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Method for the solid synthesis of ferrates of alkaline or alkaline earth metals and ferrates obtaine...
Blender and mug set
Fluid injection apparatus
Apparatus and system for containing an animal
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Method of vacuum forming a molded article having an undercut channel
Distributor module for valve clusters and a valve cluster
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Endodontic root-canal jig and fixture
Cellular phone
Aqueous glittering ink composition
Polyvalent immunogen
Method and materials for producing deletion derivatives of polypeptides
HIV-specific synthetic oligonucleotides and methods of their use
Bicyclic heterocycles as HIV integrase inhibitors
CD40:CD154 binding interrupter compounds and use thereof to treat immunological complications
Treatment of papillomavirus infections
Coated non-oxide cathodoluminescent phosphors, films thereof and field emission devices therewith
Cleaning valve drive unit
Deriving a more accurate estimate from prediction data in closed loop transmit diversity modes
Menthyl lactate process
Fresnel lens sheet
Integrated method for synthesis propylene oxide
Battery system, battery monitoring method and apparatus
Device for determining at least one parameter of a medium flowing in a conduit
Single operator stenting system
Element substrate and a light emitting device
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery having a negative electrode containing carbon fibers and ca...
Metathesis-curable composition with a reaction control agent
Digital system and method for testing analogue and mixed-signal circuits or systems
Tandem color image forming apparatus with an image transfer belt and backup roller
Cardiac diagnostic system and method
Self-processing integrated damage assessment sensor for structural health monitoring
Multi-layer golf ball with a thin, castable outer layer
Process for producing acrylic ester compound
2-Azapurine compounds and their use
Method for indentifying microbial DNA or RNA
Device for determining a glucose concentration in a tissue fluid
Derivatives, immunogens, and antibodies for detecting ecstasy-class drugs
Inactivated enzyme variants and associated process and reagent system
Increasing parallelism of function evaluation in a database
Foldable combined spoon and fork
Backlight module and feedback circuit structure thereof
Lead-free solder
Method for evaluating and/or comparing welding consumables
Inhibitors of macrophage migration inhibitory factor and methods for identifying the same
Cycloalkyl-substituted alkanoic acid derivatives, processes for their preparation and their use as p...
Laser effects and laser devices
Resonant panel-form loudspeaker
Optical waveguide module, optical waveguide film and manufacturing method thereof
Ultra-thin polarization mode converters based on liquid crystal materials
Optical device and method of manufacturing same
Method and apparatus for spatial domain multiplexing in optical fiber communications
Parabolic waveguide-type collimating lens and tunable external cavity laser diode provided with the ...
Optical fiber cable suitable for installation using an air-blown installation method
Dual core photonic crystal fibers (PCF) with special dispersion properties
Colored optical fiber and optical fiber ribbon assembly containing said fiber
Image forming device and detachably loaded process unit
Implantable defibrillator having reduced battery volume
General purpose accessory for a cochlear implant system
Lead electrode for use in an MRI-safe implantable medical device
Method of manufacturing a drug-eluting endocardial lead utilizing silicone elastomer as a drug carri...
Guide wire stylet
Cover for air bag device
Thermistor having improved lead structure and secondary battery having the thermistor
Back light unit for liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the unit
Enhanced fire, safety, security and health monitoring and alarm response method, system and device
Apparatus and system for prompt digital photo delivery and archival
System and method for music-on-hold in a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) environment
Method to eliminate user setup for installation of broadband modems, routers, and integrated modem-r...
System and method for providing source awareness in a network environment
Method and apparatus for assessing quality of service for communication networks
Audio identification system and method
Customer driven, sponsor controlled network-based graphical scheduling system and method
Collaborative browsing
Self-contained demonstration node in a satellite based content delivery system
Method and system for producing dynamic web pages
Laundry system including home terminal device and laundry apparatus with communicating function
Data communications systems and methods using different wireless links for inbound and outbound data
Integrated wireless local loop (WLL) and wireless local area network (WLAN) transceiver apparatus
Vehicle occupant response system
Object-moving method, object-moving apparatus, production process and produced apparatus
Developer supply container and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Charged particle beam exposure apparatus, charged particle beam exposure method and device manufactu...
Print system, printing method, and server
Speech recognition system, speech recognition apparatus, and speech recognition method
Stepping motor
Rule-based data reproduction system and method
Communication terminal, service providing system, service use method, storage medium, and program
Image input apparatus
Image processing apparatus and method
Color image forming apparatus
Alignment apparatus, exposure apparatus using the same, and method of manufacturing devices
Electronic apparatus for facsimile communication, control method and control program therefor
Domain-wall-displacement-type magnetooptical recording medium
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Developing device featuring high viscosity developing agent and superimposed AC and DC bias voltage ...
Coolant mixture separator assembly for use in a polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cell power p...
Methods and apparatus for mixing fluids
Wireless transmit-only apparatus and method
Light weight parallel manipulators using active/passive cables
Torch cable disposition structure for arc-welding robot
Method and system for multi-mode coverage for an autonomous robot
Mobile robotic system with web server and digital radio links
Methods of detecting early renal disease in animals
Manufacturing method of semiconductor integrated circuit device that includes chemically and mechani...
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Ultra thin, single phase, diffusion barrier for metal conductors
Substrate processing apparatus and method
Silane composition, silicon film forming method and solar cell production method
Radiation image conversion panel and preparation method thereof
Semiconductor light emitting device and method for fabricating the same
Structure and method to generate local mechanical gate stress for MOSFET channel mobility modificati...
Semiconductor package having multiple row of leads
COF flexible printed wiring board and method of producing the wiring board
Expansion constrained die stack
Semiconductor apparatus with decoupling capacitor
Hybrid integrated circuit device
Semiconductor device manufactured by the damascene process having improved stress migration resistan...
Circuit property measurement method
Prefabricated and attached interconnect structure
Integrated printed circuit board and test contactor for high speed semiconductor testing
Liquid crystal display device having more uniform seal heights and its fabricating method
Semiconductor laser apparatus
Characterization and verification for integrated circuit designs
All-optical time division multiplexing system
Methods and apparatus for mitigating rain fading over SATCOM links via information throughput adapta...
Notification system for implantable cardiac therapy devices
Smart camera
Apparatus and system for protection, control, and management of electricity distribution systems usi...
Distributed computing system architecture
System and method for controlling one or more multipoint control units as one multipoint control uni...
Modular computer system management
Address resolution protocol system and method in a virtual network
TCP/IP offload network interface device
Content addressable memory device with source-selecting data translator
Device and method for handling MPLS labels
Message based power management in a multi-processor system
Sharing communications adapters across a plurality of input/output subsystem images
SUMO4 gene and methods of use for type 1 diabetes
Regulatory sequences for regulation of gene expression in plants and other organisms, and compositio...
Detection of transmembrane potentials by optical methods
High threonine producing lines of Nicotiana tobacum and methods of producing
Modular patient support system
Position sensing system with integral location pad and position display
Algorithm for discrimination of 1:1 tachycardias
Method and apparatus for improving specificity of atrial tachycardia detection techniques in dual-un...
Electrical stimulation strategies to reduce the incidence of seizures
Tools and methods for discovering race condition errors
Methods and systems for verifying EMS compliance via NMS interface
Method and apparatus for event distribution and event handling in an enterprise
Method of synchronizing events with a digital television audio-visual program
MPEG dual-channel decoder data and control protocols for real-time video streaming
Interactive television triggers having connected content/disconnected content attribute
Computer network security system and method having unilateral enforceable security policy provision
Secure wireless local area network
Negotiating secure connections through a proxy server
Integrated network intrusion detection
Client security for networked applications
Video monitor and stand
Gaming system display
Gaming system dome for a shared symbol display
Gaming system combined shared symbol display and protective dome
Gaming system light candle
Extensible, replaceable network component system
Methods of and apparatus for making high aspect ratio microelectromechanical structures
Submicron thermal imaging method and enhanced resolution (super-resolved) AC-coupled imaging for the...
3.5 transistor non-volatile memory cell using gate breakdown phenomena
Method and apparatus for providing internal table extensibility with external interface
Portal for a communications system
Multiple task wait system for use in a data warehouse environment
Endoscopic bite block
System and method for overcoming decision making and communications errors to produce expedited and ...
Apparatus and method of collecting and distributing event data to strategic security personnel and r...
System and method for providing information to an operator of an emergency response vehicle
System and method for providing information to an operator of a motor vehicle
Wireless, internet-based system for transmitting and analyzing GPS data
Product integrity systems and associated methods
System and method for accessing geographic-based data
Herbal composition for gastrointestinal disorders
Food supplement formulation
Composition for protection and regeneration of structure and function of the liver
Methods for transfecting T cells
Assays for mastitis detecting haptoglobin in milk
Detection of sphingosine kinase activity and sphingosine kinase agonist or antagonist activity
Biological compositions and methods for treatment of lung cancer
Biological compositions and methods for treatment of cervical cancer
Microorganism and drainage method
Methods to culture circovirus
Method for minimizing absorption of and effecting removal of contaminant chemicals
Method and preparations for stabilizing biological materials by drying methods without freezing
Method for regulating neuron development and maintenance
150 KDA TGF-B1 accessory receptor acts a negative modulator of TGF-B signaling
Virus vectors and methods of making and administering the same
Method for extending the local memory address space of a processor
Method for re-assigning data, apparatus for recording data and program
Method and system for rollback-free failure recovery of multi-step procedures
Method and apparatus for a programming language having fully undoable, timed reactive instructions
Process control bus monitoring and analysis
Reverse error correction coding with run length limited constraint
LDPC decoder, corresponding method, system and computer program
Multimodal document reception apparatus and multimodal document transmission apparatus, multimodal d...
System and method for advanced network viewing
Engine to present a user interface based on a logical structure, such as one for a customer relation...
Communication log for an electronic device
Efficient system and method for running and analyzing multi-channel, multi-modal applications
Component dependency matrices
Memory device
Optical disc player having program title display
Device for injection of hydrocarbons into a fluidized chamber
Ligands for pnicogen chelate complexes with a metal of subgroup VIII and use of the complexes as cat...
Input system, program, and recording medium
Method and system for simulating processing of a workpiece with a machine tool
Compiler and register allocation method
Pharmaceutical compounder
Multi-cylinder compressors and methods for designing such compressors
Saddle bearing liner for axial piston pump
Integrated blower for cooling device
Apparatus and method for monitoring a vascular access of a patient subjected to an extracorporeal bl...
Monitoring a physiological analytes
Endoscope system using normal light and fluorescence
Non-invasive detection of analytes in a complex matrix
Optical element and method for its manufacture as well as lithography apparatus and method for manuf...
Simultaneous 4-stokes parameter determination using a single digital image
Spectroscopic scatterometer system
Normal incidence rotating compensator ellipsometer
System for automated determination of retroreflectivity of road signs and other reflective objects
Image display method, apparatus, program and storage medium
Process for fabricating an integrated electronic circuit that incorporates air gaps
Semiconductor integrated circuit device manufacturing method including static charge elimination
Integrated microsprings for speed switches
Light detection device and mounting method thereof
Removing byproducts of physical and chemical reactions in an ion implanter
Silicon carbide semiconductor device and manufacturing method
Lithographic methods to reduce stacking fault nucleation sites
Solid-state imaging device
Integrated circuit arrangement having capacitors and having planar transistors and fabrication metho...
FIN field effect transistor with self-aligned gate
Self-aligned contact for silicon-on-insulator devices
Semiconductor device
Electrical and thermal contact for use in semiconductor devices
Integrated circuit package and method having wire-bonded intra-die electrical connections
Placement tool for wafer scale caps
Semiconductor device having a substrate an undoped silicon oxide structure and an overlaying doped s...
Daisy chaining of serial I/O interface on stacking devices
Optical device having optical waveguide and method for manufacturing the same
Process for the production of thin semiconductor material films
Method and apparatus for gain control
Image forming apparatus with power saving characteristics
Tiltable-body apparatus, and method of fabricating the same
Apparatus and method for improved illumination area fill
Fuel conversion reactor
Network conductor and its production method and use
Separator for fuel cell and manufacturing method for the same
Apparatus and method for generating 3D images
System and method for transitioning between real images and virtual images
System and method for embodying virtual reality
Medical navigation apparatus
System, method and computer program product for a dynamically configurable voice portal
Integrated data processing system with links
Selection of communication connections in hearing aids
Feedback compensation device and method, and hearing aid device employing same
Wastewater treatment system
Mixed immiscible liquids vacuum, separation, and disposal method and system (Mod 1)
Arrangement and method for maintaining a minimum flow velocity in the coolant return of a machine to...
Device for purifying waste water, according to the activated sludge process
Method and system for removal of contaminants from aqueous solution
Filtering device
Quick change filter and bracket with key system and universal key option
Filter assembly
Liquid treating apparatus
Radial dispersion mass transfer device having a semi-permeable tubular hollow fiber membrane wound a...
Seal ring holder for membrane element and membrane element
Anaerobic sludge digester
Method of reclaiming a well completion brine solutions using an organic chelant
Energy efficient wastewater treatment for nitrogen and phosphorus removal
Method for treating waste water
Method and apparatus for determining weight and biomass composition of a trickling filter
Water treatment method using an inorganic powder reagent with high specific surface area including a...
Liquid separator
Irradiation device
Reconfigurable power control for a mobile terminal
Test circuit for digital to analog converter in liquid crystal display driver
Switching power supply controller with built-in supply switching
Lamp that sets desired RMS load voltage with variable pulse width modulation
Auto-switching converter with PWM and PFM selection
Control circuit associated with saturable inductor operated as synchronous rectifier forward power c...
Optical switching fabric with an optical to electrical converter in the output plane
Class-D amplifier
Method and apparatus for reducing ripple in class D amplifiers
Apparatus and method for a class D audio power amplifier with a higher-order sigma-delta topology
High performance analog charge pumped phase locked loop (PLL) architecture with process and temperat...
Power supply device
Low-distortion tri-state switching amplifier
Pulse transition time modulation power converter
Weapon sight having analog on-target indicators
Isolated CD8.sup.+T lymphocytes specifically cytotoxic for a disease causing target cell
Apparatus for optically reading target
Method for assisting an automated video tracking system in reaquiring a target
Method, system, and program for translating a class schema in a source language to a target language
Indolyl derivatives as liver-X-receptor (LXR) modulators
Fungicidal compositions
Inhibitors of cathepsin S
Resorcinol derivatives
N-formyl hydroxylamine derivatives as inhibitors of bacterial polypeptide formylase for treating mic...
Respiratory syncytial virus replication inhibitors
Pyrazolecarboxamide and pyrazolethioamide as fungicide
Condensed indoline derivatives and their use as 5HT, in particular 5HT2C, receptor ligands
Intermediates useful in the synthesis of HIV-protease inhibitors and methods for preparing the same
Oxime derivatives and their use as pharmaceutically active agents
Compounds for imaging alzheimer's disease
Method for the improvement of skin wrinkles using retinyl retinoate
Topoisomerase poisons for the treatment of proliferative disorders
Methods and compositions with trans-clomiphene for treating wasting and lipodystrophy
Facially amphiphilic polymers as anti-infective agents
Antibody to GALP and uses thereof
Optimized high-speed magnetic resonance imaging method and system using hyperpolarized noble gases
Design methodology for tissue engineering scaffolds and biomaterial implants
Oral Glutamine to reduce stomatitis
Rotary shredding blade
Guide for tip to transmission path contact
Water-stable inflatable pontoon boat transportable by trailer
Ship with liquid tank
Asymmetrical unballasted anchor
Rudder indicator
Offshore production system with drilling/workover rig
Masking material
Filter system
Product pump for an oxygen concentrator
Art instrument
Rapid densification of porous bodies (preforms) with high viscosity resins or pitches using a resin ...
Electro-stimulation and medical delivery device
Delivery catheter
Osteogenic paste compositions and uses thereof
Cleaning liquid dispensing in a mobile hard surface cleaner
Performance enhancing additive material for the nickel hydroxide positive electrode in rechargeable ...
Use of state-change materials in reformable shapes, templates or tooling
Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material and package thereof
Superabsorbent polymer with high permeability
Flat acoustic conversion device
Biodegradable and/or bioabsorbable fibrous articles and methods for using the articles for medical a...
Process for deposition of metal on a surface
Method for coating a moving web and articles made thereby
Film-immobilized capture particles
Coating compositions comprising silyl blocked components, coatings, coated substrates and methods re...
Fibrous sheets coated or impregnated with biodegradable polymers or polymers blends
High tear films from hafnocene catalyzed polyethylenes
Fuel cartridge with flexible liner containing insert
Methods for electronically-controlled enzymatic reactions
Nucleic acid molecules encoding serine protease CVSP14, the encoded polypeptides and methods based t...
Catalytic composition and its preparation and use for preparing polymers from ethylenically unsatura...
Bimetallic catalyst, method of polymerization and bimodal polyolefins therefrom
Ketoamides with cyclic P4'S as inhibitors of NS3 protease of hepatitis C virus
Fluoroalkoxy-substituted 1,3-dihydro-isoindolyl compounds and their pharmaceutical uses
Gas releasing sealing and filling compositions
Isolation of nucleic acid
EGR cooler
Passive back-flushing thermal energy system
Heat exchanger for a motor vehicle, in particular coolant/air cooler
Heat exchanger for air compressor
Internally mounted radial flow, high pressure, intercooler for a rotary compressor machine
Heat sink
Vehicle air-conditioning system
Balanced utility load management
Laptop computer cooling device
Data center cooling
Fluid cooled electrical assembly
Retrieving diagnostic information from an HVAC component
Athletic clothing with sting reduction padding
Vibration dampening material and method of making same
Portable rollup pack
Insole construction for footwear
Ankle and foot stabilization support
Article of footwear with a stretchable upper and an articulated sole structure
Modular shoe system
Foam cushion and method of making and using the same
EMI energy harvester
Communication apparatus, control method of the communication apparatus, facsimile apparatus, communi...
Protection device with a sandwiched cantilever breaker mechanism
Analogue chronograph comprising a digital display
Training and synchronization sequences for wireless systems with multiple transmit and receive anten...
Telephone call center with method for providing customer with wait time updates
Trick mode using dummy predictive pictures
Image forming apparatus featuring a transfer bias having a polarity opposite to a polarity of a char...
Image forming apparatus with indicating section for indicating initial positions of insertion paths
Technique for effectively accessing programming listing information in an entertainment delivery sys...
System and method for asset location in wireless networks
Methods and apparatus for transmission scheduling in wireless networks
Quality/reliability system and method in multilevel manufacturing environment
Control system for rotational angioplasty device
Heterogeneous multipath path network test system
Method and system of ordering and selling food at venues
File system image transfer
System, device, and method for supporting virtual private networks in a label switched communication...
Asynchronous, independent and multiple process shared memory system in an adaptive computing archite...
Method and apparatus for independent display in a computer-aided detection system
Digital rights management apparatus, methods and multimedia products using biometric data
High dynamic range display devices
Preparation of micromultichromal spheres
Sulfonamide-substituted chalcone derivatives and their use to treat diseases
Controlled release insufflation carrier for medicaments
Certain substituted 1-aryl-3-piperazine-1'-yl propanones
Methods and apparatus for fluidic self assembly
Electro-optic displays, and materials for use therein
Integrated CD/DVD recording and labeling
Granulocyte colony stimulating factor: remodeling and glycoconjugation of G-CSF
Composition and method for treating graft-versus-host disease
Methods and compositions of novel triazine compounds
Arylsulfonamide compounds
Carbamate-substituted pyrazolopyridines
Polyglutamic acid-camptothecin conjugates and methods of preparation
Composition containing a polymerizable reducing agent, kit, and method
D-amino acid peptides
Methods for producing citric acid using host cells deficient in oxaloacetate hydrolase
Devices and methods for biochip multiplexing
Polypeptide immobilization
Reduction of non-specific binding in assays
Magnetic resonance apparatus wit pressure reservoir
Adaptive image homogeneity correction for high field magnetic resonance imaging
Method of monitoring a magnetic field drift of a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Method, device and magnetic resonance tomography system for monitoring emitted RF energy
Interactive game providing instruction in musical notation and in learning an instrument
Wire-coil packaging drum with improved bottom assembly
Slot machine bonus initiated by plural qualifications
Card game monitoring system, card game table and monitoring method
Multi-person parimutuel betting games based on sporting events
Soccer training aide
Handheld fish measuring apparatus with integral camera
Stringed instrument fingerboard for use with a light-system
Drumstick and method of making same
Singing voice synthesizing method and apparatus, program, recording medium and robot apparatus
Concentration/calcination process of zinc silicated minerals and concentrate zinc silicate based pro...
Reactive liquid based gas storage and delivery systems
Colored diamond
Method for reprocessing spent nuclear fuel
Method of preparing wet process phosphoric acid
Method for the catalytic production of ammonia from synthesis gas
Process for manufacturing highly concentrated hydroxylamine
Synthesis of diamond particles in a metal matrix
Temperature moderated claus process
Extended text label for a tube container and method of manufacture thereof
Laser markable carrier unit
Switching controller and method for controlling switching position
Wheel chair drive apparatus and method
Working vehicle comprising a hydrostatic transmission
Riding type mower
Drive-by-wire lawnmower
Vehicle power cables retaining structure
Constant speed running control apparatus for vehicle and method thereof
Self-propelled wheel board
Motortricycle with oscillation mechanism
Four-wheel drive combine with slip control
Seat brake apparatus
Airbag apparatus for pedestrian protection
Occupant crush protection system
Arrangement of operating portions for industrial vehicle
Steering apparatus for vehicle
Automotive vehicle transmission systems
Seat weight measuring apparatus
Series & parallel combined dual power drive system
Catch device of cockpit door
Seat interface for powered seat track cover
Increasing the performance of aircraft on-board inert gas generating systems by turbocharging
Increasing the performance of aircraft on-board inert gas generating systems by turbocharging
Ram air parachute canopy with trapezoidal cells
Parachute steering system
Video airship
Nucleic acid formulations for gene delivery and methods of use
Codon optimised recombinant Dermaphagoides allergens
Nogo receptor homologs
Promoter, promoter control elements, and combinations, and uses thereof
Antisense oligonucleotides to type I procollagen
Methods for detection of chloral hydrate in dichloroacetic acid
Transfection reagents
Methods for producing transgenic plants with enhanced resistance and decreased uptake of heavy metal...
Plant anthocyanidin rutinoside aromatic acyl transferases
Variants of ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase affecting phosphate sensitivity and other parameters
DNA sequence for root preferred gene expression in plants
Soybean cultivar S030153
Soybean cultivar 4506816
Soybean cultivar 5083011
Plants and seeds of corn variety I180580
Plants and seeds of corn variety I325369
Inbred maize line PH0R8
Inbred maize line PH5WB
Sample plate for matrix-assisted laser desorption and ionization mass spectrometry
Means and method for rigidly elevating a structure
Spillage containment system and kit for underground storage tanks
Golf course environmental management system and method
Inflatable hose system
Assembly and method of forming a trench of a predetermined shape
Methods for aligning pipes and connecting the lined pipe with adjacent or lateral pipes
Cutting system, device, and method for splitting pipes
Method of sealing casings of subsurface materials management system
Sediment control
Data distribution system
Point of sale cosmetic station
Method and system for text data management and processing
User-personalized media sampling, recommendation and purchasing system using real-time inventory dat...
Portfolio rebalancing system
Debit purchasing of stored value card for use by and/or delivery to others
Debit purchasing of stored value card for use by and/or deliveries to others
Debit purchasing of stored value card for use by and/or delivery to others
Debit purchasing of stored value card for use by and/or delivery to others
Method and system for an online-like account processing and management
Methods and systems for single sign-on authentication in a multi-vendor e-commerce environment and d...
Method of providing adaptive security
Memory rental service system in intelligent authentication unit
Method of, apparatus and system for automatic transaction
System and method for multi-modal authentication using speaker verification
Rule generation model building
Systems and methods for defining executable sequences to process information from a data collection
Information providing method and information providing apparatus for network
Encrypted e-mail reader and responder system, method, and computer program product
System and method for establishing historical usage-based hardware trust
Method and system for delivering digital products electronically
Women's razor handle
Helmet with binoculars
Safety glove
Revolving anchored pet toy
Revolving anchored pet toy
Hanger for a hummingbird feeder
Hearing aid drying appliance
Lens portion of a suction nozzle
Lighting for a suction nozzle
Suction nozzle
Handle for a squeegee or the like
Metal keg
Round funnel top container
Corrugated display cart
Child supporting apparatus for attachment to a shopping cart
Equipment trolley
Shopping cart product holder
Product holder attachment for shopping cart
Lift truck
Lift truck
Efficient universal hashing method
Method and system for performing permutations with bit permutation instructions
Methods and apparatus for variable radix scalable modular multiplication
Modular exponentiation algorithm in an electronic component using a public key encryption algorithm
Decryption system for encrypted audio
Security framework for an IP mobility system using variable-based security associations and broker r...
Cipher generating device, cipher decoding device, cipher generating program, cipher decoding program...
System and method for real-time secure communication based on multi-level transform and encryption
Systems and methods for providing secure server key operations
Digital signal recording method, digital signal reproducing method, digital signal recording and rep...
Radio communication apparatus and radio communication method
Method for processing multiple security policies applied to a data packet structure
Fast authentication and access control method for mobile networking
Distributed digital signature generation method and digitally signed digital document generation met...
Method to protect software against unwanted use with a "detection and coercion" principle
Method and system for securely distributing computer software products
Method for using water in the processing of fuels for high temperature fuel cells
Mixed metal oxide containing sulfur
Processes for concentrating higher diamondoids
Mushroom variety named `Broncoh`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `Meivility`
Begonia plant named `Bbpaola`
Geranium plant named `Paclit`
Aster plant named `Oudshoorn 1`
Geranium plant named `Sateene`
Miniature rose plant named `KORspunty`
Systems, methods and devices for trusted transactions
Method and apparatus for automatic selection and presentation of information
Fast method for training and evaluating support vector machines with a large set of linear features
Crimping connection design system using multilayer feedforward neural networks
Neural processor
Orthogonal partitioning clustering
Systems and methods for providing electric power to mobile and arbitrarily positioned devices
Entertainment machine
Parlay poker
Bubble machine
Bubble generating assembly
Convertible entertainment device
Rigid helium balloons
Toy vehicle
Gaming Device having award modification options for player selectable award digits
Amusement ride
Frame support member for recreational swing
User interface for simultaneous management of owned and unowned inventory
Method and device for intermixing hardcopy pages in a print job
Printer mapping system
Device and method for displaying a user interface window
Production method of silver halide photographic emulsion and production apparatus thereof
Light amount control device and optical apparatus with guard portion to protect ND filter from lever...
Apparatus for processing photosensitive material and area measurement method
Capture of sensory data in association with digital still images
Lens barrel
System and method for reflex-free coaxial illumination
Optical apparatus for observing object
Ultrafast and ultrasensitive hydrogen sensors based on self-assembly monolayer promoted 2-dimensiona...
Leucite glass ceramic doped with nanoscale metal oxide powder, method for producing the same, and de...
Metal oxide nanotube and process for production thereof
Luminescent nanoparticles and methods for their preparation
Method for making three-dimensional structures having nanometric and micrometric dimensions
Methods of preparing polymer nanocomposite having surface modified nanoparticles
Method of making a nanogap for variable capacitive elements, and device having a nanogap
Methods of forming nanoscopic wire-based devices and arrays
Highly efficient organic light emitting device using substrate having nanosized hemispherical recess...
Method of manufacturing devices comprising conductive nano-dots, and devices comprising same
Semiconductor device with insulating layer having ion-coated nanoparticles
Field emission display having carbon nanotube emitter and method of manufacturing the same
Apparatus comprising a tunable nanomechanical near-field grating and method for controlling far-fiel...
Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae antigens and vaccine compositions
Post-operative pain treatment by peripheral administration of a neurotoxin
Opioid agonist / antagonist combinations
Macrocyclic isoquinoline peptide inhibitors of hepatitis C virus
Orphanin FQ receptor
Radiation therapy methods
Glycopeptide and preparation thereof
Peptide epitopes recognized by disease promoting CD4+ T lymphocytes
Stra6 polypeptides
Agent for inducing hair growth containing extracts of saw palmetto and swertia
Compositions and methods for reducing the transmissivity of illnesses
Compositions and methods for the treatment and diagnosis of immune disorders
Methods of promoting tolerogenic immune responses and compositions therefor
Obstacle monitoring device using one-dimensional signal
Method for controlling a safety-critical system which has a microcontroller
Integrated control apparatus for vehicle
Driveline clunk management system
Electrostatic discharge system
Navigation system incorporating antenna
Vehicle active network topologies
Steering device, method of authenticating a driver, and vehicle
Rotary hinge mechanism of portable phone
Removable face plate compressed digital music player
Collaborative tablet computer
Variable compression ratio strategy for improving combustion processes in alternative combustion com...
Valve train device for engine
Controller for direct injection internal combustion engine
Idle speed controller for internal combustion engine
Method and system for measuring parallelism of a database system execution step
Dynamic interactive content system
Systems and methods for efficient conjunction of Boolean variables
Parent-child query indexing for XML databases
OLAP-based web access analysis method and system
Method for streaming XPath processing with forward and backward axes
Method of cardinality estimation using statistical soft constraints
Method and apparatus for on-site mixing of liquid deicer
Handwritten text capture via interface surface
Apparatus for embedding data into transform and spatial domains of an image
Method for utilizing fragile watermark for enhanced security
Process sequence for photoresist stripping and/or cleaning of photomasks for integrated circuit manu...
Virtual communication channel and virtual private community, and agent collaboration system and agen...
Method and apparatus for detecting and extracting fileprints
Attaching substances to micro-organisms
Method to identify regulators of cellular activation using Bcl10
Preparation of enantio-specific epoxides
Use of hepcidin as a regulator of iron homeostasis
Method and apparatus for creating and filing forms
Method of manufacturing a high-pressure discharge lamp
Method of producing a backlight having a discharge tube containing mercury
Resist exposure system and method of forming a pattern on a resist
Solution for removing cataracts via liquefracture
Microcrystalline .alpha.-Al.sub.2O.sub.3 shaped body, method for the production and use thereof
Coating composition for food products
Use of sugar surfactants and fatty acid partial glycerides
Capillary electrophoresis method and apparatus for reducing peak broadening associated with the esta...
Sample handling system for a multi-channel capillary electrophoresis device
Floor covering adhesive
.beta. 1,4-N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferases from C. jejuni
Molding compounds for use in induction heating applications and heating elements molded from these c...
Methods and apparatus for subjecting an element to an electrical field
Method of reading a data bit including detecting conductivity of a volume of alloy exposed to an ele...
Dual cure reaction products of self-photoinitiating multifunctional acrylates with thiols and synthe...
Ink composition and a method for ink jet recording
Functional alloy particles
Multilayer imageable element with improved chemical resistance
Maleimido-bearing compounds resin composition containing the same and cured articles thereof
Plasma display panel with discharge spaces having sub-pixel units
Semiconductor wiring substrate, semiconductor device, method for testing semiconductor device, and m...
Event processing apparatus and method for high speed event based test system
Method, system, and article of manufacture for preventing data loss
Apparatus, method and program for designing semiconductor integrated circuit
Processing and verifying retimed sequential elements in a circuit design
Method and apparatus for routing
Comparison of circuit layout designs
Voltage change reflecting delay calculation method, and voltage change reflecting delay calculation ...
System LSI design support apparatus and a system LSI design support method
Implementation set-based guide engine and method of implementing a circuit design
Semi-insulating GaN and method of making the same
Hard disk system with non-volatile IC based memory for storing data
Process and device for the placement and fixing of a sheet of filaments for the production of scrims
Supported biofilm apparatus and process
Toner, developer, image forming apparatus, process cartridge and image forming process
Compositions and methods for the production of betaine lipids
Method of manufacturing electro-optical device, electro-optical device, transferred chip, transfer o...
Ceramic products, raw batch formulations, and method
Method for producing monocarbonyl compounds or biscarbonyl compounds or hydroxyl compounds
Method and system for utilizing a database as a service
Process for making crystalline structures having interconnected pores and high refractive index cont...
Rate control for multiplexed voice and data in a wireless communications system
Methods and apparatus for providing voice communications through a packet network
Technique for selecting the number of packets to be concatenated
System and method for reviving catastrophic codes
Cayley-encodation of unitary matrices for differential communication
Call authorization and billing message routing capability
Provisionable keep-alive signal for physical-layer protection of an optical network
Optical router
Method and apparatus for dynamic frequency selection in a wireless communications network
Method for determining a transmission rate on the reverse common signaling channel of a wireless sys...
Method and system for directing a data message in a wireless communications network including multip...
Application server component notification to one or more communication devices of one or more open c...
Nutritional frozen dessert and methods of manufacture
Bicyclic lactones, perfumery uses thereof, processes for preparing same and intermediates therefor
Method for producing alkyl-substituted butenols
Photochromic composition
Perfume evaporator
Fluorinated surfactants for buffered acid etch solutions
Accelerated scrolling
Image processing to mask low drop volume defects in inkjet printers
Ink jet set for reducing intercolor bleed
Pixel circuitry for imaging system
Method and system for reducing distortion in scanned images
Clutch-lever manipulation assisting device
Color image capture element and color image signal processing circuit
Communication terminal device
Image forming apparatus
Top of apparatus for preparing a beverage
Device, system, method and program for navigation and recording medium storing the program
Dye-containing curable composition, color filter and method of manufacturing the same
Cold cathode field emission device and process for the production thereof, and cold cathode field em...
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Semiconductor light emitting element and light emitting device using this
Display device
Grain-oriented magnetic steel sheet comprising an electrically insulating coating
Compound, photosensitive composition, lithographic printing plate precursor, and method of forming i...
Photosensitive composition and photosensitive lithographic printing plate
Ferroelectric memory device
Shared bit line cross-point memory array manufacturing method
Surface acoustic wave element, electric signal processing apparatus using the surface acoustic wave ...
Method of forming inorganic alignment film, inorganic alignment film, substrate for electronic devic...
Inert anode electrical connection
Gelling agent and production method thereof, liquid crystal composition and charge transfer complex
Multilevel interconnect structure with low-k dielectric
Multilayer interference pigments
Method and system for processing structured documents in a native database
Antiviral agents
Apparatus and method for deposition of an electrophoretic emulsion
Immunocytokine sequences and uses thereof
Selectively configurable probe structures, e.g., selectively configurable probe cards for testing mi...
Implantable cardiac device to promote intrinsic rhythm to alleviate orthostatic hypotension
Optimizing safe downcasting in an object-oriented programming language
Radiation image conversion panel and manufacturing method therefor
Methods of using an intravascular balloon catheter in combination with an angioscope
Optically active epoxy compounds and processes for their production
Raman amplifier
Optical information recording medium, method for manufacturing the same and recording/reproduction m...
Producing optically active amino compounds
Method of authenticating polymers, authenticatable polymers, methods of making authenticatable polym...
Methods of fabrication of package assemblies for optically interactive electronic devices
Process for preparation of optically pure or optically enriched sulfoxide compounds, including amorp...
Process for producing crystal
Polarization compensated optical tap
Optical communication system using coherence multiplexing in an optical DWDM network
Microelectromechanical system
Plastic film and image display unit
Gun shell catcher device
Static pressure sliding block
Displacement bearing and motorcycle fork having such a displacement bearing
Wet cup throat seal and bearing assembly
Special type bearing device
Surface densification of powder metal bearing caps
Thrust ball bearing
Control apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Coherent shared memory processing system
Method and system for producing wise cards
System and method for allocating resources based on locally and globally determined priorities
Contents distribution apparatus
Composition of conductive paste
Wavelength division multiplexing optical performance monitors
Privacy screen for a display
Detector array using a continuous light guide
Stabilizer mixture
Elastomer compositions for use in a hydrocarbon resistant hose
Solvent-borne two component modified epoxy/polyamine coating composition
Dual cure polyurea coating composition
Method of thermally sealing the overcoat of multilayer media
Phase-compensated cube corner in laser interferometry
Brazed ceramic seal for batteries
Carbon black sampling for particle surface area measurement using laser-induced incandescence and re...
Effect pigments having a strong color flop
Selective hydrocracking process using beta zeolite
Powder coated with titania film and method for production thereof
Selective dispensing apparatus
Extrusion applicator having linear motion operability
Packaging system to provide fresh packed coffee
Process for the manufacture of polycarboxylic acids using phosphorous containing reducing agents
Organic catalyst with enhanced solubility
Injection device with lockable dosing member
Screening assay utilizing the PTH receptor
Industrial safety glasses
Methods, compositions, and kits for coloring hair
Compositions containing phenethyl aryl esters as solubilizing agents for active organic compounds
Polyvalent metal-substituted starch products
Reshapable hair styling composition comprising polyurethane dispersions
Acyl deoxyribonucleoside derivatives and uses thereof
Method of deinking waste paper using a reduced alkali system
Optical brighteners
Translucent thermoplastic composition, method for making the composition and articles molded there f...
Feedback arrangement for a printer having a microelectromechanical printhead
Topical skin care composition containing refined peanut oil
Perfume composition
Method for operating a measuring instrument
Image forming apparatus
Ramp signal with boost portion preceding a time slot
Thermally integrated SOFC system
Compact steam reformer
Flexible system for hydrogen recirculation
Method for regulating operation of fuel cell installations controlled according to heat and/or power...
Emanator device
Orthodontic methods and apparatus for applying a composition to a patient's teeth
Antistatic agent
Weatherable, thermostable polymers having improved flow composition
Compact lightweight ramjet engines incorporating swirl augmented combustion with improved performanc...
Sling-shot rifle
Sliding panel system
Vehicle exterior mirror system with signal light
Flickering device for automobile wheel
Vehicle headlamp
Automotive headlamps with improved beam chromaticity
Vehicular lamp
Aligning device for a headlight
Vehicle illumination lamp
Vehicular headlamp and semiconductor light emitting element
Vehicle lamp
LED bulb
Piezoelectric light-emitting diode and backlight system using the same
Hinged attachment to a spinning candle topper
Backlight module having independent light source
Planar integrated circuit including a plasmon waveguide-fed Schottky barrier detector and transistor...
Process for manufacture of an optical transmission element with several dry and compressible filling...
Cable management device
Slide arrangement for cable drawer
Optical communication signal distribution enclosure
Optical device with dual function of illumination and forming a figurative image
Method and apparatus for portably recognizing text in an image sequence of scene imagery
Adaptive Sem edge recognition algorithm
Pattern matching system utilizing discrete curve matching with a mapping operator
Method and apparatus for alphanumeric recognition
Method and apparatus for performing fixed blocksize compression for texture mapping
Apparatus and method for correcting motion of image
Device and method for compressing a signal
Parametric means for reducing aliasing artifacts
System and method for converting whiteboard content into an electronic document
Image blending using non-affine interpolation
Systems and methods for triage of passages of text output from an OCR system
Fingerprint identification apparatus
Method of assessing a surface of a fuel injector assembly
Body mass related risk factor scale
System and method for controlling the delivery of medication to a patient
Ectopic beat detection algorithm for implantable cardiac rhythm management device
Forward masking method for estimating neural response
Vital sign display monitor
Orthoester compositions and methods for reducing the viscosified treatment fluids
Method for sealing threaded pipe joints
Antimicrobial and antiviral polymeric materials
Packaging system to provide fresh packed coffee
Diffraction-based diagnostic devices
Short cycle methods for sequencing polynucleotides
Method of manufacturing a replica as well as a replica obtained by carrying out an UV light-initiate...
Surgical instrument
Methods and apparatus for guiding a needle
Connector assembly for a fishing pole
Hook holder
Tail configuration for an artificial fishing lure
Box for storing fishing flies
Solar powered bird feeder
Leash assembly for a retractable leash to walk animals
Fly reel drag mechanism
Genetic control of organ abscission
Method and computer program product for producing an image of a desired aspect ratio
Inflator for air bag
Integrated circuit for air bag system
Insulated conductive ball for anisotropic conductive connection, method of preparing the same, and p...
Achromatic quarter wave film
Epoxy resin composition and semiconductor device
Polymers, resist compositions and patterning process
Diamines, polyimide precursors and polyimides produced by using the diamines, and liquid crystal ali...
Shaped articles from cycloaliphatic polyester compositions
Method for preparing ruthenium-carrying alumina and method for oxidizing alcohol
Multi-parameter fluorimetric analysis in a massively parallel multi-focal arrangement and the use th...
Toner for the development of electrostatic image and the production process thereof
Compound, polymer, resist composition, and patterning process
Methods of reducing sag in non-aqueous fluids
Liquid epoxy resin composition and semiconductor device
Resin with function of oxidation inhibition and emulsion thereof
Polymerization regulators and compositions for resin
Starter assembly for a gas discharge lamp
Pick-by-line system and method
Methods and apparatus for inventory allocation and pricing
Magnetic material detecting device
Remote data acquisition and transmission system and method
Birth and other legal documents having an RFID device and method of use for certification and authen...
Method and apparatus for the automatic determination of network cable connections using RFID tags an...
Tamper evident packaging
Angle of position object location system and method
Networked RF tag for tracking animals
Systems and methods for optical reading and EAS tag sensing and deactivating at retail checkout
RFID tags with modifiable operating parameters
Interactive video display system
Human pellino polypeptides
Material dispenser with applicator
Multiple-function cosmetic pens
Methods of using heterogeneous cleaning compositions
Hydrogen sulfide generator for sensor calibration
Oxetane compound, actinic ray curable composition, ink composition for ink jet recording, and image ...
Electrode and electrochemical cell therewith
Hand dishwashing compositions comprising polymeric suds volume and suds duration enhancers and metho...
Battery unit, lithium polymer battery using the same, and method for manufacturing lithium polymer b...
Nonaqueous electrolytic solution and nonaqueous secondary battery using the same
Electrolytic solution and battery using it
Indolinone derivatives substituted in the 6-position, their preparation and their use as medicaments
Cannabinoid derivatives, methods of making, and use thereof
Method and system for wide-field multi-photon microscopy having a confocal excitation plane
High torque balloon catheter possessing multi-directional deflectability and methods thereof
Cephalotaxane derivatives and their processes of preparation and purification
Laminated piezoelectric transducer and method of manufacturing the same
Slipcover for dog collars
Tools with orientation detection
System for monitoring an area behind a vehicle
Back-up camera
Monitor and holder for camera devices
Hand held cordless hot gas volatizing device
Treatment apparatus for endoscope
Femoral mill cutter
Operation table
Rotating valve assembly
Clutch or brake device formed of composite foam
Catalyst for hydrogenation of unsaturated hydrocarbons
Magnetic recording medium
Curable emulsions and abrasive articles therefrom
Production device for carbon fibers and production method therefor
Light device for bicycle
Light device for bicycle
Light device for bicycle
Multi-stranded coil spring
Apparatus for pedestrian railing with snap-in spacer and method of making
Ultra lightweight, high efficiency bicycle suspension
Child carrier frame with folding system
Optical fiber decoration device using LED light source and article decorated thereby
Method and system for providing end-user visualization
Bicycle frame
Bicycle shift control lever
Crustacean shelling tool and process for use thereof
Method and system for using a measure of fueling rate in the air side control of an engine
Keratin-based products and methods for their productions