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Black and white photothermographic material and image forming method
Photothermographic material and image forming method
Intracellular production of hepatitis C E1 and E2 truncated polypeptides
Mutant B-type DNA polymerases exhibiting improved performance in PCR
Method and system for error checking an electrochemical sensor
Dynamic vehicle electrical system test
Method for recovering metal values from concentrates of sulfide minerals
Indazoles, benzothiazoles, and benzoisothiazoles, and preparation and uses thereof
Sulphonic acid salt of sibutramine
Multi-beam ion mobility time-of-flight mass spectrometer with bipolar ion extraction and zwitterion ...
Viewing-angle adjustable liquid crystal display and method for adjusting the same
Color filter substrate having reflecting and transmitting components, liquid crystal display device ...
Bistable nematic liquid crystal display device
Device and method for determining the properties of surfaces
Electrolyte for electrolytic capacitor and electrolytic capacitor containing the same
Capacitive/resistive devices, organic dielectric laminates and printed wiring boards incorporating s...
XRF analyzer
Anti-scatter grid with mechanical resistance
Four-port optical filter fabricated from tapered optical fiber
Multi-segment photonic-crystal-rod waveguides for amplification of high-power pulsed optical radiati...
Light emissive signage devices based on lightwave coupling
Elliptical diffusers used in displays
Micromechanical system containing a microfluidic lubricant channel
Image forming device having a member for preventing developer leakage
Device and method for treating obesity
Apparatus administration system
Method and system for facilitating information exchange
Method of interacting with the internet via a printed page
Quality determination for packetized information
System and method for controlling data traffic in a wireless communication system
Internet access to telecommunications relay service
System and method for marketing over computer networks
Substitute fulfillment system
Functional pricing for computer internet market
Method and system for telephonically selecting, addressing, and distributing messages
Distributed globally accessible information network
Automatic access of a networked resource with a portable wireless device
Reducing certificate revocation lists at access points in a wireless access network
System for processing data acquired from multiple medical devices
System having a single IP address associated with communication protocol stacks in a cluster of proc...
Internet SCSI communication via UNDI services
Method and system for facilitating information exchange
Image forming apparatus, launching method of program in the apparatus, image forming system, and pro...
Layout adjustment method and apparatus and layout adjustment program
Encoding system conversion apparatus and method for same
Recording apparatus with determining whether or not information signals recorded previously on recor...
Image playback apparatus and method with playback frame rate of selected representative image being ...
Image forming apparatus setting an image forming condition based on characteristics of a cartridge, ...
Color image forming apparatus, and program and method of controlling a color image forming apparatus
Sealing member, toner accommodating container and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with transparent toner developer
Toner supplying container and image forming apparatus
Image heating apparatus
Belt feeding device and image heating device
Belt feeding device and image heating device
Lattice encoding
Spinning impingement multiphase contacting device
Acousto-optic device and fabrication method of acousto-optic device
Painting system
Method and system for multi-mode coverage for an autonomous robot
Reference point teaching using an end effector to form a witness mark
Robot teaching program editing apparatus based on voice input
Automatic charging station for autonomous mobile machine
Ruthenium as an underlayer for tungsten film deposition
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Integrated circuit device incorporating metallurgical bond to enhance thermal conduction to a heat s...
Process of making a III-V compound semiconductor heterostructure MOSFET
Method of making a capacitive substrate using photoimageable dielectric for use as part of a larger ...
Method for forming shallow trench isolation of semiconductor device
Methods of forming through-wafer interconnects and structures resulting therefrom
Electronic component, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Semiconductor light emitting device capable of increasing its brightness
Semiconductor device having gate electrode connection to wiring layer
Package structure
Semiconductor structure and method of manufacture
Semiconductor device in a resin sealed package with a radiating plate and manufacturing method there...
Semiconductor device having an electronic circuit disposed therein
Semiconductor device and fabrication process thereof
Organic electroluminescence device having a cathode with a metal layer that includes a first metal a...
Diffraction element
Monolithic capacitor, circuit board, and circuit module
Optical transceiver
Efficient method for packet switching on asynchronous transfer mode switch based platforms
Spread-spectrum demodulator
Method and bit stream decoding unit using majority voting
Evoked response and impedance measures for monitoring heart failure and respiration
Implantable cardiac device providing intrinsic conduction search with premature atrial contraction p...
Open-ended PC host interface for vehicle data recorder
Network-based system for selecting or purchasing products
Method and apparatus for performing multiply-add operations on packed byte data
Method and apparatus for distributed systems management
RDMA server (OSI) global TCE tables
High speed on-chip serial link apparatus and method
Bi-directional data control state machine
Data transfer apparatus and data transfer method
Adaptive input / output compressed system and data cache and system using same
Optimization of cascaded virtual cache memory
Data transmission apparatus, system and method, and image processing apparatus
Data processing device, and control method of data processing device
Hardware component graph to hardware description language translation method
Method, system, and computer program product for providing a software upgrade in a network node
Providing travel log integration for objects hosted in a browser
Process group resource manager
Application-aware system that dynamically partitions and allocates resources on demand
Urgent replication facility
Information processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, program, and recording medium
Method for operating a field transmitter
Peer-to peer graphing interfaces and methods
Data recording/reproducing apparatus with an improved structure for securely supporting a front pane...
Method to enable cooperative processing and resource sharing between set-top boxes, personal compute...
Method and system for providing persistence in a secure network access
Oblivious proxying using a secure coprocessor
Prompt authentication
Method and computer system for securing communication in networks
Security-related programming interface
Command processing system by a management agent
30-pin connector
Diffuser gravity support
Semiconductor substrate process using an optically writable carbon-containing mask
System and method for displaying images
Datalog support in a modular test system
Detergent container of washing machine
Stabilized body care products, household products, textiles and fabrics
Method and apparatus for generating RF waveforms having aggregate energy with desired spectral chara...
On-board fuel additive injection systems
Headlight beam control system and headlight beam control method
System and method for sensitizing the activation criteria of a rollover control system
Method for managing a transportation fleet
Method and system for monitoring a vehicle
Information system
Process for forming centipede polymer gels
Anti-diabetic extract isolated from Rauvolfia vomitoria and Citrus aurantium, and method of using sa...
Antifungal composition, its fungicidal effect on pathogenic dermatophytes, and process for inhibitin...
Herbal formulation as memory enhancer in Alzheimer condition
Controlling plant pathogens with bacterial/fungal antagonist combinations
Microbial consortium useful as seeding material for BOD analysis of pulp and paper industrial wastew...
Use of nerve growth factor for the storage, culture or treatment of cornea
Method for processing lipoaspirate cells
Cyclosporin analog formulations
System and method for reducing user-application interactions to archivable form
Method and system for header compression
System and method for optimized allocation of shared processing resources
Access to a wide memory
System and method to initialize a multiple function device with a multi-part boot algorithm
System and method for enabling bulk retrieval of certificates
System and method for securely providing a configuration file over and open network
Portable telecommunication security device
Systems and methods for preserving confidentiality of sensitive information in a point-of-care commu...
Method and apparatus to monitor power consumption of processor
Anticipatory power management for battery-powered electronic device
Trellis-based detection process and system
Differential dynamic content delivery with device controlling action
Enhanced efficiency in handling novel words in spellchecking module
Pointright: a system to redirect mouse and keyboard control among multiple machines
Systems and methods for displaying content in a ticker
Method for load balancing a line of parallel processing elements
Method for dynamic application of rights management policy
Fuels hydrocracking and distillate feed hydrofining in a single process
Hydrogenation catalyst for hydrocarbon oil and process for hydrogenation using the catalyst
Musical instrument double plectrum
Vane control
Hydraulic device for pumping molten metal and/or controlling a molten metal flow
Method of operating a compressor near the compressor pumping limit and compressor
Top plunger adapter
Method for processing multi-component liquid mixtures and device for carrying out said method
Control and alarm system for sump pump
Photoplethysmographic device with species-specific calibration
Noninvasive blood analysis by optical probing of the veins under the tongue
Method and apparatus for measuring fluorescence polarization in lab-on-a-chip
Apparatus and method for inspecting film defect
Multispectral, multifusion, laser-polarimetric optical imaging system
Optimization of diffraction order selection for two-dimensional structures
Adaptive polarization adjustment apparatus for controlling polarization of light inputted to polariz...
Methods for characterizing semiconductor material using optical metrology
Image processing apparatus and method
Imaging method and apparatus
Image processing method, image processing device, image processing program, and recording medium for...
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program and image forming apparatus, for perfor...
Etching a nitride-based heterostructure
Use of a plasma source to form a layer during the formation of a semiconductor device
Methods for forming arrays of small, closely spaced features
Methods and apparatus for rinsing and drying
Manufacturing method for two-step post nitridation annealing of plasma nitrided gate dielectric
Nitriding method of gate oxide film
Silicon oxynitride gate dielectric formation using multiple annealing steps
Method of forming trench isolation in the fabrication of integrated circuitry
UV treatment for low-k dielectric layer in damascene structure
Method for the production of a substrate
Method and sample for radiation microscopy including a particle beam channel formed in the sample so...
Strained-silicon for CMOS device using amorphous silicon deposition or silicon epitaxial growth
Solid-state element and solid-state element device
Variable mask device for crystallizing silicon layer
Split gate type nonvolatile memory device
High performance multi-level non-volatile memory device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Memory package
Semiconductor assembly including chip scale package and second substrate with exposed surfaces on up...
Method for electrochemically fabricating three-dimensional structures including pseudo-rasterization...
Method and system for detecting and classifying the modulation of unknown analog and digital telecom...
Carrier frequency detection for N-ary phase modulated signal
Carrier state judging device and transmitting device
Divided driver device for a slip ring seal
Method and system for managing traffic in fibre channel systems
Fibre channel zoning hardware for directing a data packet to an external processing device
Systems and methods for providing snapshot capabilities in a storage virtualization environment
Storage system and storage control method comprising router and switch in communication with RAID mo...
Methods and devices for high network availability
Internal combustion engine
Apparatus for removing contaminants from crankcase emissions
Sewage slurry separation system
Wastewater treatment system
Aquarium filter cartridge and filtration system
Fuel tank with filters
Water treatment system and pressure pipe therefor
Device for in-line preparation of liquid for an extracorporeal blood treatment apparatus
Device for a body fluid bag
Water purification apparatus and system
Clarifying tank
Apparatus and methods for control of waste treatment processes
Hybrid chemical/mechanical dewatering method for sewage treatment plants
Method for removing contaminants from fluid streams
Apparatus and process for inducing magnetism
Separating constituents of a fluid mixture
Process for producing polyolefin membrane with integrally asymmetrical structure
Extracting apparatus
Riser termination device
Optical UV lamp-on indicator
Switching power supply apparatus
Switching control circuit having a valley voltage detector to achieve soft switching for a resonant ...
DC-AC converter
Retrofit digital mammography detector
D-optimized switching converter
Gain control in a wireless device
Circuit and method for controlling the power mode a class-D amplifier
Recovery from clipping events in a class D amplifier
PWM digital amplifier with high-order loop filter
Heat activatable adhesive tape for bonding electronic components and conductor tracks
Indoline compound and medicinal use thereof
Process for the preparation of atorvastatin and intermediates
Medicament containing an effector of the glutathione metabolism together with .alpha.-lipoic acid fo...
Cyclohexyl prostaglandin analogs as EP.sub.4-receptor agonists
Synthesis and complete stereochemical assignment of psymberin/irciniastatin for use as antitumor com...
Phenoxyalkycarboxylic acid derivatives in the treatment of interstitial cystitis
Potassium channel modulators
Polyacrylic film forming compositions
Method for identification of t-cell epitopes and use for preparing molecules with reduced immunogeni...
5-HT.sub.2B receptor antagonists
Benzo[d]imidazol analogs as vanilloid receptor ligands and their use in treatments
Pyrazole compound and medicinal composition containing the same
Analogs of indole-3-carbinol metabolites as chemotherapeutic and chemopreventive agents
Indole inhibitors of 15-lipoxygenase
Process for the measurement of the potency of glatiramer acetate
Spot light irradiator
Gimbal base and cover
Fixture base for LED lighting strip
Light fixture with adjustable track lighting
Pipe cover
Hair dryer
Electric depilator
Electric shaver
Electric hair clipper
Housing portion for hair chair clipper
Comfort military helmet liner
Turnout blanket
Pet toy
Dish washer
Washing machine
Shoe cleaner device
Control interface for a household appliance
Cushioning device
Cart post
Portable hoist
Identification card manufacturing security
Method for early decoding of control channel information
Methods and systems for securing information communicated between communication devices
Cryptographic device employing parallel processing
Method and apparatus for the encryption of data
Simple untrusted network for quantum cryptography
Method for the enhancement of complex peaks
Grape plant named `GG-80D`
Kalanchoe plant named `Grace`
Calathea plant named `TWYCA0041`
Peach tree named `NJF18`
Calathea plant named `TWYCA0017 2`
Calathea plant named `TWYCA0043`
Apple tree named `Orion`
Crepemyrtle Tree named `Cascading Pink Lady`
Calibrachoa plant named `Cal Pur07`
Method for manufacturing bio-diesel oil containing alkane compounds
Oligoarylene derivatives and organic electroluminescent devices made by using the same
Process for reducing the toxicity of hydrocarbons
Process of maing naphthacene from propargyl alcohol
Process for oligomerization of ethylene to linear .alpha.-olefins
Method for the isomerisation of a C5-C8 fraction involving two parallel reactors
Low pressure olefin recovery process
Method and an apparatus for manufacturing a fiber web provided with a three-dimensional surface stru...
Method for producing foamed polymer molded bodies and said foamed polymer molder bodies
Rotating envelope x-ray tube
Method for visually accurately predicting color matches on different materials
Cradle unit for electrically engaging with a pagewidth printhead cartridge
Light-weight mirror blank assembly
Hydrostatic air bearing with a porous metal ring
Oxygen producing device for woundcare
Microneedle transport device
Electrolytic generation of nitrogen using azole derivatives
Therapeutic composition containing a plurality of immobilized proteases
Transdiscal administration of high affinity anti-MMP inhibitors
Antibodies that bind cell-associated CA 125/O772P and methods of use thereof
Parathyroid hormone receptor activation and hematopoietic progenitor cell expansion
Granular magnetic recording media with improved grain segregation and corrosion resistance
Therapeutic use of the SMR1 protein and active derivatives thereof
Methods of using bioelastomers
Soluble late transition metal catalysts for olefin oligomerizations III
Adsorbents for removing heavy metals
Furo[2.3-b]pyridine derivatives for the treatment of hyper-proliferative disorders
Oxadiazolyl-phenoxyalkylisoxazoles, compositions thereof and methods for their use as anti-picornavi...
Polymer production at supercritical conditions
Fluoropolymer dielectric composition for use in circuitized substrates and circuitized substrate inc...
Inverted orientation for a microplate
Architecture and methods for inter-carrier Multi-Media Messaging
Methods, systems, and products for providing communications services
Inter-carrier digital message with user data payload service providing phone number only experience
Source throttling using CPU stamping
Software self-defense systems and methods
System and method for preventing screen-scrapers from extracting user screen names
Printing a health report using a mobile device
Method of perforating a flat film based on collagen
Method of preserving live Ceratomia catalpae larvae for use as fishing bait
Method for stimulating cell growth using sponge protein hydrolysates
High power diode utilizing secondary emission
Apparatus for peeling potatoes and the like
Food server
Food transport routing systems, devices, and guides for food processing systems and related methods
Humidifier system for artificial respiration
Method and system for evaluating fluid flow through a heat exchanger
Fin for heat exchanger
Electric heating pipe and electric heating apparatus using it
Airflow system for electronics chassis
Cold row encapsulation for server farm cooling system
Impeller and aligned cold plate
Heat sink fastener
Electronic device assembly with clips for mounting a heat sink thereon
Method of immobilizing a protein or molecule via a mutant dehalogenase that is bound to an immobiliz...
Particle shape characterization from 2D images
Shoe outsole
Shoe outsole
Shoe upper
Shoe upper
Engineered fabric articles
Crampons provided with spikes
Ionomers modified with rosin and articles thereof
System and method for generating electric power from a rotating tire's mechanical energy
Spacer fabric with integral, exposed loops and method of making
Process for producing conjugated diene copolymer rubber
System and method for improved data transmission speed by fixing the lower corner frequency at a fre...
Components and methods for processing in wireless communication data in presence of format uncertain...
Sound field controller
Image forming apparatus and process cartridge having a detachable unit body having a lubricant apply...
Image forming apparatus featuring a cleaning device including a conductive support member provided b...
Flash fixing device and image forming device
Diversity system for measuring reception quality
Obstacle following sensor scheme for a mobile robot
Method for monitoring components of the drive train of a motor vehicle and for diagnosing errors in ...
Waveform recorder apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for diagnosing a mechanism
Optimized SQL code generation
System for storing and retrieving data
Method and apparatus for adding recipients to sent email
Multiple channel data bus control for video processing
System and method for buffering data received from a network
Emulated storage system
Systems and methods for editing XML documents
Document storage system including a user interface for associating documents into groups
Processor and method for supporting compiler directed multithreading management
System and method for hosting an application in one of a plurality of execution environments
4-heterocyclo-pyrrolo[2,3d] pyrimidine compositions and their use
PRO6181 polypeptides
PRO9830 polypeptides
Absorbent article with center fill performance
Electrophoretic display device and method of displaying image
Purine nucleoside phosphorylase inhibitory phosphonate compounds
Coating material with biocide microcapsules
Ion binding compositions
Emulsion compositions
2-O sulfatase compositions and methods of analyzing therewith
Controlled release composition and method of producing the same
Antiviral phosphonate analogs
NMR spectrometer
On-coil switched mode amplifier for parallel transmission in MRI
Imaging Method Based on Fractal Surface-Filling or Space-Filling Curves
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method
Magnetic Resonance Imager
Ejectable aerodynamic stability and control
Variable fluid intake with ramp and inflatable bag
Auxiliary nose undercarriage, a force-transmission structure, and a rotary wing aircraft
Method for determining roll rate gyro bias in an attitude heading reference system
Apparatus for changing the attack angle of a cavitator on a supercavatating underwater research mode...
Acoustic absorption blanket mounting system for an aircraft cabin
POSH nucleic acids, polypeptides and related methods
Humanized anti-LT-.beta.-R antibodies
Humanized anti-lymphotoxin beta receptor antibodies
Antibodies to human tumor necrosis factor receptor-like 2
Transgenic bovines having reduced prion protein production
Methods and compositions for transformation and regeneration of maize
Celery cultivar ADS-12
Inbred corn line PHC5H
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH052066
Rice cultivar `Spring`
Biological discovery using gene regulatory networks generated from multiple-disruption expression li...
Methods of populating data structures for use in evolutionary simulations
Valve for hydraulic props of shield-type support frames, and shield-type support frame
Water treatment method for heavy oil production
Automated, low profile drilling/bolting module with manual bolt magazine
Automated, low profile drilling/bolting module
Automated, low profile drilling/bolting module with gripper
Anti-flooding device for the exploitation of water energy
Method for making a foundation pile
Sleeved segmented foundation support product
Suspension and electro-acoustic transducer using the suspension
Electrically controlled in-muffler exhaust valve for use during cylinder deactivation
Hybrid amplitude-phase grating diffusers
Sound production systems and methods for providing sound inside a headgear unit
Method and a system for automated book-keeping
System and method for assisting customers in choosing a bundled set of commodities using customer pr...
System and method for trade entry
Automated batch auctions in conjunction with continuous financial markets
System, method and computer program product for risk-minimization and mutual insurance relations in ...
Methods and systems for identifying prospective customers and managing deals
System and method for assisting a bank in meeting requirements under the community reinvestment act
System and method for verifying a financial instrument
System and method of margining fixed payoff products
System and method for safe financial transactions in E.Commerce
Method of and apparatus for updating a database using a recordable optical disc
System and method for activating a rendering device in a multi-level rights-management architecture
Method of enforcing a contract for a CAD tool
Output image generating operation service using network
Power supply/demand control system
Method to enforce domain strong typing
Search engine system for locating web pages with product offerings
Secure processing unit systems and methods
Pre-storage of data to pre-cached system memory
Method for evaluating a bonus from authorized playbacks of a recording on a device other than a devi...
System and method for generating and authenticating a computer password
Label printer having an RFID communication function
Radio frequency identification (RFID) and programmable logic device (PLD) integration and applicatio...
System and method for providing and RFID transaction device
Process and device for the radio transmission of signals generated near the body
Wireless communication device and radio communication system using the same
Error detecting method of mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for performing frequency tracking based on diversity transmitted pilots in a CD...
Radio communications system with a shared broadcast channel
RF utilization calculation and reporting method for 802.11 wireless local area networks
Wireless interface
Method and system for broadcasting a programme
Apparatus for providing a multi-mode interface between a baseband receiver and radio frequency circu...
Multicarrier sub-layer for direct sequence channel and multiple-access coding
Circuit arrangement provided with a phase-locked loop and transmitter-receiver with said circuit arr...
Radio repeater and radio relay transmission method
WiFi collaboration method to reduce RF interference with wireless adapter
Method and device for simulating a radio channel
Real-time programming of electronic radio system resource assets
Cell selection and inter-frequency handover
Radio resource management scheduler using object request broker methodology
Method and system for mobile receiver antenna architecture for US band cellular and broadcasting ser...
Acoustic practice percussion instrument and practice kit
Electronic musical instrument and recording medium that stores processing program for the electronic...
Automatic device for turning the pages of a bound document
Stainless steel sheet for welded structural components and method for making the same
System and method for spherical stereoscopic photographing
Method for increasing daylight display brightness for helmet mounted displays
Device and a method for producing information about the properties of an environment
Internet-based system for managing and delivering consumer product information to consumers along po...
System and method for implementing a three-dimensional graphic user interface
Production of titania
Method and system for removing mercury from combustion gas
Catalyst and process for decomposing carbonyl sulfide and hydrogen cyanide
Method for producing improved cerium oxide abrasive particles and compositions including such partic...
Process for synthesizing metal borohydrides
Process for the production of hydrogen cyanide by the BMA process and catalyst for the implementatio...
Hydrogen storage by reversible hydrogenation of pi-conjugated substrates
Process for autothermal generation of hydrogen
Method for preparing calcium aluminate film containing oxygen radical and laminate
Cyclone reactor and associated methods
Electronic game with real feel interface
System and method for providing side wagering in multi-player wager-based games
Gate for a paddle and ball game
Methods, systems, and computer program products for providing different quality of service/bandwidth...
Method of printing golf balls with controlled ink viscosity
De-interlacing device capable of de-interlacing video fields adaptively according to motion ratio an...
Portable communication terminal
Picture processing apparatus, picture processing method, picture data storage medium and computer pr...
Processing image data from multiple sources
Digital broadcast receiver and method for processing caption thereof
Device for automatically detecting broadcasting signal and method of the same
Timesharing of a display screen
Apparatus to improve image sharpness adaptively according to multi-video formats and method thereof
Separation of composite video signals using dot crawl detector
Video display apparatus having contour correction function
Color display device
Target detection method and system
Creating 3D images of objects by illuminating with infrared patterns
Human visual system (HVS)-based pre-filtering of video data
Digital imaging systems, articles of manufacture, and digital image processing methods
System and method for removing ringing artifacts
Gear, speed reduction gear using the same, and electric power steering apparatus using the same
Mower hydraulic tank cooling baffle positioned above engine flywheel
Waterjet drive hovercraft with adjustable trim system
Steerable transport trolley
Restraint system for a motor vehicle
Vehicle occupant sensing system having guiding ribs
Material handling vehicle with ergonomic dual control handle system
Drive train for a compressor and a hydraulic pump
Hydraulic power steering apparatus
Subframe structure and vibration damper for the same
Drivers cab for a load-handling vehicle
Obstacle discrimination device for vehicle
Device and method for controlling the state of an energy accumulator
Anti-counterfeiting see-through moire security feature using frequency-varying patterns
Counterfeit-proof metallic foil
Method of manufacturing an article comprising at least one electronic chip
Nonmetallic label with metallic appearance
Acid fungal proteases
Promoter sequences from WSSV immediate early genes and their uses in recombinant DNA techniques
Screening tools for discovery of novel anabolic agents
Nucleic acid molecules encoding osteogenic proteins
Glucopyranosyloxypyrazole derivatives and use thereof in medicines
Therapeutic furopyrimidines and thienopyrimidines
Modified fluorinated nucleoside analogues
Method for increasing the bone mineral density and bone micro-architecture or connectivity of a mamm...
Polypeptides capable of forming antigen binding structures with specificity for the Rhesus D antigen...
IREN protein, its preparation and use
Modification of lignin biosynthesis
Methods and compositions in breast cancer diagnosis and therapeutics
Fluorescent nucleobase conjugates having anionic linkers
Compositions and methods for generating chimeric heteromultimers
Stabilized soluble glycoprotein trimers
Cold-shock regulatory elements, constructs thereof, and method of use
Method for determining a concentration of target nucleic acid molecules, nucleic acid probes for the...
Inhibition of SARS-associated coronavirus (SCoV) infection and replication by RNA interference
DNA molecules encoding enzymes involved in starch synthesis, vectors, bacteria, transgenic plant cel...
Sucrose synthase 3 promoter from rice and uses thereof
Method for the production of plant seed with modified fiber content and modified seed coat
Sirna For Inhibiting Il-6 Expression and Composition Containing Them
Compositions and Methods for Increasing Bone Mineralization
Dextran functionalized by hydrophobic amino acids
Method to determine responsiveness of cancer to epidermal growth factor receptor targeting treatment...
Sucralose production method
Method for preparing chitosan nano-particles
Use of Esterase Genes as Selectable Markers for Transforming Plant Cells
Methods and means for modulating cellulose biosynthesis in fiber producing
Novel Phytochrome-Interacting Protein and a Use Thereof
Compositions and Methods for Increasing Plant Tolerance to High Population Density
Apparatuses and methods for wireless monitoring and control of supplies for environmental sampling a...
System and method for externalization of formulas for assessing damages
Applications of an algorithm that mimics cortical processing
Method of detecting the presence or the absence of a mobile terminal on a path
Rule processing system
Toy adapting to color of surroundings
Method and apparatus for fast deploying and retrieving of towed bodies
Toy bowling game for providing player enjoyment
Scratch-ticket lottery and promotional games
Method and device for playing a game in which values of game pieces are gradually revealed
Card game
Toy vehicle having an electric drive
Proximity control of on-board processor-based model train sound and control system
Apparatus for enhancing visualization of mechanical stress
Optical element, lens unit and image pickup apparatus
Mobile communications terminal for compensating automatic exposure of camera and method thereof
Temporary surveillance system
Focusing auxiliary device of image-capturing apparatus
Safe eye detection
Image capture device
Image pickup apparatus, camera main body thereof and interchangeable lens
Zoom lens assembly capable of macro photography
Image capture apparatus and control method therefor
Gas composition sensing using carbon nanotube arrays
Carbon nanotube energy well (CNEW) field effect transistor
Forming carbon nanotube capacitors
Magnetic nanomaterials and synthesis method
Silicon nanoparticle nanotubes and method for making the same
Reversible oxidation of carbon nanotubes
Porous friction material comprising nanoparticles of friction modifying material
Sustained delivery of PDGF using self-assembling peptide nanofibers
Removable shoe coverings
Sports shoe for running or cross-country skiing
Air system instalation to be applied in tractors, combine harvesters, crop-sprayers, sewers, grain a...
Articulated ankle foot brace having a malleolar window
Prosthetic foot with tunable performance
Sub-micron adjustable mount for supporting a component and method
RFID receive-only system
Mounting structure for vehicle battery pack
Vehicle immobilisation device
Covering structure having automatic coupling system
Rear vehicle body structure
Vehicle seat with seating components adjustable within a spatial constraint
Child seat with recess for vehicle head rest
Head restraint for motor vehicle
Pneumatic foam cushion
Wheel set with different rigidity between front and rear wheels
Rim for a spoked wheel
Mirror unit for automobile
Vehicle outside mirror
Instrument cluster with three-dimensional display
Vehicle lighting apparatus and vehicle headlamp apparatus including the same
Headlamp assembly with integrated housing and heat sink
Power generation system utilizing wind draft from vehicular traffic
Composite drain plug
Vehicle charger
Continuously variable transmission
Calculator apparatus
System and method for screening for fraud in commercial transactions
Scheduling method and system for rail networks
Biometric identification system, method and medium for point of sale environment
System for personal authorization control for card transactions
Personalized transaction assistance with sensor networks
Automated postal voting system and method
Remote visitor monitoring system
Chrysanthemum plant named `Deklindiyellow`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Tamar Shocking Pink`
Cosmos plant named `New Choco`
Dahlia plant named `Challenging Glow`
Urinal apparatus
Personal urinary director for women
Printed pattern for an absorbent article
Anchor pad
Surgical nail
Blood pressure monitor
Foot exerciser
Clinical solution bottle portion
Transition edge for a modular floor tile system
Weather strip
Compact fluorescent lamp tube
Decorative candleholder
Vehicle headlight
Track light
Low-bay light fixture
Systems and methods for estimating the number of unique attributes in a database
Image display apparatus having ion pump and electron-emitting devices in communication via mesh or s...
Method of evaluating inflammatory skin disorders using IL-17 and/or IL-19
Methods for inhibiting lymphotoxin .beta. receptor signalling
Pertussis toxin mutants, bordetella strains capable of producing such mutants and their use in the d...
Immunostimulatory oligonucleotide multimers
Broad spectrum antimicrobial purification materials and methods for purifying fluids
Methods for aiding in the diagnosis of alzheimer's disease by measuring amyloid-.beta. peptide (x-.g...
Mammalian animal composition
Methods of cancer diagnosis and therapy targeted against a cancer stem line
Method of modulating leukemic cell and eosinphil activity with monoclonal antibodies
Memory module with test structure
Design optimization using approximate reachability analysis
Test method for determining the wire configuration for circuit carriers with components arranged the...
Accelerated design optimization
Testing using independently controllable voltage islands
Boundary scan apparatus and interconnect test method
Scan testing of integrated circuits with high-speed serial interface
Method for automated at-speed testing of high serial pin count multiple gigabit per second devices
Programmable memory built-in-self-test (MBIST) method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for reducing number of transitions generated by linear feedback shift register
Semiconductor memory device
Automatic analog test and compensation with built-in pattern generator and analyzer
Layout of network using parallel and series elements
Standard cell for a CAD system
Operational cycle assignment in a configurable IC
Method and apparatus for controlling access to shared resources in an environment with multiple logi...
Image processing apparatus and storage medium storing image processing program
System and method for data management in a linear-array-based microscope slide scanner
Anode for lithium metal polymer secondary battery comprising surface patterned anodic current collec...
MEMS device control with filtered voltage signal shaping
Method for immobilizing oligonucleotides employing the cycloaddition bioconjugation method
Cleaning implement
Energy saving device for clothes dryer and clothes dryer system comprising same
Turbo charging system
Quick paging method in a shadow area
4-Amino-2,3-disubstituted thieno[2,3-d]pyrimidines and pharmacetical compositions thereof
Integral charge storage basement and wideband embedded decoupling structure for integrated circuit
Method of assembling a receiver collar
Method for improving the efficiency of transparent thin film antennas and antennas made by such meth...
System and method for pipe repair
Surgical fixation device
Method for preparing xylitol with high yield using recycling microorganism
Flow control device for an injection pipe string
Fixing device for color image forming apparatus and control method
Method for treating tremor
Query processor for parallel processing in homogenous and heterogenous databases
Method and device for transmitting safety-critical operating conditions of a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for previewing conditions on a highway
Electronic control system built into vehicle
In-vehicle player
Method and apparatus for inspecting pipelines from an in-line inspection vehicle using magnetostrict...
Deceleration control apparatus and method for a vehicle
Enhanced permanent magnet electromagnetic actuator for an electronic valve actuation system of an en...
Virtual street addressing radius
Household level segmentation method and system
Data distribution method, data search method, and data search system
System and method of client server aggregate transformation
Apparatus and method for providing a condition builder interface
Methods and systems for allowing third party client applications to influence implementation of high...
Systems and methods for mapping e-mail records between a client and server that use disparate storag...
Security features for objects and method regarding same
Method and apparatus for encoding substrates with information
Smart copying for variable cost, editable printouts
Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
Digital watermark detection method and apparatus
Antibodies and related molecules that bind to 161P2F10B proteins
Device for the uv treatment of flowing fluids
Fluorescent lamp having improved barrier layer
Aqueous fracturing fluid
Composition comprising at least one substituted carbocyanin derivative, process for treating keratin...
Water preconditioning system
Pharmaceutical preparation containing magnetic vesicular particles, manufacturing method thereof and...
Low dielectric constant insulating material and semiconductor device using the material
Hydrophilic finish for fibrous substrates
Method of activating a silicon surface for subsequent patterning of molecules onto said surface
Organic pigment fine-particle, and method of producing the same
Golf ball with multiple cover layers
Rear plate for plasma display panel with barrier ribs having specific width characteristics
Semiconductor component emitting and/or receiving electromagnetic radiation, and housing base for su...
Low power NROM memory devices
Force-resisting support assembly
Milled submicron organic biocides with narrow particle size distribution, and uses thereof
Compact coin denomination discriminating device
Compressor packing member
Mail distribution apparatus and method
System for synthesis of electrode array
Hydrogenation catalyst, preparation thereof, and method for the preparation of gamma-butyrolactone f...
Inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase inhibitory phosphonate compounds
Degradable polymides
Method and apparatus for substantially isolating plant tissues
Image forming apparatus including a notifying unit
Image forming apparatus equipped with developing unit to make developing and simultaneous cleaning a...
Stabilization device
Intra/extra-thoracic collateral ventilation bypass system and method
Electronic device diagnostic methods and systems
Oxygen-absorbing resin compositions
System and method for distributed meetings
Applications of electronic and paper signs
Bonding flexible film circuit and electronic circuit board
Retard feeder
Fluid ejector including a drop size symbol, a method of disposing a drop size symbol in a fluid ejec...
Systems and methods for detecting intermittent, weak and missing jets with an inline linear array se...
Quinacridone nanoscale pigment particles
Methods of making quinacridone nanoscale pigment particles
Photoreceptor layer having polyether lubricants
Photoreceptor layer having rhodamine additive
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus
Piezoelectric element, inkjet recording head and inkjet recording device
Image formation apparatus with image correction capability
Development sub-system in-line cleaning system
Carbon nanotube composites for blade cleaning in electrophotographic marking systems
Logical operation circuit and logical operation device
Intra-auricular insert
Liquid transport device and method for manufacturing liquid transport device
Honeycomb filter for exhaust gas decontamination and exhaust gas decontamination apparatus
Liquid crystal composition, liquid crystal element, and cross-linked siloxane polymer
Method of forming a thick film dielectric layer in an electroluminescent laminate
Corrosion protection on metals
In vitro metabolic engineering on microscale devices
Electronic element including ferroelectric substance film and method of manufacturing the same
Memory device including a plurality of capacitors
Structure, material, and design for assembling a low-K Si die to achieve an industrial grade reliabi...
Tilt angle sensor layout structure for a vehicle, and vehicle incorporating same
Engine system having improved efficiency
Articulated wheel assemblies and vehicles therewith
Control device for vehicular drive system
Air bearing base and workstation
Lawn mower steering control adapter
Vehicle power steering system
Electric power steering apparatus
Passenger protection system which detects closeness of passenger to inner side surface of interior
Operator protective structure for construction machine
Fuel cell module and fuel cell motor vehicle
Seat-weight sensor support for reducing physical effects
Method for interpreting driver requested axle torque
Descriptive-profile mercantile method
Computer readable medium for storing large data files
Method and apparatus for editing a production data store by shadowing content
Device that is used for secure diffusion controlled display private copying and management of and co...
Indole derivatives as selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMS)
c-fms kinase inhibitors
ErbB-2 selective small molecule kinase inhibitors
Systems and methods for providing power to a battery in an implantable stimulator
Portion of a brush
Barium thioaluminate phosphor materials with novel crystal structures
Composition for forming liquid crystal film, optically anisotropic film, and production method there...
Automated system and method for simultaneously performing a plurality of signal-based assays
Methods for coupling diamond structures to photonic devices
Method and apparatus for setting black level in an imager using both optically black and tied pixels
Method for providing a mailing system
Peptide tags for the expression and purification of bioactive peptides
Antibody directed against a ubiquitin-specific protease occurring in the brain
PRO9835 antibodies
Expression of zebrafish bone morphogenetic protein 4
Self-aligning antifriction bearing and cage for said self-aligning antifriction bearing
Apparatus with mixed fuel separator and method of separating a mixed fuel
Portal bridge
Transaction accelerator for client-server communication systems
Method and system for segmentation of a message inbox
Architecture for providing block-level storage access over a computer network
Method for managing a network including a storage system
Multiplexing unit, system and method for communication in a computer network
Apparatus and method for arbitrating heterogeneous agents in on-chip busses
Systems and methods for data modeling in an item-based storage platform
Selective encryption system and method for I/O operations
Polymeric structures comprising a hydrophile/lipophile system
Self-bonded corrugated fibrous web
Absorbent article comprising coated water-swellable polymer
Beverage container
Package for a hair treatment product
Therapeutic device
Fixing apparatus and an image formation apparatus
Heatable ice cream scooping implement
Method of forming solder ball, and fabricating method and structure of semiconductor package using t...
Aromatic sulfenates for type 1 phototherapy
Quorum sensing and biofilm formation
Method for ultrasonic elastic modulus calculation and imaging
Wide dynamic range electronic image recording and reproducing system
Transmission apparatus and method of multi-service tributaries over RPR
Method and apparatus for lossless data transformation with preprocessing by adaptive compression, mu...
Method and apparatus for air conditioning using a primary and an ancillary power source
Coating composition for adhering metallized layers to polymeric films
Method of distressing a garment
Method of identifying an infrared matrix sensor
Systems and methods of bonding materials
Electron beam column for writing shaped electron beams
Paintball marker with intergrated hopper
Circuit for driving light emitting element and current-control-type light-emitting display
Light emitting display and driving method thereof
Compound capable of being used in organic layer of organic light emitting device
Top emission organic light emitting diode display using auxiliary electrode to prevent voltage drop ...
Organic electroluminescence device and manufacturing method therefor
Active matrix pixel drive circuit for oled display
Display device with anode contacting input-output wiring through opening in insulating film
Skin beautification cosmetic system using iontophoresis device, ultrasonic facial stimulator, and co...
Multiple wavelength laser workstation
Actuator Arrangement
Diaphragm bearing hanger assembly
Method and apparatus for parallel midamble cancellation
Apparatus and a record carrier for, and a method of recording a sequence of video data signals
Image fixing apparatus with variable fixing modes
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Toothing of a toothed wheel
Method and apparatus for fluid polishing
Mower incorporating a mule drive
Ring type hydraulic tensioner
Electrically variable transmission with input split mode and compound split modes
Surfactant composition including ethoxylate of CNSL
Desulfurization process and novel bimetallic sorbent systems for same
Cryogenically cooled adjustable apertures for infra-red cameras
Controller for an electric vehicle and driving apparatus for the electric vehicle
Polymer emulsion coatings for cellulosic substrates with improved barrier properties
Method and system for providing network access and services using access codes
Polymeric film or coating comprising hemicellulose
Composition, methods and reagents for the synthesis of a soluble form of human PHEX
Coating hydrophobic surfaces with amphiphilic thioethers to reduce protein adsorption and cell adhes...
Heart shaped card holder
Spinal fill for disk surgery
Method and system for automatic diagnosis of possible brain disease
Method of delivering fluid mixtures to multiple patients
Medical fluid adaptor
Fats, oil and grease interceptor
Damping products and processes
Internal breaker
Operator alerting system using a vehicle fault condition prioritization method
Systems and methods of producing a crude product
Receiving apparatus and transceiver
Wind turbine rotor blade
Composite articles including a fluoropolymer blend
Aircrew aid to assess jam effectiveness
High-stability piezoelectric oscillator
Vehicle wheel information processing device and method therefor
System and method for monitoring driver fatigue
Systems and methods for registering a substrate
Pulse radar system
Overlay measurement apparatus
Post card making device
Electrochromic compounds and associated media and devices
Multilayer capacitor
Voice-over-IP hybrid digital loop carrier
Methods and apparatus for subjecting an element to an electrical field
Wavelength selective and level adjusting optical device
Data transfer control device, electronic equipment, and data transfer control method
Programmable controller with CPU units and special-function modules and method of doubling up
Fixation technology
Mechanically expandable distal protection apparatus and method of use
High throughput property testing of olefin copolymers using rheological determinations
Conductive fluoro-resin compositions
Operating electrolyte based components
Catalyst components for the polymerization of olefins
Faced fibrous insulation
Method for improving reliability in a component placement machine by vacuum nozzle inspection
Toner cartridge
Small-animal mount assembly
Beta-secretase enzyme compositions and methods
Heterocyclic compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by .alpha..sub.4 integrins
Device for determining the actual reversal of the direction of rotation of a reversing rotational dr...
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Wireless communication apparatus for determining direction of arrival information to form a three-di...
Optical fiber termination apparatus with connector adaptor and method for using the same
Common path frequency domain optical coherence reflectometry/tomography device
Substrate film thickness measurement method, substrate film thickness measurement apparatus and subs...
System and method for performing in-service fiber optic network certification
Micro-optical sensor system for pressure, acceleration, and pressure gradient measurements
Electro-optical switching using coupled photonic crystal waveguides
Architecture, method and system of WDM-based photonic burst switched networks
Optical turnaround system
Method for computer modeling the core of a nuclear reactor
Two-dimensional photonic crystal and optical function element using the same
Integrated optical splitter system
Optical coupler for coupling an optical fiber into a waveguide
Chromatic dispersion compensating and chromatic dispersion slope compensating fiber
Distribution module for an optic fiber distribution hub
Bending an optical fiber into a backplane
Retention and rotation clamp assembly for use with an angled optical fiber cleaver
Electronic message forwarding
Endoluminal implant with therapeutic and diagnostic capability
Ethynyl derivatives as factor Xa inhibitors
AAV vectors for gene delivery to the lung
Factor Xa inhibitors
Mitotic kinesin inhibitors
Therapeutic substituted cyclopentanes
Purified and isolated platelet calcium channel nucleic acids and polypeptides and therapeutic and sc...
Diagnostic markers of stroke and cerebral injury and methods of use thereof
Factor VII or VIIa - like molecules
Use of proepithelin to promote wound repair and reduce inflammation
Variants of vascular endothelial cell growth factor, their uses, and processes for their production
Magnetic recording medium with antiparallel magnetic layers and CrN based underlayer, magnetic stora...
Magnetic hard disk drive with countermeasure against spike noise
Method for a cyclic dibit response estimation in a media system using a data set separator sequence
Servo signal inspecting device and method for inspecting servo signal
LTM compensation methods and systems for magnetic servo writing
Magnetic disk drive with head retraction control
System and method for deconvolution of multiple data tracks
Method of locking tape cassette housing of tape recorder
Hermetically sealed disk drive with low height
Perpendicular magnetic head with yoke overlapping inner side portion and increasing in width and thi...
Rotating disk storage device and pivot bearing
CPP magnetoresistive effect element and magnetic storage device having a CPP magnetoresistive effect...
Methods and apparatus for improved hard magnet properties in magnetoresistive read heads using a mul...
Magnetoresistive element, magnetic head, magnetic storage unit, and magnetic memory unit
A/D converter device and electronic control apparatus including same
SH2 domain binding inhibitors
Constitutively active CXCR3 G protein-coupled chemokine receptor and modulators thereof for the trea...
Protection against and treatment of hearing loss
3-substituted-4-pyrimidone derivatives
.beta.2-adrenergic receptor agonists
Inhibition of angiogenesis and destruction of angiogenic vessels by apolipoprotein A-I and high dens...
Antibodies to polypeptides that stimulate TNF-.alpha. release
Method, system and device for treating disorders of the pelvic floor by delivering drugs to various ...
Cooling system for a machine
Core structure of heat exchanger
Heat dissipating apparatus
Stacked plate-type heat exchanger
Header for heat exchanger
Blade heat exchanger
Air guide device and computer housing applying the air guide device
Computing platform component cooling with quick disconnect
Localized thermal management system
Heat dissipation assembly
Package structure, printed circuit board mounted with the same, electronic apparatus having the prin...
Content-based routing system and method
Preserving content or attribute information during conversion from a structured document to a comput...
Differential dynamic delivery of content historically likely to be viewed
Configurable representation of structured data
Web map tool
Integrated system noise management--system level
Interface definition language compiler
Software development environment