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Method of reprocessing spent nuclear fuel
Control of pressurized microchannel processes
Hot solids gasifier with CO.sub.2 removal and hydrogen production
System, method and computer program product for providing an efficient trading market
Vehicular information system and method
Head mounted display devices
Compression of streams of rendering commands
User interface systems and methods for manipulating and viewing digital documents
Object position detector with edge motion feature and gesture recognition
Article locating and tracking apparatus and method
Interactive web book system
Method and apparatus for compensating for position slip in interface devices
Efficient method for creating a viewpoint from plurality of images
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding an orientation interpolator
Virtual image display apparatus and method using calibrated measurement of attitude sensor
Controlling haptic sensations for vibrotactile feedback interface devices
Selecting moving objects on a system
Systems and methods for automatic call forwarding in a wireless mobile station
Apparatus and method for forwarding e-mail
Methods for providing overdraft protection for post-paid communication service plans
Method for user-aided network performance and connection quality reporting
Transceiver for bidirectional frequency division multiplexed transmission
Echo canceller having improved non-linear processor
Echo canceller employing dual-H architecture having improved non-linear echo path detection
Low voltage sensing and control of battery referenced transistors in subscriber loop applications
Adjusting music length to expected waiting time while caller is on hold
System and method for identifying redirected calls
Stateful and cross-protocol intrusion detection for voice over IP
Apparatus and method for managing user data in a mobile terminal
Portable communication device interface to a projection display
Method for improving communication success rate in simultaneous call trial between subscribers in mo...
System and method of watermarking a signal
System and method of watermarking a signal
Apparatus for and method of embedding watermark into original information, transmitting watermarked ...
Method and system for pre-authentication
Authenticated dynamic address assignment
Communication apparatus, communication system, communication apparatus control method and implementa...
Digital rights management using a triangulating geographic locating device
High-speed wireless LAN system
Method and system for providing for security in communication
Subset difference method for multi-cast rekeying
Linear transformation for symmetric-key ciphers
Gigabit Ethernet-based passive optical network and data encryption method
One-way synchronization of a two-way QKD system
Self authentication ciphertext chaining
Device and method for encrypting data
Method for establishment of a service tunnel in a WLAN
Printer driver program and printer
Robotic devices
Gripping type hand
Multi-purpose propulsion device
Assembly unit for toy and morphologically deforming toy
Micro aerial vehicle
Paintball grenade
Apparatuses and methods for treating biological tissue to mitigate calcification
System and method for programatic access to biological probe array data
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH037719
Snap pea variety sugar heart
Plants with elevated levels of gallic acid/polyphenol oxidase and methods of generating such plants
Phosophoinositoglycan binding proteins
Site-specific labelling of proteins
Antibody that binds ceramidase
Mailbox protector
Hose reel enclosure
Ski equipment transport apparatus
Golf cart
Liner engaging member for trashcan
Trash can
Three bins trashcan
Trash can
Ice chisel
Suction head for a vacuum cleaner
Pressure washer frame
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner canister
Garment steamer
Sweeping machine
Floor finish applicator
Techniques for providing secure access to a communication system
Method and system for operating a PDA for use with an IP phone device
Method for accessing a SIM in composite terminals
System, method and mobile unit to sense objects or text and retrieve related information
Device and method for embedding and retrieving information in digital images
Personal digital assistant terminal with internal printer and a receptacle for receiving a cartridge...
Personal digital assistant with internal printer and a body section connected through a hinge joint
Storage network management system and method
Method and system for communicating between a management station and at least two networks having du...
WAP XML extension for WiFi and desktop passthrough connections
Data communication apparatus and method, data communication system, information-processing apparatus...
System and method for location-based interactive content
Internet base station with a telephone line
System and method for remotely controlling a mobile terminal
Method for securing software via late stage processor instruction decryption
System using internet application for monitoring image-forming device and sharing device information...
System for controlling remote integrated circuit and method for operating the same
Interactive communication service account management system
Method and apparatus for allocating data communications resources in a satellite communications netw...
Autonomous adaptive software loading for a data collection device
System and method for logging disk failure analysis in disk nonvolatile memory
Method for request and response direct data transfer and management of content manifests
Policy driven autonomic computing-specifying relationships
Associating multiple visibility profiles with a user of a real-time communication system
System and method for maintaining checkpoints of a keyed data structure using a sequential log
System and method for retrieving and displaying information relating to electronic documents availab...
Method for determining time borders and frequency resolutions for spectral envelope coding
Compressed speech lexicon and method and apparatus for creating and accessing the speech lexicon
Activity monitoring systems and methods
Foot guided shoe sole and footbed
Method of and structure for shedding, or protecting shoe uppers from sole-ejected water spray and th...
Footwear with separable upper and sole structure
Close-conforming vehicle floor tray with reservoir
Shear reducing chair cushion
System and method for maintaining air inflatable mattress configuration
Method for Accounting for Shifted Metabolic Volumes in Spectroscopic Imaging
Determination of Distribution Information of a Contrast Agent by Mr Molecular Imaging
Magnetic Resonance Method for the Detection and Imaging of Susceptibility Related Magnetic Field Dis...
Method of integrated proton beam and therapeutic magnetic resonance therapy
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method
MRI Method for Reducing Artifacts Using RF Pulse at Offset Frequency
Head Coil and Neurovascular Array for Parallel Imaging Capable Magnetic Resonance Systems
Microcoil NMR Detectors
Integrated Power Supply for Surface Coils
Phased Array Coil for MRI
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Device and Method for Operating a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Device
Simultaneous Mr-Excitation of Multiple Nuclei with a Single Rf Amplifier
Multiple-Channel Transmit Magnetic Resonance
Light emitting device and method of driving the light emitting device
Organic light-emitting device
Intelligent lighting module and method of operation of such an intelligent lighting module
Organic electroluminescence device and organic electroluminescence display
OLEDs having inorganic material containing anode capping layer
OLEDs having improved luminance stability
Organic electroluminescence display device and information terminal thereof
Poly[bis(ethynyl)heteroacene]s and electronic devices generated therefrom
Electroluminescent devices
Hole transport layer compositions and related diode devices
Organic electroluminescent device, manufacturing method thereof, and electronic apparatus
Compensating organic light emitting device displays for temperature effects
Light emitting device
Active matrix organic electroluminescent display device and method of fabricating the same
Image display device and driving method thereof
Electro-optical device, method to drive the same, and electronic apparatus
Electronic circuit, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Organic EL panel driving circuit, organic EL display device and organic EL panel driving circuit ins...
Organic multicolor emission and display device and method for manufacturing same
OLED provided with organic layer comprising first and second dopants based on iridium organic comple...
Organic electroluminescent device and method for manufacturing the same
Conference call peer-driven degraded line detection and removal
Conferencing system with integrated audio driver and network interface device
Base unit for wireless conferencing system
Internet video conferencing on a home television
Internet video conferencing on a home television
Agglomerated granular protein-rich nutritional supplement
Protein based TNF-.alpha. variants for the treatment of TNF-.alpha. related disorders
Semisynthesis process for the preparation of 10-deacetyl-N-debenzoyl-paclitaxel
Method for verification of particles having a sensor area and sensor arrangement for carrying out th...
Process and apparatus for forming nanoparticles using radiofrequency plasmas
Thermal coating materials and coating materials that can be cured thermally and using actinic radiat...
Method of forming nanowires with a narrow diameter distribution
System and method for creating liquid droplet impact forced collapse of laser nanoparticle nucleated...
Dishwasher door
Air conditioner
Air conditioner
Air conditioner
Toner cartridge
Copy machine attached by function of scanner and printer
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Image design for a mobile phone
Lan card for wireless data communication
Portable electronic notebook
Data repeater for wireless communication apparatus
Cellular phone
Cellular phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Portable phone
Portable phone
Mobile phone
Send of software tracer messages via IP from several sources to be stored by a remote server
Compositions and methods for detection of Ehrlichia canis and Ehrlichia chaffeensis antibodies
Pointing device inertial isolation and alignment mounting system
Method for address mapping in a network access system and a network access device for use therewith
Drainage system for use in masonry block construction
Phased array antenna system with adjustable electrical tilt
Medical drainage pump
Apparatus for, and method of, classifying objects in a waste stream
Medical drainage pump
Structure and method for parallel testing of dies on a semiconductor wafer
Method and apparatus supporting network communications
System and method for automatic scalping of a tradeable object in an electronic trading environment
Method for refreshing a non-volatile memory
Variable gain amplifier with constant input referred third order intercept
Compositions and methods for detection of Ehrlichia canis and Ehrlichia chaffeensis antibodies
Method and system for optically coupling components
Charging cabinet
Spatial field effect physical therapy device
Accelerometer and rate sensor package for gravity gradiometer instruments
Light source in optical transmission system, waveform shaper, optical pulse train generator, and opt...
System and method for developing user interfaces purely by modeling as meta data in software applica...
Method and system of integrating instant messaging with other computer programs
System and method providing multi-tier applications architecture
Systems and methods for contextual transaction proposals
System and method for providing preferred country biasing of search results
Dynamic document context mark-up technique implemented over a computer network
Digital asset management, targeted searching and desktop searching using digital watermarks
Method and system for setting document-linked timed reminders
Method and system for forming a hyperlink reference and embedding the hyperlink reference within an ...
Method and apparatus for web-based international facility planning
System and method to determine the validity of an interaction on a network
Toll-free number blocking override indicator
Method and system for testing and optimizing the performance of a radio communication device
Automated generation of transfer functions based upon machine data
Methods and systems for measuring the size and volume of features on live tissues
De-noising digital radiological images
System and method for efficiently customizing an imaging system
Information processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing method, stor...
X-ray apparatus
Method for verification of intensity modulated radiation therapy
Contaminant detector for food inspection
Glass recovery method
Tileable multi-layer detector
Method and device for spatial presentation of an examination area of an object under examination
Laser system using ultrashort laser pulses
Semiconductor manufacturing scanner having reticle masking device, and exposure method using the sam...
Method and apparatus for EUV plasma source target delivery target material handling
Terahertz imaging system for examining articles
Charged particle beam apparatus
System and method for depth profiling and characterization of thin films
Anti-NGF antibodies and methods using same
Photosensitive composition, compound for use in the photosensitive composition, and method of patter...
Method and device for purifying waste water comprising an additional sludge treatment by ozonation
Pet bed
Stackable motherboard and related sensor systems
Selectively disabling a portion of ASF operations when ASF device is powered by auxiliary power
System and method for converting text-to-voice
Emotion recognition method and device
System and method for dispensing bulk products
Method and apparatus for minimizing post-infarct ventricular remodeling
Automated brain MRI and CT prescriptions in Talairach space
Similarity measures
System and method for cardiac imaging
Method and computer program for the detection of the contour of an obstacle in the surroundings of a...
Hair dryer
Workstation luminaire with reflective surface feature
Tape dispenser
Keyed electrical connector assembly
Dosimeter badge
LDPC (Low Density Parity Check) coded modulation hybrid decoding
Multiple-capture DFT system for scan-based integrated circuits
Parallelizable authentication tree for random access storage
System, method and storage medium for providing data caching and data compression in a memory subsys...
Systems and methods for providing network access
Method and apparatus for packet analysis in a network
Hybrid method for event prediction and system control
System and method for proofing individual documents of variable information document runs using docu...
Method and system for measuring trade management performance
Catalyst for polyester production, process for producing polyester using the catalyst, polyester obt...
Method for monitoring an internal control signal of a memory device and apparatus therefor
Bisectional fault detection system
Configuring a cache prefetch policy in a computer system employing object addressable storage
Fast combinatorial algorithm for the solution of linearly constrained least squares problems
System and method for managing healthcare communication
On-line adaptive model predictive control in a process control system
Method of implanting a lead for brain stimulation
Methods for selective stimulation of a ganglion
Head restraint system for medical research, diagnosis and operation
Local coil arrangement for a magnetic resonance system
Magnetic resonance imaging system and method
Microcircuit using electromagnetic wave routing
Precise and permanent modification of the resonant frequency of a dielectric microcavity and correct...
System and method for testing one or more dies on a semiconductor wafer
Pattern registration mark designs for use in photolithography and methods of using the same
Methods and systems of enhancing stepper alignment signals and metrology alignment target signals
Semiconductor device having improved adhesion between bonding and ball portions of electrical connec...
Nonlinear via arrays for resistors to reduce systematic circuit offsets
Wire bonded wafer level cavity package
Circuit arrangement comprising a power component and a drive circuit integrated in two semiconductor...
Semiconductor device and method of fabrication
Write margin improvement for SRAM cells with SiGe stressors
Non-volatile electrically alterable memory cell and use thereof in multi-function memory array
Control gate profile for flash technology
SRAM cell structure and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor memory device having capacitors and method for forming the same
Substrate with transparent electrodes and devices incorporating it
Vacuum jacket for phase change memory element
Solar cell having an integral monolithically grown bypass diode
Cleaning solution for silicon surface and methods of fabricating semiconductor device using the same
Apparatus and plasma ashing process for increasing photoresist removal rate
Bacillus thuringiensis cry gene and protein
Phytase enzymes, nucleic acid sequences encoding phytase enzymes and vectors and host cells incorpor...
Molecular cardiotoxicology modeling
Cytokine protein family
Glycogen synthase kinase-3 inhibitors
Zsig33-like peptides and polynucleotides
Nucleic acid encoding a human allelic variant of interferon-like protein ZCYTO21
Cytokine protein family
Antibodies against the PRO4977 polypeptides
PRO211 polypeptides
PRO9822 polypeptides
Prodrugs of 2,4-pyrimidinediamine compounds and their uses
Soybean cultivar 6223012
Detection of antibodies specific for B7-H1 in subjects with diseases or pathological conditions medi...
Soybean cultivar 6549250
Antibodies to OCIF-binding molecules
Soybean cultivar 6408448
EG-VEGF nucleic acids and polypeptides and methods of use
Agents that are absorbed on the surfaces of substrates
Network constructing method and communication apparatus
Reliable method and system for efficiently transporting dynamic data across a network
System and method for identifying nodes in a wireless network
System and method for communicating a software-generated pulse waveform between two servers in a net...
Portable system for programming hearing aids
System and method for text translations and annotation in an instant messaging session
Ordering method utilizing instant messaging
Systems and methods for remote power management using 802.11 wireless protocols
Wireless communication system for at least one control unit in a vehicle
Two radio interface for mobile communication device for electronic commerce
Low power dual processor architecture for multi mode devices
Wireless multiprocessor system-on-chip with unified memory and fault inhibitor
Timely update of information displayed within a portal
Training, inference and user interface for guiding the caching of media content on local stores
Autonomic relevancy building
Method and apparatus for restricting a fan-out search in a peer-to-peer network based on accessibili...
System and method for searching multiple disparate search engines
Methods and systems for providing a response to a query
System and method for providing preferred language ordering of search results
Providing capitalization correction for unstructured excerpts
Systems and methods for interactive topic-based text summarization
Arbiter for array machine context data memory
Method and apparatus for learn and related operations in network search engine
Method and apparatus for election of group leaders in a distributed network
Method and system for peer-to-peer authorization
Current-perpendicular-to-the-plane (CPP) magnetoresistive sensor with antiparallel-pinned structure ...
Coherent spin valve and related devices
Optical filter for blocking UV light and IR light
Image segmentation using branch and bound analysis
Flat lamp device with multi electron source array
Field emission display having an improved emitter structure
Hybrid piezoelectric energy harvesting transducer system
Surface acoustic wave device
Method of making a capacitive substrate for use as part of a larger circuitized substrate, method of...
Solid state imaging device
Substrates comprising a photocatalytic TiO.sub.2 layer
Nonvolatile memory devices and methods of manufacturing the same
Thermoplastic molding composition and articles thermoformed therefrom
Method for producing cure system, adhesive system, and electronic device
Capacitor with nano-composite dielectric layer and method for fabricating the same
System and method for detecting presence of analytes using gratings
Methods for mass spectrometry detection and quantification of specific target proteins in complex bi...
Plasma-assisted formation of carbon structures
Residual carrier and side band processing system and method
Method and system for transmission of information data over a communication line
Method and apparatus for providing out of band communications over structured cabling
Sigma-delta modulator
Method of differential-phase/absolute-amplitude QAM
System and method for terrestrial high-definition television reception
Systems and methods for blocking microwave propagation in parallel plate structures
Self-etching dental compositions and methods
Toner containing unsaturated polyester in binder resin, method for preparing the toner, and develope...
Porous polymeric particle comprising polyvinyl alcohol and having interior to surface porosity-gradi...
Security document
Stable salts of O-acetylsalicylic acid with basic amino acids
Alkaline protease from Bacillus gibsonii (DSM 14391) and washing and cleaning products comprising sa...
N-acylaminoacetonitrile derivatives and their use for controlling parasites
Substituted heteroaryl benzofuran acids
Antibodies that bind human Dickkopf-1 proteins
Peptidomimetic ligands for cellular receptors and ion channels
Antibodies that recognize hyperproliferative cells and methods of making and using same
Bioavailable carotenoid-cyclodextrin formulations for soft-gels and other encapsulation systems
Method for the production and purification of adenoviral vectors
Interleukin-22 polypeptides, nucleic acids encoding the same and methods for the treatment of pancre...
Site-specific in situ generation of allicin using a targeted alliinase delivery system for the treat...
Heterodimeric four helix bundle cytokines
System and method for providing advanced wireless telephony services using a wireline telephone numb...
Policy-based vulnerability assessment
Web controls validation
Method and apparatus for managing power in network interface modules
System and method for detecting and correcting errors in a control system
System and method for implementing RMII Ethernet reset
Dynamic delta encoding for cable modem header suppression
Online forecasting system and method
System and method for compiling and displaying a pruned information set
Systems and methods of remotely enabling sound enhancement techniques
Method of using a wafer-temperature-dependent profile library
Intracorporeal substance measuring assembly
Method for displaying received signal strength bars in wireless terminal device
Multiplexed wireless receiver and transmitter
Golf shoe outsole
Zeolite additive for rubber and plastic
Panel grip with cut-outs and inserts
Panel grip with cut-outs and inserts
Golf putter head
Anti-syphon emitter
Digital interactive system for providing full interactivity with live programming events
Diagnosing and protecting against tursiops truncatus papillomavirus
Methods of operating non-volatile memory cells having an oxide/nitride multilayer insulating structu...
Solar panel including a low moisture vapor transmission rate adhesive composition
Air gap for dual damascene applications
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Method for annealing silicon thin films and polycrystalline silicon thin films prepared therefrom
Methods for depositing, releasing and packaging micro-electromechanical devices on wafer substrates
Anti-stiction technique for electromechanical systems and electromechanical device employing same
Flexible plastic substrate for optical display producing process
Inkjet printhead heater elements with thin or non-existent coatings
Method of manufacturing thin film transistor
Method of etching silicon
High-density plasma hydrogenation
Method of reducing roughness of a thick insulating layer
Medical device and method for diagnostic sensing
Valve component with improved wear resistance
Fuel cutoff valve and breather pipe
Constant velocity joint boot
Method and apparatus for memory optimization in MPE-FEC system
Small tuned-element GPS antennas for anti-jam adaptive processing
Methods and systems for deriving seed position of a subscriber station in support of unassisted GPS-...
Method and apparatus for tracking location of user equipment by using integrated GPS and TDOA scheme
Glass compositions, glass fibers, and methods of inhibiting boron volatization from glass compositio...
Method and apparatus for coating a substrate
Composite building material
Composite materials for bone defect filling and bone replacement
Antimicrobial body covering articles
Link belt assembly and method for producing same
Golf club head with variable face thickness
Ship propulsion system with cooling systems for the stator and rotor of the synchronous machine of t...
Inspection system and associated method
Thin film transistor and method for manufacturing the same
Radiation curable low stress relaxation elastomeric materials
Reinforced profile containing elements to limit expansion
Process for forming a single piece co-cure composite wing
Biomaterials modified with superoxide dismutase mimics
Rapid prototype integrated linear ultrasonic transducer inspection apparatus, systems, and methods
System and method for making extruded, composite material
Single-side ultrasonic inspection systems and methods
Spring clip for use in a convertible top having side tension cables
Method and apparatus for textile sheet material
Rear view mirror with snap connection
Leak check apparatus for fuel vapor processing apparatus
Clutch actuation control system with adjustable position encoder assembly
Control apparatus for vehicle having fuel cell mounted thereon
User-assisted programmable appliance control
Vehicle occupant sensing system having a low profile sensor assembly
Passive activation vehicle system alert
Voltage detecting circuit and battery device using same
Overcurrent detection method and detection circuit
Control strategy for active torque control
Torque limited lube pump for power transfer devices
Tilting head restraint with a use position and a stowed position
Cabinet lock
Low power modulating clutch control system
Differential and differential case
Drive motor mounting structure
Vehicle control device
Optical subscriber network system
Lasers that operate independently of temperature
Grating--outcoupled surface-emitting lasers
Integrated laser-diffractive lens device
Laser driver loop control and method
Optical pickup apparatus
Reproducing and/or recording apparatus and method determining whether sessions are open for a medium...
Optical information recording method, optical information recording device and optical information r...
Optical pickup having a polarization beam splitter
Light emitting module and optical pickup apparatus and method employing the same
Laser irradiation apparatus, laser irradiation method, and method for manufacturing semiconductor de...
Laser scanning microscope
Laser projection apparatus
Laser projection apparatus
High precision optical system and beam pathway design for a laser-based distance measuring device
Optical scanning apparatus, image forming apparatus, and beam positioning method
Fanned laser beam metrology system
Measuring device and method for determining relative positions of a positioning stage configured to ...
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Error recovery in asynchronous combinational logic circuits
True azimuth and north finding method and system
Collaborative system for a team of unmanned vehicles
Non-electronic radio frequency front-end with immunity to electromagnetic pulse damage
Spectral geographic information system
Personal monitoring system for a user and method for monitoring a user
Container device for the storage of hazardous material and method for manufacturing it
Deployable audible protection
Object detection method and apparatus
Gas monitoring apparatus
Halogenated solvent remediation
Ultrasonic removal of materials from containers
Flame spraying process and apparatus
Hydraulic actuated cavitation chamber with integrated fluid rotation system
Transmission device of a vehicle
Flat panel display including electron emitting device
Programming models for storage plug-ins
Control unit and method for vehicle
Pre-curved cochlear implant electrode array
Trans-septal intra-cardiac lead system
Phase-change memory device
Low bend loss optical fiber with deep depressed ring
Method for using a mixed-use memory array
Optical splitter/coupler and optical communication system
Phase change memory device and manufacturing method
Electrode structure and optical semiconductor element
Skew compensation by changing ground parasitic for traces
Compositions and methods for prostate and kidney health and disorders, an herbal preparation
Storage stable power compositions of interleukin-4 receptor
Film-forming compositions for protecting skin from body fluids and articles made therefrom
Recombinant antibodies against infectious bursal disease virus (ibdv)
Antibodies of angiogenesis inhibiting domains CD148
Polymeric skin moisturizing compounds
Combination product comprising melagatran and dexamethasone
EGFR inhibitors promote axon regeneration
Control of weed with a fungal pathogen
Methods and compositions for tissue regeneration
Hemorrhagic feline calicivirus
Recombinant Fusobacterium necrophorum leukotoxin vaccine and preparation thereof
Raised surface assay plate
Self-describing artifacts and application abstractions
Transformation of componentized and extensible workflow to a declarative format
Presentation of groups of items
Methods and systems for creating skins
Methods and systems for creating skins
System and method for automatically completing spreadsheet formulas
Process for conversion and size reduction of solid particles
Gaming machine
Ink cartridges
Piezoelectric ink-jet printhead and method of manufacturing a nozzle plate of the same
Optical fiber unit for air blown installation and manufacturing method thereof
Fluorocarbon elastomer compositions containing wear reducing additives
Blends of polypropylene impact copolymer with other polymers
Process aid for melt processable polymers
Glass microspheres with multiple bubble inclusions
Extruded battery components and manufacturing process
Extruder head
Two layer pumpable sound deadener
Window frame corner fabrication
Process aid for melt processable polymers
Turning bar draw-off device for a tubular film extrusion installation
Container and pusiier
Method and kit for inducing hypoxia in tumors through the use of a magnetic fluid
Compositions for microbial and chemical protection
Electronic device, magnetoresistance effect element; magnetic head, recording/reproducing apparatus,...
Durable electrooptic devices comprising ionic liquids
System and method for manipulating and processing materials using holographic optical trapping
Phase change inks containing compounds derived from isocyanate, unsaturated alcohol, and polyol
Ink jet ink containing multimetallic polymeric colorants
Particle-mediated transformation of vertebrate tissue cells
Methods of forming plurality of capacitor devices
Manufacturing method of substrate having conductive layer and manufacturing method of semiconductor ...
Process of forming a microphone using support member
Methods of forming a plurality of capacitors
Methods of forming a plurality of capacitors
Formation of metal oxide nanowire networks (nanowebs) of low-melting metals
Programming interface for configuring a television settop terminal
Method, system and product for identifying and executing locked read regions and locked write region...
Compiler device, program, and recording medium
Aggregate handling of operator overloading
System and method for descriptor classes
System and method for improved user information management
Method for synchronization of a line-oriented text document and a stream-oriented text document
System and method for a page rendering framework
Rendering an HTML electronic form by applying XSLT to XML using a solution
System and method for rule-based entitlements
Method and apparatus for interfacing a network to an external element
Heartbeat mechanism for cluster systems
Content/service handling and delivery
Test executive system with automatic expression logging and parameter logging
Graphene film as transparent and electrically conducting material
Polarized electrode for electric double layer capacitor, method for producing the same and electric ...
Cosmetic dispensing devices containing heating elements
Method and system for measuring energy savings resultant from improvements made to a structure
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing thereof
EUV light source
Stabilization of fluorescent dyes in vinyl articles using hindered amine light stabilizers
Materials treatable by particle beam processing apparatus
Heat treatable coated article with diamond-like carbon (DLC) and/or zirconium in coating
Apparatus and gasification of carbonaceous solid materials
Electric power network
Method of preparing derivatives of polyarylene vinylene and method of preparing an electronic device...
Method and system for providing failure protection in a ring network that utilizes label switching
Data model for automated server configuration
Power control device and method for calibrating the power of a transmitter or receiver in a mobile c...
Multi-channel receiver, digital edge tuning circuit and method thereof
Method for calculating hop count of mobile IP in an IP network
Method for discovering topology in Ethernet network
Method and apparatus for interconnecting IPv4 and IPv6 networks
Control system and method for a portable electronic printer
Position sensor
Exposure apparatus, coatings for exposure apparatus, lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing me...
Transcript apparatus
Plasmon multiplexing
Plasmon gate
Method and system using liquid dielectric for electrostatic power generation
Board level shielding module
Pyrrole derivative and photosensitive film using the same
Method for removing nanoclusters from selected regions
Systems and methods for electrosurgical tissue contraction within the spine
Medical or dental tool holder comprising a multi-step transmission arrangement
Thio-substituted biaryl-methanesulfinyl derivatives
Porous polymeric matrices made of natural polymers and synthetic polymers and optionally at least on...
Substituted indole derivatives
3-amino-1-arylpropyl indoles and aza-substituted indoles and uses thereof
Antibacterial amide macrocycles IV
Trench photosensor for a CMOS imager
In-vivo diagnostic method by near infrared radiation
Programmable power supply
System for cooling electronic components
Phase-separated evaporator, blade-thru condenser and heat dissipation system thereof
Liquid-based cooling apparatus for an electronics rack
Card cage with parallel flow paths having substantially similar lengths
Thermal management apparatus and method for printed circuit boards
Heat exchanger
Power module having self-contained cooling system
Heat exchanger
Heat pipe type heat dissipation device
Heat dissipating device with heat reservoir
Heat exchanger
System and method for controlling a multi-zone heating or cooling system
Exhaust gas recirculation system for an internal combustion engine
Vehicle air conditioning and heating method providing engine on and engine off operation
Thermoelectric refrigeration system
Heat dissipation device assembly
Chassis base assembly and flat panel display device having the same
Embedded thermal-electric cooling modules for surface spreading of heat
Methods for predicting relative efficacy of a beta blocker therapy based on a B1-adrenergic receptor...
Vectors for conditional gene inactivation
Measurement of biosynthesis and breakdown rates of biological molecules that are inaccessible or not...
Method of treating diabetes mellitus in a patient
Isometric system, method and apparatus for isometric exercise
Heteroaromate OSC inhibitors
Piperidine compounds useful as malonyl-CoA decarboxylase inhibitors
Indole compounds
Substituted pyrrolo[3,2-d]pyrimidin-2,4-diones as A.sub.2b adenosine receptor antagonists
Thiazole and oxazole derivatives as activators of human peroxisome proliferator activated receptors
Triazolopyrimidine derivatives as glycogen synthase kinase 3 inhibitors
SCA2 knockout animal and methods of use
Vacuum system capacity analyzer
Animal product free media and processes for obtaining a botulinum toxin
Method and communication apparatus for controlling a jitter buffer
Ice cream vending machine
Milking device and a method of handling a milking device
Device for producing milk foam
Chocolate coated beverage creamer
System and method of dynamically weighted analysis for intrusion decision-making
Antitheft apparatus
System and method for automatic detection of the end of a video stream
Multichannel downmixing device
Energy and cost savings calculation system
Data unit detection including antenna diversity
Developer container for an image forming apparatus
Film loader for an image forming apparatus
Optical pickup device
Dynamic write cache size adjustment in raid controller with capacitor backup energy source
Scoped metadata in a markup language
Sigma-delta modulator with DAC resolution less than ADC resolution and increased dynamic range
Delta-sigma modulator and A/D converter
Female connector for releasable coupling with a male connector defining a fluid conduit
Remelted Magnetic head support structure in a disk drive
Device, apparatus and method for removing particulate contamination from the trailing edge of a hard...
Zig-zag shape biased anisotropic magnetoresistive sensor
Fabrication of magnetic tunnel junctions with epitaxial and textured ferromagnetic layers
Magnetoresistive element having current-perpendicular-to-plane structure, magnetic head, and magneti...
Magnetic head with soft magnetic shield and magnetic storage
Intergrated thin film subgap subpole structure for arbitrary gap pattern magnetic recording heads an...
Head design with overlapping coil for narrow pitch tape head
Disk drive with support structure for damping plates and disk-vibration capacitive sensors
Hard disk drive cover with protruding blades for reducing disk and HGA vibration
Apparatus and method for guiding bypass reentry flow through contraction and filter in a hard disk d...
Head suspension with bridge portion separating apertures near lift tab
Method for improved repeatable run out learning in a disk drive
Method and apparatus for reducing heat absorption around solder pads on an electrical lead suspensio...
Reducing read/write head track misregistration
Magnetic head supporting mechanism with two openings proximate to pivot of load beam
Disk drive adjusting predictive caching based on temperature of voice coil motor
N-(2((4-Hydroxyphenyl)amino)pyridin-3-yl)-4-methoxybenzenesulfonamide Crystalline Form 1
Compounds and compositions as protein kinase inhibitors
6-Substituted pyrido-pyrimidines
Methods of inhibiting p38 with substituted bicyclic pyrimidines
Substituted heterocyclic carboxamides with antithrombotic activity
Bifunctional energy-reversible acyl-compositions
Combinatorial DNA library for producing modified N-glycans in lower eukaryotes
Electrostatic loading of drugs on implantable medical devices
Imaging system and related techniques
Endothelialization of vascular surfaces
System and method for visualization of pulmonary emboli from high-resolution computed tomography ima...
Suturing device with split arm and method of suturing tissue
Factor Xa compounds
Method and device for performing cooling- or cryo-therapies for, e.g., angioplasty with reduced rest...
N-((2Z)-2-((4-hydroxyphenyl) amino)-1,2-dihydro-3-pyridinyl)-4-methoxybenzenesulfonamide crystalline...
System for preventing unauthorized use of recording media
Computer system and method for transmitting user status information
Structured document processing system, method, program and recording medium
System and method for allocating and distributing end user information in a network environment
Transaction processing system
Laser scanner using acousto-optic deflectors
System for validating phone numbers to prevent affiliate fraud
Electronic settlement system, settlement apparatus and terminal
System for validating phone numbers to prevent affiliate fraud
Limited use pin system and method
Method and system for encoding communications between wireless and other devices
Bank card with sweepstakes feature
Pen-like device incorporating a multi-colored printer
Fraudulent message detection
Method to identify or screen VMIN drift on memory cells during burn-in or operation
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Method for maintaining a customer account
Method and apparatus for detecting malicious content in protected archives
Challenge response messaging solution
Logging device with down-hole transceiver for operation in extreme temperatures
Polymerization process
Supported catalyst containing active titanium in the homo, co-, and ter-polymerization of olefin-uns...
Method of making porous microspheres with geometric standard deviation of 1.25 or less
Ink jet composition containing microgel particles
Peptidomimetic NS3-serine protease inhibitors of hepatitis C virus
Graffiti remover, paint stripper, degreaser
Production of alkyl aromatic compounds with catalyst reactivation
Systems and methods for screening pharmaceutical chemicals
Pearlescent textured imaging supports
Organic coating compositions for aluminizing metal substrates, and related methods and articles
Chemical-containing formed material of type of heating of whole the material, container for holding ...
Method and apparatus for producing composite particles using supercritical fluid as plasticizing and...
Reinforced designed cellular coal
Loose fill insulation packaged with additive
Strength retrogression preventer
Low-profile transducer
Air treatment device for agricultural buildings
Mascara package
Traction collar and method of use
Polymer conjugates of interferon beta-1A and uses
Retinoid derivatives with antiangiogenic, antitumoral and proapoptotic activities
Natural vitamin E compositions with superior antioxidant potency
Pharmaceutically active compounds and methods of use
Indolylalkylamino-methylidenecarbamate derivatives useful as GnRH antagonists
Pyrazolopyrimidines as protein kinase inhibitors
Mitotic kinesin inhibitors and methods of use thereof
N-sulfonylurea apoptosis promoters
One-component hot-setting epoxy resin composition and semiconductor mounting underfill material
PWM controller for a voltage regulator
Method and apparatus for enhancing voltage regulator transient response
Differential input Class D amplifier
Source driver and internal data transmission method thereof
Switched-capacitor reset architecture for opamp
Driven circuit of an emitter switching configuration to control the saturation level of a power tran...
Apparatus and method reducing glitch in switching device
Synchronous multi-phase AC-to-DC converter
Switching power supply circuit
Sequence generation for mismatch-shaping circuits
Electronic device having path of power supplied to display part switched according to whether extern...
Multi-input single-output power converter and method thereof
Plural load distributed power supply system with shared master for controlling remote digital DC/DC ...
Controlling wastewater treatment processes
Crosslinked polyvinyl alcohol-based polymer membrane and a process of its preparation
Resins containing ionic or ionizable groups with small domain sizes and improved conductivity
Filter and filter module
Device for separating water and filtering impurities out of fuel
Apparatus for improving the characteristics of wetting water in offset printing
Dehydration toilet having an infusion odor capturing steam and water recovery system
Method and arrangement for removal of surface scum
Suction-driven fluid filtration system for recreational or emergency use
Process and compositions for the disinfection of waters
Methods for controlling Mycobacterium chelonae and removing bacterial cell membrane fragments from t...
Process for reduction of inorganic contaminants from waste streams
Filtration unit, installation method for a filtration unit and filtration apparatus
Methods and systems for protein separation
Method for the accelerated dialytic recovery of foreign substances from passive collectors consistin...
Device and method for preparative electrophoresis
Method and tube bundle reactor for carrying out endothermic and exothermic gas phase reactions
Method and system for designing a flexible hardware state machine
Method and system for processing arbitration requests
System and method for a shared I/O subsystem
Method and system for ASIC simulation
Method and system for routing fibre channel frames
Link trunking and measuring link latency in fibre channel fabric
System and method of providing network node services
Continuous phase frequency shift keying modulation during wireless transmissions in a closed system ...
Signalling method and apparatus
Hearing aid device and corresponding operating method
System and method for selectively coupling hearing aids to electromagnetic signals
Method and system for external assessment of hearing aids that include implanted actuators
Method and apparatus for a wireless hearing aid antenna
Optical waveguide vibration sensor for use in hearing aid
Color balance adjustment conducted considering color reproducibility of specific color
Systems and methods for minimizing aberrating effects in imaging systems
Method and system of affine registration of inter-operative two dimensional images and pre-operative...
System and method for optimizing image output quality
Methods for analyzing inter-cellular phenomena
Determination of the boundaries between fractions and extraction of selected fractions in a fraction...
Mapping the coronary arteries on a sphere
Method and apparatus for enhancing local luminance of image, and computer-readable recording medium ...
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, storage medium, and program
Image signal correction method and image signal correction apparatus
Image processing apparatus and image processing method capable of displaying a difference image
Method for automatic object marking in medical imaging
Method and system for using cutting planes for colon polyp detection
Methods and systems for computer aided targeting
Device and method for automatically producing a thermal recoil response in nematodes
Video and audio monitoring for syndromic surveillance for infectious diseases
Method and apparatus for measuring high-bandwidth electrical signals using modulation in an optical ...
Measuring apparatus and sensor unit for same
Generic interface for an optical metrology system
Sample analyzer
Vacuum ultra-violet reflectometer with stray light correction
Method and apparatus for real-time polarization difference imaging (PDI) video
Granular product inspection device
Apparatus and method for measuring blood component using light trans-reflectance
Scanning endoscope
Method and equipment for fiber optic high-resolution, in particular confocal, fluorescence imaging
Method and apparatus for displaying a tissue containing a fluorescent dye
Multi-function, self-service health kiosk
Absorbent articles including a monitoring system powered by ambient energy
Paper sheet having high absorbent capacity and delayed wet-out
Refastenable absorbent garment
Method and apparatus for producing tissue paper
Systems and methods for storing data in segments of a storage subsystem
Stator of reciprocating motor
Pump aggregate
Fluid pump and cartridge
Pad type plunger
HVAC actuator having torque compensation
Fluid control structures in microfluidic devices
System and related methods for marine transportation
Peristaltic pump with a moveable pump head
Double-acting reciprocating downhole pump
Crossover two-phase flow pump
Opposed pumping load high pressure common rail fuel pump
Adjusting device, in particular for a motor vehicle
Swash ring compressor
Unitary control for air conditioner and/or heat pump
Array of Boolean logic controlled processing elements with concurrent I/O processing and instruction...
Systems, methods and computer program products for hardware assists for microcoded floating point di...
Enabling the use of machine-readable codes
Extendible instruction system
Method of performing active data copying processing, and storage subsystem and storage control appar...
Automated on-line capacity expansion method for storage device
Computer apparatus
Integrated catalytic cracking and desulfurization system
Selective sulfur removal from hydrocarbon streams by absorption
Catalytic naphtha cracking catalyst and process
Process for small-scale testing of FCC catalysts
Network apparatus with secure IPSec mechanism and method for operating the same
Event handling mechanism
Method and system for semantically labeling data and providing actions based on semantically labeled...
Apparatus and method for generating (n,3) code and (n,4) code using simplex codes
Apparatus and method for channel coding in mobile communication system
Optimizing order of error recovery steps in a disk drive
Connection set-up extension for restoration path establishment in mesh networks
Substituted piperazines
Anti tumor compositions and methods of use
In-vehicle control apparatus communicably coupled through a communication line
In-vehicle wiring harness with multiple adaptors for an on-board diagnostic connector
Location based information system
Emergency warning system for approach of right of way vehicle
System, apparatus and methods for data communication between vehicle and remote data communication t...
Location based services revenue sharing and cost offsetting
Path estimation and confidence level determination system for a vehicle
Traction control using dynamic tire friction potential
Lateral and longitudinal velocity determination for an automotive vehicle
System and method for determining desired yaw rate and lateral velocity for use in a vehicle dynamic...
Process for preparing detergent particles
Automatic machine laundering of fabrics
Spraying gun for washing car
Drum washing machine and method of controlling the same
Stabilized proteins
Stray light insensitive detector system and amplifier
Fiber and wire communication system
System for transparent node for WDM shared "virtual ring" networks
Distribution cable assembly having overmolded mid-span access location
Method for operating transparent node for WDM shared `virtual ring` networks
Optical fiber coupler and optical fiber therefor
Optical communication system with two parallel transmission paths
Fiber-optic sensor coil and current or magnetic-field sensor
Rare earth doped and large effective area optical fibers for fiber lasers and amplifiers
Micro sensor device
Two-dimensional photonic crystal cavity and channel add/drop filter
Optical fiber article and methods of making
Microstructured optical fibers and methods
Single pass duplex document path for a digital scanner
Volumetric endoscopic coherence microscopy using a coherent fiber bundle
Optical pulse evaluation device and in-service optical pulse evaluation device
Method and apparatus for securely exchanging cryptographic identities through a mutually trusted int...
Universal mobile keyboard
Level/position sensor and related electronic circuitry for interactive toy
Method for treating a sphincter
Saddle fit system and method
Method and apparatus for waking up a sleeping system
Switching system
Method and system for optimized reliable non-member group communication through write-only membershi...
Low temperature curable materials for optical applications
Oscillating ball throwing machine
Method and a device for allowing only a specific kind of hardware to correctly execute software
Active network defense system and method
Protected execution environments within a computer system
Local video and audio network with optical data line
Digital broadcast receiving terminal for providing program information for a specific time period an...
Optical tomography apparatus
Accessing sequential data in microcontrollers
Semiconductor integrated circuit including memory macro
Method and apparatus for processing arbitrary key bit length encryption operations with similar effi...
Shared interface for components in an embedded system
Determining indices of configuration memory cell modules of a programmable logic device
Determining reachable pins of a network of a programmable logic device
Alpha-particle-tolerant semiconductor die systems, devices, components and methods for optimizing cl...
Method for implementing enhanced vertical ECC storage in a dynamic random access memory
Optical display systems and methods
Probe for testing an electrical device
Probe card and testing method of semiconductor chip, capacitor and manufacturing method thereof
Piezoelectric micromachined ultrasonic transducer with air-backed cavities
Surface mount type crystal device
Printed circuit boards and method of producing the same
Device package and methods for the fabrication and testing thereof
Printed wiring board
Apparatus to minimize thermal impedance using copper on die backside
Integrated thermal solution for electronic packages with materials having mismatched coefficient of ...
Semiconductor power module having an electrically insulating heat sink and method of manufacturing t...
Microelectromechanical device packages with integral heaters
Multiple leadframe laminated IC package
Magnetoresistive element, magnetic memory cell, and magnetic memory device
Post passivation interconnection schemes on top of the IC chips
Memory device with active layer of dendrimeric material
Low skin dose patient positioning device for radiation treatment of prone breast
Optical unit, a method of manufacturing the same, a backlight assembly having the same and a display...
Actuator and method of manufacturing actuator module
Actuator and method of manufacturing actuator module
Electromagnetic wave shielding sheet
Air heating apparatus
Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) substrates exhibiting uniform high enhancement and stabil...
Interleaved interdigitated transducers
System and method for producing massive amounts of elemental iodine
Water conductivity monitoring circuit for use with a steam generator
Installation for treating water by floatation
Plant for purifying water contaminated by droplets of hydrocarbonaceous liquid
Apparatus and process for distributing liquid
Information processing device and information processing method
Sheet transport apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Sheet post-processing apparatus, image forming system and power saving control method
Image forming apparatus with an adjustment function for adjusting color taste of toner image
Image forming apparatus and method for forming images for carrying out development using a light ton...
Diagnostic device, diagnostic system, diagnostic method, program and storage medium
Optical detection apparatus and free-space optics communication apparatus
Moving image playback apparatus, moving image playback method, and computer program thereof with det...
Communication apparatus for transmitting frames and priority control method for transmitting frames
Zoom lens and optical apparatus having the same
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same including relationship between...
Image processing apparatus and information processing apparatus, and method thereof
Production of aromatic ring-containing amino compounds and catalysts
Use of multiple antioxidant micronutrients as systemic biological radioprotective agents against pot...
System for treating petroleum and petrochemical slop oil and sludge wastes
Electrophotographic photoconductor and methods therefor
Support cradle for rolled coils and other cylindrical objects
Direct-lit liquid crystal displays with laminated diffuser plates