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Method of controlling digital photographing apparatus for efficient replay operation, and digital ph...
Digital camera having flash memory for setting start information signal and method of controlling th...
Method for improving image quality
Digital signal processing apparatus in image sensor
Digital camera
Digital camera image display apparatus and digital camera provided with the apparatus
Optical apparatus and lens control method
Method of zooming image in wireless terminal and wireless terminal implementing the same
Optical communication systems and methods of operating such optical communication systems
Lens actuating device
Driving mechanism, imaging mechanism and cellular phone
Image capturing apparatus and an image capturing method
Camera and shutter device
Observation device for side regions of a motor vehicle
Compensation of reflective mask effects in lithography systems
Storage system for dental devices
Respiration control apparatus
X-ray source focal spot deflection methods and apparatus
Medical imaging device having means for rendering the detector orientation and the display orientati...
X-ray computed tomographic apparatus
X-ray computer tomographic imaging apparatus and control method thereof
Remote interface for a network device in the physical plant
Communication device, communication system, communication method and communication terminal apparatu...
Photomultiplier having multiple dynode arrays with corresponding insulating support member
System and apparatus for heat management
Multi-modal imaging registration calibration device and method
Metallic keypad panel assembly having ripple luster
Configuration control modes for mailpiece inserters
Mobile communication device with slide portion
Architecture and method for parallel embedded block coding
Laser device coupled to a cavity by optical feedback for detecting gas traces
Device and method for spectrally resolving detection of a sample
Spectral imaging of biofilms
Semiconductor memory device having delay circuit
Circuit for initializing a pipe latch unit in a semiconductor memory device
Plasma display panel and imaging device using the same
Self refresh oscillator and oscillation signal generation method of the same
Delay locked loop circuit
Level shifting circuit for semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory device
Gastrointestinal tract examining apparatus
Wound dressing and apparatus for forming same
Attaching optical fibers to actuator tubes with beads acting as spacers and adhesives
Substrates with multiple images and methods of use
Image pick-up apparatus and endoscope apparatus
Endoscope image processing apparatus
Perfluoropolyether benzotriazole compounds
Method of polishing a wafer
Electronic endoscope system
Preparation of penicillin procaine
Liposome formulation of 6,9-bis[(2-aminoethyl)-amino]benzo[g]isoquinoline-5, 10-dione dimaleate
Fungicide mixtures
Assays for assembly of Ebola virus nucleocapsids
Glycoconjugate vaccines for use in immune-compromised populations
Recombinant oligometric protein complexes with enhanced immunogenic potential
Remedies for cancer
Process for the preparation of 4-(8-chloro-5 6-dihydro-11h-benzo-(5 6)-cyclohepta-(1 2b)-pyridin-11-...
Battery packs
Sleeved optical fiber for reduced lateral loss and method for making the same
Method for extracting nitrocresols from waste water produced in the manufacture of mononitrotoluene ...
Heat exchanger and manufacturing method thereof
Composition and uses therefor for combating hangovers
Apparatus and method for storing and transporting teeth
Techniques for performing UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) authentication using SIP...
Cradle for analyte test meter
Vehicle for setting utility poles in a remote location
Method for measuring surface plasmon resonance
Content reservation control method having client storage areas and a time frame based providing sche...
Exhaust system for an engine
Nucleic acids encoding mutant human CD80 and compositions comprising the same
Pogonatherum plant named `BA50002`
Organic electroluminescent devices and fabrication methods thereof
Polymeric piezoresistive sensors
Method for engineering a control system
Nasal adaptation of an oral inhaler device
Integrated fuel cell stack thermostat
Overvoltage-protected light-emitting semiconductor device
Lamp for a liquid crystal display apparatus
High-brightness gallium-nitride based light emitting diode structure
Methods, processes and materials for dispensing and recovering supported fluorous reaction component...
Liquid Bridge and System
Supply chain label system
Rtbv Plant Promoter And Process Thereof
Method of Constructing Novel Higher Plant and Method of Promoting the Growth of Higher Plant
Enhancement of Hydroxy Fatty Acid Accumulation in Oilseed Plants
Method for Increasing Pathogen-Resistance in Transgenic Plants by Expression of Peroxidase
Microfluidic Chemical Reaction Circuits
Methods and Systems for Differential Extraction
Method And Device For The Isolation Of Nucleic Acid From Nucleic Acid-Comprising Material
Method For Bisulfite Treatment
Protein Sweetener
IL-6 binding proteins
Compounds and Methods for Reversible Modification of Biologically Active Molecules
Hydrophobic Polysaccharide Derivatives
Ascophyllum Compositions and Methods
Methods and compositions for screening and treatment of disorders of blood glucose regulation
Methods and Compositions for Treating Flaviviruses, Pestiviruses and Hepacivirus
Structures of Active Guide Rna Molecules and Method of Selection
Compositions and Their Uses Directed to Ptpru
Fluorinated Pyrrolo[2,3-D]Pyrimidine Nucleosides for the Treatment of Rna-Dependent Rna Viral Infect...
UDP-galactose: .beta.-D-galactose-R 4-.alpha.-D-galactosyltransferase, .alpha.4Gal-T1
Use of JAG2 expression in diagnosis of plasma cell disorders
Methods of analyzing polynucleotides employing energy transfer dyes
Methods and compositions for detecting Bacillus species
Methods for identifying subjects susceptible to Charcot-Marie-Tooth neuropathy type 1C
Methods for detection and identification of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Attenuated gram negative bacteria
Kits useful for sequencing nucleic acids
Methods for detection of chloral hydrate in dichloroacetic acid
Gene participating in acetic acid tolerance, acetic acid bacteria bred using the gene, and process f...
Uses of DC-SIGN and DC-SIGNR for inhibiting hepatitis C virus infection
Human tumor necrosis factor receptor-like 2
Benzylated PDE4 inhibitors
Methods for cell mobilization using in vivo treatment with hyaluronan (HA)
Combination therapy for treating protein deficiencies
Peptides modulating caspase activation
System method and apparatus for localized heating of tissue
Compositions useful as inhibitors of protein kinases
Bacterial artificial chromosome construct encoding recombinant coronavirus
Modified Vaccinia Ankara virus variant and cultivation method
Portable data carrier provided with access protection by dividing up codes
Laddered authentication security using split key asymmetric cryptography
Method for processing multiple wireless communications security policies
Secure wireless authorization system
System for determining successful reception of a message
Information processing method, information processing apparatus, program, and storage medium
Pointers to encrypted data in RTP header
Dynamic downloading of keyboard keycode data to a networked client
Method and apparatus for secure ultrafast communication
Automatic client authentication for a wireless network protected by PEAP, EAP-TLS, or other extensib...
Method of designing optimum encryption function and optimized encryption apparatus in a mobile commu...
Lean multiplication of multi-precision numbers over GF(2.sup.m)
Radio communication system, reader/writer apparatus, key managing method, and computer program
Geranium plant named `Fisum Rose Eye`
Verbena plant named `Poena`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Tamar Dark Red`
Strawberry plant called `Treasure Harvest`
Ipomoea plant named `Kyuikukan 3`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Kistar Dark`
Kalanchoe plant named `Victoria`
Ficus plant named `Amstel Green Gold`
Cortaderia plant named `Amco`
Calibrachoa plant named `Sunbelsoil `
Campsis plant named `Rutcam`
Geranium plant named `Fisum Lilac Eye`
Helleborus plant named `Candy Love`
Campanula plant named `PKMTAK1`
Petunia plant named `Kumiyama 1 Gou`
Pentas plant named `DPRG`
Pentas plant named `DPRP2`
Aglaonema plant named `TWYAG0057`
Mandevilla plant named `Sunparavel`
Display panel
Metal-complex compound and organic electroluminescence device using the compound
Method of fabricating substrateless thin film field-effect devices and an organic thin film transist...
Method and system for verifying the use of orthodontic elastic bands
Apparatus and method for determining the amount of time until a desired temperature is reached
Feed roll construction
Food slicer and drive unit for a slicer
Process for selective grinding and recovery of dual-density foods
Aircraft galley carts and other insulated food storage units, and methods for their use
Method of freezing meat in a marinade
Method and device for cooling a stream of gaseous liquid and a method of cooling articles
Chromium (III) alpha amino acid complexes
Method and packaging machine for producing sealed packages of pourable food products from precut bla...
Cellular phone
Cellular phone
Portable phone
Portable phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Electronic device
Cellular phone
Helicopter blades, tail and fins
4-Burner gas cooktop
Gas cooktop
Gas cooktop
Microwave oven
Cellular phone
Mobile phone
Portable phone
Portable telephone
System and method for tracking vehicle maintenance information
Method and system for managing real-time bandwidth request in a wireless network
Method and apparatus for use in provisioning resources for a backhaul link
System and method for automatic wireless detection and identification of document processing service...
Method and apparatus for determining coverage and switching between overlay communication systems
Apparatus and method for selecting an access network in a multi-wireless communication network
Wireless network communication system and method
Apparatus and method for controlling sleep mode in wireless access communication system
Apparatus and method for signal transmission and reception using downlink channel information in a s...
Method and apparatus for removing cross modulation noise in a wireless transceiver
Wireless user equipment for use in reducing cross cell interference
Escape mechanism for a wireless local area network
Broadband telescope
Electropolymerization of enhanced electrochromic (EC) polymer film
Optical modulation device, optical transmitter, and optical transmission equipment
Cylindrical lens-based light sensor and use of the sensor in an automated method and apparatus for m...
Cleaning apparatus
Electrostatic chuck
Lens module
Reflection type liquid crystal display and a method for manufacturing the same
Failover scopes for nodes of a computer cluster
System and method for embedding a streaming media format header within a session description message
Message exchange pattern tracking to avoid invalid message exchange
System and method for using packed compressed buffers for improved client server communications
Method and apparatus for maintaining relationships between parts in a package
Controlled oxygen addition for metal material
Temperature measurement and heat-treating methods and system
Nondestructive residential inspection method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for windshield cleaning and de-icing
Hydrogen-oxygen plasma engines and dosing methods therefor
Methods and systems for providing dynamic domain name system for inbound route control
Multiple multicast forwarder prevention during NSF recovery of control failures in a router
Communication apparatus
Method and apparatus for end-to-end connection between an RPR and an MPLS network
Method of and apparatus for transporting SCSI data over a network
Methods and apparatus for anchoring of mobile nodes using DNS
Method for handling a defective top gate of a source-side injection flash memory array
Reflective alignment grating
Lens replacement type imaging apparatus, control apparatus, cleaning apparatus, and cleaning method
Image sensing apparatus and control method thereof having a reduced focusing processing
Low voltage CMOS differential amplifier
Extranet access management apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for symmetrical filename encoding
Methods and compositions for detecting VKORC1 single nucleotide polymorphisms
Biocompatible polymeric systems carrying triflusal or HTB
Yeast expression vector and a method of making a recombinant protein by expression in a yeast cell
Method of treating a patient with a coated implantable medical device
Device and method for suturing tissue
Electrophotographic type image forming apparatus and its driving method
Polyolefin production
Ripping device for an earthmoving machine
Populations of cells that express FLK-1 receptors
Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Intra-cavity catheters and methods of use
Intervertebral decompression
Material removal catheter and method
Drug infusion device with tissue identification using pressure sensing
Fluid regulator
Medication delivery device and method
Swaging technology
Method of compressing a polymeric layer of an expandable medical device
Holding arm connection for exterior vehicle mirror assembly
Method for measuring absolute steering angle of steering shaft of vehicle
Steering control apparatus and method for automotive vehicle
Radio oscillating and radar systems
Upper frame structure for supporting cab of construction machinery
Seatbelt usage detection system
Drive device of hydraulic cylinder for working
Air bag device
Airbag and airbag apparatus
Electric power steering apparatus
Variable steering rack system
Automatic calibration of vehicle transmission using load sensing
Vehicle control integration
Axle driving unit for a lawn tractor
Four-wheeled vehicle
Control system, control method, and control program for vehicle engine
Sensor assembly including a sensing channel having a void and an associated method
Vehicle upfront sensor
Decoding with memory in RFID system
Method for monitoring items passing through an entry/exit opening in a delimited space and apparatus...
Theft-resistant and senior-friendly packaging of consumer products
Tracking system for individual detection of prescription orders contained within a bulk container
Method of producing RFID identification label
Baggage transportation security system and method
Check accepting and cash dispensing automated banking machine
Attachment for operating table
Frequency hopping spread spectrum scheme for RFID reader
Antibodies for preventing and treating attaching and effacing Escherichia coli (AEEC) associated dis...
Method for the early diagnosis of cancer
Carwash equipment support
Bird swing for cage
Chin strap retainer ring for headgear
Hand guard
Cover for a hand dryer
Race car electric shaver
Piezoelectric device
Light fixture
Crankshaft lamp for displaying a model car
Curved lamp pole for an outdoor lighting fixture
Integrated light head
LED lamp
Lighting fixture
Wall lamp
System and method for generating multi-way branches
Accessing content served by a network peripheral
System and method of transmitting data packets
Lytic reagent and method for leukocytes differential in whole blood
Precise cutting
Molecules, compositions, methods and kits for applications associated with flaviviruses
Truncated forms of pullulanase
Fluid containment for laboratory containers
Roller bottle
Bioreactor vessel and shaft assembly
Blood test kit
System and method for dispensing dehydrated culture media powder
Systems and methods for network address failover
Predictive provisioning of media resources
Network attached storage SNMP single system image
Method and system for executing a software application in a virtual environment
Assembly and method for balancing processors in a partitioned server
Exhaust gas decontamination system and method of exhaust gas decontamination
Illumination systems, exposure apparatus, and microdevice-manufacturing methods using same
Method and system for polling PDU of radio link control layer
Incoming wave number estimation method, incoming wave number estimation device, and radio device
Non-linear dispersive transmission line assembly
Method for authorisation in a telematic centre using two databases containing data characterising th...
Variable radio frequency band filter
Radio frequency power amplifier
Method for fabricating a semiconductor structure
Method of closing a radio frequency door
Providing a dial-up connection in a packet radio system
Load balancing network access requests
Portable radio communication apparatus provided with a boom portion and a part of housing operating ...
System and method for coexistence in wireless networks
HARQ process restriction and transmission of non-scheduled control data via uplink channels
System and method for capturing and processing business data
Image classification and information retrieval over wireless digital networks and the internet
Head end apparatus for media gateway control protocol type voice over internet protocol call service
Apparatus and method for supporting mobility between subnetworks of mobile node in wireless LAN
Method and system for path change root-cause identification in packet networks
Remote high resolution photography and video recording using a streaming video as a view-finder
Method, a portal system, a portal server, a personalized access policy server, a firewall and comput...
Method and apparatus for integration of URL into standard file systems
System using internet application for monitoring metering device and sharing metering information am...
Recombinant antibodies for the detection and neutralization of anthrax toxin
Flexible encryption scheme for GSO target passwords
Almost non-blocking linked stack implementation
Method and apparatus for recursively analyzing log file data in a network
Method of pattern searching
Adaptive pace estimation device and method
Aerosol misted deposition of low dielectric organosilicate films
Container with high-crystallinity sidewall and low-crystallinity base
Artificial firelog and firestarter chip producing apparatus and method and products produced therefr...
Barrier plate for highways
Method and device to improve backlight uniformity
Process and apparatus for manufacturing crumb and powder rubber
Structure of air-packing device
Reusable cartridge for inkjet printer
Weather-resistant synthetic wood material
Refrigerated product merchandising unit
Storage capacitor for semiconductor memory cells and method of manufacturing a storage capacitor
Semiconductor light emitting element
Plasma display panel (pdp) having first, second, third and address electrodes
Programmable crossbar signal processor used as morphware
Adsorbents, methods of preparation, and methods of use thereof
Method for diagnosing increased risk of preeclampsia
Stable liquid membranes for liquid phase microextraction
Glycosylated interferon .alpha.
Analyzing tabular structures in expression recognition
System and method for delivering a greeting card to a user
Fragile watermark for detecting printed image copies
Apparatus and method for reducing contamination in immersion lithography
Methods to browse database query information
Computer-implemented system and method for handling database statements
Determining searchable criteria of network resources based on a commonality of content
Natural language based search engine and methods of use therefor
Framework for retrieval and display of large result sets
Method, system and program for selection of database characteristics
Method and apparatus for optimizing execution of database queries containing user-defined functions
Optimizing execution of a database query by using the partitioning schema of a partitioned object to...
Interface for a universal search engine
Method and system of collecting execution statistics of query statements
Systems and methods for cursored collections
Transfer component monitoring methods, image forming devices, data signals, and articles of manufact...
Classifier performance
Method and apparatus for incorporating iris color in red-eye correction
Module interface carrier data rate adaptation techniques
Photograph record authoring system
Method and apparatus for establishing circuit connections over local area networks with frequency se...
Display device for detecting abnormal image signal and method thereof
Method and apparatus for controlling telephone calls using a computer call assistant
Web-based personal assistant
Access point control of client roaming
Elapsed time indicator with moving disc
Portion of a shoe midsole
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear sole
Portion of a shoe midsole
Chair footrest mechanism
Footwear sole
Boot binding interface system
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Probe and apparatus for desorption and ionization of analytes
Cleaning method and solution for cleaning a wafer in a single wafer process
Method for production of a flexible shaped strip
Pneumatic cleaning methods and systems
Homogeneous assay system
Compositions and methods for detection and isolation of phosphorylated molecules
Electrostatic charge image developing toner
Fuel cell with helical structure
5-phenylpyrimidines, their preparation, compositions comprising them and their use
Substituted pyrimidines as ligands of adenosine receptors
Cyclic aminophenyl sulfamate derivative
Phthalazinone derivatives
Crossflow pressure liquid filtration with ultrasonic enhancement
System for treating wastewater and a controlled reaction-volume module usable therein
Washing of separated solids in solid bowl and screen bowl decanting centrifuges
Biological processing of animal waste
Concentric C-shaped filter and screen topology
Method and facility for treating sludges
Process and apparatus for loading a particulate solid into a vertical tube
Filter cartridge and an assembly of a filter housing and at least one such filter cartridge
Stable bicarbonate-based solution in a single container
Filtration module including unitary filter cartridge-bowl construction
Thermal water treatment method
Reactive filtration
Salt chlorine generator
Method and apparatus for collecting pollutants in a body of water
Gas for plasma reaction and process for producing thereof
Method of treating a mask layer prior to performing an etching process
Method for effectively removing polysilicon nodule defects
Interconnect circuitry, multichip module, and methods of manufacturing thereof
Methods of forming CoSi.sub.2, methods of forming field effect transistors, and methods of forming c...
Barrier layer for conductive features
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor element and a producing method for the same, and a semiconductor device and a producin...
Method for producing bumps on an electrical component
Method for improving Mg doping during group-III nitride MOCVD
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device with asymmetric transistor and method for fabricating the same
Method of forming an isolation film in a semiconductor device
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device for reducing a surface potential
Wafer dividing method
Method for generating a calibration curve
Cytological imaging systems and methods
Method to improve cancerous lesion detection sensitivity in a dedicated dual-head scintimammography ...
Software methods of an optical networking apparatus with multiple multi-protocol optical networking ...
Operating system abstraction and protection layer
Systems and processes for cellulosic ethanol production
Nucleic acid and corresponding protein entitled 193P1E1B useful in treatment and detection of cancer
OPC server redirection manager
Web store events
Implantable cardiac stimulation device including an output circuit that provides arbitrarily shaped ...
Medical device with an electrically conductive anti-antenna geometrical shaped member
System and method for modularly scalable architecture for optical networks
Semiconductor device integrated with opto-electric component and method for fabricating the same
Detecting apparatus and device manufacturing method
Surface material and absorbent article using the same
Toner for electrostatic image development and image forming method using the same
Method of manufacturing surface mount capacitor
Poppet valve device and electronic controlled fuel injection apparatus equipped with the device
Pants-type disposable wearing article
Laundry hamper
Golf ball and golf ball manufacturing method
Adjustable mounting device
Method for supplying spectacle lens
Assembleable knife block composed of individual autonomous units
Method and device for separating particulate material
Method of producing aerated soap
Information recording medium and method for manufacturing the same
Waveform generator for microdeposition control system
Process for the preparation of solid oxide fuel cell
Method for producing a ketone
Optical element, condensing backlight system and liquid crystal display
Maintaining Optimum Voltage Supply To Match Performance Of An Integrated Circuit
Efficient Determination of an Illuminant of a Scene
Toothbrush with kinetic plate
Electromagnetic wave shielding gasket
Methods for identifying stem cells based on nuclear morphotypes
Burglarproof device for vehicle
Incursion collision avoidance system for vehicle traffic control
Electronic display panels for automobiles
Oil change meter
Window lifter, controlling device for a window lifter and method for the control of a window lifter
Portable range extender with autonomous control of starting and stopping operations
Switch for vehicle
Memory storage disk handling system
Foot activated user interface
Image forming apparatus having foot portions coupled to a bottom surface thereof
Ankle support
Garment for use in pump therapy for enhancing venous and arterial blood flow
Exercise methods and apparatus
Rowing- and sculling-boat electric-switch operation
Fitting for joining scaffold boards
Foot supporting apparatus of a chair
Ice skate boot
Wire bonding wedge
Porta jack for flooring
Article of footwear with a removable midsole element
Shoe sole and cushion for a shoe sole
Methods of making adjustable air cushion insoles and resulting products
Fluid system having an expandable pump chamber
Clean room safety shoe article with removal steel toe housing and method for treating the shoe
Colorable elastomeric composition
Shoe sole and method
Sofa sleeper with low-profile head rail
Dynamic spinal plate implant
User interface for a portion of a display screen
Communication tablet cradle and charger
Handset cradle and charger
Non-drip spout
Centralized authentication system
Input/output interface and device abstraction
System device and method for configuring and operating interoperable device having player and engine
Method of using link adaptation and power control for streaming services in wireless networks
System and method for analyzing communications
Transaction signature
Method, computer readable medium, and system for assisting a customer in making purchases
Method and apparatus for voucher sorting and reconciliation in soft count process
System and method for routing a call to a landline communication unit or a wireless communication un...
Method and apparatus for testing a subscriber loop-based service
Arrangement for overlaying optical (such as FSO) and radio frequency (such as WiMAX) communications ...
System and method for managing broadband services
Inbound interference reduction in a broadband powerline system
Bi-polar treatment facility for treating target cells with both positive and negative ions
Uranium enrichment using microorganisms
Grease interceptor having a grease removal device
Antigen of the Pm-2 Antibody and Use Thereof
Methods of inhibiting angiogenesis and treating angiogenesis-associated diseases
Treatment and Prevention of Bone Loss Using Resolvins
Hydroisoindoline Tachykinin Receptor Antagonists
Combination of Organic Compounds
Amines as Small Molecule Inhibitors
Novel oxadiazole compounds
Beta-Lactamyl Phenylalanine, Cysteine, and Serine Vasopressin Antagonists
Pyrazole or Triazole Compounds and Their Use for the Manufacture of a Medicament for Treating Somati...
Methods and kits for linking polymorphic sequences to expanded repeat mutations
Compliance data for health-related procedures
Detection and Compensation Method for Monitoring the Place of Activity on the Body
Multi-location posture sensing
Ultrasonography Using Time- and Temperature-Sensitive Variable Adhesion Coupling Gels
Resolution Process For Preparing (+)-2S,3S)-2-(3-Chlorophenyl)-3,3,3-Trimethyl-2-Morpholinol
Process for Making Pharmaceutical Compositions with a Transient Plasticizer
Therapy control using relative motion between sensors
Gastrointestinal stimulator device for digestive and eating disorders
Method of using a gastrointestinal stimulator device for digestive and eating disorders
Treatment of CNS Disorders With trans 4-(3,4-Dichlorophenyl)-1,2,3,4-Tetrahydro-1-Napthalenamine
Methods and Compositions Using Certain Phenolic Derivatives for the Treatment of Diabetes
Transoral Placement of Extragastric Devices
Pension Fund Systems
Intragastric bag apparatus and method of delivery for treating obesity
Glucagon Receptor Antagonists, Preparation and Therapeutic Uses
Control System For Networked Home Electrical Appliances
Marketplace illumination methods and apparatus
Leisure fitness equipment with oxygen-supplying function
Gaming machines with board game theme
Systems and methods for presenting an outcome amount via a total number of events
Speed controller for toy vehicles
Card driven word guessing game
Method of playing a bonus wager
Interactive sporting event game
Rotational ring puzzle
Gift exchange game
Sound systems for model railroad locomotives
System for negotiation with mirroring
Application integration system and method using intelligent agents for integrating information acces...
Support for object search
Method and system for classifying print product descriptions
Method for compressing multi-field rule specifications
Information processing apparatus and program for displaying tree diagram
Caching for end-user systems to reduce usage of access links to a communication network
Cost-benefit approach to automatically composing answers to questions by extracting information from...
Method for obtaining a value via a rule engine implemented by a collection object
System for problem statement reformulation
Ingredient cooking-operation recognition system and computer-readable recording medium which is reco...
Scheduling and decision system
Device for the autonomous bootstrapping of useful information
Method of isolating sources of variance in parametric data
Learning management server using Bayesian methods for adaptive hypermedia
Separating multiple audio signals recorded as a single mixed signal
System and method for management of call data using a vector based model and relational data structu...
System for displaying an information package
Systems and methods for performing quantum computations
Sending a range
Method and apparatus for implementing a real-time event management platform
Method for detecting and correcting publish-subscribe looping in a messaging network
Heat shrinkable insulated packaging material
Bin pulling hook
Cooler cart
Hand cart for spools of cable and wire
Bag holder
Umbrella-type clothes drying line with removable cover
Paint container
Hand-held container
Cloth with rectangular flap
Cloth with circular flap
Bowl and bottle cleaning stand
Vacuum cleaner
Backpack vacuum cleaner
Body of vacuum cleaner
Electric vacuum cleaner body
Shoe and glove dryer
Dish washer
Paint spray gun cleaning device
Washing machine for shaver
Fire hydrant shaped leash holder
Molecular sieve catalyst composition, its making and use in conversion processes
Conversion process
Process for aromatic alkylation
Palladium-based catalyst for selective hydrogenation of acetylene
Selective hydrogenation process using layered catalyst composition and preparation of said catalyst
Multi stage sulfur removal system and process for an auxiliary fuel system
Multi-stage sulfur removal system and process for an auxiliary fuel system
Controlled superheating of natural gas for transmission
Subwoofer with cascaded linear array of drivers
Geophysical data acquisition system
Acoustic absorbing device
Exhaust flow rate control valve
Obtaining temporary exclusive control of a printing device
Proxy method and system for secure wireless administration of managed entities
System and method for identity verification
Satellite system/internet system with display option palette with multiple filtering options
System for providing resources based on licensing contract with user by correcting the error between...
Cluster-based visualization of user traffic on an internet site
Method and apparatus for domain hosting by using logo domain
In-line video, keyboard and mouse remote management unit
System and method for accessing clusters of servers from the internet network
Online investment trust creation and management
Method for transacting an advertisement transfer
Individual seat selection ticketing and reservation system
Method and system for providing real estate information using a computer network, such as the intern...
Communications of UICC in mobile devices using internet protocols
Providing a multimedia message with a multimedia messaging service message in a mobile environment
Method and system for providing a return path for signals generated by legacy terminals in an optica...
Internet facsimile and control method thereof and communication instruction terminal
Prepaid services with security provisions to protect against unauthorized use
Wireless internet services billing
Apparatus and method for a world wide web-based directory with automatic call capability
Efficient and flexible memory copy operation
Data processing system and method for efficient communication utilizing an Tn and Ten coherency stat...
System and method for cache coherency in a cache with different cache location lengths
Systems and methods for performing a hot input function
Data system having a virtual queue
Geographic location determination including inspection of network address
System, device, and method for receiver access control in a multicast communication network
Intelligent modular server management system for selectively operating and locating a plurality of c...
Method and apparatus for efficient calculation of a matrix power series
Data fusion for advanced ground transportation system
System and method for managing login resources for the submission and performance of engagements
Semaphore management subsystem for use with multi-thread processor systems
Smart content insertion
Order evaluation system for use in a healthcare location
Encoder based error resilience method in a video codec
Method for modeling hydrocarbon degradation in an oil deposit
Resource configuration in multi-modal distributed computing systems
Apparatus productivity improving system and its method
Maintenance device for remotely accessing and repairing failed computer systems
System for detection of waterlogging in steam heating coils
Method of manufacturing photo mask, mask pattern shape evaluation apparatus, method of judging photo...
Semiconductor memory device with stacked control transistors
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Electrical open/short contact alignment structure for active region vs. gate region
Circuit device
Device having reduced chemical mechanical planarization
Three-dimensional face-to-face integration assembly
Composite barrier layer
Semiconductor device package, method of manufacturing the same, and semiconductor device
Compliant terminal mountings with vented spaces and methods
Semiconductor apparatus and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor memory device and method of fabricating the same
Dielectric relaxation memory
Segmented end electrode capacitor and method of segmenting an end electrode of a capacitor
Ultra scalable high speed heterojunction vertical n-channel MISFETs and methods thereof
Nanowire light emitting device and method of fabricating the same
Method of fabricating a semiconductor light-emitting device
Semiconductor device including a semiconductor substrate formed with a shallow impurity region
Thin-film transistor and thin-film diode having amorphous-oxide semiconductor layer
Sensor and image pickup device
Semiconductor devices and methods for manufacturing the same
Golf club rest
Foldable personal mobility vehicle
Geostationary stationkeeping method
Miniature airplane apparatus and method
Joint for connecting a longitudinal side to an upper side of components and flexible strip for use i...
Method for using a tiltable stabilizer to reduce vibration generated on the fuselage of a helicopter
Apparatus for deicing a surface of an aircraft
Engine mounting structure under an aircraft wing
Light emitting device and light emitting element having predetermined optical form
Method of manufacturing substrate for ink jet recording head and method of manufacturing recording h...
Ethylene polymer
Process for the preparation of a dynamically vulcanized thermoplastic elastomer
Radiopaque animal chew
Methods and apparatus for surface preparation and dual polymeric layer coating of continuous-strip f...
Container provided with a pressure equalization opening
Interference pigments comprising a layer of silicon oxide
Cooling structure of electric device
Network device
Exchanging device for motor vehicles
Heat exchanger and method for drying a humid medium
Heat dissipation device with heat pipes
Biosensor with multi-channel A/D conversion and a method thereof
Method and apparatus for A/D conversion
Integrated plasmon and dielectric waveguides
Point-of-sale system including isolation layer between client and server software
Surface acoustic wave resonator, surface acoustic wave filter and surface acoustic wave duplexer, an...
System and method for displaying a health status of hospitalized patients
Five-membered heterocycles useful as serine protease inhibitors
1-alkyl-1-azoniabicyclo' 2.2.2 octane carbamate derivatives and their use as muscarinic receptor ant...
Hydroxybiphenyl carboxylic acids and derivatives, method for producing the same and their use
Low-loss transmitter module
Current resonance type inverter circuit and power controlling method
Method and apparatus for stream based markup language post-processing
Fused ring heteroaryl and heterocyclic compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Amino-5-(6-membered)heteroarylimidazolone compounds and the use thereof for .beta.-secretase modulat...
Method, apparatus and product for acquiring cardiac images
Tank car loading control and monitoring system and method
Television signal receiver capable of receiving emergency alert signals
Device and method for repeatedly updated the function of a LCD monitors
Display device
Polymer electrolyte type fuel cell
Microfluidic particle-analysis systems
Artificial vertebral disk replacement implant with crossbar spacer and method
Method of controlling and stabilizing laser output
Method of sealing semiconductor element mounted on gold-plated printed circuit board
Glucose meter
Grooves formed around a semiconductor device on a circuit board
Anti-PRO7168 antibodies
Phosphonate compounds
Multithreaded processor having a source processor core to subsequently delay continued processing of...
Optical recording medium and disc cartridge
Filter medium
Method of improving the determination of the attitude of a vehicle with the aid of satellite radiona...
Speed-changing device
Oligosaccharide aldonic acids and their topical use
Secreted protein factor and cell membrane-bound splice variant
Lithium silicate glass ceramic
Continuous process for the hydrogenation of nitriles or nitro compounds to amines
Wall-mounted multimedia station
Anti-terrorism water quality monitoring system
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Optoelectronic device, process and article for acquiring machine-readable symbols, such as bar codes
Methods and apparatus for monitoring electrical contacts
Secure image authentication with discrete level tamper localization
Controlled relay of media streams across network perimeters
Method and apparatus for synchronizing multiple versions of digital data
Method and device for selecting a transcoding method among a set of transcoding methods
Method and apparatus for providing distributed SLF routing capability in an internet multimedia subs...
Multimedia device for portable computers
Valve for an expandable gas or fluid distribution system
Linear slide apparatus
Actuator device with a microwave position detecting device
Digital dental image apparatus
Identification of biomarkers for liver toxicity
Method and apparatus for automatically identifying animal species from their vocalizations
System and method for design and fabrication of a high frequency transducer
Method for integrated security roles
Connection grid with integrated fuse, method for the production thereof and system for implementing ...
Immunogenic complex
Silicon carbide based porous material and method for production thereof
Molecules of the card-related protein family and uses thereof
Parallel data processing architecture
Neurotrophic factor protein and uses thereof
RF electrode assembly for handpiece
Compositions and methods for modifying toxic effects of proteinaceous compounds
Metal alloy for a stent
Verbena plant named `Carmali`
Transition metal compound and catalyst for olefin polymerization
Monoclonal antibody capable of binding integrin alpha 10 beta 1
Reproductive ablation constructs
Magnesium diaphragm, method of manufacturing the same, and speaker apparatus
Adapting operation of a communication filter based on mobile unit velocity
Amine-based gas hydrate inhibitors
Arrangement and method for production of a three dimensional object
Image displaying device
Condensation reduction device for an EGR equipped system
Method and apparatus for classifying signals, method and apparatus for generating descriptors and me...
Portion of a brush
Death domain containing receptor 4 antibodies and methods
Angelonia plant named `DANGELONI4`
Scene adaptive power control apparatus and method thereof
Method for detecting sophisticated cyber attacks
High contrast optical path corrected screen
System and method for calculating effective capacitance for timing analysis
Method for rapid determination of thiopurine methyltransferase activity
Individual-adaptive system and information distribution device based on a cellular telephone
Hierarchical workload monitoring for optimal subordinate tasking
Handheld wireless communication device and holder
System for providing message services through a private network and mobile station
System for the centralized storage of wireless customer information
System and method for providing wireless communications services
Postal address validation using mobile telephone location information
Traffic shaping of cellular service consumption through delaying of service completion according to ...
Conference call recorder
Device with a loudspeaker and an ear piece cover
Multiuse telecommunications power system
Managing power in a line powered network element
ADSL communication system having echo canceller and method for downloading filter coefficient of the...
Noise reduction and comfort noise gain control using bark band weiner filter and linear attenuation
Ring-tone identification of urgent phone calls
System for classifying lists of telephone numbers
Telecommunication switch using generic API to support multiple protocol-specific signal control func...
Systems, methods and apparatus for providing a plurality of telecommunication services
Method and system for creating automated voice response menus for telecommunications services
Method and system for verification of remote party identification
Hybrid Tea rose plant named `Meikatana`
Educational box toy and method
Method and system for periodontal charting
Open grid navigational system
Scattering diagrams in seismic imaging
Methods for genotyping with selective adaptor ligation
System and method for automatically starting a document on a workflow process
Clustering messages
Aerosol container
Intra-bronchial apparatus for aspiration and insufflation of lung regions distal to placement or cro...
Metal alloy for a stent
Method for adding and enforcing enhanced authorization policy on devices in computer operation syste...
Disk control unit
Method, system and computer program for controlling access in a distributed data processing system
Rechargeable lithium battery and method of fabricating same
System and method for temporary application component deletion and reload on a wireless device
System and method for supplying supplemental audio information for broadcast television programs
Dimensional calibration standards
Systems and methods for identifying long matches of data in a compression history
Active compensation for operating point drift in MRAM write operation
High efficiency optical diffraction device
Image output apparatus using close range radio contact wherein radio contact element is attached to ...
Apparatus and method for skew measurement
Modular uninterruptible power supply
Lamp-operating unit and low-pressure mercury discharge lamp
Irradiated absorbent materials
Electronic menu apparatus and method of ordering using electronic menu apparatus
Airbag firing electronic system for vehicles
Vehicle behavior judgment system and vehicle occupant-protecting system
Methods and apparatus for safe, fault-tolerant control of complex technical systems
Mounting apparatus for data storage devices
Travel safety apparatus for vehicle
Drive system having slip control
Vehicle arresting apparatus
Vehicle with elevated cockpit
Vehicle sobriety interlock system with personal identification element
Method and apparatus to immobilize an internal combustion engine motor vehicle
Drive control apparatus and method for vehicles
Substantially fibrous exhaust screening system for motor vehicles
Vehicle control method
Snowmobile frame
Adjustment of the speed of a motor vehicle with an automatic gearbox
Front end structure of vehicle
Construction machine
Control system for electric motor car
Mobile trailer hitching apparatus
Network communications security agent
System and method for specifying virtual machines
Building transport device
Image adjustment derived from optical imaging measurement data
Method and Apparatus for Bacterial Transformation by Electroporation with Waveforms Incorporating Pu...
Digital Radio Mondiale receiver integer carrier frequency offset estimation
Sample clock frequency offset estimation in DRM
OFDM transmission and reception for non-OFDMA signals
Radio Communication Apparatus, Base Station and System
Radio Communication Method and Radio Communication Device
Off network mobile to mobile calling using SIP protocol
Cooperative transceiving between wireless interface devices of a host device with acknowledge priori...
Body lumen device anchor, device and assembly
AV grafts with rapid post-operative self-sealing capabilities
System and method for providing a thermal shutdown circuit with temperature warning flags
Transformerless safety isolation in a power supply using safety capacitors for galvanic isolation
Method and apparatus for increasing the power capability of a power supply
Integrated circuit and method for generating a clock signal
Circuit and method for reducing reference voltage drift in bandgap circuits
Voltage tracking reference for a power regulator
PWM controller with dual-edge modulation using dual ramps
Method for controlling the operation of a low-dropout voltage regulator and corresponding integrated...
Switching power supply device
DC to DC voltage converter
Adaptive PWM pulse positioning for fast transient response
Method and system for providing precise current regulation and limitation for a power supply
Low dropout regulator with control loop for avoiding hard saturation
Switching power supply with multiple output voltages and an intermittent oscillation pulse in standb...
Power generation apparatus using AC energization synchronous generator and method of controlling the...
Electronic controller matching engine power to alternator power and maintaining engine frequency for...
Generating apparatus and motor control apparatus
Charging apparatus having a switching element for controlling charging power
State of charge tracking system for battery systems based on relaxation voltage
Battery pack
Battery pack of automatically setting master and slave pack, multi-battery pack system including the...
Multispeed power tool transmission
Safety latch apparatus
Crown molding
Slotted M-track beam structures and related wall assemblies
Subsurface insect detection and pesticide injection system
System and Method for Providing Application Categorization and Quality of Service in a Network With ...
Active bridge for stringed musical instruments
System and method for providing haptic feedback to a musical instrument
Musical piece extraction program, apparatus, and method
Musical performance apparatus
System and method for teaching piano
Methods and systems for providing musical interfaces
Protective and decorative cover for a guitar
Detachable top pickup for musical stringed instruments
Information distributing method and system
Methods and systems for assessing loan portfolios
System and method for holding and sending an order to a matching engine
Method and apparatus for providing and processing installment plans at a terminal
Systems and methods for placing parimutuel wagers on future events
Process for comprehensive financial and estate planning
Exchange method and apparatus
Computer method and apparatus for aggregating and segmenting probabilistic distributions
Computer readable medium for accelerating Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance process for management of ...
Method for evaluating a forward-buy opportunity
System and method for providing automated database assistance to financial service operators
Market event alerts and user access to monitoring data
Method and apparatus for transmitting content data and recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Online playback system with community bias
Method for monitoring data resources of a data processing network
Products made of Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloys with an improved compromise between static mechanical characteri...
Medical robotic system with sliding mode control
Automated plumbing, wiring, and reinforcement
Wind power system
Process for the production of calcium bromide by liquid-liquid extraction
Outboard motor steering control system
Blow out preventer transfer platform
High temperature superconducting degaussing system
Mooring arrangement with bearing isolation ring
Systems and processes for covering openings of marine vessel hulls
Water intake riser
Active roll stabilisation system for ships
All purpose seal
Fire proof picture frame
Emulsions made from particular emulsifers
Enhancement of vascular function by modulation of endogenous nitric oxide production or activity
Controlled release formulations of octreotide
Use of the cathelicidin LL-37 and derivatives thereof for wound healing
Humanized anti-CD4 antibody with immunosuppressive properties
Methods of treating irritable bowel syndrome and other disorders caused by small intestinal bacteria...
Cancerous disease modifying antibodies
Methods for preventing reovirus recognition for the treatment of cellular proliferative disorders
Cancerous disease modifying antibodies
Apparatus for preparing a biocompatible matrix
Biological products
Recombinant bacterial phytases and uses thereof
Isolated human squalene synthase and composition thereof
Chromatographic method and system for purifying a botulinum toxin
Compositions and methods of use of targeting peptides against placenta and adipose tissues
Recombinant plasmid and method for expressing hepatitis B viral antigens and virions in vivo
Method of removing contaminants from plastic resins
Digital watermarking systems and methods
Off-loading data re-encryption in encrypted data management systems
System and method for encrypting data in pictorial data
System and method for controlling display of copy-never content
Transfer of DVD decode key on a window by window basis to an attached device
Information processing unit
Data encryption system and method
Securing payment data
Transmitting/receiving apparatus and a transmitting/receiving method
Method and apparatus for protecting a calculation in a cryptographic algorithm
Processing copy protection signals
Method, apparatus, and program product for securely presenting situation information
System and methods for transmitting encrypted data with encryption key
Self-service multiple-director remote production and programme broadcasting server device and televi...
Method and system for delivering produced content to passive participants of a videoconference
Method and apparatus for acquiring HDR flash images
Solid-state image sensor and automatic-focus camera using the same
Image sensing apparatus with camera shake correction function
Anti-vibration apparatus for image pickup system and image pickup system having the same
Collapsible-type lens barrel and image sensing apparatus with withdrawing blur correction lenses
Exterior vehicle camera
Interpolation system and method