar focusing grating coupler
Method and apparatus for optimizing the target intensity distribution transmitted from a fiber coupl...
Image processor
Optically-pumped DUV atomic vapor lasers
Narrow band electric discharge gas laser having improved beam direction stability
Optical microwave source
Measurement of wavelength transients in tunable lasers
Optical disk device and information recording/reproducing method
Optical disc and optical disc apparatus
Optical storage device and reading method for optical storage medium
Method and apparatus for detecting submarines
High efficiency optical amplifying fiber
Hologram recording/reproducing device and optical unit
Method and apparatus for measuring wafer thickness
Apparatus for shifting reference distance of laser displacement sensor
Semiconductor diode laser spectrometer arrangement and method
Tests for the rapid evaluation of ischemic states and kits
Methods for modifying electrical currents in neuronal circuits
Withanamide and withanolide compositions and method of use thereof
4-cyanopyrazole-3-carboxamide derivatives, preparation, and application thereof
Sigma receptor inhibitors
Heteroaryl diazacycloalkanes, their preparation and use
Osteopontin-related compositions and methods
Method of preparing pharmaceutical compositions
Reagents and methods useful for detecting diseases of the reproductive tissues
Ablation of exterior of stomach to treat obesity
Compression apparatus
Timed delay for redelivery of treatment therapy for a medical device system
Method of fabricating color filter substrate for liquid crystal display device having patterned spac...
Direct thermographic materials with catechol borate reducing agents
Disk cartridge and disk recording medium device having shutter members
Adaptive equalizer matched filter error metric concept and apparatus