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Wheel cap with combined image exhibiting means as perpetually non-rotatable
Golf swing aid
Natural surface golf mat
Method and apparatus for turf aerification
Combination ball clip and ball liner and ball clip for use with a ball liner
Panel grip with cut-outs and inserts
Golf club and kit having interchangeable heads and shafts
Golf putting practice device
Multi-piece putter head having an insert
Golf putting training apparatus
System having electronics for dropping current of battery pack
Golf swing training apparatus
Filtering system for providing personalized information in the absence of negative data
Controller for endoscope
Controller for endoscope
Coatable composition
Mixing device
Automixable putty impression material
Endoscope apparatus for obtaining properly dimmed observation images
Dry powder cells and cell culture reagents and methods of production thereof
Arrays of light emitting articles and method of manufacturing same
Heart preservation chamber
Fuel cell membrane electrode assembly
LED illumination assembly with compliant foil construction
Headgear article having recessed portions
Protective plate for a welding filter in a welding helmet
Tape dispenser
Cool touch handle
Inducing cellular immune responses to human papillomavirus using peptide and nucleic acid compositio...
Admixture comprising a target molecule and a nucleic acid mimic comprising sterically bulky substitu...
Antibody to TNF receptor-like molecules
Anti-pathogen treatments
E6AP-binding proteins
Etch depth control for dual damascene fabrication process
Internal balanced coil for inductively coupled high density plasma processing chamber
Low-frequency bias power in HDP-CVD processes
Display device with piezoelectric material and method for fabricating the same
Soft magnetism thin film inductor and magnetic multi-element alloy film
Transistors with stressed channels
Gallium nitride material transistors and methods associated with the same
Thin film semiconductor device, production process and information displays
Metal MEMS devices and methods of making same
Contacts for electrochemical processing
IPS mode liquid crystal display device having an alignment layer on a plurality of pixel electrodes
Integrated metrology tools for monitoring and controlling large area substrate processing chambers
Integration process for fabricating stressed transistor structure
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor structure
Dual gate dielectric SRAM
Methods for depositing, releasing and packaging micro-electromechanical devices on wafer substrates
Manufacturing method of TFD LCD panel
Back-to-back NPN/PNP protection diodes
Reflective type liquid crystal display device and fabrication method thereof
Binding proteins specific for human matriptase
Method for repairing a defect in an intervertebral disc
Implantable medical devices and methods for making same
Osteochondral repair assembly including retracting spacer, kit and method
Reconstructing non-cartilage structural defects
Systemic lupus erythematosus
Glycerol derivative
Nucleic acid directed immobilization arrays and methods of assembly
Hybrid biologic-synthetic bioabsorbable scaffolds
Medical devices coated with drug carrier macromolecules
Monomeric protein of the TGF-.beta. family
IFBMs to promote the specific attachment of target analytes to the surface of orthopedic implants
Method for preparing water-soluble polymer derivatives bearing a terminal carboxylic acid
Computer with two execution modes
Light emitting element and production method thereof
Container holder
Fuel cutoff valve
Glass run
Light emitting diode
Light emitting device
Vehicular sliding console
Vehicle fuel cap with axial longitudinal grooves in casing body
Method for producing semiconductor device
Vehicle decorative component
Door handle portion illumination system
Lighting device
Glass run
Selective GPS denial system
Advanced power management for satellite positioning system
Code NCO and GPS receiver
Apparatus and methods for acquiring GPS data for use with portable data terminals
Unassisted indoor GPS receiver
Automatic detection of GPS SA base value for HFOM
Generalized divergence-free carrier smoothing and dual frequency differential GPS architecture imple...
Flexible mounting device for video/map display
Position and time determination under weak signal conditions
Wireless mobile terminal using sensors for controlling autonomous and assisted GPS modes
Personal training device using GPS data
Process for producing monopentaerythritol of high purity and monopentaerythritol produced by the pro...
Treated filler and process for producing
Golf club with high moment of inertia
Imaging method to verify electrical conductivity across lightning strike protection boundaries
Easy open container closure
Film taking-off method
Dispensers for tissue dilator devices
Sol-Gel composite AR coating for IR applications
Microfluidic device
Butterfly outflow valve
Composite material and base plate
Method for manufacturing a chip antenna
Surface material for ball and ball
Non-destructive method of measuring a moisture content profile across a hygroexpansive, composite ma...
Printed circuit board with embedded capacitors therein, and process for manufacturing the same
Radiation modulation by reflection from controlled composite material
Alkaline battery and manufacturing method of positive electrode material therefor
Apparatus and methods for manufacturing cigarettes
System and method for identifying tire position on a vehicle
Apparatus and method for adjusting capacity in a battery set
Dynamo-electric machine
Dual energy-storage for a vehicle system
Seal ring and seal device
Chain drive system
Component integration panel system with closed box section
Vehicular body front structure
Vehicle passenger restraint system
Balancing shaft
Method for producing catalyst for fuel cell
Fuse cassette
Bicycle having a removable power assist module
Hydraulic coupling with disconnect clutch
Steering device for vehicle
Brake pedal apparatus for automobile
Occupant protection device
Roof unit and basic structure of road-bound vehicle
Surface roughening method
Press-forming method, press-forming machine and press-formed product
Power control apparatus and method of using a power control apparatus in an image forming device
Method, apparatus and system for high-speed transmission on fiber optic channel
Method for starting lasers in a network
Vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser including a supported airgap distributed bragg reflector
Anamorphotic solid-sate laser
Vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser diode device
Semiconductor distributed feedback (DFB) laser array with integrated attenuator
Semiconductor laser with reduced heat loss
Multiwavelength quantum dot laser element
Semiconductor laser having a doped active layer
Nitride semiconductor laser device
Laser drive circuit and method providing high limit clipping corresponding to low limit clipping in ...
Semiconductor laser driving unit and image forming apparatus having the same
Laser light source
Vertical external cavity surface emitting laser
Wavelength control of an external-cavity tuneable laser
Dispersion compensated mode-locked pulsed lasers and optical amplifiers
Optical recording disc
High-frequency superimposing method and optical disk apparatus using it
Redundancy circuit
Footwear tread
Footwear sole portion
Shoe upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Shoe outsole
Shoe sole
Footwear midsole
Computer system for monitoring actual performance to standards in real time
Thermoplastic elastomer composition
Magnetic closure system
Shoe insert
Engineered fabric with tightening channels
Portion of a shoe
Footwear toe cap
Shoe outsole
Shoe outsole
Novelty footwear with stash
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method and system for improving the efficiency of state information transfer over a wireless communi...
Eigen-based method for covariance data compression
System and method for interrogating and locating a transponder relative to a zone-of-interest
Method and apparatus for calibrating a gradiometer
Thermal field emission electron gun with reduced arcing
Remote detection of explosive substances
Energy discriminating detector different materials direct conversion layers
Uses of chemically-modified cholinesterases for detoxification of organophosporus compounds
Cell separation using electric fields
Method for applying an electrical insulation
Method for stimulating wound healing
Combined cancer treatment methods using selected antibodies to aminophospholipids
Selected antibody compositions for binding to aminophospholipids
Plasma-treated textile surfaces for adsorption filter materials
Power shift gear for motor vehicles, a motor vehicle gear as well as a motor vehicle power train
Power train of automatic transmission
Electrophotographic image-receiving sheet and image-forming process using the same
Photodetector coupled to a planar waveguide
Optimized lighting method for slider serial reading using class variance
Optical pickup and optical disk apparatus
Multi-bit electromechanical memory devices and methods of manufacturing the same
Spin torque transfer MRAM device
Protective circuit and method for multi-level converter
Solid state electrolyte capacitor and manufacturing method thereof
Thin-film magnetic head including low-resistance TMR element
Magnetic head suspension
Magnetic head slider with shock absorption layer and manufacturing the same
Terahertz-band optical filter, designing method thereof, and manufacturing method thereof
Micromechanical mirrors with a high-reflection coating, method for production thereof and use thereo...
Method and system for measuring a coating thickness
Optical device, polarizing plate, diffuser, diffusing film, polarizing film and liquid crystal image...
Scaling idle detection metric for power management on computing device
User interface control for navigating, selecting, and organizing document pages
Graphically represented dynamic time strip for displaying user-accessible time-dependant data object...
Adaptive image formatting control
Method of negotiating security parameters and authenticating users interconnected to a network
Restocking of open shelving with a hand held device
Video table game apparatus, system, and method of use
Gaming device with offer/acceptance game having offer chosen from multiple formed offers
Gaming device having a selection game with multiple groups of potential outcomes
System and method for wagering based on multiple financial market indicators
Gaming device having selectable awards on a moving mechanical display
Roulette game based on results from a sporting event
Method for casino game
Bladder reconstruction
Method for manufacturing cooking vessel
Glossy inkjet recording medium and methods therefor
Inkjet printhead and method of manufacturing the same
Ink jet head circuit board, method of manufacturing the same and ink jet head using the same
Reduced melt viscosity rigid polyvinylchloride (PVC) composition
Polyolefin articles
Multilayer stretch film having cling properties, a method of preparation thereof and its use for str...
Injection valve for fuel injection
Environmentally robust liquid crystal polymer coated optical fiber cable and its use in hermetic pac...
Method of manufacturing honeycomb structure and silicon carbide particle for manufacturing the same
Beacon light with reflector and light-emitting diodes
Method and apparatus for an extruded ceramic biosoluble fiber substrate
Conductive thermosets by extrusion
Low shrink telecommunications cable and methods for manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing fully dense metal sheets and layered composites from reactive alloy powders
Methods for making abrasive articles having decorative patterns
Epoxy resins or polyisocyanates reacted with derivatized novolak polyhydroxystyrene
Formal methods for modeling and analysis of hybrid systems
Nanotube ESD protective devices and corresponding nonvolatile and volatile nanotube switches
Methods of making carbon nanotube films, layers, fabrics, ribbons, elements and articles
Highly luminescent color-selective nanocrystalline materials
Automated client device management
Unit magnification projection objective
Photochromatic effect for polycarbonate glazing applications
Atomic magnetic gradiometer for room temperature high sensitivity magnetic field detection
Method for enhancing electrode surface area in DRAM cell capacitors
Wafer holder and sample producing apparatus using it
Templated native silk smectic gels
PPAR active compounds
Pyrazolo[4,3-d]pyrimidines as Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors
Amino substituted pyrazine derivatives for the treatment of pain
Methods of fabricating nanostructures and nanowires and devices fabricated therefrom
Method and system for preventing operating system detection
Methods, systems, and computer program products for instantiating a device driver for communication ...
Install-run-remove mechanism
Testing parallel applications using code instrumentation
Method for building component-software for execution in a standards-compliant programming environmen...
Graphical program which executes a timed loop
Method and apparatus for application-specific programmable memory architecture and interconnection n...
Generating cores using secure scripts
Apparatus and method of displaying electronic desktops based on a scheduler or network connection
Apparatus, system and computer program product for appending a group of files to files on a clipboar...
Remote monitoring system
Interconnect structures and methods for their fabrication
Method and plant for desalinating salt-containing water
Apparatus for fabricating large-surface area polycrystalline silicon sheets for solar cell applicati...
Building conditioning technique using phase change materials in the roof structure
Process for the synthesis, separation and purification of powder materials
System and method for water pasteurization and power generation
Tubular heating-pipe solar water-heating-system with integral tank
Polymeric compositions comprising quantum dots, optical devices comprising these compositions and me...
Photoelectric conversion film, photoelectric conversion element, imaging element, method of applying...
Photosensor control unit for a lighting module
Solar modules with tracking and concentrating features
Liquid cyclohexane-tricarboxylic acid anhydride
Coumarin compound, material for light emitting device and organic electroluminescent device
Peptide antagonists for inhibiting heat shock protein (Hsp 16.3) of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Canonical name (CNAME) handling for global server load balancing
Managing management controller communications
Global traffic management system using IP anycast routing and dynamic load-balancing
Recording/playback apparatus, recording method and playback method of coded data in two formats
Camera and photographing method for setting focal distance of photographing optical system so as to ...
Imaging apparatus including electronic viewfinder
Image recording apparatus, image recording method, and image compressing apparatus processing moving...
Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and device manufacturing method
Flexible bioelectronic photodetector and imaging arrays based on bacteriorhodopsin (BR) thin films
Boil detection method and computer program
Electronic system to be applied invariable resistance exercise machine
Dynamic sampling with efficient model for overlay
Path optimizer for peer to peer networks
Methods and apparatus for freshness and completeness of information
Automatic antenna selector switch
Image sensing apparatus, control method therefor, and automatic focus adjusting device for image sen...
System and method for processing packets according to concurrently reconfigurable rules
Method and apparatus for computing, storing, and multiplexing modified bytes in a packet router
Image-taking apparatus with first focus control such that in-focus position is searched for based on...
Methods for forming arrays of small, closely spaced features
Method and apparatus for a monodiameter wellbore, monodiameter casing, monobore, and/or monowell
Method of correcting opaque defect of photomask using atomic force microscope fine processing device
Method and system for virtual enclosure management
Microelectromechanical speaker
Compact efficient and robust ultraviolet solid-state laser sources based on nonlinear frequency conv...
High efficiency, inductive vibration energy harvester
System and method based on field-effect transistors for addressing nanometer-scale devices
Deflection signal compensation for charged particle beam
Forming closely spaced electrodes
Peri-operative and peri-procedure nutritional supplementation
Guide device able to interact with a number of sleeves disposed in a tooth template
Reverse thermal gellation polymer of chain-extended optional polyester-terminated PEO-PPO-PEO
Anti-microbial targeting chimeric pharmaceutical
Stent coating device
Substituted N-sulfonylaminophenylethyl-2-phenoxyacetamide compounds as VR1 receptor antagonists
Apparatus and method for measuring fat
Methods and apparatus for patient monitoring
Optical interference apparatus
Visible/near-infrared spectrometry and its device
Compact near-IR and mid-IR cavity ring down spectroscopy device
Biological information measuring apparatus
Detection of gels in a solution polymerization
Motorized vehicle
Network-based air-conditioning equipment remote monitoring and management system
Cycling LED heat spreader
Bolster plate assembly for printed circuit board
Method and apparatus for dissipating heat in a computer system
High velocity air cooling for electronic equipment
Electronic device with airflow guiding duct
System of processing mixed-phase streams
Prismatic battery made of multiple individual cells
Membrane, method of making same and heat exchanger furnished with said membrane
Ventilation system
System housing, in particular for a heating, ventilating and/or air-conditioning system of a vehicle
Wireless temperature control system
Ground source heat exchange system
Heat exchanger
Condenser of refrigerator
Stacked type cooler
Device for exchanging heat
Fluid cooling system, cooled fluid dispenser comprising the later, and methods for sterilization the...
Compact heat exchanging device based on microfabricated heat transfer surfaces
Variable spring rate thermal management apparatus attachment mechanism
Modified release formulations of a bupropion salt
Substituted biphenyl GPR40 modulators
Substituted pyrazoles, compositions containing such compounds and methods of use
Somatostatin-dopamine chimeric analogs
Non-hygroscopic L-carnitine salts
Thiophene-carboxamide derivatives and their use as inhibitors of the enzyme IKK-2
Heteroaryl carboxamide compounds
Compounds for the treatment of proliferative disorders
Compounds which potentiate glutamate receptor and uses thereof in medicine
Triazolopyridine cannabinoid receptor 1 antagonists
Heteroaryl 11-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type I inhibitors
Pyrrolo(oxo)isoquinolines as 5HT ligands
Pyridopyrimidinone derivatives which are HM74A agonists
Giant trainer
Abdominal and body exercise device
Free wheel clutch mechanism for bicycle drive train
Exercise device for cross training
Treadmill with adjustable cushioning members
Exercise assembly for conditioning a user's body and associated method
Stride adjustment mechanism
Systems and methods for enabling two-way communication between one or more exercise devices and comp...
System and method for monitoring autonomic balance and physical activity
Liquid sampler
Phosphoprotein preparations for bioactive metal ion delivery and teeth remineralisation
Caffeine detection using internally referenced competitive assays
Diagnostic assays of secreted biological fluids for detection of infection and inflammatory conditio...
Breast pump
Board mounted structure of vibration motor
Use of food and drink as a delivery system for phytase in humans
System and method for remote monitoring in a wireless network
Real-time training for a computer code intrusion detection system
Intrusion detection in data processing systems
Internal bias measure with onboard ADC for electronic devices
Method and system for correcting switched input A/D converters
Delta sigma modulator and delta sigma A/D converter
Erasable image forming material
1,2-bis(3-methylphenoxy)ethane composition and thermal recording media made by using the same
Medical device with elastomeric penetrable wall
Method to select recordings by their duration
GMR sensor having a capping layer treated with nitrogen for increased magnetoresistance
HGA protecting method and member and method of implementing the HGA protecting method and member in ...
Etched laminate structures for reducing track mis-registration in a disk drive suspension
Reduction of interference pickup in heads for magnetic recording by minimizing parasitic capacitance
Magnetic recording head having a pole structure formed on a same plane as and surrounded by a shield...
Air baffle device with a plurality of metal plates for reducing disk stack vibration in media servow...
Thin film magnetic head
Cover member with air guiding portion and hard disk drive including the cover member
Disk device with reduced flutter
Disk drive seeking to OD track and then ramping velocity to implement fast unload
Method and apparatus for writing pattern on disk
Method and apparatus for sensing leakage current to estimate and possibly adjust flying height of a ...
Servo information write method and apparatus
Counter using shift for enhanced endurance
Flash memory with data refresh triggered by controlled scrub data reads
Alternate row-based reading and writing for non-volatile memory
Multi-state memory
Electronic module with dual connectivity
Memory interface card with SIM functions
Method for using two data busses for memory array block selection
Non-volatile storage system with initial programming voltage based on trial
Concurrent programming of non-volatile memory
Non-volatile memory and method with power-saving read and program-verify operations
Recyclying faulty multi-die packages
Use of voids between elements in semiconductor structures for isolation
Non-volatile memory with redundancy data buffered in remote buffer circuits
Flexure including a heat sink and a dielectric layer under trace termination pads
Detection of fly height change in a disk drive
Doped polysilicon via connecting polysilicon layers
Acyloxyalkyl carbamate prodrugs, methods of synthesis and use
2,5-disubstituted 3-mercaptopentanoic acid
Therapeutic agents useful for treating pain
Therapeutic morpholino-substituted compounds
Substituted benzofused heterocycles
Method and kit for reducing the symptoms of peripheral vascular disease
Fibrin adhesive granulate and method for its preparation
Construct comprising recognition domain of antibody against von Willebrand factor-specific cleaving ...
Method of predicting genetic risk for hypertension
Pyrrole substituted 2-indolinone protein kinase inhibitors
Drug composition comprising dipeptidyl aldehyde derivative
Anti-PECAM therapy for metastasis suppression
System and method for exchanging information with a relationship management system
System and method for generating and using a transaction enable report
Memory full pipeline
Computing device with environment aware features
Nitrogen-substituted water-dispersible phthalocyanine dyes
Content personalization over an interface with adaptive voice character
Electronic authentication system, authentication apparatus, and terminal
System and method for externalization of rules for assessing damages
Circuits, processes, devices and systems for codebook search reduction in speech coders
Methods and apparatus for expeditiously releasing network resources for a mobile station based on lo...
Apparatus and method, for making measurements in universal mobile telecommunications system user equ...
System and method for providing context sensitive recommendations to digital services
Systems and methods for detecting text
RFID ionosphere
Cross-talk cancellation
Method and system for on-demand allocation of a dynamic network of services
Filtering e-mail messages
Configuration replication for system recovery and migration
Authentication of electronic data
Method and system for managing e-mails
Push-type information delivery method, push-type information delivery system, information delivery a...
Static random-access memory having reduced bit line precharge voltage and method of operating the sa...
Multiple index based information retrieval system
Technique and method which dynamically generates various depth levels of abstracts for text based da...
Security groups
Multi-domain amphipathic helical peptides and methods of their use
Method for isolating and purifying a nucleic acid
Toner for electrostatic image development, electrostatic image developer and image forming method us...
Method and apparatus for fueling fuel cells
Ultrathin flexible sheet and method for manufacturing same
Azo compound and process of producing the same, and novel compound and process of producing azo comp...
Processes based on atom (or group) transfer radical polymerization and novel (co)polymers having use...
Method for providing shaped biodegradable and elastomeric structures of (co) polymers of 1,3-trimeth...
Nonwoven composites and related products and methods
Apparatus for fluid purification and methods of manufacture and use thereof
Battery for use in a mobile device
Multi-project system-on-chip and its method
Method and apparatus for borehole sensing
Portable cervical traction device
Diabetic bracelet
Sieve jigger
Rock crusher counterweight oil deflection plates
Flame retarding epoxy resin composition containing no halogen
Fluid ejection device utilizing a one-part epoxy adhesive
Apparatus and method for PWM buck-or-boost converter with smooth transition between modes
High efficiency digital power amplifier
Power amplifier
DC-DC converter with capacitor precharging and duty ratio limiting
Method and apparatus to improve regulation of a power supply
Control circuit to reduce reverse current of synchronous rectifier
Regulator with integrator in feedback signal
Power supply, display device, and light source driving apparatus
Composition and method for reducing chemical oxygen demand in water
Process for filtering a fluid with a compressible filtration media
Recycling hydrocarbon hydraulic stimulation fluid
Scale inhibition in water systems
Method for oxyanion removal from ground water
Removal of metal ions from onium hydroxides and onium salt solutions
Extracorporeal blood filter system
Process for producing 1,3-propanediol
Method and device for treating fine particles
Anticoagulant and thrombo-resistant hollow fiber membranes for in-vivo plasmapheresis and ultrafiltr...
Oil filtration vessel
Fluid conditioning system and method
Installation for the mechanical purification of liquids, and method for separating suspended matter
System for supporting denitrification
Liquid filtration device
Method for monitoring attentiveness and productivity in a subject
Direct imaging of neural currents using ultra-low field magnetic resonance techniques
Method for real time attitude assessment
Semiconductor integrated circuit including multiple basic cells formed in arrays
Method and system for programmable data dependant network routing
Service interface for fibre channel fabric snapshot service
Systems for doppler tracking using photonic mixing detectors
Compensation of resonators for substrate and transducer asymmetry
Hearing aid with noise suppression, and operating method therefor
Bluetooth.RTM. enabled hearing aid
Method and apparatus for reading reporter labeled beads
Method of placing constraints on a deformation map and system for implementing same
System and method for detecting content in-vivo
Imaging device-evaluation method, an image correcting method and an imageing device
Four color arrangements of emitters for subpixel rendering
Method and data processing device to support diagnosis and/or therapy of a pathological change of a ...
Shading correction apparatus and image sensing
Backlit image judgment
Test method for image sharpness
Better picture for inexpensive cameras
Automated centerline detection algorithm for colon-like 3D surfaces
Method and apparatus for performing 2D to 3D registration
Image processing method and apparatus for acquiring higher resolution image data for a region of int...
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
Image processing device, method, and program
Method and arrangement for suppressing stray light
Optical sensor device
Egg counter for counting eggs which are conveyed on an egg collection conveyer
Optical measurement apparatus utilizing total reflection
Test method for the testing of the functional capability of a monitoring sensor, monitoring method a...
High resolution monitoring of CD variations
Method and apparatus for the evaluation of the local servers properties of surfaces
Ellipsometer meeting scheimpflug condition with provision of an essentially circular electromagnetic...
Arrangement for the optoelectronic recording of large-area fingerprints
Laser digitizer system for dental applications
Automatic biological analyte testing meter with integrated lancing device and methods of use
Devices for fixing a sensor in a lumen
Method for extraction of optical properties from diffuse reflectance spectra
Diagnostic imaging apparatus
Apparatus and method for monitoring blood glucose levels including convenient display of blood gluco...
Enhanced illumination device and method
Anti-NGF antibodies and methods using same
Minimizing paper waste carousel-style dispenser apparatus, sensor, method and system with proximity ...
Overmoulding of receptacles with a thermoplastic material at a high rate of production
Disposable diaper with a hip belt
Easy load sheet product dispenser
High capacity napkin dispenser
Frangible attachment for thermoformed lid spout closure
Non-aqueous coating formulation of low volatility
Container and associated container blank
Method for simulating a system having multiple failure modes
Disposable garment with multiple fasteners
Apparatus for making a reinforced fibrous absorbent member
Oblong tissue dispenser
Process for dyeing a textile web
Disposable and reusable pouf products
Low odor binders curable at room temperature
Pull tab activated sealed packet
Molded wet-pressed tissue
Vision system and method for observing use of a product by a consumer
Packaging two different substrates
Rollover prediction and warning method
Air-suspension system for vehicles, having a throttle
Steerable axle automatic lift sensor system
Components insertion method
Corrosion-resistant rotor for a magnetic-drive centrifugal pump
Structure of pump
Methods and apparatus for pumping and dispensing
Mixer drive mounting apparatus and method
Multi-functional rotating means of electric fan
Pumping apparatus using thermal transpiration micropumps
Thermopneumatic capillary micropump and manufacturing method thereof
Pump controller system and method
Ultra low volume chemical delivery system and method
Ink pumping apparatus for printing press and ink leak preventing method
Inflating/deflating device for an inflatable air mattress
Subsea multiphase pumping systems
Compressor sound suppression
Pump and method
Dual capacity compressor
Hermetic compressor
Electric air pump for secondary air supply system
Co-axial pressure relief device for air inflator
Method and apparatus for sealing an ultrahigh-pressure fluid system
Compact fan motor and electric device comprising a compact fan motor
Fret for stringed instruments
Code translation and pipeline optimization
Structured bodies with siliceous binder
Modified thermal processing of heavy hydrocarbon feedstocks
Fluid catalytic cracking system with fines addition system
Modified thermal processing of heavy hydrocarbon feedstocks
Carbon containing nickel particle and conductive paste
Wet gas scrubbing process
Application of abnormal event detection technology to fluidized catalytic cracking unit
Enhanced solvent deasphalting process for heavy hydrocarbon feedstocks utilizing solid adsorbent
System and method for securely duplicating digital documents
Method and network element for providing secure access to a packet data network
Electronic device and storage medium which stores a display control program
Method for differentiating primate embryonic stem cell into vascular cell
Oligonucleotide analogues
Compounds and methods for the treatment of prevention of Flavivirus infections
Nucleic acid compositions for stimulating immune responses
Glyphosate tolerant alfalfa events and methods for detection
Remedy for sleep disturbance
Biaryl piperazinyl-pyridine analogues
Stable tablet formulation
Electrical energy capture system with circuitry for blocking flow of undesirable electrical currents...
Method and apparatus for providing mobile and other intermittent connectivity in a computing environ...
Anti-carjacking apparatus, systems, and methods for hi-speed pursuit avoidance and occupant safety
Face monitoring system and method for vehicular occupants
Method and system for vehicular guidance using a crop image
Providing emergency data
Collaborative incident media recording system and related methods
Tracking positions of personnel, vehicles, and inanimate objects
Modular portable battery charging system using hydrogen fuel cells
Vehicle-onboard ETC apparatus
Storage apparatus, in-vehicle navigation system, and method for controlling temperature of storage a...
Mobile textile treatment method and apparatus
Method of using fabric care compositions to achieve a synergistic odor benefit
Detergent compositions
Detergent composition
Alpha-amylase mutants
Optical power monitoring with robotically moved macro-bending
Technique for photonic switching
Method for detecting cracks in carbon fiber bicycle frame using embedded optical fiber
Chromatin segmentation
Pattern-dependent error counts for use in correcting operational parameters in an optical receiver
Virtual protection channel for fiber optic ring network
Photonic crystal device
Communication cable assembly and installation method
Fiber drop receiving device
Outside plant enclosure with pivoting fiber trays
Fiber wrap design and method
Optical fiber and optical fiber ribbon, and optical interconnection system
Optical fiber
Hybrid fiber/conductor integrated communication networks
Installation method of optical fiber composite electric power cable and cable structure therefor
System and method for optimizing network capacity in a cellular wireless network
Transmit prioritizer context prioritization scheme
Method and system for preventing unauthorized recording of media content in the iTunes.TM. environme...
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium with improved antiferromagnetically-coupled recording layer
High speed display of high resolution image
Monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) waveguide resonators having a tunable ferroelectric l...
3D MMIC balun and methods of making the same
Configurable, fast, 32-bit CRC generator for 1-byte to 16-bytes variable width input data
GC mass spectrometry interface and method
Method for post-etch cleans
Method of thermal processing structures formed on a substrate
Mechanism for conversion of vertical force to a torque and motive device and method employing same
Bicycle damping enhancement system
Method and system for loop-free ad-hoc routing
Apparatus for capturing multiple data packets in a data signal for analysis
Automobile headrest video system
Video game controller charging apparatus
Method for ensuring security, data storage apparatus, security ensuring server, and storage medium s...
Password authenticating apparatus, method, and program
Open cable set-top box diagnosing system and method thereof
System for delivering data over a network
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising meloxicam and methods of their preparation
Very high molecular weight .beta.-glucans
Flexible medical sensor enclosure
Compliant diaphragm medical sensor and technique for using the same
Flow control by supplying a remote start bit onto a single-wire bus
FIFO sub-system with in-line correction
Methods and apparatus for accessing presence information
Internal memory controller providing configurable access of processor clients to memory instances
Method and apparatus for optimized parallel testing and access of electronic circuits
Method and system for verifying data in a data protection system
Circuit for and method of testing a memory device
Method and system for reliable access of expander state information in highly available storage devi...
Command decoder for microcontroller based flash memory digital controller system
Approval process for booting devices in pre-boot execution environment (PXE)
Arranging CELP information of one frame in a second packet
Spurious signal detection
System and method for telemetry with an implantable medical device
Flat panel detector
Tape carrier package
Method of manufacturing capacitor for incorporation in wiring board, capacitor for incorporation in ...
Method for monitoring film thickness, a system for monitoring film thickness, a method for manufactu...
Reflective optical element and exposure apparatus
Compact radio frequency transmitting and receiving antenna and control device employing same
Surface mount type crystal oscillator
Apparatus for measuring electric characteristics of semiconductor
Stress decoupling structures for flip-chip assembly
Electronic parts packaging structure in which a semiconductor chip is mounted on a wiring substrate ...
Crack trapping and arrest in thin film structures
Semiconductor device
Post last wiring level inductor using patterned plate process
Transistor array substrate and display panel
Resonator matching network
Washed deboned meat having high protein recovery
Method to remove sulfur or sulfur-containing species from a source
Filter system integrating pressure regulation and air vent
Device for carrying out liquid reactions with fine-grained solid catalysts and method for the use th...
Method and apparatus for liquid treatment with combined electronic and centrifugal processes to remo...
Superoxygenation of raw wastewater for odor/corrosion control
Bed support media
Gas liquid solid compact cyclonic separator
Negotiating an exchange of image processing functionality
Correction of subject area detection information, and image combining apparatus and method using the...
Image coding method and apparatus
Multi-level information reproducing method
Information recording apparatus
Optical element holding apparatus and exposure apparatus
Optical element holding apparatus and exposure apparatus
Lens barrel
Optical scanner and image display apparatus having the same
Data processing apparatus, printing apparatus, print control method, storing medium storing computer...
Method and device for optimizing the size of a digital document
Information medium issue system, issue processing method, storage medium of storing computer-readabl...
Status data transmission of image processing apparatus
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Image capturing apparatus, control method therefor, program, and storage medium
Image processing apparatus and controlling method therefor
Image display device, image display system and electronic device
Stereolithography apparatus
Ultrasonic stir welding process and apparatus
Apparatus and method for welding a pour spout fitment to a container
Automated generation of lean models for injection molding simulation
System and computer-based method for tracking an implantable medical device characteristic during a ...
Fixing method, fixing device, and image forming apparatus
Toner container, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus, developer cartridge, and detecting unit for detecting a state of the develo...
Optical transmission structural body, optical waveguide, optical waveguide formation method, and opt...
Optical system with optical waveguides
Device and method for non-contact scanning of contact lens and contact lens mold geometry
Media distribution system
Techniques to control data transmission for a wireless system
Ridge waveguide optical sensor incorporating a Bragg grating
Howling frequency component emphasis method and apparatus
Liquid lens interconnection
Dual mode quadrature radio frequency power amplifier
Multiple channel ballast and networkable topology and system including power line carrier applicatio...
Curable bonded assemblies capable of being dissociated
Cutting-tool holder used for grinding
Cutlery set
Transition metal compound, ligand system, catalyst system and its use for the polymerization and cop...
Multipurpose folding tool with tool bit holder and blade lock
Drying device
Chimeric alphavirus replicon particles
Protease inhibitor conjugates and antibodies useful in immunoassay
Ecstasy-class derivatives, immunogens, and antibodies and their use in detecting ecstasy-class drugs
Nucleic acid preparation from whole blood for use in diagnosis of transmissible spongiform encephalo...
Myeloperoxidase detection in diagnosis and prognosis of hematopoietic disorders
Micro-sample cup rack adapter
Opening and closing a container
Device for removing consumable analytic products from a storage container
System and method for quality assurance of a biosensor test strip
Method and system for ordering a laboratory test for a patient and obtaining results thereof
Human cyclin-dependent kinase (hPNQALRE)
Immunoassay for LSD and 2-oxo-3-hydroxy-LSD
Use of protein ASC as a marker for breast cancer
Methods for detecting retroviruses
Magazine for holding test elements
Azetidine glycine transporter inhibitors
Toner, developer, toner container, process cartridge, image forming apparatus, and image forming met...
Complex threshold method for reducing noise in nuclear magnetic resonance images
High speed low power magnetic devices based on current induced spin-momentum transfer
Charging device with boundary mode control
Product display
Multiple input proximity detector and touchpad system
Semiconductor device manufacturing method, heat treatment apparatus, and heat treatment method
Optical receiver with duo-binary encoder
Spectrally phase encoded optical code division multiple access system
All-optical signal processing method and device
Multi-wavelength time-coincident optical communications system and methods thereof
Method and system for using abstract classes to extract status information from networked devices
System, method, and computer program product for extracting information from remote devices through ...
Natural language system and method based on unisolated performance metric
Pixel circuit, light-emitting device, and image forming apparatus
Back-loading catheter
Cutting blade
Data recording, billing, charges, and quality assurance software for mobile devices
Processing collocation mistakes in documents
Developing device and electrophotographic apparatus using the same
Method for formatting images for angle-specific viewing in a scanning aperture display device
Method and device for driving LED element, illumination apparatus, and display apparatus
Light emitting diode package
Method and device for creating a micro plasma jet
Pharmaceutical compositions useful in prevention and treatment of Beta-amyloid protein-induced disea...
Method of production of para-hydroxycinnamic acid using a thermostable TAL enzyme
Aerosol separator
Immunosuppressant compounds and compositions
Method of measuring neprilysin activity
Composition for preventing cell death and/or tissue necrosis resulting from contact with neural thre...
Heterocyclic derivatives for modulation of calcium channels
Apolipoprotein A1 mimetics and uses thereof
Control system and apparatus for use with ultra-fast laser
Ace inhibitory peptides from plant materials
Cancer treatment with endothelin receptor antagonists
Backlight control circuit
Circuit materials, circuits, multi-layer circuits, and methods of manufacture thereof
Intrinsic polarizer and method of manufacturing an intrinsic polarizer
Process for producing wiring circuit board
Imidazopyrazines as Raf inhibitor compounds
Transmission of data between microchips using a particle beam
Method and apparatus for rapid thermal processing and bonding of materials using RF and microwaves
Methods of use of fenofibric acid
Plasmon wave propagation devices and methods
Cellomics system
Metal oxide catalysts
Fuel cell and separator for the same
Fuel reformer system with improved water transfer
SORFC power and oxygen generation method and system
Catalytic process for producing furan derivatives in a biphasic reactor
Catalysts and processes for their preparation
Biofuel cell
Supported catalyst and fuel cell
Polymer electrolyte medium and direct methanol fuel cell
Fuel cell
Ion conductive copolymers containing one or more hydrophobic oligomers
Apparatus and method for preferential oxidation of carbon monoxide
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Sheet-like chemical cell, fuel cell and methods for manufacturing thereof
Fuel cell
Electrolyte membrane, process for its production and membrane-electrode assembly for polymer electro...
Electrode, photoelectric conversion element, and dye-sensitized solar cell
Triarylamine compounds, compositions and uses therefor
Aqueous dispersions of polythienothiophenes with fluorinated ion exchange polymers as dopants
Fresnel solar concentrator with internal-swivel and suspended swivel mirrors
Patterned photovoltaic cell
Light emitting device, display device and a method of manufacturing display device
System and method for creating a geothermal roadway utility with alternative energy pumping system
Electromechanical devices having overlying support structures
Prodrugs for use as ophthalmic agents
Compounds and compositions as protein kinase inhibitors
Small incision intraocular lens with anti-PCO feature
Apparatus and methods for isolating lens capsule fluids
Eyeglass dispensing method
Speckle reduction in optical coherence tomography by path length encoded angular compounding
Display Balance / Metering
Composition and process for the controlled synthesis of block copolymers
Self-healing elastomer system
Hole injection/transport layer compositions and devices
Wax particles for protection of activators, and multifunctional autonomically healing composite mate...
Combined information and advertising panel
Elongated base
Bicycle pedometer
Mechanism for adjusting spring tension in a derailleur
Photo driver circuit with power saving function and method thereof
Bearings for the vibration-causing assembly of a vibrating screed
Solid polyurethane powder coating compositions containing uretdione groups that are hardenable at lo...
Reflector and bicycle
Viscoelastic support structure with improved energy absorption properties
Bicycle front fork assembly
Positioning device for a bicycle handlebar
Tracked bicycle
Relative configuration of an engine intake pipe for a motorcycle
Electronic locking system for vehicles
Chain link overlay and method of improving chain link aesthetics
Cycling pedal leg angle optimizer
Preparation of aqueous polymer dispersions
Valve construction and method of use
Method for forming hafnium carbide and hafnium nitride ceramics and preceramic polymers
Unsymmetrical ligand sources, reduced symmetry metal-containing compounds, and systems and methods i...
Method of forming a bond pad on an I/C chip and resulting structure
System and method for preprocessing a signal for transmission by a power amplifier
Indanone derivatives that inhibit prolyl hydroxylase
Antibodies against interleukin-1.beta.
Method for printing a print fabric
Printing unit having transfer cylinder with compressible layer
Apparatus and method for operating a folding machine for a web-fed printing press
Method for controlling or regulating a folder of a printing press
Press cylinder and method for compensating thermally induced deformation of a press cylinder
Ink transfer device for a printing press
Printing unit and inking unit
Radiofrequency magnetic field resonator and a method of designing the same
System and method for active MR tracking
Double resonance coil arrangement for a magnetic resonance device
System and method for treatment of liquid coolant in an MRI system
NMR spectrometer
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Superconducting magnet arrangement with hysteresis free field coil
Superconductive magnetic apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging unit
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Process for the preparation of highly purified, dialkydithiophosphinic compounds
Dielectric actuator or sensor structure and method of making it
Specimen preparing apparatus
Multiwell plate
Electrochemical test strip
Stand for a chromatography column
Toothbrush sanitizer
Cap of cartridge for component extraction
Sampling device
Pedicure sink
Nipple with cover
Resilient chewing device
Nipple protector
Elbow joint bandage
Measuring instrument or device, in particular for measuring muscle performance
Electrode patch substrate
Electrode patch
Electrode patch
Mobile handset
Valve event reduction through operation of a fast-acting camshaft phaser
Deep hole boring head and deep hole boring method for boring a production piece
Speech recognition and speaker verification using distributed speech processing
Keypad overlay membrane
Method and system for RF activation of RF interrogators
Electromagnetic valve
Method for operating an arrangement of a plurality of computers in the event of a computer failure
Rotation sensor with temperature measuring feature
Interactive game kiosk
Miniature cross stream thrombectomy catheter
Anthranilamide pyridinureas as vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) receptor kinase inhibitors
Alternative oxidase and uses thereof
Refrigeration source for a cryoblation catheter
Adaptive windowing for cardiac waveform discrimination
Amplified bimorph scanning mirror, optical system and method of scanning
Coil arrangement for electromagnetic tracker method and system
Ultrasonic transducer
Quick draw cradle apparatus
Polyaxial bone screw with discontinuous helically wound capture connection
Dielectric ceramic composition for low-temperature sintering and hot insulation resistance and multi...
Polymer-ceramic dielectric composition, embedded capacitor using the dielectric composition and prin...
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Non-aqueous electrolyte battery and method of manufacturing the same
Olefin polymer and process for preparing the same
Flat non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell
Salts of potassium ATP channel openers and uses thereof
High density electrode and battery using the electrode
Battery can having vent and asymmetric welded cover
Aluminum sheet embossing roll
Binder for electric double layer capacitor
Fluorinating agent and method for producing fluorine-containing compound using the same
Naphthalene-based semiconductor materials and methods of preparing and use thereof
Stable liquid enzyme compositions
Resin composition and thermo/photosensitive composition
Burner ignition and control system
Guide mechanism and optical drive utilizing the same
Heterogeneous cleaning composition
Device, system and method of mounting audio/video capturing equipment
6-methyl-4-(2',2',3'-trimethyl-3'-cyclopenten-1'-yl)-2-cyclohexen-1-ol as sandal odoriferous substan...
Method for stabilizing oil-based thickening gel composition
Lipstick case
System and method for performing motion capture by strobing a fluorescent lamp
Container with integrally formed recoil device
2-(1-aza-bicyclo[2.2.2]oct-3-yl)-2,3-dihydro-isoindole-1-one/5,6-dihydro-f- uro[2,3-c] pyrrol-4-one ...
Increase gray scales of projection system by reflecting light from mirror elements with non-uniform ...
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer product
Antenna for radio frequency identification RFID tags
Tag communication apparatus, control method for tag communication apparatus, computer readable mediu...
Split-able label
Radio-frequency identification tag communication device
RFID device with augmented grain
Continuous paper processing system
System and method for smart radio frequency identification tags
System and method to manage movement of assets
Method and device for storing and distributing information in an RFID tag
Tag conflict avoidance method and apparatus
Automatic gain control (AGC) with lock detection
Method of estimating trap from spectral reflectance factor
Optimized liquid-phase oxidation
Optimized liquid-phase oxidation
Ethylene homopolymers or copolymers having good machine direction (MD) elmendorf tear strength
Cleaning liquid and cleaning method
Chemically amplified resist composition
Method for preparing an insulating resin composition, insulating resin composition, multilayer wirin...
Paint applicator device handle
Paint applicator device
Bisphosphine ligand
Process for removal of benzoic acid from an oxidizer purge stream
Production method of highly pure pyromellitic dianhydride
Process for producing epoxytriazole derivative
Methods and apparatus for maintaining effective operation of apparatus for candling avian eggs
Fish harvesting head
Immunotherapeutic agent
Aquarium filter assembly and filter element
Automated laterally offset retractable food dislodgement or guiding mechanisms and associated method...
Line guide for a reel unit and a reel unit including such a line guide
Rotary nail filing apparatus for animals
Pet stroller having a portable pet carrier
Freestanding pet barrier
Pet toilet
Milking machines
Rod holding apparatus
Transgenic mouse models of hepatitis C virus (HCV) and identification of HCV therapeutics
Control of animal containment system transmitter settings with minimal switches
Cat scratcher system
Calcareous organism growth accelerator
Nodule boundary detection
Method for the 3d modeling of a tubular structure
Teniae coli guided navigation and registration for virtual colonoscopy
Method and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging using contrast agent
Imaging method with back projection
Multiple focus acquisition
Space-time microwave imaging for cancer detection
Emission-data-based photon scatter correction in computed nuclear imaging technology
Method, apparatus, and system for low temperature deposition and irradiation annealing of thin film ...
Borer-resistant wood, wood products, and wooden structures and methods
High porosity fractures and methods of creating high porosity fractures
Optimizing performance parameters for switchable polymer dispersed liquid crystal optical elements
Optimizing performance parameters for switchable polymer dispersed liquid crystal optical elements
Method of preparing electron deficient olefins
Compounds and methods for synthesis of bicyclic nucleic acid analogs
Synthesis and characterization of novel cyclosiloxanes and their self- and co-condensation with sila...
Aqueous pigmented coating composition with improved open time comprising crosslinkable oligomer(s) a...
Energized fluids and methods of use thereof
Indicator device having an active agent encapsulated in an electrospun nanofiber
Flexible packaging laminate films including a block copolymer layer
Preparation method of solid titanium catalyst for olefin polymerization
Slurry phase polymerisation process
Immortalized hepatocytes
Selective whole cell quartz crystal microbalance biosensors