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Impact resistant flexible body device
Adaptive digital power control system
Multi-channel millimeter wave imaging system
Image processing apparatus
Acoustic generator for distance sounding with microphone designed for efficient echo detection
Method for improving the seismic resolution
Color-neutral reflective control switchable thin film material
Imaging spectrometer wide field catadioptric design
Reverse logic optical acquisition system and method
Low irradiance sensor with iterative angular resolution
Method of attaching RFID tags to substrates
Continuously variable frequency swinging armature motor and drive
Pushing device of drawer type magazine for nail gun
Control device and control method for vehicle
Therapy management techniques for an implantable medical device
Process control architecture with hydrodynamic correction
High resolution torque measurement on a rotating shaft with movement compensation
Hybrid model based fault detection and isolation system
Image-forming device
Diffractive waveguide-spatial optical modulator
Apparatus and method for creating acoustic energy in a receiver assembly with improved diaphragms-li...
Curved X-ray reflector
Optical head device and optical recording and reproducing apparatus
Magnetic memory devices having rotationally offset magnetic storage elements therein
Method and apparatus for a layered thermal management arrangement
Integrated software test framework for performance testing of a software application
System and method for authenticating an operating system to a central processing unit, providing the...
On-disk file format for a serverless distributed file system
Media streaming of web content data
Method and implementation for referencing of dynamic data within spreadsheet formulas
Programmable calculation engine
Allocation performance by query optimization
Method and system for constructing a 3D representation of a face from a 2D representation
System and method for beamforming using a microphone array
Application sharing user interface improvements
Metal working lubricant formulations based on supercritical carbon dioxide
Speech recognition apparatus, speech recognition method, conversation control apparatus, conversatio...
Heat dissipation device
Tubular articles with varying wall thickness and method of manufacturing same
Method of forming trailer receiver
Multiplex data collection and analysis in bioanalyte detection
Methods of forming a plurality of circuit components and methods of forming a plurality of structure...
Use of particulate labels in bioanalyte detection methods
Method for synthesising templated molecules
Imaging members
Strained germanium-on-insulator device structures
Transmission ion microscope
Co-sensitizers for dye sensitized solar cells
Modulation of diacylglycerol acyltransferase 1 expression
Acidic cleaning compositions
Dynamic handling of multiple software component versions for device management
Methods and apparatus to support mixed-mode execution within a single instruction set architecture p...
Method and system for providing visualization of underlying architecture of a software system
Interactive hierarchical status display
Method for fast system recovery via degraded reboot
System and method for varying the reflectance or transmittance of light
Multilayer deposition multipixel image pickup device and television camera
Wireless sensor unit
Process for heat transfer utilizing a polytrimethylene homo- or copolyether glycol based heat transf...
Energy and media connection for a coating installation comprising several chambers
Self-contained, self-powered electrolytic devices for improved performance in automatic dishwashing
Tan thru glasses
Electrical energy-generating system and devices and methods related thereto
EUV light source
Ligand-functionalized/azo compounds and methods of use thereof
Method and apparatus for lossless data transformation with preprocessing by adaptive compression, mu...
Network switching architecture with multiple table synchronization, and forwarding of both IP and IP...
IP Time to Live (TTL) field used as a covert channel
Systems and methods for high speed packet classification
Distributed switch
System and method for multiframe alignment in a multipoint-to-point orthogonal frequency division mu...
Multiuse subcarriers in multipoint-to-point communication using orthogonal frequency division multip...
Imaging apparatus including monitor for displaying object image based on image data, method of contr...
Electromagnetic logging tool calibration system
Focus-state detecting device, image sensing apparatus and image sensing system having same and lens ...
Electronic system to be applied in variable resistance exercise machine
Silicon pillars for vertical transistors
Wavelength measuring device for a single light receiving element and wavelength measuring method at ...
Methods of forming dynamic random access memory trench capacitors
System for protease mediated protein expression
Synthesis of polyanhydrides
Vascular endothelial growth factor D(VEGF-D) antibodies and methods of use
Living-tissue pattern detecting method, living-tissue pattern detecting device, biometric authentica...
Heat dissipation module for electronic device
Heat dissipation device
Cooling structure for interface card
Circuit board assembly for a liquid submersion cooled electronic device
Liquid cooled heat sink with cold plate retention mechanism
Heat dissipation device
Electronic cooling system having a ventilating duct
Electrical connector assembly
Heat dissipation device having a fan holder for attachment of a fan
Vehicle air-conditioning system
Header plate for use in a heat exchanger
Heat exchanger, especially charge air cooler for motor vehicles
High-efficiency enhanced boiler
Plate for heat exchanger
Corrugated fin and heat exchanger using the same
Waste heat boiler
Remote data acquisition system and method
Integral cooling system for rotary engine
Percutaneous access for neuromodulation procedures
Opioid receptor antagonists
Bicycloheteroarylamine compounds as ion channel ligands and uses thereof
Crystalline R-guanidines, Arginine or (L)-Arginine (2S)-2-Ethoxy-3-{4-[2-(10H -phenoxazin-10-yl)etho...
Therapeutic intervention to mimic the effect of caloric restriction
Composition for lowering internal lipid content
Indol-7-YL sulfonamide derivatives, their preparation and their use in pharmaceutical compositions
Pyridine-2-carboxyamide derivatives
Piperazine urea derivatives as melanocortin-4 receptor agonists
Inhibitors of Akt activity
Piperazinyl and diazapanyl benzamides and benzthioamides
Use of targeted oxidative therapeutic formulation in treatment of type 2 diabetes
Genes from the 20q13 amplicon and their uses
Modulation of metabolism of steroids and xenobiotics
Fabrication methods and structures for micro-reservoir devices
Ice cream maker including nestable canister assembly
Breast pump
Resin infusion mold tool system and vacuum assisted resin transfer molding with subsequent pressure ...
Electronic field device with a sensor unit for capacitive level measurement in a container
Optical device for the automatic loading and unloading of containers onto vehicles
Transdermal delivery system for anti-emetic medication
Quartz heater tube
System and method for distributed gain control
Method and system for utilizing space-time codes for block fading channels
Interleaved ADC and folded mixer for WLAN devices
Low-cost linearity correction in an ADC without storing lookup tables
Soft fabric book with high resolution images and method of making same
Heating dissipating structure of an external hard disk drive box
Magnetoresistive sensor having a laminated hard magnet structure for free layer biasing
Planar magnetic thin film head
Magnetic head actuator with centered deviation
Disk drives, head stack, head gimbal and suspension assemblies having a compliant suspension tail de...
Vibration damped flexible circuit for use in a hard disk drive
Actuator assembly
Magnetic head having three modules
Magnetic head structure with insulating layer configured to reduce thermal deformation of floating s...
Apparatus and method for adaptively adjusting recording density of a disk utilizing a trapezoidal sh...
Variable mobile media storage system
Information recording and reproducing apparatus with power supply voltage monitoring function
Method for intelligent tape drive subsystem control and monitoring in a tape library
TMR/GMR amplifier with input current compensation
Variable current sinking for coarse/fine programming of non-volatile memory
Read operation for non-volatile storage that includes compensation for coupling
Selective oxidation of silicon in diode, TFT and monolithic three dimensional memory arrays
Electrically isolated pillars in active devices
Non-volatile memory and method with multi-stream updating
Disk drive and method for using a mailbox file associated with a disk storage medium for performing ...
Boosting to control programming of non-volatile memory
Methods for identifying non-volatile memory elements with poor subthreshold slope or weak transcondu...
Electrical connector with ESD grounding clip
Method and apparatus for monitoring ingestion of medications using an implantable medical device
Method for the production of a blood component composition
Fluvastatin sodium crystal forms, processes for preparing them, compositions containing them and met...
Factor VII or VIIa-like molecules
Stent coatings containing self-assembled monolayers
Drug-eluting stent cover method of use
Flexible medical device
Sheath for use with an ultrasound element
Method and device to improve backlight uniformity
System and method for providing telephonic voice response information related to items marked on phy...
USB device with secondary USB on-the-go function
Techniques for displaying emails listed in an email inbox
Method, system and storage medium for providing supplier branding services over a communications net...
Remote location based services
Method and system for verifying an attachment file within an e-mail
Braid-reinforced hollow fiber membrane
Printing media for color electrophotographic applications
Induction furnace with unique carbon foam insulation
B1 bradykinin receptor antagonists
Recording liquid and ink jet recording method
Polyurethane polishing pad
Triazaspiro compounds useful for treating or preventing pain
Multi-step process for forming a barrier film for use in copper layer formation
Method and apparatus for desorption and ionization of analytes
Lithographic printing plate support and method of manufacturing the same
Wafer alkaline cell
Direct oxidation fuel cell with a divided fuel tank having a movable barrier pressurized by anode ef...
Monitoring method and/or apparatus
Adhesive ion-conducting layer for flexible electrochromic devices
Electrophoretic display including display medium containing gelling agent for image stability
Low residue cleaning solution comprising a C8-C10 alkylpolyglucoside
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Chitosan and method of preparing chitosan
Contrast agents
Method of molding load-bearing articles from compressible cores and heat malleable coverings
Double bag vacuum infusion process
Process and apparatus for producing spherical pellets using molten solid matrices
Oral general anesthetics and metabolitically resistant anticonvulsants
Methods and compositions for treating amyloid-related diseases
Antiinflammatory lactones
Methods of treatment with selective EP4 receptor agonists
Antituberculosis compounds, Hirsutellones A, B, and C
Ophthalmic compositions for treating ocular hypertension
Amide compounds and medications containing the same technical field
4-(3,3-dihalo-allyloxy) phenoxy alkyl derivatives
Class-D amplifier
Dynamic pulse width modulation amplifiers
Controller having output current control for a power converter
Motor drive apparatus and method and electrically driven brake apparatus
Brushless DC motor driver circuit capable of reducing vibration or shock noise and method thereof
Methods for anaerobic bioremediation using solid-chemical compositions containing Mn(IV) and Fe(III)
Separator for liquids and/or multiphase fluids
Quick change filter and bracket system with key system and universal key option
Method for selectively sampling particulates in boiler/steam cycle corrosion transport
Methods and apparatus for blood component separation
Water treatment apparatus and method
Preparation and use of sorptive lignocellulosic material for decontamination of fluid and aqueous me...
Method for purifying semiconductor gases
Liquid chromatographic method and system
Separation method
Method for selective extraction
Aerobic sewage system
Method for the biological breakdown of effluent containing nitroaromatics
Wastewater treatment control
Method for the spatial mapping of functional brain electrical activity
Dynamic, on-demand storage area network (SAN) cache
Circuit synchronization over asynchronous links
Systems and methods for molecular recognition
Pilot tones for optical signal wavelength identification and power measurement
Otoplasty for behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids
Method of extracting locations of nucleic acid array features
Signal processing method, a signal processor circuit, and imaging apparatus
Method and apparatus for monitoring glaucoma using scanning laser tomography
Image processing apparatus, image forming apparatus and image forming method
System for automated determination of retroreflectivity of road signs and other reflective objects
Device for counting micro particles
Driverless ellipsometer and ellipsometry
Method and apparatus for contactless optical measurement of the thickness of a hot glass body by opt...
Azimuthal scanning of a structure formed on a semiconductor wafer
Optical rotation angle measuring apparatus
Method for wavelength calibration of an optical measurement system
Cytological imaging system and method
Particle or cell analyzer and method
Multi-layer sheet of absorbent paper
Paperboard container with bottom support
Automatic conveyor slot closure
Tire fabric treating unit
Method for controlling the brake system of a vehicle train
Shock absorbing platform with dampening means
Electronically controlled frequency dependent damping
Lubricant system for powered hammer
Laundry appliance
Inspection system by charged particle beam and method of manufacturing devices using the system
Turn-up device for making a molded body of an air spring for a vehicle wheel suspension for a lift a...
Power tool
Method of transferring polymerizable liquid and apparatus for transfer
Multi-cylinder reciprocating compressor
Linear compressor and method of producing the same
Water-injected screw compressor
Fluidic compressor
Motor vehicle drive arrangement
Progressing cavity pump
Reciprocating electromagnetic micro-pump, particularly for small electrical appliances
Air compressor assembly
System and method to reduce acoustic noise in screw compressors
Vacuum micropump and gauge
Electronically controlled vacuum pump
System and method for pumping fluids
Selectively detachable helix ring for a fuel injector
Turbo chiller, compressor therefor, and control method therefor
Heat-emitting element cooling apparatus
Reciprocating fluid pump assembly employing reversing polarity motor
Oil pump
Hydraulic automatic boosting pump
Electric submersible pump with specialized geometry for pumping viscous crude oil
Recessed guitar tuners
Design support program and design support method
Method to detect a stalled instruction stream and serialize micro-operation execution
Device for indicating downloading of data items
Isomerization catalyst and process
Method and system for editing an electronic drawing
Method and apparatus for full rate erasure handling in CDMA
Wireless access point for intercommunication voice system
Voice recording/reproducing device
Storage device
Page.sub.--EXE erase algorithm for flash memory
Bacterial expression of bowman-birk protease inhibitors and variants thereof
Fusion polypeptides of human serum albumin and a therapeutically active polypeptide
Server for updating location beacon database
Directed evolution of disulfide-bonded micro-proteins
Vehicle sun visor with auto-shading prompter screen
Device and method for screening a plant population for wind damage resistance traits
System and method for selectively disabling a vehicle
System and method for location determination
Individual data objects in enterprise computing systems
Parking location reminder device
Apparatus and method for altering a driver when a vehicle departs from a predefined driving area in ...
Information processing apparatus, information processing control system, control method for informat...
Method and apparatus for compaction, breaking and rubblization
All-fiber chirped pulse amplification systems
Single pass duplex document path for a digital scanner
Wavelength division multiplexed self-healing passive optical network using wavelength injection meth...
Optical fiber cable
Fiber optic cables and assemblies for fiber to the subscriber applications
Optical fiber connector body with mutually coaxial and inclined cores, optical connector for forming...
Dispersion compensation device and dispersion compensation method
High bit rate optical communication over multimode fibers
Colored, radiation-curable composition
Reconfigurable polarization independent interferometers and methods of stabilization
Thermoformed frequency selective surface
Non-contact method and apparatus for measurement of leakage current of p-n junctions in IC product w...
Gas diffusion layer, electrode and membrane electrode assembly for fuel cell, and production methods...
Method and apparatus for packing and bi-directional cooling of produce
Multi ratchet wrench
Variable-function or multi-function apparatus and methods
Backside rapid thermal processing of patterned wafers
Microprobe tips and methods for making
Disposable lighter
Ball and socket connector
System and method for robust multi-frame demosaicing and color super-resolution
Vascular device for emboli, thrombus and foreign body removal and methods of use
Video camera with video tape recorder
Wireless Internet video camera
Keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) switch
Inbred maize line PH183
Inbred maize line PH3PR
Peptides that bind to the erythropoietin receptor
Serial port initialization in storage system controllers
Micro-programmable filter engine having plurality of filter elements interconnected in chain configu...
Packet prioritization systems and methods using address aliases
Method for dividing computations
Memory timing model with back-annotating
Power managers for an integrated circuit
Detection and repair of corrupted critical data structures without operational interruption
Cache coherency during resynchronization of self-correcting computer
Partitioning and categorizing data in a split-plane architecture for fast recovery from data plane f...
Obtaining and maintaining real time certificate status
Method and apparatus for generating a sequence of clock signals
Signal detection contactor and signal calibration system
Light-emitting device and electronic apparatus having a roughing face formed on partition wall
Semiconductor chip assembly with metal containment wall and solder terminal
BGA package with concave shaped bonding pads
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Spacer electrode small pin phase change memory RAM and manufacturing method
Method and apparatus for detecting planarization of metal films prior to clearing
Method for forming a self-aligned nitrogen-containing copper silicide capping layer in a microstruct...
Information recording medium, method and apparatus for recording and reproducing information
Information recording medium, method and apparatus for recording and reproducing information
Magnetic detection device having magnetic detection element in magnetic detection circuit and fabric...
Plating method including pretreatment of a surface of a base metal
Sensor with magnetic tunnel junction and moveable magnetic field source
Process for atomic layer deposition
Surface acoustic wave apparatus
Separating device
File system, file recording method, and file reading method
Voice activated device
Imaging optical system and image reading apparatus
Color conversion matrix forming method, color conversion table forming method, and program
Color characterization using nonlinear regression
Image input/output apparatus, method of controlling image input/output apparatus, image input/output...
Image formation apparatus and image formation method
Image pickup apparatus
Signature authentication device, signature authentication method, and computer program product
Image processing method, apparatus and storage medium
Lens apparatus and camera
Image apparatus
Conveying apparatus and recording apparatus having the same
Spiral waveguide slow wave resonator structure
Methods and systems for a storage system with a program-controlled switch for routing data
Plate-shaped peeling member and method and apparatus of manufacturing same
Ultra-high-Q surface-tension-induced monolithically integrated on-chip resonator and associated devi...
Method of manufacturing an electronic device
Adenosine A.sub.2a receptor antagonists for the treatment of extra-pyramidal syndrome and other move...
Use of an induction furnace for the production of iron from ore
Method for forming a connector assembly for use with an implantable medical device
Liquid discharging apparatus
Method of driving lamp and driving circuit therefor
Structure-borne sound sensor unit
Method of and device for operating working machines
Simple alarm device
Energy harvesting device manufactured by print forming processes
System and method for utility metering and leak detection
Cutlery set
Blade sharpening device with blade contour copying device
Thermostable enzyme promoting the fidelity of thermostable DNA polymerases--for improvement of nucle...
Immunologically active polypeptides with altered toxicity useful for the preparation of an antipertu...
Imaging element containing a blocked photographically useful compound
Plasticized PVC compositions
Detection of ferromagnetic objects approaching a magnet
Piezoelectric actuator and head assembly using the piezoelectric actuator
Calibration of a focus error signal gain in a focus servo system
Low frequency asset tag tracking system and method
Monitoring circuit for a door
Imaging machine / MRI positioning assembly for magnet coils and specimens at the sweet spot of an im...
Coil apparatus and nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus using the same
Cryogenic variable temperature vacuum scanning tunneling microscope
Fiber chopper with improved idler roll
Method and apparatus for a chaotic computing module
Extensible framework for transferring session state
Logical routers
Divider apparatus and associated method
Capturing and re-creating the state of a queue when migrating a session
Parallel transaction recovery
Using a cache to provide cursor isolation
Method and system for providing promotions to a customer based on the status of previous promotions
Method for implementing an engineering change across fab facilities
System, method, and device for designing a die to stamp metal parts to an exact final dimension
Integrated modularity design
Complex event evaluation systems and methods
Vehicle wheel alignment adjustment method
Method and system for collaborative document markup using coded marks
Method for making multilayer articles having special visual effects
Lithium battery
Expandable flow control device
Method and system for virtual powerline local area networks
Method and system for modeling of system content for businesses
Aluminum oxide-titanium nitride sintered body, manufacturing method thereof, and magnetic head subst...
Method of manufacturing a thin-film circuit substrate having penetrating structure, and protecting a...
Identification method of genus Streptomyces by using groEL2 gene
Co-extruded biaxially oriented sealable, peelable film and process for its production
Method and apparatus for regulating an output current from a power converter
Heat transfer printer
Vehicle communication device and method of controlling the same
Architecture for implementing an integrated capacitance
Pharmacologically active peptide conjugates having a reduced tendency towards enzymatic hydrolysis
Clostridial toxin derivatives and methods for treating pain
Non-endogenous, constitutively activated human G protein-coupled receptors
Methods for visually inspecting interferometric modulators for defects
Silica based glass waveguide and optical module using the same
Systems, circuits and methods for extending the detection range of an inspection system by avoiding ...
Ceramic metal halide lamp with cerium-containing fill
Rangefinder and method for collecting calibration data
Method and systems for total focus deviation adjustments on maskless lithography systems
Display apparatus, and image signal processing apparatus and drive control apparatus for the same
White anti-collision light utilizing light-emitting diode (LED) technology
Remote monitoring of remediation systems
Systems and methods of RF power transmission, modulation, and amplification, including embodiments f...
Mixing ration detecting apparatus, method of controlling mixing ration detecting apparatus, and fuel...
Polarization plate protection film
Antistatic optical film, method for manufacturing the same and image viewing display
Microsensor with ferroelectric material and method for fabricating the same
Anode electrodes for direct oxidation fuel cells and systems operating with concentrated liquid fuel
Fuel cell
Polymer electrolyte of high durability and a production process thereof
Device and method to release the overpressure of a fuel cell coolant tank
Solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell assembly with gas passages in serial communication, and method o...
Fuel cell system with recombiner
Composition and method for making fuel cell collector plates with improved properties
Sulfonated conducting polymer-grafted carbon material for fuel cell applications
Systems and methods of producing a crude product
Bonding method of ceramic honeycomb structure
Alkoxylated alkyl ester and alcohol emulsion compositions for fuel cell reformer start-up
Internal combustion engine system with hydrogen generation capability
Process for preparing and organometallic framework material
Semiconductor device and process for production thereof
Hole transport polymers and devices made with such polymers
Training enhanced pseudo accommodation methods, systems and devices for mitigation of presbyopia
Ink formulations and uses thereof
Intraocular lens
Data Sampling Clock Edge Placement Training for High Speed GPU-Memory Interface
Wheel resistance exercise device
Frame for an exercise bicycle
Exercise device for improving physical fitness
Ventilated helmet
Bicycle hub
Bicycle frame
Front fork for a bicycle
Extra hand powered bicycle
Commercial lifting device-safety mechanism
Front fork
Portable personal shade and cooling device
Bicycle seat
Non-stage transmission and device having non-stage transmission
Lightweight cable lock
Hydraulic apparatus for a bicycle brake lever device
Dog treat vending bicycle kiosk
Bicycle headlamp
Clutch linings comprising fiber-reinforced ceramic materials
Methods, systems, and apparatus for uniform chemical-vapor depositions
Poly(arylene ether)/polyamide composition
Method and apparatus for upgrading bituminous material
Method for detecting biomolecules
Method of training nitinol wire
Component evaluations using non-engine based test system
Process for the production of n-alkylaminoalkyl (meth)acrylates
Composition for anchoring a material in or to concrete or masonry
Combination particulate and acid-neutralizing filter
Thermal and electrochemical process for metal production
Printing blanket assembly for a blanket cylinder including filler material at blanket ends
Device for inductive injection of thermal energy into a printing form for fixing an image
Utilization of a printing ink in a printing group and printing group of a rotary printing press
Printing machine with gripper retraction mechanism for safe operation of the printing machine
Device for changing over gripper control in a turning configuration of a sheet-processing machine
Method for transporting printing plates using the plate and blanket cylinders
Pattern sequence synchronization
MRI apparatus using periodic gradients which change in periodicity within each repetition, in one sp...
Method and apparatus of slice selective magnetization preparation for moving table MRI
Parametric nuclear quadrupole resonance spectroscopy system and method
Electron beam welding to join gamma titanium aluminide articles
Absorbent pad for breast milk
Apparatus for laboratories
Phototherapy device
Water spa
Teething pacifier
Quadrant dental articulator opposing base
Surgical knife
Disposable prophylaxis
Disposable cervical tenaculum
Portion of a surgical elevator with sensor
Nasal dilator
Endoscopic facelift elevator
Syringe insert
Catheter tunneler adapter
Embossed absorbent article
Adjustable calibrated pivot-arm stop
Peptides of CaV2.2 that inhibit pain
Optoelectronic device and process for acquiring symbols, such as bar codes, using a two-dimensional ...
Bezel for a mobile device
Fluid pressure cylinder
Optical method and system for rapid identification of multiple refractive index materials using mult...
Antagonistic peptides of prostaglandin E2 receptor subtype EP4
Implantable medical device providing adaptive neurostimulation therapy for incontinence
Multi-electrode lead
Catalytic antioxidants and methods of use
Multilayer ceramic capacitor with internal current cancellation and bottom terminals
Lithium secondary battery
Film packaged battery having a cupped portion
Low work function metal complexes and uses thereof
Method and biosensors for detecting macromolecular biopolymers
Electrolytic capacitors with a polymeric outer layer and process for the production thereof
Amino methylated 2-pyridinones
Organic electrolytic solution and lithium battery employing the same
Electrolyte sheet with protruding features having undercut angles and method of separating such shee...
Production method of positive electrode active material for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary batter...
Oil-based cosmetic preparation
Cosmetic preparation
Cosmetic composition comprising a polymer and fibres
Regenerable purification system for removal of siloxanes and volatile organic carbons
Financial transaction card with stake
Calibration of voltage-controlled oscillators
Method and system for image processing
Mis-matched modulation-demodulation format selectable filters
Intelligent channel selection apparatus and method against various interferers in wireless communica...
Energy source communication employing slot antenna
PIFA, RFID tag using the same and antenna impedance adjusting method thereof
System for placing radio frequency identification (RFID) antennas, tags and interrogators
Theft deterrent system
Disablement of camera functionality for a portable device
Security, tracking, and damage control system for cargo containers
Radio frequency identification transponder
Organic component for overvoltage protection and associated circuit
Process for producing aromatic compounds
Process for preparation of optically active 1-erythro-2-amino-1-phenyl-1-propanol
Method for purifying (meth)acrylic acid
Siloxane resins with oxetane functionality
Polymerization processes
Polymerization process
Curing epoxy resin with aliphatic diamine-styrene product and carboxyl- and hydroxyl-containing acce...
Solvent-free silicone composition for release paper
Marking and removing turf lines method and composition
Room temperature-curable organopolysiloxane compositions
Polymer composite structure
PD-1-lacking mouse and use thereof
Vaccine comprising a polynucleotide encoding an antigen recognized by a CD4.sup.+ helper T-cell and ...
Crystal base plate and pressing device
Reel unit of spinning reel
Shark repelling field generating cord
Stinger rig with second ring eye bait hook
Collapsible dredge and methods of use therefor
Measuring device for use with fishing pole
Method for cloning of the rat by nuclear transfer
Transgenic fish germline expression driven by liver fatty acid binding (L-FABP) gene promoter and ap...
Virgin queen bee rearing and introduction system
Bag dispenser attachable to a leash having lighting mechanism and optional scoop
Bird feeder
Metal detection apparatus
Electromagnetic interference shielding of electrical cables and connectors
Process for producing alkoxycarbonylfluoroalkanesulfonates
Modified block copolymer
Polypropylene article and method of preparing polypropylene article
Pre-molding heat treatment of dynamic vulcanizates of fluorocarbon elastomers
Tailoring material composition for optimization of application-specific switchable holograms
Electrically switchable polymer-dispersed liquid crystal materials
Methods and compositions for inducing tip screenouts in frac-packing operations
Remediation of subterranean formations using vibrational waves and consolidating agents
Preparation of catalyst compositions having improved activity
Ischemia detection based on cardiac conduction time
System and method for correlating implant and non-implant data
Methods and systems for the detection of malignant melanoma
Combination self adjusting endocervical / exocervical sampling device and cell transport / preservat...
Visual indicating device for bad breath
Detecting and quantifying apnea using ventilatory cycle histograms
Autonomic nervous activity monitor, blood processing apparatus, blood collecting apparatus and auton...
Image defect inspection apparatus
Data communication system, data transmitter and data receiver
Reproduction device and reproduction method
Multigraph optical character reader enhancement systems and methods
Data processing apparatus, image processing apparatus, camera, and data processing method
Image reading device
Image processing device
Red-eye detection device, red-eye detection method, and red-eye detection program
Modeling scenes in videos using spectral similarity
Method of reducing noise in images
Buried-waveguide-type light receiving element and manufacturing method thereof
Accurate positioning of components of an optical assembly
Dual optical channel monitor assembly and associated methods of manufacture and use
Estimating optical transmission system penalties induced by polarization mode dispersion (PMD)
Integrated optics and electronics
Light emitting module and single-fiber two-way optical communication module
Optoelectric power source for an optical network
Backlight module with noise damping protrusion and liquid crystal display with same
Backlight unit of liquid crystal display device and method of assembling the same
Apparatus for controlling auxiliary equipment of vehicle
Prism sheet and backlight unit including the same
Backlight and liquid crystal display device
Lighting apparatus and liquid crystal display apparatus
Light module
LCD with multi-color optical unit and cross dichroic device
Backlight, backlight drive device and display device
Preventive maintenance undercarriage lights
Remotely coupled hybrid HUD backlight
Vehicle lighting fixture
LED lamp
LED bulb
Backlight module having supporting posts and bumpy reflective plate
Adjustable lighting fixture
Maximum-likelihood rocket identifier
Systems and methods having a power supply in place of a round of ammunition
Optical detection and location of gunfire
Laminate film for electrophotography, information recording medium using the same, and method for pr...
Protective film for glass
Method and apparatus for indirect bonding of orthodontic appliances
Integrated fuel cell hybrid power plant with re-circulated air and fuel flow
Procedure for starting up a fuel cell system using a fuel purge
Firstout shutdown tracing for fuel processor control system
Reactor for partial oxidations having thermoplate modules
Instrumented bioreactor with material property measurement capability and process-based adjustment f...
Method and apparatus for initialization control in a non-volatile memory device
Received signal strength measurement circuit, received signal strength detection circuit and wireles...
Arrangement and method for digital predistortion of a complex baseband input signal
Distortion compensating amplifier
Transmit amplitude independent adaptive equalizer
Magnetic memory device
Semiconductor memory device
Memory component having a novel arrangement of the bit lines
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device which stores multivalue data
Dual printhead controller architecture
Device for laceration or incision closure
Nucleic acid encoding fluorescent proteins from aquatic species
Generation of print data for printing
Polycarbonate polyester molding composition
Personal care compositions comprising visible beads, cationic polymer, and surfactant
Method of making a golf ball with a multi-layer core
Benzoxazole and benzodiazole UV-A sunscreens
Anti-cancer compounds
Automated canopy positioning system
Trusted infrastructure support systems, methods and techniques for secure electronic commerce, elect...
Method for the automatically determining the indirect and direct extent of damages resulting from a ...
Cloth accessory
Method of preparing phenoxy alkanoic, alkenoic, and alkynoic acids and salts thereof via a dicarboxy...
Method of treatment using bisphosphonic acid
Analogs of parathyroid hormone
Compositions and methods for treatment of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
FGF-8 methods of use
Policy table rule based processor side bus signaling
Method and apparatus for generating acoustic models for speaker independent speech recognition of fo...
Multiple injection blend for direct injected engines
Combustion knock detection and control through statistical characterization of knock levels
Rendering apparatus, rendering processing method and computer program product
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Optimized primitive filler
Engine controller
Power situation indicator
Computerised flight manual and method for dynamic control of such a flight manual
Control apparatus and program for vehicles, and method for developing the program
Scanner and printer profiling system
Facilitating structural coverage of a design during design verification
Preparation of metallic particles for electrokinetic or electrostatic deposition
Colorants comprising cationic azacyanine dyes
Package for rolls of paper towels
Tufted laminate web
Discharge device
Process for epimerising cyclohexenyl ketones and its application in Aldol condensation process
Fragrance compositions
Use of cationic azacyanine dyes for coloring keratin fibers
Process for producing deep-nested embossed paper products
Sprayer and filter therefor
Hand cleansing formulation
Cell structural body, method of manufacturing cell structural body, and catalyst structural body
Manufacturing method of keypad for mobile phone and keypad manufactured thereby
Highly active photocatalyst particles, method of production therefor, and use thereof
Method of making a light emitting diode
Backup thermal insulation plate
Imaging powder for CAD/CAM device
Direct type backlight module
Composite lens and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor probe with resistive tip having metal shield thereon
Hydroxylation of .beta.-dicarbonyls with zirconium catalysts
Heat transfer and refrigerant compositions comprising 3,3,4,4,5,5,6,6,6-nonafluoro-1-hexene and a fl...
B.sub.12 -dependent dehydratases with improved reaction kinetics
Refrigerant compositions
Photoresists, fluoropolymers and processes for 157 nm microlithography
Shared cache with client-specific replacement policy
File server program
Method and system for providing and utilizing total package program with advertisement
Method and apparatus for providing a general purpose computing platform at a router on a network
Portable electronic device case
LNT desulfation strategy
Wheel bearing unit
Fluid dynamic air bearing system to rotatably support a motor
Fluid dynamic bearing system
Foil bearing
Wheel hub assembly
Construction machine
Oil circulation retention system and method
Pressure compensating device for a bearing housing
Linear rolling bearing
Adjusting structure for adjusting amount of lubricant applied to a linear guideway
Linear rolling bearing
High resolution inductive sensor arrays for UXO
Gun safe door storage system
Signal analysis system and calibration method for multiple signal probes
Ballistic projectile resistant tile
Method of monitoring a data link
Apparatus for homogenizing light and method for producing the apparatus
Reconfigurable spatial light modulators
Positioning device for positioning a user by using both eyes as position markers
System and method for detection and identification of optical spectra
Methods and apparatus for geophysical logging
Method of enantioselective nucleophilic addition reaction of enamide to carbonyl group and synthesis...
Method of edge bevel rinse
Semiconductor-type processing for solid-state lasers
Optical fiber system and method for wellhole sensing of magnetic permeability using diffraction effe...
Optical dispersion compensation
System and method for authenticating objects using non-visually observable encoded indicia
Light emitting device, method of driving a light emitting device, element substrate, and electronic ...
5-aryl-indan-1-one oximes and analogs useful as progesterone receptor modulators
Composition and method for producing an immune response against tumor-related antigens
Workflow application having linked workflow components
Process for printing and molding a flocked article
Hydrogen and oxygen based photoresist removal process
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Filter substrate and color display using the same
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive body, piezoelectric/electrostrictive laminate, and piezoelectric/elec...
Method of producing a glass substrate for a mask blank, method of producing a mask blank, and method...
Poly (phenylene ether) resin composition, prepreg, and laminated sheet
Insulating film material containing an organic silane compound, its production method and semiconduc...
Method for the fabrication of periodically poled Lithium Niobate and Lithium Tantalate nonlinear opt...
Coated pearlescent pigments with SiO.sub.2 and cerium oxide
Image data compression device and encoder
Device for the optical representation of information on the actual operating state of a liquid syste...
Glass pane with opaque coating
Semiconductor device having display device
Substrate, electro-optical device, electronic apparatus, method of forming substrate, method of form...
Method of generating an interpolation image, an interpolation image generating apparatus, and an ima...
Integrated circuit device and electronic instrument
Driving circuit of display element, image display apparatus, and television apparatus
Ion mobility spectrometry method and apparatus
Photographed image recording and reproducing apparatus with simultaneous photographing function
Exposure head
Method of driving piezoelectric ink jet head
State machine simulator for testing computer systems
Image for a digital camera
Large low profile tiltable mount for flat panel display
Battery-backed computer system with externally replaceable battery module
Integrated programmable tuner
Image forming device
Throw-away tip and cutting tool
Apparatus for assembling a liner
Systems and methods for determining and using interaction models
Modular media registration systems and methods for printing or image-forming apparatus
Methods and apparatus for compensating for fuser element wear
Image display medium, and image display device equipped with the image display medium
Contrast enhancement in multichromal display by incorporating a highly absorptive layer
Method for compressing printing hint data sent to a printer
Image reading system and image reading method
Method for tracking internet fax jobs
Pressurizing a heatable printhead while it cools
Method and system for presenting rates for travel services
Jitter controlled WFQ algorithm on network processors and latency constrained hardware
Modeling manufacturing processes to include defined markers
Method and apparatus for automated calendar selections
Rose plant named `Evera149`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `JACsegra`
Astilbe plant named `To Have and To Hold`
Minature rose plant `PACfiftyone`
Nierembergia plant named `Sunnipariho`
Method and apparatus for diversity control in multiple description voice communication
Cellular communication standard employment by mobile cellular communication device for network manag...
GPRS tunneling protocol path integrity protocol
Communication traffic management systems and methods
Provision of static QoS control using dynamic service based policy mechanisms
Method for call admission on packet voice system statistical multiplexing and dynamic voice encoding
Measurement of burst mode optical power over multiple bursts
Low-complexity packet loss concealment method for voice-over-IP speech transmission
Multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) edge service extraction
Fast restoration for virtually-concatenated data traffic
Electric field measurement of optical waveforms
Micromachined reluctance motor
Fabricating integrated devices using embedded masks
Molded water chamber base plate for use in a humidifier and ventilator assembly
Low fill factor wire grid polarizer and method of use
Transmissive and reflective type liquid crystal display
Hindered polyalicyclic alkyl catalysts and their use in a gas-phase polymerization reactor
Substituted benzene developing solvent for photopolymerizable printing plates
Microchip assembly
Distillation system
Production of glass powder from waste glass, and products made using the same, especially concrete
High efficiency, low restriction, cost effective filter
Washer for a degradation assembly
Antibody that specifically binds to Candida kefyr Cytosine deaminase
Engineered templates and their use in single primer amplification
Treatment of Parkinson's disease with oligonucleotides
Electronic device including a static-random-access memory cell and a process of forming the electron...
Microcomputer and test method therefore
Method and apparatus for reducing synthesis runtime
Method and system for outputting a sequence of commands and data described by a flowchart
Apparatus and methods for multi-gate silicon-on-insulator transistors
Automatic configuration of a microprocessor influenced by an input program
Method of manufacturing surface-emitting backlight, by molding contact member integrally with molded...
Method and apparatus for synthesis of multimode X-tolerant compressor
Circuit configuration having a feedback, fully-differential operational amplifier
Plasma display apparatus
In plane switching liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display panel and liquid crystal display module
Polyamine compounds and compositions for use in conjunction with cancer therapy
Acrylated natural resins
Acrylated natural resins
Flame-retardant resin composition
Microfluidic rotary flow reactor matrix
Substrates and screening methods for transport proteins
Process for screening outgas emissions in semiconductor processing
Aqueous formaldehyde-free composition and fiberglass insulation including the same
Transdermal therapeutic system for treating Parkinsonism
Once daily dosage forms of trospium
Recording method
Method for production of a sealed coating for surfaces of buildings comprising a cross-linked sealed...
Method for constructing 3-D geologic models by combining multiple frequency passbands
Absorbent structure and a method for manufacturing an absorbent structure
Method for the production of primary amines comprising a primary amino group which bound to an aliph...
Dark reduction via feedback control of photodiode bias
Mercury free high-pressure metal halide discharge lamp
Fluorescent lamp and manufacturing method for arc tube
Light bulb disposal tube
Yarn debris removing apparatus for circular discoloration knitting machines
Human embryonic stem cells having genetic modifications
SAK: modulation of cellular proliferation for treatment of cancer
Substituted thiene-3-ylsulphonylamino(thio)carbonyl-triazolin(thi)ones
Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
Methods and apparatus for reversible data hiding through histogram modification
System and method of watermarking a video signal and extracting the watermarking from a video signal
Magneto-optical recording medium having watermark for preventing unauthorized copy
Financial automated-teller machine and method of withdrawing cassette provided therein
Process for the recovery of citric acid
Data storage and retrieval system with intensional category representations to provide dynamic categ...
Predictive phonetic data search
Packet classification apparatus and method using field level tries
Method for representing an interest priority of an object to a user based on personal histories or s...
Apparatus and method for merging results of approximate matching operations
Self-healing RDBMS optimizer
Valve gear for load change valves of four-stroke internal combustion engines
Valve operation device of internal combustion engine
Variable valve timing controller for internal combustion engine
Valve drive of an internal combustion engine comprising a cylinder head
Hydraulic control system for internal combustion engine
Cam angle detecting apparatus, and cam phase detecting apparatus for internal combustion engine and ...
Method and apparatus for setting bias spring load during assembly of a camshaft phaser
Extruded landscape edging strip and method of making same
Information transmitting system, information encoder and information decoder
Method and apparatus for all-polarization direction finding
Dynamic mobile CD music attributes database
Linked vehicle active networks
Fuel delivery control system
Control module for single 3/2 solenoid controlled relay valve
Vehicle accessory adjusting system and method of adjusting vehicle accessory
Process and device of correction for determining the longitudinal position of an emitter mounted on ...
Method and system for vehicle component management, method and system for vehicle component manageme...
Method and apparatus for data interchange between a tractor vehicle and a trailer vehicle
Robot apparatus and walking control method thereof
Skeleton type BLDC motor
Rubber compound containing an organothiosulfate and a bismaleimide
Apparatus for forming an extended nip
Adjustable tension prosthetic ankle rotatory device for lower limb apparatus
Enclosure with integral snap acting mounting feet
Reinforcement plate
Personal recreational vehicle with rotatable seat
Binding device for snowboard
Wear resistant center feed impact impeller
Brake member and bonding method
Regenerative self propelled vehicles
Method and system for an impact sled footwell intrusion test
Shoe providing vertical/horizontal heel pressure diminishment
Nano antenna
Nanoscale array biomolecular bond enhancer device
Preparation of transition metal nanoparticles and surfaces modified with (CO) polymers synthesized b...
Patterned nanowire articles on a substrate and methods of making the same
Electrochemical method for attaching molecular and biomolecular structures to semiconductor microstr...
Carbon nanotube devices
Method and apparatus for processing nanoscopic structures
Appliance having a container including a nanostructured material for hydrogen storage
Preparing nanosize platinum-titanium alloys
High strength diffusion brazing utilizing nano-powders
Thermal interface and switch using carbon nanotube arrays
System and method for multi-dimensional encoding
Article having a birefringent surface and microstructured features having a variable pitch or angles...
Flash apparatus, camera provided with flash apparatus, semiconductor laser device, and method of man...
Optical unit and imaging device
Imaging apparatus
Underwater housing for electronic device
Back light screen for chroma-key photography
Optical module
Collapsible lens barrel and imaging device
Focusing mechanism for a vision detector
Electronic image pickup system
Multifunctional integrated image sensor and application to virtual interface technology
Optical and digital zooming for an imaging device
Multi-spectral sensor system and methods
System and method for playing a game of skill
Communication device, game machine, and communication method
Simulated bonus method in finite-pool award system
Lotto gaming apparatus and method
Apparatus for actuating a toy
Novelty gift package ornament
Flying toy
Methods and devices for preparing wires for installation in a headrest entertainment system
Blackjack and poker game combination
Methods and system for facilitating a secondary card game
Multi-level interlocking blocks
Cable hook tracking system
Parallel processing systems and method
Forward-chaining inferencing
Content providing system, content providing method, content processing apparatus, and program theref...
Adaptive control system having direct output feedback and related apparatuses and methods
Webstation: configurable web-based workstation for reason driven data analysis
Dynamic standardization for scoring linear regressions in decision trees
Model predictive control apparatus
Systems and methods for channeling client network activity
Automated default dimension selection within a multidimensional enterprise software system
Audio/video-conferencing using content based messaging
Folding card
Multiple fold product and method of making the same
Multimedia box
Multimedia box
Method for instant on multimedia playing
Memory card
Digital audio decoder having error concealment using a dynamic recovery delay and frame repeating an...
Method and apparatus for multimedia interaction routing according to agent capacity sets
Protocol gateway between an H.323 terminal and another terminal, without master role implementation
Timbering and walling control for controlling the movements of timbering and walling units in the co...
Sheet piling panels with elongated voids
Lateral force resistance device
Subsea pipeline system
Subsea well communications apparatus and method using variable tension large offset risers
Encrypted data file transmission
Mobile unit authenticating method
Automated banking machine system and method
Securely identifying an executable to a trust-determining entity
Method and apparatus for survey processing
Architecture for a centralized management system
Medical imaging data streaming
Natural language product comparison guide synthesizer
Method and system for facilitating a trusted on-line transaction between insurance businesses and ne...
System and method for controlling delivering of a commodity
Automated banking machine system and method
System and method providing rules driven subscription event processing
Information processing system, information processing method, electronic money service providing sys...
Trade finance automation system
System and method for automated commodities transactions including an automatic hedging function
Method, apparatus and interface for trading multiple tradeable objects
Method, system, and apparatus for dynamically creating electronic contracts
Method and system for providing downside protection of stock market investments
Method and system for comparison and evaluation of investment portfolios
System and method for pricing fixed income securities
Credit index, a system and method for structuring a credit index, and a system and method for operat...
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH654387
Plants and seeds of corn variety CV082228
Plants with increased phosphorous uptake
Genes for increasing grain yield and uses thereof
Method of modifying epidermal outgrowth structures via modulating cell cycle control genes
Promoter molecules for use in plants
Diacylglycerol acyltransferase nucleic acid sequences and associated products
PNA chip for determining genotypes of mycobacterial species using plastic substrate coated with epox...
Non-squamous epithelium-specific transcription
Plasmidic gene, ways of acquiring this gene, the amylolytic enzyme it encodes and its application
IL-1 receptor based cytokine traps and method of using
Corn event TC1507 and methods for detection thereof
Modified green fluorescent proteins and methods for using same
Collection of repeat proteins comprising repeat modules
Antibodies specific for CD44v6
Antibodies specific for phosphorylation sites and screening methods using the same antibodies
Genetically modified cyclic-nucleotide controlled ion channels and the use thereof
Antisense oligonucleotides capable of inhibiting the formation of capillary tubes by endothelial cel...
Biologically active conjugate of a biopolymer and therapeutic agent
Method and coating apparatus for the manufacture of a microarray
Method and apparatus for measuring trace ingredients in water
Modular structures for interchangeable musical instrument neck arrangements
Portable guitar pick holder apparatus
Silicon-titanium mixed oxide powder produced by flame hydrolysis
Method and apparatus for NO.sub.x and Hg removal
Process for producing carbonyl difluoride