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Data storage system and a method of storing data including a multi-level cache
Apparatus and method for processing information, and program and medium used therefor
Method and apparatus for selecting enqueued data access operations for execution in a disk drive dat...
Parity bit system for a CAM
Bit level programming interface in a content addressable memory
Row-diagonal parity technique for enabling efficient recovery from double failures in a storage arra...
Input buffer overrun checking and prevention
Memory access device and method using address translation history table
Unified memory system for multiple processors and method for controlling the same
Computer system utilizing speculative read requests to cache memory
Data pre-fetch system and method for a cache memory
Cache allocation mechanism for saving elected unworthy member via substitute victimization and imput...
Highly integrated single chip set-top box
Denture adhesive
Permeability enhancer
Methods and algorithms for cell enumeration in low-cost cytometer
Composition of a soy protein material and process for making same
Method of making a granulated bread improver
Salt substitute compositions having N-neohexyl-a-aspartyl-l- phenylalanine methyl ester for modifyin...
Freeze-dried coffee tablets
Frozen products
System and method for manufacturing frozen edible products
Aerated food products
Dough compositions having a moisture barrier, and related methods
Method for prevention of temperature overshoot in a cooking appliance
Methods for preserving food products
Preparation of pumpable, edible composition using electrodialysis
Shelf-stable acidified food compositions and methods for their preparation
Apparatus and process for preparing confectionery having an inclusion therein using forming rolls an...
Tea calendar apparatus
Compositions and methods for nutrition supplementation
Nutrition bar for adolescent consumers
Disk drive using servo in data technique
Process for manufacturing functional shoe insoles using a herbal composition
Bicycle shoe with ventilating sole
System and method for discrete time trajectory planning for lithography
Active electromagnetic device for measuring the dynamic response of a tool in a CNC machine
Facility monitoring method
Dual band bidirectional amplifier for wireless communication
Audio buffer processing
Method for optimizing net present value of a cross-selling marketing campaign
Method for a carrier to determine the location of a missing person
Detection of clogged filter in an HVAC system
Burst detector
Communications receiver architectures and algorithms permitting hardware adjustments for optimizing ...
Use of global positioning satellites (GPS) to discover and select local services
Mobile device comprising a GPS receiver
GPS low noise amplifier unit, duplex filter unit and GPS-cellular hand-set
Magneto-resistive device, and magnetic head and head suspension assembly using same
Magnetic resistance device
Magnetoresistive effect element and magnetic memory device
Spin valve element and thin film magnetic head having antiferromagnetic coupled layers
Exchange-coupled magnetoresistive sensor with a coercive ferrite layer and an oxide underlayer havin...
Headstack with semi-permanently deformable element for pole-tip recession adjustment
Flexible printed circuit board unit contributing to reliable soldering and suppression of increased ...
Disk drive with controlled pitch static attitude of sliders on integrated lead suspensions by improv...
Recording/reproducing separated magnetic head with concave portion formed in air bearing protective ...
Magnetic disk cartridge with dust removing liner
Weighting servo signals for head positioning
Systems for limiting channel control values to thereby improve servo-demodulation robustness
Method and apparatus for determining modulated, amplitude ramping RRO harmonics in multi-screw clamp...
Methods for limiting channel control values to thereby improve servo-demodulation robustness
Method for reducing disk thermal expansion effects while writing reference spiral servo patterns to ...
Method for nonsequentially writing reference spiral servo patterns to a disk to compensate for disk ...
Halogen lamp with infrared reflective coating and halogen lamp with reflecting mirror and infrared r...
Input apparatus using multidimensional electrodes to define key functions and the encoding method th...
Fixing device transport for a digital printer or copier machine
System and method for generating forward error correction based alarms
Metallocenes, polymerization catalyst systems, their preparation, and use
Woven fabric of composite material
Full color display structures using pseudomorphic cladded quantum dot nanophosphor thin films
Concentrated aqueous phytopathological formulation comprising a herbicide and a betaine type surfact...
Absorbent, deodorizing, hygienic animal bedding composition and method of manufacture
Device for automatically adjusting means for vertically directing and aligning plastic containers in...
Solid electrolytic capacitor and its manufacturing method
Method for die design and powder pressing
Anonymous trading system
Cyanine dyes as labeling reagents for detection of biological and other materials by luminescence me...
Method for fabricating a triple damascene fuse
Mouthpiece for a particulate inhaler
Valve-leaf protective structure for pressure for regulator of air tank used in diving
Metal/active oxygen batteries
Magnetic memory and method for optimizing write current in a magnetic memory
Nonvolatile memory cell
Navigation system using mobile terminal
Pay-TV billing, system activation, and E-commerce using a pay-TV receiver
Water treatment method for heavy oil production
Desulfurization of petroleum streams using metallic sodium
Wastewater treatment control
Microporous membrane substrate having caustic stable, low protein binding surface
Sample preparation of biological fluids for proteomic applications
Water treatment system and method
Water treatment system and method
Water treatment system and method
Fluid distribution device
Water treatment system and method
Calcium hypochlorite of reduced reactivity
Injection bonded articles and methods
Methods and apparatus for reducing nitrate demands in the reduction of dissolved and/or atmospheric ...
Effect of cations on activated sludge characteristics
Tili-out frame for a filter screen
Sharps container
Tipover-safe means for lamp
Tuned vibration noise reducer
Personal warning method and apparatus for traveling loads
Method and apparatus for generating purchase incentive mailing based on prior purchase history
Lamp with a temperature-controlled automatically protecting circuit
Method and apparatus for generating purchase incentives based on price differentials
Halogen torchiere lamp diffuser apparatus
Catalina dice
System and apparatus for dispensing coupons having selectively printed borders around preferred prod...
Method and system for using a frequent shopper card as a phone calling card
Packaging and display system
Method and apparatus for generating personal identification numbers for use in consumer transactions
Multicolor interference coating
Portable fan
Computer keyboard light system
National / international management and security system for responsible global resourcing through te...
Polyester plasticizer and chlorine-containing resin compositions
Process for producing flexible polyurethane foam
Poly-heterocyclic compounds and their use as metabotropic glutamate receptor antagonists
Composite cement article incorporating a powder coating and methods of making same
Novel dosage form
Liquid stick antiperspirant
Three piece garage hook
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Method and apparatus for locating non-visible objects
Display element and manufacturing method thereof
Methods of cementing and cement compositions containing a polymeric cement cohesion additive
Ceramics, and methods of making and using the same
Sensor and method of mounting it
Interface engine providing a continuous user interface
Method for making monodispersed noble metal nanoparticles supported on oxide substrates
System and method for GRE heartbeats
Method for transmitting long code state information in asynchronous mobile communication system
Method for cell selection of asynchronous mobile station in asynchronous mobile communication system
System and method for providing fault tolerance in a network telephony system
Restricted getter
Procedure for the determination of triglyceride contained in low density lipoprotein
Bevel locking system for a sliding compound miter saw
System and process for identifying objects and/or points nearby a given object or point
Terminal adapter for connecting a terminal to a computer local area network capable of identifying a...
Device for detecting the position of a vehicle for a vehicle treatment facility
Vehicle position communication system, vehicle navigation apparatus and portable communications appa...
System and method of routine navigation
Control system for hybrid vehicles
Temperature-compensated optical fiber component
Semiconductor optical waveguide device including s-shaped waveguides
Lifetime evaluating system of mechanical element and method for the same
Implantable device and method for managing erectile dysfunction
Driver circuit for semiconductor storage device and portable electronic apparatus
Methods and systems for preparing extensible markup language (XML) documents and for responding to X...
Grouping and nesting hierarchical namespaces
Analysis of pipelined networks
Method and system for creating and employing an operating system having selected functionality
User intention modeling for web navigation
System and method for composing, processing, and organizing electronic mail message items
Managing asynchronous objects received over multiple communication protocols
Method for forming a memory structure using a modified surface topography and structure thereof
Temperature sensitive control of liposome-cell adhesion
Compositions of crosslinkable polyurethanes
Esters of 5-aminolevulinic acid and their use as photosensitizing compounds in photochemotherapy
High intensity discharge lamp with single crystal sapphire envelope
Fixation unit, thermal fixation roller, and recording apparatus and its manufacture method
Catalyst component for olefin polymerization
Process for the production of 1,5-dinitronaphthalene
Dispenser for the apportioned delivery of pasty substances
Fire retardant
Device for precision cuts on aluminum and vinyl siding and other construction materials
Cyclic redundancy check (CRC) parity check system and method
Method for the treatment of incontinence
Tissue processor with integrated valve
Olefin polymerization catalyst
Method and apparatus for remotely accessing a password-protected service in a data communication sys...
Method of determining emission control system operability
Cash dispensing automated banking machine system and method
Method and system for vaporization of a substance
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device having timing reference control function and method for cont...
Single transistor type magnetic random access memory device and method of operating and manufacturin...
Semiconductor device having superlattice semiconductor layer and method of manufacturing the same
Plasma display panel
Method for over the air mobile station management
System and method that provides for the efficient and effective sanitizing of disk storage units and...
Apparatus and method for directing user to internet resource
Failed component search technique
Method and system for identifying and anticipating adverse drug events
System and method for providing short message targeted advertisements over a wireless communications...
Method and system for determining market demand based on consumer contributions
Resource price management incorporating indirect value
Information management and material distribution for sterilization facilities
System and method for managing maintenance of building facilities
Prefetching memory objects into a shared cache during garbage collection with a three-finger Cheney ...
Data recovery system
Relational database drill-down convention and reporting tool
Method for the preparation of citalopram
Fluorescent lamp
Belt apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
Method of preparing a catalyst containing gold and titanium
Single-stage method for producing toluene derivatives
Tube substance dispenser
Automated travel planning system
Bicycle hub dynamo with a freewheel
Same-hand control of a multi-function device
Signal light for attracting deliveries
Optimum compaction low void composite bicycle wheel rim
Composite bicycle rim with seamless braking surface
Multiple use convertible vehicle
Folding baby stroller system and method
Platform scooter for larger children and handicapped persons
Dispensing closure for a container that holds pourable material
Shift and break control device
Locking valve stem cap system, components thereof, and associated methods
Headlamp for a bicycle
Caring doctor blade and method for manufacture of same
Electron emitting device, electron source and image display device and methods of manufacturing thes...
Integrated process for the preparation of aromatic isocyanates and procedures for effecting the rela...
Organozirconium composite and method of synthesizing the same, raw material solution containing the ...
Felxible method for the common production of formic acid, a carboxylic acid having at least two carb...
Methods of forming alpha, beta-unsaturated acids and esters
Photopatternable sorbent and functionalized films
Rectangular parallelepiped fluid storage and dispensing vessel
Process for micronizing materials
Apparatus and methods for transferring printer driver preferences
Method for providing fall protection for a load in an elevated environment
Articulated surgical instrument for performing minimally invasive surgery with enhanced dexterity an...
Polymer jacket with adhesive inner layer
Shielded tip catheter
Vascular treatment method and device
Steerable device for introducing diagnostic and therapeutic apparatus into the body
Ureteral stent for improved patient comfort
Insertion tube device
Medical treatment method and apparatus
Endourethral device and method
Method and apparatus for coating an implantable device
Patient temperature regulation method and apparatus
Wire and lock mechanism
Low profile vascular filter system
Catheter with removable balloon protector and stent delivery system with removable stent protector
Intracardiac suture device
Electrosurgical probe having circular electrode array for ablating joint tissue and systems related ...
Non-charging pre-cooling system
Assembly and method for termite ground monitoring
Positive electrode active material for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell and cell using the sam...
Direction control device of control target
Cross point memory array exhibiting a characteristic hysteresis
High fill ratio reflective spatial light modulator with hidden hinge
Liquid crystal display device and driving method thereof
Epoxy hardeners for low temperature curing
Modified sulfonamide polymers
Polyester compositions
Structural and optical applications for shape memory polymers (SMP)
Olefin polymerization catalysts containing a pyrrole bisimine ligand
Light beacon and remote control therefor
Front combination lamp for an automobile
Lamp bulb with recessed lens
Wall base with slanted upper portion
Lighting fixture
Cover for rail attachment
Light fixture frame
Window component extrusion
Lighting fixture base
Wall block
Wall-mounted light fixture
Retaining wall block
Lighting fixture vanity strip
House facade
Fiberglass pool
Lighting fixture
Fiberglass pool
Method, apparatus, and product for asserting physical presence with a trusted platform module in a h...
Web application framework
Broadcast metadata format independent of transmission standard
Methods and systems for recording programs
Multi-view video format
Methods and systems for constructing and editing electronic program guide lineups
Methods and systems for integrating provisional services in an electronic program guide environment
Interactive program information page and related methods
Program portals and methods and systems for finding and viewing programs
Creating standardized playlists and maintaining coherency
Method and system for single reactivation of software product licenses
Resource allocation management
Categorizing, voting and rating community threads
Method and apparatus for providing a pluggable and extendable J2EE architecture
Automatic upgrade of pluggable components
Method and system for accepting precompiled information
Portion-level in-memory module authentication
System and methods for providing versioning of software components in a computer programming languag...
Inserting into a document a screen image of a computer software application
Manipulating portlets
Method and apparatus to support multiple hierarchical architectures
Keyboard with reduced keying ambiguity
Method and apparatus for efficient sharing of DMA resource
Apparatus and method for reordering sequence indicated information units into proper sequence
Method and system for communicating with a quiescent mobile vehicle
Isothiazole dioxides as CXC- and CC-chemokine receptor ligands
Apparatus for directing electromagnetic radiation
Optical attentuator system
Antiglare film, method for fabricating the same, polarizer element and display device employing the ...
Efficient wave propagation for terahertz imaging and sensing
Chromatic dispersion compensator
Projection display system using a diffuse reflecting polarizer
Variable power finder and imaging apparatus
Self-adjusting interferometric outcoupler and method
Apparatus and method for gain-spectrum-tilt compensation in long-wavelength band dispersion-compensa...
Optical transmission systems including optical amplifiers and methods of use therein
Wide-band raman amplifiers
Optical amplifying device
Image production apparatus, image display apparatus, image display method and optical modulation dev...
Display device
Projection display having an angle-selective coating for enhanced image contrast, and method for enh...
Software code comments management method and system supporting speech recognition technology
Automated test generation
Authentications integrated into a boot code image
Method and apparatus for booting an electronic device using a plurality of agent records and agent c...
Accelerated weathering apparatus having sealed weathering chamber
Intracorporeal medicaments for high energy phototherapeutic treatment of disease
Biomass gasifycation furnace and system for methanol synthesis using gas produced by gasifying bioma...
Method for producing and transporting hydrogen
Heat sealed webbing method and apparatus for pool covers
Externally baffled ridge vent and methods of manufacture and use
Transaction card system having security against unauthorized usage
Threaded sealing flange for use in an external combustion engine and method of sealing a pressure ve...
Device for eliminating mosquitos
Slide calipers
Microwave-assisted peptide synthesis
Microwave-assisted peptide synthesis
Microwave-assisted peptide synthesis
Analogs of dictyostatin, intermediates therefor and methods of synthesis thereof
Mass spectrometry-based methods for detection and differentiation of botulinum neurotoxins
Filter element comprising pleated metal fiber fleece
Evertible filter wrap with straps
Method and apparatus for decontamination for automotive HVAC systems
Apparatus for separating floating and non-floating particulate from a fluid stream
Nonwoven fabric for filter and filter for engine
Disposable filter cartridge
System and method for automatically purifying solvents
Recombinant enzyme and uses therefor
Humanized immunoglobulin loci
Manufacturing process for porous material
Crystallization of polyol compositions, crystalline polyol composition product and use thereof
Chemically modified polyaminosaccharide by a hydrocarbyl sultone compound
Promoter sequences for corticotropin releasing-factor receptor CRF2alpha and method of identifying a...
Novel human GABA receptor proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Novel human estrogen receptor beta
32 human secreted proteins
Reducing the immunogenicity of fusion proteins
Mammalian cell surface antigens; related reagents
Small molecule stimulators of neuronal growth
Novel oligoribonucleotide derivatives for specific inhibition of gene expression
Modulation of glucocorticoid receptor expression
Antisense modulation of PTP1B expression
Methods of inhibiting COX-2
Gene for transcription factor capable of altering characters of a plant and use thereof
Isothermal strand displacement nucleic acid amplification
Apparatus and method for managing articles
Adjustable transmission line stub including a conductive fluid
Shielded surface mount coaxial connector
Interferometric load-pull tuner
Method and apparatus providing cancellation of second order intermodulation distortion and enhanceme...
Radio communication apparatus
Passive anti-jamming antenna system
Symmetry plane antenna system
Microstrip line type planar array antenna
Calibration method and radio apparatus
Radar altimeter
Object detecting device
Information transfer method radio terminal and radio gateway device using datalink layer signaling o...
Method and apparatus for practicing IP telephony from an Internet-capable radio
Method of manufacturing silicon carbide film
Spatially directed ejection of cells from a carrier fluid
Solid phase sequencing of double-stranded nucleic acids
Unitized barrier and flow control device for electrochemical reactors
Scent dispersing mat apparatus
Polishing pad
Methods of generating gas in well treating fluids
Syntactic tunnel core
Means for the modulation of processes mediated by retinoid receptors and compounds useful therefor
Benzamide derivatives, processes for their preparation, and their pharmaceutical use
N-(indole-2-carbonyl) and H-thieno[2,3-b]pyrrole-5-carboxamide anti-diabetic agents
sPLA2 inhibitors
Control of arthropods in animals
Anti-diabetic agents
Substituted piperidine compounds and methods of their use
Nitro and amino substituted topoisomerase agents
Arrangement in a pulse amplifier
Full bridge converter with ZVS via AC feedback
Internal combustion engine
Spark ignition engine
Direct injection engine system and start-up method for direct injection engine
Method for receiving spectrum spread signals with frequency offset correction
Method and apparatus for combined measurements of concentration, distribution and flow velocity of s...
Method and apparatus utilizing direct digital synthesizer and spread spectrum techniques for reducin...
Copper complexes and process for formation of copper-containing thin films by using the same
Laser processing method and laser processing apparatus
Strained silicon on insulator from film transfer and relaxation by hydrogen implantation
Gapfill process using a combination of spin-on-glass deposition and chemical vapor deposition techni...
Method and system for drying semiconductor wafers in a spin coating process
Fabrication method for semiconductor integrated devices
Method for forming a silicon nitride layer
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Methods for forming silicon dioxide layers on substrates using atomic layer deposition
Process for cleaning silicon surface and fabrication of thin film transistor by the process
Chemical processing method, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Pattern formation method
Method and apparatus for etch rate uniformity control
Method of forming a fine pattern using a silicon-oxide-based film, semiconductor device with a silic...
Method and apparatus for forming improved metal interconnects
Data transmission apparatus and method
Data sector error tracking and correction mechanism
System and method for inhibiting reads to non-guaranteed data in remapped portions of a storage medi...
Logical zone table generation process and apparatus
Apparatus for frequency and timing recovery in a communication device
Stall control
Process for improving the performance of a multiprocessor system comprising a job queue and system a...
Thermal proximity effects in lithography
Method for allocating spare cells in auto-place-route blocks
Polymeric creping adhesives and creping methods using same
Applying far infrared radiation to biological matter
Hyaluronan synthase gene and uses thereof
Enkurin and uses thereof
Separably joined relationship between adjoining wipes
Enumeration method for the link clock rate and the pixel/audio clock rate
Current-steering digital-to-analog converter having a minimum charge injection latch
Method and system for converting digital samples to an analog signal
Methods, apparatus and data structures for preserving address and service level information in a vir...
Priority signaling for cell switching
User communication hub for use with an analog phone line
Spoofing to preserve a communication link
System and method for suppressing silence in voice traffic over an asynchronous communication medium
Methods and systems for remote authorization of fuel dispensing
System for estimating a quantity of parasitic leakage from a fuel injection system
Data compression circuit and method for testing memory devices
Electric discharge lamp
Processing program generating device
Travel time display device and method for industrial robot
Apparatus and method for calling mobile robot
Method of and device for re-calibrating three-dimensional visual sensor in robot system
Large substrate test system
Chemical vapor deposition apparatus
Coarse spectrometer with a grating
Optical filter device with aperiodically arranged grating elements
Strapdown system for three-dimensional reconstruction
Optical switch and optical switch array
Gauging based on global alignment and sub-models
Spacer structure having a surface which can reduce secondaries
Shutter structure of an oven apparatus used in semiconductor or liquid crystal display processes
Latch assembly with adjustable backset
Pneumatic tire having non-symmetric pattern
Fluid distribution device
Homogeneous charge compression ignition engine and method for operating homogeneous charge compressi...
Epoxy resin composition, surface treatment method, liquid-jet recording head and liquid-jet recordin...
Method for forming a semiconductor structure with improved smaller forward voltage loss and higher b...
Ear vacuum
System for mounting terminals with electric wires in a connector housing
Process for the preparation of quaternary salt phenolate solutions
Topical anthelmintic veterinary formulations
Antifungal parenteral products
Echinacea induction of phase II enzymes
Product from starfish
M. tuberculosis antigens
Process for the production of sustained release drug delivery devices
Antibiotic composition
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising ibuprofen and domperidone
Apparatus and methods for sensor-less optimization of methanol concentration in a direct methanol fu...
Polyvinyl acetal and its use
Aqueous composition comprising oligomeric esterquats
Multi-layered core golf ball
Increased peroxide content tooth bleaching gel
Method and apparatus for blending and dispensing liquid compositions
Method and system for copy protection of displayed data content
System and methods for securely permitting mobile code to access resources over a network
Gap histogram on-line randomness test
Method of plating nonconductor product
Curable perfluoroelastomer composition
Production of N-aryl-2-lactam and N-cycloalkyl-2-lactam by reductive amination of lactones with aryl...
Multi-stage process for the (CO) polymerization of olefins
Blends of poly[α-methylenelact(one)(am)] homo-and copolymers
Method for the use of polyhydroxyalkanoate levels to maintain bioreactor health
Mica sheet and tape
Fitment for a flexible pouch with child-safety properties
Time stamping method using aged time stamp receipts
Address translation change identification
Interdomain routing system
Method and apparatus for fast initialization of redundant arrays of storage devices
System and method for performing gloating point operations involving extended exponents
Method and apparatus for bounding the solution set of a system of linear equations
Method for synchronizing clock and data signals
System and method for deadlock-free routing on arbitrary network topologies
Power converter module with a voltage regulating circuit
Method and apparatus for cooling electronic equipment within an enclosure
System and method for accessing personal information relating to a caller in a remote telecommunicat...
Method for estimating and synchronizing frame boundaries of mis-aligned cross-talk signals in a DMT ...
Method for mapping translation type in No. 7 gateway signaling network
Network and method for providing a flexible call forwarding telecommunications service with automati...
Pre-crash nose dipping system
Method and apparatus of modulating the filtering of radiation during radiographic imaging
Jamb-mounted seal for an EMI shielded room
Carboline derivatives as PDE5 inhibitors
Water-absorbent agent, method for production thereof, and water-absorbent composition
End-to-end prioritized data delivery on networks using IP over frame relay
System and method for virtual private network network address translation propagation over nested co...
Cluster destination address table—IP routing for clusters
Apparatus for intercepting communication data in a packet network
Method and apparatus for allowing selective disposition of an incoming telephone call during an inte...
Multi-packet transport structure and method for sending network data over satellite network
Method and system for online creation and ordering of customized material for printing
Load indicating member with identifying mark
Importing data using metadata
Describing documents and expressing document structure
Electronic catalog system, catalog data printing method, server, and computer readable recording med...
Document-database access device
Network-attached disk unit with data protection function and server protecting data stored in networ...
System and method for arranging digital certificates on a hardware token
Thin film transistor, organic electroluminescence display device and manufacturing method of the sam...
Light emitting device and display unit using it
Liquid droplet discharging method, and liquid droplet discharging apparatus
Method of fabricating a device for cooling a hot spot in micro system
Method of manufacturing organic electroluminescence display device
Method of assay
Tire puncture sealant
Foam composite
Portable communication device and corresponding method of operation
Macrocyclic tetraamido ligands as bleaching catalysts and synthesis thereof
Compositions and method for regulating apoptosis
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Strain-controlled III-nitride light emitting device
Leakage power optimization for integrated circuits
Apparatus and method for handling of multi-level circuit design data
Semiconductor memory device with built-in self test circuit operating at high rate
Deterministic bist architecture including MISR filter
System LSI architecture and method for controlling the clock of a data processing system through the...
Method and apparatus for driving plasma display panel
Silica-based materials and methods
Process for the manufacturing of surface elements with a structured upper surface
System for determining characteristics of substrates employing fluid geometries
Recovery of antimony catalyst residues from bromination reaction mixtures
Mobile monolithic polymer elements for flow control in microfluidic devices
Method of making a semiconductor package device that includes singulating and trimming a lead
Cosmetic compositions comprising at least one polymethylsilsesquioxane film former
Composition for scavenging sulfur compounds from fluids
Security system incorporating a single modular unit motion sensor
Frame rearrangement to support bidirectional languages in a Web application
Method comprising the indirect electrochemical regeneration of NAD(P)H
Fermentation of clavulanic acid at a controlled level of ammonia
Process for manufacturing of tagatose
Process for in vitro creation of recombinant polynucleotide sequences by oriented ligation
Carbon nanotube connected instrument
Hepatitis A vaccines
Display apparatus
Method and apparatus for backup power in a communication system
Tire pressure loss detection
Apparatus and method for providing travel information
Device for measuring force on a seat belt
Method of engine overspeed protection by inhibiting operator throttle input
Method and apparatus for controlling a solenoid valve of an automatic transmission of a vehicle
Display system mounted in automobile vehicle
Vehicle rearview mirror system with protocol detection
Method for printing a digital print file and a printer adapted for applying the said method
Program, information processor and preview method
Information processing apparatus, print processing method, and computer program
Voice over IP method of determining caller identification
System and method for packet network media redirection
Bonded structure using reacted borosilicate mixture
Electrical connectors having contacts that may be selectively designated as either signal or ground ...
Electrical contact assembly with insulative carrier, stapled contact attachment and fusible element
Ice-making machine with contoured water curtain
Morphogen-induced dendritic growth
Isolation and use of motoneuronotrophic factor
Growth hormone releasing hormone enhances vaccination response
Immunostimulatory siRNA molecules and uses therefor
Use of antisense oligonucleotides for the treatment of degenerative skin conditions
Compositions comprising amphotericin B, methods, and systems
Cerberus/Coco derivatives and uses thereof
Corticotropin releasing factor 2 receptor agonists
Sirtuin related therapeutics and diagnostics for neurodegenerative diseases
Nano-mechanic microsensors and methods for detecting target analytes
G-protein coupled receptors
Device to alleviate freezing of gait in users with Parkinsonism
Detection of truncation mutations by mass spectrometry
Method, system and storage medium which includes instructions for analyzing anatomical structures
Apparatus and method of diagnosis of optically identifiable ophthalmic conditions
Human brain carboxypeptidase B
System and method for simultaneously optimizing the quality of life and controlling health care cost...
Power supply monitoring for an implantable device
Impedance measurement for an implantable device
Endoscopically placed gastric balloon (EPGB) device and method for treating obesity involving the sa...
System and method to measure cardiac ejection fraction
Macrocyclic modulators of the ghrelin receptor
Tricyclic indeno-pyrrole derivatives as serotonin receptor modulators
Compositions containing policosanol and B vitamins and their pharmaceutical uses
Benzyloxy derivatives
(-)-Hydroxycitric acid for protection against soft tissue and arterial calcification
2-Thiohydantoine derivative compounds and use thereof for the treatment of diabetes
(-)-Hydroxycitric acid for the modulation of angiotensin-converting enzyme
Multivalent antibodies and uses therefor
Medicine for prevention or treatment of diabetes
Use of methyl pyruvate for the purpose of reducing weight gain in mammals.
Paraffin alkylation
Alkylaromatics production
Method for producing cyclopentadiene compounds
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation to produce hydrocarbons having a se...
Method and system for generating passwords
System and method for detecting computer intrusions
Method, system, and device for typing customers/prospects
Apparatus and method for handling logical and numerical uncertainty utilizing novel underlying prece...
Apparata, articles and methods for discovering partially periodic event patterns
Methods and apparatus for preparing high-dimensional combinatorial experiments
Computer-aided image analysis
Method and apparatus for providing a reward for the use of a processor in a parallel processing envi...
System and method for remote inbound vehicle inspection
System for protection of goods against counterfeiting
Security document with an optical security area
Hologram transfer foil
Curl resistant single substrate label sheet and a method for making same
Method for forming images and intermediate transfer recording medium
System and method for drug management utilizing transferable labels
Double icon page markers and method of page marking
DSL communication apparatus with lifeline functionality suitable for transmitting and receiving voic...
Automatic desktop audio/video/data conferencing distributor
Method and apparatus for accessing a content site with a sound sequence
Automated database assistance using a telephone for a speech based or text based multimedia communic...
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, recording medium, and program
Time simulation techniques to determine network availability
Cellular phone housing
Mobile telephone
Mobile messaging global directory
Shared-use portable telephone and method of sharing portable telephone
Voicemail messaging via satellite radio
Portable information terminal device with a rotating imaging element for capturing an image of a fin...
XDSL splitter line module for network interface device
Step size convergence control
Echo-canceler for precoded fractionally spaced receiver using signal estimator
Echo cancellation filter
Motor for generating vibrational signal
Systems and methods for storing information associated with a subscriber
Communication system
Arrangement for controlling congestion in an SS7 signaling node based on packet classification
Peripheral apparatus for intelligent networks and method for providing user services in intelligent ...
Geranium plant named 'Maestro Rich Red'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Zembla Sunny'
Kalanchoe plant named 'Pago'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Allegro Jazz'
Lily plant named 'Mount Duckling'
Hydrangea plant named '2001'
Agapanthus plant named 'Back in Black'
Floribunda rose plant named 'Meiwhiflo'
Osteospermum plant named 'Balserlav'
Strawberry plant named 'Driscoll Pearl'
Lonicera periclymenum plant named 'Scentsation'
Lily plant named 'Tiny Hope'
Strawberry plant named 'Driscoll El Dorado'
Poinsettia plant named 'PER6401'
Diascia plant named 'Sumdia 02'
Echinacea plant named 'Sunrise'
Secure password entry
Data authentication system employing encrypted integrity blocks
Certification validation system
System and methods for digital receipts
Multiple party content distribution system and method with rights management features
Apparatus and method for watermarking a digital image
Method for generating and looking-up transaction keys in communication networks
Apparatus and methods for including codes in audio signals
Methods and apparatus for protecting signals transmitted between a source and destination device ove...
Method and system for secure printing of documents via a printer coupled to the internet
Data decryption methodology
System and method for encrypting and verifying messages using three-phase encryption
Method and apparatus for exchange of information in a communication network
Distributed apparatus to improve safety and communication for security applications
Authorized user system using biological signature
Secret key generating method, common key generating method, encryption method, cryptographic communi...
Data generating apparatus and data verifying apparatus
Data communications
Flash device security method utilizing a check register
Coin bank
Conveyor yoke
Handle for a service jack
Combined ironing board, electric iron, and iron holder
Sink cushion mat
Drain basket retainable on sink
Cleaning tool
Cleaning mitt
Plunger bell
Upper portion of a floor care appliance
Hand held vacuum cleaner
Dryer cabinet
Car wash equipment frame
Hood for a cat litter box
Lollipop-shaped pet toy
Moisture-wicking saddle pad
Pet drinking fountain design
Freezable pet bowl with scrolled bottom
System and method for playing a multiple-row matching game
Poker-type game and method
Portable game gallows for hoisting and skinning multiple game
Electronic educational apparatus incorporating the detection of objects
Portable dueling tree
Dueling tree
Hit scoring apparatus for shooting practice
Aerial projectile target game
Card game
Historical war game with flat soldiers and method of playing it
Brain twister
Eddy current measurement and correction in magnetic resonance imaging systems
Magnetic resonance imaging using demodulated k-space segments
Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus control system
Printed circuit board with opto-via holes and process of forming the opto-via holes
Methods of fabricating nanostructures and nanowires and devices fabricated therefrom
Surface-acoustic-wave component adapted to electronic circuit and device, and manufacturing method t...
Self-passivated copper interconnect structure
Semiconductor apparatus utilizing a preparatory stage for a chip assembly
Semiconductor device
Buried collar trench capacitor formed by LOCOS using self starved ALD nitride as an oxidation mask
Integrated circuits using optical fiber interconnects formed through a semiconductor wafer
Total internal reflection (TIR) CMOS imager
Semiconductor device with fully silicided source/drain and damascence metal gate
Apparatus and circuit having reduced leakage current and method therefor
High-density three-dimensional memory
Semiconductor constructions having crystalline dielectric layers
Integrated semiconductor storage with at least a storage cell and procedure
Photonic digital-to-analog converter employing a plurality of heterojunction thyristor devices
Multilayer optical compensator, liquid crystal display, and process
Apparatus and methods for semiconductor IC failure detection
Phase changeable memory devices and methods of forming the same in which an upper electrode includes...
Method for thermal nitridation and oxidation of semiconductor surface
Method for forming multi-layer wiring structure
Golf divot tool and accessory
Shoe cleaning apparatus
Golf shoe upper
Golf shoe upper
Golf shoe upper
Golf putting practice aid
Golf swing training apparatus
Golf training installation
Vibratory amusement device for producing concentric illuminated rings
Play cube to aid in recognizing and developing various emotional states
Phonology and articulation tool
Pocket door slide
Children's ride-on vehicle
Horizontal bar
Molded plastic truss work
Juvenile activity center
Method and apparatus for thwarting attempts to hijack aircraft and for responding to other aircraft ...
Method and apparatus for controlling a vehicle
Apparatus and method for maneuvering objects in low/zero gravity environments
Quonset type parachute
Stabilization of a drogue body
Superhydrophobic coating
Microwave heat-exchange thruster and method of operating the same
Method and apparatus for pressure molding multi-layer footwear
Snow-type bike
Snowboard boot with liner harness
Breathable footwear pieces
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe midsole
Portion of a shoe midsole
Footwear outsole
Strap for footwear
Side element of a shoe upper
Footwear upper portion
Portion of a shoe midsole
Forward-looking fan control using system operation information
Boilerless steamer apparatus and method to reduce water useage
Heat sink assembly with combined parallel fins
Temperature control system which sprays liquid coolant droplets against an IC-module and directs rad...
Housing with active external cooling and at least one electronic component with heat-dissipating cap...
Fluid processing device and method
Liquid filter/heat exchanger unit
Heat accumulator for vehicle use
Micro-reactor fabrication
Multi-load thermal regulating system having electronic valve control
Air conditioner
Air-conditioning system with thermal storage
Heat transfer
Aluminum heat exchanger
Heat discharger suitable for application to heat pipes
Brazed wick for a heat transfer device
Vapor escape microchannel heat exchanger
Engine guard oil cooler
Apparatus and method for controlling the temperature of an electronic device under test
Heater cycling for improved oil return
Coupling for heat transfer member
Dual function prosthetic bone implant and method for preparing the same
Reduction of matrix interference for MALDI mass spectrometry analysis
Indolyl and dihydroindolyl derivatives, their manufacture and use as pharmaceutical agents
Linear high powered integrated circuit transmitter
Negotiating secure connections through a proxy server
Stereo microscope
HCV NS3 protease inhibitors
Method and system for setting expressions in network management notifications
Process for preparing simvastatin having controlled ranges of simvastatin dimer content
Fuser system and method for electophotography including multiple fusing stations
Power tool
Electro-optical device, method for manufacturing electro-optical device, apparatus for manufacturing...
Distal protection device for filtering and occlusion
Expandable sand control screen assembly having fluid flow control capabilities and method for use of...
Diffusion sheet for use in transmission-type screen and transmission-type screen
Ventilation member, vented housing using the same, pull-out prevention member for ventilation member...
Cleaning and multifunctional coating composition containing an organosilane quaternary compound and ...
Method for screening and producing compound libraries
Toner kit, toner, method for forming an image, and image forming apparatus
Color improving stabilizing compositions comprising leucine
Oriented films prepared using impact copolymer polypropylene
Antibodies that recognize and bind phosphorylated human glucocorticoid receptor and methods of using...
Closed cavity piston for hydrostatic power units and method of manufacturing the same
Lockset drilling guide
Hardware-operation description conversion method and program therefor
Configurable operating system for control of a mobile I/O device
System and method for providing an arbitrated memory bus in a hybrid computing system
Program counter trace stack, access port, and serial scan path
System and method of monitoring, predicting and optimizing production yields in a liquid crystal dis...
System and method for software component plug-in framework
Hydro-electric farms
Propagation of human hepatocytes in non-human animals
Labeling proteins with dyes that are insoluble or only sparingly soluble in water
Activator compositions for cyanoacrylate adhesives
Synthesis of selective androgen receptor modulators
Process for the oxidation of unsaturated alcohols
Albumin fusion proteins
Hyperpolarized gas containers, solenoids, transport and storage devices and associated transport and...
Cervical disc replacement
Insecticidal anthranilamides
Network service
Automatic pitch processing for electric stringed instruments
Switch-user security for UNIX computer systems
Antipicornaviral compounds and compositions, their pharmaceutical uses, and materials for their synt...
Photographic apparatus for stereoscopic microscope
Catalyst for the generation of CO-free hydrogen from methane
FLK-1 binding proteins
Receiver and radio communication terminal using the same
Robot with tactile sensor device
Programmed computation of predicted pressure loads on marine vessels
Work standard creation system and method, distributed client/server system, and computer program sto...
Delivery of stimulants through an inhalation route
Resistive materials
Internet security analysis system and process
Method of controlling vehicle handling by influencing the yaw velocity
Pre-availability of a lecture to promote interactivity
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device having a multi-bit control function
Formatting a content item in a text file using a discrimination stylesheet created using a heuristic...
Semiconductor light emitting device and manufacturing method therefor
Terminal equipment for cable television
Method and system for adjusting precharge for consistent exposure voltage
System and method for gathering, indexing, and supplying publicly available data charts
Real-time database update transaction with disconnected relational database clients
Network interconnected financial document processing devices
Extrudable highly crystalline thermoplastic polyurethanes
Process and apparatus for the coextrusion of rubber mixtures
Equipment and method for manufacturing honeycomb structural body
Method and apparatus for manufacturing decorative moldings
Die module for a crosshead extrusion system
Extruder with condenser
Load cell deflasher assembly and method
Power supply equipment for motor vehicle with inverter for controlling motor generator
Fuel cell power plant for mobile unit
Axle assembly
Bump stop
Electric power steering device and method and apparatus for manufacturing the same
Utility vehicle having hydrostatic drive
On-vehicle structure of fuel cell system
Hybrid drive system wherein clutch is engaged when engine speed has exceeded motor speed upon switch...
Semi-fragile watermarking system for MPEG video authentication
Voltage converter with selectable DC output voltage level
Push button buckle
Articulating buckle
Power supply adapter with foldable plug
Safety syringe with a needle sleeve
.pi.-Type band pass filter
Device of white light-emitting diode
Light emitting diode structure and manufacture method thereof
Awning supported on roof panel for use outdoors
Catalyst system for ethylene (co)polymerization
Electrical adapter with dual plug structure
Method and apparatus for sensing and displaying tablature associated with a stringed musical instrum...
System and method for music identification
Electric keyboard assembly and method of manufacturing weight members provided in keyboard assembly
Self-playing musical device
Compact ultrasonic calibration block
Method and apparatus for selective distribution of discount coupons based on prior customer behavior
Fire-safe halogen torchiere lamp
Beam sharpened, low sidelobe antenna system
Retrofit grid for halogen torchiere lamp
Metallized film capacitor
Lamp base with clock
Acrylate composite barrier coating process
System, method and program product for temporally authorizing program execution
Filter generation
Compressing and decompressing multiple, layered, video streams employing multi-directional spatial e...
System and process for compressing and decompressing multiple, layered, video streams of a scene cap...
Methods and systems for independently controlling the presentation speed of digital video frames and...
Electronic program guide displayed simultaneously with television programming
Method and system for managing software components
User task interface in a Web application
Adaptive scheduler using inherent knowledge of operating system subsystems for managing resources in...
Thread starvation profiler
Hierarchical management for multiprocessor system with real-time attributes
Hierarchical management for multiprocessor system
Optimizing transactions based on a set of persistent objects
Methods and apparatus for a web application processing system