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Systems and methods for overriding an ejection lock
Abutted exchange bias design for sensor stabilization
Method and apparatus for providing a current-in-plane (CIP) GMR sensor with an improved in-stack bia...
Magnetic detecting element
Method for fabricating seed layer for spin valve sensor for magnetic heads for hard disk drives
Self-pinned double tunnel junction head
Magnetic write head having resistive heater coil
Suspension with improved gimbal
Methods for producing a protective film on recording media
Method and apparatus reducing off track head motion due to disk vibration in a hard disk drive
Apparatus and system for centering media disks on the hub of a spindle motor in a hard disk drive
Method of manufacturing a suspension using coining
Disk drive device and method having stabilizer plate located between disks
Head shock resistance and head load/unload protection for reducing disk errors and defects, and enha...
Damping structure of a hard disk drive
Device to prevent cartridge incorrect insertion, a cartridge auto-changer, and a cartridge automatic...
Disk drives and methods allowing for dual stage actuator adaptive seek control and microactuator gai...
Magnetic recording medium including servo and data bands in the magnetic layer
Image forming apparatus and method of controlling the apparatus
Light scanning unit, and image forming apparatus using the same
System and method for characterizing fuser stripping performance
Multimodal polyethylene obtained with multilayer chromium catalyst
Styrene copolymers with a bimodal molecular weight distribution
Networked disposal and information distribution apparatus
High porosity fractures and methods of creating high porosity fractures
Image forming apparatus
Method of selecting receive antennas for MIMO systems
Quantum dot structures
Combination pet collar and leash
Method and apparatus for scheduling transmissions in wireless data networks
Method and system for document draft reminder based on inactivity
Method for treating hepatitis C with evaporate of Ecballium elaterium extract
Text input device and adapter mechanism
Gaming system and method using incoming communications history data for variability
Targeting system
Method and system for automatically orienting a spherical object
Proaerolysin containing protease activation sequences and methods of use for treatment of prostate c...
Method for producing fermented milk product
Compositions, methods and kits for diagnosis and treatment of Chlamydia pneumoniae infections of the...
Methods for detecting weakly immunogenic analytes
Assay for the diagnosis of flaviviral infection using antibodies with high affinity for NS1 protein ...
Vapor fraction from seeds of Glycine max (L.) Merr. and composition thereof
Pain relief composition
Nutritional dietary kit for use in preparing an individual for gastrointestinal procedure
Process for the preparation of iopamidol
Insecticidal composition having improved storage stability
Method for treating bacterial infections in horses or pigs with tilmicosin
Method of ameliorating the harmful effects of TNF using a polypeptide having the ability to bind to ...
Hyperthermia agent for malignant tumor comprising cytokine and magnetic fine particles
Page object model
Method and apparatus for functionally verifying a physical device under test
Computer generated documentation including diagram of computer system
Event mechanism for reporting diagnostic event messages
Debugging a grid environment using ghost agents
Memory card
Mechanism and apparatus allowing an N-way set associative cache, implementing a hybrid pseudo-LRU re...
Testing flow control at test assertion level
Integrated development environment for java message service mark-up language
System and method for verifying signal propagation delays of circuit traces of a PCB layout
Vocabulary and syntax based data transformation
Method and computer system for correlating network event messages
Network technique for troubleshooting
Cryogenic storage system
Treatment of fibrosis by antagonism of IL-13 and IL-13 receptor chains
Calendar-enhanced awareness for instant messaging systems and electronic status boards
Oropharyngeal airway
System and method for enabling at least one independent data navigation and interaction activity wit...
Solid electrolyte battery
Method of obtaining D-glucuronic acid
Receiver/decoder and method of processing video data
Voltage-controlled magnetization reversal writing type magnetic random access memory device and meth...
Systems and methods for videoconference and/or data collaboration initiation
High-pressure discharge lamp with mercury chloride having a limited chlorine content
System, method, and visual user interface for evaluating and selecting suppliers for enterprise proc...
Internet facsimile machine
Determining when a low fidelity property value has changed during a SYNC
Method for estimating damage to an object, and method and system for controlling the use of the obje...
Measuring sub-wavelength displacements
System and method for facilitating target aiming and aircraft control using aircraft displays
Optical navigation system having a ring pixel array
Information protection system
Shield in a magnetic device with reduced erase filed
Disc Clamp Having Force Distributing Features
Controlling a write inhibit threshold based on vibration
Defect reallocation for data tracks having large sector size
Sensor Resonant Frequency Identification and Filter Tuning
Thermode sealing with magnetic field compensation
Vertical track zoning for disk drives
Tilted recording media with L10 magnetic layer
Magnetic recording media with Cu-containing magnetic layers
System and method for the prevention of bacterial and fungal infections including Urinary Tract Infe...
Disinfectant Solutions
Methods and compositions for the treatment of infection or infectious colonization of the eyelid, oc...
Compositions containing a nopal cactus isolate and method for making same
Reduction of the Deleterious Effects of Tobacco Smoking
Use of polyphenols to treat skin conditions
Compositions for regulating intestinal disorders and methods of use thereof
Zeolitic compositions inhibiting bacillus anthracis toxins
Fluorinated 4-Azasteroids as Androgen Receptor Modulators
Thickened Dilute Hypochlorite
Antiviral Methods
Stable S-nitrosothiol formulations
Biocompatible microcapsules
Treatment of Childhood Asthma
Immunoassay product and process
Polycarboxylic acid production system employing enhanced evaporative concentration downstream of oxi...
Novel Canola Protein Isolate
Treatment of aqueous compositions containing contaminants
Method for Assessing Cancerous State
Immobilized biocatalytic enzymes in electrodeionization (EDI)
Protein kinase-inducible domains
Lubricious coatings for pharmaceutical applications
Disinfectant system
Substrate processing method, exposure apparatus, and method for producing device
Exposure Apparatus, Exposure Method, Method for Producing Device, and Optical Part
Ink composition for ink jet recording, recording method and recorded matter
Ink set, recording method and recorded article
Photovoltaic device and method for preparing the same
Cleaning of contaminated articles by aqueous supercritical oxidation
Individual Protection Equipment with Lamellar Structure
Wire support
Shaped wall plate for wiring device
Cement compositions with improved mechanical properties and methods of cementing in subterranean for...
Starch as a fuel or fuel component
Stable dental analog
Open lattice mirror structure and method of making same
Apparatus and methods for sealing voids in a subterranean formation
Prefabricated components for making floor slabs, floors and walls with exposed wood beams for small ...
Carpenter's level
Multifunction clips and ground/mounting strap for wiring device
Filled elastomeric butyl compounds
Grid fabric
Method and apparatus for controlling pollution from a cement plant
Methods of using chemical wash compositions for removing drilling fluids
Method of formulating and using a drilling mud with fragile gels
Ultraviolet light curing compositions for composite repair
Reinforcing threads and composites resistant to corrosive media
Fused siliceous refractory and production method thereof
Liquid Crystal Resin, Method for Making the Same, Liquid Crystal Resin Composition, and Molded Artic...
Base material for pressure-sensitive adhesive tape or sheet, pressure-sensitive adhesive tape or she...
Flexible conduit blanket system to facilitate installation of communication outlets
Production of three-dimensional objects by use of electromagnetic radiation
Compositions for use in making models
Surface-Modified Inorganic Fillers and Pigments
Asplenium plant named 'CRISPY WAVE'
Geranium plant named 'Maestro Lavender Blue'
Bacillus Thuringiensis Cry Gene and Protein
Soybean Variety XB37L07
Bacillus thuringiensis cry gene and protein
Bacillus thuringiensis cry gene and protein
Soybean cultivar 6141145
Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
Content reproducing apparatus, and television receiving apparatus
Rule-based stimulation program search
Flexible XML tagging
User Interface Image Element Display and Adaptation System
Method for modifying the operating mode of a technical communications group platform (TCGPL) of a te...
Graphical user interface of an external control device for controlling an implantable medical device...
Meat-containing, strip-shaped food product and method of making same
Method for producing a jerked meat rawhide chew toy
Chemically modified lipolytic enzyme
Bonded fibrous sheet material
Doughnut like dumpling covered with sesame seeds, dough used for preparing the doughnut and method f...
Heat-stable high-amylopectin starch
Article and method for browning and flavoring foodstuffs
Method of extracting and method of purifying an effective substance
Apparatus for continuously pasteurizing meat and food products
Cooking support frame for food items
Providing multiple input bindings across device categories
Generation of Plants with Altered Oil Content
Systems and methods for improved assessment and reporting of the efficacy and safety of drug, biolog...
Ampk Activator
Antioxidant Material, Anti-Deterioration Agent and Food or Beverage
Isoflavonoid Prodrugs, Compositons Thereof and Therapeutic Methods Involving Same
Peptide Yy Analogues
Enzyme fusion proteins and their use
Flavor barrier
Synergistic super potent antioxidant cold pressed botanic oil blends
Minced and Heated Fish Meat Material Having a Texture Like Meat of Livestock, and Process for Produc...
Food Products Comprising Long Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Methods for Preparing the Same
Cereal and Fruit Oil
Device for Producing a Milk-Based Drink
Omega-3 Fatty Acid Compositions With Honey
Methods and Means for Regulating Gene Expression
Machine for making homemade ice-cream and similar
Process for Producing Rice-Based Expandable Pellets and Cracker-Like Snacks
Layout modification using multilayer-based constraints
Agent based router monitoring, diagnostic and maintenance
Method of and apparatus for testing a server
Faulty driver protection comparing list of driver faults
Portable terminal device
Remote microphone teleconferencing configurations
Optical disc camcorder
Imaging for virtual cameras
Method for image processing by unsharp masking
Topographic measurement using stereoscopic picture frames
Image processing system using rotatable surveillance camera
Receiving apparatus for digital broadcasting signal and receiving/recording/reproducing apparatus th...
Method and circuit for generating time stamp data from an embedded-clock audio data stream and a vid...
Selectable color adjustment for image display
Computer system and method for storing TV signals therein
Liquid crystal television apparatus
System and method for multimode information handling system TV out cable connection
Method and apparatus for controlling the functions of an image capturing apparatus
Method and system for detecting field ID
System and method for determining lip synchronization between audio and video in a digitized environ...
Video signal processing apparatus, video signal processing method and video source determining metho...
Detection of extracellular tumor-associated nucleic acid in blood plasma or serum using nucleic acid...
Dynamic normalization of sound reproduction
System and method for operating echo cancellers with networks having insufficient levels of echo ret...
Power supply compensated voltage and current supply
Stereoisomeric compounds and methods for the treatment of gastrointestinal and central nervous syste...
2,8-disubstituted naphthyridine derivatives
Substituted fused pyrroleoximes and fused pyrazoleoximes
Polymer connectors for use in surface plasmon resonance sensor
Quantum supermemory
Instant messaging interface having a tear-off element
Dynamic document context mark-up technique implemented over a computer network
Input device with forward/backward control
Apparatus for sensing human prostate tumor
Antiglare film
Method and apparatus for fluid velocity measurement based on photobleaching
DICOM compliant file communication including quantitative and image data
Apparatus for forming erasable and inerasable images and/or for detecting and erasing erasable image...
Dynamic contrast visualization (DCV)
Method and system for measuring disease relevant tissue changes
Planar speaker
Enhanced micro-radiation therapy and a method of micro-irradiating biological systems
Continuously operating tomography apparatus and method for the operation thereof
Method and system of CT data correction
Spread spectrum meter reading system utilizing low-speed/high-power frequency hopping
System and method for position determination of objects
Announcing the availability of an electronic programming guide to receivers of enhanced television t...
Meta-document management system with document identifiers
Method for document viewing
Efficiency monitor
Practical measurement system for a manufacturing process
Apparatus for measuring body fat
Glossing system for use in a printing architecture
One touch supply ordering method
Method, apparatus, and program product for distinguishing valid data from noise data in a data set
Incremental depth measurement for real-time calculation of dip and azimuth
Artifact suppression in dynamic magnetic resonance imaging
Gas filled hollow core chalcogenide photonic bandgap fiber Raman device and method
Spectral compression algorithms for the analysis of very large multivariate images
System and method for segmenting tissue types in dual-echo magnetic resonance images
Moving-coil electrodynamic motor for a loudspeaker, loudspeaker and pole piece
X-ray diagnosis apparatus and method for creating image data
Optical recording medium and method of evaluating optical recording medium
Power saving mode for receiver circuit blocks based on transmitter activity
Reconfigurable analog baseband for a single-chip dual-mode transceiver
Wireless communicating terminal for providing integrated messaging service and method thereof
Open baseband processing architecture for next generation wireless and mobile communication terminal...
Wireless device hub system and method
Handoff between cellular and enterprise wireless networks
Service access control interface for an unlicensed wireless communication system
Radio resources messaging for a mobile station in an unlicensed wireless communication system
Apparatus and method using page response messages to change the slot cycle index of a selected mobil...
Apparatus and process for a universal diagnostic monitor module on a wireless device
Apparatus and method to coordinate calendar searches in a network scheduler
Content addressable memory including a dual mode cycle boundary latch
Method and apparatus for matching colours
Method and device for virtualization of multiple data sets on same associative memory
Methods of capturing catalog data
Remote software support agent system with electronic documents for troubleshooting
System and method for classification of documents
System and method for use of application metadata
Radio positioning system for providing position and time for assisting GPS signal acquisition in mob...
Method of manufacturing self-ordered nanochannel-array and method of manufacturing nanodot using the...
Melt-based patterning for electronic devices
Mapping in mobile data collection systems, such as for utility meter reading and related application...
Device, method of manufacture thereof, manufacturing method for active matrix substrate, electro-opt...
Labeled cell sets for use as functional controls in rare cell detection assays
Suspended microchannel detectors
Nucleic acid labeling compounds
Water free proton conducting membranes based on poly-4-vinylpyridinebisulfate for fuel cells
Organic fuel cells and fuel cell conducting sheets
Composition and method for controlling moisture
Methods, systems, and uses for calixarenes
Structure for assembling lamp wire for backlight assembly into liquid crystal display module
Image processing device for transmitting color with fidelity and product selling method using the sa...
Method and apparatus for error correction of read data in a disk drive
Thermoplastic block copolymers consisting of polyalkyl(meth)acrylate and polyamide segments and the ...
Dental floss
Pet water supply system
Processor that predicts floating point instruction latency based on predicted precision
Transparent microporous materials for CMP
Anti-hepatitis A virus antibodies
Method and apparatus for multi-sensory speech enhancement on a mobile device
Data file system, data access node, brain node, data access program storage medium and brain program...
Method for treating diabetes mellitus in a patient
Laminate cell, assembled battery, battery module and electric vehicle
Magnetic memory array architecture
LED lamp
Light source device, lighting device and liquid crystal display device
Print control method, a print server, a client and a recording medium in a network environment
System and method for data recovery in a storage system
Method and system for printing of automatically captured facial images augmented with promotional co...
Terminal electrode compositions for multilayer ceramic capacitors
Fibers and ribbons for use in the manufacture of solar cells
Inkjet ink set
Dielectric waveguide having a face and method of production thereof
Hydroxamic acid derivatives and the method for preparing thereof
LED vehicle lamp including reflector with paraboloidal sections
Vehicle sliding sunroof
Resorcinol derivatives
Boron complexation strategy for use in manipulating 1-acyldipyrromethanes
Crystalline semiconductor thin film, method of fabricating the same, semiconductor device and method...
Heat insulating and shielding glass panel
Elastomeric mask and use in fabrication of devices
Zinc oxide film treatment method and method of manufacturing photovoltaic device utilizing the same
Multi-layered film window system
Supplementary slurry fuel atomizer and supply system
Dielectric-coated electrode, plasma discharge treatment apparatus and method for forming thin film
Measurement of non-aqueous phase liquid flow in porous media by tracer dilution
Mechanical-thermal solar power system
Compressed air pumped hydro energy storage and distribution system
Systems and methods for processing non-functional commentary of computer source code
Polymerization Process
Selection and deposition of nanoparticles using CO2-expanded liquids
Plants Having Improved Growth Characteristics and Method for Making the Same
Soybean Isopentenyl Transferase Genes and Methods of Use
Method For Extracting Nucleic Acid And Nucleic Acid-Extracting Apparatus
Method for detecting base mutation
siRNA targeting phosphoinositide-3-kinase, class 2, alpha polypeptide (PIK3C2A)
siRNA targeting coatomer protein complex, subunit beta 2 (CPOB2)
Polynucleotides for use tags and tag complements, manufacture and use thereof
Organic conductor
Degradation-resistant mononucleoside phosphate compounds
Compositions for Diagnosis and Therapy of Diseases Associated with Aberrant Expression of Futrins (R...
Galactose Derivative, Drug Carrier and Medicinal Composition
Albumin fusion proteins
Recombinant E-selectin made in insect cells
Cancer Cell Targeting Gene Delivery Method
Methods and Compositions for Homozygous Gene Inactivation Using Collections of Pre-Defined Nucleotid...
Polypeptides with perhydrolase activity
Container for nucleic acid analysis
Rhesus HER2/neu, nucleotides encoding same, and uses thereof
Oligonucleotide labeling reactants based on acyclonucleosides and conjugates derived thereof
Nucleic acid molecule comprising a nucleic acid sequence which codes for a haemocyanin
Systems and methods for transgenic and targeted mutagenesis screening
Crystal forms of azithromycin
Method for the production by fermentation of sulphur-containing fine chemicals (metF)
D-aminoacylase mutants
Nucleic acid detection method
Malicious Attack Detection System and An Associated Method of Use
Communication apparatus including a buffer circuit having first and second portions for alternately ...
Enhancement of framing protocol frame format to support quality of service
Method for transferring a tunnel between nodes in GPRS system
Apparatus and method for managing dormant state in a wireless packet data system
Pulse transmitters having multiple outputs in phase relationship and methods of operation
Method and system for performing operations and for improving production in wells
Certifying system, radio tag, certifying method and certifying program
Radio frequency data communications device with selectively removable antenna portion and method
Micro-electromechanical systems switch and method of fabricating the same
Signal extracting arrangement
Time-variable magnetic fields generator and magnetic resonance apparatus embodying same
Method of enhancing the stability of electroactive polymers and redox active materials
Apparatus and method for control of biopolymer translocation through a nanopore
Electrosurgical generator and system
Tissue accessing and anchoring device and method
Package for a tire pressure sensor assembly
XML based report generator
Systems and methods for passivation of cached objects in transaction
Flat panel display
Method of driving a display device
Electro-optical device, method of driving electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Organic electroluminescence device having a diffused layer
Chemical sensor using chemically induced electron-hole production at a Schottky barrier
Light emitting device having stripe form electrodes and auxiliary electrodes
Dipyridine-based compound and the use thereof
Organic electroluminescent device
Light emitting device and fluorescent material
Motor spindle control system and method
Helicase dependent amplification of nucleic acids
Tire sidewall
Tire sidewall
Tire with compression-bearing hoop structure
Rubbery polymers containing tin coupling agents and rubber compounds including the same
Method and mold for making tire with tie bar
Radial passenger tire with improved tread contour
Tire tread
Three-piece solid golf ball
Golf club head and manufacturing method of the same
Pneumatic tire with tread portion having zigzag sipes
Method of making finite element model of tire having fine groove
Golf ball
Golf club head
Eco tire
Electron-emitting device and image forming apparatus
Method and structure for coupling two microcircuits
Resistance welding fastener electrode
Anhydrous processing of methane into methane-sulfonic acid, methanol, and other compounds
Decontamination formulation with sorbent additive
Method for stimulating wound healing
Methods and systems for maintaining an encrypted video memory subsystem
CT detector photodiode having multiple charge storage devices
Method and apparatus for providing haptic feedback having a position-based component and a predeterm...
EL lighted articles
Power tool and motor controller
Multiple-speed transmission for automotive vehicle
Plant apparatus operation support device
Method of speed measure on turbo superchargers of internal combustion engines by means of vibrations...
Developing method using a two-ingredient type developer and image forming apparatus using the same
Integrated optic devices and photosensitive sol-gel process for producing integrated optic devices
Optical signal-electric signal converter
Microfluidic control for waveguide optical switches, variable attenuators, and other optical devices
Optical waveguide device, method of manufacturing the same, and optical communication equipment
X-ray diffraction method
Optical waveguide having high dielectric constant contrast between cladding and core
Radiation-emitting semiconductor component
Automatically generated compatibility reports
Template help pane
Trust level based platform access regulation application
Method and computer program product for offloading processing tasks from software to hardware
Mosquito/insect larva trap magnet system
System and method for controlling rate of heat exchange with patient
Increasing the level of automation when provisioning a computer system to access a network
Method and apparatus for switching between shared and individual channels to provide broadcast conte...
Method for using a verification probe in an LDP MPLS network
Reverse data transmission apparatus and method in a mobile communication system
Content addressable memory with selective error logging
Display panel driver
Contactless IC card system
Systems for brushless DC electrical drive control
Charged particle beam detection system
Method of manufacturing light-propagating probe for near-field microscope
Method and apparatus for monitoring and controlling laser-induced tissue treatment
Deflectable implantation device and method of use
Downhole measurement system and method
Multifunctional probe array system
Modular dental implants with extensions
Implant arrangement
Interleukin-6 suppressive agent
Milking device provided with cleansing means
Pyrrolidin-2-one derivatives as inhibitors of factor xa
Genetic engineering of vascular grafts to resist disease
Method for diagnosing and monitoring hemostatic dysfunction, severe infection and systematic inflamm...
Return-to-LIBC attack detection using branch trace records system and method
Frequency adjustment method of surface acoustic wave device, surface acoustic wave device, and elect...
Derivatives of azaspiro compounds for the treatment of pain
Back light unit and liquid crystal display apparatus
System, method, and apparatus for electrically testing lead-to-lead shorting during magnetoresistive...
Developing device using specific charging unit for charging toner and image forming device adopting ...
Exciting device
Strain tunable, flexible photonic crystals
Method and system for performing wavelength locking of an optical transmission source
Recording/reproducing head
System and method for managing power consumption within an integrated circuit
Optical ring network with optical subnets and method
Multiple subnets in an optical ring network and method
Highly dispersive dispersion compensating fiber for transmission fiber and transmission system utili...
Integrated microelectromechanical wavelength selective switch and method of making same
Interpolation of edge portions of a digital image
Digitally controlled optical fiber delay line
Evanescently coupling light between waveguides and whispering-gallery mode optical resonators
Optical package
Bending element light switch
Method to monitor structural damage occurrence and progression in monolithic composite structures us...
Methods and systems for controlling fiber polarization mode dispersion (PMD)
Non-aqueous electrolyte battery
De-fluorination after via etch to preserve passivation
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device including using a sealing resin to form a sealing bod...
Highly heat-resistant, negative-type photosensitive resin composition
Long-term high temperature and humidity stable holographic optical data storage media compositions w...
Flexible printed circuit board and process for producing the same
Ceramic heater and method for manufacturing the same
Thermoplastic resin composition
Communication device of mobile unit
Computer casing
Window-attached alerting device
Plasma display apparatus having heat radiation sheet
Cellulose acylate-based dope, cellulose acylate film, and method of producing a cellulose acylate fi...
Apparatus and method for testing gas detection instruments
Doubly-anchored thermal actuator having varying flexural rigidity
NMR CryoMAS probe for high-field wide-bore magnets
Laser diode triggered soft start controller for a polyphase electric motor
Alignment apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Resistance variable memory device and method of fabrication
Multiple electron beam device
Method and apparatus for accurate calibration of a reflectometer by using a relative reflectance mea...
Method for determining wavelengths of light incident on a photodetector
Integrating preconcentrator heat controller
Display device and method of driving thereof
Passive water management techniques in direct methanol fuel cells
Method for producing aqueous styrene-butadiene polymer dispersions
Detection with evanescent wave probe
Purging water with reactant air pump powered by operational fuel cell system during shutdown
Method and apparatus for the operation of a cell stack assembly during subfreezing temperatures
Methods for operating fuel cells fed with a gas containing hydrogen and carbon oxide, and devices re...
Method and device for limiting crossover in fuel cell systems
Fuel cell, polyelectrolyte and ion-exchange resin use for same
Temperature zones in a solid oxide fuel cell auxiliary power unit
Apparatus for hydrogen separation and fuel cell system
Protected active metal electrode and battery cell structures with non-aqueous interlayer architectur...
Hydrogen storage-based rechargeable fuel cell system and method
Wireless interactive headset
Light adjustable multifocal lenses
Universal accommodating IOL holder for lens processing and packaging
Automatic pressure release toothbrush
Lighting device having a multi-position switch assembly
Method and system for broadcasting via phase-shift keying modulation with multiple transmit antennas
Method and system for producing proof data for package printing
Apparatus and method for measuring the length change of the feed spindle in an exposer for printing ...
Gatherer stitcher
Method of controlling register when overprinting a plurality of separated colors
Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus with a gradient shielding configuration having reduced coupling...
Method and apparatus of multi-coil MR imaging with hybrid space calibration
Multi-turn element RF coil array for multiple channel MRI
Specific energy absorption rate model
Apparatus & method for cleaning cooling tower recirculating water
Optical waveguide device
Salt and crystalline forms of (2R)-anti-5-{3-[4-(10,11-difluoromethanodibenzosuber-5-yl)piperazin-1-...
Cystatin C as an antagonist of TGF-.beta. and methods related thereto
Intravaginal culture (IVC) method and container therefor
Method of treating intervertebral disc
Code generator for a distributed processing system
Pediatric atresia magnets
Lead stabilizer and extension wire
Ablation probe for delivering fluid through porous structure
Trocar seal system
Lithium secondary battery comprising overdischarge-preventing agent
Electrochemical device
Non-aqueous secondary battery and portable equipment using the same
Ionically conductive composites for protection of active metal anodes
Cosmetic case capable of opening and/or closing content outlet
Product lifecycle data management system and product lifecycle data management method
Integrating geographical contextual information into mobile enterprise applications
Wireless sensing system and method
Hybrid non-volatile memory
Method and system for monitoring location based service emitter infrastructure
Fully configurable trading keyboard
Tamper-resistant RFID disabling apparatus and method of manufacturing
RFID radio frequency identification or property monitoring method and associated apparatus
Method and system for arming a multi-layered security system
Multi-level meshed security network
Method and system for providing tracking services to locate an asset
Method and system for providing tracking services to locate an asset
RFID tags adjusting to different regulatory environments, and RFID readers to so adjust them and met...
Wireless display device and radio frequency identification system using the same
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Optical waveguide forming material and method
Inorganic scintillator and process for its fabrication
Dicarboxylic diester, process for producing the same, and refrigerating machine lubricating oil comp...
Ascorbic acid derivatives and skin-whitening cosmetics
Method for incorporating nitrogen containing methine light absorbers in pet and compositions thereof
Polyepoxy resin compositions
Propylene-based polymer, polypropylene resin composition, and injection molded article
Sulfonyldiazomethane compounds, photoacid generator, resist materials and patterning using the same
Cured rubber components for use with pharmaceutical devices
Method for coloring cellulosic materials using cationic pigment dispersion
Inorganic scintillator
Process for removal of impurities from mother liquor in the synthesis of carboxylic acid using press...
Method for producing laminated porous polyolefin film and laminated porous polyolefin film
Type III allergic inflammation model animal
Ice fishing apparatus with eccentric release feature
Optical probe system
Methods of hydraulic fracturing and of propping fractures in subterranean formations
Process for production of high-isoprene butyl rubber
Olefin polymerisation process in the presence of an anti-fouling agent
Resin compositions for producing biaxially oriented polypropylene films
Photoresist compositions, hardened forms thereof, hardened patterns thereof and metal patterns forme...
Magnetic recording medium including a radiation-cured material layer having a specified structure an...
Method for surface modification, a novel support matrix and the use of the matrix
Merchandise labeling
Electrical stimulation of the acoustic nerve based on selected groups
Nerve stimulation device
Apparatus and method for obtaining cardiac data
Needle having multiple electrodes
Device and method for determining a cardiac condition using a complex signal formed from a detected ...
Method and apparatus for identifying patients with wide QRS complexes
Method and device for obtaining orthosis models
Device that appends a recognition point for image joining to the extracted image and a recognition e...
Image processing device and image processing method
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
Image processor and method thereof
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
Data processing apparatus and method and recording medium
Method and device for identifying objects in digital images
Method and device for encoding and decoding a digitized image
Using graphic objects in MFD scan-to-export function
Image processing method and apparatus
Image compression by object segregation
Digital watermark detection method and apparatus
Communications terminal
Large mode area fiber for low-loss transmission and amplification of single mode lasers
Double-clad photonic optical fiber
Movable lens beam steerer
Optical fiber transmission system with increased effective modal bandwidth transmission
Optical router using stationary imaging
Optical connector with protective cover and leaf spring
Illuminated keyboard
Lamp assembly with LED light sources including threaded heat conduction base
Modular ballasts of aquarium
Light emitting module and lamp
Transflective frame and backlight module using the same
Backlight module for flat panel display
Method and apparatus for image illumination using self-contained luminaire
Vehicular lamp
Direction indicators for vehicles
Vehicle headlamp and lamp unit
Vehicle headlight
Headlights for vehicles
Vehicle headlight apparatus
Headband with magnifying lens and detachable light
Retractable dimmer sleeve for an elongated light source
Luminaire with reflector having two portions with different optical axes
Headlight for a vehicle
Charger for optical recording media
Sense amplifier and method for generating variable reference level
Bit line sense amplifier and semiconductor memory device having the same
Adjustment mechanism used in an optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Apparatus, method, and system for logging diagnostic information
Method and system for self-healing in routers
System and method for vibration monitoring
System and method for fluid regulation
Systems and methods for receiver upgrade
System and method of improving the dynamic range of a receiver in the presence of a narrowband inter...
Method for manufacturing high silicon grain-oriented electrical steel sheet with superior core loss ...
Dense phase processing fluids for microelectronic component manufacture
Powdery preparation for transmucosal administration containing a polymeric form of drug and exhibiti...
Paper softening compositions containing bilayer disrupter
Container and blue cap with a product having blue stripes
Container and pink cap with a product having pink stripes
Stop stool with visual indicia
Casting roll and a method for producing a casting roll
Methods and apparatus for implementing a secure resume
Methods of using ant colony optimization to pack designs into programmable logic devices
Memory bus assignment for functional devices in an audio/video signal processing system
Technique for providing multi-homing capability in data networks
Plasmatron-catalyst system
Surveying device for the running parameters of railway bearings
Antifriction bearing unit having a sensor and a resolver
Power transmission device with thermally compensating bearing preload mechanism
Tapered roller bearing and final reduction gear
Oil-feeding device for an engine crankshaft
Bearing material
Spindle device utilizing externally pressurized gas bearing assembly
Rotation-support apparatus with rotation sensor device for drive-wheel
Spindle assembly for machine tools and method of fabricating same
Portable gun support case
Electronic ink processing
Method for measuring and quantizing document quality
High speed underwater projectile tracking system and method
Oblique transmission illumination inspection system and method for inspecting a glass sheet
Image heating apparatus and heater therefor
High sensitivity fibre optic vibration sensing device
Management system and management method for managing a wireless tagged article
Optically marking the label side of an optical disc
Nuclear magnetic resonance gyroscope
Optically active 2-allylcarboxylic acid derivative and process for producing the same
Antiperspirant gel
Fire resistant glazings
Watchcase adapted for a removable ornamental top
Digital imaging assembly and methods thereof
Moldable and curing reflector material with high reflectivity
Transmitter photonic integrated circuits (TxPIC) and optical transport networks employing TxPICs
Wavelength filter and wavelength monitor device
Distributed fiber sensor based on spontaneous brilluoin scattering
Optical hydrophone for a shock-wave field with long service life
Materials for organic electronic devices
Fluid delivery system for generating pressurized hot water pulses
Structure and method for linking within a website
Segmentation algorithmic approach to step-and-shoot intensity modulated radiation therapy
Utilization of color transformation effects in photographs
Advanced optics for rapidly patterned laser profiles in analytical spectrometry
Patient weighing system
Antitumor benzoylsulfonamides
Azaindole inhibitors of aurora kinases
Method and apparatus for a microscope image selector
Processor which overrides default operand size for implicit stack pointer references and near branch...
Client-server protocol for directory access of snapshot file systems in a storage system
System and method for data migration
Apparatus, system, and method for differential backup using snapshot on-write data
Logless transaction coordination
Preparation method of toner and toner
Durable thermal barrier coatings
Surface coating for electronic systems
Porous silicon composite structure as large filtration array
Composite articles and methods of making the same
Self-mixing laser range sensor
Apparatus for three-dimensional optical data storage and retrieval
System and method for WDM communication with interleaving of optical signals for efficient wavelengt...
System and method for command line prediction
Variable matching circuit, variable resonance circuit, variable phase-shifting circuit and variable ...
Reconfigurable processor module comprising hybrid stacked integrated circuit die elements
Photoelectric converter device and manufacturing method thereof
Cantilevered workspace mount for flat panel displays
Universal mount with tilt for a flat panel display
Packaging box
Summarization of digital files
Image processing method, manipulation detection method, image processing device, manipulation detect...
Apparatus and method for restoring current parameters and/or values
Print job GUI
Anti-strip screw boss
Measurement and control of high frequency banding in a marking system
Activity recording module
Method and system for distributing print job
Machine for waking a sleeper
Flexible bakeware
Alkanolamide surfactant emulsions and process therefor
Method of manufacturing glimepiride and the respective intermediate
Particulate water absorbent containing water absorbent resin as a main component
Pest treatment composition
Fault injection method and system
Audio quality component
Methods and apparatus for constructing switch arrays for routing of optical signals so as to minimiz...
Distributed weighted fair arbitration and forwarding
Method of scheduling bursts of data for transmission in a communication network
Voice and data call admission policies for a wireless communication system
Hierarchical scheduler architecture for use with an access node
Enhanced recovery action in service specific connection orientation protocol
Similarity string filtering
Inhaling type medicine administering apparatus and medicine cartridge used therein
Liquid container having liquid consumption detecing device
TCP offload network interface device
Toner supplying device, toner supplying process, image forming apparatus, and image forming process
Process for forming a cover layer for a golf ball
Method for removal of arsenic from water
Cleaning hollow core membrane fibers using vibration
Golf ball with deep depressions
Thread protection system with weather barrier
Plasma display panel with a dielectric layer having depressions between projections and forming vent...
Thermal transfer medium and method of making thereof
Ink jet ink, method for producing ink jet ink, ink jet recording method and ink cartridge
Process and apparatus for segregation and testing by spectral analysis of solid deposits derived fro...
Microdevice having an annular lining for producing an electrospray emitter
Method for producing aqueous styrene-butadiene polymer dispersions III
Method for terminating or reducing water flow in a subterranean formation
Fluorescent lamp having phosphor layer that is substantially free from calcium carbonate
Axially-expandable EM shield
4-trifluoromethylpyrazolyl-substituted pyridines and pyrimidines
C-erbB-2 external domain: GP75
Method of diagnosing epilepsy
Composition for dyeing keratin fibres, containing an alcohol oxidase, and process using this composi...
Device option configuration selection
System and method for regulating message flow in a digital data network
Method and system for printing user data to form documents
Apparatus and method for synchronizing an audio signal with a film
Thermal printer temperature management
Method for integrated load balancing among peer servers
NQL--netlist query language
Merging of products into a database
Methods, systems, and media for handling errors in script files
Compression scheme for improving cache behavior in database systems
Blow-by gas and purge gas treating device in intake valve lift variable engine
Valve timing adjusting apparatus
Oil pressure control apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Variable lift valve operating system for internal combustion engine
Control apparatus
Defect analysis using a yield vehicle
Method for automatically determining the fitting positions of tires in a motor vehicle
Transfer of at least one personal setting of a vehicle
J1850 application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) and messaging technique
Vehicular radar device
Airborne imaging system and method
Method and computer program for identification of inattentiveness by the driver of a vehicle
System and method for semi-distributed event warning notification for individual entities, and compu...
System for observing the area laterally behind a vehicle
Side mirror device for vehicle
Object sensor and controller
Novel Occlusive Dressing
Ankle brace
Rotational hinge assembly for a knee brace having an osteoarthritis treatment function
Long-range surface plasmon resonance device utilizing nano-scale porous dielectric and method of fab...
Passive optical sensor using carbon nanotubes
Polymer-nanotube composites, fibers, and processes
Nanoparticle vaccines
Preparation and application of novel chromium based nanocatalyst for gas-phase fluorination and hydr...
Apparatus for producing oxidic nanocrystals
Strip electrode with conductive nano tube printing
Self-repair and enhancement of nanostructures by liquification under guiding conditions
Polymerizable compositions comprising nanoparticles
Image capturing apparatus
Camera zoom device and method for a mobile communication terminal
Surveillance window
Photograph including coded image data
Coating and developing system and coating and developing method
Light-emitting diode module for flash and auto-focus application
Method and system for LED temporal dithering to achieve multi-bit color resolution
Sub-component based rendering of objects having spatial frequency dominance parallel to the striping...
Structural elements and tile sets
Method for operating mechanical casino bonus game in the presence of mechanical bias
Bulk vending machine having an integrated game of skill
Pacifier toy
Water amusement system and method
Collision obstacles and sensors for determining the outcome of a race
Toy play set
Decision engine
Rule based system and method for writing, developing, implementing and administering legislation
Methods and apparatus for transmitting signals through network elements for classification
Plausible neural network with supervised and unsupervised cluster analysis
Multimodal fusion decision logic system
Machine-learned approach to determining document relevance for search over large electronic collecti...
Object-detection method multi-class Bhattacharyya Boost algorithm used therein
Q-learning-based multi-rate transmission control (MRTC) scheme for RRC in WCDMA systems
System and method for an end-to-end IP television interactive broadcasting platform
Method and system for tracking and exchanging incremental changes to hierarchical objects
Configuring a GUI element to subscribe to data
Dynamic publication of information from a database
Digital watermark embedding apparatus and method, and computer program
Publish-subscribe system having a reliability mechanism
Change card
Shared persistent objects
Methods and systems for effecting video transitions represented by bitmaps
System for editing and aligning captured events and data to a common time base to create customer se...
Method and system for loan organization and underwriting
Mobile multimedia engine
Sharing live advanced streaming format indexed files
Method and device for transmitting/receiving data rate information in a mobile communication system
Method and system for channel element allocation for wireless systems
Multimedia communications in a telecommunications network
Portable multimedia based AV player with magnifying lens
Restricted multimedia episode distribution with synthetically generated random outcomes to players w...
Square embossed roof and rib plate
Pressing-out apparatus
Magma evacuation systems for the prevention of explosions from supervolcanoes
Composition and method for forming a sprayable materials cover
Methods for measurement of a dimensional characteristic and methods of predictive modeling related t...
Apparatus and method for a chain motivated toaster with vertically aligned rollers
Apparatus and method for a chain motivated toaster with vertically aligned rollers
Heating system for use in on-board kitchens in means of transport and a method for heating food on b...
Multilayer oriented antimicrobial and antifogging films
Device and method for the thermal treatment of unshelled eggs
Method for producing nutritionally balanced food compositions
Roasting system
Surface pasteurization of cooked food products
Use of a dihydrochalcone-rich phenolic fraction in a cosmetic treatment
Hand sterilizing apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for lifting and supporting a utensil cover
Pizza tray
Food plate
Locking structure for hinged container
Combination water and food dispenser for pets
Needleless injection device and method of injecting
Container assembly for aging a liquid
Barbecue utility server cart
Bulk transportable container
Individual transport control and communication system
Apparatus and method for controlling command torques in hybrid electric vehicle
Electrically-actuated A.C. or D.C. motor for providing differential vehicle traction
Method and apparatus for preventing unauthorized use of a vehicle
Method for estimating engine power in a hybrid electric vehicle powertrain
Apparatus and method for operating a fuel reformer so as to purge soot therefrom
Method and apparatus for sensing a vehicle crash
Electric power steering device
Electric power steering apparatus
Tractor suspension with tensioned drive shaft
Air discharge structure for motorcycles
Drive unit able to be applied to a vehicle provided with pedals
Kit and method for high clearance conversion of a vehicle
Intake system structure for vehicle
Multipurpose motor vehicle with two coaxial parallel wheels and more electromagnetic holonomic wheel...
Industrial truck
Patient support apparatus with powered wheel
Quick connect assembly for ATV implements
Cooling system used for hybrid-powered automobile
Method for assembling a hybrid electro-mechanical transmission
Copyright protection system, transmitter, receiver, bridge device, copyright protective method, medi...
System and method for enabling secure access to services in a computer network
User authentication method in network
System and method for platform activation
Digital content system
Electronic commerce infrastructure system
Restoration of lost peer-to-peer offline transaction records
Transaction management system
Evaluating queries against in-memory objects without serialization
Computer system and method for increasing patients compliance to medical care instructions
Application management for multi application devices
Information processing device and method, and providing medium
Two-part pricing of differentiated goods
System and a method for carrying out personal and business transactions
Risk-adjusted method for pricing financial derivatives
Method for supplementing descriptors for online banking transaction statements
System for providing integrated financing services
Integrated electronic shopping cart system and method
System for placing product delivery orders through the internet
Electronic product information display system
Method of screening inhibitors of mevalonate-independent isoprenoid biosynthetic pathway
Inbred maize line PH91C
Inbred maize line PH1BC
Plant transformation method
Soybean cultivar 5830261
Plant like starches and the method of making them in hosts
Maize cellulose encoding nucleic acids and uses thereof
Cyanobacterial nucleic acid fragments encoding proteins useful for controlling plant traits via nucl...
Plastid directed DNA constructs comprising chimeric plastid targeting regions, vectors containing sa...
Rubisco small subunit promotes from Brassica rapa and uses thereof
Root-specific conifer gene promoter and its use
Stimulus-inducible protein kinase complex and methods of use therefor
Nucleic acids which code for the enzyme activities of the spinosyn biosynthesis
Process for the scaleable purification of plasmid DNA
Cloning and sequencing of the allergen Dac g5 of Dactylis glomerata pollen, its preparation and its ...
Isolated nucleic acids, vectors and host cells encoding ErbB3 antibodies
IL-1 delta DNA and polypeptides
Ultrapure transferrin for pharmaceutical compositions
Antibodies to novel murine and human kinases
Antibodies against gene products related to Werner's Syndrome
Method for the preparation of a non-woven silk fibroin fabrics
Keyboard musical instrument and other-type musical instrument, and method for generating tone-genera...
Automated stringed instrument player
Velocity estimator for manipulators and musical instrument using the same
Pickup for digital guitar
Stringed musical instrument equipped with sensors sensitive to vibration components and bridge with ...
Method of dynamically determining a maximum polyphony number according to operation mode and smoothl...
Music player
Musical instrument tuner
Modular automated assistive guitar
System of stringed musical instruments with substitutable fingerboards
Synthesis method for carbon material based on Li.sub.xM.sub.1-yM'(XO.sub.4).sub.n
Sintering resistant catalyst material and a method for the preparation thereof
Conversion of CO to CO.sub.2
Method of removing tar-forming gases from CVD/CVI furnace effluent
Precious metal recovery using thiocyanate lixiviant
Method for recycling sludge during waste-water treatment
Oxynitride compounds, methods of preparation, and uses thereof
Catalytic dehydrogenation of amine borane complexes
Electrochemically active material for the positive electrode of an electrochemically rechargeable li...
Dispatching notification to a device based on the current context of a user with the device
Automatic/manual slide type communication terminal
Rotary folder-type mobile communication terminal
Subscriber identity module and method of preventing access thereto, and mobile communication termina...
Communication terminal having personalisation means
Palm-sized mobile information terminal with finger-insertion hooking portion
Remote caller identification (ID) device
Method and apparatus for chaotic opportunistic lossless compression of data
Asymmetric digital subscriber line system capable of automatically controlling receipt gain and meth...
Rapid telephone call methods and systems
Systems and methods for scalable hunt-group management
Method and system for selectively performing call information query
Method and system for termination blocking of message delivery service in a switch-based telecommuni...
Method and apparatus for improved personal communication devices and systems
Method and system for providing enhanced caller identification information including tailored announ...
Method and system for displaying customer information
Service accounting system and method
Method for preventing overload condition in a circuit switched arrangement
Saving information from information retrieval systems
Four channel audio recording in a packet based network
Method and system for multi-modal interaction
Magnetic resonance imaging and radio frequency impedance mapping methods and apparatus
PPA MRT method and apparatus with scaled contribution of k-space data to the reconstructed image
Microencapsulation processes and compositions for electrophoretic displays
PRO4356 antibodies
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
PRO6095 polypeptides
Pro5005 polypeptides
PRO1867 polypeptides
PRO4989 polypeptides
PRO1076 polypeptides
PRO536 polypeptides
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
PRO337 polypeptides
Pyrimidinones as melanin concentrating hormone receptor 1
Purine inhibitors of fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase
Interferon antagonists useful for the treatment of interferon related diseases
Methods for forming porous insulator structures on semiconductor devices
Tango 240 nucleic acids and uses thereof
Permanent, removable tissue markings
Process for self-repair of insulation material
Baculovirus produced Plasmodium falciparum vaccine
Method for down-regulating IL5 activity
Loudspeaker low profile quarter wavelength transmission line and enclosure and method
Low-frequency sound reproducing speaker apparatus
Accelerated weight drop for use as a seismic energy source and a method of operation thereof